mungo-i bought 3 packs of 20 for ubuntuone, and i'm having an issue on natty.  only 32MB has been uploaded and i've marked data for backup for hours and hours.01:48
jo-erlendcan someone help me a little bit with using desktopcouch in python? Or maybe there's a better place to ask?12:05
faganjo-erlend: Im not great a desktop couch12:13
jo-erlendI'm preparing something to paste :)12:13
duanedesignhello jo-erlend12:14
duanedesignyou can ask, does not hurt. If someone knows they will chime in12:15
duanedesignhello mr fagan12:15
jo-erlendhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/585843/ <-- How do I get only documents where doc.user == "jo-erlend"=12:21
jo-erlendin other words: how do I provide key, startkey, endkey, etc?12:25
jo-erlendheh, that was easy: for doc in records["key goes here"]:12:39
faganhey duanedesign12:42
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jo-erlendsynchronizing contacts works perfectly from 10.04, but not at all from 10.10. That's contrary to what it says on the ubuntu one website.13:45
faganjo-erlend: id say report a bug and some can look into it on monday18:32
* fagan only saw the message there 18:32
faganjo-erlend: was this what you saw https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status#Contacts ?18:33
fagan(about it working perfect for 10.04 and 10.10)18:33
faganWhoops I mean not working perfect for 10.04 but working from 10.1018:34
jo-erlendfagan: yes.18:40
faganjo-erlend: then yeah report a bug and poke someone on monday18:55
faganbecause it might have something to do with the backported patch being borked18:56
jo-erlendfagan: but it _works_ on 10.04. It's on 10.10 that it doesn't.19:11
faganjo-erlend: thats why I said file a bug19:19
faganthere was a patch recently that might be causing it19:19
* fagan ->afk19:23
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adorilsonhi, folks21:06
adorilsonany problems with ubuntuone server ?21:08
ryeadorilson, could you please be more specific?21:26
ryecouchdb up, api up21:27
karnigood evening!21:53
duanedesignevening kenvandine23:24
duanedesignevening karni23:25
karnievening duanedesign, how's your weekend?23:25
duanedesigngood. getting frustrated with treestore in pygtk :)23:26
karniah I see :) I had the same thing, but in C ;)23:31
karnithen I ported it to Java. similar complexity, though. it's not really straightforward, is it duanedesign :)23:32
duanedesignkarni: yeah. trying to filter the treestore. It is filtering out the parent node no matter what i do :\23:38
karniduanedesign: ah, haven't been there, can't help [as in: I don't wanna look at this at 00:39AM ;D]23:39
Tommy3My SATA drive wont boot since I did patches yesterday. (10.10) where should I go for help?23:54

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