cyberangerquiet night here03:35
chibihogoshinoits been quiet in here lately03:39
cyberangerhope it doesn03:44
cyberangert stay that way03:44
chibihogoshino19 people .. it should be a little more active03:48
chibihogoshinohave you watched katz at all ?03:48
chibihogoshinocyberanger: ^^03:49
chibihogoshinohe is still broadcasting03:51
chibihogoshinoevery day since the tsunami happened03:51
cyberangerI get the feeling that's not a mainstream news source then03:54
chibihogoshinolol.. no03:54
chibihogoshinohe is translating the japanese news03:54
cyberangerthat explains that03:57
chibihogoshinohe is doing a great job .. i just wish he could get back to his normal show.04:04
cyberangerI get translations from mainstream, raw feeds, satellite photos04:05
cyberangerguess that's part of why04:05
chibihogoshinoits behind and not always right04:07
cyberangerwhat's behind and not always right?04:13
chibihogoshinothats not news from japan tho04:16
cyberangerchibihogoshino: yeah, I know, I've gotta follow the Middle East too04:17
cyberangerand that's one that's not really hit the mainstream much04:17
cyberangerI follow everything, right now that04:18
cyberangers here, japan, middle east and canada04:18
* cyberanger still hasn't gotten used to all his different keyboards04:18
chibihogoshino different ?04:19
cyberangeresp the netbook, but yeah, netbook, laptop, desktop (and a few different boards) and smartphone04:20
cyberangerand this one hasn't been used alot lately04:21
chibihogoshinoheh. damn04:21
chibihogoshinoyou could get a usb switch04:22
cyberangerchibihogoshino: for what?04:35
cyberangerhey Kurisu_Yamato04:36
chibihogoshinouse the same keyboard for all the computers04:36
cyberangerchibihogoshino: not doable04:41
cyberangerdesktop is PS/204:42
cyberangerand netbook to laptop are hardwired04:42
cyberangerand it's the netbook and laptop really throwing the curveball04:42
cyberanger42% to 98% to a multimedia full size04:42
cyberanger(lest I forget the smartphone, all thumbs there, but I'm used to that now)04:43
cyberangernothing usb really04:43
chibihogoshinoyou can use usb on a laptop .. the desktop dosnt have a usb port ?04:44
cyberangerhas one, my boards are ps/204:51
cyberangerand why carry a keyboard and a laptop04:51
cyberangeror bulky keyboard and slim netbook04:51
chibihogoshinoheh.. i was thinking .. using them all in the same room04:56
cyberangeryeah, I don't work that way04:59
cyberangertoo much desire for mobility to sit still for only three computers05:00
cyberanger(if you can call a netbook a computer)05:00
Kurisu_Yamatooh hi guys. Sorry, a little busy on some other channels, I always autojoin this one... Hope things are going well. ANd yes, I think you can call a netbook a computer, as it has the normal guts and such. :D05:02
cyberangerwhile I disagree on calling it normal, underpowered guts and such I'll settle for ;-)05:04
chibihogoshinoits great for basic things05:04
cyberangerand some niches05:09
cyberangerbut this is more underpowered than most05:10
cyberangerAsus EEE 2G surf05:10
Kurisu_YamatoI mean normal as in it isn't a tabletPC, ipad, or whatever. XD05:33
cyberangerright, just soldered on RAM and SSD05:37
wrstanyone around this morning familiar with using xrandr commands?12:00
wrsthey chris458516:39
starsproutheheh...never update when your hard disk is full :-o17:24
starsprouthowever my trusty boot disk helped me empty trash, then I could blindly type "sudo apt-get update" and -whew!- hooray17:25
chibihogoshinovychune dosnt stay long21:44

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