arbirbazhang: yes ppc00:00
Jordan_Uarbir: Debian is not ubuntu. Try #debian here or on OFTC (there may also be a PPC specficic Debian channel).00:00
bazhangarbir, debian ppc?00:00
arandarbir: #debian, here or on irc.oftc.net might be more appropriate.00:00
bazhangterry, he's apparently using debian00:00
terryarbir: Then just download the gz file and uncompress it and place it in .mozilla/firefox/plugins/00:01
_antantterry: sudo apt-get install makeinfo build-essentials msgfmt   just gets me package not found for all three00:01
arbirterry: alright….. let me try.. just that those binaries might be compiled for intel arch.00:01
bazhang_antant, its build-essential no S00:01
arbiri am asking here, cause, not much response in #debian. sorry if i broke any rules..00:02
bazhangarbir, just be patient in #debian , thanks00:02
terryarbir: ~/.mozilla/plugins/00:02
_antantcheers bazhang00:02
dtcrshrvery annoying... connection keeps up for 1, 2 minutes00:02
billy_terry: with wubi, there is a folder in the very top of the file browser (would be c:/ in windows, just / in linux) is a folder called "root" which is the c drive in windows. my sister is a artist so i am trying to put a link onto the desktop that takes her to her documents folder in windows.00:03
dtcrshrcant update at all00:03
arbirterry: ok i am trying00:03
dtcrshris there something about wpa_supplicant in 10.10?00:03
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terryarbir: Well, I don't  know wheather it will work or not but can't hurt to try.  I suppose it will.00:04
PolahWhat are the advantages/disadvantages over Debian 6 and Ubuntu 11.04 for server purposes?00:04
dtcrshrPolah, if you get debian stable, the differences are quite interesting00:06
dtcrshrtake a look at the debian projet documentation00:06
snake_is there a channel specifically for video editing and compositing.00:06
Polahdtcrshr, could you link me or point me in the right direction?00:07
terrysnake_: What application are you using?00:07
snake_I'm trying to find an alternative to apple shake 4 :(00:07
snake_terry, a FREE alternative00:07
dtcrshrPolah, http://www.debian.org/doc/00:08
Stereocaulonsnake_, try kdenlive00:08
Polahdtcrshr, thanks00:08
terrysnake_: Cinelerra is probably what you want.  See:  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/top5-linux-video-editing-system-software/00:09
edersomebody know the channel name of backtrav 4 ?00:09
edersomebody know the channel name of backtrack 4 ?00:09
snake_Stereocaulon, problem: it's just like sonyvegas, I HATE sony begas unfortunatly.00:09
snake_terry, thanks. I will try it.00:09
Stereocaulonsnake_, in that case Cinelerra is probably what you want, but it's a b*tch to set up :-P00:10
Stereocaulonsnake_, try ubuntu-studio00:10
snake_Stereocaulon, although I used mac for editing for a long time, I am REALLY good at using linux.00:11
YankDownUnderOpenshot Video Editor....00:11
Stereocaulonsnake_, https://launchpad.net/~cinelerra-ppa00:13
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snake_Stereocaulon, dude, I just did all of that, from that exact page lol.00:14
* dtcrshr found a bug - maybe ubuntu inheredited it - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=57471400:14
ubottuDebian bug 574714 in wpasupplicant "wpasupplicant: WPA-Supplicant does not connect with WPA2 - Enterprise - Network" [Normal,Open]00:14
snake_Stereocaulon, thanks though!00:15
Stereocaulonsnake_, np ;-)00:15
trist4ndoes anyone have any suggestions to making a thinkpad touchpad a little more workable in ubuntu?00:16
trist4nit uses a synaptics driver for multitouch on windows, but its pretty choppy and inprecise on linux00:17
et-0nlinehey when i start my ubuntu i get error 15 press any key to continue then nothing happens now iam on another computer00:17
iqpiet-0nline: perhaps grub problem00:18
soreauCan someone on maverick please upload their /usr/sbin/update-info-dir file to speedyshare.com for me? I'm in a bit of a tight spot00:18
et-0nlineyes what to do iqpi00:19
terry!grub2 | et-0nline00:19
ubottuet-0nline: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:19
iqpiet-0nline: try to reinstall the grub, enter with a livecd00:19
iqpithen mount the root partition00:20
iqpithen chroot the folder where you have mounted the filesystem00:20
iqpiand just type00:20
iqpigrub install00:20
iqpithen unmount the partiton00:21
iqpiand reboot00:21
iqpiwell, better exit the chroot00:21
iqpibefore, and then unmount. Finally reboot and you will have your system00:21
dextro_i installed "remote desktop" and went into the settings and it says its bound to localhost and wont let me change the address00:22
dextro_what the heck is the point of a remote desktop app that only listens on localhost?!00:22
terryiqpi: Ctrl-d will exit chroot00:22
terryet-0nline: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:23
iqpithanks for the extra info terry, i missed to say it =)00:23
Gambican someone read what I write?00:23
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terryGambi: Yes, we see youu00:23
iqpiGambi: what have you written?00:23
Gambi`I have one question about Ubuntu00:23
GambiI am new to it00:23
Gambican I please ask it?00:23
terryGambi: Yes00:23
_antantwhat package do I need to get for msgfmt?00:24
iqpiGambi: this is irc just shoot your question00:24
GambiI install nvidia drivers for ubuntu via sudo but still some small pictures seem sketchy00:24
terry_antant: To create filesystem?00:24
terry_antant: see man mkfs00:24
iqpiGambi: how have you installed the driver?00:24
Gambiapt-cache search nvidia00:25
Gambiand then sudo apt-get install nvdiai*00:25
iqpiGambi: try to install the driver without X.00:25
terryGambi: Do you see the nvidia settings thing?00:25
dtcrshrcan somebody help me with wpa_supplicant in ubuntu 10.10? i can connect to my wpa2-enterprise, but when i try to transfer data ig gets dropped00:26
Gambiyes I have it in System admin settings00:26
soreauCan someone help me fix my package manager? http://pastebin.com/iJVKAgTB I'm not sure why it can't find update-info-dir even though it exists00:26
Gambinvidia x server settings00:26
terryGambi: You can try and fiddle with settings00:26
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Gambiit says to able to fiddle it I have to run it as root00:27
Gambii tupe in sudo nvidia-xconfig00:27
Gambiand I still get the same thing00:27
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Mndrllhey i have a little question00:27
Logan_!ask | Mndrll00:28
ubottuMndrll: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:28
Rob235this is a ridiculous question but i have a method that has an array parameter which is being passed successfully, how do i assign an object property to that array, its more than just self.array = passedArray; right?00:28
_antantterry: ok, looked at man mkfs. Didn't shed any light00:28
Rob235because that just crashes my app00:28
Logan_Rob235: which programming language is that?00:28
Rob235array is a property00:28
terry_antant: What is it you are trying to do?00:29
PolahHow much does the Ubuntu command line differ from Debian? Can I still use sudo and standard commands like ifconfig and APT and so on?00:29
Viking667just a quick question - I note that when I installed midnight commander, the view binary has been symlinked to the midnight Commander editor... what's the "official" way of running dpkg to re-set the editor to something more sane like vim?00:29
GambiI feel like noob00:29
Rob235so dot notation is fine00:29
Mndrllim kinda new to ubuntu and just install ubuntu 64 on my desktop00:29
_antantterry; build the openelec source00:29
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Mndrllnow, i have 2 hard drives00:29
Mndrllone of 160gb, and t6he other of 500 gb i am about to format the 500gb one..00:30
iqpiPolah: yes, the commands are the same, but sudo will not enabled by default, so you will need two accounts, the root one, and you will need to create a new user account00:30
Viking667Polah: pretty much, though there are some niceties you have to keep an eye out for00:30
Mndrll but i have different options00:30
Rob235im just confused as to when i have instance object variables do i need to allocate it somewhere or does it get allocated by being in the header00:30
Mndrllwhich is the difference between the CUID Partition Table and the Master Boot Record???00:30
Rob235actually i dont want to allocate it so nevermind00:30
Rob235im confusing myself00:31
coz_ hey all00:31
Rob235i just want it to point to the existing array00:31
Rob235but it crashes my app00:31
terry_antant: Not familiar with openelec.  But I assume you have downloaded a tarball and are wanting to compile from source?00:31
Mndrlli mean it acctually says that both have some limitations00:32
Mndrllbut which one is the best??00:32
_antantyeah, it's a custom kernel with xbmc as a front end00:32
MndrllLinux and the Swap partitions are on the other HD00:32
Gambiare you peaople programmers?00:33
terryGambi: We are all sorts of people, (some are and some are not).00:33
Gambiterry: so there is no one that can help me with my sketchy display?00:34
iqpiterry: i am not people i am terminal - ator00:34
_antantterry: I'm missing msgfmt and /usr/include/ncurses.h   (the latter I'm guessing I just download and put in there)00:34
_antantyou ok there, terry?00:35
terryMndrll: Not sure what your question is.  What exactly are you trying to do?  What is your end goal.00:35
iqpiGambi: try to reintall the driver without Xorg enabled.00:36
rweanyone with sis hardware running ubuntu?00:36
ibrahimhi , every time i do update the sound vanish < i need help .........00:36
roothii .-00:36
Mndrllto format my second hard drive that has ntfs partitions00:36
roothiiiii ////////////00:37
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iqpiGambi: press ctrl + alt + F1 then you will be in a pure terminal enviroment00:37
_antantterry: ok, I've got ncurses. Just missing msgfmt now00:37
iqpiGambi: then type killall gdm00:37
Mndrllterry, i want to format my second hard drive, it has multiple partitions but they are NTFS, EXT and one swap..00:37
iqpiGambi: and then reinstall the driver via sudo apt-get install nvidia-bla-bla00:37
Mndrllterry, but just wnat to have 2 partitions ext400:38
Dr_Willisiqpi:  i just got here..  but that will actually restart gdm.. if you want it to stop. usd 'sudo service gdm stop' (or restart) nicer then killing it.00:38
Guest4119how i can hack with back tack00:38
terryMndrll: Well, if you are not using those other partitions, just blow them away and put what you want on it.00:38
Dr_WillisGuest4119:  'backtrack' has its own support channels and homepage.. start by readign them.00:38
iqpiGambi: once you have installed it, then type sudo gdm00:38
terryMndrll: Are you using gparted?00:39
iqpiDr_Willis: yes, your way is more .... "diplomatic"00:39
Mndrllno im using the DISK UTILITY from Ubuntu 10.1000:39
Mndrllon Gnome00:39
Mndrllterry, no im using the DISK UTILITY tool of Gnome on ubuntu 10.1000:40
PolahMndrll, get Gparted00:40
terryMndrll: Ok, well as long as you are not using those partitions, go on with it.  If that swap partion is in use by your current system you might want to keep it on there some place... but you probably already have a swap partition on the other drive, right?00:40
Gambihey terry00:40
terryGambi: Yes..00:41
Gambiis it true that with Wireshark we can read other people's emails if they are unencrypted?00:41
ibrahimhi , every time i do update the sound vanish < i need help .........00:41
Mndrllterry, yes i already have another swap partition00:41
Gambireply :00:41
terryMndrll: You should be good to go then.00:41
scott__I was looking for a distro to install alongside ubuntu, just to try.  I'm kind of a n00b.  Does anybody have any suggestions?00:42
Mndrllterry, i just want to format the entire second hard drive00:42
Dr_Willisscott__:  use virtualbox.. and start trying them all.. in virtualbox...00:42
iqpiGambi: to read a complete email you will need to catch many packages and then join them to have some readable information xDD, if you want to read others mails, steal their envelopes from their mail box xD00:42
terryGambi: wireshark is a network traffic analyzer00:42
Rob235what is wrong with line 3100:42
Dr_Willisscott__:  but you may gain more benifit by just reading up on various linux fundamentals/commands/features.00:42
GambiI get that00:42
Mndrllterry,  yes but on the disk utility options, on the Formatting options there is the MASTER BOOT RECORDER, and the GUID prtition table00:42
Gambibut on a blog I read that you can read other's emails00:43
Gambiif they are unencrypted00:43
Mndrllterry, which one should i use...??00:43
Dr_WillisGambi:   i doubt if its that simple.. what if in ssh'd to a remote box reading my emails....00:43
Dr_WillisGambi:  with most wireless stuff these days theres almost always going to be some encryption also.00:43
Dr_WillisGambi:  set up a home lan, and try it.00:44
iqpiGambi: thats not legal. Anyway, wireshark is not an easy tool, and you will need to catch many data packages, and then merge the correct ones... it is possible but its not easy.00:44
terryMndrll: GUID is just a standard for the layout of the partition table on a physical hard disk.00:44
Rob235http://pastebin.com/xjdapH0s what is wrong with line 31, the count works fine so i know the array is being passed correctly but the array assignment doesnt work00:44
scott__thanks Dr_Willis...I've been reading about several distros, and I've even tried openSuse.  Is Knoppix too advanced for a newcomer?  Or does it (and other distros) just require some tinkering to learn?00:44
soreauGuys, can someone please help me fix my package manager? I get the message '/var/lib/dpkg/info/install-info.postinst: 36: update-info-dir: not found' when trying to do anything with apt-get even though 1) /usr/sbin/update-info-dir exists 2) It's executable 3) echo "PATH=$PATH" in /var/lib/dpkg/info/install-info.postinst shows /usr/sbin in the list. So what else could possibly be going wrong?00:44
Rob235oh shit00:44
Rob235sorry wrong room00:44
Rob235my bad00:44
FloodBot3Rob235: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
abstraktscott__, I would say Ubuntu is really the best distro for a newcomer00:44
Dr_Willisscott__:  i dont see much reason for 'beginners' to try other disrots.. stick with Ubuntu, and learn  the 'basics'   the fundamentals will apply to any disrto.ot j00:45
GambiWillis I wish I had the skills to try it00:45
scott__agreed abstrakt, I figured I should try to stretch myself by trying harder distros.  I didn't know if there was an "intermediate" distro00:45
Mndrllterry,  so the Master boot recorder should be fine?00:45
abstraktscott__, uhh, yeah I wouldn't bother, i would just use ubuntu00:45
abstraktscott__, even thinking about the idea of a "harder distro" is really missing the point almost entirely00:45
Dr_Willisscott__:  'learning' requires effort. :)  pick somthin to learn about.. and  check out delicious.com links on the topic. for example 'sed one liners' :) an interesting little topic to spend an hr reading about.00:46
critical_maxscott__, you have as much power as you want with ubuntu. it just has a low barrier to entry.00:46
iqpiscott__: try arch linux with the wiki for beginers .... you will learn a lot and you will have the best linux distro.00:46
abstraktscott__, lots of newbies complain that FreeBSD is "hard" but then again most of them never take the time to read the amazingly well written and detailed FreeBSD handbook00:46
Dr_WillisI tried arch.. and dumped it.. dident benifit from its... 'design goals' :)00:46
abstraktscott__, ignore iqpi00:46
iqpiabstrakt: lol00:47
abstraktthe idea that LFS will make you "leet" is rediculous00:47
ibrahimhi , every time i do update the sound vanish < i need help .........00:47
Dr_Willisscott__:  learning the 'gui' and where the menus and stuff are at. is not really learning 'linux' its learning the specific desktop.00:47
abstraktjust because you can follow step by step instructions doesn't mean anything00:47
terryMndrll: I just use fdisk for what you are doing.  Since this drive is not in use by your current system, (or any other for that matter, you can do what you like with it).  I don't know much about the options you are seeing in the particular partitioning utility you are using, but yes MBR is find.  (Not sure what options it is giving you, or why there are options in the first place, because you have to write the new partition table to the MBR of the drive for the00:47
abstraktit tells you absolutely nothing about what those tools are and why they are put together they way they are put together, you're just blindly following instructions00:47
scott__even the commands vary between distros, right?00:47
abstraktscott__, actually no, not really00:47
scott__oh ok00:47
Dr_Willisscott__:   totally untrue.00:48
Dr_Willisscott__:  i would say 99% of them are identical.00:48
abstraktscott__, you're wasting your time, honestly, trust me... do something more productive like learn to program00:48
Dr_Willisscott__:  spend time learning bash... thats always woth it..00:48
abstraktscott__, there are indeed minor variations in how different distros organize things but overall linux is linux00:48
scott__how am I wasting my time? I haven't even done anything yet00:48
abstraktscott__, you're wasting your time even thinking about this stuff :)00:48
JTallisSweet a large channel.00:48
abstraktscott__, I second Dr_Willis' suggestion to learn bash, go /join #bash ... it will do you a world of good00:48
Dr_Willisscott__:  You need to dive into some topic and start learning.. you dont know enough to even 'base' what else you should be learning on.00:49
abstraktscott__, because at the end of the day, really, being an awesome sysadmin mainly comes down to automation, and on linux that mainly comes down to knowing how to write bash scripts00:49
JTallisI have a small problem installing Ubuntu 10.10 64bit, and even problems with the demo. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1714775 My post is here, I hope I've explained myself detailed enough.00:49
abstraktscott__, everything else is software specific, not distro specific, learn about the specific software that you need, like apache or wahtever00:49
Dr_Willisscott__:  top 10 things to learn to up your Linux-fu,. Bash, ssh, regular expressions, vi,   and.. Hmm...00:49
JTallisI ran the chkdsk /r though, it goes through C... which is like.. a 900GB Drive, it's taking forever on stage 5.00:49
Mndrllterry, awesome thanks a lot!00:50
ActionParsnipJTallis: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded00:50
Mndrllterry, it seems to work fine! ;)00:50
terryMndrll: NP00:50
terryMndrll: Very well.00:50
Dr_WillisJTallis:  you are doing an install inside windows? or a normal booted-the-cd- and installed type install?00:50
abstraktscott__, if you *really* wanna be masochistic, then it might not be a bad idea to learn the primary differences between debian and red hat00:50
critical_maxJTallis, it almost looks like you burned the ISO to your partition. You need to burn it to a CD then boot from it to install to the partition.00:50
abstraktscott__, but there's no real such thing as a "harder distro"00:51
padeekinsscott http://bash-fu.com/ http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/browse GET YOUR FU ON HOMMIE!!00:51
ibrahimhi , every time i do update the sound vanish < i need help .........00:51
joker_Im having trouble getting my ait all in wonder card to work.00:51
JTallisNo I didn't ActionParsnip, I know of MD5 hashing in PHP/SQL etc. Though I know nothin about MD5Sums.00:51
joker_I'm on ubuntu 10.1000:51
ActionParsnip!md5 | JTallis00:51
ubottuJTallis: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:51
scott__I have been reading about how to write c++00:51
Dr_Willisscott__:  a read of the 'linux from scratch' manual/guide can teach some things also.00:51
abstraktscott__, most distros these days are based on either debian or red hat... Ubuntu being based on debian, Fedora and CentOS being based on red hat00:51
abstraktscott__, good, keep reading :)00:51
ActionParsnipjoker_: if you run: sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a    can you pastebin the output00:51
abstraktDr_Willis, I absolutely and fully disagree about LFS00:51
abstraktas I already stated00:51
Dr_Willisscott__:  i dont even do C programming. :) been using linxu for years.00:51
scott__I would like to have more control over my box, so I will read over what you suggested.00:52
scott__so mainly bash scripting?00:52
JTallisDr_Willis, I'm trying to go for a Dual OS. So I want to install it in L:\ whilst Windows is in C:\, so not INSIDE Windows.00:52
Dr_WillisYou can learn some things from the LFS docs. :)  if nothing else. you may learn what some of these odly named services/programs actually do.00:52
ibrahimhi , every time i do update the sound vanish < i need help .........00:52
Dr_WillisJTallis:  then its not in L: since linux dosent use drive leetters that way.00:52
JTallisCritical_max, I burned it to a blank DVD disk, I can boot it off of that but just can't install or run the demo.00:52
Dr_WillisJTallis:  You take the iso, check its md5 to veryify it.. burn it to cd, or usbflash, and booted it?00:53
terryscott__: Before you start imagining what the differences are between the various distros, do some research to find out what they are specifically.00:53
JTallisI just burned it to a dvd disk, I'm goin to try the md5 now.00:53
abstraktDr_Willis, scott__, and you will have spent an inordinate and disproportionate (to your ROI) amount of time in doing so :)00:53
Dr_WillisJTallis:  You can resize your windows partuions from inside windows to leave part of the hard disk unallocated. and let linux install to that.00:53
nor15dinhow  i can hacke M00:53
critical_maxJTallis, burn it to a CD if the md5 checks out. Sorry about the coaster.00:53
Dr_WillisJTallis:  you burnt a cd iso file to a dvd disk? sometimes that wont work.00:53
joker_ActionParsnip:   http://paste.ubuntu.com/585690/     Thanks for the help00:54
critical_maxDr_Willis, agreed.00:54
abstraktscott__, stick with learning C++ and add bash to your list of things to learn, also learn the gnu build system like using Makefiles00:54
padeekinsI switched from mac to Ubuntu  back when gutsy got released and never turned back... Is the RH/Fedora community similar to the Deb/Ubuntu?00:54
scott__ok I will00:54
JTallisI'm not sure if it's a cd iso, DVD's are all I have so I just used one of them.00:54
Dr_Willispadeekins:  redhat is a little weirder in ways last i checked/tried the RH/variants.. :)00:54
nor15dini am crazy /////////////////////////////////////00:55
Dr_Willispadeekins:  thats been 5+ yrs ago.00:55
JTallisRight, okay, yeah I was followin an tutorial, and it left it unallocated but I was not sure at all why.00:55
ibrahimhi , every time i do update the sound vanish < i need help .........00:55
scott__I have a GUI question about ubuntu, also: is ubuntu going to keep classic desktop  past 11.04? Or are we going to strictly Unity?00:55
terrypadeekins: Similar?  In what way..?  If you are asking if you are in the right place?  The answer is Yes.  You will have an easier go of it here.00:55
Dr_WillisJTallis:  the installer will use that space and partion it as needed.00:55
ActionParsnipjoker_: blacklist the agpgart-amd64 and it should be ok00:55
nor15dini am crazy /////////////////////////////////////00:55
nor15dini am crazy /////////////////////////////////////00:55
nor15dini am crazy /////////////////////////////////////00:55
FloodBot3nor15din: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:55
critical_maxJTallis, definitely burn to a CD.00:55
Dr_Willisscott__:  you can always isntall differnt desktops00:55
joker_ActionParsnip: I'm not sure how to do that00:56
mokotoois there some way to launch an application from command line so that I can discern it among similarly named processes in ps?00:56
ActionParsnipscott__: both will be available in natty but unity will be default, natty is discussed and supported in #ubuntu+100:56
padeekinsDo they use the same kernel as Debian? maybe that's a newb question?00:56
rweim in desperate need of help with sis drivers on ubunto00:56
et-0nlinehey when i start my ubuntu i get error 15 press any key to continue then nothing happens now iam on another computer00:56
abstraktscott__, yeah there's a crap load of different GUIs, GNOME and KDE to name but two amongst many others such as WindowMaker, XFCE, FVWM and fluxbox00:56
rweanyone got experience00:56
Dr_Willisrwe:  good luck with that. SIS really has poor linux support.00:56
JTallisright okay, when this chkdsk finishes, I'll remove the partition. I'll see if I have a blank CD around. I did have some I believe but this was a few years back. Thanks.00:57
rweyeah ive noticed00:57
coz_rwe,  ooo sis drivers do not have 3d accelerated drivers I dont t hink00:57
rwei dont need 3d00:57
abstraktscott__, again, none of this changes on any of the other distros00:57
Dr_Willisrwe:  thats my 'experience' from hanging in this channel.. every time SIS is mentioned.. its rarely good.00:57
rwei just want to be able to connect my tv00:57
abstraktbtw, wtf is Unity anyway? isn't it just GNOME?00:57
abstraktdid ubuntu like, fork GNOME or something?00:57
Dr_Willisrwe:  check the forums for your exact chipset. you m ay get lucky00:57
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity00:57
abstraktor did they add on top of GNOME? or what00:57
coz_rwe,  I had ,, a while back.. a deb package for sis cards,, I dont think I still have it.. have you googled for it?00:57
ActionParsnipjoker_: echo "blacklist agpart-amd64" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf00:57
ActionParsnipjoker_: reboot to test00:57
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  its  the windowmanager basically/launcher.00:57
rwei have googled for 2 days00:57
Dr_Willisabstrakt:  its not gnome..00:57
ActionParsnipabstrakt: it is based on GTK though ;)00:58
abstraktbut if it's a shell for gnome, then gnome is underneath, so in essence, unity is in fact gnome?00:58
quantabstrakt, actually it is Gnome00:58
rwegod damnit i really liked ubuntu, looks like i have to use that god damn w7 then00:58
quantabstrakt, correct00:58
coz_rwe,  ah let me try hold on00:58
JTallisIs there any safe way to cancel a chkdsk scan on Windows or do I have to wait for it to finish.00:58
abstraktquant, ok that's what I thought00:58
rwethanks alot00:58
Dr_Willisrwe:  ive learned to avoide sis. :)00:58
coz_rwe,   give me the readout  of   lspci | grep -i vga00:58
Dr_WillisJTallis:  ask in #windows00:59
iqpiunity is a sh**** that canonical have done to don't help with the gnome project00:59
rwewait i have to run over to the laptop00:59
et-0nlinehey when i start my ubuntu i get error 15 press any key to continue then nothing happens now iam on another computer00:59
rwewhats the command for pastebin00:59
ActionParsnipiqpi: then use traditional desktop00:59
rwe | pastebinit or smth00:59
swimanybody know how to fix folder icons that won't change???00:59
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com00:59
rwebrb then00:59
Dr_Willisswim:  hit f5 to refresh perhaps?00:59
iqpiActionParsnip: i use wmfs don't like gnome neither kde00:59
coz_rwe,  there is a sis driver in .deb here   http://ncc-1701a.homelinux.net/~linux-sis/index.php?page=Downloads   I have no idea how good it may be  or even if it can be installed00:59
scott__IMHO, unity isn't very attractive, but I can see why Canonical's going in that direction (maximizing vertical space)00:59
JTallisThank you Dr_Willis00:59
swimDr_Willis thanks, but no luck..  I've tried all sort of things..01:00
Dr_WillisIm so used to my ANdroid Phone now. a 'vertical side panel' seems weird..01:00
rwethanks coz_01:00
rwei get this red nuance01:00
rweon my tv01:00
rweand the res is buggy01:00
padeekinsI think Unity looks ultra usable... never played with it though01:00
stbainSwitched from iPhone to Motorola Atrix (Android phone)... love it.01:00
terryDr_Willis: Android phones are spoiling us!01:01
rweis that what you used coz_01:01
coz_rwe,  let me know if that driver works,, as I recal you will have to set resolution once the driver is installed a nd you reboot under system/preferences/monitors01:01
_antantAnyone: trying to build a custom kernel and it can't download http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/testing/linux-2.6.38-rc7.tar.bz201:01
ActionParsnipiqpi: do you mean wbfs?01:02
terrystbain: Yea android is awesome.01:02
rwewhich one is it coz_?01:02
_antantAnything I can do?01:02
coz_rwe,  I believe the one at the top page is the only .deb01:02
coz_rwe,  oh!01:02
coz_rwe,  wait01:03
_antantgetting a 404 error. Yeah, I know what that means. But why would it be trying to get it from the wrong place?01:03
rwethis is going to be my last try, it really hurts to install w7 though01:03
nicolaushey guys01:03
coz_rwe,  what was the readout of   lspci | grep -i vga  again?01:03
ActionParsniprwe: use what you wish01:04
rwei didnt post it, i can go over there and run it if you think it would help01:04
ActionParsniphi steven_01:04
nicolausi want to find the right linux for me can u giive me a site that as all the linux base OP plz01:04
coz_rwe,  either way i think the first one is the most recent01:04
mobius2Greetings Ubuntu channel  ;]     I  have some questions dealing with the grub boot loader on my dual boot laptop.01:04
_antantActionParsnip: Why would it try and download the linux kernel from the wrong place when trying to build?01:04
ActionParsnipnicolaus: http://distrowatch.com/01:04
quantnicolaus, distrowatch.com01:04
ActionParsnip_antant: not sure01:04
ActionParsnipnicolaus: there are LOADS01:04
_antantActionParsnip: would it be something in the make file?01:05
mobius2if anyone  knows about brub, or how to rewrite my linux instance  into the  boot sequence I would greatly appreciate it01:05
terry_antant: Try:  http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/testing/v2.6.38/linux-2.6.38-rc7.tar.gz01:05
mobius2grub*   sorry01:05
nicolausand how do i change the login screen on my linux01:05
nicolauslioke kde and stuff01:05
iqpiActionParsnip: no i mean wfms, its a tiling window manager01:05
coz_nicolaus,  well not like it used to be ,, hold on01:05
quantnicolaus, what do you mean exactly?01:05
iqpiActionParsnip: it has the best of awesome and dwm01:06
nicolausi mean like change the GUI01:06
_antantActionParsnip: How do I tell it to look there instead?01:06
coz_nicolaus,   download this text file and try it out01:06
ActionParsnipiqpi: gotcha :). I use plate and lxde but have started using unity so I can help users01:06
critical_maxFor anyone interested: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/551013 is the ONLY bug I have encountered after an upgrade to 10.10. Not bad at all. :) There is a long, ugly, workaround if anyone is interested http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml01:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 551013 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-logo on VGA fb (as with nvidia or fglrx binary drivers) does not display crisply" [Medium,Fix released]01:06
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quantnicolaus, you have to install the desired GUI's packages and while on the login screen choose the session that corresponds to the wanted GUI01:07
ActionParsnipnicolaus: http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1301:07
coz_nicolaus,  now when you log off it will appear that you are going to change the system theme..however it will only effect the gdm theme,, and if you want to change the wallpaper behind it ,, make sure the image is under /usr/share/backgrounds01:07
critical_max10.10 also made my microphone magically "just work". Woohoo.01:07
ActionParsnipcritical_max: i've used that and advised it. I use it on every system I touch :)01:07
ezrafreei have firefox 4 installed and under Languages it says "English (en-us)" is incompatible... any ideas how to fix this?01:07
Benkinoobyhi, i heard a story about a guy who's laptop got stolen and he was able to locate it, remote control it and indentify the thief. google.reseach only give me windows-related articles and infos. is there something like that for ubuntu, and if not, how could i relaize that? (maybe ping my home server and use ssh via port 80?)01:08
critical_maxActionParsnip: you can vouch for the softpedia howto? I might try it, since I've done the right thing already and verified the bug exists and added my "this affects me" vote.01:08
the_core_I am Linux Iliterate and need help sorting my wireless connection01:08
joker__ActionParsnip: I did that, I still cannot enable 3d graphics, any other suggestions (ati x800 video driver)01:08
nicolausok thanks coz_01:08
nicolausquant can u give me a site that i can find all the GUIs i can use01:08
coz_Benkinooby,   check this out    http://www.arsgeek.com/2007/05/04/how-to-track-and-recover-your-linux-laptop-if-it-gets-stolen/01:09
critical_maxBenkinooby, "Prey" is an open source solution for that01:09
the_core_toshiba satelite laptop Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 installed01:09
coz_rwe,  yeah try that      first one on that link01:09
Jordan_Umobius2: What problem are you having exactly?01:09
coz_rwe,  please,, I cannot guarantee it wil work01:09
Noobashalguem pode me ajudar http://paste.ubuntu.com/585697/01:09
tensorpudding!br | Noobash01:10
ubottuNoobash: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:10
quantnicolaus, not sure, but more or less this: gnome, kde, xfce, lxde01:10
rwecoz_ yeah i know01:10
coz_rwe,  dont forget to reboot the system and then check resolutons01:10
rweim such a amateur on linux i never even tried to install a driver01:11
rweso lets se how this turnes out01:11
coz_rwe,  well that one is as simple as double clicking it01:11
quantnicolaus, I believe that in the repos you might also find e16 and other ones01:11
rweok sweet01:11
critical_maxActionParsnip, I'm seeing reports of the softpedia workaround affecting sleep/hibernation with nvidia drivers. I'm on ATI. Are you on ATI too?01:11
ezrafreein firefox 4 i have "incompatible langauge pack" can anyone help me?01:11
coz_rwe,  as long as you downloaded  the .deb package01:11
ActionParsnipcritical_max: pure nvidia dude01:12
joker__ActionParsnip: I did that, I still cannot enable 3d graphics, any other suggestions (ati x800 video driver)01:12
Guest55472ActionParsnip:  WHich nvidia card are yhou running01:12
joker__blacklisted agpgart01:12
critical_maxActionParsnip, ok thanks. I also note that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/563878 appears to be the most current bug report for this problem.01:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 563878 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu splashscreen big and ugly after installing ATI/nVidia proprietary graphics driver" [Low,Triaged]01:13
critical_maxWow, it has over a dozen dupes. What a pain point01:13
prappl93Some YouTube videos work on the page for them, as in not in the channel for the publisher, but others that require you to start them require me to go to the channel to view them. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to live with going to the channels?01:14
ActionParsnipGuest57530: nvidia 6250 onboard01:14
ActionParsnipjoker__: you may need an xorg.conf file to specify resolutions01:14
Jake_ActionParsnip:  Thanks  Just changed my name back to Jake01:15
ActionParsnipGuest57530: sorry 615001:15
Jake_ActionParsnip:  Figures I wouldn't get lucky enough to have you running the same drivers as me.01:15
Sw33NYhey, i have an problem on my computer, when i boot my linux, error : BAR 6 : address space collision on of devices ... and that for my 2 pci cards01:15
Benkinoobycritical_max, i didn't know prey is for linux too. tank you! coz_ tank you for the lin!01:16
Jake_ActionParsnip: I am running the GT 330M with the dual output01:16
soreauGuys, I need someone on maverick to show the output of 'ls -l /usr/sbin/update-info-dir' please01:16
nicolausquant what is repos?01:17
quantnicolaus, repositories01:17
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:17
coz_rwe,  just to mention.. I do have one system here with SIS video and that driver worked but it was lucid , I believe,01:19
uofm49426any small program i can test a mic01:20
coz_rwe,  and it might come in handy...especially if it works ,, if you decide to install 11.04  come end of April because you can log into the Unity 2d desktop with issues...hopefully01:20
coz_rwe,  rather without issues01:21
uofm49426like a record program01:21
Logan_!info moonlight-plugin-mozilla > Logan_01:21
ActionParsnipJake_: nice, that probably has more ram and cpu power than all my systems combined :)01:21
prappl93uofm49426, Did you check under Applications > Sound & Video > Sound Recorder?01:21
coz_uofm49426,  is the mic recognized?01:21
coz_uofm49426,  did you open a terminal  type     alsamixer   and check if the mic 's volume slider is down or muted01:22
uofm49426running lubuntu not new to it01:22
Jake_ActionParsnip:  2GB Video 4 GB Ram Quad 2.67 But the video card drivers don't work right yet01:22
venomboa noite01:23
Jake_Suppose to have a fix in ubuntu 11.0401:23
prappl93uofm49426, you say you are running lubuntu right?01:23
uofm49426ok mic is alway to 10001:23
coz_Jake_,  one of the constant issues on development version is video can break before it is released  its already happend twice I believe so  if natty will solve the issue,, probably not unitl release01:24
uofm49426i just want a small program to go test on two test 1 2 the hear my self the uninstall it01:25
coz_uofm49426,  try camorama  or cheese  maybe01:25
coz_uofm49426,  I believe both of them have audio capabilities01:25
Jake_coz:  Yea for now I am counting down 34 days.  LOL01:25
coz_Jake_,  cool,,01:25
uofm49426cheese i have that01:25
coz_uofm49426,  hold on let me google this01:25
the_core_can someone please help me sort my wireless connection issue?01:26
uofm49426america or chedder lol sorry01:26
terrythe_core_: Sure....01:26
coz_uofm49426,   look here maybe this will help   http://www.seoras.com/2008/05/26/how-to-record-streaming-audio-with-audacity-in-ubuntu-804-hardy-heron/01:26
rwecoz_ what would you have me do after the install?01:26
KenBW2Can anyone point me in the direction of a Subversion client that can run without installation?01:26
rwejust reboot?01:26
coz_rwe,  reboot the system ,,, then01:26
terrythe_core_: What seems to be the problem?01:26
prappl93Does anyone know about a YouTube issue where some videos only work on the channel for the poster?01:27
rwecheck res01:27
coz_rwe,  open system/preferences/monitors if the reolution is too low01:27
coz_rwe,  this all I had to do on the one system i have with SIS01:27
Jake_Has anyone ever gotten a bio reader working in ubuntu?01:27
the_core_terry: thanks,I have a toshiba laptop with Ubuntu netbook 10.10 on it,and wont connect to my wireless I have ethernet hooked up now and it works fine01:27
rweyour one lucky guy man01:27
uofm49426cheese dont work unless i have cam tell me mo device found01:27
coz_Jake_,  like thumbprint reader?01:27
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prappl93the_core_, do you have a netbook or just a laptop?01:28
terrythe_core_: ifconfig | pastebinit01:28
the_core_terry: laptop01:28
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prappl93the_core_, if it is just a laptop, you should use the Desktop edition, and not Netbook. You might have better results that way.01:28
Dr_Williswireless drivers should be the same regardless of editions.01:29
terrythe_core_: I agree with prappl9301:29
sparky44i need help with downloading firefox 4, it was working fine then i restarted my comp and it reverted01:29
Jake_coz: Correct01:29
Dr_Willissparky44:  how did You install ff4?01:29
terryDr_Willis: We do not know that he has a driver issue.01:29
uofm49426camorama require cam too01:29
sparky44dr-willis; honestly i dont know what i did to fet it to work the first time01:30
terrythe_core_: Correction:  iwconfig | pastebinit01:30
uofm49426coz camorama require cam01:30
rwecoz_ im not able to boot ubuntu now ;p01:30
sparky44DR_willis; its in my downloaded file right now01:30
Dr_Willissparky44:  clarify what you mean by 'reverted' also...  perhaps read at -> http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/install-firefox-4-in-ubuntu-1004-1010.html01:30
rwei just get to some dos like crap01:30
the_core_terry: ok will try01:30
Dr_Willissparky44:  you dont want to just go download some firefox4.tar.gz and use that...   unless you know what you are doing. :)01:31
sparky44dr_willis; it went back to the last fire fox i was using01:31
LunixMastarrwe: login?01:31
Dr_Willisrwe:  if you get to the command line.. that tecniically is uybuntu.. :)01:31
Dr_Willissparky44:  unless you can rember/give mopre details.. all i can suggest is check that URL and install it from the stable build PPAs01:31
sparky44dr_willis; yeea have no idea what im doing lol01:31
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Jake_coz:  It would be nice so I don't have to type while holding my laptop all the time.01:32
uofm49426i have a ebay laptop just testing stuff i may use the mic 10 in the computer life01:32
uofm49426i have a ebay laptop just testing stuff i may use the mic 10 times in the computer life01:32
the_core_terry: eth0      no wireless extensions.01:32
Dr_Willissparky44:  pehaps its best to just use the older version then.01:33
Logan_!ff4 | sparky4401:33
ubottusparky44: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox01:33
terrythe_core_: lspci |grep -i wireless01:33
Dr_Willissudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable01:33
Dr_Willisis the ppa that url i pasted.. suggests also...01:33
uofm49426does ubuntu have a program like the old record program with window 95 to xp01:34
the_core_terry: does nothing :(01:34
Dr_Willissparky44:  sounds almost like you just dowmnloaded the .tar.gz binary archive.01:34
LunixMastardownload firefox4, extract to a directory, set your path and run it01:34
KenBW2Can anyone point me in the direction of a Subversion client that can run without installation?01:34
uofm49426that took sound from mic01:34
terrythe_core_: lspci01:34
prappl93uofm49426, Yes. It is located under Applications > Sound & Video > Sound Recorder01:34
terrythe_core_: Is there anything more in the output of iwconfig? (Besides eth0  no wireless extensions.)01:35
the_core_terry: no01:36
terrythe_core_: What does lspci say about the wireless nic?01:36
uofm49426is there a ubuntu chat thats just chat not support01:36
terry!ot | uofm4942601:37
ubottuuofm49426: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:37
the_core_terry: this it?  Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 8176 (rev 01)01:37
tgm4883Is there something that will graph my disk IO over time?01:37
dsnydersHi all!  Virtualbox or Xen?01:37
tgm4883i've found iotop, but I don't think that will do what I want01:37
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  depends on your needs i imagine.01:38
sparky44dr_willis; actualy think i tried doing it frm the link you sent me im going to try do do it agian thanks for the help01:38
dsnydersDr_Willis, I want to flip between linux, xp, and vista, and possibly one of the BSDs01:38
terrythe_core_:  Not sure.  Do you see another network controller?01:39
terrythe_core_: lspci | pastebinit01:39
terrythe_core_: Can you do this?:  ifconfig > nic-info ; wiconfig >> nic-info ; lspci >> nic-info ; pastebinit nic-info01:41
plut0how can i prevent kernel updates from overwriting the mbr?01:41
terryplut0: It is not the kernel updates, it's grub.01:42
the_core_terry: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'01:42
the_core_terry: I am new to Linux sorry01:42
terryplut0: But grub must re-write MBR in order to make the new kernel available.01:42
uofm49426ok /dev/dsp not found01:43
uofm49426do i modprobe dsp01:43
plut0terry: not true, updating the grub config is sufficient01:43
terrythe_core_:   ifconfig > nic-info ; iwconfig >> nic-info ; lspci >> nic-info ; pastebinit nic-info01:44
zxyQuestion: I screwed up on modifying a file in my system32 folder. If I use ubuntu through usb, will it grant sufficient access to rename the file? It would fix my windows partition.01:44
terryplut0: O01:44
the_core_terry: wiconfig: command not found01:44
mobius2Jordan_U,  I  recently installed a copy of windows to a computer,  now the new windows instance boots ,  grub boot loader does not appear at all. I do understand why, but I am a bit reluctant to make edits to the boot loader. Is there a way to convey to you the location of the p[artitions on my hard drive so that you might be able to help me make the edits to the grud config file?01:44
terrythe_core_:   ifconfig > nic-info ; iwconfig >> nic-info ; lspci >> nic-info ; pastebinit nic-info01:45
sicomy video card is an ati x1650 agp.  I'm thinking the newest ubuntu/ati drivers don't work anymore? or as good as they have in previous versions?  Can anyone recommend what I should use to maximize my ati x1650?01:45
terrythe_core_: iwconfig  not  wiconfig01:45
Jordan_sico: the radeon drivers will be fine01:45
Jake_dsnyders: I am using virtualbox and not having ny issues.01:45
terrythe_core_: Send us the resulting URL.01:45
edbianmobius2, You can show us all the partitions by putting the output of sudo fdisk -l  in a pastebin.01:45
mobius2edbian,  thanks ;]01:45
terrymobius2: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit01:46
sicoJordan_: and latest ubuntu? (10.10?)01:46
edbianmobius2, When you installed windows, windows wrote the windows boot loader into the MBR (it replaced grub).  There is no way to fix the problem without configuring the bootloader.01:46
Jordan_sico: the binary drivers won't work for your x1650, but the open source drivers work perfectly01:46
the_core_terry:  http://pastebin.com/rv8D03b901:46
Jake_dsnyders: I am running ubuntu 64 and virtualizing windows server 2003 2008 xp vista 7 and two linux distros01:46
ActionParsnipsico: the ati site will tell you if it is supported01:47
Jake_dsnyders: All on virtualbox.01:47
dsnydersJake_, I want to be able to flip between linux distros, XP and Vista, and possibly some others.  Can you do TCP/IP connectivity between them?01:47
ActionParsnipJake_: sounds expensive01:47
sicoah, ok.  is there any way for me to use the binary drivers? use older kernel? older ubuntu? or is the opensource driver 3d enabled like the binary? sorry for dumb questions :(01:47
Jordan_sico: the open source can do 3d perfectly01:47
terrymobius2: http://pastebin.com/qEEk2dYJ01:47
plut0anyone know how to prevent kernel updates (grub) from overwriting the mbr?01:48
sicoActionParsnip: yeah, it's not anymore.01:48
Jordan_plut0: kernel updates don't affect the mbr01:48
sicook, thanks guys.  10.10 amd64 it is01:48
Dr_Willisplut0:  how are you booting the system then?01:48
edbianplut0, They do not overwrite the MBR, the edit the config options for grub in files like /etc/grub.d/  What more specifically are you trying to avoid?01:48
ActionParsnipplut0: they don't anyway, the mbr stays the same but the config in grub is altered01:48
plut0Jordan_: kernel updates kick off grub which will reinstall the mbr01:48
plut0Dr_Willis: truecrypt is my boot loader01:49
Jake_ActionParsnip: Not really microsoft has a trial renewal so you can run an unactivated copy up to 120 days until you need to reinstall.  Besides I already had all these OS systems already.01:49
terrythe_core_: Okay... now we are getting someplace.  Atheros Communications AR8152  is the wifi NIC.01:49
ActionParsnipJake_: i see01:49
plut0edbian: kernel updates kick off grub and overwrites the mbr01:49
Dr_Willisnever heard of truecrypt. if it can chainload a grub boot loader. then your grub configs should be set to change taht....01:49
jribzxy: yes01:49
ubottuTruecrypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume01:50
edbianplut0, It reconfigures grub.  Grub is partially in the MBR and partially on your HDD.  It is to big to fit just in the MBR.  The bit in the MBR is rarely changed.01:50
zxyjrib: was that the answer to my question?01:50
jribzxy: yes01:50
zxyjrib: thanls01:50
plut0Dr_Willis: it does actually, but a kernel update will overwrite truecrypt everytime01:50
Jake_dsnyder:  If are just wanting to run virutal machines for certain apps or like me to support different clients then just create several virtual machines like I did.01:50
zxyjrib: thanks01:50
ActionParsnipterry: AR8152 is an ethernet chip01:51
plut0edbian: say what you will but i keep losing truecrypt as my boot loader after a kernel update01:51
edbianplut0, I don't have any experience with truecrypt so I don't think I can be of any help to you. :(01:51
Jake_dsnyder: Using the 4 screens in ubuntu I can load windows fullscreen on one or more and still have the others working01:51
plut0edbian: i don't need help with truecrypt, i need grub to stop overwriting the mbr01:51
terryActionParsnip: It is?01:51
ActionParsnipterry: "The AR8152 is an ultra low-power PCIe Fast Ethernet controller for PC applications" http://www.atheros.com/technology/technology.php?nav1=48&product=9801:52
edbianplut0, Alright plut0.  Lemme research a second.  Now I wanna see who's right once and for all.01:52
Jake_dsnyders: if you are looking to play games on the virtual windows machine it will not work well.   You need to config dual boot then.01:52
Dr_Willisplut0:  it may be mentioned in some faq for truecrypt. Ive never used it either.01:52
ActionParsnipJake_: depends on the game01:52
dsnydersJake_, So, I keep ubuntu as my OS, then run Virtualbox on top of that, and then run XP within virtualbox?01:52
plut0edbian: i can tell you from experience, its happened to me about 6 times so far, getting really sick of fixing it01:53
mobius2sorry about the delay  ,  I am working on a different machine than the one I am using in this irc chan01:53
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mobius2edbian, thanks again for looking01:53
=== RobotCow is now known as MadCousinBucky
dsnydersJake_, Or do I run virtualbox as my main OS and run linux within that?01:54
Jake_Yes but you will need to activate it agian using the cd key or perform the microsoft hack that allows you to continue the software trial.01:54
JasonnHow do i list all the processes being run by a user?01:54
=== MadCousinBucky is now known as RobotCow
Jake_dsnyders: virtualbox is not an os01:54
ActionParsnipJasonn: ps -ef | grep username   should do it01:54
Jake_dsnyders: virtualbox is an app01:55
the_core_terry: what can I do now?01:55
terrySo what driver is used for the  Realtek  8176 ?   ActionParsnip ....?01:55
mobius2edbian, terry  based on that output,  do you think you might be able to advise me on the required edits to the grub configuration file?01:55
dsnydersJake_, Ah, Okay.01:55
terrythe_core_: I don't know. That NIC should have worked I think.  Not finding any thing on it.01:55
terryAnyone using a  Realtek  8176 ?01:56
terry the_core_ Is this system fully updated yet?01:56
Jordan_terry: I think my server does01:56
edbianplut0, Can I see /etc/fstab?  What is your encrypted volume?01:56
the_core_terry: ok thanks,on stand by to see if anyone can help01:56
Jake_dsnyders:  Just pick the os you want to run as main then virtualize the others.  Hint use the os with the smallest footprint as your main.01:56
the_core_terry: updated not long ago01:56
terryJordan_: could you do lsmod | pastebinit  from it?01:56
edbianmobius2, This will probably be endlessly useful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:57
* mobius2 uses the b43 driver with a BCM 4318 NIC, I love that card01:57
Jordan_terry: my server's lan chip uses the r8169 driver01:57
plut0edbian: http://pastebin.com/hC3uPBNW01:57
B9I have two netbooks an old one which I use as a back up and a new one. Both netbooks are running Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Netbook Remix 10.10 as an OS. I am chatting on the old one atm. The new one is not booting correctly. I log in and then it opens the orange luminescent Maverick Meerkat wallpaper but none of the graphical user interface of the OS fires up. I did a USB disk installation of 10.10 but this doesn't seem to work either. I would apprec01:57
=== ldunn_fn is now known as ldunn
B9iate some help.01:57
mobius2edbian,  I do appreciate you very much  :)01:57
plut0edbian: root and swap01:57
plut0edbian: i'm dual booting windows which is encrypted with truecrypt01:58
terryJordan_: We're talking wifi here.01:58
abahkaiyisahgoodmorning all01:58
edbianplut0, So what is encrypted?  windows or / or swap?  Or all 3?01:58
Jordan_terry: oh. nevermind01:58
plut0edbian: all 301:58
dtcrshrmanaged to connect, but when starts to transfer data the connection gets dropped. too much googling and forum searching, can anyone tell me if ubuntu can connect, at all, to wpa2 enterprise connecitons?01:58
Jake_Mornign abahkaiyisah01:58
dsnydersJake_, Smallest footprint, eh?  Virtualbox for DOS? :-)01:58
edbianplut0, Can I see your /etc/fstab?   (do you have any problems with windows after you get a kernel update? (and have grub reconfigured?)01:58
plut0edbian: truecrypt is the boot loader, it chain loads grub so i can boot both01:58
abahkaiyisahanyone ever clone partition via lan01:59
plut0edbian: http://pastebin.com/hC3uPBNW01:59
Dr_Willisabahkaiyisah:  thats doable. several differnt ways.. depening on your exact setup and needs.01:59
Jake_dsnyders:  I actually have 3 machines using vb server 03 fedora and ubuntu01:59
plut0edbian: after a kernel update, grub is reinstalled and truecrypt doesn't load anymore, it goes straight to grub01:59
sgt_haggerhey guys, how to i install a game from a .run?01:59
terrythe_core_: What is the make and model of the notebook?01:59
edbianplut0, A-ha!  So we're both right (sort of).  The truecrypt boot-loader is getting over-written by grub in the MBR01:59
ActionParsnipdsnyders: Jake_ : xpud and puppy have tiny footprints01:59
edbianplut0, yeah.01:59
plut0edbian: exactly02:00
abahkaiyisahany tools?02:00
the_core_terry: Toshiba satelite L65502:00
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  you 'run' the  file by making it an executable...02:00
Dr_Willis!backup | abahkaiyisah02:00
ubottuabahkaiyisah: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:00
pstewartplut0: you'd probably want to consider chainloading truecrypt from grub02:00
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  chmod +x foo.run, then ./foo.rin02:00
plut0pstewart: i tried that, could never get it to work02:00
plut0pstewart: i would do it if i could though, believe me02:01
Jake_ActionParsnip: True but I figured I would load the main OS I was aiming for per machine instead of always running a virtual os02:01
pstewartplut0: the only other option i can think of then is to ignore kernel updates all together and manually install them when required02:01
edbianplut0, Perhaps you could figure out how to get grub to load truecrypt: http://grub.enbug.org/TrueCrypt02:02
plut0edbian: i'd love to but could never figure out how02:02
terrythe_core_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160890802:03
sgt_haggerDr_Willis, i made it executable and clicked it and says veryfing integrity then uncompressing installer02:03
sgt_haggerthen return to exit02:03
edbianplut0, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/71303102:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 713031 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Updating Grub2 overwrites MBR without confirmation, or backing up (dup-of: 495423)" [Medium,Triaged]02:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 495423 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "update to grub-pc writes MBR without checks, prompt or backup" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:03
venom_como encontro  salas em portugues02:03
JasonnI am running inspircd, i ran it, it gave me an error, and now it sais its running, i tried to restart the server, but it still sais its running, i also tried ./inspircd stop - it sais that there is no such process, but still deosnt let me run i y02:03
Jasonn!pt | venom_02:04
ubottuvenom_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:04
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  use teh command line.. not double clicking.. look for error messages02:04
terrythe_core_: Where it says: "The Wireless NIC in my model required the rtl 8192CE driver, available Here"  Here points to:
plut0this might be it, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10015847&postcount=2302:05
JasonnI am running inspircd, i ran it, it gave me an error, and now it sais its running, i tried to restart the server, but it still sais its running, i also tried ./inspircd stop - it sais that there is no such process, but still deosnt let me run i y02:05
sgt_haggerDr_Willis,  just says uncompressing then all good?02:06
JasonnActionParsnip: I am running inspircd, i ran it, it gave me an error, and now it sais its running, i tried to restart the server, but it still sais its running, i also tried ./inspircd stop - it sais that there is no such process, but still deosnt let me run i y02:06
ActionParsnipJasonn: I don't know, that's why I didn't reply when you asked the first time.....02:07
JasonnActionParsnip: but what if this were to happen with any other program? What would i do, also the process doesnt show up when i do the command you gave me02:08
ActionParsnipJasonn: not sure, try kiling the pid with -902:08
dsnydersplut0, they may also be able to help over at #truecrypt.02:08
leapy0yois there a way I can make my windows key to be a left mouse button k4ey?02:08
plut0dsnyders: thank you02:08
JasonnActionParsnip:  you mean: kill PROCESSNUMBER -9 ,--02:09
JasonnActionParsnip:  you mean: kill PROCESSNUMBER -9 **02:09
Jake_Anyone here ever work with a multitouch monitor and ubuntu?02:09
ActionParsnipJake_: read: man kill02:09
pstewartplut0: i've never tried it, but i would think that taking a backup of your mbr with DD and then making a menu.lst entry with 'chainloader +1' calling the image you just made02:09
pstewartbut yeah, #truecrypt is probably a better place :)02:09
JasonnActionParsnip: I will, thanks :)02:09
Jake_ActionParsnip: ?02:10
Jake_ActionParsnip: Oh you meant to talk to Jasonn02:11
JasonnActionParsnip: no such process02:11
leapy0yois there a way I can make my windows key to be a left mouse button k4ey?02:11
ActionParsnipJasonn: try: ps -ef | grep irc02:12
terrythe_core_: Did you find it?
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  did it make somtning when it uncompressed?02:13
JasonnActionParsnip: there was one, i killed it, but the ircd still wont start02:14
the_core_terry: waiting for the page to load from that last link02:14
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  theres a reason you dont see .run or other 'self installing executables  for programs' :) theres just to many things to go wrong and they can get broken easially with new versions of linux..02:14
sgt_haggerwhats the alternative with linux?02:15
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)02:15
the_core_terry: what do I do with the file? save?02:15
sgt_haggerah right02:15
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  with UBUNTu - the apt package manager system is the way to 'do things'  related to installing/removeing software02:15
spiralssgt_hagger, Ubuntu Software Center (from your main menu, top left)02:16
JasonnActionParsnip: what is killall ??02:16
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  what game do you have that even came as a .run  file?02:16
uofm49426its a comman to kill a program02:16
sgt_haggerjust a python game, i am learning python and wanted to see what it can make02:16
leapy0yohow can i map the left click bhutton to the windows key?02:17
sgt_haggerseems i cant though :)02:17
Dr_Willissgt_hagger:  in that case check the .run file and see what its doing.. see if it extracted some files to some dir...02:17
Dr_Willisif its a python script.. it should be ascii text you can read.02:17
spiralssgt_hagger, #python for python support02:17
=== nosaj is now known as nosa-
sgt_haggerjust says uncompresing, then a load of '.........................'02:17
uofm49426mostly used to kill a stuck program02:18
ActionParsnipJasonn: not sure, i use kill02:18
JasonnActionParsnip: thanks02:18
Seven_Six_TwoJasonn, it's to kill all processes of a specific name.02:19
spiralsJasonn, killall will try to match everything with the name (like the output of 'pgrep somename')02:19
JasonnSeven_Six_Two: thanks02:19
Jake_Jasonn:  In the unix days killall would pretty much disable everything on the servers02:19
Seven_Six_TwoJasonn, it's nice, because if xine is acting up, you do   killall xine02:19
terrySeven_Six_Two: Jasonn pkill xine02:19
the_core_terry: what do I do with the rlt 8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010.tar.gz02:20
terrythe_core_: tar zxvf 8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010.tar.gz02:20
Jake_Jasonn: Never tried it with linux02:20
delinquentmeis there an easy way to setup a shortcut to a directory for the ubuntu console?02:20
digivWhat file system would people recommend for file systems larger then 3TB?02:21
spiralsdelinquentme, "ln -s target link"02:21
edbiandigiv, ext402:21
the_core_terry: what is that?  tar zxvf 8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010.tar.gz02:21
terrythe_core_:  To tell the truth, I really don't know what is going on with remix, that driver should just be there.02:21
thauriswulfaQUESTION:can i run software like nokia pc suite or mobile partener through wine properly?02:21
digivedbian: Thanks02:21
intraderAnyone, I am trying to revert to precious kernel image. Synaptic is applying update and never ending.02:21
the_core_terry: same as what I have here ready to d/l?02:21
spiralsthauriswulfa, see appdb.winehq.org/ for complete details02:22
terrythe_core_: Unpack the tarball with command tar zxvf 8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010.tar.g02:22
delinquentmespirals, is that when im in the directory i want to make a shortcut to?02:22
delinquentmeand how do i call it from ~/02:22
thauriswulfaspirals,not able to find out from there!02:22
terrythe_core_: Open a GUI terminal. cd to where you downloaded it.  Issue command: zxvf 8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010.tar.gz02:22
spiralsthauriswulfa, if the info is not there you stand to lose little by trying yourself. it will either work or not. won't break your linux system to try.02:22
terrythe_core_: Open a GUI terminal. cd to where you downloaded it.  Issue command: tar zxvf 8192ce_linux_2.6.0005.1116.2010.tar.gz02:22
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intraderAnyone, how can I end Synaptic and recover from this?02:23
terryintrader: What is it doing?02:23
spiralsdelinquentme, example you are in your desktop:    doing   "ln -s /opt/some/random/dir ShortCutToDir" will make a shortcut called "ShortCutToDir" on your desktop that points to /opt/some/random/dir02:23
terryintrader: What command did you give it?02:24
spiralsdelinquentme, you can omit the link name or use "." for current directory, both methods will preserve the target name as the link name02:24
terryintrader: What command did you tell synaptic to do?02:24
_antantterry: how hard is it to patch a driver into a kernel?02:24
intraderterry, "Applying Changes" - Waiting for Synactic to exit02:25
terry_antant: Not hard at all if it's done via the package manager.02:25
_antantmy TV card won't work with the stock ones in the kerndl02:25
spiralsdelinquentme, creating a link somewhere else to the current directory would look more like "ln -s . /some/distant/link/to/mycwd"02:25
_antantterry: well I'm trying to patch it into a self build02:26
spiralsdelinquentme, it's not as convenient because you don't get to preserve the link name that way. easier to make the link at the location you want it to be02:26
intraderterry, just to apply updates02:26
delinquentmespirals, i was looking for something like a sym link for the console .. not an icon .. its cool though i've got material for googleing now02:27
=== lance_ is now known as Guest76582
spiralsdelinquentme, that's exactly how you make a symlink for the console... try the commands with your paths02:27
intraderterry, sorry "Install Updates"02:27
spiralsif you give me the paths you're working with i'll give you the literal command to run02:27
spiralsdelinquentme, not sure what you mean by icon but a symlink will show in Nautilus when you make it02:28
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terrythe_core_: Did you unpack it yet?02:30
the_core_terry: cant find it02:30
=== ubuntu is now known as holmser
terryintrader: Well, it just takes a while to install updates.  Be patient.02:30
terrythe_core_: Try Downloads/02:30
terrythe_core_: cd Downloads/02:30
holmserI can't seem to get my ubuntu partition to boot from grub2 after a botched set of windows installs02:30
spiralsholmser, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows02:31
spiralsyou can use the live cd to repair, see above link02:31
dsnydersholmser, This is where it becomes handy to have a liveCD02:31
holmserit drops me into an interimfs shell and says it cant find /dev/disk/by-uid/blahblahblah02:31
terrythe_core_: See my private message...02:31
holmserspirals, already followed that02:32
spiralsholmser, what's your Ubuntu release?02:32
_antantterry: Don't suppose you've got any hints for me or know where I can find a guide to do it do you? Or just how hard it is02:33
spiralsholmser, did the additional troubleshooting referenced in http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html help?02:33
spiralsoops, that's a broken link :(02:33
spiralsholmser, I found an archive of that help page: try this http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20090627091409/http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html02:34
spiralsJake_, he's been through that one.02:34
_antantholmster: what error does it give? How exactly does it go wrong?02:35
spirals_antant, <holmser> it drops me into an interimfs shell and says it cant find /dev/disk/by-uid/blahblahblah02:35
Jake_spirals: Sorry I just saw you say your link was dead and luckily had one handy02:35
spiralsJake_ :) yes the link out of the Ubuntu docs was dead, thank goodness for archive.org02:35
Jake_spirals:  Used it myself many a time.02:36
holmserhmm... /dev/sda doesn't show up in fdisk02:36
holmserbut I am able to mount it02:36
holmservery strange02:36
_antantit doesn't show up in fdisk??02:37
spiralsholmser, /dev/sda is the disk, anything you can mount would be a partition (like /dev/sda1)02:37
holmsernevermind... It shows in fdisk.  Wasn't scrolling.02:37
holmserwhoops :)02:37
holmserWhat exactly does chroot do?02:38
spiralsholmser, it makes it as if you'd booted from the system you chroot to, in terms of the active terminal02:39
spiralsholmser, very useful for recovery, or for creating minisystems for users who only need 1 app on a server, etc.02:39
abstrakthow do I view my screen's refresh rate? http://gog.is/ubuntu/refresh/rate only shows how to change it, not how to see it02:40
Sw33NY_hi all02:40
spiralsabstrakt, System > Preferences > Monitors02:40
Sw33NY_whan i plug PCI Card i must install drivers or it's plug and play ?02:41
_antantholmster: have you tried reinstalling grub?02:41
spiralsSw33NY_, it depends on the card. Can you tell us what brand and model of card?02:41
spirals_antant, he's doing that right now.02:41
spiralsgrub2 specifically, since it's 10.1002:41
_antantI'm still wondering how I go about patching a driver into the build I'm making02:42
Sw33NY_spirals: d-link DGE-528T (SATA Controller)02:43
leapy0yoare any of you able to use your super key or the windows key, the one on the left?02:43
extra11weird fedora won googles os award or whatever but ubuntu wasn't even in the runnin02:43
extra11ubuntu much more popular afaik02:43
Logan_!ot | extra1102:43
ubottuextra11: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:43
abstraktspirals, nope, that just opens the nVidia control panel02:43
spiralsSw33NY_, that comes up as a Network controller not SATA02:43
abstraktwhich doesn't tell me the refresh rate02:44
Sw33NY_spirals: when i start my computer i have errors : BAR 6 : Address space in collision on of device02:44
Sw33NY_spirals: yeah sorry02:44
holmseralright spirals, wish me luck.  followed the instructions and about to reboot02:44
Sw33NY_spirals: but my card works02:44
abstraktextra11, well, debian bastardizes a lot of stuff from the "linux purist" point of view02:44
holmserthanks for the help02:44
spiralsabstrakt, I see, maybe someone with NVidia can help. I am on ATI and there is no custom control panel. Sorry.02:44
extra11ahh abstrakt, ok, thanks02:44
spiralsSw33NY_, one minute02:45
spiralsSw33NY_, what is your release of Ubuntu?02:45
abstraktextra11, Apache HTTPD to name but one common example02:45
abstraktextra11, this makes a lot of people angry and or they don't take debian based distros seriously as servers02:46
bob__I have nvidea02:46
abstraktextra11, for users though Ubuntu is pretty much tops02:46
Jake_Anyone here ever work with a multitouch monitor and ubuntu?02:46
skullboyhow do i get the public ip without connecting to a server via bash02:46
Sw33NY_spirals: Debian Squeeze : /02:46
on_elktam, potrzebuje wskazowek zeby sie polaczyc na czat.wp.pl02:46
jhflaptop mouse question -- second install of 10.10, it starts off ok but after a few weeks the touchpad left click stops clicking ( i have to hold it down ) or click several times ..... works in other distros02:46
spiralsSw33NY_, you need to get support from #debian then. It's going to be different from Ubuntu.02:46
Sw33NY_yeah but i have this error on Ubuntu 10.04 too02:47
on_elktam, potrzebuje wskazowek zeby sie polaczyc na czat.wp.pl?02:47
skullboyhow do i get the public ip without connecting to a server via bash02:47
MacByteguys im having an issue when i try to download updates, it says "fail to download packages, please check internet connection." but I notice that I am still connected to the internet (eg. google still loads) anyone wanna help me with this issue?02:47
on_elki need to connect czat.wp.pl, any help?02:47
spiralsSw33NY_, ok I'll check for 10.0402:47
quantMacByte, could be your mirrors down, try in a little while02:47
MacByteok quant...02:47
bob__abstrakt: I have nvidea - let me check what you asked02:48
quantMacByte, servers used by your machine to fetch packages from02:48
abstraktbob__, cool thanks02:48
MacByteoh kk thanks quant :)02:48
quantMacByte, sure02:48
alex__hi im a new xubntu user. many things dont work please help02:48
abstraktactually I'm pretty sure it's 60hz, because that's the only option I have available when I choose a different rez02:48
skullboyhow do i get the public ip without connecting to a server via bash02:49
dsnydersSince this seems to be boot night, has anyone set up  a dual boot machine using the BIOS system partition option to select the OS?02:49
MacByteanother issue i am having sometimes when i try to change the settings in the power options for my display. it asks for authentication so I put in my password.. after that it just lags the authentication window02:49
spiralsSw33NY_, I couldn't find any reports in Google of problems with the RT 8169 driver and that card in Ubuntu. Only hardware problems solved those threads (like "bad card" or "bad patch cable")02:50
spiralsSw33NY_, can you pastebin that error again please02:50
alex__if someone can help me please let me know... i have a alienware m11x and many things dont work like the video card, wireless, the touch bad is crazy haywire02:50
spiralsSw33NY_, please also pastebin "dmesg | grep unknown"02:51
spiralsi'll be right back.02:51
bob__abstrakt: use system/preferences/monitor and answer 'yes' to use nvideo setup02:51
Sw33NY_yeah yeah spirals, i have ... Heden CARPI3SATA like network cards > errors02:51
Sw33NY_spirals: i paste it02:52
leapy0yois there a way to map my windows or SUper key? do any of you able to use this key?02:52
abstraktbob__, already two steps ahead of you :)02:52
abstraktbob__, but it doesn't show the refresh rate02:52
Sw33NY_no message spirals02:52
sleep20leapy0yo: Look into using xmodmap02:52
abstraktbob__, though it does show a list of potential refresh rates when you select your resolution to be somethin gother than auto02:52
skullboyhow do i get the public ip without connecting to a server via bash02:52
MacByteany ideas?02:52
skullboyhow do i get the public ip without connecting to a server via bash02:53
Sw33NY_one minute spirals02:53
bob__abstrakt: I haven't fooled with it - if I had a choice I would use Radeon as it supports linux02:54
zabomberskullboy: that doesnt make sense?02:54
xangua!repeat | skullboy02:54
ubottuskullboy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:54
DoctorTruthcan anyone recommend a free DVD burning program that will author and create a standard DVD from any .avi file to play on a standard player that does not read the data style discs. Brasero does not seem to work and I have not been able to track down a free Nero for Ubuntu on line.02:54
stillbourneOk, I'm trying to remaster a livecd with a kernel I compiled from vanilla sources from kernel.org ( version ) I've done a update-initramfs to rebuild the initrd after I compiled the kernel and freinds and copied the vmlinuz to the appropriate location. However my boot drops me into initramfs and does not load the squashfs filessystem. Any Ideas?02:54
sleep20DoctorTruth: K3B02:54
cl0seAnyone know of software to monitor many ubuntu servers? maybe web based? showing uptime, disk usage, loads, etc... ?02:54
spiralsskullboy, "traceroute google.com", or just log into your router and get its public IP there02:55
DoctorTruthsleep20 - built in authoring tool?02:55
Dr_Williscl0se:  perhaps ebox.02:55
Sw33NY_cl0se: munit ?02:55
skullboy<zabomber> i want to resolve my public ip address via bash but i dont want a server to resolve it for me02:55
jhfabstrakt: bob__ nvidia has beter support as all the cards have a propietary driver for linux02:56
dsnyderscl0se, You may want to take a gander at webmin.02:56
nathan42100hey all. Sorry if this is too long. For my job, we have a live CD to run a bash based backup script to backup data via rsync and nfs. Recently, we upgraded the firmware on our NAS which changed the share paths (we have no idea why the hell QNAP did that). We needed to update our live disk, and decided to move ahead to 10.04.2 from 9.10 since we didn't know how to make one *easily* (so make a new one with the newest version). I d02:56
sysadmhello, i need help reseting mysql root password02:56
Dr_Williswebmin is not well loved by the ubuntu/debian community. :) ebox is a similer tool02:56
sysadmhello, i need help reseting mysql root password02:56
sysadmhello, i need help reseting mysql root password02:56
FloodBot3sysadm: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:56
nathan42100easier for me and future student sysadmins. I set up the user accounts and most of the packages, however i've run into a show-stopping snag. "nfs-common" will not install. It gives an error 1 at configuration, also saying that it has no idea what statd is (as a service). At one point I got it to at least recognize statd, but it was not able to start it. I've tried all the fixes I could find online, and one worked. HELP ME!02:56
_antantbob___: there's a massive fail with the nvidia drivers and grub202:57
spiralsSw33NY_, is there an actual problem that you've noticed in usage (anything to solve immediately?) I found this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/42414202:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 424142 in linux (Ubuntu) "Address Collision" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:57
bob__jhf: I was just going by the things I see on this channel - I am not an expert02:57
Dr_Willis_antant:  there is?02:57
spiralsSw33NY_, but I'm not getting any sense of how it affects the user02:57
zabomberskullboy: how are you connected to the internet. this question is answered depending on this fact.02:57
skullboy<zabomber> behind a router02:58
alex__many things dont work on my alienware m11x... like the touchpad is crazy, the video card is not work, the wireless do not work02:58
spiralssysadm: join #mysql for mysql support02:58
alex__please someone help02:58
[deXter]Hi all02:58
Dr_Willisskullboy:  so you want the routers external ip?02:58
taranis it possible to install OS on a slave disk while Im logged into the Master Disk of my ubuntu OS?02:58
Sw33NY_hmm ok spirals, thanks you, and do you know this error affects my perf of hdd ?02:59
spiralsSw33NY_, not from anything I've read02:59
spiralsyou're welcome02:59
JasonnHow do i allow inspircd to access a port?02:59
skullboyDr_Willis: that is correct02:59
zabomberskullboy: http://www.simplehelp.net/2009/04/07/how-to-find-your-public-ip-address-with-the-linux-command-line/02:59
Dr_Willisalex__:  i would check the forums for that exact laptop. there may be a thread listing various fix's and tweaks for it.02:59
jhfbob__ http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us02:59
Sw33NY_ok spirals, good job !02:59
Sw33NY_spirals: thanks you02:59
stillbourneOk, I'm trying to remaster a livecd with a kernel I compiled from vanilla sources from kernel.org ( version ) I've done a update-initramfs to rebuild the initrd after I compiled the kernel and freinds and copied the vmlinuz to the appropriate location. However my boot drops me into initramfs and does not load the squashfs filessystem. Any Ideas?02:59
cl0seguess what I'm looking for is landscape-like thing that I can run just on my own network03:00
Dr_Willisskullboy:  ive seen dozens of variants on 'what is my ip' type commands when i googled for it a few months back, .. not sure what all your special needs are03:00
nathan42100stillbourne, also having issues with liveCD creation, mine won't install nfs-common03:00
alex__dr willis.. what is that03:00
[deXter]My maverick refuses to automount external hard drives (usb) anymore. I end up having to mount it manually and then set the right permissions so that I can access it without root. Any ideas how to fix it back to the default behaviour? Thanks.03:00
nathan42100stillbourne: I used uck to make mine (uck.sourceforge.net, also on apt-get) and it seemed to work fine. Made it REALLY easy03:00
bob__jhf: I just used search for drivers and selected the one it recommended03:00
skullboyDr_Willis: it connects to a server i want to do it without connecting to a server03:00
Dr_Willisalex__:  what is what? the Ububntu Forums?03:00
spiralsskullboy, the ubuntu related solution is use "traceroute" on the terminal and look at the output. Otherwise just google your router model and find out how to log into it and get the info direct from the device that has the address assigned to it. It's pretty easy.03:01
stillbournenathan42100, if that work I will love you forever03:01
Dr_Willisskullboy:  why does it matter?  you could grab the proper web page from your routers configs i imagine...03:01
DrMorphiasok i need help... when i install ubuntu on my desktop, it just automatically reboots over and over... i have to use the windows bootloader to access ubuntu.  i have a rocketraid card.03:01
Dr_Willis!forums | alex__03:01
ubottualex__: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.03:01
DrMorphiashow do i setup Grub2 for rocketraid?03:02
nathan42100stillbourne: I don't know how integrating a custom kernel works, but you basically have access to the root filesystem (at /home/<username>/tmp/), synaptic and a terminal which you can start anything from03:02
on_elkconnect czat.wp.pl03:02
stillbournedoes it use casper?03:02
JasonnActionParsnip: Should a prog just be able to use any port it wants automatically?03:03
on_elk#connect czat.wp.pl03:03
skullboyDr_Willis: im writing a script part of that script grabs the public ip address but i if it is only local and someone executes the script it wont work03:03
syrinx_Jasonn: no03:03
spiralsJasonn: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers, especially "well known ports" etc03:03
nathan42100stillbourne: I'd recommend doing it in a VM of ubuntu and take a snapshot just before you finish the build, there is no way to go back, you'll have to restart it each time03:04
spiralsJasonn: basically well known ports require root privs to serve on03:04
nmaxchathello. Cant get my Open Office spellcheck to work in Linux03:04
Jasonnspirals: so how do i let a prog use the port?03:04
DrMorphiashow do i setup rocketraid with grub2? it grub2 fails and reboots my computer.03:05
spiralsJasonn: depends on what program. be specific03:05
Jasonnspirals: irc server (inspircd)03:05
[deXter]nmaxchat: OO is dead. Long live LO.03:05
Jasonnspirals: port 6667 (am i supposed to specify this in the config file? Its part of an IRC network)03:05
nmaxchatDexTerDDIT, meaning?03:05
[deXter]nmaxchat: Meaning everyone is boycotting OpenOffice because of the whole Oracle thing, and so we've moved onto LibreOffice which is infinitely better.03:06
nathan42100stillbourne: as to your casper question, it can use whatever you want afaik. You just have to configure it right03:06
spiralsJasonn: I'm not familiar with configuring inspircd, you might find more help on #freenode which supports irc bots. http://wiki.inspircd.org/Configuration#.3Cbind.3E seems to have a great amount of detail on the topic too.03:07
[deXter]nmaxchat: You can read all about it over here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LibreOffice03:07
stillbournenathan42100, thanks I'm looking at it now03:07
[deXter]nmaxchat: and you can install it by these instructions: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/libreoffice-3-3-2-released-and-ppa-installation-instrauctions-included.html03:07
nmaxchatdexter lemme look03:07
skullboyhow do i traceroute my self03:07
guampaskullboy: traceroute localhost03:08
jsoftskullboy: kinda pointless..03:08
spiralsJasonn: in general you just need to do what the docs for the inspircd project say, and if the docs aren't clear, you will be in a world of hurt for the entire time, and should consider a better documented project03:08
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Jasonnspirals: Yeah, thanks for the info mate, ill also talk to the network admin :)03:08
spiralsJasonn: That would be best. Sorry I couldn't help in more detail.03:09
Jasonnspirals: Nah, i understand :)03:09
spiralsJasonn: For what it's worth the docs do look good for inspircd. Not meaning to malign that project at all . :)03:09
holmserI'm back, with more info.  Seems as though my ext4 partition is corrupted somehow.  I checked what the partition uuid was and it came back as "ambivilant"03:09
skullboyhow do i get my external ip via bash without a server resolving it for me03:09
holmserI have no idea what that would mean, other than I can't boot from it03:10
zubin71hello everyone, is there any kind of an apt-get hack which can get me a listing of deb packages(in the ubuntu repo, of course) written in C?03:10
Jasonnspirals: Its mostly made for people with a brain, and me not having one, may interefere with the install process.03:10
spiralszubin71, 'apt-cache rdepends libc6' for a start03:10
DaPenguinskullboy, try ifconfig03:10
zubin71spirals: nice, thank you.03:11
skullboy<DaPenguin> that gives me the local ip adress03:11
guampaskullboy: if you are connected directly to the internet you can get it from the interface address03:11
DaPenguinmine gives me my external ip03:11
=== Pilif12p_ is now known as Pilif12p
DrMorphiashi. i am trying to install Ubuntu linux and i think grub2 installation failed.  I have to reinstall windows bootloader to get back into windows.  How do i configure grub2 for rocketraid?03:12
Guest52242Just installed Fedora 14 on Sony Vaio PCG-K27 and cannot run Netgear autorun.exe for product GWU625.  It says it supports Fedora 10(kernal:  do I have to only install this specific release for the hardware to work?03:12
spiralsskullboy, please refer to the specific directions I gave for traceroute earlier: "traceroute google.com" and use your BRAIN to look at the output.03:12
xanguaGuest52242: ask in #fedora03:12
bob__holmser: can you boot from stick or cd and run e2fsck on the suspect drive03:12
spiralsskullboy, the first IP that's not a local network IP in the output, is your router's external IP03:12
Guest52242ty xangua03:13
Jasonnspirals: do you know what i can do if m_regex_pcre.so is missing? (Its a module)03:13
Jasonnspirals: that might be the problem03:13
holmserbob__: I ran e2fsck from gparted already.  no dice03:13
skullboy<spirals> i know you can get it from connecting to a server how do i get it without connecting to a server03:14
spiralsJasonn, i googled "ubuntu m_regex_pcre.so" and the top two results say to install "gnutls-bin gnutls-dev gnutls" packages03:14
spiralsskullboy: follow the directions I already gave you to google your router's model name and log into its web interface and get the IP address from there03:15
bob__holmser: If I was you I would get another drive, put ubuntu on it and see what you can recover from the old one03:15
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DaPenguinskullboy, it's usually on or 1.103:15
skullboy<spirals> i trying not to connect to the router to get it03:15
Jasonnspirals: I tried looking for that, but it doesnt bring up any results, I mean in the repos, i know that i have to install a package, but i can tfind it, one sec ill get the name03:16
skullboy<DaPenguin> that is a local ip03:16
spiralsskullboy, you need to make some sort of a connection to the device that has the address. if you aren't willing to then you need to reexamine what and why you're doing03:16
spiralsand i can't help03:16
nmaxchatDexter I dont feel comfortable changing everything on my PC03:16
spiralsJasonn, i'll check for the 10.10 name too03:16
Jasonnthanks :)03:16
DaPenguinskullboy, and the config in the router should tell you what the external ip is03:16
holmserwhen I run blkid I get this:  /dev/sda: PTTYPE="dos"03:16
spiralsDaPenguin, don't bother, he wants a magic way to do it while being 'invisible'03:17
holmserwhy would it say it is a dos partition when it is really ext4?03:17
holmserhow do I change that?03:17
spiralsDapenguin, four different people have told him how to do it03:17
DaPenguinspirals, oh, ok03:17
bob__holmser: do you have dual boot with windows?03:17
Jasonnspirals: I see what it does, but i dont see any info on it, anywhere you know i can get support for this? like a channel? #inspircd doesnt work03:17
jtannenbaumI'm on 10.10, I updated the kernel, compositing broke!03:18
holmsernevermind... when I run blkid I get this:  /dev/sda1: ambivalent result (probably more filesystems on the device, use wipefs(8) to see more details)03:18
spiralsJasonn, it looks like it's "gnutls-bin libgnutls-dev libgnutls26"03:18
nmaxchatCan I get help getting my Open Office 3.2 spellcheck working ?03:18
spiralsJasonn: in 10.10 anyway03:18
spiralsJasonn: my best guess is the general IRC support in #freenode, or the project's official forums (more likely)03:18
JasonnThank you :)03:18
rww#freenode isn'03:19
Jake_skullboy: The only way to do this without connecting external of the machine that I know of is to connect your machine direct to net.  But network configurations change so much there is no one way to do it if you are not directly connected03:19
rwwt very good at helping with random ircds :\03:19
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IdleOneskullboy: language please03:20
stillbourneis there a casper mailing list or something?03:20
alex__this sucks :(03:21
alex__i cant find anything i thoughtbuntu is easy to use03:21
spiralsJasonn: "sudo apt-get install gnutls-bin libgnutls-dev libgnutls26" on 10.1003:21
alex__its nothing works03:21
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kellnola_alex__, uh, can you be more specific?03:21
DaPenguinalex__, what exactly are u trying to do?03:21
alex__kellnola_, i cant get my graphics card to work, my touch pads, my wireless, my brightness, sound03:22
[deXter]So, anyone?03:22
alex__nothing except wired internet will work :(03:22
syrinx_[deXter]: anyone what?03:22
[deXter]syrinx_: Anyone have any idea?03:22
alex__i searched forums, it linked to some code, i dont even know how to use it03:22
DaPenguinalex__, have u tried the restricted drivers?03:23
syrinx_[deXter]: any idea about....?03:23
alex__im in xubuntu, is it there?03:23
[deXter]syrinx_: about the question I asked before?03:23
jtannenbaumupdated to Kernel Linux 2.6.35-28-generic on 10.10, compositing doesn't work, compiz/docky effects gone, etc03:23
DaPenguin!restricted | alex03:23
ubottualex: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:23
syrinx_[deXter]: might want to ask it again, mate03:23
spiralssyrinx_, wait for it.. wait for it... haha03:23
[deXter]syrinx_: My maverick refuses to automount external hard drives (usb) anymore. I end up having to mount it manually and then set the right permissions so that I can access it without root. Any ideas how to fix it back to the default behaviour? Thanks.03:23
Jasonnspirals: THANK YOU <33333303:24
syrinx_spirals: lol03:24
spiralsJasonn did that give you the build deps?03:24
syrinx_you called it03:24
Jasonnspirals: no :(03:24
the_coreterry: you here?03:24
=== GeekyAdam|AFK is now known as geekyadam
spiralsJasonn, oh well at least you have something relevant to post to the irc server's forums now.03:24
alex__DaPenguin, no that for formats, doesnt help me03:25
alex__i need drivers03:25
=== geekyadam is now known as GeekyAdam|AFK
Jasonnspirals: :)) Yepp, or something to fill up lines with, i hope soo many other people suffer with this problem MWAHAHAHAH03:25
rwwubottu: tell GeekyAdam|AFK about away03:25
spiralsJasonn: keep googling that error too, I only scratched the googsurface03:25
ubottuGeekyAdam|AFK, please see my private message03:25
spiralsJasonn: might find a different package that helps03:25
DaPenguinalex__, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedDrivers, try that page03:26
spirals[deXter], if it's a data drive only (no Linux system directories) you should be able to just change ownership of all files to your user03:26
Jasonnspirals: Yeah, anyways, thanks for the help :)03:26
dustin_any of you folks good at configureing tor/tork im haveing trouble with setting it all up :( and desperately need help with it to make my system alittle safer if possible.03:26
GeekyAdam|AFKrww: i got the pm, seems weird for just changing my nick to AFK, but i hear ya03:26
syrinx_dustin_: -_-03:26
DaPenguinalex__, usually it autodetects but sometimes you have to grab them manually03:26
spirals[deXter], or at least the files that you need access to03:27
[deXter]spirals: It's not one particular drive, it's *all* external drives. They're all ntfs btw.03:27
[deXter]spirals: Well all external hard drives; removable drives seem to work fine.03:27
spirals[deXter], are you mounting them through Places menu? I can read/write fine to my ntfs that way03:27
spiralsJasonn, sure thing, if you find out more about implementation details needed on ubuntu come back and ask03:27
[deXter]spirals: Yes that's how it used to be but the problems started when I decided to try a newer version of ntfs-3g. Since then I've uninstallled it and gone back to the default one in the repos but the behaviour hasn't changed back.03:28
dustin_hmm syrinx, ive asked several times and im about at my limits with this tor buisness :( its very hard to get it setup03:28
Jasonnspirals: I actually just found the irc network , so im complaining there, thanks for your help bud03:28
spirals[deXter], aha! that sounds relevant. let's see where the settings are, one sec03:28
spiralsJasonn: perfect!03:28
jospamsis there a way to edit Windows Bootloader from ubuntu03:29
taranI can browse a folder name New Folder Imp but cant c it in Disk Utility.03:29
DaPenguindustin_, I run tor, what seems to be the issue?03:29
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jospamsthe bootloader is installed but it just redirects me to grub, I want the timeout to change, so i can atleast boot to windows03:30
JTallisHey, I was here earlier about the Ubuntu Installation. I removed the partition so I now have 100GB unallocated, I believe that's how it should be - right? I also did an md5 checksum on the ISO and they matched. So why is it saying "Could not find the installation files /ubuntu/install/custom-installation03:30
syrinx_dustin_: its in the repositories, i believe03:30
Jake_Anyone here ever work with a multitouch monitor and ubuntu?03:30
DaPenguinjospams, what version of windows?03:30
=== Hexley is now known as Guest3920
[deXter]jospams: If it's windows XP or below, you can just edit the boot.ini file. Otherwise I'm afraid you'll have to just use a windows live recovery CD (Which is freely downloadable btw.)03:30
alex__DaPenguin, okay i found restricted drivers in xubuntu, its in a different place03:30
spirals[deXter], please see http://b.andre.pagesperso-orange.fr/permissions.html scroll down to last page, 4th to last paragraph. It addresses your specific situation.03:31
alex__but all the other things stillhave a problem. is there a wiki guide for hardware. i remember ubuntu had something like that a long time ago, i can go through steps and fix it03:31
JTallisWhether it was on a CD or DVD I believe is irrelevant as it does autoboot, it's just looking for custom installation files?03:31
dustin_im haveing massive problems it wont work with tork and it wont work without it. not sure how to confgiure it for -unbuntu maverick 10.10 :( im so friggin lost 1sec need to finish this smoke quick penguin :(03:31
jospams[deXter], I have windows installation disk, will that work?03:31
spirals[deXter], it recommends using chown to fix after migrating from a standard ntfs-3g, which if i understand you correctly was the case03:31
[deXter]jospams: Which version of windows again?03:31
DaPenguinalex__, yeah, different ubuntu flavors keep things in different places, one of the things with so many options for how to set up the OS03:31
syrinx_dustin_: sorry, can't help you03:31
[deXter]spirals: Yes, that was indeed the case.03:31
DaPenguinjospams, hmm, with xp you could just edit the ini file, 7 does it differently tho03:32
snake_I'm trying to install synapse: node based compositing software. and I'm getting an error in alter's output: "cannot find libalter.so.1." the file is there though.03:32
spirals[deXter], that page (which is quite up to date) does recommend against doing it on windows system files, so I want to clarify again that these are just data drives03:32
[deXter]jospams: Yeah you can use that just boot into it and press Shift+F10 to launch the terminal instead of going thru with the setup.03:32
jospams[deXter], then what03:33
[deXter]spirals: Yeah these are data files primarily for storage.03:33
DaPenguinsnake_, might need to update your library paths, or pass the proper location to ./configure or make if you're rolling from source03:33
[deXter]jospams: Then you'll have to use the bootrec command. But this is going way off topic, you might want to ask in ##windows03:33
spirals[deXter], do you have a terminal open already navigated to a subdirectory of one of the ntfs drives in question?03:33
[deXter]spirals: Yep03:33
dustin_im back penguin03:34
spirals[deXter], ok we're going to test on a single folder, find a folder that has a few files in it and get into its parent folder03:34
jospams[deXter], i have tried bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd and it says I have 0 windows installations, i guess we can blame wubi for that03:34
Jake_Night all03:34
DaPenguindustin_, ok, what was the issue again? tor right?03:34
dustin_see the problem is im very lost so to speak i dled all the stuff set it up and attempted a blind configureation which failed . ya tor and tork03:34
spirals[deXter], then run "sudo chown -R dexter.dexter folder" where dexter is your username and folder is the test folder.03:34
RehanHi guys, I'm using a 500GB HDD and will be installing Win7 and Ubuntu side by side. Could anyone give any recommendations on how big I should make each partition?03:34
unomiHi, I am having some issues testing html5 drag-file-to-browser is this expected?03:34
[deXter]jospams: before you do that you'll have to fix the mbr and then the boot and then rebuild the bcd03:35
jospams[deXter], I tried following instructions here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/92739203:35
dustin_i got no idead to properly install and run it. then id like to run it through TORK<03:35
DaPenguindustin_, ok, you'll need polipo as well03:35
dustin_just dled that could you please help :(03:35
spirals[deXter], after that see if you can do what you're trying to do, in that folder you took ownership of. if so, we'll do it for the whole drive03:35
unomirather, is it supposed to work in linux?03:35
jospams[deXter], THX03:35
DaPenguindustin_, you'll also need to start the various daemons, sudo /etc/init.d/tor start and sudo /etc/init.d/polipo start03:36
spiralsdustin_, also try in #tor for tor support03:36
jospams[deXter], I will be back in 10 mins and report results03:36
syrinx_dustin_ , DaPenguin could someone please clear up what exactly TOR is? I often here it associated with some, uh....bad things03:36
[deXter]spirals: Thing is I've already set the permissions for my mount folder so I could already do what I wanted to03:36
[deXter]jospams: cool03:36
[deXter]spirals: But in any case, I'll chown the entire drive and test after a reboot03:37
DaPenguinsyrinx_, it's a distributed proxy network, good at masking your ip03:37
JTalliswell that's strange.03:37
spirals[deXter], no reboot should be necessary to take effect03:37
dustin_its to give yourself annomity surfing etc. so mailware sites cant get ur ip etc.03:37
syrinx_DaPenguin: is it an FOSS project?03:37
DaPenguinsyrinx_, not exactly03:37
JTallisI took out the ubuntu installation disk, and it sitll asks to run it.03:38
dustin_ive read the tor project spirals and still ive failed so id like a walk through for it if possible :(03:38
spirals[deXter], the goal is to make the automount just work, and based on what you've said, you might need to manually run through and do the recursive chown on the entire drive just once, to rebuild the proper ACL and get automount to behave03:38
syrinx_DaPenguin: sounds like something I'd want to stay far away from03:38
JTallismaybe that's why, hmm03:38
spiralsdustin_, definitely #tor and keep googling, there are dozens of guides, it's offtopic for ubuntu03:38
DaPenguinsyrinx_, it's gets a bad rap as crackers often use it to prevent backtraces of their ips03:39
RobotCowdustin_ -> hello03:39
PolahI couldn't connect to my VPS via FTP or SSH due to my language settings being different from the servers. I've changed my settings to match and I can use SSH now but I can't use FTP still, any help?03:39
dustin_hello robotcow. nice name btw03:39
DaPenguinsyrinx_, but blaming tor for the activities of crackers is like blaming ski mask manufacturers for the activities of bank robbers lol03:39
RobotCowdustin_ -> i missed the convo. so which irc client are you attempting to use tor with?03:39
RehanHi guys, I'm using a 500GB HDD and will be installing Win7 and Ubuntu side by side. Could anyone give any recommendations on how big I should make each partition?03:39
syrinx_DaPenguin: see pm03:40
snake_DaPenguin, yeah it turns out I had to set up some environment variables, though they lacked that information in the included README :P03:40
spiralsRehan, that depends entirely on your use cases for the two operating systems.03:40
Rehanspirals: would you recommend two OS partitions and a 3rd media partition?03:40
spiralsRehan: that depends entirely on your use cases03:41
dustin_thanks spirals but i need someone who actually know's how to configure it. i dont understand why makeing your ip annomymous is a bad thing ????03:41
spiralsdustin_ go to #tor channel, they are tor support03:41
holmserI found a thread where someone is having the same problem as I am, but unfortunately none of the fixes on the thread seem to work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1068895&page=303:41
prappl93Okay, there are some YouTube videos that I can only watch in the channel and not on the search page where I found it at. Any suggestions how to fix this or do I just have to use the channel?03:41
bonjoyeeRehan: one swap partition ..if you are going to use hibernation...or you are a bit low on RAM...03:41
spiralsRehan: if you know you want a third data partition, you can make it ntfs as Ubuntu can read/write to it03:42
taranI had OS installed on one disk..Now its grub is deleted.I want to install new OS.but its not permiting03:42
spiralsbonjoyee, the swap partition is taken care of by the installer these days03:42
ActionParsnipRehan: i'd make 10Gb for /, 1 x RAM for swap, 10Gb for /home and the rest NTFS for windows (store your user data on the windows partition but keep configs obviosly in /home)03:42
dustin_oh... i will thanks spirals but robotcow is gonna explain some things to me and dapenguin is as well03:42
dustin_thank all of you folks for answering my rants ;)03:42
RehanActionParsnip: I have 6GB of RAM. So a 6GB swap, which OS refers to '/' ?03:43
ActionParsnipRehan: depends what the ubuntu OS is used for03:43
spiralsRehan: ActionParsnip has a good blueprint for a traditional design but you still haven't told us what you're doing with both systems, it's really hard to say.03:43
bonjoyeespirals: the whole point of using linux for me is that it gives YOU the control!!03:43
ActionParsnipRehan: / is the ubuntu root partition. With 6Gb RAM you can omit swap if you wish (if suspend is not required)03:43
edbian+1 bonjoyee03:43
Rehanspirals: Win7 to be used 90% of the time, Ubuntu to be used just to mess around in from time to time, rename stupid folders that Windows can't handle or delete, etc03:44
[deXter]spirals: Okay so first of all it's no longer auto-mounting, second when I mount it I am able to do all stuff - however - when I try to unmount it I get "umount: /media/blah is not in the fstab (and you are not root)"03:44
RubenAlonzoGreetings everyone03:44
holmserwhen I run wipefs /dev/sda I get this error:  wipefs: error: /dev/sda: appears to contain 'dos' partition table03:44
prappl93Aww.... I went to gnome-terminal and typed in "sudo make me a toilet" and it didn't work... lmao.03:45
RubenAlonzodoes anyone use 10.04 Lucid Lynx? I just downloaded the netbook remix version of that since i think it does not have the unity bar at left as a constant, is this true?03:45
spiralsbonjoyee, that's great but new users should be able to gloss over irrelevant details, especially if they don't know what they want or why03:45
IdleOnerww: you any good with calculus?03:45
=== hassan is now known as Guest53566
prappl93IdleOne, I'm all right with it if you need help03:46
RehanActionParsnip, spirals: I'm not a programmer or anything. Just someone who wants to learn a little about the innerworkings of linux but still having Win7 as my day to day OS. It would be kind of nice to have one partition where I could store all my movies/music/pictures that I could access from either OS but only if it doesn't change very much in terms of how Win7 deals with it03:46
spiralsRehan: OK, go with the ActionParsnip plan :)03:46
ActionParsnipRehan: the default is to use 2 partitions, one for data and one for swap, if you use custom partitioning you can make a more detailed file structure03:46
IdleOneprappl93: sorry was just a test between channel ops. appreciate the offer :)03:46
drknzzHi guys! How can i kill wine from a console? Im on irssi at a secondary terminal03:47
edbiandrknzz, killall wine03:47
jasonoHello I updated and it gave me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585747/ Can anyone please help me get rid of that?03:47
ActionParsnipRehan: install Windows first but do NOT accept the dumb default but instead, install to a portion of the drive space available03:47
spirals[deXter], do sudo umount /media/blah03:47
edbiandrknzz, But it's more likely that you want to kill some other processing that wine forked.  You should look at the output of ps -e   it will show all current processes03:47
spirals[deXter], excuse me that should have been:03:47
RehanActionParsnip: thank you for the constant help. So should I format my drive first, then create a partition for Win7 and install Win7 to that first?03:47
ActionParsnipRehan: the free space will then be available to you when you install Ubuntu and you won't have to do any resing at all03:48
RubenAlonzoDoes 10.04 Lucid Lynx have the Unity icon bar as a constant on the left like Maverick Meerkat?03:48
xangua!gpg | jason03:48
ubottujason: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts03:48
spirals[deXter], sudo umount [mountpoint of blah]. You can't umount a drive that isn't in fstab without referring to its mountpoint03:48
xangua!gprerr | jasono03:48
ubottuGetting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »03:48
ActionParsnipRehan: yes install win7 first then when ubuntu is installed the grub loader will manage the dual boot. again, do not just click next like most windows users do03:48
RehanActionParsnip: ok, I can def handle that part. And if I do want a 3rd partition for media only, should I create that partition at the same time I'm creating the win7 one or should I do that in the Ubuntu installer?03:49
[deXter]spirals: Thanks but now how do I make it so that I can unmount as a normal user from nautilus, like how it was before?03:49
prappl93I feel like I'm in The Matrix... someone randomly sent me a message adverting the Calculus room....03:49
jasonoxangua thank you?03:49
spirals[deXter], i'm looking into that03:49
edbianprappl93, I got it too. It's just some spam / troll03:49
spirals[deXter], i don't want to have to tell you to manually edit your fstab03:49
prappl93Figured as much.03:49
spirals[deXter], sec03:50
prappl93Time to +m myself it seems. Lmao03:50
RubenAlonzois it someone named sailorreality?03:50
DaPenguinprappl93, you're getting those too? lol03:50
bonjoyeeprappl93: count me in as well..03:50
RubenAlonzoor close too that?03:50
abahkaiyisahanyone ever use partedmagic ?03:50
RubenAlonzoedbiantha nks03:50
[deXter]abahkaiyisah: What about it?03:50
DaPenguinlooks like someone's running a bot script03:50
abahkaiyisahpartition clone over network03:51
prappl93Crap... I don't know the mode-types that well on here... oh well. Just put up with it.03:51
JTallisI tried to install Wubi, but it says it cannot fine the installation iso.03:51
JTallisWhat the hell is Ubuntu going crazy on every method of installation03:51
razz1whats the command to display hardware info with manufacturer details, lshw just says I got 4gb memory, Is there a way to know the manufacturer name, and other specs of the RAM modules03:51
RubenAlonzoHey all, does 10.04 have that unity icon bar as a constant on the lft like 10.10 does?03:51
bonjoyeeabahkaiyisah: i have used clonezilla for that purpose earlier..03:51
drknzzTo whoever suggested killall wine, it didnt work :S Any more ideas?03:52
abahkaiyisahnever bonjoyee03:52
spirals[deXter], I think I found the proper way: http://b.andre.pagesperso-orange.fr/usermap.html  "usermap", scroll down to the Linux-specific directions. That's the official howto03:52
xanguaRubenAlonzo: no03:52
JTallisstrangely enough, according to the drive I installed wubi on, it's found.03:52
RubenAlonzoxangua thank you03:52
RehanActionParsnip: one other question if you don't mind -- If I choose not to have a media partition, will I still be able to easily access the media stored on the Win7 partition thru Ubuntu? And can I make shortcuts to it in the 'Places' menu?03:52
RubenAlonzobe back ina bit after dual boot of 10.0403:52
spirals[deXter], also see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1399595 for context03:53
DaPenguinRehan, yes, you'll just need to add a mountpoint for it03:53
prappl93How long after 11.04 is released do you suggest waiting to avoid the server "traffic-jam" from multiple access to the repos?03:53
edbianprappl93, A couple days03:54
brandon420prappl93, a month?03:54
bonjoyeeRehan: its advisable to have a third partition..and store all user files on it..that way you have the flexibility to format the windows part at will in case of some issues...03:54
RehanDaPenguin: is that difficult? I'm looking to have the most "normal" Win7 setup possible, while also having Ubuntu03:54
brandon420there are alot of people that use ubuntu, and not all will update on the same days.03:54
prappl93Is anyone else having that YouTube problem or does my computer just hate me? Lol03:54
razz1is is better to go with 32 bit and PAE or 64 bit to use more RAM03:54
DaPenguinRehan, wubi install or standalone partition?03:54
edbianrazz1, oh 64 bit of course03:54
brandon420prappl93, what problem? browser?03:54
RehanDaPenguin: going to do a stand-alone i think03:55
ActionParsnipRehan: it will be available in the places menu, you don't need a media partition. Ubuntu has ntfs read and write access, hence the small partition for /home03:55
prappl93I'm on Firefox and on some YouTube videos it won't load them unless I'm in the user's channel03:55
spiralsprappl93, or just add a local Ubuntu archive mirror to your Software Sources03:55
holmserIs there a way to re write my partition table?03:55
brandon420prappl93, try chrome?03:55
brandon420i only use chrome, and never have problems03:55
DaPenguinRehan, ok, in that case shouldn't be too bad, you can usually mount it through the gui without too many issues03:55
ActionParsnipRehan: you only need a little space to store emails and temp internet files but your porn, images, justin beiber MP3s will be easily stored on the ntfs part03:56
RehanDaPenguin: is there an alternative with fewer issues? Thank you03:56
RehanActionParsnip: Justin Bieber AAC bro, need that lossless ;)03:56
edbianI keep all my justin beiber MP3's in FLAC on ext4 raid603:56
ActionParsnipRehan: sounds same to me mate :)03:56
spiralsActionParsnip, What is the most secure way to store my justin beiber oggs? I don't want my children accidentally finding them03:57
LinuxGuy2009Is there a way to get software-center to work with a DVD repository set and not throw an error? Its an offline machine and I would like to be able to use the nice software center. The error I get is "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.".03:57
brandon420its not a junstin beiber mp3, if its in flac....03:57
DaPenguinRehan, or if you want it to automount you can set it up in /etc/fstab. it's kind of a pain if you're not familiar with linux drive mounting but you only have to do it once.03:57
razz1edbian: 8GB, year ago I tried ubuntu 64, wasted lot of time trying to fix stuff, you think it's mature now. I really dont want to spend my precious free time fixing silly issues. Are there many ubuntu 64 users here, please if you are using 64. let me know if it is worth the hassle.03:57
ActionParsnipspirals: store them in a folder owned by your user then make them their own account and make them NOT members of admin, OGGs are safe03:57
edbianrazz1, It's much better now.03:57
spiralsActionParsnip, Woot. Thanks03:57
brandon420spirals, external hdd, encrypted, and set not to remember the pass when accessed03:57
RehanDaPenguin: I see, and that would make it more of a "vanilla" Win7 install?03:57
edbianrazz1, I am not personally using Ubuntu 64 bit03:58
spiralsrazz1, there's an official Adobe Flash plugin available in beta for 64bit now03:58
edbianspirals, He's talking about 64 Bit Ubuntu, not 64 bit flash specifically)03:58
DaPenguinRehan, basically, it will attach the windows partition to a specific directory in your filesystem so you can access windows files from ubuntu03:58
spiralsedbian, but flash was the #1 pain point for 64bit ubuntu for most of its existence ;)03:58
holmserIs there a way to re write my partition table?03:58
JTallisCan anyone help me out? It seems to be a common issue that everyone is refusing to help with.03:58
edbianspirals, I see.  Never knew that03:58
razz1spirals: edbian: yes flash, it's a pain in the neck. had lot of trouble with it.03:59
spiralsedbian, people were doing all kinds of ridiculous workarounds ndiswrapper style03:59
razz1spirals: are you using 6403:59
spiralsrazz1: no03:59
edbianholmser, To what end?  You can use gparted on a live CD to edit the partitions however you want. (which implicitly edits the partition table)03:59
micromatikalCan anyone recommend a decent hardware firewall for a rack with just a couple servers in it?  Looking for a lower cost, possibly older option.  Know it's off topic lol, but figured I'd ask :)03:59
edbianspirals, Is it better now?  Or are you talking about present day workarounds03:59
spiralsedbian, yeah it's better now, adobe supports the platform04:00
RehanActionParsnip, DaPenguin: So if I was to do a media partition, what would be a good size for the Win7 OS partition on a 500GB HDD? 20GB?04:00
edbianspirals, Excellent!04:00
prappl93Okay, what is the apt-get install for chrome? Lol04:00
razz1spirals: edbian: looks like you are the only two with opinions on 64 and you are not even running 64. not really inspiring confidence04:00
holmseredbian: long story short, windows wasn't booting, ran fixmbr & fixboot, now my sda1 is all screwed up.  testdisk detects the partition as fat, gparted sees it as ext404:01
holmserI'm at a loss.04:01
edbianrazz1, hahaha,  The truth is out there neo.  Keep looking04:01
DaPenguinRehan, i'd reccomend a bit more than that for 7, I have this machine split with 300 gigs for ubuntu and 300 gigs for win 704:01
holmserbeen working on this for the last 4 hours to no avail04:01
ActionParsnipRehan: depends how much stuff you have, Win7 needs at least 10Gb to install, then you have all your apps04:01
bonjoyeeholmser: you must look into sfdisk04:01
spiralsrazz1: 64 isn't a big deal anymore, there are some library issues if you're developing with specific tools, I can't comment on those but you should google for "ubuntu 64" and your technology if you have concerns.04:01
RehanActionParsnip: thanks04:01
ActionParsnipRehan: if you plan your partitions, you can be like charlie sheen and WIN04:01
edbianholmser, Is testdisk a windows utility?  Besides these software packages reporting different things, how is it 'messed up'  does Ubuntu boot?  Does windows boot?04:01
holmsergnu testdisk04:02
razz1edbian: one thing you learn after using linux is to stay away from unstable stuff. Takes too much time to fix.04:02
RehanActionParsnip: haha. ok so i guess my next question is -- if I screw up and my partitions aren't the right size for whatever reason -- is there any going back 6 months from now or do I have to start all over?04:02
holmseredbian: ubuntu doesn't boot.04:02
edbianrazz1, Hahah, exact opposite for me.  The messier the better :)  I am willing to spend the time though.04:02
edbianholmser, With what errors?04:03
DaPenguinRehan, there are ways to nondestructively adjust partitions04:03
spiralsrazz1: if you have questions about using specific software on 64-bit ubuntu, you're likely to get specific answers, but the general answer is "it just works"04:03
holmserbob__: I ran e2fsck from gparted already.  no dice04:03
DaPenguinRehan, gparted is pretty good at that04:03
ActionParsnipRehan: you can resize in gparted in live cd04:03
Rehanthank you guys04:03
Rehanyou're being very patient04:03
holmserI found a thread where someone is having the same problem as I am, but unfortunately none of the fixes on the thread seem to work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1068895&page=304:03
ActionParsnipRehan: id just use one big partition for windows so you can make all primary partitions04:04
holmsermuch easier than explaining it again04:04
RehanActionParsnip: ok and then do that method that DaPenguin recommended about making a mount point ?04:04
DaPenguinthe limit is still 4 primary partitions if i remember correctly04:04
edbianDaPenguin, Yeah.  It's a limit enforced by the standards of physical hdds04:05
edbianDaPenguin, Probably not gonna change for a long time04:05
ActionParsnipRehan: the mount point is a folder, I'd just get the OSes installed for now and worry about stuff like thatlater04:05
jiltdil i have a partiton named Data i want to permanntly mount it means after restartting system it is automaticallly mount hel pme to do this as m new one so i cannot understood so much documents04:05
razz1spirals: looks like majority are still on 32. atleast thats my feeling I get from his room. I will be sticking to 32. see how it goes. I have not done a fresh install since 2007. I am happy with my setup, never had a issue. will keep running it that way.04:05
DaPenguinRehan, linux deals with drives differently than windows does04:05
RehanActionParsnip: yeah, I know, I'm overthinking it. I just want to make sure I know what I'm doing while someone who knows as much as you is around :P04:05
bonjoyee!fstab > jiltdil04:06
ubottujiltdil, please see my private message04:06
spiralsrazz1: if you have under 4GB RAM it makes little difference for most cases. If you have over 4GB, it's perfectly safe to go with 6404:06
spiralsrazz1: 64bit is well known to be mature by now, it's just not a big deal for most people04:06
speedrunnerG55hello fellow linux ussers04:06
DaPenguinrazz1, i run 64 on my box and haven't run into any issues yet04:06
edbianspeedrunnerG55, hello04:06
razz1DaPenguin: good to hear from a 64 user.04:07
spiralsrazz1: if you already have a 32bit install, probably not worth reinstalling for 64bit. I'm in that boat myself, I have a 2008 32bit install that has been upgraded in place. I do have 4GB of RAM but it's not worth reinstalling the OS to access half a gig, at the moment.04:07
[deXter]razz1: Well me and all my mates and practically everyone I know in person who uses GNU/Linux uses the 64 bit version. I don't see any reason to still use the 32 bit version..04:07
DaPenguinrazz1, yeah, 2 years ago 64 bit had all kinds of issues but these days it's pretty much just as stable as 3204:07
spiralsrazz1: like they say, it's just us old-timers on 32bit now04:08
edbian[deXter], If you don't have 64 bit hardware might be a good reason...04:08
[deXter]edbian: Yes, of course. :)04:08
ActionParsnipRehan: I'm in here a fair bit and other users will help too04:08
bonjoyeerazz1: i have been using 64bit since intrepid...now i am using debian stable(64bit)...04:08
DingGGuhow to install 86x libraries on 64x?04:08
DingGGuhow to install or apt-get x86 libraries on x64?04:08
ActionParsnipRehan: Windows is unable to access Ext4 as it sucks so you can move data between the OSes using the NTFS04:09
bonjoyeeDingGGu: ia32-libs04:09
spiralsDingGGu, look for packages with "32" in the name specifically. "apt-cache search lib | grep 32" etc.04:09
razz1spirals: exactly same, I have a clone of my 32, will try 64 and if I have any issues. can revert to 32.04:09
ActionParsnipDingGGu: use: packages.ubuntu.com04:09
DingGGucan't found libssl for x8604:09
spiralsrazz1: sounds like a good plan.04:09
razz1last few replies were reassuring, thank you all.04:10
spiralsI only wish I could upgrade in-place to 64.04:10
DaPenguinrazz1, just about every app has a 64 bit version these days anyway04:10
RehanActionParsnip: ok that last message confuses me. Does that mean I should have a separate media partition or does it mean if I install NTFS-3G I'll be fine?04:10
DingGGubonjoyee: what is ia32-libs?04:10
spiralsDingGGu, it's the main x86 libraries  you asked for.04:10
razz1now how do I get the memory module details in ubuntu. not just the size, all the details04:10
DaPenguinDingGGu, 32 bit x86 libraries04:10
bonjoyeeDingGGu: those are 32bit libs that allow you to run 32bit apps on 64bit os..04:10
holmserfuck it.  reinstall time.04:10
ActionParsnipRehan: just keep your data files on the ntfs and ubuntu will be able to access them just fine04:10
jtannenbaumstill have the issue: updated to Kernel Linux 2.6.35-28-generic on 10.10, compositing doesn't work, compiz/docky effects gone, etc04:11
RehanActionParsnip: thanks. sorry about so many questions04:11
ActionParsnipRehan: that's why I suggest a 10Gb home as most of your data will be on the ntfs04:11
DingGGui just run utorrentserver on x6404:11
ActionParsnipRehan: it's cool04:11
edbianjtannenbaum, compiz --replace&    what does it say?04:11
DingGGuthey said "if you x64, you just put x86 lib"04:11
DaPenguinActionParsnip, that's something i still need to do is migrate my /home to it's own partition lol04:11
spiralsrazz1: lshw04:11
ActionParsnipDingGGu: yeah put the .so file in /usr/lib3204:12
razz1DaPenguin: when I start on linux, time did not matter, fixing stuff was fun and a learning experience. now time is too precious to waste it on such stuff04:12
jtannenbaumedbian: sorry paste didn't work04:12
edbianjtannenbaum, That's ok04:12
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: set it up at install time ;)04:12
bonjoyeeDingGGu: then you need the ia32-libs package..04:12
jtannenbaumedbian: [1] 1158104:12
spiralsrazz1: like "sudo lshw -C MEMORY" also "sudo dmidecode"04:12
DaPenguinActionParsnip, yeah, that would have made sense lol04:12
jtannenbaumedbian: also my screen goes bonkers for a bit and then returns to Boring Mode04:12
edbianjtannenbaum, composting is working again then?04:12
edbianjtannenbaum, but no errors in the terminal?04:13
jtannenbaumactually there were04:13
DaPenguinActionParsnip, i'll just split my existing one and rsync it over when i get around to it lol04:13
jtannenbaumlet me pastebin04:13
edbianjtannenbaum, Yeah, need to see those buddy04:13
spiralsrazz1: actually I think what you want is faster with just dmidecode04:13
jtannenbaumedbian: they appeared out of nowhere when I pressed the up button in the terminal window. Here it is; sorry for the highlighting: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/359754/04:14
bonjoyeejtannenbaum: you must also look into Xorg.0.log under /var/log04:14
DaPenguinActionParsnip, this was originally a wubi install I migrated so i didn't really think about it at the time04:14
edbianjtannenbaum, reading...04:14
edbianjtannenbaum, Graphics card?04:14
jtannenbaumI can never remember the commands to get info like that04:14
razz1spirals: lshw does not offer all the details, I want the manufacturer details, so that I know what to buy to upgrade04:15
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: clean install when natty arrives and do it there :)04:15
edbianjtannenbaum, Do you not remember?  (lspci -k)  Please list the driver / module as well as the card.04:15
debiankdeanyone leaving ubuntu because of unity and going kde?04:15
Scott1gotta question about my DVD drive if there's a queue for questions.04:15
spiralsrazz1, did you check "sudo dmidecode" - i get vendor info for mine there04:16
DaPenguinActionParsnip, ugh, hate clean installs, have a lot of source compiled stuff I really don't want to have to go grab again04:16
brandon420DaPenguin, i feel your pain.04:17
jtannenbaumedbian: is this enough info: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/359756/04:17
edbianjtannenbaum, yes04:17
spiralsrazz1: correction: I don't actually see vendor in dmidecode for my DIMM slots. Only for other slots. Hmm.04:17
razz1bonjoyee: I an thinking of moving to Debian soon, sick of ubuntu pushing stuff out prematurely without fixing all bugs. whats your opinion.04:17
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: i see, i always clean install. Less problems with old fluff hanging around04:17
spiralsrazz1: have fun reimplementing all the usability tweaks on top of vanilla debian, if it's a desktop system. (if it's a server, debian is fantastic)04:18
debiankderazzl: I switched to Debian KDE on my desktop just fine.04:18
spiralsrazz1: (speaking having managed dozens of debian installations on server, a few debian desktops, and a bunch of ubuntu desktops)04:18
bonjoyeerazz1: theres very little difference in the working...but a huge one in principles...04:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:19
Scott1I need ubuntu support!04:19
brandon420Scott1, just ask the question, lol.04:19
brandon420if anyone can help, they will.04:20
Scott1My DVD player took in my movie DVD. It won't acknowledge it has it. The eject command doesn't work. Nor does the button.04:20
razz1spirals: when upgrading memory, what are the things that I need to keep in mind. I am trying to pick similar dimms as the ones I already have04:20
brandon420sounds like a problem with you drive, Scott104:20
edbianjtannenbaum, join #intel-gfx with me04:20
Scott1It was fine yesterday.04:20
razz1bonjoyee: absolutely agree, principles matter. sold me on it.04:21
ActionParsnipScott1: try:  sudo eject /dev/sr004:21
spiralsrazz1: to be completely honest, I would go into the case and physically observe it, if you don't have an email from the vendor that you bought it from (sales receipt) to go back and refer to.04:21
spiralsrazz1: i always try to match identically. other than that, you need to match *timing* and *type*.04:21
Scott1it says it was successful04:21
Scott1it wasn't04:21
ActionParsnipScott1: failing that, grab a paperclip and straighten it and shove it in the tiny hole on the drive to eject it04:21
razz1spirals: I know it's a gskill one not sure about timing04:22
Scott1Funny. I can't friggin find a paperclip. I came here after I gave up. :)04:22
spiralsrazz1: digging for timing, sec04:22
bonjoyeerazz1: i was tired of the frequent changes ("ubuntufications" i call it) made to upstream packages that work perfectly without those..04:22
brandon420Scott1, anything small will work04:22
Scott1Ah. I'll reboot. Maybe the bios will magically fix something.04:22
brandon420toothpick, stable04:22
ActionParsnipScott1: anything that will fit is acceptable04:22
the_corehi all I have a newbie question,can someone please help me install FF404:23
DaPenguinScott1, do you have an old keyboard laying around?04:23
Scott1A friend came over today and helped me clean. I can't find *anything* small. lol04:23
ActionParsnip!ff4 | the_core04:23
ubottuthe_core: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox04:23
Scott1DaP, yes04:23
brandon420tear it apart, there is something small in it04:23
spiralsrazz1: see http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6659527&postcount=6 for a method to get latency/timing info04:23
DaPenguinScott1, if you pull off the spacebar you should find exactly what you need :)04:23
spiralsrazz1: it involves installing 1 package from ubuntu repos, loading a kernel module then running a command to view the info04:24
Scott1 Got it. Thanks! Now I want to put it back in to watch my movie, but I don't dare. :)04:25
Scott1bye all04:26
owen1__can i use usb-creator and put debian on it?04:26
razz1spirals: thanks, trying it now04:27
spiralsrazz1: me too, curious :)04:27
ActionParsnipowen1__: should be ok, if not then use unetbootin04:28
spiralsrazz1, boo, decode-dimms doesn't see anything at all for me.04:28
spiralshopefully you have a better result.04:28
owen1__ActionParsnip: installing the netbootin. thanks04:28
rwwDebian ISOs are dd-able to USB sticks. If you tried the right channel, they'd tell you that ;)04:29
razz1spirals: i got: Number of SDRAM DIMMs detected and decoded: 004:30
spiralsrazz1: it's more obnoxious, but if you reboot and select "memtest" in grub menu, you get complete info there04:30
spiralsrazz1: same, i think the 2008 release of decode-dimms utility doesn't work with modern systems04:31
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spiralsrazz1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=843760 shows a SS of what grub's memtest looks like and what to look for for timings04:31
spiralsi would sure like to find out how to do this from the terminal though.04:32
DaPenguinspirals, and lshw doesn't give you manufacturer info?04:33
razz1spirals: I will just boot in to win and run pc-wizard software, its really good.04:34
spiralsrazz1: check grub's memtest option first, should be faster04:34
spiralsif you're going to reboot anyway.04:34
razz1spirals: will do, thanks for the info04:35
spiralsDaPenguin, for me it shows Manufacturer0 for DIMM0, etc. ;(04:35
spiralsrazz1: you're welcome04:35
DaPenguinspirals, hmm, mine gives me full info in the bank sections04:35
spiralsDaPenguin, no doubt performance is specific to the motherboard and/or DIMM manufacturer.04:35
DaPenguinspirals, yeah, probably04:36
spiralsDaPenguin, I'm using "sudo lshw -C MEMORY" for what it's worth.04:36
=== lance_ is now known as Guest61258
DaPenguinspirals, try sudo lshw >> lshw.txt, then search for "bank" in the text file04:37
DaPenguinspirals, how i did mine anyway, your mileage may vary of course lol04:38
spiralsDaPenguin, yeah that drills down to the same info that I got with -C MEMORY04:38
spiralsthanks though!04:38
DaPenguinyeah, figured04:38
spiralsI think memtest86+ is the current solution. just annoying that it requires a boot.04:39
spiralsor am i missing something about memtest04:39
DaPenguinspirals, not that i know of04:40
DaPenguinspirals, and I'm starting to have doubts about my laptop manufacturer as it appears they installed 2 different brands of RAM in the same machine...04:41
=== esco is now known as escoloader
DaPenguineither that or lshw is on crack...04:42
spiralsDaPenguin, What in hades....04:42
spiralsPerhaps it's half soldered, half slotted04:42
bonjoyeeDaPenguin: if you have the option.. try cpu-z on windows..that will give the best idea of what memory you are using..04:43
DaPenguinbonjoyee, yeah, just don't feel like rebooting lol04:43
spiralsI think we've identified a niche for a new linux app.04:43
spiralsor someone to take over i2c-tools04:44
DaPenguinhttp://pastebin.com/uf0UBCAW, see what you make of that04:44
spiralsDaPenguin, yeah yours is less broken than mine http://pastebin.com/0kzJpyxP04:45
NDROfTheLinedoes anybody know how i can help test drm-next kernel code04:46
spiralsDaPenguin, that does look like 2 slots eh? why on earth would the vendor mix memory mfg04:47
DaPenguinspirals, lol, was just looking at mine, think the hynix stuff is the actual system ram, betting it's reading the expansion slots as having actual ram for some reason04:47
spiralsDaPenguin, so it is the half-soldered case then04:47
DaPenguinspirals, considering this machine only has 4gb of ram, and that's showing 6 I think that's what's going on04:48
bob55433Anyone around who can help with a busted 10.04 installation?04:48
spiralsDaPenguin, yeah - 2 soldered and a 4 card04:49
ActionParsnipbob55433: please give details04:49
spiralsnow i'm confused. yeah wacky :D04:49
DaPenguinmeh, it's fine as long as the system doesn't try to address non-existant memory lol04:50
bob55433Ok, well I was installing LAMP using a package and it started uninstalling ubuntu desktop, so I (foolishly) crashed out and now i only have command line access04:51
bob55433I am using live cd at the mo04:52
ActionParsnipbob55433: run: sudo apt-get -f install04:52
ActionParsnipbob55433: you can remove ubuntu-desktop package, it is a metapackage only04:52
bob55433the main problem is that i no longer have connection to the repos04:52
ActionParsnipbob55433:  you may still be able to run the command04:53
bob55433I've been using aptitude and can identify teh missing packages, but get the 'temporarily unavailable' error04:53
bob55433Yep I've tried that command - no joy04:53
ActionParsnipbob55433: then use a wired connection and it should be ok04:54
bob55433It is currently a wired connection, can't get a ping of anything, not even the network04:55
bonjoyeeShuujin96: tested O.K04:55
ActionParsnipbob55433: try: sudo dhclient3 eth004:55
restore_f2I added a shortcut using F2 key but now I want to get F2 back to rename files. How can I restore it?04:55
owen1__i am installing netinst usb on thinkpad x61 and get a message about missing wireless firmwae - iwlwifi-3945. googling found this - http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/all/firmware-iwlwifi/download04:56
owen1__what am i suppose to do with this file?04:57
bob55433ActionParsnip: Ok, so I'll have to grab a laptop and reconnect here so i can quite the live cd... back in a mo04:57
ActionParsnipowen1__: try: dpkg -S iwlwifi-394504:57
DaPenguinspirals, ok, i'm an idiot, was thinking of my desktop, this machione does in fact have 6gb RAM lol, so yeah, 2 gb soldered and a 4gb card lol04:57
owen1__ActionParsnip: so first continue the install without it and when i am done i can do that?04:57
ActionParsnipowen1__: mixing debian debs and ubuntu debs isn't advised nor supported04:58
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts04:58
owen1__ActionParsnip: oops. i am on debian04:58
ActionParsnipowen1__: then ask in #debian04:59
owen1__ActionParsnip: wrong channel..sorry04:59
ActionParsnipowen1__: this is #ubuntu for ubuntu support04:59
restore_f2What package is linux-headers-$(uname -r) ?05:02
ActionParsniprestore_f2: it is the linux-headers-yourkernelhere   e.g.  linux-headers-2.32.67-generic05:03
ActionParsniprestore_f2: the command will resolve itself appropriately for you05:03
restore_f2ActionParsnip: yeah is it necessary to compile stuff?05:03
restore_f2like sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) libgtk2.0-dev libssl-dev cmake05:04
bonjoyeerestore_f2: mostly to compile/recompile kernel modules..05:05
sheena1hey all. I'm struggling to fix a sound problem on 10.04. i've tried a few things, but nothing seems to help.05:05
brophatsomeone was here last night helping me to get my wifi working but now wifi does not show up at all can someone help to try to get my wifi to show up again05:06
restore_f2sheena1: describe the problem05:06
restore_f2bonjoyee: may I pm?05:07
sheena1restore_f2: I have no sound at all. lspci shows my sound card, but aplay does not. It also doesnt show up in sound pref's under Hardware. i've reinstalled alsamixer, and tried a couple other random things. still no sound :(05:07
DaPenguinbrophat, what does ifconfig show?05:07
bonjoyeerestore_f2: i am not that good at compiling stuff...so please keep it in the channel if possible..05:07
brophatDaPenguin let me see05:08
bonjoyeesheena1: did it work before?05:08
DaPenguinbrophat, cat it to a pastebin05:08
restore_f2ActionParsnip bonjoyee: I want to play with xhydra and I am following this guide to compile it http://angger-kaboel.net/linux/installing-thc-hydra-5-9-on-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat-with-ssl-support/05:08
sheena1bonjoyee: i've been running various versions of ubuntu on this laptop for 3+ years, had the occasional sound-gone issue that a reboot resolved.. it was working last night. it's possible i've done an update since then..05:09
restore_f2I just dont know why I need linux headers05:09
DaPenguinbrophat, basically i'm trying to see if your system is even seeing the card05:09
brophatDaPenguin http://pastebin.com/ecYQPXA805:09
restore_f2can you explani05:09
bonjoyeesheena1: first check all the settings in alsamixer...for any obvious mistakes..else post more info about your sound hardware..05:10
sheena1bonjoyee: can you tell me which settings and how to check?05:10
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, so the system is at least seeing it05:10
restore_f2anyway ill test it in virtualbox first :)05:11
DaPenguinbut i'm guessing the network manager isn't05:11
bonjoyeesheena1: open a terminal...type alsamixer ..then check the levels for each output..also check it they are not muted,,,05:11
brophatDapenguin yes correct05:11
brophatsomething we did last night05:11
sheena1bonjoyee: When I do that, i see one output. It is set to full, and i read that there should be a green or grey box beneath it to designate if it's muted.. i dont see it there. i did make sure it was set to 100%. If i show all, i see one for output and one for input. still just the one output though..05:12
sheena1bonjoyee: can i paste links here?05:12
brophatDaPenguin so what do you think?05:13
DaPenguinbrophat, you could always try iwconfig to bring it online05:13
bonjoyeesheena1: please pastebin the output of "sudo lspci | grep -i audio" and "aplay -l" here05:13
brophatDaPenguin but why would the network manager not see it?05:14
DaPenguinbrophat, that i'm not sure of. i usually run most stuff out of a console.05:14
sheena1bonjoyee: http://pastebin.com/WK0rMpLq05:14
sheena1i also included the lspci output on my hardware05:14
bob55433ActionParsnip: there's quite a bit of data there and can't cut and paste so this is gonna be slow :) - DHCPDISCOVER on eht0 to port 67 interval 5 [new line] HCPOFFER of from [new line] DHCPREQUEST of on eth0 to port 67 [new line] DHCPACK of from [new line] bound to -- renewal in 38328 seconds.05:15
DaPenguinbob55433, try pastebininit, greatest utility ever lol05:16
brophatDaPenguin i am planing on getting another wifi card, do you think the network manager will see that?05:16
ActionParsnipbob55433: then you have an address, you can now access the repos05:16
bonjoyeesheena1: is this a laptop or desktop? also is this a 6 channel audio card? whats the model no for this computer?05:16
brophatwell the network manager sees it but the card is not detecting any wireless networks05:17
sheena1bonjoyee: its a laptop. Toshiba Satellite u300. sorry,  I don't know how many channels it has. is there a way to find out? i can google it..05:17
brophatthe wifi card must be turned off05:17
joakoHow do I determine what Ubuntu version I've installed? The closest thing I can find is /etc/debian_version...05:17
ActionParsnipjoako: run: lsb_release -a05:17
bob55433can you clarify ActionP - fairly noobish here... what do i need to do with those ips?05:17
DaPenguinbrophat, do you know the essid of the network you're trying to connect to?05:17
ubuntuHi, I'm looking for a bit of help fixing grub. I was upgrading to natty and I think the mistake I made was accidentally replacing the existing grub.cfg file with some default one. Would my existing one have been backed up somewhere? I'm currently using a live version off my usb drive05:17
ActionParsnipsheena1: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh05:18
brophatDaPenguin isnt that the password?05:18
ActionParsnipubuntu: natty support is in #ubuntu+105:18
brophatyeah I do05:19
brophatssid you mean?05:19
sheena1ActionParsnip: Your ALSA information is located at http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=6c8d532104d3d5b61376aa0067063a85301b86da05:19
sheena1Please inform the person helping you.05:19
DaPenguinbrophat, yeah05:19
brophatyeah i know that05:19
`greenlightcan anyone suggest a good screen casting tool for ubuntu 10.1005:19
saptarshii am using 10.1005:19
DaPenguinbrophat, it could be your router has name broadcast off. try connecting manually and see if it can find it05:20
unomiActionParsnip, you have any thoughts on why drag-to-upload isn't working for me in either ff4 or Chrome? Xfce4 / Thunar if it matters05:20
terryubuntu: sudo grub-setup05:20
saptarshican anyone tell how to get rid of entering the password every time i open synaptic??05:20
terryI think05:20
brophatDaPenguin how do i connect manually05:20
ActionParsnipsheena1: add: options snd-hda-intel model=ref position_fix=1     to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf    then reboot05:20
terry!grub2 | ubuntu05:20
ubottuubuntu: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:20
ActionParsnipunomi: not sure05:21
brophatDaPenguin no other networks are showing up either05:21
brophatso it is not that05:21
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Danielcg25I'm running Ubuntu via a USB stick. I need to clone the two HDDs I have plugged in. How do I do this?05:21
brophatthere are tons around here i am in an apartment complex05:21
ActionParsnipsheena1: actually use:    modprobe snd_hda_intel model=toshiba probe_mask=105:21
unomiActionParsnip, damn :) tried http://www.plupload.com/example_queuewidget.php and http://demos.hacks.mozilla.org/openweb/imageUploader/ to no avail05:22
ruanif i try to remove libcups2, it wants to remove ALL of my other packages. how can i remove it without this issue?05:22
brophatDaPenguin therefore it is something with the card something we did last night05:22
sheena1ActionParsnip: add that modprobe.... to the file you said before?05:22
ruan!info libcups205:22
ubottulibcups2 (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - Core library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.4-6ubuntu2.3 (maverick), package size 220 kB, installed size 464 kB05:22
ruansee, it's optional!05:22
DaPenguinbrophat, hmm, not sure how to do it from the gui, but you can use iwconfig and try to force connect05:22
Danielcg25So how do I clone my drives? Ubuntu is running from a USB drive05:23
brophatDaPenguin   iwconfig interface [essid X]05:23
unomiActionParsnip, nevermind! just for kicks I started up nautilus - and dragging from that actually works!05:23
brophatis that correct?05:23
unomikeep up the good work =)05:23
DaPenguinbrophat, yes, where X is the network name05:23
joakoI've setup Ubuntu 10.10 and I can see it on the network, but when I try to access it I get a password error. I can SSH with the same user & password. Is there something I need to configure in Samba?05:24
brophatDaPenguin what is interface?05:24
DaPenguinbrophat, wlan0 in your case05:24
brophatok now how do i find out network name?05:24
bonjoyeesheena1: you could add "options snd-hda-intel model=toshiba" to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and then reboot...05:24
SpurianIn Terminal, is there a command like Windows CMD's "Start" command to launch a process without waiting for it? Thanks05:24
sheena1ActionParsnip: bonjoyee: I added it to the end of the file. i'll reboot now05:25
DaPenguinbrophat, it's the ssid of the network, for example "linksys"05:25
ruanSpurian: what exactly do you mean? you can run a process in the background05:25
DaPenguinbrophat, it's whatever the broadcast name of the router is05:25
Spurianruan, I want to edit a file with gedit but still continue typing other commands in terminal05:26
ruanSpurian: gedit file &05:26
ruanSpurian: im gonna test that05:26
bob55433ActionParsnip: can you point me towards the next step in getting connected with that data? not really sure what it means :)05:26
ruanSpurian: [command] &05:27
ruanSpurian: & runs it in the background05:28
Spurianruan, I just tested it and it works.  Thank you!05:28
sheenaActionParsnip: bonjoyee: back from reboot. no change?05:28
ruanSpurian: and if you need to bring it back to the terminal, use "fg"05:29
dooglusActionParsnip: when you said "sheena1: actually use:    modprobe snd_hda_intel..." did you mean to add that to a file, or run it as a command?05:29
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, if that doesn't work try this http://pastebin.com/abtr7qX6, it's one of 2 scripts i have for enabling/disabling my wireless card. that's the enable one05:30
Spurianruan,  very cool05:30
bonjoyeesheena: what did you add to  alsa-base.conf05:30
sheenabonjoyee: modprobe snd_hda_intel model=toshiba probe_mask=105:30
ruanthere is also another option: "screen", however it is only needed if you're using the processes05:30
bob55433actionp: ok i get it, connection is restored... onwards05:30
ruanin the terminal05:31
DaPenguinbrophat, the disable one is identical except the boolean value at the end is false05:31
bonjoyeesheena: its "options snd_hda_intel model=toshiba probe_mask=1"05:31
brophatDaPenguin I did the command in the terminal and it went through but i don't see it listed in my network manager05:31
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sheenabonjoyee: rebooting again. fixed.05:32
ActionParsnipdooglus: ad it to the file05:32
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DaPenguinbrophat, hmm, give me a moment, doing some research05:33
dooglusActionParsnip: I don't see any lines starting with 'modprobe' in any files in that directory05:33
ActionParsnipdooglus: source: http://www.matusiak.eu/numerodix/blog/index.php/2007/10/31/gutsy-on-the-toshiba-u300/05:33
ActionParsnipdooglus: you won't, those are the options to be used by default when modules are loaded05:33
dooglusActionParsnip: that colon means it's refering to the following line, not the previous one05:34
dooglusie. he's saying it's fixed by running the modprobe command, or adding the 'options' line to the config file05:34
sheenabonjoyee: back, no apparent change05:35
bonjoyeesheena: now check alsamixer again....05:35
sheenabonjoyee: no such file or directory05:35
bonjoyeesheena: ?05:36
sheenabonjoyee: that's what it says05:36
bonjoyeesheena: sure theres no typo?05:36
johny_I have installed ndiswrapper package to handle my wireless networking after my chip could not be supported by the broaddcom driver packages05:37
sheenahome@home:~$ alsamixer05:37
sheenacannot open mixer: No such file or directory05:37
=== lance_ is now known as Guest18833
johny_so after installing ndiswrapper, how do I locate the appropriate <drivers>.inf file for my chip?05:37
ActionParsnipsheena: sudo apt-get install alsa-utils05:38
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dubliskHi, ubuntu has just crashed on my twice now. The screen goes black and then 2 seconds later I get a login screen. When I login all the programs have closed.05:38
dubliskHow can I figure out what is going wrong05:38
ActionParsnipsheena: did you add the 2nd line I gave to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf05:38
bonjoyeesheena: one last try could be to add just "options snd-hda-intel model=toshiba" to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and reboot..or else I am out of this..05:38
sheenaalready the newest version, ActionParsnip05:38
sheenaActionParsnip: i did, rebooted, no change, then switched it to bonjoyee's option one, also no change05:39
dooglusActionParsnip: check 'man 5 modprobe.d' - it tells you that lines in the modprobe.d config files can't start with the word 'modprobe'05:39
ActionParsnipsheena: try changing the model to: model=laptop05:39
sheenabonjoyee: so just taking off the last bit probe mask?05:39
bonjoyeesheena: yes...05:39
sheenaActionParsnip: to bonjoyee's or to yours?05:40
ActionParsnipdooglus: read the files yourself, or many guides for sound, they need that sort of line adding05:40
NeT_DeMoNHi, I used a command to disable my faulty touchpad on my laptop and my mouse no longer clicks but I can move it and the touchpad still works. I had found this article about disabling the touchpad and when I went to find the device ID it said 10 and I used the command 'xinput set-prop 10 "Device Enabled" 0' and I disabled it to start up and I restarted but I'm still having problems.05:40
ActionParsnipsheena: whatever the model= says currently, change it to laptop05:40
sheenaActionParsnip: so now i have "options snd_hda_intel model=laptop" as the added line in alsa-base.conf05:40
ActionParsnipsheena: if that doesn't work then try changing it to generic05:40
sheenareboot again?05:40
ActionParsnipsheena: I also recommend you upgrade your alsa to 1.0.23 with: http://monespaceperso.org/blog-en/2010/05/02/upgrade-alsa-1-0-23-on-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-10-04/05:41
ActionParsnipsheena: reboot to test inbetween05:41
sheenaActionParsnip: that upgrade looks complicated..05:42
JohnnyZeroCan I ask what the difference is between Unity and Gnome? (since 11.04 is coming next month I'm just curious)05:42
dnivrahello. I am trying to set up my phone with Ubuntu 10.10-add it to known devices. I click on the bluetooth applet, set up new device, next and Ubuntu detects my phone but is just unable to connect to it. It just says "Connection to <phone's name> failed.". What is possibly wrong?05:42
DaPenguinbrophat, what does sudo lshw -C network show?05:42
JohnnyZeroIs it just a couple of things or is it lots of things?05:43
brophatok hold on let me see05:43
ActionParsnipsheena: its step by step....05:43
dnivra!unity | JohnnyZero05:43
ubottuJohnnyZero: Unity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity05:43
JohnnyZerooh ok thank you05:43
sheenaActionParsnip: yes, it is. just very long for an upgrade. i can do it tomorrow sometime though.05:43
DaPenguinbrophat, we just want to make sure there's a driver listed05:43
sheenaActionParsnip: rebooting again.05:44
brophatDaPenguin yea it all seems to be there05:44
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, can you pastebin the output of iwconfig?05:46
brophatDaPenguin you mean just type iwconfig ?05:46
sheenaActionParsnip: no change with "laptop"05:46
DaPenguinbrophat, yes05:47
sheenaActionParsnip: i guess i could try with generic, but i think i'll leave it for tonight and try again tomorrow. is it possible its a hardware issue?05:47
brophatDaPenguin  http://pastebin.com/tub6qsJE05:47
DaPenguinbrophat, that and lshw -C network -sanitize05:47
DaPenguinbrophat, nvm on the lshw paste05:48
DaPenguinbrophat, think i see the issue05:48
brophatDaPenguin  http://pastebin.com/qRnH0tYg05:49
DaPenguinbrophat, do you have wpasupplicant installed?05:49
sukaflopsfml, accidentally closed irc05:49
brophatDaPenguin don't know05:49
=== chris_ is now known as Guest43517
sukaflopshmmm battery is showing 93% now... maybe im just not used to it being so much larger05:49
DaPenguinbrophat, try sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant05:50
brophatDaPenguin yeah i guess it was already installed05:51
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, let's try a dbus restart: sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart05:51
dnivraI am trying to set up my phone with Ubuntu 10.10 I click on the bluetooth applet, set up new device, next and Ubuntu detects my phone but is just unable to connect to it. It just says "Connection to <phone> failed.". What is possibly wrong? I did it earlier but deleted the devices from both the phone and the computer before trying again.05:52
=== wild is now known as pizzas
SkrappJawQuick help. I'm having problems with my SSH remote X server. ubuntu 10.04 host with vbox debian guest. I can connect through the network to host but not the otherway.05:53
SkrappJawssh: connect to host 192.xxx.x.xxx port 22: Connection refused05:53
sheenaActionParsnip: have we done anything that might cause unexpected reboots?05:54
brophatDaPenguin pk05:55
brophatit bombed the system05:55
joakoI don't understand why I need "mount --bind /home/users /export/users"  to run Ubuntu NFS server... can't I just directly export e.g. /home/joako?05:55
NeT_DeMoNIf I get the error "Unable to connect to X server" how do I find out what's wrong or restart it since it dies after every restart?05:55
DaPenguinbrophat, yeah, forgot to tell you it would do that, sorry05:55
brophatok well still no wirless showing up in network manager05:56
DaPenguinbrophat, hmm05:56
DaPenguinone sec05:57
sunitI am trying to run a sql file as cronjob every five minutes. I have written * * * * * /usr/bin/psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres openbravomp14 -1 -f /home/starlite/Desktop/SQLQuery1.sql > /tmp/trial.log 2>&105:57
sunitAm I correct ?05:58
brophatDaPenguin maybe the command didn't work right05:58
brophati got suspended and had to power down05:58
brophati got stuck in a black screen05:58
DaPenguinbrophat, try this sudo wpasupplicant -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -i wlan0 -d and see what that outputs05:59
DaPenguinbrophat , sorry, sudo wpa_supplicant -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -i wlan0 -d06:00
brophatyeah it said command not found bwahahah06:01
sheenanight all. thanks for the attempted help everyone. i'll probably be back tomorrow.06:01
DaPenguinbrophat, typos ftl lol06:01
brophatDaPenguin it said failed to read or parse configuration '/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf'06:02
brophatFailed to add interface wlan006:02
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, so wpa_supplicant looks like it's not configured properly06:02
joakoIs there some way to ensure nfs exports has 100% full permissions?06:03
DaPenguinbrophat, you may need to do 'sudo apt-get purge wpasupplicant' and then 'sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant06:03
brophatDaPenguin i thin linux has a long way to go before it takes over windows bhahahaha06:03
HRezaeiHi. How to find where a program is installed?06:04
jsoftwhich cmd06:04
joakoI've put in my /etc/exports: /home/joako,sync,no_root_squash) and I can mount it on another system but I get "Operation not permitted"  errors if I try to actually use it06:04
DaPenguinbrophat, it's the lack of proper driver support is all it is06:04
brophatDaPenguin yes i know and that is a lot06:04
brophatDaPenguin i am using wep06:04
brophatso does it matter if that thing is not configured properly?06:05
b3gott3ni would like to be queued up for a simple question06:05
DaPenguinbrophat, ugh, you do realize wep keys are a joke to crack, right?06:05
jribb3gott3n: no queue, just ask06:05
brophatDaPenguin yeah i know i read that somewhere06:06
jsoftbrophat: as in stupidly easy06:06
b3gott3nso i installed a local copy of diaspora in ubuntu06:06
brophatDaPenguin linux should be more like mac and just target small number of hardware06:06
b3gott3nand part of setting up the config is to:06:06
jsoftbrophat: :\06:06
b3gott3n"Diaspora needs to know what host it's running on. Copy config/app_config.yml.example to config/app_config.yml, put your external url into the pod_url field, and make any other needed configuration changes."06:06
brophatjsoft yes i know like dumb easy like bafoon easy06:06
jribb3gott3n: (on one line please)06:06
DaPenguinbrophat, well, it's trying to connect via wpa is the issue06:07
brophatDaPenguin yeah i did try to change it to wpa06:07
brophati thought i did change it to wps06:07
brophatso maybe something wacked out06:07
nixjrhow do i change my primary display when using multiple monitors?06:07
DaPenguinbrophat, it's possible06:07
lamentwhy does my internet connection (wireless) drop when I kill X?06:08
bonjoyeelament: connecting using network-manager?06:08
b3gott3nsorry jrib.  I just want to know how ubuntu sets up urls06:08
lamentbonjoyee: i suppose.06:08
DaPenguinlament, probably because it's all being controlled via gnome's network manager06:08
lamentwell then06:08
izinucslament: network manager might be the culprit.. set a static IP manually getting rid of NM.06:08
brophatDaPenguin ok sorry i need to do what you said ok doing it now06:09
bonjoyeelament: then you have to use "available to all" for that connection...06:09
dnivraI am trying to set up my phone with Ubuntu 10.10 I click on the bluetooth applet, set up new device, next and Ubuntu detects my phone but is just unable to connect to it. It just says "Connection to <phone> failed.". What is possibly wrong? I did it earlier but deleted the devices from both the phone and the computer before trying again.06:09
izinucslament: or set an alias in ~/.bash_aliases to switch from static ip manually configured to network manager when in gui06:09
DaPenguinbrophat, try this, it's a bit dated but should still work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo?highlight=%28wpa%2906:10
lamentis there a command-line network manager?06:10
jribb3gott3n: what aren't you sure about?  You seem to have pasted the instructions06:10
jriblament: nmcli06:10
DaPenguinlament, ifconfig and iwconfig for wifi06:10
izinucslament: not really.. /etc/network/interfaces & /etc/hosts  along with what DaPenguin said06:11
b3gott3njrib:  i don't know what the external url would be because i'm not running a web server06:11
jribizinucs: see nmcli (there's also cnetworkmanager)06:11
=== zeeek is now known as Guest71646
lamenti'm fine with a static ip really06:11
brophatDaPenguin i purged and reinstalled now i have back the wirless symbol but when i click on it it says network manager now running06:11
izinucsjrib: that's why I hang out here.. learn something every time :) thanks06:12
DaPenguinbrophat, and no networks listed?06:12
jribb3gott3n: in that case, ask #diaspora :)06:12
brophatDaPenguin correct06:12
brophatdo i need to reboot or something?06:12
DaPenguinbrophat, probably easiest, or at least restart network manager06:13
brophathow do i restart network manager06:13
dnivrabrophat, "sudo service network-manager restart"06:14
DaPenguinbrophat, log out and then back in should do it if i'm not mistaken06:14
DaPenguinbrophat, or that lol06:14
brophatlet me log out cuse i think you got something misspelled again hahaha06:14
DaPenguinbrophat, again, my gui experience is somewhat limited, especially on the gnome side06:14
brophatyeah hold on will be right back06:15
brophatbut i think you are onto something cause i got my wirless symbol back on network manager06:15
Danielcg25I'm running Ubuntu via a USB stick. I need to clone the two HDDs I have plugged in. How do I do this?06:16
DaPenguinDanielcg25, man dd06:17
Danielcg25(I'm a linux newbie)06:17
bonjoyeeDanielcg25: http://clonezilla.org06:17
DaPenguinDanielcg25, dd is what you would use to clone the drives. typing man dd in a console gives you the manual page for it06:18
DaPenguinDanielcg25, or any other cli command for that matter06:18
Danielcg25bonjoyee: I tried that, but I don't know which one to get. There's i486, and i686, but I have a i386 Ubuntu that works... Idk which one would work. I have a Pentium D if that helps06:19
Danielcg25Would mounting both drives and Ctrl+C everything and then Ctrl+V on the other drive work?06:19
bonjoyeeDanielcg25: i686..it doesnt matter really...as it copies at data block level..the os does not matter..06:20
quiescensdd.. can be used if both drives are the same size, something like clonezilla is probably preferable06:20
Danielcg25One drive is 150 GB, and the other is 1TB06:21
bonjoyeeDanielcg25: also dd copies the unused blocks as well...which i feel is inefficient..06:21
Sakarahey all, just installed ubuntu and now my previous Windows 7 install can't be booted. Its not in the list06:21
SakaraWindows 7 is still there ubuntu was installed on another drive06:21
brophatDaPenguin i am now offline06:22
Danielcg25Sakara: It's your Bootloader....06:22
Sakarayes I know06:22
monkeyDkif I type df, I see the folders sda1, and sda6 which are my partitons and it make sence, but why does linux list also /dev06:22
Sakarasudo grub-update doens't pick it up06:22
brophatnetwork manager is not showing up and cannot connect to internet06:22
quiescensDanielcg25: if you are copying to the smaller drive, dd will possibly be incomplete, if you are copying to the larger drive, you won't neccesarily be able to use the additional space unless you edit your partitioning manually afterwards06:22
DaPenguinbrophat, try network-manager & in a console06:23
brophatDaPenguin guess now it is time for you to start errasing my hard drive vwahahahaha06:23
quiescensDanielcg25: your best bet is probably to use clonezilla or something as bonjoyee suggested06:23
Danielcg25Well, I tried Ctrl+Cing everything and it couldn't copy my virus software :(06:23
DaPenguinbrophat, lol, that comes later :P06:23
jribSakara: can you mount the windows drive in ubuntu?06:23
brophatDaPenguin after all you are the penguin06:24
Sakarajrib: Eveything is still there06:24
monkeyDkif I type df, I see the folders sda1, and sda6 which are my partitons and it make sence, but why does linux list also /dev /dev/shm, /var/run, /var/lock and /lib/init/rw ?06:24
zhangfeiwhere are you06:24
Danielcg25"There was an error copying the file into /media/Local Disk (C:)/Program Data/AVG 10/chjw.06:24
WarWalkerhello world06:24
DaPenguinbrophat, *DO NOT DO THIS* sudo rm -rf /*06:24
brophatDaPenguin it said network-manager can not be found06:24
Danielcg25Error opening file: Input/Output error06:25
LinuxpwnsHow do I change the volume icon on Ubuntu 10.10 to resemble the following image: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/small/pulseaudiovolume-small_010.png I like don't like how the new one  acts. Is it possible to change it so it resembles the old style vertical bar?06:25
jribSakara: ok.  In my case, grub-update could not find windows because a fuse bug prevented me from being able to mount the windows partition06:25
brophatDaPenguin ok will do06:25
DaPenguinbrophat, no don't do that, that WILL erase your hdd!!06:25
SakaraI am using grub-pc grub-common packages, would they have notheing to do with it06:25
brophatDaPenguin i now06:25
dnivra!who | zhangfei06:25
ubottuzhangfei: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:25
zhangfeiwhat is this?06:26
brophatthere are some things i do know06:26
DaPenguinbrophat, lol06:26
red2kicLinuxpwns: I don't remember -- but I think it's something like "gnome-media" -- Try using tab,tab.06:26
dnivra!support  | zhangfei06:26
ubottuzhangfei: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com06:26
monkeyDkcan anyone help me please ?06:26
dnivra!ask | monkeyDk06:26
ubottumonkeyDk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:26
jrib!helpme | monkeyDk06:26
ubottumonkeyDk: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude06:26
red2kicLinuxpwns: Try "gnome-volume-control"06:26
brophatit said the command network-manager can not be found06:27
DaPenguinbrophat, try this 'sudo service network-manager start'06:27
brophatDaPenguin i did not do sudo before06:27
brophatmaybe i should have done sudo06:27
DaPenguinbrophat, no, it's a service, not an actual runable app06:27
monkeyDkif I type df, I see the folders sda1, and sda6 which are my partitons and it make sence, but why does linux list also /dev /dev/shm, /var/run, /var/lock and /lib/init/rw ?06:29
brophatDaPenguin it said network-manager unrecognized service06:29
Linuxpwnsred2kic, its already installed.06:29
dnivramonkeyDk, see man df. it says it reports disk space usage.06:29
brophatDaPenguin you do understan that i am offline with my ubuntu and i am using my mac right now06:30
monkeyDkdnivra: sure, but why does it list these folders as well ?06:30
DaPenguinbrophat, yeah, i got that, try this 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart'06:30
red2kicLinuxpwns: I'm not talking about the package. I can't remember but one of the commands will bring up the gnome-volume-control-applet that you want to use.06:30
Linuxpwnsred2kic, look at the following image: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/How-to-Replace-the-Volume-Control-in-Ubuntu-9-04-with-the-PulseAudio-One-2.jpg notice how when you want to change the volume its just a simple vertical bar...06:31
LinuxpwnsOh ok.06:31
=== aiya is now known as RayJ
brophatDaPenguin ok it took the command but i am still offline06:32
dnivramonkeyDk, because they are all mounted file systems.06:32
=== Guest90665 is now known as Hexley
DaPenguinbrophat, does ifconfig show any active interfaces?06:33
dnivrabrophat, DaPenguin you could also try '/etc/init.d/network-manager restart' as root.06:33
=== Hexley is now known as Guest34168
monkeyDkdnivra: dont understand why they have to be mounted06:33
red2kicLinuxpwns: "gnome-volume-control-applet" ?06:34
brophatDaPenguin ifconfig only shows lo06:34
dnivramonkeyDk, I'm not familiar with the specifics sorry. you might want to read about it online or ask in ##linux. I could make only this much sense from the man page.06:34
r0fs3ck5Hi, has anyone had any experience getting a Leadtek DTV 1800 H going on ubuntu 10.04 amd64?06:35
Linuxpwnsdoes not work in terminal or is missing?06:35
jiltdilbrophat:may u please repeat your question06:35
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, you jiltdil he's trying to get wifi up and running06:36
DaPenguinbrophat, ok you should probably try a reboot or a dbus restart06:36
zhangfeiur5xcs (~ur5xcs@ 加入了 #ubuntu06:37
zhangfei<DaPenguin> brophat, ok you should probably try a reboot or a dbus restart06:37
brophatDaPenguin i did a reboot and that is when it came up without any network manager and offline06:37
brophathow do i do a dbus restart again?06:37
DaPenguinbrophat, 'sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart'06:38
jribbrophat, DaPenguin: while it doesn't matter in this case, it's good practice to now use the « service » instead of calling the /etc/init.d directly.  So to restart dbus one would do « sudo service dbus restart »06:39
brophatDaPenguin ok same thing happened as last time i get stuck in black screen06:39
brophatyea i am stuck in black screan saying checkint battery state06:40
DaPenguinjrib, ok, i'll keep that in mind06:40
brophatand i am going to have to force  a power down06:40
DaPenguinbrophat, ugh, ok06:40
jiltdilbrophat:r u want to start wifi ?06:42
jiltdilbrophat:or just want to up it06:42
brophatDaPenguin ok no network manager and no internet06:43
DaPenguinbrophat, reinstalling wpasupplicant shouldn't have knocked out your networking completely.06:44
brophatok maybe i should reinstall ubuntu hahaha06:44
DaPenguinbrophat, there's something else going on here06:44
brophatyeah maybe someting we did yesterday to it06:45
DaPenguinbrophat, it may be you need to boot the kernel with the noacpi option...06:45
brophatDaPenguin ok how do i do that bwahahahaha06:46
intrader_DaPenguin, when you have a chance; I am struggling with problem at boot - I get a terminal window that asks for login.06:46
DaPenguinintrader_, still having the same problem, huh?06:46
Seven_Six_Twohow do I add a kernel parameter in 10.10?06:47
jrib!grub2 | Seven_Six_Two06:47
ubottuSeven_Six_Two: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:47
ActionParsnipSeven_Six_Two: in /etc/default/grub   the default ones are: quiet splash06:47
ruanintrader_:  can you login and type "startx" ?06:47
ActionParsnipSeven_Six_Two: after you add the option in the quotes, save the file and then run: sudo update-grub06:48
brophatDaPenguin i think reinstalling ubuntu maybe a good idea06:48
intrader_DaPenguin, yes - I am unable to go back to previous version of kernel; I have tried synaptic uninstall of linux. It loops in synaptic never ending update.06:48
DaPenguinbrophat, yeah, booting with noacpi involves editing the grub.cfg file06:48
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: no it doesnt06:48
brophatDapenguin ok will look into that06:49
DaPenguinActionParsnip, is there another way to do it now?06:49
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: add it in /etc/default/grub :)06:49
Seven_Six_Twooh dammit. jrib, ActionParsnip I looked at that file too...I did a google search! I don't know why I didn't see that. thanks06:49
brophatDaPenguin where is that file?06:49
DaPenguinbrophat, hold on a sec06:49
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: grub.cfg is generated, so changes made will be lost next time a kernel is added06:49
ranjanhi all i am going to try ubuntu cloud trial on amazon ec2 but i am not able to ssh :(06:49
ranjanany idea?06:49
Seven_Six_TwoI keep getting a kernel Aieee!06:49
intrader_ruan, no it goes back to the terminal window06:50
DaPenguinActionParsnip, ah, ok, gotcha, see where that needs to get changed06:50
Seven_Six_TwoThe only problem I can see from /var/logs/messages is when the clocksource is switched.06:50
brophatI think linux should be like mac in that it should pick a small set of hardware and write the code for that specific hardware06:50
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: if you run:  head /boot/grub/grub.cfg06:50
Seven_Six_Twobrophat, that's a horrible idea!06:51
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: it even tells you to NOT edit tthe file ;)06:51
brophatok seven just a thought06:51
heyguiseHey guys. I'm trying to map a joypad to keyboard commands. Any help?06:51
intrader_ruan, I have gone through that about 10 hrs ago.06:51
brophatbut that way there will be no driver compat problems06:51
DaPenguinActionParsnip, sorry, it's been a while since i rolled on a buntu variant06:51
heyguisesailorrreality is a spam bot btw06:51
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: its cool bro06:51
ActionParsnipheyguise: yeah, dead annoying06:52
RubenAlonzoGreetings All06:52
ActionParsniphi RubenAlonzo06:52
Linuxpwnsheyguise: Install joy2key package in Synaptic06:52
RubenAlonzodarnit! that spam guy is still going huh? sailorrealty or something06:52
DaPenguinActionParsnip, so what would you do, edit the /etc/defaults/grub file and then update-grub i'm assuming?06:52
ActionParsnipRubenAlonzo: yeah just put it on ignore06:53
RubenAlonzoActionParsnip: thanks, will do06:53
intrader_ruan, thanks anyway. Latest thing I have tried is to uninstall the linux kernel I am having problems with.06:53
Linuxpwnsheyguise: sudo apt-get install joy2key             in terminal if you wish06:53
fnordfnordThis is a test message. Please ignore it. Love, your local channel operators.06:53
mymeatinyourseatheyguise, try xbcd or xpadder or pennicle06:53
ruanintrader_: have you tried regenerating xorg.conf06:53
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: exactly, the default boot options are: quiet splash   you add the options in the quotes, then sudo update-grub will add the options in grub.cfg for your current kernels but it will also add it to subsequent kernels too :)06:54
DaPenguinActionParsnip, kk, gotcha06:54
fnordfnordhrm, apparently I am not cool enough to get spam :|06:54
RubenAlonzoanyone running 11.04 narwhal? was just wondering about that unity bar that is a constant in mav meerkat on my left side of screen, if there will be option to auto hide it or something?06:54
heyguiseokay i got it installed06:54
heyguiseRubenAlonzo, i hate it too06:54
intrader_ruan, no - but as ActionParsnip says, it is regenerated.06:54
rwwRubenAlonzo: #ubuntu+1 for natty discussion and support please06:54
DaPenguinok brophat, here's what we do :)06:54
b3gott3nother channels got that spam as well06:54
heyguiseRubenAlonzo, when your booting up before you type your password and what not select "Ubuntu classic" in the boot options at the bottom.06:54
LanlostI'm using Ubuntu Studio. I have a strange problem that has afflicted me on this computer and I feel like on my last one too. On my old computer, I had much bigger flash performance issues. One video would be fine. Two tabs.. ok.., if I had more than three (I could have a million NON flash sites open) then.. my computer would basically be unusable06:54
lamentany ops around?06:55
rwwlament: hi06:55
Lanlostanyway, I'm not having that problem on this much better computer06:55
DaPenguinbrophat, sudo nano /etc/defaults/grub06:55
Lanlostmy question is, my computer plays flash fine now. I can watch 720p, etc, fine.. multiple windows, 10 youtube windows, etc06:55
RubenAlonzoheyguise: thanks i will lookfor that option upon next boot06:55
rwwlament: or in general, #ubuntu-ops06:55
DaPenguinbrophat, look for the line that reads GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"06:55
brophatok found it06:56
LanlostThe problem is.. the video will be playing fine.. then all of a sudden the video itself will freeze but the audio will continue.. then like 5 seconds later... the whole computer will lock up. It doesn't have time to grey out the window06:56
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
Lanlostthen like 15 seconds later.. it will suddenly spring back to action.. the screen will come OUT of grey and everything will be fine. I never see it grey out though.. it's just:06:56
DaPenguinwere going to add noacpi to the end of the options list, then ctrl-o to save the file then ctrl-x to exit06:56
brophatyeah i learned how to use nano last night06:57
LanlostPlaying video -> video stops but audio continues -> 5 seconds later BOTH stop (still color) -> 15 seconds later POPS back into action.. screen suddenly comes out of grey.06:57
DaPenguinbrophat,  kk lol06:57
LanlostAnyone ever had that issue?06:57
ActionParsnipLanlost: read dmesg with the watch command and see if it has any clues06:57
LinuxpwnsRubenAlonzo: There is the ability to auto hide in the 11.04 release with Unity i believe06:57
brophatbut what options list?06:57
ActionParsnipLanlost: also try a different browser to isolate the issue06:57
mymeatinyourseatcan anyone pm me and tell me how to run halo ce on ubuntu06:57
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
ActionParsnip!wine | mymeatinyourseat06:57
ubottumymeatinyourseat: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:57
DaPenguinbrophat, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noacpi"06:57
brophatok ic06:58
LanlostNothing in dmesg at all06:58
Lanlostin hours..06:58
DaPenguinLanlost, flash video?06:58
RubenAlonzoLinuxpwns: thanks! cant wait for final release, i finally got rid of windows completely on my little netbook06:58
LanlostIt's annoying because sometimes it won't happen for hours.. even though I have 10 tabs open.06:58
brophatDaPenguin ok done06:58
ioriawhere am i ?06:58
brophatnow what06:58
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, now sudo update-grub06:59
nixjrhow do i set the primary display when using "separate x session" with multiple monitors?06:59
mymeatinyourseatthanks, ap, but every time I try n open wine or the halo cd, I always get that red like do not enter sign..??06:59
brophatDaPenguin ok done06:59
brophatnowwhat rebooot?06:59
LanlostAnd then other times.. I have one tab open, one simple like 480p video and it will happen, and then it snaps back and then 10 seconds later it happens again. No hard drive thrashing.. usually it happens once and then I'm fine for that video. I don't get it.06:59
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, now try and reboot06:59
LanlostThe main reason I'm asking now is because. it seems to be happening on every video. Maybe I'll record a video06:59
RubenAlonzooh man, schumacher does not make it into Q3 final qualifying in melbourne just now07:00
LinuxpwnsRubenAlonzo: Yep i've been looking at previews/reviews of 11.04 on youtube07:00
Shuujin96schumacher is still alive?07:00
DaPenguinLanlost, yeah, i've been having that issue ever since the last flash update on some sites07:00
johny_I have installed ndiswrapper plus an appropriate wireless driver for my chip but wireless is still not working, someone please help07:00
nixjrhow do i set the primary display when using "separate x session" with multiple monitors?07:00
DaPenguinLanlost, or it might have something to do with firefox 4 and flash07:01
brophatDaPenguin still the same no network manager and still offline07:01
RubenAlonzoLinuxpwns: i saw a video of alpha 3 release, and indeed there seemed to be an option to autohide it or smart hide it in case of full window on another application, but it could still change, i am hoping they will keep it like that where we get the option to choose to hide it because my netbook has a 10.1 inch screen07:01
DaPenguinbrophat, ok, something weird is going on here07:02
brophatyour telling me bwahahaha07:02
ioriamay i ask a question, please ?07:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:02
nixjrhow do i set the primary display when using "separate x session" with multiple monitors?07:02
LanlostDaPenguin, I'm on FF3. You are having THAT issue though? To a tee?07:02
LinuxpwnsRubenAlonzo: I agree. A keyboard shortcut/hotkey to only bring it up when you want would be nice as well don't you think?07:03
RubenAlonzoLinuxpwns: THAT option woild be ideal!07:03
DaPenguinLanlost, depends, some sites do that (certain youtube videos) or they give me bad pixelization07:03
RubenAlonzopardon my spelling07:03
jiltdilhow to open .odp via termianl (open office)07:03
LanlostIt's hard to find anything on google becuase if you search for "flash video temporary freeze linux firefox" or any combination of any symptom.. you find much more serious issues like flash LOCKING UP firefox .. or resetting or whatever07:03
LanlostI dont have pixelization07:03
ruanjiltdil: do you want to edit it via terminal or open openoffice with terminal?07:03
Lanlostanyway, I'll keep you posted if I seem to solve it. I added more ram recently and it had no effect.07:03
DaPenguinLanlost, linux and flash have always been buggy together07:04
RubenAlonzoioria: dont be afraid to ask please, just type your question, if someone knows they will steer you in the right direction07:04
jiltdilruan: i have a .odp ready i want to open it from terminal to see it07:04
johny_I have installed ndiswrapper plus an appropriate wireless driver for my chip but wireless is still not working, someone please help07:04
ioriathanx. naturally i'm newbie. and my Movie Player does',t work, so i installed Xine and it works fine... i don't understand why ?07:04
DaPenguinioria, you may need the gstreamer non-free plugins07:04
nixjrhow do i set the primary monitor when using "separate x session" with multiple monitors?07:04
brophatDapenguin what do yo think should i reinstall ubuntu?07:04
Seven_Six_TwoI think my kernel panics were caused by cpu freq scaling, and the kernel switching clocksources...07:04
DaPenguinbrophat, honestly, at this point i'd say go for it...lol07:05
iorianon-free ... with apt-get ?07:05
brophatok hahaaha07:05
ruanjiltdil: run "openoffice.org file.odp"07:05
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, nvidia?07:05
nixjrSeven_Six_Two, yes07:05
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, there's a check box in nvidia-settings   but remember to run it as root so that it can write xorg.conf07:06
jiltdilruan: and how to edit it via termainl07:06
DaPenguin!restricted | ioria07:06
ubottuioria: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:06
nixjrSeven_Six_Two, in "twinview" there is a check box for primary, but i dont want 1 spanned desktop, i want separate ones, in "separate x session" there is not check box for primary07:07
heyguisegrr, okay im working in joy2key. I have .joy2keyrc open. I'm trying to figure out how to map the button but this forum page is blowing my mind.07:07
DaPenguinioria, ubuntu doesn't come with proprietary format support by default due to a couple different issues.07:07
razz1scp -vv -C -P 39999 crow@  I am trying to copy a file from the remote system to my computer, this command is not working, what's wrong07:07
ioriasudo apt-get gstreamer non-free plugins ... this is the command ?07:07
DaPenguinioria, honestly i just use vlc, never had any issues07:07
jsoftvlc ftw07:08
DaPenguinioria, check out the link from ubottu, that should give you instructions for installing the necessary plugins07:08
ioriaok :_)07:08
DaPenguinioria, np :)07:08
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, what do you suppose "primary" means with separate x screens?07:09
ruanjiltdil: im not sure, only if terminal has a way to read openoffice files07:10
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, really, with separate x screens, the only consideration is relative location.07:10
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, or absolute, if you're into that kind of thing. ;)07:10
ruanjiltdil: you can try "nano file" but it may not read properly07:10
RubenAlonzois there a way to get Safari browser on ubuntu? if not what is the next closest thing to it please?07:11
nixjrSeven_Six_Two, i have 2 monitors, one connected with vga and one with dvi, on ym desk the dvi is tot he left and the vga to the right, when using "separate x session" the vga monitor ont he right is whjere my login prompt comes up, and the mouse spans from the right of the right monitor, into the left of the left monitor07:11
jiltdilruan:is there any way to play video under the terminal not outside ?07:11
nixjri want ti reversed07:11
DaPenguinRubenAlonzo, konq and safari share similar codebases if i remember correctly07:11
LinuxpwnsRubenAlonzo: Download PlayOnLinux and once installed go to Internet section and download Safari07:12
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, drag and drop the monitor locations at the top of nvidia-setting?07:12
jiltdilruan:nano is not reading odp07:12
Seven_Six_TwoRubenAlonzo, I've read that safari uses the khtml engine, which is used in konqueror.07:12
Lanlostso at my job, for PCI compliance, I just found out that I need to have a virus scanner on ..all PCs, they consider this Windows AND Linux.07:12
RubenAlonzoDaPenguin: thanks i will that and also Linuxpwns' idea of playonlinux07:12
LanlostBut Macs don't need one.07:12
jsoftLanlost: :\07:13
DaPenguinLanlost, lol07:13
heyguiseany one have an example config for joy2key for a sixaxis controller?07:13
RubenAlonzoSeven_Six_Two: thanks07:13
Linuxpwnsruben, its not perfect though its a bit buggy.... it might crash because of missing dependencies07:13
jsoftLanlost: so what you going to do?07:13
LanlostDon't you guys love it when you get one of those "VIRUS DETECTED" pop-ups that look like "My Computer" pops up when you're using Linux? =P07:14
jsoftYeah :)07:14
heyguiseohh, okay i get it lets see07:14
DaPenguinLanlost, lol, yeah, those are hilarious :P07:14
red2kicLanlost: I'm going to make one for Ubuntu.07:14
lamenti don't, that's why i got adblock07:14
Lanlostmake one?07:14
razz1scp -vv -C -P 39999 crow@  I am trying to copy a file from the remote system to my computer, this command is not working, what's wrong, the remote ip is I can SSh, just the syntax is wrong. please help07:14
Lanlostisn't there ClamAV for linux or something?07:14
red2kicrazz1:...149:hardware.html is wrong.07:15
Linuxpwnsheyguise: Sorry, I use my sixaxis controller for a PSX emulator to play gran turismo and driver07:15
Seven_Six_TwoLanlost, yes. you can install that07:15
red2kicLanlost: No, I meant the adveristment.07:15
DaPenguinLanlost, youd think they'd at least use alert("VIRUS DETECTED") or something like that lol07:15
jsoftLanlost: yeah there is, but its pretty much for detecting windows viruses07:15
LanlostI know there are linux virus scanners. I asked a guy at my work what he was going to do and he said he got one. I asked him what it does and he said it searches for viruses07:15
slim_charlesCan anyone help me with something related to FTP/07:15
jsoftLanlost: clamav07:15
red2kicrazz1: Use ...149:~/path/to/hardware.html07:15
Lanlostbut really, there aren't any I know of in the wild obviously. Is it a .. virus database of what... all the viruses you can count on one hand?07:15
LanlostI thought Macs were equally safe but from what I understand, this isn't necessarily true as of the last few years07:16
heyguiseokay one last question i think i got it. Whats left click "Rclick" ?07:16
red2kicrazz1: Maybe... 149:~/Desktop/hardware.html07:16
heyguisesorry "lclick"07:16
razz1red2kic: ok i want to copy the hardware.html file from the home dir. thats why I did not specify ~07:16
DaPenguinLanlost, linux virus scanners primarily exist for sanitizing incoming email if you're using the box in a server capacity07:16
Seven_Six_TwoThere are something like 50 linux virus (none that do anything) and 50k windows virus07:16
red2kicrazz1: Use ~/hardware.html then.07:16
LanlostI guess that while Macs are inherently secure.. they pretty much know what set up you have.. or at least it's narrowed down and so they COULD take advantage of vulnerabilities07:16
LanlostDaPengiun, makes sense07:16
heyguisemacs are inheritly secure, kind of like prison.07:16
jsoftLanlost: just put clamav on your linux stuff07:17
LanlostI also mentioned that there are ones that will scan NTFS partitions and such for Windows viruses and people laughed at me07:17
jsoftand then you can say 'sure I have a virus scanner on the linux box'07:17
LinuxpwnsSeven_Six_Two I beg to differ.07:17
red2kicLanlost: Mac and antivirus and linux are useless as soon as you give the users the admin password.07:17
razz1red2kic: tried ~ does not work. It used to work,07:17
LinuxpwnsThere are nasty Linux viruses07:17
red2kicrazz1: Paste the whole line.07:17
Lanlostbut really.. that would be a GREAT tool IMO. Being able to boot a live cd for someone using Windows and getting a nice scan where NO windows files are loaded into memory or anything07:17
Seven_Six_Twothere are as secure as the user putting in the password. same as linux07:17
Seven_Six_TwoLinuxpwns, with what? there could easily be a virus for linux if a n00b installs it.07:18
Lanlostred2kic, that's why you avoid that when you can.07:18
ruanjiltdil: VLC can play videos as ASCII in a terminal i believe07:18
razz1red2kic:  scp -vv -C -P 39999 crow@
Seven_Six_TwoLinuxpwns, oh I see. I thought you meant that the other way...07:18
Lanlostjsoft, I think I will just use clamav07:18
Linuxpwnsmy point exactly07:18
ActionParsnipLanlost: you can, just install clamav / clamtk in livecd and svan07:18
DaPenguinLinuxpwns, the problem with linux viruses is that they'd have to be installed with root perms to do anything lol07:18
ActionParsnipruan: mplayer does it too07:18
jsoftYeah I was once asked to install a virus scanner for linux by a PHB. Never did in the end07:18
LinuxpwnsDaPenguin, true for most.07:19
heyguiseany one know the keymap for left click is it "L_click" ?07:19
red2kicrazz1: scp -vv -C -P 39999 ~/hardware.html crow@
v_vis there any virus ruuning on linux ?07:19
toshibacant access my videos on line07:19
ruanv_v: no07:19
slim_charlescan anyone tell me how to setup an ftp server07:19
jukDaPenguin: no people just love linux07:19
slim_charlesso i can view it from bmy website, when im not home?07:19
v_vruan: so they  are all for windows files ?07:19
razz1red2kic: no I want to copy from remote system, not to07:19
ruanv_v: viruses are made for windows07:19
ruanv_v: for a virus to work in linux, you'd have to give it full permission to ruin your computer07:20
red2kicrazz1: scp -vv -C -P 39999 crow@
heyguise*nix doesnt really need virus's. The users do a good enough job breaking it them selves07:20
slim_charlesif u have wine07:20
slim_charlesu could get windows viruses07:20
jukheyguise: :D07:20
LanlostYou know, now that I think about it. It probably IS good to have a virus scanner at my job (webhosting), even on Linux.07:20
jsoftYou could in theory exploit something as a normal user and insert some virus that way07:20
DaPenguinslim_charles, and your entire .wine folder would be in jeopardy lol07:20
razz1got it07:20
LanlostEven if it is just scanning your email, it could stop you from sending it to someone who is using Windows by forwarding mail or something.. infecting them and so on.07:20
red2kicrazz1: Great.07:21
Lanlostcompromising your network and then some.07:21
red2kicCompromising the Internet.07:21
slim_charlesDaPenguin, uhm is wine sandboxed? im sure u  can access filesystem07:21
slim_charlesso i dont know about that07:21
ruanwhat if they're all linux users? :D07:21
LanlostI think that's already happened ;-)07:21
LanlostRuan, is that directed at me?07:21
Seven_Six_Twowine is sandboxed07:21
DaPenguinslim_charles, i'm pretty sure wine is in fact sandboxed07:21
ruanwell, everyone in the conversation07:22
heyguisedoes any one know the keymap for a left click? some one must07:22
LanlostI was told I can run linux if I don't modify the hardware... I think they thought that would stop me somehow. So I just installed it to a decently sized USB stick. Voila.07:22
LanlostHurray for loopholes...07:22
razz1red2kic:  sorry about the confusion, I got the hardware file, i could not get the .x11vncrc file, it would not copy to my ~ had to copy it to desktop07:22
slim_charlesDaPenguin, doesn wine run as current user07:22
jsoftLanlost: 'modify' ?07:22
slim_charlesso it does have access to home directory07:23
red2kicrazz1: Are you on local network?07:23
jsoftsunjun: oh, hai07:23
LanlostThe computers are supplied to us and they consider partitioning modification07:23
DaPenguinslim_charles, no, just the filesystem in the .wine directory07:23
Seven_Six_Twoslim_charles, iirc, wine is sandboxed. sort of like a chroot07:23
red2kicrazz1: 192* I think so. Use Places --> Connect To Server.07:23
LanlostI would assume. I probably shouldn't have mentioned I would have to partition the drive. Sounds scary to management possibly.07:23
slim_charlesi see07:23
DaPenguinslim_charles, try running winefile and see if you can browse out to ~07:23
razz1red2kic: some on local, some on the net.07:23
LanlostBut really, they should WANT us to use Linux if we can. I would think so at least. I think the main thing is that we are going to be implementing Active Directory.07:24
Seven_Six_TwoI've had quite a few windows viruses actually. in .wine07:24
slim_charlesDaPenguin, well i have run WinRAR before and im sure i was xtracting stuff under the home directory07:24
LanlostI feel like such a noob when it comes to stuff like active directory. Then again, I've never had to use it or anything so I guess it's alright.07:24
razz1red2kic: I had to replace the .x11vncrc file on my system. it just would not copy to the ~ but copy to Desktop07:24
ruanwhy winrar if you have p7zip?07:24
red2kicrazz1: Okay. Use Places --> Connect To Server --> SSH.07:24
LinuxpwnsDaPenguin: I read somewhere or saw a video i can't remember what the guy did, but he demonstrated its possible to screw up your Linux box if you honestly have no idea what you are doing. What happens is the unexperienced Linux user downloads a ".desktop" file thinking its an image or document, instead it installs a nasty piece of malware that forks a daemon process that goes through and data mines the Firefox .sqlite  finds what i07:24
Linuxpwnst wants and routes the appropiate information to the attacker...07:24
red2kicrazz1: Perhaps the file exist.07:24
toshibai cant upload any video website except youtube any answers07:24
LanlostLinuxpwns, that's DEFINITELY possible. That's also definitely user error.07:25
DaPenguinLinuxpwns, ok, i guess that could be a possibility07:25
Seven_Six_TwoLinuxpwns, again, that's only for one user. not the box07:25
razz1red2kic: no the file does not exist. i am sure. it might me  the way scp works. its a . file07:25
heyguisedoes any one know the keymap for a left click? some one must. is it "L_click" ?07:25
red2kicrazz1: Well if it went to Desktop, I'm sure you can just mv it.07:25
razz1red2kic: thanks, back to work07:26
DaPenguinLinuxpwns, the advantage tho is that the average nix user is smart enough not to do something that dumb....hopefully....lol07:26
LinuxpwnsTrue, but it goes to show not all infections need root access to do damage07:26
heyguiseokay i can use xev to figure it out07:26
ruanthey can damage your /home/ dir if you havent backed it up07:27
ruanbut they still need to be marked as executable, etc07:27
LanlostYou know, we have people all the time whos sites get hacked and they blame it on us, as you can possibly imagine. Then it turns out that their password was horrific. I always thought it was a myth that people used such bad passwords.07:27
DaPenguinLanlost, i know for a fact that people use horrible passwords07:27
LanlostAnd then these days people finally start to make it more complex.. but that's due to other websites complaining.. so they do the tried and true Word01 instead of just 'word'07:27
red2kicIt is a myth that people always brush their teeth.07:27
allu2Linuxpwns: there isn't a system where user isn't vulnerability :P it would require blocking user to make "secure" system07:27
LanlostDaPenguin, I'm sure you've seen that then.07:27
ruanblock the user out, megaAI07:28
Linuxpwnshaha true allu207:28
LinuxpwnsBut in the case of this example I saw ...this nasty piece of malware reconfigured the guys gnome menu07:28
LanlostI would say at least it's better than 'beatles' but.. really.. I would think that most people trying to crack password would compensate that.07:28
LanlostThis job is one of those that you really get to see things from the other perspective.07:28
jiltdilruan: what is the command to play video in terminal07:29
DaPenguinLanlost, at my work when people first get hired there accounts are all set to default passwords that they have to change. you would be amazed at how many people just tack a 1 at the end or something07:29
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LinuxpwnsAnd if the user was to ever use a program which requires root access (for example synaptic) he would also be giving the malware root access, thus doing system wide dmaage07:29
rypervencheI ran a bash script using the "Run" option instead of "Run in terminal", but it needs sudo powers. Will it be running in the background forever until I restart my computer?07:29
mycosysdo you guys know what do-release-upgrade does that synaptic wont? pretty sure do-release-upgrade will break my install in a nasty way... I have a number of repos enabled on jaunty that are a fair way ahead of what is standard on karmic ie mythbuntu weekly builds lol, and winswitch, and deluge, and medibuntu. I have synaptic doing download only atm - so that when it finishes i can chose one or the other. normally use apt-get but synaptic is better at b07:30
red2kicjiltdil: Point your mouse to the Fluffy-Dinosaurs.avi and double-click. Otherwise, use "vlc Fluffy-Dinosaurs.avi"07:30
LanlostI like to try to explain it like "If we were a company that provided storage units, of course we have to do our job to make sure the area is secure.. but if you give someone/lose your key we can't really be responsible if someone 'breaks in.' We WILL try to lock it though if we do happen to come across it."07:30
allu2Linuxpwns: but as i said, if we block user from doing anything i think linux is quite secure system ;)07:30
LinuxpwnsTrue, but the boss will complain of lack of productivity :(07:30
ActionParsniprypervenche: no just kill its PID when you want it to stop07:30
mycosysallu2 - linux on power is good for that lol07:30
Lanlostrypervenche, have you tried running 'top' to see if it's running? It probably ran and closed. Also, try "killall <command/program name>"07:30
rypervencheActionParsnip: How can I find it? I couldn't see it in the top of top.07:31
LinuxpwnsHas anyone heard of "Pwn2Own?"07:31
allu2Linuxpwns: yeah thats a problem :P maybe chroot can help us :P07:31
LanlostIf you have the wrong command it will say "Program: no process found." Or that could mean it literally just didn't run07:31
LanlostLinux_Time, YES! The same guy I was talking about at work mentioned that to me07:31
jiltdilrypervence:set higher priority nice value to see in the top of top07:31
LanlostEr, Linux_Time is supposed to be Linuxpwns07:31
DaPenguinLanlost, usually what I do for my passwords is take a favoride phrase or quote of mine and hash it :P07:31
LinuxpwnsYeah ahha07:31
mycosysi presume upgrading from jaunty to karmic is still supported? have to do it to get to lucid07:32
ActionParsniprypervenche: ps -ef | grep foo   change foo to part of the script name07:32
LinuxpwnsLinux was never hacked in that contest.07:32
LanlostDaPengiun, yes. Isn't that what happens with user passwords anymore by default?07:32
ActionParsnip!eol | mycosys07:32
ubottumycosys: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:32
LanlostAs in, inside the passwords file thingy07:32
LinuxpwnsThe first OS to get hacked in every year of that contest has been a Mac surprisngly07:32
LinuxpwnsIn 2008 a mac laptop was hacked in 5 seconds, and in 2009 in 2 minutes.07:32
DaPenguinLanlost, the actual password gets hashed, but the actual cleartext version of my passwords are hashes themselves :P07:32
LanlostWhat version of Ubuntu are we on these days btw? I don't know what the current version is. I'm using Ubuntu Studio, the most recent version I believe.07:33
LinuxpwnsDon't tell mac fanboys that haha07:33
red2kicLinuxpwns: Also, the most easiest OS to recover files from.07:33
LanlostIt, like any other distro, has it's annoyances but in general has been pretty rock solid.07:33
red2kicLanlost: 10.10 -- 11.04 next month.07:33
DaPenguinLanlost, 10.1007:33
toshibamy fire fox browser is not working correctly for video websites anyone got a answer07:33
LinuxpwnsMacintosh has since patched the vulnerabilit07:33
Wolfsherztoshiba, define "not working correctly"...07:33
Linuxpwnsred2kic, what os is that?07:33
ActionParsnipLanlost: latest stable is maverick 10.10 next month natty is unleashed 11.0407:34
LanlostI'm using it for a a ridiculous reason too. While I used to do audio recording/editing.. I'm using it SPECIFICALLY because, my old TV's speakers broke. So I routed the AUDIO only to my soundcards mic-in. The TV was on my desk with my PC so it worked out fine.07:34
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LinuxpwnsI use clonezilla for imaging my computer and regular backups on my 4TB enclosure07:34
red2kicLinuxpwns: Mac.07:34
LanlostThe problem was .. the cable was mono on one end and stereo on the other. So.. all my sound came out of my left speaker. This was annoying but REALLY annoying when using headphones. I used jack to mirror the sound from left channel to right.07:35
mycosysactionparsnip - alredy read the upgrade guide07:35
DaPenguinnix is inherently more secure as it was designed from the ground up as a multi-user system07:35
mycosysjust wanted some1 to answer my question07:35
mycosysdo you guys know what do-release-upgrade does that synaptic wont? pretty sure do-release-upgrade will break my install in a nasty way... I have a number of repos enabled on jaunty that are a fair way ahead of what is standard on karmic ie mythbuntu weekly builds lol, and winswitch, and deluge, and medibuntu. I have synaptic doing download only atm - so that when it finishes i can chose one or the other. normally use apt-get but synaptic is better at b07:35
ruanmac has viruses too07:35
LanlostThe problem was.. Jack had issues with latency, I fixed this.. but then it had issues starting up. I found out about real time kernels.. tried to enable/patch it on mine.. then just installed Ubuntu Studio07:35
mycosyssurely you knew this a few months ago actionparsnip07:36
ActionParsnipmycosys: cool. Personally i'd clean install at least lucid, upgrading twice will take a while07:36
LanlostThe weird thing is.. I get the same result with Ubuntu Studio and it's real time kernel. I swear preformance can be worse overall. With Jack though.. I get this REALLY strange problem. If I started it with RTK support then.. it would run .. but then crash and subsequently the entire system went NUTS.07:36
mycosysnot worried about time07:36
rypervencheI have a bunch of bash scripts in my home folder, and when I 'ls' my home folder most of the script files have tildas after their names. Some even have a normal copy and one with a tilda after it. I edited them with vim recently. Why do I have these copies? I do not see them when I look at the folder in nautilus...07:36
DaPenguinLanlost, my only real issue with ubuntu is how it does the kernel, and the way it handles root access07:36
mycosysbandwidth from au servers is free too07:36
ActionParsnipmycosys: knew what?07:36
mycosysjust want to not break my system07:36
LanlostPrograms would just start immediately crashing to the point where anytime I opened something it IMMEDIATELY crashed. Then my gnome bars would disappear. Eventually nothing except the calculator would be running07:37
DaPenguinLanlost, both of which can be corrected :P07:37
mycosysthe difference between do-release-upgrade, and updating the repos and using dist-upgrade07:37
jrmcmHow do you add repos through synaptic?07:37
ActionParsnipmycosys: what is "this"?07:37
LanlostIn general though, with this real time kernel, preformance seems to be worse in general. I get the 'greying out' (I think a feature of compiz) happened quite frequently at first07:37
LinuxpwnsDaPenguin, one of the reasons I attribute to Linux's security barrier is the fact its open source...   open code means it is seen by "many eyes" ... if a bad guy (black hat) finds a vulnerability, so can a good guy (white hat) patch the vulnerability...07:37
mycosysactionparsnip the difference between do-release-upgrade, and updating the repos and using dist-upgrade07:38
mycosysi have all the repops updated, and synaptic is doing download only as we speak07:38
LanlostFor a long time I only had a gig of ram, but like 128mb of that was being used by onboard video. Programs would grey out all the time,07:39
mycosysif i must i can use do-release-upgrade but it will dsable several repos it seems that are already past what karmic had, necessitating uninstalling a lot of stuff07:39
ActionParsnipJrmcm:copy the ppa address and add that. You can do it in cli with: sudo add-apt-repository address  saves having to dig around in a gui07:39
DaPenguinLinuxpwns, and you don't have to wait for a corporate security team to come out with a patch either :)07:39
LanlostThen, I got more ram.. and it still happens but much less frequently. The only time it happens semi-frequently is with YouTube, and like I Said.. I never see it grey until it snaps back07:39
LinuxpwnsGood point07:40
mycosysshold have stayed on 8.04 lol07:40
LanlostIt's like programs take control of the entire system and it all greys out except that program. You know, now that I think of it.. I wonder if that IS at least PARTIALLY to blame for my flash video issues07:40
LinuxpwnsDaPenguin I gotta admit I'm a big fan of windows server 2008 though...07:40
jrmcmActionParsnip: thx, synaptic wouldnt let me open the repos menu07:40
eamonwhat's the diference between ubuntu and linux mint?07:40
LanlostI love(d) Mint07:41
ActionParsnipmycosys: yes I know why its different and such but that link details the supported way to get the next release if you are eol07:41
DaPenguinLinuxpwns, and i attribute the better security to the fact that ms actually has some competition :)07:41
LanlostIt's probably even better now. I don't know how I found it but I used it at the "Bea" version the first time.. which pretty much WAS Ubuntu with a different (And better) skin07:41
mycosyswould it kill you to explain actionparsnip?07:41
LanlostEamon, last time I used Mint was probably two years ago. I think it's almost it's own distro these days.07:41
mycosyshappy to have you pm07:41
Seven_Six_Twoperformance isn't worse with rt, it's just scheduled differently. and one of the reasons it often fails is that closed source drivers don't allow the kernel to do *all of the scheduling, which causes problems07:42
ActionParsnipJrmcm: i always use the cli, less messing around07:42
Linuxpwnsmintnanny, mintupdate, mintmenu (the best feature), mintbackup, mintassisstant mostly07:42
red2kiceamon: Ubuntu is a supported derivative of Debian. Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu.07:42
mycosyshave neen kickin it with linux and beofre it with sV for 20 years now07:42
ActionParsnipmycosys: explain what?07:42
LanlostBut basically, it's sort of like Ubuntu++ for desktop users. They add it's own 'start menu' type thing. It's got it's own applicaton manager. A few other Mint specific things that go on top of Ubuntu.07:42
DaPenguinActionParsnip, yeah, i'm more comfortable with using a cli than digging through menus to find stuff07:42
Seven_Six_Twousing proprietary nvidia, ati drivers etc is bad with rt kernel07:42
rwwUbuntu is not a supported derivative of Debian :\07:42
LinuxpwnsI have love for Windows though.07:42
mycosyswhat apt-get dist-upgrade wont do i suppose07:42
red2kicUbuntu++? Oh you jest.07:42
rwwwell, it's supported here I guess. but not by Debian ;P07:42
LanlostMy Mint was rock solid and the first distro that I ever felt ANYONE could use. The problem I always had with it is that it ALWAYS eventually broke when I would upgrade it07:42
jrmcmActionParsnip: yeah im just learning cli, ive only been running ubuntu for a few months07:43
eamonLanlost: sounds like ubuntu to me07:43
LanlostAnyone use Kegs, the Apple IIGS Emulator?07:43
mycosysactionparsnip - as i said, the core of my system, mythtv, is already past what was released on karmic07:43
Lanlosteamon, in what way? the upgrading problem?07:43
DaPenguinLanlost, mint is an ubuntu derivitave designed to be even more user friendly than ubuntu07:43
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: gui is nice for new users but the nature of irc lends itself to cli support07:43
=== mnajem is now known as DatukTeeShirt
LanlostDaPenguin, yes. Isn't that basically what I said?07:43
Seven_Six_TwoLanlost, I had an Apple IIgs!! after my Apple II+07:43
eamonLanlost: yeah07:43
mycosysi NEED the mythbuntu ppas07:43
jrmcmI just installed K/ubuntu to a usb drive, and when i boot from it the system doesnt recognize my wireless or wired connections.07:44
red2kic"If you have problem with Mint, please don't come here"07:44
red2kicThat advice never worked. :\07:44
LinuxpwnsYou can install the mint menu in Ubuntu. Then bam, Ubuntu + 1 baby07:44
Seven_Six_Twored2kic, any kind of mint, or just peppermint?07:44
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.07:44
LanlostSeven_Six_Two, I realize this is offtopic for this channel, I just wanted to mention that Kegs is an emulator. It's had fullscreen support for Macs but not for Windows or Linux. There is an SDL version that has fullscreen, but it was last updated in 2005. Anyway, I hacked in fullscreen support if anyone wants it.07:44
red2kic!mint | Seven_Six_Two07:44
ubottuSeven_Six_Two: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:44
red2kicSeven_Six_Two: Anything that isn't Ubuntu.07:44
LanlostOk, back on topic.07:45
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: ubuntu + guake = bam!07:45
red2kicActionParsnip: tilda? :)07:45
mycosysactionparsnip - i guess what i am askin is a way to upgrade WITHOUT disabling my ppas07:45
Seven_Six_TwoLanlost, have you posted it anywhere? I'd like to see it. I still have books of basic game code that I spent hours typing when I was younger07:45
mycosysas i said - they are the core of the system07:45
Seven_Six_Twomy cat is not ubuntu. I guess we won't discuss how she smells.07:46
DaPenguinActionParsnip, and sudo lshw -C networking | pastebinit is so much easier and faster than opening up a gui hardware manager and hand pasting it lol07:46
ActionParsnipred2kic: same difference so also bam :-)07:46
xanax`I am new to linux and I would like gnome to have a bigger screen resolution. It's stuck at 1024x768 but I would like 1680x1050. I have a radeon HD 480007:46
ActionParsnipmycosys: not sure there dude, sorry07:46
red2kicxanax`: That depends on your native monitor resolution. What can it handle in first place?07:47
mycosysapt-get dist-upgrade wont do it?07:47
xanax`yes it can07:47
DaPenguinxanax`, you may need to install fglrx07:47
xanax`ok, I am going to install it.07:47
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: pipe it to xclip and you have gold ;)07:47
rypervencheI have a bunch of bash scripts in my home folder, and when I 'ls' my home folder most of the script files have tildas after their names. Some even have a normal copy and one with a tilda after it. I edited them with vim recently. Why do I have these copies? I do not see them when I look at the folder in nautilus...07:47
red2kicxanax`: Check Additional Drivers under System.07:47
DaPenguinActionParsnip, lol07:47
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: i'm that lazy07:47
jrmcmI just installed K/ubuntu to a usb drive, and when i boot from it the system doesnt recognize my wireless or wired connections.07:48
LinuxpwnsSeven_Six_Two, in  a little under 3 days, we will be "762" hours away from Ubuntu 11.04 release! :P07:49
jiltdilusing mplayer to play my video that is in dvd doenot works i used this  mplayer -cdrom-device /dev/sr0 cdda://      the output is http://img696.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img696/5613/screenshot1pi.png07:49
ActionParsnipjrmcm: run: sudo lshw -C network   use the product line to find guides07:49
xanax`It seems I already have the proprietary FGLRX ATI/AMD driver07:49
DaPenguinActionParsnip, i actually forgot you could pipe to xclip lol07:49
ubottuThe Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.07:49
LinuxpwnsYAY its smart07:49
DaPenguinok, so ubottu gets to live today it looks like :)07:50
jiltdil using mplayer to play my video that is in dvd doenot works i used this  mplayer -cdrom-device /dev/sr0 cdda://      the output is   http://img696.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1pi.png/07:50
ActionParsnipDaPenguin: why copy manually when the OS can do it for you ;-)07:50
jrmcmActionParsnip: Thx again07:50
Linuxpwns+1 to anybody who knows whats thats from07:50
ActionParsnipjrmcm: np duder07:50
xanax`does anyone know how to add a screen resolution ?07:51
DaPenguinActionParsnip, lol, i think i've found my new favorite pipe :)07:51
=== werd is now known as rabblerabble
rubydudeubuntu is for douches07:51
rubydudeRubyOS roxorz07:52
rubydudeit's 133707:52
jamesonewhy are notifications SO ANNOYING, you can't close them or anything07:52
Danielcg25rubydude: Seriously? Stop trolling....07:52
rubydudeand ubuntu ain't07:52
vish!launguage | rubydude07:52
Seven_Six_Twojiltdil, why cdda://  ?  that's cd digital audio, no? make sure restricted extras is installed, and you shouldn't need that last bit07:52
rubydudeDanielcg25: I'm not trolling07:52
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: to understand the answer you must first understand the question07:52
rubydudeI'm serious07:52
vish!language | rubydude07:52
ubotturubydude: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:52
rubydudeoooooooh whip out your boooooot07:52
jamesoneI don't see rubydude doing anything wrong.07:52
rubydudeI'm so scared07:52
Danielcg25What's the program for cloning HDDs?07:52
jamesoneAnyways any way to close notifictions?07:53
jamesoneChange them to gnome's superior default at least.. or is this annoying fadeout notifiction Gnome's idea?07:53
rubydudeI'm shaking in my boots07:53
vishjamesone: " <rubydude> ubuntu is for douches " not acceptable here07:53
jamesoneDid he come here just to say that or did he come here and have that sudden realization07:53
litropywhy is my /etc/xorg.conf empty? Since I currently have an hdtv connected via VGA and displaying at a different resolution than my lappy's screen, the settings must be somewhere ...07:53
vishrubydude: if you have any support problems just ask, but take your trolling elsewhere07:54
rubydudelitropy: just use Windows07:54
rubydudeso you don't have to deal with that idiocy07:54
ActionParsnipDanielcg25: partimage or dd will do it (ntfs support is weird but pure Linux will be fine)07:54
vish!ops | rubydude is troll baiting07:54
ubotturubydude is troll baiting: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!07:54
Linuxpwns!What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?07:54
ravenwhere is the offtopic channel?07:54
red2kicraven: #ubuntu-offtopic07:54
DaPenguinLinuxpwns, and anyone who doesn't know where that quote comes from can just /leave :P07:55
litropyI just want to make sure I'm editing the right file07:55
tsimpsoncs mode -q *!*@adsl-76-254-59-240.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net07:55
Linuxpwnshahah ture dapenguin07:55
ActionParsniplitropy: the OS doesn't ship with xorg.conf but if one is there it will be used07:55
Danielcg25DaPenguin: It comes from....you? =P07:55
DirtyDawgLinuxpwns: 4207:55
litropyActionParsnip, thank you07:55
jrmcmLinuxpwns: and the answer is 4707:56
jsoft42 acatually07:56
LinuxpwnsOf course the greatest show of all time is Stargate SG-107:56
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:56
mycosyseven universe is better07:56
jrmcmlol oops sorry all07:56
LinuxpwnsUniverse was a pos07:56
Seven_Six_Tworubydude, what's the alternative? ROS isn't an OS. it's a bad website that pitches ROS poorly.07:57
DaPenguinSeven_Six_Two, a bit late buddy lol07:57
LinuxpwnsThe thing that killed SG1 was Richard Dean Anderson's depature. Losing a guy as great as RDA will hurt you.07:57
Seven_Six_TwoDaPenguin, I was so proud, too...  <hangs head in shame>07:58
DaPenguinSeven_Six_Two, lol07:58
tsimpsonLinuxpwns: go talk about it in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here07:58
Danielcg25Can I clone my entire HDD, partitions and everything?07:59
Seven_Six_TwoDanielcg25, if you want to07:59
Danielcg25Windows 7 makes some 100MB partition. Not sure what it's for but Windows doesn't work without it07:59
jrmcmIs anyone here using or a fan of solid state HD07:59
Danielcg25And I bought a new 1TB drive07:59
Linuxpwnsdaniel, its the built-in recovery enviornment that allows you to recover your computer using a system image you made (if you made it)08:00
lars_bauergot errors when i try to update " http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-proposed/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.gz 404  Not Found"08:00
Danielcg25Linuxpwns: Thanks08:00
Seven_Six_TwoDanielcg25, it could be where it hides all of your private info that it collected. or maybe for a page file?08:00
LinuxpwnsDaniel, if you ever hit F8 before 7 booted and you seen the "Repair your computer" link... its booted into that 100mb part of your partition08:01
Seven_Six_TwoDanielcg25, if you want to clone, use dd08:02
chetan_hi all08:02
lars_bauer#join ubuntu.dk08:02
DirtyDawg dd?08:02
jrmcmWhat is the syntax for updating the grub menu from the cli08:02
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Seven_Six_TwoDirtyDawg, not you! the dd utility08:02
DirtyDawgyeah lol, i wondered what it was08:03
LinuxpwnsSeven_Six_Two: I use clonezilla are dd and cz similar?08:03
chetan_Danielcg25: i m using ubuntu 9.10, not getting command for listing contents in root login08:03
DaPenguinlars_bauer,  its actually /join #channel name08:03
Seven_Six_TwoLinuxpwns, not sure. probably not. dd is just a byte copy utility. very powerful, not at all automated08:03
jrmcmWhat is the syntax for updating the grub menu from the cli. I recently removed a few old headers, but they still show on the boot menu.08:04
rypervencheHow can I have some text display and wait for the person to press enter (or any key) before moving on?08:04
ActionParsnipJrmcm: sudo update-grub08:04
chetan_ i m using ubuntu 9.10, not getting command for listing contents in root login08:04
Seven_Six_TwoLinuxpwns, dd can do a lot of things besides backing up and cloning. I used it just today to copy an exact number of bytes from a dvd piped in to md5sum to ensure an iso burned properly08:05
jrmcmAction: thx yet again, lol i tried every other way of putting it,08:05
ActionParsniprypervenche: i believe it's: read08:05
ActionParsniprypervenche: you can also use it to get input: INPUTNAME=read   do a quick websearch to verify ;-)08:07
rypervencheActionParsnip: Ok, thank you.08:07
jrmcmActionParsnip: Its still showing 2.6.32-27 32-28 and 32-29. I'm pretty sure I removed them via synaptic. Suggestions?08:08
Seven_Six_Twojrmcm, headers don't show in grub08:09
Seven_Six_Twojrmcm, headers are used to compile kernel modules. the kernel is what grub lists, and removing one should cause grub to update automagically08:09
ActionParsnipjrmcm: sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-2.6.32-27-generic08:10
ActionParsnipjrmcm: and so on. Update grub will be done automagically08:10
EOF-senseihow does one build the chromium-browser package?08:11
borillionGuys Im having some trouble installing Geda, it compiles fine and then when I launch some of the apps its complaining that it can't find PCB, does anyone have any idea?08:11
EOF-senseithe build tools are not clearly indicates08:11
rypervencheWhy are there tildas after my script names when I ls, but not when I look in nautilus?08:11
jrmcmAction and Seven: love automagically. :)08:12
ActionParsnipEOF-sensei: there is a daily build ppa if you wish08:12
EOF-senseiActionParsnip: I wish to build it myself08:12
EOF-senseiI know I have enough time08:12
Seven_Six_Tworypervenche, those files are probably opened in an editor08:12
EOF-senseibut the source package doesn't have a build script of any sort08:12
borillionlook for a make file?08:13
nesunoHi! I'm using ubuntu 10.10, and aptitude upgrade says a warning: "untrusted versions of the following packages will be installed". Should I let the install, or there is something going on?08:13
Seven_Six_Tworypervenche, or possibly backups from an editor like emacs if there are duplicates (with and without ~)08:13
ActionParsnipEOF-sensei: that's fine. You'll need to install the build deps as well as build-essential08:13
RobotCowHow do I change firefox to use another language other than the ugly E without changing all my apps?08:13
RubenAlonzohi all, i installed "MacBuntu" theme, looks like mac osx, i was wondering if there was a way to lose or hide the task bar with all the icons that is constant on the left with all the icons?08:13
rypervencheSeven_Six_Two: I edited them with vim, yes. But now I'm not sure which to use...some only have the tilda version, some have both.08:13
RobotCowgreat, facebook records my f'ing ip and location08:14
RobotCowgood thing i used that bitch with tor08:14
Seven_Six_Twonesuno, did you activate nonstandard repositories? did you add the repo's keys to your keyring?08:14
Seven_Six_Tworypervenche, I would go by timestamp.08:14
ActionParsnipRobotCow: so what if it does? You won't die if they do..08:15
EOF-senseiActionParsnip: where is the package information08:15
EOF-senseithe build deps are nowhere to be found in list08:15
Seven_Six_TwoRobotCow, did you know that they can track you with the javascript "share on fb" icon on other sites? even when you aren't logged in08:15
jrmcmActionParsnip: My grub menu looks so much better now. Its not a page a a half long :)08:16
EOF-senseiI'll run this automagicalle scripte :P08:16
ActionParsnipEOF-sensei: there is a command to get build deps but i can't recall it due to no sleep08:16
jrmcmSeven_six_two: My grub menu looks so much better now. Its not a page a a half long :)08:16
EOF-senseiI don't like that one of the build dependencies of a browser is apache08:17
ophow to list file in root08:17
ActionParsnipJrmcm: you also get back ~120mb per kernel08:17
jrmcmop: ls08:17
Seven_Six_Twoop, meaning what? in the root of your filesystem?08:17
EOF-senseialong with outdated libcurl dev libraries08:17
jrmcmls /08:17
Seven_Six_Twols /08:17
ActionParsnipfind /    will list EVERY file :-)08:18
MatBoysomeone using the cloud version here ?08:19
froeshi guys .. i am having some problems with my latest install ... the boot gets me to a grub shell... i load the config file and i am able to boot. how can i make it load automatically ?08:19
Seven_Six_TwoMatBoy, iirc that's not until 11.10 or something like that.08:20
DaPenguinfroes, you could try sudo update-grub and see if that fixes the issue08:20
jiltdilhow to open a video in termainl using vlc?08:20
HuckI have asked questions about sound juicer here on several occasions with no reply, is this the correct place to ask ?08:20
froesDaPenguin, have done that but still the same08:20
llutzjiltdil: vlc /path/to/video08:20
murphylanI can not install mysql-server on ubuntu10.408:20
murphylanwho can help me08:20
froesDaPenguin, done update-grub208:20
MatBoySeven_Six_Two: 10.10 server shows me the option during install08:21
bazhangHuck, whats the question08:21
murphylanI execute apt-get install mysql-server08:21
RobotCowmulicheng -> i can08:21
DaPenguinfroes, hmm, did tou check grub.cfg to make sure the uuids were accurate?08:21
EOF-senseimurphylan: pastebin the output08:21
froesDaPenguin, yeap ...08:21
RobotCowmulicheng -> i have a mysql server running and working08:21
jiltdilllutz; is it play video in terminal or outside terminal08:21
bazhangRobotCow, you mean murphylan08:21
Seven_Six_TwoHuck, not really. it's not ubuntu specific08:22
froesDaPenguin, and it boots once i have loaded the cfg file08:22
llutzjiltdil: it starts vlc, running outside terminal08:22
murphylanRobotCow: can you help me, what is means?08:22
DaPenguinfroes, hmm, so it's not seeing the config on initial bootup08:22
RobotCowmurphylan -> I can help08:22
bazhangSeven_Six_Two, sure it is, it s in the repos08:22
RobotCowmurphylan -> what's your native language?08:22
Huckwhen I drag an audio file to a a folder, it is almost twice the size of the wave file created by juicer,08:22
jiltdilllutz: is there any way to play it under termainl08:22
froesDaPenguin, using bootcfg (hd0 .....08:22
froesDaPenguin, thats what i think08:22
RobotCowmurphylan -> no, it's not english.08:22
RobotCowmurphylan -> what is it?08:23
llutzjiltdil: console (tty1..tty6) you mean?  using framebuffer it should be possible08:23
bazhangHuck, what is the end goal here? rip cds and get mp3? something other? please clarify08:23
MatBoybut what I wanted to know... this way of "clouding" is free, so not like landscape ?08:23
murphylanRobotCow: I don't see your means.08:23
jiltdilllutz:how to do this08:23
bazhangMatBoy, clouding what08:23
RobotCowmurphylan -> what's your first language?08:23
bazhangEOF-sensei, please stop that08:23
DaPenguinfroes, hmm, may want to check the grub.cfg to make sure it's looking at the right partition for it08:23
llutzjiltdil: idk, i never done that08:23
murphylanRobotCow: chinese08:24
RobotCowmurphylan -> oh, nevermind. I don't speak that one.08:24
HuckI want the highest quality audio I can get stored on HD for playing into an audiophile system08:24
RobotCowmurphylan -> but i can help with mysql08:24
jiltdilllutz:thanx for giving idea i will try08:24
murphylanRobotCow: let go08:24
bazhangHuck, you want FLAC?08:24
MatBoybazhang: installing a cloud using ubuntu08:24
EOF-senseimurphylan: try $sudo apt-get update08:25
bazhangMatBoy, please clarify how you want to do that08:25
llutzHuck: you want vinyl, nothing digital08:25
nixjrSeven_Six_Two, i had to restart X to get my monitor changes to take effect, i didnt come back here afterwards cause its working correctly now, thanks for helping out08:25
Huckmp3's are too lossy, as are ogg, waves from a cd are twice the size and flack are about the same as a lossless wave riped from juicer08:25
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, np!08:25
EOF-senseithen $sudo apt-get upgrade08:26
EOF-senseithis will ensure that the current versions of other packages are not withholding the version of mysql in the repositories08:26
nixjrSeven_Six_Two, i got a folow up question now though lol, when i right click an application on the taskbar theres a "move to another workstation" option, how can a move something to another X session?08:26
Seven_Six_Twobazhang, I read the cloud page too fast! It says "Eucalyptus is the technology at the core of UEC – and will be in Ubuntu 11.04"08:26
MatBoybazhang: ubuntu server has a cloud function. so you can install using 2 dedicated servers a small cloud. I wonder if there are any costs about it like you have with landscape when you want to manage your servers08:26
Seven_Six_Twobazhang, "as it has been since 9.04"   oops!08:26
Huckllutz , I am an eng, any old dual amp tubes using matched tubes are a thing of the past, also, try to get a real stylis for any good cartrige any longer.08:27
MatBoySeven_Six_Two: yes so the question is if we have to pay for Euxalyptus08:28
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, well, I haven't done separate x screens, but I've looked into moving running processes, and the general consensus is that you can't do it for a variety of reasons. some of them being memory allocation done by the process when it started08:28
bazhangMatBoy, I'd ask in #ubuntu-cloud08:29
RocketLauncherkoalas eat Eucalyptus.08:29
MatBoynixjr: why other x session ? you have mutliple desktops08:29
MatBoybazhang: :)08:29
nixjrMatBoy, yes08:29
froesDaPenguin, if you are talking about each menu entry yes08:29
froesDaPenguin, as i said, it boots perfectly, it just seems that it is not searching for any file08:29
froesDaPenguin, like it was the grub rescueCD08:29
viktorastwager: i don't care that you can't08:29
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, because separate x screens means separate x sessions08:29
MatBoybazhang: only me in there :P08:29
nixjrSeven_Six_Two, you can probably tell im very new to ubuntu so thanks for just giving it to me a nutshell and not sending me down some complex path08:30
bazhangMatBoy, there are 51 users in there : #ubuntu-cloud08:30
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, that's what I read when I was trying to make dual head big desktop08:30
nesunoSeven_Six_Two: I enabled main, universe, restricted, multiverse, and from other: third party software (it is extras.ubuntu.com). I didn't bothered with keys, and it worked yet.08:30
Seven_Six_Twonixjr, feel free to search though, and if you figure out how to move a running process, tell me! I'd love to know08:31
twagerviktoras: can't ?08:31
=== Guest48150 is now known as darkdevil
Seven_Six_Twonesuno, no other ppa's or third party repos, like google?08:31
froesdo anyone knows how to reinstall grub inside the mbr ?08:31
Jordan_Ufroes: sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc08:32
=== darkdevil is now known as Guest12471
=== Guest12471 is now known as Guest48150
nesunoSeven_Six_Two: no. All the reops ends with ....ubuntu.com.08:32
nixjrSeven_Six_Two, i managed to fix my own problem before by editing xorg.conf and swapping monitor0 and monitor1 around, that was scary enough, i dont think ill look too deeply into moving running processes08:32
Jordan_Ufroes: That will not only run grub-install (and update-grub) but prompt you for what devices should be installed to on future upgrades.08:32
MatBoybazhang: oh ? mhh08:32
Seven_Six_Twonesuno, it might be because if extras. that's just a warning because you don't have the keys installed. the install should still work fine, but you're more at risk08:33
froeshave tried installing grub by doing a grub-install /dev/sda but it gives me no menu i have to load manually the file08:33
MatBoybazhang: not in @ubuntu-cloud... oops!08:33
Jordan_Ufroes: Do you have more than one hard drive?08:33
Seven_Six_Twofroes, what file are you loading?08:33
jrmcmActionParsnip: lshw -C network mean list network hardware?08:33
nesunoSeven_Six_Two: I have keys for ubuntu extras. It is listed as "Ubuntu Extras Archive Automatic Signing Key".08:34
red2kicjrmcm: lshw (list hardware); -C network just grab the network class (information under network)08:35
Kimmenhello, any1 good with tmux and scripting? I'm trying to make a script that autostarts irssi and adds the nicklist in a split window08:35
Kimmenin tmux08:35
Seven_Six_Twonesuno, that's the one...hmmm...can you see what repository the software came from?08:35
=== Guest47941 is now known as Hexley
jrmcmred2kic: ok yeah thats what i thought, and what it seemed to output, thx08:35
=== Hexley is now known as Guest62522
jrmcmIn xchat can i auto ident my nick?08:37
=== makeuseof is now known as howto
froesJordan_U, yes08:37
froesJordan_U, got about 4 in there08:37
Jordan_Ufroes: Most likely you are not booting from sda.08:37
Jordan_Ufroes: (in the BIOS)08:38
Jordan_Ufroes: You can always choose to install grub to all drives so it doesn't matter what the boot order is. If you do that though be sure to use "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" to be sure that they will all also get properly upgraded.08:39
Seven_Six_Twomust sleep now. night all.08:40
nesunoSeven_Six_Two: There was something with the Hungarian mirror.  Now I switched to the main site, and it works (keys are also ).08:40
nesunoSeven_Six_Two: keys are also ok, no warning.08:41
viktorastwager: i don't care that you can't08:41
nesunoSeven_Six_Two: Thanks the help!08:41
Seven_Six_Twonesuno, then they did their job!08:41
jiltdilllutz: to play video under terminal i found this but this is not working fine see and help please sudo mplayer -vo svga -ao sdl movie.avi08:41
bazhangviktoras, pardon?08:41
viktorasbazhang: ?08:41
aslanhi, i work in hospital and we have almost 150 client, we try to use Active Directory Domain Controller, but if we do this, we will have so much money to pay for licence. i want to install computers ubuntu. our hospital software works in linux. and i want to make something like windows Active Directory system, i hear about openldap and pfsense. i take a look of them and these are so confused for me. does anyone suggest me a good software same active directory ?08:42
aslanbut i want software that can be controlled with a good user interface. thanks.08:42
pie_is it just me or does ubutu suck at hibernating?08:42
bazhangviktoras, twager is not even in the channel; what are you talking about08:42
viktorashe will be08:42
bazhangviktoras, saying I dont care is not helpful08:42
viktorasbazhang: what do i get for the help?08:44
daniel3What desktop environment does Ubuntu or Netbooks run?08:44
bazhangviktoras, if you wish to help be helpful; chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please08:44
daniel3Is it like a modified Gnome or something08:44
DaPenguinnot sure, probably gnome08:44
viktorasdaniel3: gnome08:44
bazhangdaniel3, unity?08:44
Seven_Six_Twoaslan, do you just want to let people log on and have certain groups allowed to access specific files and directories, while other groups have different access?08:44
viktorasthe last version of it08:44
austiniumhi, iam trying to install ubuntu 10.04 using the minimal cd mini.iso08:45
bazhangviktoras, thats not so08:45
viktorasyes it is08:45
austiniumi need lightweight GNOME desktop08:45
daniel3ah yeah it is Unity.08:45
austiniumwith just firefox in it08:45
aslanSeven_Six_Two: yes this is how u say i want truly08:45
austiniumand gdm (for logins)08:45
austiniumanyone here done something similar before?08:45
Kimmenaustinium: just install gnome core08:46
Seven_Six_Twoaslan, that's already built in to linux permissions. you have owner permissions, group permissions, and world permissions. files and directories can be attached to groups, and you also attach users to groups, giving them those permissions.08:46
JemtHello follow Ubuntuers. Does Ubuntu contain a package with additional WiFi drivers? I'm remastering Ubuntu, and would like to ensure the best possible support for wireless network adapters08:46
austiniumKimmen: ok, whats in it?08:47
=== tyler is now known as Guest7881
bazhangJemt, the linux-backports-modules08:47
Kimmenaustinium: core gnome, so you can run gnome08:47
bazhangJemt, err linux-backports-wireless-modules08:47
aslanSeven_Six_Two: i am newbie at linux , i start to use last 1 month, you say i can manage all stuff you say in linux, without a software ? and can be controller from an admin ?08:47
Jemtbazhang: Is sounds like a whole lot of packages (?)08:47
Seven_Six_Twoaslan, if you want to have one pc's partition available on other pc's, just export them with nfs08:47
Jemtbazhang: Oh, that makes sense :)08:48
Kimmenaustinium: no eye candy or extras08:48
Jemtbazhang: Thanks a lot - I'll look into it :)08:48
red2kicaslan: You probably want to try asking in #ubuntu-server too08:48
froes_Jordan_U, thanks ... the reconfigure worked perfectly08:48
austiniumiam trying to avoid stuff like plymouth, evolution etc08:48
Jordan_Ufroes_: You're welcome.08:48
Seven_Six_Twoaslan, if you're root, you have all of the control. when you do    ls -l    in the terminal, you see the permissions as groups of letters...for example   drwxrwxrwx08:49
incorrecti read somewhere that unity was going to be the default desktop of 11.04?08:49
aslanred2kic: Seven_Six_Two : thank you very much i will take a look of ubuntu-server channel08:49
=== viktoras is now known as VEndix
jrib!natty | incorrect08:50
ubottuincorrect: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.08:50
austiniumok, its a ~94mb download - gnome-core08:50
Seven_Six_Twoaslan, the first character is the type of entry. d is directory. c is character device.   then the next 9 are read,write,execute  for user,group,worls08:50
heyguiseif the dude who pointed mt to joy2pad is still here, thanks08:50
heyguisehi varun08:51
Shuujin96is 11.04 out already?08:51
aslanSeven_Six_Two: thank you, because of i am newbie, i thought it would be better with a good software GUI  , but i will take ur advice.08:51
froes_but now guys i have a new problem ... everything is mounted perfectly, but one my harddrives, that can be mounted and acessed, shows as unpartitioned space on gparted. what can it be ? what should i do ?08:51
Seven_Six_Twoaslan, try to master the command line. if you have to admin, there's nothing worse than being stuck in a gui that doesn't work, doesn't do what you want. etc08:52
austiniuminstalling gnome-core+gdm should get the user to a GUI login screen at bootup right?08:52
aslanSeven_Six_Two: thank you very much.08:52
Seven_Six_Twoaslan, check out  http://www.tldp.org08:52
austiniumKimmen:installing gnome-core+gdm should get the user to a GUI login screen at bootup right?08:52
bonjoyeeaustinium: you also need xorg-server08:53
varunubuntu natty server please08:53
Kimmenaustinium: it should yes08:53
austiniumbonjoyee:its is pulling in quite a few xserver-xorg related packages as dependencies08:54
varunhi friends,how to join ubuntu natty server08:54
bazhangvarun, /j #ubuntu+108:55
=== mis is now known as Guest96591
bonjoyeeaustinium: building from a minimal iso?08:55
bonjoyeeaustinium: ok..08:55
austiniumvarun: what do you mean by join?08:55
=== hated_bo1 is now known as hated_bob
Shuujin96hardware driver. is a major problem in ubuntu, and other linuxes right? how to install the driver in ubuntu?08:58
DaPenguinShuujin96, what driver?08:58
Shuujin96well, VGA, sound?08:59
VEndixis this a spamming channel?08:59
VEndixgo there go there08:59
bazhangVEndix, no08:59
DaPenguinShuujin96, the basic drivers should be installed by default08:59
VEndixso don't go anywhere08:59
VEndixthis is the official ubuntu help channel08:59
DaPenguinShuujin96, if you want the proprietary binary ones you can install them via the restricted-drivers installer09:00
bazhangShuujin96, system --> administration --> additional drivers09:01
Shuujin96okay, thanks for the answers.. that seems easy just like device manager..:D09:03
Shuujin96on win..09:04
vlado_anyone know why cant browse/copy share folders on lan (only to preview)?09:06
oasisTopherHello, I have ubuntu 10.04 and whenever I run sudo shutdown now from the command line it freezes, have to manually hit the power switch.  however sudo reboot now works!09:06
bonjoyeeoasisTopher: tried "sudo shutdown -h now"?09:07
llutzoasisTopher: try "suddo halt"09:07
bonjoyeeoasisTopher: for reboot try sudo shutdown -r now09:07
austiniumvlado_:open nautilus09:07
oasisTopheryeah I don't want to reboot, I want to shut  down.  so halt will be graceful?09:07
n_aksudo poweroff maybe?09:08
austiniumvlado_:click Go>Loacation...then type sftp09:08
Perinolahello all09:08
Perinolahello Alma09:08
varunhi,i am unable to install simple compizconfig in ubuntu 11.0409:09
varunhelp please09:09
red2kicn_ak:poweroff --> halt09:09
jrib!natty | varun09:09
ubottuvarun: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.09:09
curiousxhi all =)09:10
devilchaoshi guys ive committed the cardinal sin and changed my root passwd and forgot it doh is there anyway i can try and change it or jog my memory some how?09:10
AlmaNegrahello perinola09:10
austiniumbonjoyee & Kimmen: gnome-core + GDM installed, it pulled in plymouth from the repos...iam having a look at what else has been installed ;)09:11
jribdevilchaos: do you want to return ubuntu to its original state where there is no root password?  Or do you want to set a new root password?09:11
oasisTopherllutz  red2kic should I halt -f?09:11
oasisTopherllutz  red2kic should I halt -f?09:12
red2kicoasisTopher: Try halt if you haven't. If that doesn't work, well, try -f. I don't really know.09:12
devilchaosjust need it changed which ever is easiest need to remove a few linux images from boot part as im low on space there ?!09:12
llutzoasisTopher: try "sudo halt"   before forcing something09:12
=== hamiltonham is now known as EOF-gakusei
jribdevilchaos: well your first account can still sudo.  You can set a new password for root the same way you did it originally using sudo.  If you want to re-disable the root account, then you can do: sudo usermod -p '!' root09:13
devilchaosi love freenode.com09:13
cyclist_2Hello, there! is anyone here familiar with the application 'gpgdir'? It works well, until I add a file to an already encrypted directory; upon running the command 'gpgdir -O --skip-test --encrypt /this/directory' I get the following error messages: '[GNUPG:] BAD_PASSPHRASE' and '[*] Bad passphrase, try gpgdir with -v at /usr/bin/gpgdir line 624.'; now, if I decrypt the directory, add the new file to it and then encrypt it again, it works as09:14
oasisTopherthank you, goin now09:14
devilchaoscool jrib thanks09:14
jribcyclist_2: I don't think I will be able to help you, but your message was truncated at "it works as"09:15
hjr778anybody can speak chinese?09:15
jrib!cn | hjr77809:15
ubottuhjr778: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk09:16
cyclist_2jrib: ...add the new file to it and then encrypt it again, it works as before, but I believe it should also work the way I am trying to do it; or not...?09:16
hjr778i am a fresh man09:16
jribcyclist_2: I have no experience with gpgdir09:16
jiltdilframebuffer drivers for ubuntu?09:16
hjr778this is the first time to use linux os09:16
=== starcoder- is now known as starcoder
=== Kernel is now known as Wicked
jiltdilis ubuntu uses idk as framebuffer09:16
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:16
llutzjiltdil: "idk" == i don't know09:16
devilchaoswow no pastes still rule in here?09:17
jiltdilllutz:ok please tell me which drivers it used as framebuffer09:17
devilchaosoops nootifications still on duh09:17
llutzjiltdil: "idk" == i don't know   <- it has a i reason i wrote that, i really don't know, i don't care about video/framebuffer and all that stuff09:17
devilchaosvesa is a default driver that used fb mode09:18
VE2EBPguys, what app should I run as server for VNC remote desktop viewer?09:18
devilchaosim lead to belive09:18
jrib!vnc | VE2EBP09:18
ubottuVE2EBP: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX09:18
VE2EBPjrib I need something so that when I'm across the country, I can see my computer remotely09:19
mycosysve2ebp try window switch09:20
VE2EBPmycosys is this an app?09:20
VE2EBPWhere can I get this mycosys09:21
VE2EBPgreat thanks mycosys09:21
mycosysthere is a ppa for ubunty, i think maverick it is in the distro?09:21
rfvi just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a 1280*800 max res screen, and even after updating Ubuntu and the specific hardware..i am still stuck to 800*60009:21
mycosyshas a choice of connection methods09:21
rfvall the dpkg-reconf and xorg stuff open balnk files09:21
rfvhelp ?..:)09:22
=== nick is now known as maystreet
amalgamawhen i double click a .zip or .rar file, it is mounted as, lets say, a hard drive.. is that normal behavour??09:22
mycosyswhat video are you using rfv?09:22
maystreetHi, my I've just noticed my disk usage is a 97%, is there an easy way to track down the files taking up so much space?09:22
jribmaystreet: Disk Usage Analyzer in your Accessories menu09:23
maystreetjrib: no gui09:23
cyclist_2jrib: thank you, all the same.09:23
mycosyscould try restricted hardware drivers09:23
rfvwhere is that ?09:23
mycosysin the settings menu iirc09:23
mycosysor system09:23
jribmaystreet: use du and find then09:23
mylistocan anyone recommend a data scraping program for linux?09:24
shruggarsince upgrading to 10.04, my windows keep becoming "stuck" so that they are always under other windows. When this happens, the gnome-panel often turns invisible. Usually this is corrected by hitting alt+f2 and typing "metacity --replace" or "compiz --replace", but the solution is often very temporary, sometimes failing again as soon as I switch to another window.   Any ideas?09:24
=== ardchoille is now known as Guest52806
maystreetjrib: I am but du is not giving the kind of definition I'm hoping for. Is there a command line tool that can make a baobab style image and export it as a png or the like?09:24
devilchaosWicked a Wicked a Jungle is Massifffffffffffffff!!!!09:25
devilchaosthanks jrib worked a treat09:25
rfvchececk the update settings and no "restricted hardware drivers"09:25
rfvwhat is iirc ?09:25
mycosyshttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/man4/sis.4.html rfv09:26
mycosysiirc = if i remember correctly09:26
=== Gwar is now known as Guest89164
devilchaosgood to go09:26
devilchaosttfn lol09:27
rfvok thanks mycosys..:)09:28
chantineed help for install kde in ubuntu 10.409:28
ouyeswhat is your problem when installing?09:28
chantiouyes, some error occur, whilie intalling09:29
Laurencebis there a way to connect to bluetooth serial modules without sudo?09:30
Laurencebsudo rfcomm --raw connect 4  <--better than that?09:30
chanti Depends: kde-core (>=5:48ubuntu1) but it is not installable09:30
ouyespaste the errors to paste.com09:30
jribmaystreet: I do not know of such a program.  What isn't du doing that you want it to do?09:30
VCooliomaystreet: maybe you like discus http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/discus.htm09:30
chantiouyes: ok09:30
santhhow to make the built in camera work09:31
ouyeschanti, what system are you runing now?09:31
santhcan someone help me out09:31
ouyeschanti, open a terminal and run uname -ra09:31
chantiouyes, dell inspiron09:31
VCooliomaystreet: here's a list of tools that look nice http://www.ubuntugeek.com/hard-disk-usage-and-availability-report-tools.html09:31
maystreetjrib: hey sorry it keeps looking at hidden files (don't need it to do) and then going deep into directories hiding the total size of a directory making it really tricky to drill down09:32
maystreetVCoolio: cheers09:32
chantiouyes,Linux sasi 2.6.32-30-generic #59-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 1 21:30:21 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux09:33
* uLuBeY : Hello09:33
jribmaystreet: I would do something like: du -sh */  Find a big target, then move inside09:33
ouyeschanti, how do you install kde?09:33
maystreetjrib: neat, shall try09:33
chantiouyes, through synaptic package manager09:34
jribmaystreet: if you're in a place with lots of output, you can drop the -h and then pass to pipe to sort -n to make it a little easier to find the larger directories09:35
ouyeschanti, you like kde or you want a try?09:35
chantiouyes, yes09:35
maystreetjrib: oh didn't think of that, but it makes sense. Thanks!09:35
=== gigi is now known as Guest40517
quiescensmaystreet: what's wrong with boabab itself?09:35
jribmaystreet: the other approach is to just look for big files.  You could use find for that (it has some sort of size argument)09:35
maystreetquiescens: the computer has no gui (and hence no gnome)09:35
chantiouyes, now i am tying apt-get install kubuntu-desktop09:35
ouyeschanti, how does it go?09:36
maystreetjrib: yep, I just have a sneaky feeling some idiot has gone and copied a massive directory over and over again somewhere else09:36
=== Guest62522 is now known as Hexley
chantiouyes, installing is going on09:36
=== Hexley is now known as Guest31150
quiescensmaystreet: ah09:37
chantiouyes, one doubt; after intalling kubuntu, can i use gnome again09:37
ruanchanti: yes, switch back to ubuntu-desktop09:37
quiescensmaystreet: i would probably try something like ncdu09:37
ouyeschanti, there are three ways to install a package in ubuntu at least,  apt-get install, software center and synaptic manager09:37
chantiruan, thank you09:38
maystreetquiescens: looks neat, shall gave it a bash. Thanks!09:38
extra11ouyes no apitude?09:38
ouyesextra11, I use sudo09:39
chantiouyes, what is the difference among them, i would like to know09:39
ruanat the login screen, switch to whichever desktop envir. you want09:39
jiltdilwhich framebuffer drivers does ubuntu uses?09:39
chantiruan, thanks again. great guidance09:40
ouyeschanti, depend on what you are prefer,09:40
chantiouyes, thank you , i will try09:40
ouyeschanti, actually, I am a newbie here, although I have been running ubuntu since 8.0409:41
famthegeekwmware or virtualbox for ubuntu 10.04 LST?09:42
chantiouyes, i am little bit junior to you, i have been running 8.1009:42
ruanfamthegeek: virtualbox has more popularity among linux users09:42
jiltdilwhich framebuffer drivers does ubuntu uses?09:43
chantiouyes, ruan, why should not we install through synaptic package manager in 10.409:43
zxiestWhat command should I use to get info about my os?09:44
oCeanzxiest: what info?09:44
zxiestoCean version, memory usage.. etc09:44
zxiestbasic info09:45
ouyeschanti, maybe synaptic is less smart than apt-get install09:45
jiltdilzxiest:lsb_release -a    free -m09:45
oCeanzxiest: there is a lot. lsb_release -a will show version info09:45
oCeanzxiest: you can use 'top' for running processes and their resource usage09:45
zxiestcool :-)09:45
ouyeschanti, there are some dependencies for a particular package,09:45
zxiestDarn.. I have 8.10 ..09:46
zxiestThis is too old, right?09:46
oCeanzxiest: commands as 'vmstat 1' shows info on memory usage09:46
chantiouyes, ofcouse i agree with you,09:46
oCean!8.10 | zxiest09:46
ubottuzxiest: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.09:46
zxiestLet's get another one :-)09:47
zxiestThanks !09:47
chantiouyes , any way let me try once kde, i am going to log off , thanks a lot09:47
ouyeschanti, you are welcom09:47
jiltdilwhich framebuffer drivers does ubuntu uses?09:48
asiekierkamy DSi requires me to use AAC09:48
asiekierkabut i can't get faac to work09:48
asiekierkaon my test .WAV file (made by decoding a .MP3 with lame)09:48
asiekierkait crashes after under 1%09:48
asiekierkaand the resulting .aac only has the first few seconds09:48
kevin01234i need to make aplay command run in the background to keep my sound card "on", or programs crash due to a power saving "feature". how can I do this?09:53
kevin01234i've tried putting it in startup scripts, but aplay doesn't run unless *I* run it fro a command line09:53
ikoniakevin01234: aplay &09:54
jribkevin01234: hmm, can you be more specific about what you tried?09:54
ruanyep, &09:54
kevin01234there's supposedly a feature with the snd_hda_intel driver to disable the power saving, but it is already set to 0 (off) and it still does this09:55
kevin01234if i hit alt+f2 in gnome and type aplay, it doesn't stay running, but if I do it in a terminal it does09:55
jribkevin01234: did you see my question?09:56
=== RobotCow is now known as nanomachine
kevin01234yes i tried aplay & but then I have to leave the window open09:56
asiekierkagot it to work09:56
jribkevin01234: you said you tried to put it in startup scripts...?09:56
ruankevin01234: hmm. start gnome-terminal -x aplay   and leave it on another workstation?09:57
=== nanomachine is now known as RobotCow
blip-ubuntu 10.10 has no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file... have I missed some major changes ?09:58
jribblip-: yes09:58
ruansomehow i still have a xorg.conf file09:59
red2kicruan: gnome-terminal -x aplay? Are you for real?09:59
jribblip-: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config09:59
blip-thanks jrib09:59
ruanred2kic: what's wrong with that?09:59
kevin01234well aplay wavfile.wav works from the alt+f2 menu, but I don't actually want it to play anything :) i just want it to keep the sound card open09:59
jribkevin01234: you said you tried to put it in startup scripts.  What exactly did you try?10:00
waiHow long does it takes to create a server pls?10:00
red2kicruan: I don't see the -x option in "gnome-terminal --help-all"10:00
kevin01234things like /etc/rc.local10:00
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot10:00
ruanred2kic: im running irssi off gnome-terminal  -t irssi -x irssi -c irc.freenode.net right now10:00
jribkevin01234: see that link and put aplay in your session startup10:00
kevin01234i also tried startup prefs in gnome10:00
ruanwai: depends on what type of server you want to create10:01
jribkevin01234: and what happened when you tried that?  What exactly did you try?10:01
kevin01234i jsut created a new item and put aplay & as the command10:01
jribkevin01234: no &10:01
waiI would like to transfer some music or videos from one computer to an other10:01
kevin01234i think the issue is that by defaullt, aplay reads from stdin but if you're not on a terminal it can't10:02
waiOr taking control of my computer from an other i don't know how to explain10:02
kevin01234because it will happily play a wav file that way, but not just stay running when I launch it10:02
scarleowai: You have Ubuntu on both computers?10:03
kevin01234maybe there's a daemon I can use just to keep the sound card open10:03
ruanred2kic: try running "gnome-terminal -x sleep 5". it will run a gnome-terminal for 5 seconds10:03
scarleowai: you can share files with NFS, to take control of the other use remote desktop, it's in the system menu10:04
waiThanks NFS thats what i was thinking of, is it really hard?10:04
scarleo!nfs | wai10:05
ubottuwai: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.10:05
red2kicruan: It worked -- but I don't know why -x isn't in the --help section.10:05
waiOK i will check that guys thx10:06
ruanred2kic: same10:06
jribkevin01234: well the ideal solution is to figure out why the driver option didn't work.  But try just using "aplay" as the command in gnome's session preferences10:06
zxiestI'm picking an unbuntu version to use in production... Any obvious drawbacks for picking 10.10 glassfish over 10.04 server?10:08
jribzxiest: "glassfish"?10:08
ruanglassfish... what10:08
YankDownUnderThe glass might break...10:08
zxiestjrib nvm... Copied it from ec210:08
zxiestI thought it was an Ubuntu version name lol10:09
YankDownUnder10.10 works lovely as a server.10:09
YankDownUnder...I just keep the glass clean...10:09
jribzxiest: the main advantage of 10.04 server is it will have support for 5 years (so 5 years until you *need* to upgrade).  With 10.10, there's 18 months of support (then you *need* to upgrade)10:09
zxiestWhat does "need to upgrade" mean?10:10
YankDownUnderFrom a support standpoint...10:10
ruanupgrade or get no support10:10
jribzxiest: means packages are no longer supported (you don't get security updates)10:10
YankDownUnderI still have a few RH9 servers about...10:10
zxiestI see..10:10
ruanno updates at all for some10:10
tom453642356Can someone help with Skype please?10:10
zxiestI think I'll go with 10.10 :-)10:11
zxiestThanks guys!10:11
Alex_Is there an official netbook 10.10 torrent?10:11
* YankDownUnder checks to see if I'm accidentally in the Skype channel...10:11
ruanAlex_: possibly. i'll check10:11
Alex_thanks :)10:11
jrib!skype | tom45364235610:11
ubottutom453642356: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga10:11
ruanAlex_: http://ftp.ticklers.org/releases.ubuntu.org/releases//maverick/ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent10:11
YankDownUnderzxiest, I know you'll like 10.04...truly...10:11
ruanwrong one10:11
=== iflema_ is now known as iflema
zxiestYankDownUnder I'll like 10.10 as well :-)10:12
tom453642356Webcam problem: in skype the image is really dark. when i use GUVCViewer, the image isn't dark. The viewer app must correct the image, but Skype doesnt?10:12
oCeanAlex_: all images are here http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/10:12
potentadoes lvpm work with ubuntu 10.10 ?10:12
YankDownUnderzxiest, I've got it on a few servers - and am extremely happy with it's overall performance and ease of maint/admin...10:13
zxiestYankDownUnder you mean 10.10 ?10:13
YankDownUnderzxiest, Ya mon...10.10 => got it on a few servers...10:13
KimmenI have it on my home server, runs great10:13
zxiestYankDownUnder cool .. :-)10:13
Kimmen250mb ram with everything running (no X)10:14
xgt001hey every one10:14
zxiestAny chance you guys have a 10.10 on EC2 ?10:14
xgt001i have so many issues with lucid and meerkat :(10:14
Kimmenhardware or software?10:14
Kimmenwith what specifically?10:15
xgt001my laptop runs bad in lucid and maverick10:15
xgt001it runs very noisy10:15
xgt001and battery life is very less10:15
xgt001compared to win 710:15
oCeanxgt001: do you have a support question?10:16
ubottuPlease give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com10:16
Kimmenah, the system probably cant use fan control etc and acpi10:16
xgt001Kimmen: how u do tat in a gui10:16
Kimmenxgt001: do what?10:16
xgt001fan control?10:16
ravenhow to stop iptables10:17
oCeanraven: it is called ufw10:17
Kimmenxgt001: don't know since I never had the problem, either google/search the forums or hope that some1 in here can help with it =)10:17
ruanraven: ufw stop10:17
ruanraven: sudo ufw stop10:17
xgt001i did a lot off googlin but it aint help10:18
ruanraven: sudo ufw disable10:18
Kimmenxgt001: what make and model is your laptop?10:19
xgt001hp g42...10:19
xgt001core i3, 3gb ddr310:19
xgt001ati radeon 637010:19
oCeanxgt001: keep your questions/answers in single line please10:20
masok..thank...im new comer..10:20
masfrom indonesia10:21
oCeanHi mas, do you have a support question?10:21
oCeanmas, there is also an indonesian channel10:21
oCean!id | mas10:21
ubottumas: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia10:21
YankDownUnderHmmm...funny - I'm finding a heap of hardware issues with the HP G42 running literally ANY type of linux or BSD....10:21
xgt001my issues are10:21
xgt0011) laptop runs very noisy in Ubuntu.... windows runs very quiet10:21
xgt0012) battery life is almost half of what it gives in windows 710:21
masno...just my fiest check in...tks10:21
xgt0013) ati graphics driver runs badly even though its up to date....video tearing never stops10:21
FloodBot3xgt001: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:21
masthanks ocean10:22
YankDownUnderSounds like the machine is a "Win-Machine" only...which isn't suprising...10:22
oCeanmas, you're welcome10:22
Kimmenxgt001: it is definitely a problem with acpi. Ubuntu can't set fan speeds and power savings10:22
red2kicNewer Hardware -- Not in Ubuntu Hardware Database, I'm sure.10:22
Kimmenbut I can't find any specific help on the problems =/10:22
spiralsKimmen, it most certainly can set power savings and does10:22
Kimmenon everything?10:22
Kimmendisk, wireless, screen, peripherals, fan, cpu throttling?10:23
ruani cant connect to any bittorrent trackers, how can i fix this?10:23
spiralsKimmen: it's throttling my CPU right now10:23
xgt001funnily my hp desktop runs absolutely fine with ubuntu... no issues at all10:23
Kimmenspirals: ok, and you also have the HP G42?10:24
ruani can ping torrent.ubuntu.com btw10:24
spiralsKimmen: No10:24
spiralsKimmen, I'm just pointing out that the capabilities are there.10:24
YankDownUnderThe desktop and laptop have completely different hardware - so it's not like an "HP" thing...ditto with Dell junk...10:24
Kimmenspirals: yes they are but it seems that ubuntu (and perhaps all *nix distros) can't use them for the HP G4210:25
spiralsThat is unfortunate.10:25
greenITdoes anyone have an ati graphics card? i can't suspend, but i want to... can anyone help me plz?10:25
KimmenIt's not uncommon that new hardware lacks support10:25
spiralsKimmen: yeah, i have to pre-vet components :/10:26
Kimmenand many laptops have their own specific quirks and specials10:26
YankDownUnderThe companies do it on purpose....to push out substandard hardware that has only Win-drivers.10:26
KimmenUSB devices are the worst10:26
sacarlsonxgt001: I found that there is a utility to check acpi  called powertop  sudo apt-get powertop http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/powertop/10:26
creat0rI have a Static Ip address and Ubuntu server, how can i give my static ip a name?10:27
CyanureHi, I just reinstalled my ubuntu and kept my .mozzilla config directory. I have a strange problem : I need to push twice refresh (or F5) to make firefox refresh. Any idea anyone ?10:27
scarleoruan: Have you made the correct port forward in your router and opened the firewall port in Ubuntu?10:27
sacarlsoncreat0r: a name to other systems or just to yourself?10:27
Kimmencreat0r: easiest is to register for a free domain at no-ip etc.10:27
ruanscarleo: not yet. i'd need to contact my ISP to do that10:27
xgt001does any1 have similar issues with ati graphics??10:27
YankDownUnderxgt001, Um...have you looked through the HP support forums mate? Cuz it appears as though there are more than a few issues with the G42 (all versions)10:28
scarleoruan: maybe that's why you're having problems then10:28
creat0rsacarlson: i have 3 systems, mail server and web server and download and upload server10:28
creat0rsacarlson: i need to create domin and sub domain for each10:29
xgt001YankDownUnder: nope...i wan2 run ubuntu badly :(10:29
Kimmencreat0r: take a look at no-ip.com10:29
greenITi want to suspend my laptop (ati graphics card). first, it seems like everything is ok, until i try to wake it up again, because then the system is rebooting and doesn't just wake up.... can anyone help me fix this issue?10:29
ruanscarleo: i've set up port forwarding on 411 but is it possible to connect on that port?10:29
creat0rKimmen: I tried before but i want to learn how setup a dns server10:30
xgt001greenIT: i have an ati on my laptop as well but it suspends fine... did u install restricted drivers ??10:30
YankDownUnderxgt001, Mate - dunno about what magic to perform on a machine that doesn't appear to run any version of either linux or BSD...10:30
scarleoruan: is that the port your bittorrent program is using?10:30
ruanscarleo: yes10:30
Kimmencreat0r: then look at bind tutorials, there's great documentation online10:30
ravenneed a networking technican please10:30
Kimmennot that hard to set up a small domain10:31
scarleoruan: What client are you running?10:31
xgt001YankDownUnder: i have issues only with graphics and power managemnt10:31
ruanscarleo: qbittorrent10:31
greenITxgt001: nope, i run with the radeon driver (so the o/s-driver) because the prorpietary driver doesn't work that fine for me...10:31
sacarlsoncreat0r: that can be setup with a domain server from wan like http://www.everydns.com10:31
xgt001greenIT: i knw it has lotta issues but installing proprietary drivers is the only way to go10:32
greenITxgt001: hrm... damn... ok, then i have to abandon the suspend-mode^^10:33
greenITxgt001: thx for the info :)10:33
scarleoruan: Ok, never tried that one. Does it give any error message? Or does it log to somewhere?10:33
scarleoruan: also did you check your Ubuntu firewall that 411 is open10:33
ruanscarleo: i have no firewall10:34
ruanscarleo: it doesnt give an error, it says Connection timed out10:34
sacarlsoncreat0r: I guess from inside you need to setup you router to manage your port forwarding,  you can also use bind9 to handle access for your internal lan network resolveing10:34
twitchlovin ff4 ;)10:36
chuwieyHi, i'm running 10.10 and i can't get a nvidia 8600gt detected - can someone help?10:37
=== Guest31150 is now known as Hexley
=== Hexley is now known as Guest51411
ikoniachuwiey: what do you mean can't get it detected10:37
scarleoruan: Can you try to download a torrent from somewhere else to see if it's that tracker that has problems10:37
chuwieyikonia: ie. isn't recognized.. - i downloaded the drivers from nvidia.com and after running them it says no relevant hardware detected10:38
ikoniachuwiey: why did you download drivers from nvidia.com when ubuntu packages  supported drivers10:39
sacarlsonruan: I think bittorent trackers are normally on port 80 so if you can see any other site seems it's not a tracker problem.  some ISP don't like torrents and find ways to filter them10:39
pizzasFrom the command line, how do I get to the: file system/var/www ?10:40
pizzasI can only cd to my home directory10:40
ruani tried to kexec the current kernel, but it failed and kernel paniced10:40
chuwieyikonia: usually, when i install an nvidia card on ubuntu it will ask me whether i want to install proprietary 3rd party drivers. I didn't get this message, and when searching for additional drivers it didn't find any, so i went and did it myself...10:40
ikoniaruan: what are you doing trying to executre a kernel ?10:40
ruanikonia: im testing kexec10:41
ikoniachuwiey: pastebin the output of lspci10:41
ikoniaruan: who told you that's how you test it ?10:41
potentapizzas: cd /var/www10:41
sacarlsonruan: I guess to perform best you should setup port forwarding of all trafic to your torrent box,  I'm not sure what blocks they use these days10:41
ruanikonia: no one10:41
ikoniaruan: that's not a good idea10:41
ruanikonia: how am i supposed to test it then?10:42
pizzaspotenta that was too easy, I thought I tried that already.... thanks ;)10:42
chuwieyikonia: http://pastebin.com/VZY1mGnS thx10:42
ikoniaruan: what do you actually want to test in it ?10:42
ruanikonia: i wanted to test its ability to boot up a kernel without restarting10:42
ikoniaruan: what is your end goal,10:43
ikoniachuwiey: no nvidia card in that list, just an intel10:43
ruanikonia: being able to update my kernel without restarting10:43
ikoniaruan: you can't do that10:43
ruanikonia: kexec was made for that10:43
ruan!info kexec-tools10:44
ubottukexec-tools (source: kexec-tools): kexec tool for kexec reboots. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.0.1-2ubuntu2.1 (maverick), package size 75 kB, installed size 316 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 ppc64 powerpc ia64 s390 arm armel)10:44
ikoniano it wan't10:44
chuwieyikonia: yeah, i know... that's my problem.. it's in the motherboard, the fan is running... and yet, isn't detected?10:44
ikoniachuwiey: dead10:44
ikoniaruan: I know what they are for and that they can boot a kernel, but updating the kernel without a reboot is nuts10:44
chuwieyikonia: ok. :( ... one more question.. i'm trying to install boxee but software center says there is an error with apt... ?10:45
* zxiest back10:45
ikoniachuwiey: what's the error10:45
ikoniazxiest: can you please disable that away message10:45
zxiestikonia what away msg?10:46
* ikonia is back10:46
zxiestI just did /me back10:46
ikoniazxiest: ok, then please use /away for your status10:46
zxiestI wasn't away. I got disconnected10:46
oCeanzxiest: no need to announce away/back10:46
strkI bought an HPmini and installed ubuntu-netbook on it. Plugging an external monitor is giving me headaches. Text mode is good. Graphic mode up to GDM is fine, as long as I log in, it stops working10:47
=== RobotCow is now known as nanomachine
zxiestOkay.. I'll say hello next time :-)10:47
chuwieyikonia: unhandlable error. "there seems to be a programming error with aptdaemon..."10:47
strkblank external monitor, background-only in lid monitor10:47
ikoniachuwiey: I've never seen that, is boxxee in the ubuntu repos10:47
chuwieyikonia: nope. however, it had no problems installing in the past... (not necessarily this ver.)10:48
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
truepurpleWhat file system do I want to use for installing ubuntu?10:48
anshUbuntu 10.10 showing just 861.8 MiB of physical Memory instead of 3 GiB. Causing crashes and performance issues...10:49
ruantruepurple: ext410:49
ikoniachuwiey: I'm wondering (without looking in detail) if the package version is the issue, or th erepo10:49
ikoniaansh: how are you looking at your ram10:49
=== nanomachine is now known as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
truepurpleI thought there was a linux specific FS that was better to use for linux then ext410:49
anshikonia: System Monitor10:49
chuwieyikonia: i wouldn't know.. since this isn't from repo i would go with package version.. any way to check?10:50
ikoniaansh: that sshowing what's in use10:50
truepurpleSo all these other options, reiserFS, btrfs, JFS, XFS, not worth using?10:50
ikoniachuwiey: install something else from an ubuntu repo, if it works you can have reaosnalbe confidence the package manager is fine10:50
ikoniatruepurple: they are worth using for specific reasons, ext4 is the default most common10:50
truepurpleWhat reasons?10:51
chuwieyikonia: thanks for your help. have a great day.10:51
anshikonia: no, total 861.8 MiB of memory is abailable for use10:51
ikoniaansh: open a terminal and type "free" what do you see10:51
kostja_osipovhi. I lost sound after a scheduled upgrade of 10.04 on my dell e6410. all modules are loaded, there are no errors, alsamixer runs fine. yet the sound is dead. help...10:52
anshikonia: http://pastebin.com/bGaXdFEM10:52
truepurpleikonia: When do I want to use the other ones?10:53
ikoniaansh: that really is showing only 800meg, use the memtest option from your grub boot options or the livecd to test your ram10:53
ikoniatruepurple: don't worry about it, use ext4,10:53
greenIThi, i have a problem with my ati graphics card: i can't say my notebook to standby... the notebook isn't shut down when i try to standby, as it should be, but when i want to wake it up again, the notebook just reboots... how can i solve this problem10:53
anshikonia: ok, thanks..10:53
ikoniagreenIT: known long term problem10:54
Kimmenansh: perhaps you have a part shared memory for video?10:54
ikoniagreenIT: many bugs and fixes depending on your card version and driver version on launchpad.net10:54
ikoniagreenIT: no proper fix though10:54
Laurencebwhats the easiest way to backup an entire hard drive?10:54
greenITikonia: i found a solution for suspend... but nothing for standby.. do you know a solution?10:55
truepurpleikonia When I create partitions, it leaves these tiny fragments of free space, why? Like 1mb free space and a separate 73.2kb free space listed separately10:55
ikoniagreenIT: no, as I've said there are plenty on launchpad.net10:55
ikoniatruepurple: probably your block size,10:55
truepurpleBlock size?10:56
ikoniatruepurple: partition overhead maybe ?10:56
ikoniatruepurple: does it really matter ?10:56
greenITikonia: thx, then i'll look at launchpad.net :)10:56
strkhow does gdm know who's "currently logged in" and who isn't ?10:56
truepurpleWell, seems like clutter anyway, but ok10:56
ikoniastrk: when you login you start a session, that data is read by gdm10:56
strkikonia: I killed gnome-session10:56
ikoniastrk: it's also in wtmp10:57
strkanother user is in wtmp too, but gdm doesn't give him as "currently logged in"10:57
mrwescan I store my IRC server password in Chatzilla?10:57
truepurpleI want to install windows latter after this install, should I make a separate partition for it from unetbootin screen, or have windows carve out its own space, or does it not matter?10:57
ikoniastrk: how is he logged in ?10:57
ikoniastrk: ok, so that's not a gdm session10:57
strkikonia: ok, killed -bash for the user, and the "currently logged in" thing disappeared10:58
strkikonia: I'm trying to figure what made that users's session break external monitor10:58
strkikonia: another user (who didnt' touch monitor settings) can use monitor just fine10:58
strkbut this user, won't10:58
ikoniastrk: use monitor ?10:59
ikoniabreak monitor session ?10:59
sacarlsontruepurple: I would leave a free space to install another system later on this install so the next time you install you don't need a livecd to install it or risk resizeing a partition at a later time.11:00
strkikonia: a netbook with an external monitor plugged in11:00
strkikonia: I just succeeded to find that ~/.config was making the difference11:00
truepurple"Percentage of the file system blocks reserved for the super-user:" Defaults at 5%, what is this about?11:01
ikoniastrk: how is that anything to do with the gdm information you've just mentioned11:01
phoenixsamprashello, how to play blueray movies with MOVIE PLAYER?11:01
strkikonia: in no way probably, I was just afraid that "logged in" might have meant some config file were in memory already so whatever I'd do wouldn't change a thing11:02
DropSQLhi all :)11:03
strkikonia: anyway, a very though experience, for the netbook owner (not an hacker...)11:04
bhaveshanybody have worked on Eucalyptus 2.0 ?11:05
truepurplesacarlson: "Percentage of the file system blocks reserved for the super-user:" Defaults at 5%, what is this about?11:05
ikoniatruepurple: it's an emergency get out of jail overhead for a system11:05
bhaveshplz help me ?11:06
ikoniabhavesh: what's the question11:06
strkikonia: on "Detect monitors" clicking, the main monitor (netbook lid) started blinking and the only way to do anything has been switching to a virtual console or logging in from another machine trough ssh...11:06
ikoniastrk: ok11:06
bhaveshikonia: I am not able to install the Euca 2.0 successfully.11:07
bhaveshhave u tried it any time11:07
truepurpleikonia so leave it at the default 5%?11:07
ikoniabhavesh: what's the problem11:07
sacarlsontruepurple: I have no idea, never seen it11:07
ikoniabhavesh: no, I've not tried it11:07
ikoniatruepurple: leave well alone11:07
truepurpleIkonia how about all these mounting options and mounting point options?11:08
ikoniatruepurple: what about them ?11:08
sacarlsontruepurple: just make sure you pick a root  /  and should provide for a swap11:09
appi_uppihi, while reloading the synaptic packager i got this error message "Could not download all repository indexes". Just now i have installed ubuntu 10.0411:09
ikoniaappi_uppi: reload it, see if it happens again11:09
DropSQLhelp my plz, my problem: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=800613&view=&hl=&fromsearch=111:09
appi_uppiikonia: sure i will try now11:09
ikoniaDropSQL: explain your issue, basic11:09
brothersomeQuestion: Has Xubuntu a good performance on a PanelPC with 4 GB flash?11:09
truepurpleIkonia  leave them alone? Just use what it defaults as?11:10
Laurencebis it possible to sync an ext3 formatted drive with an ext4 formatted one?11:10
zxiestHow can I list my users?11:10
DropSQLikonia: i have problem with skype video call11:10
ikoniatruepurple: do you have a reason to change them, do you know what they do ?11:10
ikoniaLaurenceb: sure11:10
ikoniaDropSQL: ok,11:10
ikoniazxiest: users from what ?11:10
daniel3Wow this IRC program for Mac is crazy.11:10
zxiestcommand line11:10
newbie123Hello, I am facing a problem after installing ubuntu and kubuntu. The installation completes succesfully, but I cannot login. I give the right password, it sems to load, the screen changes, but comes back to login scren. In ubuntu I could login as the Ubuntu Desktop Safemode mode. Could anyone please help me?11:10
ikoniaDropSQL: skype is closed source, support is provided by skypy11:10
truepurpleikonia I don't know what they do, that is why I ask11:10
om26erbs_, hey!11:10
Laurencebis it possible to create a drive image of a fat32 formatted drive under ubuntu?11:11
ikoniatruepurple: ok, so unless you have a machine with a special requirement, trust the defaults11:11
* Laurenceb is trying to backup some drives11:11
brothersomedaniel3: I use jIRCii --- Java IRC client --- platform independent11:11
ikoniaLaurenceb: you can create vfat32 file systems11:11
sacarlsontruepurple: if no partitions were originaly left unasigned then it may not pick a root for you.  if it does you should be good to go11:11
bs_om26er, hello!11:11
DropSQLikonia: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=94203 it's screenshot, i think my problem in drivers...11:11
Laurencebikonia: so i have 60GB drive with 30GB fat32 partition with wondows and 26GB ext3 with ubuntu11:12
truepurplesacarlson I don't understand that11:12
Laurencebi want to back it up on a new 500GB drive11:12
ikoniaDropSQL: why do you think that11:12
daniel3brothersome, this one is called Textual11:12
Laurencebwhats the best strategy?11:12
ikoniaLaurenceb: ok, make a vfat32 partiton on the new drive, mount it, copy the data across11:12
sacarlsontruepurple: has it already auto picked a root partition location for you?11:12
DropSQLikonia: other people not have problem in skype on ubuntu11:12
ikoniaDropSQL: that doesn't mean it's a driver problem ?11:13
ikoniaLaurenceb: it really is that simple11:13
truepurplesacarlson I don't know11:13
Laurencebok, thanks11:13
DropSQLDifferences in the system for me and others'11:13
Guest7881kinda new at linux lol11:14
Laurencebikonia: i dont see vfat32 in Gparted11:14
sacarlsontruepurple: well if you continue and it returns with error of not having defined a root you will know for sure11:14
DropSQLikonia: main gifferenc in drivers11:14
ikoniaLaurenceb: what are the options11:14
ikoniaDropSQL: what drivers /11:14
Guest7881got a ?11:14
Laurencebfat32 or 1611:14
ikoniaLaurenceb: fat32 then11:14
truepurplesacarlson I don't know. One has / after it, another has /home and another /user from the list of partitions11:14
Laurenceboh ok11:14
DropSQLikonia: I do not understand the question11:14
Guest7881got a laptop with wifi it works but it wont load pages all the way anyone have a solution11:15
Laurencebhmf my '500GB' drive is really 466GB   :(11:15
ikoniaDropSQL: you said the main difference is drivers, what drivers, and main difference between what ?#11:15
sacarlsontruepurple: that sounds good  / is normally what is what it has chosen for root partition then11:15
pizzasCan I create and edit files from the command line?11:16
benlaodqui est français???11:16
ikoniapizzas: depends on the file type, but yes11:17
ikonia!fr | benlaod11:17
ubottubenlaod: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:17
rayleei been having alot of flash problems on my ubuntu 32 bit11:17
brothersomepizzas: Yes, vi or e3 or nano or pico or emacs11:17
pizzasI want to create and edit a settings.php file for drupal 711:17
ikoniabrothersome: how can you edit a video file with vi ?11:17
ikoniapizzas: ok, any text editor will work fine11:17
truepurplesacarlson: what are the /home and /usr about?11:17
DropSQLikonia: hmm... "I had a problem using Mint 10 which is still an ubuntu based system. I  downloaded from the Package manager the streamcam and it cured all the  skype camera issues. " answer in skype forum... streamcam - what is it? 11:17
ikoniaDropSQL: no idea11:18
appi_uppiikonia: do i need to configure the URL in under software source, to get udpates from other source? If so please provide me some of the trusted urls11:18
ikoniaappi_uppi: did it fail a second time ?11:18
appi_uppiikonia: yes11:18
pizzasikonia I have tried to do it in ubuntu and everything is write protected. Is that normal?11:18
brothersometruepurple: usr = Universal system root (hope that I am right)11:18
ikoniapizzas: use sudo if you need super user privileges11:18
ikoniaappi_uppi: ok, open the software sources gui, and try one of the other mirrors, that one mirror maybe having a problem11:19
sacarlsontruepurple: you can define those seperate partitions but they should default as subs of the root partititon if left to default11:19
truepurplesacarlson: So is the root one the only one worth concerning myself with, and ignore these /home and /usr labels?11:20
sacarlsontruepurple: some people like to have /home separate so that they can install new systems and use the old home in new systems without moving them11:20
rayleedoes anyone use ubuntu 32 bit linux11:20
arand!anyone | raylee11:20
ubotturaylee: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:20
pizzasikonia sudo is for the command line only, right?11:21
sacarlsontruepurple:  for personal computer just root is fine,  I like a spare partition to play with experimental systems at a later time11:21
ikoniapizzas: correct, gksudo for a graphical application11:21
appi_uppiikonia: i got this error message "Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release.gpg  Could not connect to in.archive.ubuntu.com:80 ( - connect (110: Connection timed out)11:22
mycosysikona - sudo works just fine for startin x apps11:22
ikoniaappi_uppi: yes, and I told you what to do11:22
ikoniamycosys: no it doesn't11:22
sacarlsontruepurple: a spare partition like 10 - 16 gig is big enuf to play with and can still be used as storage space later if needed11:22
ikoniamycosys: gksudo is the correct tool11:22
mycosysyes it does11:22
truepurplesacarlson: I will have at least 3, 1 for linux, 1 for windows, and a joint one. Should I concern myself which is /home and which is /usr?11:22
ikoniamycosys: no, it doesn't it does not set the enviornment correctly11:22
appi_uppiikonia: I am not sure what do you mean by mirror11:22
ikoniaappi_uppi: in the software sources application, there is a list of available ubuntu repos mirrors, select a different one than the in.archive.ubuntu.com mirror11:23
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100411:23
sacarlsontruepurple: you should be more concerned to have one also for swap, one for root of linux,  and one for windows,11:23
murphylan1RobotCow: RobotCow: Hi, I'm installing mysql on ubuntu server 10.4 , meet error "An error occurred while setting the password for the MySQL administrative user. This may have happened because the account already has a password, or because of a communication problem with the MySQL server."11:23
brothersometruepurple: usr Universal services/system root ---- Only for programs / libraries etc.11:23
appi_uppiikonia: sure, will try now11:24
murphylan1Hi all, I'm installing mysql on ubuntu server 10.4 , meet error "An error occurred while setting the password for the MySQL administrative user. This may have happened because the account already has a password, or because of a communication problem with the MySQL server."11:24
ikoniaappi_uppi: I've just tried to connect to the in.archive.ubuntu.com mirror, and it appears to be down11:24
sacarlsontruepurple: the default install should have auto created a swap partition also11:24
ikoniamurphylan1: mysql needs to be running to set a mysql password11:24
murphylan1$ mysql -u root -h localhost -p11:24
murphylan1ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)11:24
murphylan1ikonia: yes, I have set a password11:24
ikoniamurphylan1: ok, so that's why it's erroring then, you have already set a password11:25
appi_uppiikonia: oh i see.11:25
rajviHi all,Goole Earth install but application not launching ( UBUNTU 10.10 via WUBI on Dell Mini10 netbook) tried to install from normal channel as well from the .deb from google . Help Please11:25
ravenhow to ping a port?11:25
ikoniaraven: you don't11:25
brothersomeraven: ping.eu11:25
truepurpleSacarlson I don't see any partion labeled as "swap" should I be concerned about this?11:25
ZULOany1 can help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585834/ ? thanks11:25
ikoniabrothersome: that won't ping a port11:25
murphylan1ikonia: how can I do it11:25
ikoniamurphylan1: do what ?11:26
murphylan1ikonia: how to install mysql11:26
rajvi@truepurple ideally thier should b a swapdrive11:26
brothersomeI know: ping is ICMP --- Using 5/6/7 port11:26
ruan!googleearth | rajvi11:26
ubotturajvi: Google Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth11:26
murphylan1ikonia: I meet a error, when installing11:26
ikoniabrothersome: so it won't bing a port11:26
sacarlsontruepurple: is this a manual partition?  if so yes you should create a swap partition the same size or a bit biger than your system ram size11:26
ikoniamurphylan1: it's already installed if you have set a password11:26
oCeanrajvi: make sure package lsb-core is installed11:26
brothersomeping.eu for portcheck and ping11:26
rajvisure oCean11:27
murphylan1ikonia: but I can not login11:27
oCeanrajvi: it is know that if lsb-core is not installed, g-earth will not start11:27
ikoniamurphylan1: make sure mysql is running11:27
truepurplesacarlson: Why should I? I have more then enough ram to cover any memory needs for me not to have any space dedicated to virtual memory11:27
rajviThanks Ocan11:27
sacarlsontruepurple: swap space is also used for hybernate mode and other things11:27
murphylan1yes, it is running11:28
oCeanrajvi: welcome11:28
appi_uppiikonia: its working fine :)11:28
murphylan1ikonia: it is running11:28
murphylan1ikonia: i use status mysql11:28
ikoniamurphylan1: ok, so how are you trying to login11:28
ikoniaappi_uppi: great news11:28
appi_uppiikonia: thanks  a loooot :)11:28
ikoniamurphylan1: how are you trying to login11:28
murphylan1ikonia: I use mysql -uroot -p11:28
ikoniamurphylan1: then your password is wrong if it's running11:29
ZULOany1 can help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585834/ ? thanks11:29
murphylan1ikonia: $ mysql -u root -h localhost -p11:29
rajvi@oceani m installing them i think i know where is the problem11:29
sacarlsontruepurple: also if you ever play with virtualbox you will find that there is never enuf mem11:29
truepurpleSacarlson: Well, can't imagine anything other then hybernation, and couldn't the OS use its own partition for that?11:29
murphylan1ikonia: how to change the password?11:29
rajvihey  anyone uses Quicken on Ubuntu11:29
jiltdilhow to connect to windows having system?11:30
sacarlsontruepurple: no without swap you will have disable that mode and maybe others I'm not using11:30
brothersomejiltdil: Samba client11:30
oCeanmurphylan1: first you should fix this error "Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock"11:30
oCeanmurphylan1: the mysql-server might not be running. Try a stop and start again11:30
jiltdilbrothersome: should  i have to install samba client on my ubutnu and any setting on the windows side operating system11:31
ikoniamurphylan1: if you don't know the root password you'll need to do a password recovery, that's documented on the mysql.com website, you'll need to start mysql with the --skip-grant-table option,11:31
ikoniaoCean: I agree, but he assures me it's running11:31
murphylan1oCean: I try it more time11:31
sacarlsontruepurple: if you don't have disk space to spare and never turn your computer off, then don't create swap, I don't have it on my eeepc since it has too little hard disk space to spare for it11:32
rajvi@jai ho to @oCean ..tahnks once again11:33
truepurplesacarlson: With a 2tb drive, space isn't a issue, but can I hide this drive so its out of sight and out of mind?11:33
rajvi@truepurple use mount manager11:34
sacarlsontruepurple: swap partitions are never mounts so yes they are out of site11:35
rajvianyone with quicken on 10.1011:35
sacarlsontruepurple: I'm not sure but I think crash events are sometimes captured to swap11:36
truepurplesacarlson: So set aside 8gb to it?11:36
ZULOwho can help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585834/ ?11:36
sacarlsontruepurple: is that your ram size?  sounds good to me11:36
murphylan1oCean: when I run this command: sudo netstat -tap | grep mysql there is no info to show11:37
r_a_fhello - after update i have NO SOUND :(11:37
truepurplesarcalson 8gb11:38
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oCeanmurphylan1: first try: ps -ef | grep mysqld11:38
SnowmanX11Is there anybody who is good at configuration of soundcards?11:38
rayleedoes anybody have problem with flash11:39
ZULOany1 can help me with dhcp client problem?11:39
rayleeon ubuntu11:39
oCean!here | SnowmanX11 just aks your question in the channel11:39
ubottuSnowmanX11 just aks your question in the channel: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com11:39
murphylan1oCean: root@ubuntu:~# restart mysql  mysql start/running11:39
oCeanmurphylan1: no11:39
oCeanmurphylan1: ps -ef |grep mysqld11:39
truepurplesacarlson: So if ubunutu should be in the root partition, what about windows?11:39
Ti-TwI'm trying to play Minecraft, but it won't load. All I get is a black screen. I've found people with the same problem and the solution is always "get sun-java6-plugin". My computer is using AMD64 and Ubuntu Software Center tells me theres not a sun-java6-plugin for AMD64. How can I fix this problem? I'm using the IcedTea plugin right now11:39
murphylan1oCean: root@ubuntu:~# ps -ef | grep mysqld11:40
murphylan1root      2419  2243  0 19:39 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto mysqld11:40
murphylan1oCean: root      2419  2243  0 19:39 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto mysqld11:40
SnowmanX11oCean: I did many times without success. The story is long, that is why I asked for somebody who is willing to spend a time on it first.11:40
oCeanmurphylan1: ok, nothing is running, even though the startscript says it is.11:40
sacarlsontruepurple: seems windows likes partition /dev/sda1  so maybe set that aside for windows if posible11:40
murphylan1oCean: what can i do?11:41
oCeanmurphylan1: have a look in /var/log/mysql/error.log why it does not start11:41
jiltdilhow to acess windows file from ubuntu ?11:41
truepurplesarcarlson: I do not understand, are you speaking of a mounting point option? I don't see that listed11:41
sacarlsontruepurple: I would think it must be operator error that causes problems when windows attempts to install to other partitons.  many will tell you to install windows first, and I would agree,  it's easy for me to add ubuntu to a windows box, not easy for me to add windows to a ubuntu box11:42
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.11:43
SnowmanX11jiltdil: mount the ntfs drive to your filesystem temporary (mount) or constans (fstab)11:43
truepurpleWell I need to install ubuntu first11:43
ZULOany1 can help me with dhcp client problem?'11:43
sacarlsontruepurple: I run all my windows these days in virtualbox and don't even have dual boot any more11:43
SnowmanX11jiltdil: if it is on another machine: samba11:43
Ti-TwI'm trying to play Minecraft, but it won't load. All I get is a black screen. I've found people with the same problem and the solution is always "get sun-java6-plugin". My computer is using AMD64 and Ubuntu Software Center tells me theres not a sun-java6-plugin for AMD64. How can I fix this problem? I'm using the IcedTea plugin right now11:43
murphylan1110321 10:47:26 [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled.11:43
murphylan1110321 10:47:27  InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 4423311:43
SnowmanX11jiltdil: if it is a same (e.g. dualboot) than my first line11:44
murphylan1oCean: Version: '5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10'  socket: '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'  port: 3306  (Ubuntu)11:44
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jiltdilsnowmanx11: to acess file from other computer having window i have to first install samba on ubuntu and is there any criteria that should be on that window machine?11:44
oCeanmurphylan1: does the socket file exist? "ls -al /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock"11:45
kz3guys how can i run windows application on ubuntu?11:45
karlhegTi-Tw: You have to add partner repository for Maverick, IIRC.11:45
ruankz3: wine11:45
ruan!wine | kz311:45
ubottukz3: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:45
ZULOwho can help me with dhcp client problem?11:46
murphylan1oCean: ls: cannot access /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock: No such file or directory11:46
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truepurplesacarlson: well I will duel boot and need to put ubuntu first. So how should I set up these root file systems?11:46
murphylan1oCean: no that file11:46
margaret12122121hi everyone, im having a problem with the java plugin, both sun(oracle) java and openjdk plugin wont run some java applets that just yesterday ran, no updates, i emptied java cache i deleted the home i reinstalled java, for info about the applets please feel free to ask11:46
oCeanmurphylan1: in that case, I don't see why the startup scripts says it is running.11:48
=== letenkov is now known as huffman
huffmanhi all11:48
ZULOany1 can help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585834/  ?11:48
pizzasIf I have a folder which is locked where I want to use drush for a site-install of drupal 7 how do I do that? How do I change the permisssions (unlock) a folder in the file system?11:49
Ti-Twkarlheg: How do I do that?11:49
murphylan1oCean: While installing the MySQL server, I got the following message popped up.11:49
karlhegTi-Tw: Just a sec...11:49
Ti-Twkarlheg: I'm using 10.04, not 10.1011:49
murphylan1oCean: An error occurred while setting the password for the MySQL administrative user. This may have happened because the account already has a password, or because of a communication problem with the MySQL server.11:49
sacarlsontruepurple: what are the systems usage plans?  what is the 2 tb disk space going to be used for?  for me I would have sda1 = 20 gig , for windows, sda2 = 20 gig spare, sda3 = 8 gid swap, sda4 = root "/" the rest or maybe save for extension so others can be added later11:50
rusty149ZULO: Are you trying to make a wireless connection without network-manager?11:50
margaret12122121please anyone?11:50
murphylan1oCean: You should check the account’s password after the package installation.Please read the /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.1/README.Debian file for more information.11:50
oCeanmurphylan1: yes, that is all clear to me11:50
karlhegTi-Tw: http://www.clickonf5.org/linux/how-install-sun-java-ubuntu-1004-lts/777711:50
oCeanmurphylan1: your mysql sever is not running, but I don't see why your upstart scripts says it is11:50
pizzasHow do you turn of write protection on folders and files?11:51
murphylan1oCean: you can let me do what you want, I follow you11:51
pizzasturn off11:51
sacarlsontruepurple: but that's just because I don't use windows and would only use it for experiments,  maybe windows is your primary usage?11:51
zxiesthow can I create/delete users?11:51
ortsvorsteherpizzas, you can use chmod. try the manpage11:51
ortsvorsteherzxiest, with useradd and userdel command.11:52
karlhegpizzas: Right-click from Nautilus file manager and you'll see a tab that lets you set those permissions... or, open a terminal and type: man chmod11:52
zxiestortsvorsteher thanks :-)11:52
ortsvorsteheryw :)11:52
margaret12122121hi everyone, im having a problem with the java plugin, both sun(oracle) java and openjdk plugin wont run some java applets that just yesterday ran, no updates, i emptied java cache i deleted the home i reinstalled java, for info about the applets please feel free to ask11:52
karlhegzxiest: There's a tool in the System -> Administration menu.11:53
zxiestkarlheg I'm using ssh...11:53
mrdebwhat's the difference between kword and openoffice writer11:53
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anshInstall button is missing from Ubuntu Software Center11:54
karlhegzxiest: So you need to use the chmod command.11:54
FloodBot3ansh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:54
Guest39460margaret12122121 what's your problem??11:54
Guest39460the pages with java doesn't run?11:54
karlheginfo coreutils 'chmod invocation'11:54
murphylan1oCean: how can I run the mysql-server11:54
creat0rI followed 2 tutorial similar to this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=236093 but non of them worked. somebody help me to setup bind9 and give my ip a doamin name11:55
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zxiestkarlheg thanks :-)11:55
margaret12122121guest39460: here one http://www.virtualnes.com/play/?id=NES-VU&s=311:56
Guest39460open your browser in the terminal11:57
murphylan1oCean: my error as seem as this url:http://lists.mysql.com/mysql/22335711:57
inckieis there a way i can force a specific res? If i start my mediacenter while the TV is off, the res i at it's lowest11:57
Guest39460and open that page11:57
ZULOany1 can help me with dhcp client error please?11:57
sacarlsoncreat0r: is your wan address static also?11:57
margaret12122121guest39460: then what?11:57
creat0rsacarlson: yes i have static ip11:58
v_vmurphylan1: mysqld is not ruunig11:58
v_vmurphylan1: sorry,   running11:58
sacarlsoncreat0r: you don't use a adsl box or you have a contract with your ISP for this?11:58
baldarishey guys new to ubunut , I am trying to log into Windows based VPS ..What can i use something similar to remore desktop in windows?11:58
murphylan1v_v: can you help me, how can I do ir11:58
ikoniabaldaris: ubuntu has a remote desktop client11:58
murphylan1v_v: how can I do it?11:58
v_vmurphylan1: check the mysqld log, and maybe something is wrong11:59
oCeanv_v: yes, we have esablished that, but the upstart script says it is running, and not (re)starting the mysqld process11:59
truepurplesacarlson: well I will duel boot and need to put ubuntu first. So how should I set up these root file systems? (lost internet connection)11:59
Guest39460then copy here what appears in the terminal11:59
margaret12122121guest39460: nothing lol11:59
murphylan1v_v: root      2475  0.0  0.0   7624   928 pts/0    S+   19:57   0:00 grep --color=auto mysqld11:59
margaret12122121guest39460: did you mean "copy the java console output"11:59
baldarisikonia, are you talking about one  in preferences remote desktop that isnt working11:59
Guest39460copy the text11:59
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v_vmurphylan1: i mean the mysqld log. it should be /var/log/mysqld something like that12:00
margaret12122121guest39460: $ firefox12:00
Guest39460the text that appears in the terminal12:00
ikoniabaldaris: why isn't it working12:00
Guest39460and then?12:00
margaret12122121guest39460: thats all i have in my cli12:00
ZULOwhy dhcpclient says me that DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 14?12:00
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margaret12122121guest39460: ye12:00
=== Guest85409 is now known as Guest48150
sacarlsontruepurple: did you get this? ruepurple: what are the systems usage plans?  what is the 2 tb disk space going to be used for?  for me I would have sda1 = 20 gig , for windows, sda2 = 20 gig spare, sda3 = 8 gid swap, sda4 = root "/" the rest or maybe save for extension so others can be added later12:00
Guest39460thats extrange12:00
murphylan1v_v: /var/log/mysql/error.log12:00
Dinux_hi there , i have problem with wine12:00
Guest39460do you have java plugin and jdk plugin installed??12:01
baldarisikonia, it works but i think its for sharing my screen with others..I want to loginto a remote desktop(VPS) located else where12:01
v_vmurphylan1: anything found in it ?12:01
Guest39460i think, you only need one of them12:01
v_vDinux_: what's wrong ?12:01
margaret12122121Guest39460: yep, yesterday it worked too, today  i retried both with openjdk and sun java, another java app works but this doesnt anymore12:01
|Long|good morning have anyone here used crypt script?12:01
anshInstall button is missing from Ubuntu Software Center12:01
pizzaskcarlheg ortsvorsteher learning how to use the command line is a steep and difficult learning curve! sigh12:01
Dinux_v_v : when i want to uninstall a program , it doesnt do it !12:01
Guest39460try this page12:01
v_voCean: ;-) maybe we need to take a look at the log12:02
Guest39460also run with javaa12:02
creat0rsacarlson: we have a contract with vodafone they give us about 19 static ip address12:02
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oCeanv_v: we did. The thing is upstart keeps saying it is running, while it is not. There is no process, and no socket file12:02
margaret12122121guest39460: works12:02
v_vDinux_: did you got any error messages >12:02
MaterMorbican someone give me an information?12:02
truepurpleSacarlson No I didn't get that, I plan to use this system for movies, games, etc. I don't see any special usage that would make any particular dictations on partitioning12:02
Guest39460i dont understand xd12:02
Guest39460why lol12:03
Dinux_v_v : no12:03
margaret12122121guest39460: by the way, u got me in a flirt chat of some kind? lol i read flirt12:03
v_vDinux_: maybe you can just delete the dir where the program is12:03
Guest39460in a german chat12:03
sacarlsoncreat0r: ok then the only problem I see is you need two different dns one for the wan side and the other for inside,  I use bind9 for my internal network and everydns.com for outside.12:03
v_vDinux_: usually it's in your home ./wine12:03
truepurpleWhat is sda1. sda2 etc?12:03
Dinux_v_v : is it safe to do this ?12:03
Guest39460to practice german haha12:04
v_voCean: that may happen, i guess the script check the pid file to see if it's running12:04
v_vDinux_: not all the .wine12:04
truepurpleSacarlson: What is sda1. sda2 etc?12:04
sacarlsoncreat0r: but since you have a static ip I guess you could be your own dns server for both sides but the problem I see is the the ip are still different12:04
MaterMorbiwill i lose windows files that are positioned at the end of the disk when i resize my hd while installing ubuntu?12:04
Dinux_v_v : thank you12:04
v_vDinux_: find the dir where just the program is , you can mv it to another place first12:04
murphylanv_v: I have send the message to you.12:04
oCeanv_v: is there a pid file? I figured it checked the socket file (which is not there)12:04
LjLMaterMorbi: no, they get moved (but of course it would be best to have a backup just in case it goes wrong)12:05
creat0rsacarlson: what ip u mean are different ?12:05
v_voCean: some daemons write pid files12:05
sacarlsoncreat0r: oh I assumed you still went through a nat on your internal network from what I saw in the link but maybe you don't?12:05
MaterMorbihmm... it will be quite hard to make a backup and store it somewhere... anyway thanks for the info.12:05
MaterMorbidamn notebook XD12:05
v_voCean: usually in /var/run/xxx.pid12:06
oCeanv_v: yeah I know12:06
=== zxiest is now known as zxiest[a]
creat0rsacarlson: No i don't12:08
truepurplesacarlson: ?12:08
sacarlsoncreat0r: ok cool then we can setup your bind9 as your internal and external dns12:08
creat0rsacarlson: how i tried couple how to but no way12:08
sacarlsontruepurple: yes that's my name don't ware it out12:09
truepurpleacarlson: What is sda1. sda2 etc?12:09
murphylanHi oCean12:09
murphylanoCean: are you there12:09
LjLtruepurple: partitions on your first hard drive12:09
ruanhow can i find out if my external ip is my ip?12:09
Laurencebhi, i want to backup a fat32 formatted drive12:09
sacarlsontruepurple: those are partition names /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2  they maybe named /dev/sdb1 .... on your system?12:09
Laurencebam i pest using something like clonezilla?12:09
v_vruan: vist a web site which can tell you your ip12:10
ruanv_v: is that my real ip though?12:10
v_vruan: what do you mean, real12:10
truepurpleSacarlson: partition names don't have a effect on anything. You mean mounting point names?12:10
ruanv_v: well, how can i verify that12:10
v_vruan: i don't get 'that'12:11
murphylanoCean: I run apt-get autoremove mysql-server , then run apt-get install mysql-server , it is stop at 'setting up mysql-server-5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10'...12:11
=== huffman is now known as _huffman_
ruanv_v: i want to check whether that ip is truly my external ip12:11
sacarlsontruepurple: I gave them names and purpuse it's up to you where you want to put them12:11
murphylanv_v: I run apt-get autoremove mysql-server , then run apt-get install mysql-server , it is stop at 'setting up mysql-server-5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10'...12:12
sacarlsontruepurple: you may have also noticed I gave them size12:12
v_vruan: ip protocol, an ip packet holds the source ip which usually is your ip12:12
niko-nojoHi room - has anyone got any experience of installing Twiki 5.01 on Ubuntu 10.04. I'm really struggling with the apache configuration part of it. I've spent a day trying to resolve it but I'm stuck and very frustrated :(12:12
petahello everybody12:12
v_vmurphylan: any error message12:12
truepurpleSacarlson: You said 20gb spare partition, why?12:12
murphylanv_v: no message12:12
bonez2046how can I change the login delay at the initial login screen? If I get my password wrong, takes literally 4 minutes before it will let me enter the password again12:13
v_vmurphylan: so the apt doesn't return ?12:13
murphylanv_v: yes12:13
sacarlsontruepurple: as I said before to install without a livecd, I do expeiments like that and when I install new system I like a fall back12:13
murphylanv_v: it stop12:13
murphylanv_v: it stop at setting up....12:14
truepurpleWhat mounting point options should I use for each of them? Like what mounting point option should I use for the one meant for windows?12:14
sacarlsoncreat0r: that link looked good I'm not sure what your problem might be, did you assign your registry to the dns?12:14
v_vmurphylan: is your mysqld running12:14
murphylanv_v: yes, it is running12:14
tstaerkhi, what is Ubuntu's default umts connection program?12:15
v_vmurphylan: can you stop it ?12:15
sacarlsoncreat0r: was the problem you have on the internal network or external?12:15
tstaerkI found it is the only one working for me12:15
murphylanv_v: i try it12:15
creat0rsacarlson: my ip address already has a host name12:15
truepurplesacarlson: What mounting point options should I use for each of them? Like what mounting point option should I use for the one meant for windows?12:15
ruanbonez2046: that's a security measure. though you can try to not get your password wrong12:15
sacarlsontruepurple: the only mount point you need for ubuntu is root /12:16
petai got a remote machine based on 10.04. during the the last days i set it up, did finetuning and securing. now i want to "clone" the system, transfer the image via ssh to my local machine and use it in a virtual machine. the remote machine has has a 2x750gb RAID1 setup. the problem is that i only want to "clone" the actual os files (users,groups,packages, settings, asf.) without the grub settings, so that i can just copy the image to my v12:16
petawithout a neat. which solutions would you suggest? 12:16
zxiest[a]how can I elevate my permissions and not have to type sudo with every command?12:16
bonez2046ruan: so are you saying, the time period there can't be changed?12:16
ruanbonez2046: it could be changable. im not sure how though12:16
truepurpleSacarlson: What about the one for windows?12:16
Dinux_hi , i am still having a problem with wine , i have to programs i installed from wine , but when i want to uninstall these programs , it doesnt do it12:16
ruanzxiest[a]: sudo -i12:16
zxiest[a]ruan thanks :-)12:16
tstaerkDinux_, make sure you also ask at #wine12:17
bonez2046ruan: it's a mystery....12:17
sacarlsontruepurple: you can auto mount it at boot normally it will be automounted at /media/???12:17
cjaeI have two directories that are on an smb share, is there anyway to see the two directories as one?12:18
truepurpleSacarlson: I didn't understand that, are you saying windows will change any mounting point options to what it will need at that time?12:18
cjaeon a *12:19
sacarlsontruepurple: we are talking about ubuntu mount points not windows,12:19
petacjae: do their imemdiate sub-directories/-files change?12:19
ruanhmm. my glcells screensaver isnt working as expected12:19
ruanwhen the cells reach the end of the screen, it restarts from one cell :c12:19
truepurpleSacarlson: We are talking about both, I am duel booting remember?12:20
sacarlsontruepurple: ubuntu will auto detect any disks it see's on the system at boot and if you setup your user with privliges will allow them to auto mount them12:20
cjaepeta: not sure what you mean?12:20
sacarlsontruepurple: when windows install you will have to know where you want to install it that's why I gave you names /dev/sda1 that will be it's root and the only partition that it will see12:21
truepurpleSacarlson: I don't understand.12:21
sacarlsontruepurple: well I don't know the names that windows uses so you will have to look up windows install elsewhere12:22
truepurpleSacarlson: Name labels on partitions have no effect on anything, right?12:22
petacjae: look, you could exclude those two folders from being shared/publicly visible and instead create an additional empty dir, and put hard links from all of your two dirs  immediately sub-directories/-fiolders into it.12:23
sacarlsontruepurple: these are not name labels these are partition locations.  have you used fdisk or gparted before?12:23
Laurencebcan i use dd to copy between two partitions?12:24
sacarlsontruepurple: I'm not sure lables have any effect but uuid does and that's inside the partition after format12:24
Laurencebor can it only be used to  copy an entire drive image?12:24
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truepurpleI have used fdisk before, but it was a long time ago, I don't remember such a option anyway12:24
cjaepeta: ok I think I got ya thanks12:25
truepurplesacarlson: I don't understand. So how do I need to set up the partition meant for windows?12:25
sacarlsontruepurple: just leave them unused12:26
sacarlsontruepurple: unformated even better12:26
petacjae: but note: files/folders added to the two original folders won't appear automatically inside the newly created "fake-directory"12:26
scarleoAre there any media players that can be controlled via a remote gui?12:26
erUSUL!info mdp | scarleo12:26
ubottuscarleo: Package mdp does not exist in maverick12:26
erUSUL!info mpd | scarleo12:26
ubottuscarleo: mpd (source: mpd): Music Player Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.15.10-1ubuntu3.1 (maverick), package size 176 kB, installed size 508 kB12:26
petacjae: you either must add links for them manually or setup an inode watcher script that does this automatically12:27
cjaepeta: ok and soft linking wouldnt work?12:27
GenericBoxWould anyone be able to help me with a USB issue?12:27
scarleoerUSUL: thanks, I'll have a look12:27
petacjae: should work too ... just try it12:27
truepurplescarlson: is it true one can only partition a single hard drive 4 ways?12:28
sacarlsontruepurple: if each of your ip already have a hostname then it seems your almost done.  as my system I just setup so that *.mydomain.com is always the same ip won't that work?12:28
GenericBoxUbuntu 10.10 (Kernal 28) isn't mounting my USB drive (WD Passport) as of today. And I can't click on "Places" from the desktop. I get this error: "Could not display "computer:". Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations.12:29
petacjae: but wait ... i'm not sure. when their original targets are moved/deleted, they will still exist ... pointing to null. hard links on the other side, will be automatically deleted too, "adapting" their acutal link-target respectively12:29
sacarlsontruepurple: sorry wrong name on that last one12:29
GenericBoxSame happens for Network menu too.12:29
cjaepeta: thanks but the sub-dir and files change so...12:29
sacarlsoncreat0r: if each of your ip already have a hostname then it seems your almost done.  as my system I just setup so that *.mydomain.com is always the same ip won't that work?12:30
GenericBoxCan anyone help? ["Could not display "computer:". Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations.] error and no USB (or Windows HDD) drive mounting.12:31
sacarlsoncreat0r: oh I think I remember you want this.domaon.com got to ip1  and that.domain.com goto ip2 ...12:31
Laurencebdd if=/dev/sda1 of=/media/external_drive_fat/backup.img12:31
Laurencebwould that backup an image of a partition?12:32
Laurencebas a file on my fat32 formatted external drive12:32
sacarlsonLaurenceb: I've never done it on fat32 but I guess so12:35
sacarlsonLaurenceb: you could test it by trying to mount the image to prove it12:35
Laurencebhow do i mount an image?12:35
murphylanHi all, how to set the root password of mysqlserver?12:36
Laurencebi tried using dd on the partitions directly, but that wont work will it?12:36
GenericBoxI just restarted on old kernel and still had the same problem with my USB and Places menu -- can anyone help?12:36
Laurencebit has to be over an entire drive?12:36
creat0rsacarlson:  I want to browse mydomain.com instead of http://ipaddress. which mean when you browse mydomain.com redirect you to my server's ip address12:37
snapphow do you debug on ubuntu network adapter?12:37
ruanis it safe to set the fan speed higher?12:38
sacarlsonLaurenceb: sudo losetup -d /dev/loop0 ;sudo losetup  /dev/loop0 $LOOPFILE12:38
Laurencebwhat does that do?12:38
GenericBoxOkay I can still mount my USB and HDD manually and through Disk Util -- but  even when mounted I still cannot access Computer or Places menu items.12:39
GenericBox[Could not display "computer:".] Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations.12:40
snapphow do you debug on ubuntu network adapter?12:40
Ddordawhen Canonical releases Ubuntu usually? (hour)12:41
erUSULsnapp: define "debug"? it does not work at all? or what?12:42
erUSUL!details | snapp12:42
ubottusnapp: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:42
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic12:42
DdordaToGeL4119: that was for me?12:42
truepurplesacarlson: still willing to help me?12:43
ruanwhy do i have to remove gtk if i want to remove cups?12:43
ToGeL4119italiani ?12:43
ToGeL4119ci sono????12:43
oCean!it | ToGeL411912:43
ubottuToGeL4119: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:43
DdordaToGeL4119: non sono italiano ma parlo piu o meno :P12:43
ubottuלשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:12:44
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il12:44
truepurpleMay I please get some help with partitioning?12:44
ToGeL4119Ddorda: pvt plsd12:44
GenericBoxI am using Ubuntu 10.10, this problem occurs on all kernels listed on grub, my devices are not automatically mounting, and when I click "Computer" "Network" or "Trash" from Places or Gnome I get the following error: [Could not display "computer:".] Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations. Can anyone help?12:45
GenericBoxThis has happened since running update.12:45
asmod4noh hi, got the following setup on my ubuntu-server, eth1 is connected to my adsl-modem, eth0 is connected to my lan, the adsl-modem also has a wifi AP, how do i have to setup the routing so wifi clients and lan clients can connect to the internet (ppp0)?12:45
asmod4ndo i just have to give eth1 a ip and announce that via dnsmasg?12:46
erUSULasmod4n:why don't you connect the lan directly to the modem/router/AP?12:47
asmod4nthe router lacks some basic support i need for the clients12:47
cablophello people, i have this question, how can i mount a remote directory in both windows and linux and preserve the permissions the folder have in the remote computer?12:49
ruanwhy do i have to remove gtk if i want to remove cups core?12:49
erUSULasmod4n: just configure the ubuntu server as router. enable ip forwarding and set up the iptables rules12:50
erUSUL!ics | asmod4n12:50
ubottuasmod4n: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php12:50
akagi82anyone know how to install firmware via telnet in terminal?12:50
cablopruan, which gtk? some packages are metapackages12:50
ruancablop: gtk212:50
truepurpleMay I please have some help setting up partitions?12:51
jribtruepurple: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)12:51
cablopruan, check the package, you can check if this is just a metapackage, if thatś the case you can safely remove cups, but if it's not then better to keep the package and find a way to disable it12:51
liminal_Hello I have a visual problem with ubuntu, for some reason my screenout seems to have turned monochrome or nightview12:52
truepurpleIts too complicated to ask on a single line, and Id hate to have to write a long thing without knowing if anyone is listening12:52
ruancablop: i have it disabled, but it's wasting hdd space12:52
liminal_I think i activated by mistake with athe keyboard12:53
jribtruepurple: well think of it this way.  Suppose someone had said "sure, I don't know if I can help you but if you tell me what you are trying to do then I might be able to".  What would your next line be?  Say that :)12:53
cbkiaI was installing Ubuntu.. But it' stuck at 80% (Configuring target system) for over half an hour.. .Is my installed screwed ????12:53
MnCCis it possible to make packages without source code ?12:53
truepurpleI would explain the issue12:53
jribMnCC: sure see the nvidia drivers for example12:53
pizzasare there any drush users here?12:54
jribMnCC: or flash12:54
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cbkiacbkia: Shld i restart and try again12:54
jribpizzas: #drupal-support is probably a better place for that12:54
pizzasthanks jrib12:54
MnCCjrib: thanks, got rid of transmission, going to build a uTorrent package =)12:54
liminal_does anyone know what the shortcut key for nightview is in ubuntu?12:54
cbkiaI was installing Ubuntu.. But it' stuck at 80% (Configuring target system) for over half an hour.. .Is my installed screwed ????12:55
symptomHow are ATI drivers for Ubuntu these days.  It has been a while since I have built a box with an ATI card in it?12:55
jribtruepurple: yes, do that.  Do it one line and add relevant details/logs in a pastebin12:55
gopperIs there a global-menu support for KDE applications under ubuntu 10.04?12:55
cablopC and D exist in server, but are not part of music group12:56
cbkiaC'mon folks....... I was installing Ubuntu.. But it' stuck at 80% (Configuring target system) for over half an hour.. .Is my installed screwed ????12:56
cablopruan, dd is not a hard issue except if you are running a very limited device12:57
jribcbkia: did you run "check the cd for defects" before performing the install?12:57
ruancablop: my hdd is 80gb12:57
symptomcbkia, Might be your HDD12:57
cablopruan, i meant hard disk space of ubuntu packages is rarely a big issue, anyway you can do a sudo apt-get autoremove in the command line to delete the unused packages12:58
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symptomcbkia, it also depends on your system. did you check the install disc before running it?12:58
cbkiasymptom: I too think soo.... Is there any tool, which can identify which part of my HDD is spoilt12:58
scarleoliminal_: I don't think there is one by default but you can set it up with ccsm12:59
_antant_can someone point me in the direction of a guide on inserting a driver into a custom kernel? I've got a driver that in ubuntu I have to make & make install, but I want to insert it into a kernel12:59
symptomcbkia, spinrite is regarded as one of the best12:59
symptomit is $75 one time13:00
symptomand you own it forever13:00
liminal_scarleo I have activated one by default!13:00
liminal_I need to turn the dam thing off13:00
symptomcbkia, or you could run fsck for free but it wont necessarily fix your disk13:00
symptomHow are ATI drivers for Ubuntu these days.  It has been a while since I have built a box with an ATI card in it?13:00
bittinHello there, do there exist any last.fm plugins for audacious?13:01
scarleoliminal_: ok, never heard of. You haven't accidentally just switched theme or something?13:01
cbkiasymptom: Yeah, i tried running.. But it returned it as CLEAN13:01
_antant_symptom: no vdpau, like nvidia have, but it did me ok13:01
GenericBoxI am using Ubuntu 10.10, this problem occurs on all kernels listed on grub, my devices are not automatically mounting, and when I click "Computer" "Network" or "Trash" from Places or Gnome I get the following error: [Could not display "computer:".] Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations. Can anyone help?13:02
_antant_hardware 3d acceleration I believe13:02
scarleoliminal_: or maybe one of the accessibility features?13:02
scarleoliminal_: you can see all your keyboard shortcuts in system->prefs->Keyboard shortcuts13:03
divamillerneed some help13:03
borillioncan someone explain to me what a "I still all "gEDA" stuff under a "geda" prefix" means ?13:03
divamillerhow do you tell whether you are using the 64 bit version of ubuntu or the 32 bit13:03
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