SkrappJawAny heartland blokes in the room?03:04
paultagSkrappJaw: Howdy, friendo03:06
paultagCleveland, here03:06
Cheri703hey SkrappJaw :)03:06
paultagheyya Cheri703 :)03:06
Cheri703paultag: SkrappJaw came to ubuntu hour!03:06
SkrappJawWhats up Cheri? I started playing with x11 over SSH today03:06
Cheri703Unit193: this is the person I'd mentioned :)03:06
Cheri703SkrappJaw: Unit193 is one of the guys who usually comes to our U-H's03:07
Cheri703yeah? isn't it awesome?03:07
SkrappJawits fun03:07
SkrappJawim just playing with a vbox though03:07
SkrappJawYea. I can think of ways to help out my pals with SSH if I cant sit and actually be there.03:08
Cheri703it's pretty darn handy03:09
Cheri703paultag: side note: have you noticed the COMPLETE lack of dmcglone since I commented on his crap? :/03:09
paultagCheri703: yeah... I did. Sadsies.03:10
paultagIt's OK03:10
Cheri703yeah, I just find it ridiculous that someone would opt to just leave instead of perhaps toning down their comments...oh well03:10
SkrappJawCan't please every one.03:11
paultagHe'll be back after he cools off03:12
paultagI'm sure of it03:12
Cheri703I stayed up most of the night helping a canadian ubuntu friend figure out gnucash :)03:12
SkrappJawI may have to have you show my mom how to use GNU cash. She's treasurer for her local water community board. Its a little neighborhood in Madison with it's own well system.03:13
SkrappJawI'll give her your card.03:14
Cheri703sure :)03:14
canthus13paultag: That's been a couple of weeks... how long do you think he'll take to 'cool off'?03:14
SkrappJawShe wants to take everything for the water community digital.03:14
Cheri703it's pretty robust. I use it in a very simple way, but it can be used for ALL KINDS of other stuff03:14
Cheri703canthus13: I feel a little bit bad, but as I said to him that day, I like him, I was just tired of his junk, and if I didn't like him, I wouldn't have said anything :/03:15
paultagcanthus13: 03:15 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Last seen  : Mar 06 19:21:31 2011 (2 weeks, 5 days, 07:53:29 ago)03:15
paultagNo clue03:15
paultagbut I've seen this happen time and time again03:15
SkrappJawYea. All they need is to track expenses for the water system and the pump house and who has paid up their bills in the community. stuff like that.03:15
Cheri703yeah, totally doable03:15
canthus13Cheri703: I was there... I stayed out of it, but I was there. :)03:16
SkrappJawwhat happened?03:17
canthus13Cheri703: You were right, of course.  I just didn't wanna have it seem like we were ganging up on him.03:17
canthus13SkrappJaw: She called him out on some sexist remarks.03:17
canthus13SkrappJaw: He's a bit of a redneck.03:18
SkrappJawOh. Ya you told me bout that, Cheri. Briefly03:18
SkrappJawI'm cool with hill billies, cause that's my blood. But rednecks are a whole story,03:18
canthus13SkrappJaw: You understand the mentality, though. I don't think he's deliberately trying to be a jerk, he just doesn't really think about what he's saying.03:20
Cheri703he's a really nice guy...he just makes inappropriate comments03:21
Cheri703SkrappJaw: did you mention to your gf about ubuntu-women?03:21
SkrappJawNo. not yet.03:21
SkrappJawI got caught up in tearing apart my car and andy's car.03:21
Cheri703ah, no worries :)03:22
SkrappJawI will though.03:22
SkrappJawis it an IRC room?03:22
Cheri703this: http://ubuntu-women.org/03:22
Cheri703and an irc room, yes03:22
SkrappJawoh cool.03:22
canthus13Cheri703: My wife checked into them for a little while... they kinda shunned her, though.  she got the feeling that she just wasn't technical enough for their tastes.03:23
Cheri703weird, when was that?03:23
canthus13about 2 years ago.03:23
Cheri703there are some fairly non-technical folks in there03:23
Cheri703have her give it another shot03:23
canthus13Or maybe it was Linux-chix.03:23
canthus13or both. don't remember now.03:23
Cheri703I have heard that about linux-chix03:23
Cheri703ubuntu-women has a large range of folks03:24
Cheri703(not just women too)03:24
canthus13I imagine she and elky would be at odds a lot, though.03:24
SkrappJawhey. I gotta jump out for a few minutes. riding andy back to lexington.03:24
Cheri703have fun :) and thank him again for me!!03:24
canthus13Cheri703: elky tends to be rather narrow-minded at times.03:24
SkrappJawwill do03:24
canthus13Cheri703: And since I hang out in ##club-ubuntu, elky hates me by default... so guilt by association. :)03:25
Cheri703perhaps, she (generally) doesn't go pontificating in u-w03:25
* SkrappJaw is away.03:25
SkrappJawhey i remembered /me03:25
* SkrappJaw has a spelling problem03:26
canthus13Not that I really blame her for not liking a few people that hang in ##c-u... there are a couple that really get off on antagonizing her. :P03:26
Cheri703your wife is more than welcome to disavow any knowledge of you ;)03:26
canthus13but she's pretty much written off anyone who hangs out there.03:26
SkrappJawWoot for blackberry03:33
Skrapp_JawAnyone here?03:35
* Cheri703 is here03:36
Cheri703o.O http://thedailywh.at/2011/03/25/lights-out-3704:31
Cheri703canthus13: how is toledo?04:31
SkrappJawim back04:31
Cheri703wb :)04:31
Cheri703you missed my ridiculous link: http://thedailywh.at/2011/03/25/lights-out-3704:31
SkrappJawAndy live in the boonies.04:32
SkrappJawO.o oh n0z3.04:33
SkrappJawit would be much more entertaining if the called it waxing. Then I could make Mr. Miagi jokes.04:34
SkrappJawLi3k. 0Mg.!!  ! <3 trees and and. and.... o.o *strangle*04:39
Cheri703heh, yeah04:39
Cheri703you can see the guy behind her trying not to laugh at the end04:39
SkrappJawI love that website too.04:40
Cheri703I liked the "1% other stuff, but I don't know what it is, and at least 6% energy"04:40
SkrappJawya... Jars of air?04:40
SkrappJawshe lost me at plants.04:40
SkrappJawbut, my pal Jerm will be in the iRC as soon as I walk him through it. My 3rd convert to Ubuntu.04:41
Cheri703yeah, I like that she thinks she could get $10,000 for a jar of air...and that she could get $500,000 in VC04:42
Cheri703cool :)04:42
SkrappJawI may even have him set up his SSH and show him that way. lol.04:43
Cheri703one thing to note: if you do the ssh -X, it does NOT show it on their screen too04:43
Cheri703all visual parts are done on the remote terminal04:44
Cheri703so if I run something via my server, someone could be sitting there using it for other things, and it won't disturb them04:44
Cheri703one thing to use though: www.teamviewer.com04:44
SkrappJawAhh. how would i have it control both? could i just SSH the entire -X server?04:44
Cheri703it's AWESOME04:44
Cheri703I don't think so04:44
Cheri703I don't think you can make it display in both spots04:44
Cheri703(I could be wrong)04:44
SkrappJawwell i know you can share mouse and keyboard over SSH.04:45
Cheri703I've not done that04:45
Cheri703I could be totally wrong04:45
SkrappJawYa. I was just surfing generic Linux searches on tips and tricks. A lot was over my head but i did see that in one. for wen you have 2 people working on the same pc04:46
Cheri703that's cool04:46
SkrappJawinstead of sharing one keyboard and mouse. But they didnt have independent mouse and keyboard04:47
SkrappJawbut that was mouse and keys only. no x remote.04:48
SkrappJawI also saw it while looking up things on how people run their home media centers. there was SSH involved in some of those setups.04:49
Cheri703I use synergy04:49
Cheri703it's amazing04:49
Cheri703I can have my mouse/keyboard of my netbook controll my htpc04:49
SkrappJawcool. http://ubuntulandforever.blogspot.com/2010/11/x2x-allows-keyboard-and-mouse-on-one-x.html here's the x2x mouse keyboard server. runs on SSH also04:51
SkrappJawhmm.. so what all can i use ssh for?04:59
Cheri703bunch o crap04:59
Cheri703I've used it if one computer froze up, I ssh'd and used a killall to stop the offending program04:59
SkrappJawThats good to know.05:01
SkrappJawis there a way to execute the root terninal in ubuntu through a normal terminal? Since su is disabled.05:01
Cheri703sudo su05:02
SkrappJawsudo su?05:02
SkrappJawcool. now i dont have to pile through menus for root.05:03
Cheri703ooo, one handy thing: sudo nautilus (or gksudo)05:03
Cheri703you get a file manager window with root privileges05:03
Cheri703makes life easier if needing to change permissions or move files without having to type it all out05:03
SkrappJawya. i figured that out setting up my ps3 media server.05:03
SkrappJawalso in compiling qjoypad05:04
SkrappJawI had to use it to configure the controller preset layouts. They are in a "." file directory.05:06
Cheri703that's cool05:07
SkrappJawHows the car? did you guys get that worked out?05:10
Cheri703yeah, they got it home and are getting the tires taken care of :)05:12
SkrappJawCool. Andy's car and mine are on blocks till tomorrow. We thought we had all the bits to fixem but it turned out to be more than that once we tore'm apart.05:14
Cheri703that stinks05:15
Cheri703I hate it when that happens05:15
SkrappJawthats the nature of a car though.05:17
Cheri703some days I miss having one, but other days I'm really ok with it05:18
SkrappTest_SSH_DXchat remote ssh from Debian vbox guest on ubuntu 10.04 host.05:40
SkrappTest_SSH_Dssh comes with debian out the box apparently. Just a tweak of the config file and it's golden.05:41
SkrappJawCheri: So i just had a connection refused on SSH. I can connect from Deb-guest to Ubuntu but not the other way.05:46
Cheri703do you not have the ssh server set up on the other?05:47
SkrappJawya. i do. i set it up the same on debian as on ubuntu.05:47
SkrappJawcould my debian be rejecting it because of a firewall?05:48
SkrappJawssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused05:48
Cheri703is the user name the same on both?05:49
Cheri703uhm...I'm not sure :/05:50
Cheri703I'm still limited in my use/understanding of the ins and outs of ssh05:51
SkrappJawok. I'll retrace and search about.05:51
SkrappJawwow it05:57
SkrappJawit's late. I'm crashing. See ya'll later!05:57
* SkrappJaw is catchin some Zzzz....05:58
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canthus13Haha... Another Ohio ubuntu user.14:05
* canthus13 just spoke to on the phone... Gave him the loco website address.14:06
paultagcanthus13: woo!14:47
canthus13Dude was high on vicodin, kept cracking up every time I said 'ifup'14:50
paultagcanthus13: hahaha14:50
canthus13kept getting 'ignoring unknown interface'... :/  He decided to reinstall.14:53
canthus13Cheri703: SkrappJaw prolly didn't have ssh-server installed.15:18
canthus13If it had been the wrong username, it still would have asked him for a password instead of refusing the connection.15:23
Cheri703he said it was installed, so I dunno15:24
canthus13He prolly has -client installed.15:36
canthus13either that, or he didn't start the daemon.15:36
canthus13although, it should autostart on install.15:36
canthus13Huh. Apparently Debian has a package that installs both now.15:38
Cheri703yeah, I have no idea15:40
canthus13Blah. Overtime is starting to get old....15:46
Cheri703so quit your job! :D15:46
Cheri703still no telecommuting jobs open? :)15:52
canthus13Nope. they don't like telecommuting here.15:52
Cheri703eh, was worth asking :)15:53
canthus13Heh. :)15:54
canthus13I wish.15:54
Cheri703there is apparently drama at the church I'm trying to work with15:55
Cheri703I have no doubts I'll (eventually) finish and get paid, because the one woman thinks I'm amazing, but it's been sort of a cluster-f from the beginning on their side...15:55
canthus13Heh. Church drama. :)15:55
Cheri703well, manipulative guy causing drama...one guy seems to be at the root of most of it15:56
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dmcgloneHi everyone!23:40
paultagheyya dmcglone :)23:50
dmcgloneHow ya doing paultag23:57
dmcgloneI've had one stupid crazy month23:57

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