hamitronhi haz00:57
HazRPGhamitron: \o/!00:57
* HazRPG loves the night shift crew00:57
hamitrongonna need a drink soon00:58
HazRPGanything in particular?00:58
hamitronon the hour, time for it01:01
HazRPGenjoy :)01:01
Azelphurwell, that explains why easystrokes compiz integration is down :D01:04
Azelphurapparently compiz in natty has no dbus xD01:04
AzelphurI think it's a bug, though \o/01:04
gordhas no dbus? what on earth do you mean by that?01:05
AzelphurI mean the dbus interface is gone xD01:06
Azelphurthe plugin is still there, it creates a session but has no objects01:06
Azelphurgord: if your interested look at it in d-feet01:08
Azelphuror try any of the examples on the compiz wiki, they won't work01:08
HazRPGbit slow tonight on here02:28
shaunoI'm still not awake :/02:29
HazRPGshauno: clearly you are :P02:29
* hamitron just cba02:29
hamitronchosen a name for my vps, about it02:29
HazRPGI'm reading reads trolls arguing about ps3 stuff02:30
HazRPGreading through*02:30
hamitrondon't get me started on the ps3 :/02:31
hamitronI can rant for hours02:31
HazRPGhow about Rebecca Black - Friday?02:31
HazRPGoh, you haven't been introduced yet?02:31
hamitronI don't think02:32
hamitronah well02:32
hamitronI have youtube blocked02:32
HazRPGhamitron: see now ya just making me want to post an alt link: http://www.break.com/index/rebecca-blacks-friday-worst-song-ever-202347602:34
hamitronthat is blocked too02:35
HazRPGfine... read this: http://www.directlyrics.com/rebecca-black-friday-lyrics.html02:35
HazRPGseriously, you don't watch vids online?02:35
HazRPGeach to their own...02:36
hamitronI found a lot of my download limit was getting used02:36
hamitronso blocked such stuff02:36
HazRPGah, that makes sense02:36
hamitronI normally have a tunnel for just myself02:37
HazRPGalthough, personally I just set a quota block on certain sites02:37
hamitronbut I have recently re-configured a lot of stuff02:37
hamitronnot got around to making the tunnel02:37
HazRPG7am, waking up in the morning, Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs, Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal, Seein’ everything, the time is goin’, Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’, Gotta get down to the bus stop, Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends)02:38
HazRPGimagine that... being sung by a female justin beba02:39
HazRPGwith lyrics like that, it really makes you believe that the worlds is getting dumber02:39
hamitrontbh, it depends on the tune02:40
HazRPGas I said, its like justin beba02:41
HazRPGpop/rnb/slow ... kinda tune02:41
HazRPGwith a hint of dance (sorta?)02:42
hamitronwtf is justin beba? ;/02:42
hamitronI feel really out of touch with the world sometimes, haha02:42
shaunoyou're not missing much02:44
HazRPGyeah, you really aren't02:44
HazRPGI should have slept properly ... I don't think 2x30min naps really counts >_<02:45
hamitron"you really aren't" sounds fine to me ;/02:45
HazRPGalso, radios tuned to Radio 1 should be banned!02:45
hamitronor the BBC in general ;)02:46
HazRPGhamitron: ...heh, so it is - lack of proper sleep makes my comprehension skills deteriorate02:46
shaunoI was flicking thru stations the other morning and caught radio1 playing bohemian rhapsody at 5am.  caught me by surprise02:46
HazRPGif that even works as a thing...02:46
HazRPGshauno: radio 1 is good when people should be sleeping xD02:46
HazRPGI like the dnb sessions they have between 3-6am sometimes02:47
HazRPGand the rock music they play once every month or so in the early am's02:47
shaunoI tend to listen to the world service because they actually have some pretty interesting programs.  I don't go to radio for music :/02:47
HazRPGdnb - Drum n Bass02:47
hamitronmost my music I listen to is on Absolute Radio Classic Rock02:48
HazRPGshauno: ... don't judge, but I like classic FM most of the time02:48
HazRPGhamitron: that's over digital though right?02:48
hamitronI stream online02:48
hamitronbut yeh02:48
hamitron32kbps I can live with02:49
HazRPGcan't get that in my car without expensive gear to do it with02:49
hamitronnot even on a phone?02:49
HazRPGlast I looked a DAB radio costs around £5002:49
hamitrondab sucks anyway02:49
hamitronFM ftw02:50
HazRPGI'd only ever get it to listen to ARCR02:50
HazRPGbut only if it was cheap to buy... or I could build one easily myself02:50
hamitronI can't stop DAB breaking up02:50
hamitronso given up on it02:50
shaunoI just stream everything on my phone, so I'm not bound to local stations02:50
HazRPGbetter than using a phone over 3g that chops in and out during travels02:51
hamitronI can't even get a 2g signal :(02:51
HazRPGI use to use last.fm on my phone via the stereo of the car's tape drive... but well, having to reach for the phone every so often to click play once its lost signal isn't really good for driving02:51
hamitrontbh, I wouldn't want music when driving02:52
hamitronlike to listen to the engine02:52
HazRPGshauno: yeah I used last.fm, because I knew it would play whatever genre I wanted to listen to... or even just must that it's decided I like with my account being over 7 years standing the "personal radio/neighbouring radio" is pretty darn accurate to my taste now02:53
HazRPG...erm that was a mega fail, I'm too lazy to correct02:55
hamitronoff to bed02:58
hamitronlaters you guys02:58
HazRPGcatch ya later dude02:58
shaunobah.  foods needs to be faster.03:00
HazRPGtell me about it03:03
* HazRPG runs to check timer03:03
HazRPGbah! 7mins03:04
HazRPGprobably won't be enough to feed me... should probably order something in to go with it03:06
HazRPGshauno: how much sleep you get in the end?03:09
HazRPGFoods up!03:10
shaunonot quite 8, but enough03:11
HazRPGbetter than what I had03:11
shaunooh dear god03:13
shaunojust trying an irc client I haven't poked at in a while03:13
shaunodidn't think that it would have remembered settings from last time I used it, 6-9 months ago03:13
shaunoit just autojoined me into a shedload of channels03:14
HazRPGheh :P03:15
HazRPGguessing you didn't purge remove03:16
HazRPGif such thing exists on osx03:16
shaunowouldn't have made a difference :)03:16
shaunoif purge removes things from $HOME, someone needs to be shot03:17
HazRPGI thought you meant global settings03:35
HazRPGshauno: oh yeah, when you were looking through those photos earlier... did ya see any of my panorama attempts?03:38
HazRPGI think they came out pretty good :)03:38
shaunoheh, nope03:39
HazRPGshauno: e.g. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/KTJiboPLP0U1p-YiuOy5bkSln1IbCow2Lz_7Dmnl72k?feat=directlink03:39
HazRPGconsidering I'd never managed to get panorama to work on any camera before... I think I did well :)03:40
HazRPGmy tripod investment helped too :)03:40
HazRPGI'm no photographer, but I think I did well overall with some of the snaps I took out there03:45
HazRPGesp. considering I just used a regular 10MP portable camera03:45
HazRPGyou'd never believe this was take through a wire fence for example with tiny holes (see background for reference): https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/svoTHVM_MvVK9Yxdz2BM_ESln1IbCow2Lz_7Dmnl72k?feat=directlink03:46
HazRPGactually wait, this is better reference of how tiny the hole was: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/HR-Ga7an8vI0d5mVrzhrLUSln1IbCow2Lz_7Dmnl72k?feat=directlink03:46
HazRPGalthough my skillz can't be any good, I don't think I had any comments from friends/family over facebook :(03:48
shaunohave I been joining and parting? or is this thing losing it's mind already03:52
HazRPGhmm, well there hasn't been a net.split03:53
HazRPGI should really get off the kindle website...03:55
HazRPG(amazon/kindle site)03:56
HazRPGif I keep this up, I'll have enough books to last the rest of the year >_<03:56
shaunoI've always got enough books to last a year.  <3 safaribookonline.com :)03:58
HazRPGyeah, but I also have the 20 odd ebooks I got from gutenburg :P04:00
AzelphurTime not found :P04:04
HazRPGguessing he means for reading too many books04:05
Azelphurwhen I said that the time was 4:04 :P04:05
HazRPGconsidering it's a free ebook, its quite awesome!04:13
HazRPG"There was an old robot quite vain; With jealousy almost insane. It made him so cross; That I was his boss; And firmly in charge of his brain.04:14
HazRPG"A robot once made by the Franks; Liked plenty of steam in its tanks; But overhead pressure; In excessive measure; Blew out all its memory banks."04:24
HazRPGThe books called "The First Completely Electronic Robot and Science Fiction Limerick Book" and is free :)04:25
shaunough.  what not.  my card's being declined, while the bank is showing it perfectly fit for the job.  grrr.04:54
shaunoain't technology great04:56
shauno"computer says no" comes to mind :/04:57
shaunoreminds me, someone needs to come up with a way to give ram away04:58
shaunoevery time I get a new laptop, first thing I do is max out the ram aftermarket.  so you end up with little boxes with silly amounts of ram in just kicking around the place04:59
shaunothis one's going to have 4Gb removed from it in the first week.  seems like wasteful amounts to just leave to rot in a box05:01
Severianshauno, you could mail the ram to me.  I am pretty sure that would work.05:17
shaunoyou got anything that uses 204pin sodimms?  (eg, it's not desktop ram)05:18
SeverianNo, but I rebuild computers for a couple of charity groups and I would find it a home before long.  I am in the US.  I bet there are good places in England that could use it.05:20
shaunowell if I can find anyone who can use matched pairs of laptop ram, they're welcome to it05:22
HazRPGshauno: try ebay :)05:40
shaunoI tend to avoid ebay .. it's too much like hard work05:43
shaunolast time I sold something on ebay the buyer went ape because there was a catch that I made very clear in the description05:44
shaunojust more hassle than it's worth05:44
HazRPGfairy nuff05:46
HazRPGI should probably get some proper sleep05:46
HazRPGeyes are literally on fire, and glowly much like the cig. end I just put out05:46
HazRPGright, going to bed guys, nitey nite06:22
shaunoooh, that's nifty.  Calibre will work as a content server for stanza06:28
shaunoebook reader I use on my phone06:31
shaunohandy because it hooks into a whole bunch of places as stores, instead of being tied to one vendor06:31
shaunoincluding stuff like feedbooks & gutenberg06:32
MartijnVdSI use my Sony e-reader thingy06:33
shaunothe content server in it was a bit rough, it'd only show the document I had open in the reader on my desktop.  but calibre's just pops up as another store/source06:33
shaunoalso: morning MartijnVdS06:39
* MartijnVdS tries something completely different re: sat tuner06:39
MartijnVdSif this works, it might be a temperature issue :|06:39
shaunohehe ..don't mark /bin/sleep ugo-x .. stuff goes nuts in subtle ways07:09
MartijnVdSshauno: lots of init scripts07:12
MartijnVdSand postinsts07:12
MartijnVdSI'd guess07:12
shaunoprobably not the prettiest way to do that, but shuffled it along07:15
MartijnVdSwhy did you do it?07:16
shaunoI like blunt weapons07:17
shaunookay, got an app that'll one file at a time07:18
MartijnVdSyou accidentally a word07:18
shaunoif you tell it to open 10 files, it'll open 10, and chomp thru them one at a time07:18
shaunoif you tell it to open 20, it'll queue thru 2007:18
shaunoif you tell it to open 50, it'll fall over and die07:18
shaunoso I did a for glob; open file; sleep 2 loop, thinking I'd throttle them going in07:19
shaunobut every time I fed it a file, it came to front & stole focus.  having focus stolen every 2 seconds is rather annoying07:19
shaunoso I'd mark sleep -x, let the queue fill up, then mark it +x again while it chomped away07:20
MartijnVdSSounds like you need to learn about queues and/or map/reduce ;)07:20
shaunougly as sin, but it got them thru as fast as it could handle without stuffing the queue until it exploded07:20
shaunoit was neither a sensible plan, nor a sensible fix.  but I didn't want to start at the start again :(07:21
shaunonow it appears I've been throttled by a web service that doesn't like me scraping it at a sustained rate, and something I completely forgot was running went nuts when I stole broke sleep :/07:23
MartijnVdSshauno: lftp can do HTTP mirrors with multiple parallel downloads07:24
shaunothat tends to get me kicked off it too07:25
MartijnVdSdon't do that :)07:25
MartijnVdSwhy would you do that? :)07:25
shaunotheir limit is seconds per connection, not connections per second :)07:26
shaunoit'd be nice if they had a proper api, but instead I scrape several thousand xml files per run, then nap for 3 hours and start again07:28
gordyay 3ds :D now i can see the world in three dee's07:35
shaunoheh, fun07:38
AlanBellmorning all07:39
AlanBellissyl0: what train?07:39
gord3d camera is cool :)07:39
AlanBellhttp://supertunaman.com/cdl/cdl_v0-1.txt awesome07:40
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Wut.. :)07:43
AlanBelltoday I shall be mostly hacking the government08:05
AlanBellif anyone can get to the Guardian offices near Kings Cross at 6PM you can come and see what we have been up to08:07
AlanBelland I expect I will be on IRC looking for help and ideas throughout the day08:07
gingyou'll be in cuba by night fall08:08
AlanBellthey will never take me alive08:11
gingthat's not a problem08:11
AlanBellright, time to go find a train08:11
AlanBelllaters all08:11
marxjohnsonyo czajkowski08:36
czajkowskimarxjohnson: howdy08:39
czajkowskimarxjohnson: up to anything today08:39
shaunogrrr @ banks.  someone remind me why they're better than keeping socks under the mattress?08:40
marxjohnsonfood shopping \m/,08:40
marxjohnsonand making a website for my gf08:40
marxjohnsonnot much else08:40
* dutchie is off to the boat race today08:42
czajkowskimarxjohnson: heading to London later to see the bf and go for dinner08:43
marxjohnsonI was going to go to the march in london, but I can't afford to get there :p08:43
czajkowskirelaxing weekend this weekend :) busy couple of weeks ahead of me08:43
czajkowskimarxjohnson: what March ?08:43
* czajkowski hugs dutchie 08:43
czajkowskidont think it effects the routes I'll be going08:45
dutchieeveryone is going to london it seems then08:45
* czajkowski has yet to finish up getting stuff ready for document freedom day next week 08:45
danfishdutchie: it's where all the cool kids hang out ;)08:46
czajkowskidanfish: hello there stranger08:48
danfishczajkowski: hiya08:48
czajkowskidanfish: how did your conference go ?08:48
danfisha week of no internets \o/08:48
czajkowskioh my08:49
danfishczajkowski: the conference was....interesting08:49
danfishcongrats on the rubgy (through gritted teeth)08:50
danfishwas the pub OK?08:50
czajkowskiyup rugby was great08:51
czajkowskipub was nice, bit packed but I suspect every pub tbh would be that day.08:51
czajkowskithey wouldnt open upstairs which was kinda annoying and the volume was a tad loud but overall great08:52
* MartijnVdS builds a kernel.. for the first time in AGES08:52
danfishooh, they normally do open upstairs there. Maybe staffing probs08:52
czajkowskidanfish: but a damn good game :D08:52
czajkowskidanfish: they said a private function was on, but went up and it was dead quiet, bit naff really as more space would have been good08:53
danfishczajkowski: a deserved win. England didn't turn up08:53
danfishwe must plan for the world cup :)08:53
czajkowskidanfish: you should have seen the grin onmy face though :) and I had some irish friends over08:54
czajkowskidanfish: yup! definately so, and I think we'll even find a place that will let us reseve seats this time08:54
danfishI saw theopensourcerer's tweets re your grin08:54
czajkowskihe wasn't a happy chappy with me at all08:54
danfishczajkowski: maybe his local for the world cup?08:55
czajkowskiin farnham08:56
czajkowskioh yes08:56
czajkowskiwe may need to pick a neutral game and not an england v ireland game or he may kill me08:56
czajkowskidanfish: though watching a pub full of english supporters cheer on the french was rather amusing08:57
danfishczajkowski: really? Not true Englishmen then ;)08:59
czajkowskiwell they had to, france needed to beat wales in order to guarantee england to win08:59
czajkowskidanfish: did you see the video that has been released?08:59
danfisherr, no09:00
shaunothe  nike one?09:01
czajkowskishauno: aye09:01
czajkowskicant find the link now09:01
shaunowhat a storm in a teacup that was :/09:01
czajkowskidanfish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ5VT_u3Lb409:03
danfishhah - a healthy dose of fail there09:05
czajkowskidanfish: next time pick a match that doesnt conflict with a conference :)09:06
danfishthat's my one conference for the year - box ticked09:10
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:23
bigcalmWhy is anybody even here this early on a Saturday morning?09:27
bigcalmMy excuse is that my GF needs more sleep but I'm restless so banished myself to downstairs09:28
MartijnVdSbecause it's 10:30 :)09:28
bigcalmMartijnVdS: either you're in a different timezone, or you've changed your clocks a day early09:28
MartijnVdSza mrt 26 10:29:16 CET 201109:29
bigcalmSo, different timezone it is09:30
shaunoooh I forgot they change soon09:32
bigcalmTomorrow at 1am -> 2am09:34
shaunojust means I have to be paranoid about monday morning, as the iphone seems to have an odd talent for borking dst changes09:35
MartijnVdSbigcalm: 2am-3am here09:36
MartijnVdSshauno: Apple is good at that, yes09:36
shaunoI mean, I understand, it's not like we've done this twice a year for the last 60+ years.  it totally makes sense that it should cause the alarm clock to go into "just kidding" mode09:36
MartijnVdSJust use Ubuntu as your alarm clock ;)09:36
shaunoI don't sleep with my computers :)09:36
bigcalmThe opposite sounds perverted09:37
MartijnVdSshauno: OK get an Android phone then09:38
shaunohah, nevar.  I'll just wake one of my old palms up for the night09:38
MartijnVdSshauno: So you don't sleep with androids, so you'll just use your palm?09:38
bigcalmSet 2 alarms, one hour each side of your usual alarm.09:39
* daubers just got a clock that uses the DAB time signal09:39
MartijnVdSdaubers: hm, that sounds like a good idea..09:39
shaunobigcalm: that didn't help last time :/  last time it just quit sounding periodic alarms (eg, ones set to go off "every monday" or such)09:40
* bigcalm wonders if a reboot is really required with the recent updates. Grumble09:40
MartijnVdSbigcalm: kernel updates? yes09:40
bigcalmshauno: don't sleep ;)09:40
MartijnVdSbigcalm: other updates? maybe.. but logging out/back in might work09:40
MartijnVdSbigcalm: "I haven't slept because I didn't trust my phone"09:40
bigcalmMartijnVdS: if there were a kernel update, I'd accept that09:41
shaunobigcalm: that's actually plan A :)09:41
bigcalmI understand that ubuntu is user friendly. A reboot is simpler to understand for the masses09:41
* bigcalm still dislikes having window buttons on the lhs09:42
gordthe AR game on 3ds where it takes a picture of yourself then puts your flying head dancing around the room you are in and you ahve to shoot it before it kisses you is... disturbing...09:42
* MartijnVdS has a micro-sd card reader that's also a 3G modem 8-)09:42
MartijnVdSor was it the other way around09:42
czajkowskireally need to remember to eat food when taking pain killers09:47
czajkowskiso not feeling well now :(09:47
bigcalmczajkowski: *hugs*09:47
bigcalmczajkowski: how's the back?09:47
czajkowskireally bad :(09:47
bigcalmI thought you were getting it sorted?09:47
czajkowskitakes more than 1 physio visit09:48
czajkowskii see traction in my future09:48
bigcalmGrr, laptop keyboards09:48
* daubers ponders meandering into town for coffee09:51
willy_1977daubers, sounds like a half decent plan :)09:52
MartijnVdSWhich half? Meandering or coffee? :P09:53
daubersCould take the EOS for a wonder along the river too09:54
willy_1977MartijnVdS: both09:54
willy_1977EOS? after fiddling with eclipse ... it's not so bad... still looking for others... any ide suggestions?09:56
MartijnVdSwilly_1977: netbeans09:56
MartijnVdSor just vim + a proper rc09:57
willy_1977vim :o09:57
MartijnVdSvim ♥09:57
willy_1977I'm still going through the man but I've used gVim on windows as a replacement to notepad for a while now... so picked up some commands...09:58
MartijnVdSgood start09:58
MartijnVdSI'd recommend starting with an empty .vimrc, and then building up one by reading through the help09:58
MartijnVdSand/or vim.wikia09:58
willy_1977MartijnVdS: thanks I'll bookmark that for the future.09:59
willy_1977and I just got through installing netbeans this morning to suck it and see, I like how it's fairly easy to tidy up after all this messing around...10:01
willy_1977not that there's much to it of course sudo apt get etc. :p10:01
bigcalmIt appears to be tea o'clock!10:01
MartijnVdSbigcalm: so it does10:02
marxjohnsonI'm using Aptana (eclipse) with viplugin, best of both world ;-)10:02
willy_1977ooOOOO tea break... what a great time to get in here...10:02
MartijnVdSbigcalm: fresh darjeeling \o/10:02
MartijnVdSI wish sat scanning wasn't so slow :|10:02
willy_1977earl grey if I've not supped it all10:02
shaunoyaknow, growing up on star trek, I was kinda let down when I tried earl grey :(10:06
willy_1977shauno: it's not to everyones taste can be too... hummm... "flowery" I guess...10:07
marxjohnsonRight, off the Thresher's for the weekly shop... see you all later!10:08
willy_1977but that's the only reason I have it I take great pleasure asking for "earl grey, hot"10:08
* exobuzz drinks "yorkshire" tea.. (obviously grown in yorkshire ;-) )10:08
willy_1977marxjohnson: I'll bear the ide suggestion in mind ;) see you later.10:09
exobuzzit's a good brew though10:09
willy_1977exobuzz: +1 for yorkshire tea10:09
exobuzzloose tea of course. im a tea snob.10:09
marxjohnsonexobuzz: not nice with southampton water, have to use the special "hard water" version for some reason10:09
exobuzzwe are in a hardwater area, and the normal version does well for me10:10
marxjohnsonhow odd. maybe it's just the flat where I was living last time I tried it ;)10:10
willy_1977I went through a phase of that - in a recent house move I lost my tea making for one cup and strainer yet to be replaced...10:10
exobuzzmy stepfather was a tea taster, so there was never an excuse for a badly made tea when i was a kid.10:10
willy_1977quite right, some of us are British you know... there's no excuse for a badly made brew ever !10:11
willy_1977how you doin' anyhow exobuzz?10:15
exobuzzpopey, i got a natty alpha for joggler if you wanted to give it a run. i just need to sync with the server and do a build10:15
exobuzzwilly_1977, slight headache (my own fault), but apart from that good. you ?10:15
willy_1977ahhh self induce headaches ;)10:19
willy_1977I'm good just glad I'm finally at the end of a bad week...10:19
* willy_1977 is trying to decide.... an afternoon at a kids party or an afternoon doing housework :(10:23
exobuzzi dont much like your choice there heh10:24
exobuzzwhere is "put feet up and veg out"10:24
willy_1977I know... can you tell that mrs w had a hand in those choices...10:25
czajkowskifor those interested in documentation10:26
MartijnVdSdocumentations is for people who can't read code :P10:31
willy_1977MartijnVdS: you know you said that out loud?10:32
MartijnVdSczajkowski: Note the :P10:32
willy_1977just for clarity - very much tongue-in-cheek comments on documentation may follow from me...10:33
MartijnVdSthough I do think there are different needs for different "levels"10:33
MartijnVdSOne set of docs for the people who use my API10:33
MartijnVdSAnother for the people who write the backend of said API with me10:33
willy_1977that sounds like far too much documentation to me...10:34
czajkowskiwell I've seen developers ideas of documentation, and when I needed to test their area, it was impossible to read and it lacked information10:34
czajkowskiI also used to write it for end users10:34
MartijnVdSczajkowski: I don't deal with end users.. I deal with other developers :)10:34
czajkowskiso there are differnt types of documentation10:34
willy_1977czajkowski: in my experience if you *get* documentation from a dev you're doing well ;)10:35
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: and if you left tomorrowo morning there should be a set standard of documentation there so people can just walk in and carry on10:35
willy_1977not saying I agree with that by the way.10:35
MartijnVdSczajkowski: that's why we don't do things alone where I work10:35
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: fair enough.10:35
MartijnVdSczajkowski: changes bigger than a few-line bugfix are made by at least 2 programmers10:36
MartijnVdS(and even the small bugfixy ones get reviewed by someone else)10:36
MartijnVdSIt cut down on bug numbers dramatically when we started doing it this way :)10:36
willy_1977code reviews are essential - it can feel as if it slows stuff down if you've never been subject to it... but they do a fine job of spotting ID-10-T errors...10:37
MartijnVdSStill, documenting is necesarry and Hard Work10:37
czajkowskinod s10:37
MartijnVdSwilly_1977: A few of my coworkers feel "exposed" (attacked?) when their code is reviewed10:37
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: I've heard that as well10:38
willy_1977when I started working with the company I worked at before they did peer code reviews and it took me a while to adjust to it...10:38
MartijnVdS"Don't you trust me?"10:38
shaunoI wonder if there's a way to get them to see it as showing off?10:39
willy_1977shauno: that's an interesting point...10:40
MartijnVdSshauno: hmmm10:40
MartijnVdSshauno: that sounds like a good idea10:40
shaunoif they're proud of what they've done, it's only right someone should actually see it, rather than just churn it into binary10:40
MartijnVdSit's Perl, but yes :)10:41
willy_1977what helped for me was when I was finally allowed to review code too - then it felt as if the trust was back...10:41
shaunooh.  nevermind that then10:41
exobuzz"Documentation goes here" - my normal level of documentation ;-10:41
MartijnVdSexobuzz: "XXX TODO Write docs"10:41
exobuzzhehe yeh10:41
willy_1977you guys are over-documenting if you ask me...10:42
willy_1977your code needs to be clearer - send it for review :p10:42
shaunofrom what I gather, the way our product works is that one group writes the documenation10:42
shaunoand then the devs are given the job of making it accurate10:42
MartijnVdSOh and commit messages that go: "Fixed a bug" instead of "Fixed bug #1234: 'Clicking link X shows error page'"10:42
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1234 in Launchpad itself "Gina is an unmaintainable mess of command line options, environment variables and shell scripts" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123410:42
MartijnVdSlubotu3: stfu :)10:42
MartijnVdSahem sorry10:43
MartijnVdSMy commit messages for one-liner bugfixes tend to be 10 times as long as the patch :)10:44
willy_1977MartijnVdS: :D lubotu3 rage :D10:44
willy_1977my personal favourite commit messages:-10:44
MartijnVdSwilly_1977: no the *RAGE* was about bad commit messages :)10:44
willy_1977are you sure...?10:44
MartijnVdS.. as ewll10:44
willy_1977anyhow, personal fave:- commited by: adev10:45
MartijnVdS"Yes, we know... the system tells us that already"10:45
MartijnVdSExplain the _why_ not the _what_ :)10:46
MartijnVdSThe _what_ I can see (unified diff isn't magic)10:46
willy_1977I was counting to 1010:47
MartijnVdSwilly_1977: in binary 8-)10:47
willy_1977of course10:48
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:49
willy_1977brobostigon: good morning, how's you?10:49
MartijnVdS\o brobostiman10:49
brobostigonwilly_1977:  my back really hurts. how about you?10:50
brobostigonMartijnVdS: good morning, :)10:50
willy_1977brobostigon: sorry to hear that, I'm doing ok thanks.10:51
brobostigonwilly_1977: :)10:51
* willy_1977 will brb got to sort the kids out.10:55
MartijnVdSwilly_1977: bubble sort? quick sort? :)10:56
willy_1977B.O.T.H. sort...10:56
willy_1977back of the... not really of course ;)10:56
AlanBellmorning all10:59
AlanBellfrom the Guardian offices10:59
brobostigonmorning AlanBell :)11:00
Pendulumhi AlanBell11:01
AlanBellhi Pendulum, how is conbust?11:08
Pendulumgood :)11:08
PendulumI ended up skipping the panel I mentioned yesterday, but I'm seeing friends I haven't seen in years and probably won't see again for at least a year or more11:10
Pendulumbut one of them offered to send me books this summer :D11:10
PendulumI would not be surprised if the other offers once she hears about my summer plans, but she showed up later so hasn't gotten the life update yet ;-)11:11
Pendulumfriends in publishing ftw :)11:11
willy_1977AlanBell: morning, at the offices?11:23
willy_1977Pendulum: morning.11:23
AlanBellwilly_1977: national hack the government day11:26
AlanBellgeek takeover of the newsroom11:27
willy_1977AlanBell: sounds fun :)11:27
MartijnVdSOnly geek news today!11:27
willy_1977and in further news... : 0011101011:28
willy_1977hmmm I have a non-responsive NetBeans IDE :( not a good start for it...11:30
MartijnVdShmm vim11:30
willy_1977ok ok... I take your point.11:30
popeyexobuzz: oooo11:31
czajkowskipopey: ello ello ello11:34
=== nigelb_ is now known as nigelb
willy_1977bug #21437012:17
lubotu3Launchpad bug 214370 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Logout/Shutdown Sound Not Working" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21437012:17
willy_1977picked a doozy for my first papercut me thinks...?12:17
willy_1977may have to find a "this label needs changing" ;)12:17
alexcockellHad to reboot my router..12:42
exobuzzpopey, *cough* http://joggler.exotica.org.uk/img/ubuntunatty-v1.0alpha-btrfscom.img.gz13:12
exobuzzconsider it a test/alpha release of course. no compiz right now, as I need to forcibly enable that. (or you can start it from commandline).13:13
exobuzzerk. sorry. scrap that.13:14
exobuzzi totally broke the image. i didnt notice the error when it was building13:14
* exobuzz rebuilds without the typo he made. will be another 20 mins or so now. sorry13:15
jagezAre my ears deceiving me or did I just hear the police head of public order on BBC News 24 use the words "open source" in connection with a possible violent element who might turn up to disrupt today's rally?13:26
* hamitron grumbles13:39
hamitron3 decent comps here and only the newly uilt is stable.... so tempting to just unplug the others13:40
* directhex whistles13:40
hamitrondh :)13:40
exobuzzpopey, ok. the link should be ok now.13:45
hamitronomg, why is networking with windows so hard :/14:16
hamitronat this rate gonna be just using ftp14:16
willy_1977hamitron: s'up?14:16
hamitroncan't get a share on a windows 7 comp to be seen by a windows xp comp14:17
willy_1977want some suggestions?14:17
hamitronI was using a ubuntu machine inbetween14:17
hamitronbut then the psu went pop14:17
hamitronsure, plz :)14:17
hamitron"use linux"? ;)14:17
willy_1977win 7 it's not enough just to share14:18
willy_1977as it was in prev. version of windows14:18
willy_1977it has a separate security tab too14:19
willy_1977have you set a user with access in there as well as sharing the folder?14:19
MartijnVdSYou have to select "this is a trusted network" somewhere14:19
willy_1977yeah bit of an oversight...by me... are they on the same network or are you coming in from t'interweb etc.14:20
hamitronman, i never could work out gui configs14:20
hamitronyeh, on the same network14:21
hamitrontbh, I transfered 70gb fine14:21
hamitronnow I can't view the shares14:21
willy_1977they still able to ping each other?14:21
hamitronbut I suspect I may have messed everything up trying to fix it14:22
willy_1977any windows firewalls switched on?14:22
hamitronyes, but it didn't help turning them off14:22
willy_1977what do you get if you try and access just the c$ e.g. \\computernameorip\c$ ?14:23
hamitronfrom the xp machine?14:23
willy_1977yep, my guess is you'll get the enter your username/password gui14:23
hamitronffs, got a blue screen and it powered off14:24
willy_1977ok I'd go with the following suggestion:-14:24
willy_1977<hamitron> "use linux"? ;)14:24
hamitronI intend to14:25
willy_1977kk power it back up let's see what's going on for now.14:25
hamitronjust wanting to get some data off this comp first14:25
hamitronk, brb then14:26
willy_1977so are they both on the same workgroup / domain?14:26
willy_1977ah ok.14:26
hamitronI could see the comp names14:27
willy_1977sounds as if that's fine.14:27
willy_1977let's check some stuff on win 7 then.14:27
willy_1977can you go to Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Network and Sharing Center14:28
willy_1977and click on change advanced sharing settings14:28
* daubers sends another snotty email to the estate agents14:28
willy_1977just want to check that14:29
willy_1977turn on network discovery is set14:29
willy_1977turn on file and printer sharing is set14:30
hamitronboth are14:30
willy_1977and turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the public folders14:30
hamitronit is14:30
willy_1977presumably you have access to an administrator user on the win7 machine?14:31
willy_1977if you close that down, and back to explorer you need to find the share...14:33
hamitronI've created a new folder directly on C to play with14:33
willy_1977memory is getting vague, if you right mouse click on that folder what options are there, sharing and security is that one option in win7 or is it two separate?14:35
hamitronthere seems to be multiple ways to share14:36
willy_1977ok, give me a second I'm just booting up the win7 laptop ;)14:36
hamitronbut my XP comp can't even view the shares on my win7 comp14:37
willy_1977ok, I'll get back in a second I'll try it here see what I get.14:39
hamitroncan see files from win7 comp14:46
hamitronand gone14:54
hamitrongonna just put another hdd in the comp14:56
willy_1977fwiw it's this homegroup thing, I can't seem to get that to disable and play nicely with XP :/15:18
mattiissyl0: *hug*15:20
MartijnVdSargh.. mplayer Y U NO DO PROPER diseqc15:25
directhexdiseqc, lol15:29
emwhat is the most common/standard TLD in the UK?15:31
MartijnVdSdirecthex: diseqc is useful :)15:32
emif a person was making a website and wanted a presence in the UK, is .co.uk the one to get?15:32
directhexem, ys15:32
MartijnVdSdirecthex: especially if you have 3 satellites to choose from :)15:32
emdirecthex: not .uk ?15:32
directhexMartijnVdS, but anything that's not astra2/eurobird1 is filled with foreigners and porn!15:32
directhexem, no.15:32
hamitronis there any way for linux to read these daft RAID setups?15:33
gordem, we follow the standards setout back in the day. so .co.uk is most common15:33
emim sorry for having to ask but when you say 'no' does that mean 'no, not .uk' or 'no, you are not it's not, not .uk, it actually should be .uk' ?15:33
gordits kinda strange really, everyone else just uses .de or .jp or whatever15:33
MartijnVdSgord: except for a few exceptions, like bl.uk :)15:33
emokay i see thanks very much15:33
directhexgord, nein15:33
directhexgord, the japanese do it right too15:34
directhexit's amazon.co.jp, but amazon.de15:34
gordthere are quite a few just .jp sites though15:34
gordi guess thats for non commercial stuff? argh, i don't even care :(15:34
directhex"Locations using this include India (.in), Indonesia (.id), Israel (.il), the United Kingdom (.uk), New Zealand (.nz), Japan (.jp), South Korea (.kr) and Cook Islands (.ck)"15:34
gordthis is the single most dull and boring topic we could possibly talk about15:35
MartijnVdSgord: OK, suggest a new topic :)15:35
hamitronhelp hami recover his movie collection instead ;)15:35
directhexcake is tasty15:35
issyl0matti: ! *hug*15:35
gordhow about we talk about how awesome my 3ds is?15:35
gordand how me having one makes me better somehow15:35
hamitrongord: you got it?15:35
MartijnVdSdirecthex: Short skirts, loooong jacket?15:35
gordi did15:36
hamitrongone screwy eyed yet?15:36
gordnope, i don't get that. maybe i'm just used to 3d. had a 3d tv for quite a while15:36
directhexgord, pfft, i laugh at your low-resolution 3d cameras on your 3ds15:36
* hamitron likes his psp15:36
gorddirecthex, well it doesn't have a very high resolution to display ;)15:37
gordall the AR stuff using the 3d camera's is impressive though15:37
directhexbut if you take a 3d photo, how does it look when viewed on your 3d tv?15:38
gordi don't think you can transfer photos around like that15:38
directhexsure you can. they're just .mpo files15:39
directhexthere's a free app in PSN for viewing them15:39
gordat any rate, the 3ds is a poor 3d camera, thats really not what its for ;)15:39
gordit comes with a game where you scan in your face and heads fly about with your face on it and you have to shoot them. so i scanned in my cats face. terrifying.15:40
directhexcaaaaat face!15:40
directhexhe is a big cat face!15:40
directhexhe has the body of a cat, and the face of a cat!15:41
alexcockellAnyone else watching the footage of everything kicking off in London?15:41
MartijnVdSI am now :)15:42
MartijnVdSor will be, once mplayer decides to work15:43
MartijnVdSalexcockell: that doesn't look like a riot15:44
directhexi predict a riot15:45
directhexiiiiiiii predict a riot15:45
alexcockellBBC aree keeping away from it - Sky News are running footage where it's all kicking off..15:45
mattiissyl0: ;]15:46
MartijnVdSalexcockell: Ah, commerce > news I see :)15:47
alexcockellI'm Freeview only..15:48
directhexi think charlie brooker has a few words to say on the topic15:48
MartijnVdSalexcockell: I only get freesat here, but Sky News was showing commercials when I switched to it :)15:49
Azelphurwhats the command to check a drive for errors16:34
Azelphurjust built a pc for my cousin hes making a 2 hour drive and all of a sudden it wont boot, paniced here16:35
penguin42Azelphur: smartctl -a16:36
Azelphurthat takes like 8 hours, I have 116:37
Azelphurand there can't be anything wrong with the drive I just swapped it out lol16:37
penguin42Azelphur: Well then start driving the other way16:37
hamitrondoes it work with a livecd?16:37
penguin42Azelphur: smartctl -a will give you the error log instantly16:37
Azelphurbasically I was installing wine1.3 and it went read only filesystem on me16:38
Azelphurit did this before I thought it was the HD so I swapped it out16:38
Azelphurand then it worked fine for 48 hours, and sods law he does it when hes on his way16:38
Seeker`Bluray playback on linux \o/16:38
willy_1977hamitron: how'd you go on? I've tried all sorts with this and cannot get my xp laptop to play nicely with win7, tbh though that's not going to be helped by one being attached to a domain and another a workgroup ;)16:39
Azelphurpenguin42, http://pastebin.com/XCqfGu8m16:40
AzelphurI think it might have been a bad SATA cable since I swapped the HD it's kinda the only thing left16:40
hamitronwilly_1977: I've given up16:40
hamitronwindows is just crap16:40
hamitronand my own fault for using it16:40
hamitronI'd forgotten how much hassle you get with it16:41
penguin42Azelphur: That's a happy drive16:41
AzelphurI knew it was :D16:41
Azelphurso bad cable should fix it?16:41
penguin42Azelphur: When the FS went RO did you manage to capture the rest of the errors?16:41
penguin42Azelphur: The question is WHY did it go RO16:41
Azelphurno I didn't sorry16:42
willy_1977hamitron: well, windows is ok but every so often a new version comes out with some new features - e.g. when xp first came out you put one of those on your network and in it's inifinite wisdom it took over security duties if your domain controllers were older...16:43
hamitronwilly_1977: maybe I am just too dumb to use windows16:43
willy_1977:D I'm too dumb to use linux then ;)16:43
hamitronwill have to just stick with linux16:44
hamitronapart from graphics, I've never had issues with linux distros tbh16:44
willy_1977fair do's, the other thought I had was boot off a livecd on the win7 machine then you'd be networking xp to linux?16:45
hamitronmy main problem is the XP machine has a weird RAID 0 setup16:45
Azelphurpenguin42, e2fsk was spamming arrays of negative values lol16:46
penguin42Azelphur: That's very very bad16:46
AzelphurI'm just gonna reload windows and skip Ubuntu for now and cross fingers it doesn't come back16:46
Azelphurbecause my cousin arrived16:46
hamitronelse I'd of done that long ago out of choice :)16:46
penguin42Azelphur: Run a memcheck16:46
AzelphurI have done it passed16:46
AzelphurI ran memcheck and smart and everything before I told him to come16:46
Azelphurit was all working :/16:46
jonsainthi all. ive installed the google earth programme but i cant get it to run. it appears in my applications>internet folder but when clicked on nothing happens. ive tried to instal it 3 times now. any ideas??16:51
jacobwjonsaint: which version of ubuntu?16:52
jacobw(and google earth?)16:53
willy_1977hamitron: I did wonder as I was typing it...16:53
jacobwjonsaint: how are you trying to install it/16:53
=== michael is now known as Guest44719
jonsaint10.10 and its the latest one off their site16:53
hamitronwilly_1977: I think I'm going to have to try get it working, it is still bugging me16:54
willy_1977hamitron: yep, me too I hate leaving things like that... :/16:55
jacobwjonsaint: try `sudo apt-get install lsb-core`16:56
jacobwjonsaint: then try starting google earth again16:56
jonsaintcheers jacobw. by the way, i did know how to do this but forgot, how do you send private messages (in red)16:57
jacobw`/msg jacobw hello`16:57
jacobwwe don't often use private messaging16:58
jonsaintthere was an easier way that that and you typed the first few letters and the names come up16:58
jacobwyeah, type the first few letters and press tab16:58
=== michael is now known as Guest47801
jonsaintah yes thats it16:59
jonsaintcheers jacobw16:59
jacobwjo<tab> autocompletes your nick16:59
jacobwno problem, i found the tip on the ubuntu wiki, be sure to check it out in future16:59
jonsaintthanks for the help and advice :-)17:00
=== gary_ is now known as Guest17743
danfishgrr - first czajkowski's Ireland beats England, now dutchie's Oxford is beating Cambridge at the paddling17:11
willy_1977I see it's the same teams in the final of the "paddling" ... again!17:14
brobostigonoxford have it.17:17
danfishthey paddled very well17:18
danfishI never took to it myself - you had to get up at 6am 3 days a week and paddle down the same stretch of river day after day17:21
* AlanBell is done coding at #nhtg1117:47
AlanBelljust the presentations to do17:47
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/votegeek/av/calculations.html if you want to play with the stuff I made17:47
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/votegeek/av/presentation.pdf for the presentation17:48
danfishvery nice AlanBell17:51
gingit has added spooky smoke17:51
danfishas a pound18:15
DJonesdanfish: Inflation, its £1.50 now :)18:16
danfishinflation - don't get me started18:18
danfishI remember when a pint was 80 new pence18:19
marxjohnsonee, when I were a lad it was down the mines if you wanted a pint, we'd dig our own out of the rock18:21
danfishwe didn't have rock18:24
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Your proggy has just locked up Firefox :-(18:25
danfishhuh - these amateur coders :p18:26
=== RaycisCharles is now known as OmNomDeBonBon
willy_1977daubers: evening20:22
suprengranyone know what's happened to the U-UK server [not available]?20:35
popeyworks for me20:36
dauberspopey: I get server not found...20:37
popeywhen you do what?20:37
daubersWhen I browse to http://www.ubuntu-uk.org/20:38
oimonbroken for me too20:38
popeyits ubuntu-uk.org20:38
popeynot www20:38
popey(and its up)20:38
popeyi am looking at it right now20:38
popeyand refreshing20:38
popeyits up20:39
oimoni blame the protesters20:39
willy_1977it's not looking promising here either...20:39
dauberspopey: Also, it with no www's it directs me to the www version20:39
gordwww/nowww work fine for me20:40
popeyhonestly, its up20:40
oimonstill bust20:40
gordi believe you, its these other guys i'm not sure about ;)20:40
willy_1977down :(20:40
mgdmthis virgrim media DNS seems not to be able to resolve it20:40
daubersIf I change my DNS to google it works20:40
daubersLooks like the plusnet dns isn't resolving it either20:41
oimonusing opendns20:41
mgdmopcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL20:41
oimonstill broke20:41
oimonwhat does www resolve to?20:42
popeyDomain Name:UBUNTU-UK.ORG20:42
popeyCreated On:21-Jan-2005 02:27:21 UTC20:42
popeyLast Updated On:24-Mar-2011 07:36:02 UTC20:42
daubersHeh :)20:43
gorddetective popey solved the case!20:43
popeyI blame Daviey20:43
oimontrying to setup rsync on my nslu2 while wifey is out20:43
oimongonna lose sleep over this toinght...1hr to be precise20:44
willy_1977hopefully... be back shortly... :/ but I've been messing so it may be a switch the thing off in anger and come back tomorrow affair :D20:46
suprengrdon't understand how others receiving ok...  "It's not just you! http://ubuntu-uk.org looks down from here."20:48
oimonit is here too, but i think it's a DNS problem20:49
oimonif someone posts the IP address of the site , that will probably work for us20:49
suprengrdns = duff name server ;[20:49
gordswitch yer dns out to google's dns (or something of equally high quality) - never had a problem with google's dns service20:50
gord8.8.2.2 isn't it?20:51
oimonusing Host www.ubuntu-uk.org not found: 2(SERVFAIL)20:52
oimonmaybe you have it cached20:52
* Daviey wonders what he did?20:53
DavieyOh dear...20:53
DavieyI've just checked a bunch of sub domains directly against the designated nameservers, and they are all returning null20:53
DavieyEither, someone has busted it... or it's an issue the with provider.20:53
DavieyI'm banking on the provider.20:53
DavieyIf it IS working for anyone, it is cached.20:53
DavieyThe nameservers providing the info are not providing data.20:53
oimoni blame the supermoon20:54
mgdmDaviey: does it not just need renewed?20:54
oimonbtw does ubuntuone work with symlinks yet? i want to keep my liferea config in sync over several machines20:56
Davieymgdm, Expiration Date:21-Jan-2014 02:27:21 UTC20:56
Davieymgdm, the dns servers associated are returning null data.... even if the domain was somehow lost, they should still provide valid data20:56
mgdmDaviey: ah20:56
* suprengr thinks popey has private carrier pigeon U_UK to himself20:57
oimonor a /etc/hosts entry20:57
oimonor he visits every day, so his cache is up to date20:58
suprengrbut... <popey> i am looking at it right now20:59
suprengr<popey> and refreshing20:59
DavieyI missed that quote... but yes, it works in my browser aswell.. but i have it cached.21:00
suprengrpopey: you got a carrier pidgeon?21:00
DavieyThose that cannot load ubuntu-uk.org, please can you try ubuntu-se.org and see if you get the same result please?21:03
suprengrFirefox can't find the server at www.ubuntu-se.org.21:03
Davieyokay, thanks.21:03
oimonHost ubuntu-se.org not found: 2(SERVFAIL)21:04
DavieyI *hope* it's a transient error with the DNS provider.21:04
oimondns1.noris.net ..well known DNS provider :P21:07
oimonrefusing requests21:08
mgdmchuck.noris.net will never fail21:08
popeybtw I am using and probably have it cached21:14
gordoh lord, the 3ds has a feature that lets you "merge" your face with someone elses. its the most fun i have had in ages because it doesn't work very well :D here is my face "merged" with popular boxer frank bruno http://i.imgur.com/ZDj9a.jpg21:14
mgdmthat's distinctly terrifying21:18
oimonlol 3ds fail21:19
oimontry it on a flower21:19
oimoni'm sure gimp was supposed to have a unified interface by now :(21:20
gordsomeone has suggested to me arnold cattinator. must make this a reality.21:22
oimonreminds me of the 1950s original of the fly21:25
oimonthe dodgy special effects and the face on the fly21:25
phonex01gus i will get crazy21:32
phonex01guys help21:32
phonex01im using strcpy function in c code and i have " fragmentation fault ??"21:32
phonex01what the hell is this error21:33
mgdmI think you mean "segmentation fault"21:34
phonex01sorry it is segmentation fault21:34
phonex01what is this21:34
mgdmit likely means that you've not malloc()ed any space for the destination string21:34
bigcalmmgdm: evening :) Done much WP hacking?21:34
mgdmbigcalm: 'lo, and a wee bit, not much21:34
phonex01mgdm what do you mean ?21:35
phonex01how can i solve that21:35
bigcalmI'm trying to fix a plugin by somebody that uses wp_kses_stripslashes() on the output. I was wondering why one would use this function instead of just stripslashes(). The function wp_kses_stripslashes() is leaving escaped apostrophes \' in the output21:35
mgdmphonex01: I recommend reading a proper C tutorial21:35
phonex01i did21:35
phonex01this is the code21:35
phonex01char *t1="t1t1t1t1t1t1";21:35
phonex01char *t2="t2t2t2t2t2t2";21:35
phonex01it is simple !21:36
mgdmyou're trying to overwrite t2 with t1? that won't work21:36
mgdmthey're const strings, which means they can't be changed21:36
xapelCan anyone perhaps help me with resetting the region on my HP printer?21:36
phonex01there is no const identifer ?21:36
mgdmthe fact that they're declared in that way, with the literal strings in "", means they're const21:37
phonex01so what i have to do ?21:37
mgdmright, this is a bit off topic, and I'm not best qualified to teach C, but: you'll need to do something like    char *dst = malloc(strlen(t1) + 1);21:38
gordphonex01, use strdup. ala: char *t1 = "Hello World!"; char t2 = strdup (t1); - remember to free t2 when you are done21:38
phonex01strdup ?21:40
phonex01for copying too ?21:40
mgdmyeah, assuming if you want a precise copy of the string, you cna use strdup21:40
phonex01wait i will try that21:40
phonex01can i determine the length ???21:41
phonex01i mean how much letters to copy ?21:41
=== james is now known as Guest92446
phonex01ok it is working fine21:41
phonex01but t2 does not have the same pointer as t1 right ???21:42
phonex01i mean strdup create new pointer ?? right ?21:42
phonex01ok how can i use it for specific # of digits21:44
phonex01i mean like strcpy (t1,t2,3) ;21:44
dwatkinsoh, I guess phonex01 left, then22:03
* dwatkins just looked-up strncat and wonders if there's a possible issue with buffer overruns with these functions22:04
silkoanyone use a BT Home Hub with Ubuntu on pc22:05
Seeker`silko: yup22:05
silkocan connect to the hub using wireless but get an error on the web browser saying BT Home Hub cant connect to broadband22:06
silkoare there some settings on the wireless connections that we need to change22:07
daftykinsif you're getting a message from the homehub, i'd imagine you're connected fine22:08
daftykinssilko: open a terminal and ping the router IP22:09
silkoyep ... home hub has blue constant light22:09
daftykinsthat'll show you're chatting to it fine22:09
silkoseems its connected to the hub as would not get the message on the browser22:09
silkonot sure what else could be the prob .... we think constant blue light means Hub has no probs either22:10
daftykinshave you gotten up the webpage of it?22:11
daftykinsto look at connection stats etc.22:11
jacobwhave you restarted the hub?22:11
daftykinsi've never used one22:12
jacobwit can do stupid things22:12
silkowe had webpage come up , also tried full re boot of Hub and PC22:12
silkoI am guessing BT will not support Ubuntu on the prob22:13
silkodont want to use Windoze22:14
jacobwnetworking is os independent22:14
silkoso anyone have a BT Hub v222:14
jacobwso you can log in the homehub web interface at
jacobwi've got one..22:15
suprengrsilko: have you *ever* connected through this hub using OS?22:15
silkoyep can do ... not sure what to do from there22:15
suprengr*any OS22:15
jacobwsilko, try running `ping` in a terminal22:15
jacobwperhaps this is a DNS issue..22:16
silkowill try22:16
Seeker`silko: does the home hub have a constant blue "B" AND wireless sign?22:16
silkoyes its constant22:16
jacobwsilko, sorry, `ping -c 5`22:18
jacobwwhat do the last three lines say?22:18
silkojacobw, will try it as its on my dads comp but not with me at mo ... what should we see when we try this22:19
jacobw5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received22:20
zleapi think ping -c 5 just pings 5 times22:20
zleapwhere as ping ip just keeps going22:20
silkook and if works22:20
daftykinsyeah, it's count 522:20
daftykinssilko: it's pretty obvious from the feedback you get22:21
silkoif soemone already uses 10.10 lts on a BT home hub v2 and did not have to change any settings then Im confused22:22
jacobwthat is a good point22:23
silkoanyone know of anyone who has22:23
=== OmNomDeBonBon is now known as epiphite
jacobwi'm using 10.10 now with a homehub22:23
jacobwthe settings on my homehub aren't any different to default configuration22:24
Seeker`silko: what exactly is the problem you are having? You can't access webpages?22:24
silkocant access the internet22:24
Seeker`silko: if so, it probably isn't anything to do with the interaction between OS and router22:24
silkocan access the hub22:24
Seeker`pastebin the output of22:25
Seeker`tracepath bath.ac.uk22:25
jacobwif you can ping a public ip address but not access web pages through a web browser it indicates a DNS misconfiguration22:25
* suprengr goes bye byes... 1hr less to kip tonight before back on call22:25
jacobwwhich can be rectified by setting as your dns server, which is opendns22:26
jacobwbb suprengr22:26
Seeker`don't think there is a problem with the BT DNS atm22:26
silkook will try this and pop back morrow if ok ... thanks to all for help22:26
jacobw:) no problems22:26
HazRPGI think I've been asleep a lil too long22:29
HazRPGjacobw: o/22:29
jacobwwell.. good day for it22:29
HazRPGnot when you loose all of it :P22:29
Davieywow, are we still talking about this?22:33
HazRPGtalking about what?22:37
* dwatkins notes that xorg.conf has moved22:38
daubersAnyone fancy a trip to the British Library between May and September sometime?22:39
daubersNew SciFi exhibition22:40
HazRPGwhere is that?22:40
daftykinswhat's a library?22:40
daubersLondon somewhere22:41
HazRPGhmm, could be fun22:41
=== epiphite is now known as OmNomDeBonBon
dwatkinscool, daubers - although I moved to Edinburgh, so will have to pop in when visiting family or something22:45
HazRPGdaubers: maybe we can bring it up at the next meeting :)22:46
dauberssounds like a plan22:46
daubersI'll pop it on the Agenda tommorrow22:46
HazRPGdaubers: \o/22:47
HazRPGwhy delay, due today!22:47
daubersHazRPG: Sleepy, just packing up for bed22:47
daubersHazRPG: I need to add a couple of things anyway, but they're political and complicated and not for a sleepy head22:48
HazRPGheh, fair enough :)22:48
* HazRPG should really check agenda see if much has been added since he is going to be the one doing it n all22:48
HazRPGwow 4 more nights away22:51
HazRPGhmm, Caffeine 2.2 doesn't seem to be as good as it use to be at its detection of flash and other fullscreen stuff22:57
HazRPGjacobw: yeah, stops screensaver from activating23:01
jacobwI see23:01
daubersHazRPG: Done23:01
HazRPGdaubers: oh, thought you weren't going to till tomorrow23:02
daubersHazRPG: Did it now anyway, although the formatting is wrong and I can't see why :(23:04
HazRPGdaubers: hmm23:04
daubersI give up23:05
daubersstupid wiki23:05
* HazRPG tries to see where he stored the bookmark for it23:05
HazRPGthis looks about right: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda23:05
HazRPGdaubers: ^^23:05
HazRPGoh yeah, that's odd23:06
daubersHazRPG: Look at the formatting for the [TOPIC] line of the exhibition thing23:06
HazRPGnot use to doing this... so I'll see if I can fix it :)23:06
daubersI had a go, but got fed up quickly23:07
daubersIt's defo not the wiki word23:07
daubersAlso note that the line spacing between bullets changes as it goes down the page23:07
HazRPGoh yeah23:08
HazRPGthat could  be what's causing it23:08
* daubers blames shoddy wiki software23:08
* daubers heads to bed23:09
daubersNight all o/23:09
HazRPGwonder if it's the < > you added that's doing it23:10
HazRPGdaubers: alright dude, night23:10
HazRPGsomeone make it work!23:24
czajkowskidanfish: heheheh23:26
HazRPGsilly wiki >_<23:28
HazRPGczajkowski: ooo, have you used the wiki before? Maybe you can see something I'm missing?23:29
czajkowskiwhich wiki23:29
HazRPGhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda <== that one23:29
HazRPGformatting is going funny23:30
HazRPGits adding linespaces between bullet points, and is missing out a heading23:30
HazRPGalthough, can't see anything wrong with the actual formatting when editing23:31
czajkowskicant lot into lp now23:32
czajkowskiI suspect a space or something is missing or too many23:32
czajkowskilet me try something23:33
HazRPGczajkowski: i can do a pastebin if ya want :)23:33
czajkowskino tis fine23:34
AlanBellevening all23:34
HazRPGAlanBell: evening :)23:34
HazRPGdoh! I should really get ready... mates leaving do is a foot!23:35
czajkowskicant fix it sorry23:36
AlanBellwhat are you doing czajkowski?23:36
HazRPGits alright, thanks for trying though :)23:36
HazRPGAlanBell: daubers added stuff to the wiki, and was having trouble getting the formatting to work properly23:37
AlanBellah ok, well bedtime now I will fix tomorrow if it is still broken then23:37
HazRPGcool :)23:38
HazRPGthanks dude :)23:38
HazRPGI'm going to be doing a review of it later tonight to see if its missing anything23:39
HazRPGright, think I'm almost ready to hit the shin dig...23:41
HazRPGah, crud... haven't got anything to take down with me... and tesco's is shut on a Sat. night23:41
exobuzzpopey, did you get the download ?23:42
exobuzzpopey, maybe not and perhaps its not ideal to post a link hours before you might be here in the hope you see it in the scrollback ;-)23:43
HazRPGexobuzz: could send him an IM :)23:58
exobuzz<- lazy23:58
exobuzzill msg him when hes on23:59

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