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Techiei am currently using iptables for my gateway, however this does not seem to support uPnP port forwarding, is there an alternative that does support uPnP?02:29
Patrickdkya, iptables :)02:31
Techiedo explain?02:31
Techiedoes linux-igd work with iptables, or is it a gateway software itself?02:32
Patrickdkthat is why google exists02:33
Techiei was hoping you might be able to inform me while i furiously search, however google does make the world go roun02:33
Techiehrmm, will be back in a bit, gotta put my server back into the network02:36
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aslanhi, i work in hospital and we have almost 150 client, we try to use Active Directory Domain Controller, but if we do this, we will have so much money to pay for licence. i want to install computers ubuntu. our hospital software works in linux. and i want to make something like windows Active Directory system, i hear about openldap and pfsense. i take a look of them and these are so confused for me. does anyone suggest me a good software same active08:49
aslandirectory ? but i want software that can be controlled with a good user interface. thanks.08:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #742994 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.2 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74299408:56
volkanHeey! Saturday morning terror... I wanted to install some packages on our ubuntu server and after a connection error the amazon based server was unavailable. Only stopping and starting the instance got the server back to life. Now i tried dpkg --configure -a to finish the installation but the server got unavailable again.... Heeeelp?09:16
raphinkvolkan: first you could try running the dpkg --configure in a screen09:50
raphinkin case the configure steps cut the ssh connection, it will at least allow them to continue while the ssh is cut09:50
volkanheey! Thank you...09:51
raphinkand then you can reattach later09:51
volkan@raphink: dpkg: --configure needs at least one package name argument09:51
raphinkvolkan: -a I mean09:51
raphinkthe one you were trying09:51
raphinkmaybe it could be interesting to see the list of packages yet to configure09:51
raphinkdpkg -l | grep '^iU'09:52
raphinkwill tell you that09:52
raphinkthat migth give you a hint on which package is the issue09:52
volkanThes server get's unavailable when i run dpkg --configure -a...09:52
raphinkI understood that part volkan09:52
volkanI just activated multiverse to install the ec2 admin tools... The last ssh output is: Setting up openjdk-6-jre-headless09:53
raphinkso I'm suggesting ways to find out why and fix it09:53
volkanupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/jexec to provide /usr/bin/jexec (jexec) in auto mode.09:53
volkanUh... Nice:09:53
raphinkby unavailable, what do you mean exactly?09:53
raphinkdoes the ssh connection reset09:54
raphinkdo other services still work?09:54
raphinkdoes the server crash (and do you have anything in dmesg then?)?09:54
volkanssh connections hangs... apache off everything is gone...09:54
volkanwhat is dmesg?09:54
raphinkkernel messages09:54
raphinkuseful to debug when a machine crashes09:55
raphinktype "dmesg" in a console09:55
volkani did dpkg -l | grep '^iU' Do you want the output?09:55
raphinkyou could paste the output of dpkg -l | grep '^iU' in a pastebin09:55
raphinkpastebinit is a useful too for that by the way09:55
raphinkdpkg -l | grep '^iU' | pastebinit09:55
volkanok one moment!09:55
raphink(apt-get install pastebinit)09:56
raphinkforget about that last one if you don't want to make your server crash again ;-)09:56
volkanno apt-get :)09:56
raphinkjust copy and paste into a pastebin :-)09:56
raphinkor use pastebinit from your local machine :-)09:56
raphinkssh ubuntu@ec2-instance dpkg -l | grep '^iU' | pastebinit09:57
raphinkok, that's dmesg09:57
raphinkjust these 6 lines?09:58
raphinkand when you run dpkg --configure -a, you see09:58
raphinkupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/jexec to provide /usr/bin/jexec (jexec) in auto mode09:58
raphinkand then it crashes09:58
volkannew pastebin:09:59
raphinklets see10:01
volkanAnd when i do -a10:01
raphinkcan you paste the contents of /var/lib/dpkg/info/penjdk-6-jre-headless.postinst?10:01
volkanoh that was something else... Yes one minute...10:01
raphinksorry, missing an o10:01
raphinkcan you paste the contents of /var/lib/dpkg/info/openjdk-6-jre-headless.postinst?10:01
raphinkthe update-alternatives commands in run in the loop from 37 to 5910:04
raphinkthese work fine it seems10:04
raphinksorry, even down to 65 actually10:04
raphinkthat's the jexec alternative10:04
raphinkwhich we see works fine10:04
raphinkor not actually10:05
raphinklet me see :-)10:05
volkanBy the way: Thank you! :)10:05
raphinkwe see10:05
raphinkupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/tnameserv to provide /usr/bin/tnameserv (tnameserv) in auto mode.10:05
raphinkand then it crashes10:05
raphinktnameserv is listed in jre_tools, so it's in the loop from 37 to 59 probably that it crashes10:06
raphinkor right after10:06
volkanCan't i just cancel that install?10:06
raphinkyou could10:07
raphinkbut I'd rather find why it does that :-)10:07
volkanBy the way: i'm doing all the server stuff but i'm kind of an advanced noob... Are you available for paid support sometimes?10:09
raphinkI don't have a company to bill10:09
raphinkcanonical provides server support, you know?10:09
raphinklet's see10:10
raphinkcan you try running this (long command)?10:10
volkanhaha... ehm... i don't have the company that can pay for it :)10:10
raphinkupdate-alternatives --install /usr/bin/jexec jexec /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/jexec 1061 --slave  /usr/share/binfmts/jar jexec-binfmt /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/jar.binfmt10:11
raphinkcan you run that?10:11
volkanupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/jexec to provide /usr/bin/jexec (jexec) in auto mode.10:11
raphinkand it doesn't crash?10:12
volkanbut seriously we could buy you stuff at amazon... Is actually better than getting payed... You will get presents!10:12
raphinklet's try another one10:12
volkanit's still there..10:12
raphink(thanks for the suggestion ;-)10:12
raphinkedit  /var/lib/dpkg/info/openjdk-6-jre-headless.postinst10:13
raphinkand add "set -x" after the line that says "set -e"10:14
raphinkso that will add a line 6 before current line 610:14
raphinksave the file10:14
raphinkthen run10:15
volkandid it..10:15
raphinkdpkg --configure -a10:15
raphinkthat will make the whole thing verbose10:15
raphinkso we see where exactly this "Timeout, server not responding" message comes from10:15
volkanoke stopping and starting the instance again...10:16
raphinkis that all you saw?10:16
volkanAnd the timeout server not responding...10:17
raphinkah, you did see it10:17
raphinkso you're crashing at line 8010:18
raphinkline 74 is nuts10:19
raphink    case java-6-openjdk in10:19
raphink        *cacao|*shark);;10:19
raphink        *)10:19
raphinkthe string "java-6-openjdk" will never match *cacao or *shark10:19
raphinkfrom your package list yet-to-be-configured10:20
raphinkI see you have cacao, so I guess you want to use that10:20
raphinkand the statement at line 74 is wrong and gets you in the default case when  you should enter the first one, which does nothing10:20
raphinkand hence does not crash ;-)10:20
volkansorry no idea what cacao is but it some dependency...10:20
raphinkyou know what10:21
raphinkchange line 74 (which is now 75 for you with set -x)10:21
raphinksorry, line 75, now 7610:21
raphink   *|*cacao|*shark);;10:21
raphinksave and run dpkg --configure -a again10:21
raphinkso you don't get into the case that crashes for you10:22
volkaninstance isn't up already... just a sec...10:22
volkanHero of my weekend!10:24
raphinknow you have to make sure that java actually works ;-)10:25
volkanDo you a quick test?10:26
volkanDo you know a quick test?10:26
raphinkwell I don't know, there's probably a reason why you have java installed on this server, no?10:26
volkandependency of amazon tools... I just tried them seems to work!10:27
raphinkok then that should be fine10:27
raphinkthat said, it might not hurt to open a bug on this package10:27
raphinkwith your fix and a note on how the case statements look very weird ;-)10:27
volkanReally thank you... You saved my weekend... should i do it or do you want to do it?10:27
volkanI will do it!10:27
raphinkthank you10:28
raphinkyou can subscribe me10:28
raphinkthere's a subscribe someone link to the right of each bug10:29
raphinkput "raphink"10:29
volkanoke! You are not interested in amazon stuff are you :) ?10:29
volkanI have some performance problems on a lamp stack...10:29
jfb_h20suddenly my computer won't boot when a external USB drive is plugged in... any suggestions on what to check?10:43
a7ndrewbios boot order?11:20
petahello everybody12:06
petai'm faced by a tricky challenge12:06
petai got a remote machine based on 10.04. during the the last days i set it up, did finetuning and securing. now i want to "clone" the system, transfer the image via ssh to my local machine and use it in a virtual machine. the remote machine has has a 2x750gb RAID1 setup. the problem is that i only want to "clone" the actual os files (users,groups,packages, settings, asf.) without the grub settings, so that i can just copy the image 12:10
petause it without a neat.12:10
petamight it be sufficient to do a remote rsync, or some other "simple" file/folder copy action?12:12
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downloadSSHin BIOS of my old computer there is an option for "shared memory"13:25
downloadSSHwhat is that13:25
downloadSSHI think it's related with the graphics card13:26
downloadSSHso.. should I disable it since I am running ubuntu server?13:28
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froudHi, have Ubuntu Server Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS with LAMP stack installed and Postfix. Having trouble enabling php mail to send mail from apps like joomla and weberp, but when I run my own script using phpmail it works. I've tried removing postfix for sendmail but the result remains the same, cannot send messages from phpmail functions. Anything one may suggest I have missed. The same problem is...13:59
froud...on two servers.13:59
downloadSSHok so now I have another issue14:07
downloadSSHin TTY14:07
downloadSSHim trying to type !14:07
downloadSSHbut it adds some chars14:08
downloadSSHI am using alt + !14:08
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downloadSSHdo you know what this means14:34
downloadSSH"ac97 codec read timeout"14:34
downloadSSHin tty14:34
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DrDetroitDovecot seems to have loaded at install, and I have postfix also installed, but not running. Can someone point me to a good howto on how to get postfix and dovecot working correctly on ubuntu-server 10.0415:21
TTY_problem"With some keyboard layouts, AltGr is a modifier key used to input some characters, primarily ones that are unusual for the language of the keyboard layout, such as foreign currency symbols and accented letters. These are often printed as an extra symbol on keys."15:22
TTY_problemAltGr key replacement:15:23
TTY_problemthan i dont know what to choose15:23
jmarsdenTTY_problem: With some (many) other keyboard layouts, there is no AltGr key... so if you do not have one, leave it out :)15:27
TTY_problemU have it15:27
TTY_problemit's next to space bar15:28
TTY_problemjmarsden: http://i55.tinypic.com/2dkfern.png15:28
jmarsdenTTY_problem: You have one labelled AltGr?  or you are trying to fake an AltGr key by using some other 'replacement' key?15:28
TTY_problemjmarsden: I have one key saying alt gr15:29
jmarsdenif it is just to the right of the space bar, the default "Right Alt" is probably the one you want.15:30
TTY_problemnow it's asking for a compose key15:30
TTY_problem                 │ The Compose key (known also as Multi_key) causes the computer to interpret the next few keystrokes as a combination in order to produce a character not found on the keyboard.                           │15:31
jmarsdenSame deal.  if you don't have one, tell it you don't have one.15:31
TTY_problemjmarsden: when I use thr arrows in TTY it types characters15:31
jmarsdenThat might not be a keyboard-configuration issue, you can usually fix that with entries in ~/.inputrc15:32
jmarsdenBut for now use the tab key to move around, or try ctrl-n for next and ctrl-p for previous instead of using the arrow keys.15:33
TTY_problemjmarsden: right arrow = [C15:35
jmarsdenDrDetroit: the dovecot-postfix package does the configuration work for you...15:35
jmarsdenTTY_problem: That's fine, that can be fixed with .inputrc and is not a keyboard layout issue.15:36
DrDetroitjmarsden: i get an error /etc/main.cf not found15:36
TTY_problemhow jmarsden ?15:36
TTY_problemI just want to fix the ! and 1 problem15:36
jmarsdenDrDetroit: Did you install postfix from the Ubuntu package, or from a tarball??15:37
DrDetroitjmarsden I chose it when I did the initial server installation15:38
DrDetroitI can see dovecot is running, and I assume when I get a main.cf in the /etc dir it will run also15:38
RoyKDrDetroit: iirc, that should be /etc/postfix/main.cf15:38
DrDetroitRoyk: I know, but it is not there15:39
DrDetroitI am wondering if i have to run some sort of postconf command to get one15:39
TTY_problemok it's in /etc/imputrc15:39
TTY_problemhow do i fix it15:39
jmarsdenDrDetroit: The package version of postfix looks in /etc/postfix for main.cf not in /etc/15:40
DrDetroiti apoligize, I am in /etc/postfix and main.cf is not there15:40
jmarsdenTTY_problem: Try  as a test    export INPUTRC=/etc/inputrc15:40
RoyKDrDetroit: postfix comes with a generic one15:40
DrDetroitthere is no main.cf in the /etc/postfix directory15:41
RoyKor (iirc) dpkg --configure postfix will create one15:41
jmarsdenDrDetroit: OK, so can you do    sudo dpkg-reconfigure dovecot-postfix15:41
TTY_problemjmarsden: what does the command do?15:41
RoyKerm, dpkg-reconfigure - yes15:41
RoyKignore my post above15:41
DrDetroitok thank you I wil try that15:41
jmarsdenTTY_problem: sets a variable that makes your shell read that file of key mappings15:41
DrDetroitjmarsden: ah dovecot-postfix is not installed15:42
TTY_problemjmarsden: im sshing to the computer and other keyboard is connected but im stuck at login prompt15:43
TTY_problembecause of keyboard layout15:43
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jmarsdenDrDetroit: Yu can either configure each of them separately, or use that package to do both together.  Using dovecot-postfix is, I would say, easier for beginners.15:43
DrDetroitcan i istall that package with apt-get install dovecot-postfix?15:44
jmarsdenTTY_problem: Do you have this issue on your local machine, or only over SSH?15:44
TTY_problemjmarsden: the problem is the keyboard in TTY15:44
TTY_problemover SSH works fine15:44
jmarsdenDrDetroit: Yes.  Might be good to sudo apt-get purge dovecot postfix    # first, to remove the ones you have installed now.15:44
jmarsdenTTY_problem: You said: <TTY_problem> jmarsden: im sshing to the computer and other keyboard is connected but im stuck at login prompt15:45
jmarsdenSo now I am confused, which is it? :)15:45
TTY_problemjmarsden: im stuck localy15:46
jmarsdenAh, that's not what I thought you said earlier.15:46
TTY_problemjmarsden: because I need to type ! for the password ;)15:46
jmarsdenWHy would arrow keys not working prevent you from logging in locally?15:46
TTY_problembut 1 or ! chars dont work15:46
TTY_problemand arrows also dont work15:47
TTY_problemand backspace15:47
TTY_problemand delete..........15:47
TTY_problemgot it?15:47
TTY_problemall this in TTY from where im trying to login15:47
jmarsdenAnd there is a 1 or a ! in your password??15:48
TTY_problemthere is a !15:48
TTY_problemand it shows "login incorrect" becuaseo obviously the password was not typed correctly because of keyboard15:49
DrDetroitjmarsden: one final question, when configuring postfix, i am assuming I do NOT choose use procmail, since dovecot will used, is that correct?15:50
TTY_problemthis is really annoying problem15:51
jmarsdenDrDetroit: From memory, don't specify postfix as the local delivery agent unless you need it.  procmail and dovecot do different things15:51
jmarsdenTTY_problem: Sounds like at install time the wrong kind of keyboard was specified, or else there is a bug somewhere in how Ubuntu handles your keyboard...15:51
jmarsdenBut let me play a little before I give you more things to try...15:52
DrDetroitjmarsden: thank you I will play arround with this for a while15:52
jmarsdenDrDetroit: You're welcome15:52
TTY_problemjmarsden: when I installed it everything worked fine15:52
TTY_problemnow doesnt15:52
TTY_problemreally weird.15:52
jmarsdenTTY_problem: OK... so what changed just before it stopped working?15:53
TTY_problemjust installed things on the server15:54
jmarsdenWhat things?  Anything keyboard or input related?15:56
jmarsdenOK, one more thing to try:   sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup   # Did you do this already?15:57
TTY_problemjmarsden: yes16:03
jmarsdenOK... I'm running out of ideas... does the output of     grep  ^X /etc/default/console-setup      look reasonable for your keyboard?16:05
jmarsden(on the ssh session, obviously, since you can't yet log in locally)16:05
TTY_problemthe problem is the key "1"16:05
TTY_problemit's adding chars16:06
jmarsdenYou mean you have a sticky '1' key, a hardware issue with the keyboard??16:07
TTY_problemjmarsden: output http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=keSY0y1j16:07
jmarsdenSeems sane to me.  Can you check whether other Linux/Ubuntu PCs you have that work fine have the same settings there?16:08
TTY_problemjmarsden: I even counted the keys16:09
jmarsdenI'm guessing you have a desktop machine or laptop, as well as the server?16:09
TTY_problemit has 105 keys16:09
TTY_problemthen i searched for the model on the  wweb and  found a site say my model is 107/108 keys16:09
jmarsdenTTY_problem: One more (maybe strange?) idea: Can you swap the keyboard of the server with the keyboard of some other PC, just to check that the issue is not a hardware problem in the keyboard itself?16:19
TTY_problemjmarsden: ill try16:20
TTY_problemjmarsden: btw im in recovery mode now16:20
TTY_problemand im browsing the system with root user16:20
TTY_problemi didnt type the password but i logged in16:20
jmarsdenWhy?  You were browsing it over SSH just fine before... Anyway... try swapping keyboards and see if that helps.16:20
TTY_problemchanged the keyboard now it works.16:44
jmarsdenTTY_problem: OK, so it was a hardware issue... annoying, but buying a new keyboard should be inexpensive :)16:45
TTY_problemjmarsden: I installed Ubuntu with another keyboard but I was convinced that i didnt :P16:49
* RoyK renicks TTY_problem to PEBKAC_problem16:50
TTY_problemjmarsden: using recovery mode I edit /etc/hosts file without typing a password16:52
TTY_problemisnt this really dangerous..16:53
RoyKTTY_problem: just set a root password16:53
RoyKsudo passwd root16:54
RoyKit's all documented in the handbook16:54
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/16:55
jmarsdenTTY_problem: Anyone with physical access to your machine can fairly easily do anything they want to it anyway (e.g. boot from a CD, or even remove its hard drives!), so recovery mode not needing a password is not a significant weakness in practice.  Servers need good physical security.16:58
TTY_problemjmarsden: yeah but I would know that I got "robbed"17:00
TTY_problemif they edit files I wont notice xP17:00
jmarsdenTTY_problem: So if they boot from a CD, edit files and reboot, how is that different from booting into recovery mode in terms of damage done or discoverability?17:00
TTY_problemjmarsden: couldnt 'they' install a  keylogger..17:02
TTY_problemjmarsden: Im just worried with the system not the hardware17:02
jmarsdenYes, either by booting from CD or using recovery mode :)  Physical security is important.  Secure your server.17:03
TTY_problemso I just need to set a root password right?17:03
jmarsdenNo, that does not prevent someone walking up to the sevrer and booting it from a CD.17:03
jmarsdenYou "just" need to physically secure your servers.17:03
TTY_problemjmarsden: ah you disabling boot from cdrom17:04
TTY_problemin bios17:04
TTY_problemand setup a password etc?17:04
TTY_problemyou mean*17:05
TTY_problemor just lock the server on a room?17:05
jmarsdenThen they remove the drives, connect them to their laptop and edit the files, then put your drives back in.17:05
jmarsdenI mean you physically secure your servers.17:05
jmarsdenLocking them up is one way to do that, yes.17:05
TTY_problemjmarsden: if I encrypt the disks17:05
TTY_problemthey cant edit17:05
TTY_problemthe files right17:06
TTY_problemthey cant access17:06
jmarsdenYes, if you use full disk encryption and get it exactly right you can avoid that kind of attack.  Is the risk of such attack really worth the extra work and issues of using full disk encryption for your circumstances?17:06
TTY_problemjmarsden: no17:08
TTY_problemjmarsden: Im just trying to understand how to secure a server17:08
TTY_problembut in practice i dont need it17:08
TTY_problemat least now17:08
jmarsdenThere are books written on that subject... read them when you need them.17:09
TTY_problemjmarsden: should I use a password in BIOS?17:11
TTY_problemif I lost it how can I reset it?17:11
jmarsdenThat depends on the motherboard, usually there is a BIOS reset jumper you can use to set the BIOS back to a default state...17:12
DrDetroitJmarsden: thanks for your help, I have my postfix sending mail, but not receiving it, but thats ok for now anyways, since I am trying to set up a replacement server and can't set the correct domain name until i retire the old box17:14
jmarsdenDrDetroit: You're welcome.17:15
DrDetroitnow onto configuring the eth0 for a fixed ip, even though I dont want to use that yet17:15
TTY_problemjmarsden: yeah I've reset it phisically17:15
TTY_problemok so that's it17:16
TTY_problemdoesnt matter to use password in bios if the "attacker" can open the computer17:16
jmarsdenDrDetroit: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html see section titled "Static IP Address Assignment"17:18
DrDetroitjjmarsden: thanks again! I have 2 ethernet ports, currently using eth1 for my connection, but will try and set eth0 as a fixed ip interface for when I put the box in place17:18
jmarsdenTTY_problem: Right.  So you end up back at "physically secure the machine" :)17:19
RoyKTTY_problem: a good approach is to monitor system uptime and react if the system was taken down - then - if your data requires safety, encrypt the data part.17:31
RoyKor, as jmarsden says, simply secure the physical system17:31
RoyKTTY_problem: a server secured by 100 tons of cement, not connected to a network, will be safe, but not very usable :P17:32
TTY_problemI can type ! and 1 in gedit18:53
TTY_problembut in terminal it adds characters18:53
TTY_problemreally weird18:53
TTY_problemif i type 1 it writes  ~118:53
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kb_problemdamn lulz18:59
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* davygravy greets ubuntu-server-gurus, acknowledges their network expertise... clears throat and proceeds to ask his question...19:31
davygravynot ubuntu-server oriented specifically, but was referred here after visiting ubuntu channel19:31
davygravyI've got a bootloader on an embbedded/NAS device that will only boot if it can ping & get a response from a specific (hardcoded) ip addy19:33
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davygravywhat console utility (cli) will send a spoofed response to it, spoofing that ip?19:34
jmarsdendavygravy: Just add that IP as an alias on one of your existing network interfaces; the network stack will respond to pings, not any cli tool :)19:37
davygravyhmmm... the hardcodded ip addy belongs to a dev machine ...  which because it is powerhungry 700W beast, is turned off frequently19:38
jmarsdenThen change the dev machine to use some other IP and then proceed as I suggested :)19:39
davygravydev machine provides a tftp server that sends initrds to the embedded devices when their drives die, allowing them to go into an emergnecy/maintenance mode19:40
jmarsdendavygravy: Either use that "dev machine" as a tftp server and leave it on 24x7, or migrate that tftpd function to some other less power guzzling machine that you leave on 24x7 -- either it is a server that can be expected to be around, or it is not, you can't have it both ways :)19:42
davygravytftp server addy is hardcoded, as well, into the bootloaders19:42
davygravyyeah, the router runs uclibc optware, so I should be able to migrate stuff to it19:42
jmarsdendavygravy: hack the bootloaders to use DHCP or BOOTP, maybe, to get that tftp server address dynamically?  Hard coding things like that is ... not pretty.19:44
davygravythanks, jmarsden- I'm thinking that I can go in and tinker w/ nvram maybe... maybe not-so-hard-coded19:46
davygravythanks for the chance to bounce ideas  ;)19:46
davygravythe router can run netcat/nc (so I can manipulate the boot process via netconsole), as well, so problem might be solved19:48
jmarsdendavygravy: You're welcome :)19:54
storzI have a bit of an easy question but I have a feeling that there is alot more to it than just this.19:55
storzI'm following the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/postfix.html19:55
storzWhat would be my imap username, server, and password?19:55
jmarsdenstorz: (a) if you are running imap on your own server, you should know what your own username, password and hostname are ; (b) if you use IMAP provided by an ISP, ask them for that info :)19:56
jmarsdenstorz: IMAP is not something provided by postfix, btw, so you might be a little confused?19:56
uvirtbot`New bug: #743280 in samba (main) "Folder-watching is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74328019:57
storz@jmarsden: I'm running it myself.  I've installed dovecot as per that guide so imap should be working, correct?  And yes, I am incredibly confused.  This is my first go at a mail server.19:59
storz assume that my username would be the username I set up (storz@mydomain.com) and my password.  But I'm getting password mismatch errors when I attempt to connect in my mail log.19:59
storzMar 26 12:47:16 ve dovecot: auth-worker(default): pam(storz@ve.7hnjx2yh.vesrv.com, pam_authenticate() failed: Authentication failure (password mismatch?)19:59
jmarsdenstorz: Unless you are using virtual domains in some way, your username is probably storz, not storz@mydomain.com20:00
jmarsdenBTW this is about dovecot, not postfix, see the log line you just posted :)20:00
JasonnHow do i install KLIPS support on ubuntu server?20:02
storzjmarden: are you referring to apache's virtual domains?  If so then yes, I am using them.20:02
jmarsdenstorz: No, I am referring to dovecots virtual domains, because it is dovecot you are authenticating to :)20:02
jmarsdenstorz: Can you just    telnet localhost imap     and then type in     .login storz yourpassword    and see what happens ?20:03
jmarsdenOh, that should be   . login storz yourpassword20:04
jmarsden(with a space between the . and the login)20:04
jmarsdenJasonn: I don't really know, but ipsec tncfg  may help, see http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/ipsec_tncfg.8.html20:06
jmarsdenJasonn: You're welcome20:11
JasonnDo you have any idea of how to install it?20:12
JasonnOr better yet20:12
Jasonncould you explain to me like a 5 year old how to install a vpn?20:12
jmarsdenJasonn: sudo apt-get install openswan20:12
jmarsdenIf you need "like a 5 year old", why are you asking about KLIPS >20:13
Jasonnit sais that KLIPS support is not installed20:13
jmarsdenStep back and ask your real question.  What are you trying to do?  What devices or computers will be at each end of the VPN tunnel?20:13
JasonnMy server on one end20:15
Jasonnand my desktop on the other20:15
Jasonnand my cellphone too20:15
storzjmarsden: Got it.  Thanks.  No, I can't.  I get NO (AUTHENTICATIONFAILED) Authentication failed.20:15
davygravyjmarsden: thanks, I think I found the solution I was originally looking for ...   icmpush ... will build this w/ my Buildroot/uclibc toolchain & try it that way.  In any case, thanks for your advice & insight.20:15
storzHold on.  Could it be that I have my dovecot installed incorrectly?20:16
storzPostfix definitely is correct as I can receive email no problem.  Perhaps my dovecot is not reading my email database for logins?20:16
jmarsdenstorz: by default dovecot uses the unix password database20:16
jmarsdenstorz: That is why I said you should know your own username and pw earlier on :)20:16
* davygravy waves goodbye to nice, friendly people20:16
jmarsdendavygravy: You're welcome20:16
storz@jmarsden: That would do it.  I've been assuming that it would connect to my mysql db and work with it.  Do you know if dovecot has this functionality (but needs to be enabled I guess)?20:17
jmarsdenstorz: You can make it use whatever back end db you need, I think by editing its pam config file under /etc/pam.d/ but there may be other ways too20:18
storzJmarsden: Thank you!  I tried using my unix account and it is working perfectly.  Thats what I was missing.  I'll see if I can't get it to worth with mysql now.20:19
jmarsdenstorz: You're welcome20:19
JasonnHow can i remove all package i have installed?20:21
Jasonnonly the ones *i* installed20:21
jmarsdenJasonn: sudo apt-get purge PACKAGENAME1 PACKAGENAME2 ... PACKAGENAME9920:22
jmarsdenDo you know which ones you installed?20:22
jmarsdenYou may be able to read /var/log/dpkg.log to figure that out.20:22
jmarsdenYou're welcome.  Lesson to learn: make notes as you configure a server, documenting what you do and why.  It makes reverting changes easier.  (Of course, having good backups is another way to deal with this!)20:23
jmarsdenJasonn: if you used apt-get you can also look in /var/log/apt/history.log20:25
JasonnOk i got it20:26
keesanyone ever noticed thunderbird + dovecot sucking HUGE bandwidth?20:28
ScottKkees: I read that first time through as "anyone ever noticed thunderbird sucking?" and thought, "Duh."20:29
Jasonnjmarsden: Dont really know if this is your area of expertise, but is there a better client to use on ubuntu desktop to connect to VPNs??20:30
jmarsdenkees: After upgrading to TB 3,  its default options changed to sync everything locally (or something like that), I had that issue until I figured it out and told it not to do that...20:30
jmarsdenJasonn: Have you tried openvpn? https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/openvpn.html20:31
JasonnNo, i mean a client20:31
jmarsdenJasonn: You want a pretty GUI wrapper?  No, I don't know what to suggest for that, sorry.20:32
Jasonnthanks :)20:32
slim_hi, any recommendation for a sip server that can integrate with MS OCS ?20:34
keesScottK: heheh21:02
uvirtbot`New bug: #743322 in awstats (main) "Man page for awstats-update installed in the wrong place" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74332221:42
zertyuihello there21:55
zertyuianyone know about postfix ?21:55
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old_keyboardI dont22:02
DrDetroitjmarsden was helping me get it set up, but i think he is away atm22:03
DrDetroiti wonder if i can somehow migrate my old iptables setup my new ubuntu 10.04 server22:04
old_keyboardDrDetroit: cant you copy them?22:09
old_keyboardsudo iptables -L22:09
DrDetroitold_keyboard:  my old iptables rests on a rh7.3 machine, so even though it's iptables was taken years ago from a debian machine, I was not sure it would work22:10
DrDetroitOn may old machine, we had a file called iptables and in it were all the rules22:11
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DrDetroitold_keyboard: according to the manual I think i can just take my old rules and copy them as /etc/iptables.rules onto the new machine22:22
old_keyboardok :)22:23
DrDetroitof course removing anything that is not a rule22:23
old_keyboardIf I change /etc/motd does it update the system info after a kernel update?22:40
old_keyboardOn Ubuntu systems, /etc/motd is typically a symbolic link to /var/run/motd.22:47
JasonnHey, i wanna run a web proxy on my server, how do i do this?22:57
old_keyboardIthink you need squid23:00
JasonnNo, i want a webproxy not a proxy server23:01
old_keyboardtry https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/23:02
old_keyboardchange link if not maverick23:03
old_keyboardIs ifup and ifdown the same as ifconfig ?23:05
old_keyboardI mean the function23:06
DrDetroitifup (interface) or ifdown (interface) turns on or turns off the specified interface23:06
DrDetroitifconfig configures an interface23:07
DrDetroitor gives you a report on one23:07
DrDetroitie ifconfig eth0 should show  you the relevant information for that interface23:07
DrDetroitsee man ifconfig23:07
old_keyboardDrDetroit: sudo ifconfig eth0 up23:08
old_keyboardsudo ipup eth023:08
old_keyboardlooks the same23:08
DrDetroiti switch to root when i want to do something so i dont use sudo23:08
old_keyboardDrDetroit: forget the sudo look at the commands23:09
old_keyboardI think they do the same thing.23:09
DrDetroitmaybe ipup and ifup are the same, but i dont think ipup and ifconfig are the same23:10
DrDetroitand it very well may give the same results23:10
DrDetroiti never use ifup or ifdown or any of that stuff23:10
DrDetroiti like my stuff to stay on all the time23:11
DrDetroit<---simple minds require simple stuff23:11
DrDetroitI am new to ubuntu server, I have mostly run debian and before that FreeBSD and Redhat in the old days23:12
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old_keyboardI am running ntpd how do I know if ntpdate is running at boot?23:31
old_keyboardi just want ntpd23:31
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old_keyboardanyway i just purged ntpdate.23:50
qman__ntpdate is in the default install23:51
qman__in order to provide good time the server must get its time from a reliable source23:52
qman__when you install ntpd, things get configured the right way for it to work23:52
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old_keyboardqman__: yes i use ntp23:54
old_keyboardand i use a server near me23:54
qman__ntpdate is the tool that retrieves the time23:55
qman__ntpd is the service that provides it23:55
old_keyboardqman__: they are different things23:57
old_keyboardfor the same purpose23:57
old_keyboardget time from internet23:57
old_keyboardbut ntpd is more accurate23:57
old_keyboardcorrect me if i am wrong23:57
old_keyboard"Ubuntu has two ways of automatically setting your time: ntpdate and ntpd. "23:58
qman__it isn't more accurate23:59
qman__it just adjusts it smoothly and constantly23:59
qman__your time is only as accurate as the time source23:59

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