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Yaron-HebGood Morning guys108:34
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happyaronhow to find a string from all translations?17:50
gtriderxcmission impossible:)17:54
gtriderxcfirst You have to know the package17:54
happyarongtriderxc: I see. but it's not impossible18:04
happyarongtriderxc: download the source tarball of language packs and just grep...18:04
gtriderxcfirst of all18:05
gtriderxctell me what are U looking 418:05
happyaronI want to find a buggy translation18:05
happyaronand grep in that way helped me out.18:05
gtriderxcit's not impossible but sometimes it' s like looking 4 a stone in an ocean18:06
gtriderxcwhat is that for a translation18:07
gtriderxci mean which program18:07
happyaronwell, I just didn't know which one it belonged to, now I find out it is bash18:10
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