mycosysanybody here have experience with pre-0.24 OSD theming00:17
mycosysiamlindoro is having delusions00:18
mycoDA10.04lts time06:18
* mycoDA forsees great pain06:18
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mycosysyou guys know what do-release-upgrade does that synaptic wont?07:25
mycosyspretty sure do-release-upgrade will break my install in a nasty way07:25
mycosyshave a number of repos enabled on jaunty that are a fair way ahead of what is standard on karmic07:26
mycosysie weekly builds lol, and winswitch, and deluge, and medibuntu07:26
mycosyshave synaptic doing download only atm - so that when it finishes i can chose one or the other07:27
mycosysneed a way to upgrade without killing the mythbuntu repos07:47
mycosysyou around superm1?07:47
mycosysany of the other super amazing actually helpful people07:48
superm1mycosys, i'm here now for a little bit13:05
superm1do-release-upgrade does thing sthat can't be represented in apt13:05
superm1so conf file migrations, forced package removals13:05
superm1particularly ordered installs13:06
superm1it disables 3rd party sources before hand13:06
superm1it's less likely to break your box than s/jaunty/karmic/, but if it does for some reason, it's better to revert to to that after trying do-release-upgrade (or update-manager -d)13:07
superm1in any case, if mythbuntu repos are disabled, it's fairly easy to re-enable them13:07
superm1it's just a conffile change or dpkg-reconfigure mythbuntu-repos13:07
mrandmycosys, superm1: Note that do-release-upgrade has a little known, but important option that was not the default last time I checked (which has admittedly been a while): "-m desktop"  You'll find it randomly mentioned, or not, in the wiki's and online documentation, and so therefore I can't tell you what it does, but it is typically recommended for systems that are not servers.13:11
superm1my best guess would be  it probably sets it to -desktop mode, looking for a -desktop meta package13:12
superm1or installing one if it's not there13:12
superm1Daviey, ^13:12
superm1mrand, looking at the source it looks like that's actually now "-m MODE"13:14
superm1where modes are 'desktop' or 'server'13:15
mrandsuperm1: the desktop meta package rings a bell when I asked before.13:18
mrandsuperm1: I think the problem that many run into is that it defaults to server (or at least, used to)13:19
mrandyet the documentation says no such thing13:21
superm1we didn't start having a metapackage it recognized for a few releases13:22
superm1probably 8.10 i think13:23
superm1/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeCache makes references of running in 'desktop' mode because of particular package keys installed13:24
superm1we have a special key in that config now for mythbuntu-desktop13:27
superm1it actually might need some work because it calls out mythbuntu-artwork which we dont use any more13:28
mycosysthx superm1 & mrand13:31
mycosyssaw that mode thing when i did do-release-upgrade --help13:32
mycosysappreciate the re-assurance13:34
judgetdoes anyone know what is up with the ppa repos--13:45
mycosysjust saw how rude you were on -users - ur not a nice person are you? did you pay your support subscription?13:48
judgetFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/0.24/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mythtv/libmyth-0.24-0_0.24.0+fixes.20110322.c2baf1b-0ubuntu0mythbuntu2_i386.deb 404  Not Found13:50
judgetdid not mean to appear rude I was just agreeing with the advice to post the issue here13:52
mycosysnot using .24 myself, and not a package maintainer, so dont know13:52
judgetjust wanted to let someone know that there may be an issue with the ppa repos13:53
judgetthat is one of a series of messages. appears an issue with the ppa site. who should i let know?13:53
mycosysneed to do an update13:53
mycosysis 2011032513:54
mycosyssudo apt-get update13:54
judgetok tx ill try13:55
mycosysaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh is blocking at stopping bluetooth14:31
mycosysis hanging if i run /etc/init.d/bluetooth stop too14:31
mycosysany ideas superm1 or mrand?14:31
Davieysuperm1, o/14:41
Davieysuperm1, In regards to looking for a -desktop meta package, that is unreliable.... The current favoured way of seeing if it is a desktop is pidof /usr/bin/X14:41
mycosyshaving finished the upgrade, apt-get upgrade -f wants to remove startup-tasks system-services ubuntu-minimal upstart-compat-sysv upstart-logd14:48
mycosysPLEASE tell me they are depicated in karmic :(14:48
mycosysdaviey? superm1? mrand?14:48
mycosysthey conflict upstart?14:50
Davieymycosys, honestly, i have no idea.. you are upgrading TO karmic?14:52
mycosysso i can get to lucid14:52
mycosysstill on jaunty14:52
mycosyslooks like they conflict with upstart14:53
mycosysgotta say you guys are one heck of a lot more helpful than the dudes on #ubuntu15:27
dewmanquick question....I just did a o/s reload and due to some wierd items going on, I got the db restored with no issues, but one thing i noticed is that my recording directory and a few other dirs underneath it are owned by messagebus and root15:30
dewmanwhich is really odd.15:31
dewmani was originally on 10.04 and went to 10.1015:31
mycosysnot very helpful, but why?15:36
mycosys10.04 is lts15:36
mycosyscould try doin what i am doing atm after goin 9.04 to 9.10 - apt get upgrade -f15:38
dewmano/s reload is already done. =)15:40
mycosysi am having to do it several times to get it all done15:41
mycosysplenty of stuff blocking15:41
dewmanits just weird that some of the dir's ownership got changed15:42
mycosys is there some way to make karmic wait for fsck to complete on startup BEFORE deciding not to mount a drive and continue on?16:56
mycosyscompleted upgrade to karmic, got the shock of my life when i found one of my drives unmounted, eventually figured out fsck was running in the background and it had continued on16:56
mycosyseven seeing its progress would be handy16:57
tgm4883dewman, it is a little weird that they are now owned by messagebus and root, but I could guess why18:55
tgm4883it's not odd that they changed ownership after a reinstall18:56
tgm4883at least not that odd for home users18:56
dewmantgm4883, yeah odd...Owell, I 775'd and mythtv:mythtv to everything...so it should be all set.19:16
dewmanerr, at least to the recording drive19:16
tgm4883should be working again19:19
qwebirc268hi all19:29
qwebirc268i have a microsoft remote19:29
qwebirc268runring mythbuntu 10.1019:29
qwebirc268on freshh install remote works but for a few buttons19:29
qwebirc268used mythcontrol centre to try a new remote19:30
qwebirc268now the remote doesnt work with mythbuntu19:30
qwebirc268is this a bug in mythbuntu 10.10?19:30
qwebirc268remote used to work fine in previous versions19:31
tgm4883<qwebirc268> used mythcontrol centre to try a new remote19:39
tgm4883What does that mean?19:39
tgm4883You can't just pick random remotes and expect things to work19:39
qwebirc268i am using mce remote19:40
qwebirc268was working19:40
qwebirc268but some buttons wasnt19:40
qwebirc268i just went into mythcontrol center to change19:40
qwebirc268is anyone using devinput for their remote19:58
galorinGot a nova-t not showing up after a reinstall, I know there is a fix, but can't remember what it is.20:00
qwebirc268lol great20:02
qwebirc268whats the use of mythcontrol center if its just going to break things]20:03
galorinIt makes life fun for us.20:03
qwebirc268i can see in hardware.conf it generates remote = /de/lirc020:03
qwebirc268that doesnt exist20:04
qwebirc268 ls -al /dev/input/by-path/20:04
qwebirc2689 2011-03-26 19:19 pci-0000:00:09.2-event-ir -> ../event520:04
qwebirc268 pci-0000:00:0a.2-event-ir -> ../event720:04
qwebirc268i am guesing this is my reciever right?20:05
qwebirc268i have tried to configure the hardware.cong using devinput20:05
qwebirc268no joy20:05
rhpot1991qwebirc268: sounds like you have a generic mce device which run as input devices now20:09
rhpot1991unfortunately there isn't a real easy way to fix missing or incorrect buttons on these20:09
rhpot1991you could setup lirc to use devinput and then map things in there20:10
qwebirc268so the deafault mappings20:18
qwebirc268 /usr/share/lirc/remotes/devinput/lircd.conf.devinput20:18
qwebirc268wont work with mce?20:18
Seeker`I've got a nova-t 500 remote tha tisn't working after doing an update22:32
TeligardI'm trying to understand where I'm going wrong in the configuratio of my Ubuntu/Mythbuntu install23:47
TeligardI get asked 5+ times to enter a new password into mysql23:48
TeligardI'm wondering if this is normal, or if I need to do something different23:48
TeligardI'm wondering if 1. this is normal, 2. if this could be part of my issue with getting the backend server properly configured, and 3. if this is what is causing the need for me to do a manual setup of the mythconverg database and addition of the mythtv user23:52
TeligardI've been dealing with it for the past two days (and countless reinstalls of mythbuntu), and it's driving me batty.23:52

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