nagappanjibel, okay00:22
chadadavisDoes someone know if it's possible to reassign an apport-caught bug to a different package?00:34
chadadavisI'm testing the ayatana/liboverlay scrollbars and didn't want to file bugs against e.g. nautilus, but apport caught the crash and sent it to Launchpad and Launchpad won't let me assign it to liboverlay-scrollbar, because that "doest exist" in Ubuntu.00:35
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diva_i am just wondering for the new ubuntu can you guys put human theme back on17:03
diva_plus restricted graphic card driver is still not working for alienware m11x r217:14
charlie-tcazsync ed the images today, Ubuntu natty-alternate-i386.iso shows 679MB on the server, but synced to 705MB on my system18:00
charlie-tcaDo I need to do a full download to get the size down locally?18:01
charlie-tcabug 74323518:07
ubot4`Launchpad bug 743235 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Oversize image not reflected properly on server (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74323518:07
charlie-tcaimage on server is showing incorrect size; it is actually oversize18:07
GulfstreamI have a desktop computer, but it has a wireless card that didn't work too well in 10.10. How can I get it working out of the box in 11.04/11.10?20:41
Gulfstreamsorry if this wan't the right place for my question...20:43
charlie-tcaGulfstream: download the desktop cd, and try it first. There are two options available, Try Ubuntu, Install Ubuntu20:47
charlie-tcaIf you use Try Ubuntu, it will run slower than normal, but you find out what does and does not work with your computer.20:48
charlie-tcaWhich card is that, by the way?20:48
Gulfstreamcharlie-tca: I am downloading the alternative daily so I can install Natty.20:48
charlie-tcabroadcom B43 doesn't work out of the box20:49
Gulfstreamit is a Belkin F5D8053 V300020:49
charlie-tcaalternative doesn't let you try first20:49
Gulfstreamis there something that I can get by only using the livecd?20:49
charlie-tcaI find on my systems, if I make it work at the live cd, then click the install icon, it will make it work in the installation20:49
charlie-tcaIf it doesn't work with the Try Ubuntu option, I usually have to fight with it20:50
Gulfstreamthere is actually a difference between the end result on the alternative and livecd?20:56
charlie-tcathe difference is the try first option20:56
charlie-tcaend result of the installation is the same20:56
* charlie-tca thinks the alternate images might even be faster installing right now20:57
hakimsheriffHi people23:11
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