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Blazeixeli grey's answer is awesome: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5438540/simple-javascript-math-problem00:38
rick_h_Blazeix: that's just cruel00:41
snap-lThat's awesome00:42
_stink_yes, awesome for sure00:43
_stink_that Error string is hilarious00:43
rick_h_"Slow down..."00:45
snap-lThere's how I'd do it in Python00:51
rick_h_now how to get that code into bookie?00:53
rick_h_"hey, that's production code"00:53
snap-lwow, talk about a dogpile00:59
snap-lcomments on that .Net article are pouring in00:59
snap-lmade the mistake of subscribing to them01:00
rick_h_heh, I still need to go read it01:00
rick_h_saw the link on my phone, but didn't get it up yet01:00
snap-l55 comments01:01
rick_h_this sounds a lot like my "never try to talk SOAP with a .net dev" story01:04
rick_h_oh man, <3 this...but yea can tell he's going to get creamed01:05
rick_h_lol "you're retarded"01:06
rick_h_I love that there's all these "I've used 20 languages for 15 years..."01:06
snap-lI'm not the biggest fan of .NET, but I'm not going to go around calling them short order cooks01:06
rick_h_then clearly he wasn't talking to you01:06
rick_h_heh, I will :)01:06
rick_h_80/20 rule sure, but you can still say it01:06
snap-lThere's short order cooks in every language01:06
snap-land short-bus coders in every language01:07
rick_h_oh definitely, it's a broad brush he's painting with01:07
rick_h_but he's using it as a marker for his interviews01:07
rick_h_and that makes sense to me01:07
snap-lkeep reading01:07
rick_h_http://blog.expensify.com/2011/03/25/ceo-friday-why-we-dont-hire-net-programmers/#comment-1306 <3 this one01:07
snap-lThe guy is clearly demonstrating that he's an idiot01:08
rick_h_"but but but...we have stackoverflow, that's a .net successful startup/company"01:08
rick_h_yep...name another?01:08
rick_h_I mean jrwren is the poster boy for the exception to the rule and all01:08
rick_h_hah, comments are so good01:10
rick_h_and the mature ones step in: http://blog.expensify.com/2011/03/25/ceo-friday-why-we-dont-hire-net-programmers/#comment-133001:11
rick_h_ok, good distraction, back to bookie01:12
rick_h_snap-l: woot, the user study lady is up for an interview as well. some time after april 112:29
snap-lrick_h_: Awesome!14:58
snap-lOh this is priceless:14:59
rick_h_droidcool, glad to know the evening was well spent15:00
snap-lrick_h_droid: ?15:01
rick_h_droidgoing to be a. net developer15:02
snap-lOh, yeah, totally. ;)15:02
rick_h_droidsorry, wrong channel15:02
rick_h_droidi'm confused today15:02
snap-lWould love to know what resume they were smoking15:02
snap-lrick_h_droid: Apparently. ;)15:02
snap-lDisclaimer:We respect your on-line privacy. This is not an unsolicited mail. Under Bill 1618 Title III passed by the 105th US Congress this mail cannot be considered Spam as long as we include contact information and a method to be removed from our mailing list. If you are not interested in receiving our e-mails then please reply with a "REMOVE" in the subject line or click here to remove your name from the mailing list. I am sorry for any 15:03
snap-lI LOVE this. If you have to put this in your mail, it's likely SPAM15:03
rick_h_droidheh, pretty much15:10
brouschrick_h_: great interview with foord15:35
rick_h_yea? that was one a bit of the harder ones, didn't hink it was as smooth since I wasn't as up on the topics15:35
brouschi haven't listed to the others yet15:35
brouschi thught it was good because you were just knowledgable enough to ask questions15:36
rick_h_cool, glad it came out ok then15:36
brouschi really liked it15:36
rick_h_thanks for the comment15:36
brouschan advanced user interviewing a master15:36
rick_h_yea, he's a bit above my stuff for sure15:37
brouschit kept things at the right level15:37
brouschif it were a scrub interviewing it would have been much less interesting, and another master would have quickly gotten too technical15:37
brouschsound was good too15:38
rick_h_heh, still had my mic backwads :/15:39
brouschi enjoyed the episode with the import podcast guys too15:39
brouschsounded like you all got along well and had fun15:40
rick_h_yea, good times15:40
brouschthey brought up your codemash talk, but not your pyohio talk15:41
brouschi know one of them asked a question at pyohio. irecognized his voice15:41
rick_h_yea, I think it was because they just put out their codemash/etc15:42
rick_h_so it was in their minds15:42
rick_h_might not have realized pyohio was me15:42
brouschi love foord's voice and accent15:43
brouschhe should do radio15:43
rick_h_hah, gotta love the english15:44
brouschgreg-g: Are you going to send a reminder for next week's Global Jam?17:01
rick_h_brousch: as leader in training that falls to you :P17:13
brouschi went to bed early that night. is he officially out that day?17:59
brouschi'll send it if he's indisposed, otherwise i wanted to piggyback on it with my west side carpool reminder18:01
rick_h_brousch: heh, no. just an interview18:04
rick_h_I was joking18:04
greg-gbrousch: sent!18:42
greg-gbrousch: thanks for the reminder :)18:42
greg-gbrousch: piggyback away18:43
brouschwordpress is awesome. i'm moving my blog from blogger18:47
brouschit can import all posts and comments, has easy rss inclusion, so i can embed my buzz and twitter feeds18:48
brouschgreg-g: are you out of town on the 3rd?18:49
greg-gprobably not, I'll probably be in town, it was just a possibility18:49
greg-gI'll just be out Tues night to Wednesday night (just taking one work day off)18:50
greg-g(the 6th)18:50
greg-gso, I can grab snack and all that (but you're more than welcome to bring something else as well)18:50
brouschhm, I'll think of something to bring18:55
brouschwhat awesome thing do we have on the west side that you east siders are deprived of? (besides a growing economy and population, clean air, and sparkling fresh lake michigan water, of course)18:57
jcastrobrousch: you guys are missing out on some prime urban decay19:01
brouschi've seen pictures19:05
brouschi could bring beer from founders or new holland, but i don't know if we can drink it in jrwren's office19:06
greg-gjrwren: is beer allowed at SRT?19:17
brouschif not i'll bring some cupcakes from Marge's19:18
greg-gmmmmmmm, cupcakes19:18
brouschyou should bring some of those potbean brownies19:23
snap-lToo bad tjagoda isn't here.20:09
rick_h_heh, nice20:13
snap-lJeez, talk about slow moving:20:56
snap-lC++0x is just getting to final draft status?20:56
jrwrengreg-g: bring whatever you want :)23:51
jrwrengreg-g: we often have beer on hand :)23:52
jrwrenleaving some for monday is also very welcome :)23:52

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