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alex__hey anyone can help?03:02
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davygravylooking for someone who knows network ARP & ICMP issues to assist w/ a small script I want to write...18:36
CharlesAchecking to see if a host is up davygravy ?18:39
davygravyI've got an NAS device that has a netconsole-enabled bootloader.  Device needs to be able to ping a host @ IP aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd for the bootloader to autoload the kernel.18:40
CharlesAthat sounds like a pain18:40
davygravythe IP is reserved, and the machine that it belongs to needs to be off frequently18:40
CharlesAI was going to suggest just pinging the default gateway and leaving it at that18:41
CharlesAIs the ip it needs to ping hard coded?18:41
davygravyyes, the IP is hardcoded in the bootloader18:42
CharlesAfigures lol18:42
davygravycant be gateway18:42
davygravyso I want to script that I can run on my router to listen for the request, and then spoof back response18:42
davygravyI know the ip of the bootloader,
davygravyI can just listen for that, and when the router hears it, ping back w/ a spoofed ip.  18:44
davygravybtw this is LAN only, not WAN18:44
davygravywhich util should I use?  arping?18:45
CharlesAThat's a bit out of my area of expertise. =/ I'd probably just be lazy and use wake on lan from the router to wake up the target PC so the NAS loads, but that's a nasty hack18:45
* davygravy wonders if there is a utility that can __listen___ for a packet from a specific IP addy18:46
CharlesAmight be.18:48
davygravyhmm... the WOL is not a bad idea, though.  The original idea of ping from the bootloader was to signal a tftp server to send the NAS an initrd, in case of hard drive failure18:48
CharlesAThat makes sense in case of hard drive failure, but I really have no idea how hard/easy it would be to implement18:49
davygravyCharlesA, is there a network-centric channel for Ubuntu?18:50
CharlesAdavygravy: Not that I know of18:51
CharlesAAre you a member of the forums?18:51
CharlesAMight try posting in Server platforms or programming talk18:51
davygravyyes, good idea, thank you, that'll do....18:52
davygravyjust verbalizing it has crystallized the requirements a bit better for me ...18:52
CharlesAThat's a good thing.18:52
CharlesASometimes it's hard to explain what you want to accomplish18:53
davygravyI could even set the tftp server on the router, that might be easiest... can change the server addy on the NAS by going into its NVRAM18:53
CharlesASomething like that.18:53
CharlesAFigure it would be easier to deal with if it was set to ping a machine that was always on18:54
davygravyyes, it was set up to ping the "dev box", my powerhungry quadcore tower...18:55
CharlesAmmmm power18:55
davygravynot very green when it come to electrical consumption18:55
CharlesAI bet. I've got a dual core server set up that's set up as my NAS, probably not that green either, but it isn't as bad as a quad core18:55
davygravythe NAS only draws about 20Watts, the quadcore has a 700W PSU18:56
CharlesANot bad at all.18:57
davygravyI'm guessing the router will only draw 10 or 1518:57
CharlesAWhat router are you running?18:57
davygravyRT-N16, Asus, TomatoUSB 2.6 kernel, with optware18:57
CharlesAsounds.. beefy18:58
CharlesAI'm running a Dlink DIR-615 with DD-WRT18:58
davygravy615, need to look that up... dd-wrt is very good18:59
BachstelzeI'm running a Soekris 4501 with OpenBSD <318:59
CharlesAit's a crappy Wireless N router, 10/100 switch on it, cheap :P18:59
CharlesABachstelze: Standalone box?19:00
BachstelzeCharlesA: aye19:01
CharlesASounds like a nice set up19:01
Bachstelzethose boxes are lovely19:01
BachstelzeI have another one that I use to experiment with embedded stuff19:02
CharlesAwow. those are nice19:02
CharlesAwould make a great low power router, that's for sure.19:03
* davygravy hears "embedded", smiles19:04
davygravyyes, build your own is alway the most fun19:04
* davygravy used OpenEmbedded, Buildroot, various other toolchain...19:06
davygravyfoonas.org, too19:06
* davygravy extends a "thank you" handshake toward CharlesA, waves goodbye to him & Bachstelze ... off the the Ubuntu Server irc channel19:09
CharlesAgood luck19:09
Bachstelzeyou know, you don't have to leave a channel to join another one ;19:10

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