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ari-tczewchrisccoulson: around?00:38
dustin_any of you folks good at configureing tor/tork im haveing trouble with setting it all up :( and desperately need help with it to make my system alittle safer if possible.03:26
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cjwatsonI don't know about other release team members, but for general reference, I'm not going to accept syncpackage uploads for beta-1 through the beta freeze10:26
cjwatsonif people want to have syncs performed, they can do it the standard way with requestsync bugs; syncpackage doesn't even let me see who asked for the sync at the Ubuntu end10:26
cjwatson(aview, bbrun, papaya)10:26
LaneyI think a release team statement on syncpackage to -devel would be a Good Thing10:32
cjwatsonI have given up, nobody listens anyway10:34
cjwatsonI can't control what people do.  This is just a notice that it's not a good way to get things through the beta freeze.10:35
cjwatsonactually, I think I will write something10:38
Laneyif it's backed up by rejects, at least some people may listen10:39
cjwatsonit is now10:39
Laneyalthough admittedly I have used it myself (pitti's old version) in urgent cases10:40
cjwatsonpeople are welcome to ask in urgent cases, too10:40
* cjwatson has a look at the sync queue while he's here10:41
cjwatsonmostly non-beta-freeze-necessary syncs - processing a few, though10:48
bdrungcjwatson: when will lp get the sync feature?11:00
Laneyis the 1-2 day delay really so awful until it does?11:02
cjwatsonbdrung: Julian Edwards was asking me questions about implementation details just the other day, so I infer that it may actually not be very far off now11:12
bdrungcjwatson: i am looking forward to modifying syncpackage to use this lp function11:13
coolbhavihello when I tested and uploaded three packages whose changes were accepted in debian using syncpackage script I got an error that upload is rejected Is the sync process changed? or am I missing something?11:27
bdrungcoolbhavi: read the ubuntu-devel mailing list and check the irc logs from one hour ago11:28
coolbhavithanks bdrung11:33
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c2taruncan anyone please help me with this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/585931/18:17
Ampelbeinc2tarun: your packagebuild creates files but doesn't install them into a package. line 3649 says it, files are in 'usr/share/icons/oxygen/*'18:27
c2tarunAmpelbein: sorry :( not getting can you please explain a bi18:28
Ampelbeinc2tarun: when running the package build, files are installed in 'usr/share/icons/oxygen/*' but they don't get included in any binary package.18:30
c2tarunfiles are installed in usr/share/icons... or debian/tmp/usr/share/.....?18:33
c2tarunAmpelbein: ^^18:33
Ampelbeinc2tarun: whereever your package builds them18:35
c2tarunAmpelbein: ok, but there is no folder by the name of oxygen inside icons. :/18:37
Ampelbeinc2tarun: if you run 'dh_install --list-missing', what does it say?18:39
c2tarunAmpelbein: dh_install: skrooge-common missing files (usr/share/icons/oxygen/*), aborting18:39
c2tarunAmpelbein: I think skrooge-common needs some files that should be in icons/oxygen/* but they are not :(18:40
c2tarunAmpelbein: how can I fix this?18:43
c2tarunAmpelbein: I got it fixed :) thanks18:44
Ampelbeinc2tarun: You could look at the *.install and comment out the oxygen dir, but first you should check why they are not produced in the first place.18:45
Ampelbeinc2tarun: oh, ok. what was it?18:45
c2tarunoxygen to be renamed as hicolor18:46
shadeslayeryofel: so the var is QT_DBUS right?20:30
yofelthat's not set, so I'm not sure hree20:31
yofelmaybe it needs to be added to configure too, but I fear I don't know autotools enough for that20:34
yofelfor the others: it's about fixing http://paste.kde.org/816820:34
shadeslayermeh .. if i add QT_DBUS_LIBS it keeps replacing it with noting20:37
shadeslayer< syncevolution_LDADD = $(CORE_LDADD) $(KEYRING_LIBS) $(KDE_KWALLET_LIBS) $(QT_DBUS_LIBS)20:37
shadeslayer> syncevolution_LDADD = $(CORE_LDADD) $(KEYRING_LIBS) $(KDE_KWALLET_LIBS)20:37
yofelas I said, it's not set20:37
yofelsee config.status for what's acutally being set, it's not on the list20:37
yofelno idea if that's the right file to look at though20:38
shadeslayeryofel: no such file there20:38
yofelshadeslayer: config.status is in the build dir20:38
shadeslayeryofel: no luck ... still get the error21:03
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