quadrisprojust to say: hello guys!14:04
quadrisprogoing away, see you soon!14:04
holsteinpaultag: ping-0-la16:10
paultagholstein: pong :)16:10
paultagholstein: what's up? 16:10
holsteinpaultag: i have a question about a bug16:11
holsteindo you have a minute?16:11
holstein2 bugs actually...16:11
paultagholstein: sure16:11
paultaghsure :)16:11
holsteinits over my head :/16:11
holsteinlet me link...16:11
paultagholstein: lay it on my, my man16:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 730760 in libconfig (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Fix committed]16:11
paultagme *16:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 730759 in dbus-c++ (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,New]16:11
holsteinDaviey linked these to US a week or so ago16:12
holsteinseems a proposed fix was demoting JACK from the main repository16:12
holsteinthat would be bad for US i think16:13
holsteinpaultag: i guess my question is16:14
holsteindoes it look like its sorted out?16:14
paultagSince libffado is the only package using libconfig, ubuntu-audio can take care of it for now. Will add ubuntu-audio to its bugmail.16:15
paultagholstein: ^ from the report16:15
paultagholstein: It looks like ubuntu-audio should take care of it16:15
paultaglet me read more16:15
paultagthese are not the same source package, so I'm trying to figure out the links between them16:16
paultagholstein: yes, we should be OK16:18
paultagholstein: ubuntu-audio and debian pkg-multimedia are notified, from the sounds16:18
paultagwait, nvmd16:18
holsteinpaultag: would you mind to subscribe or whatever16:19
holsteinand keep an eye on it with me16:19
holsteinyou dont have to do anything really16:19
paultagwe're ok ha16:19
paultagwe're ok holstein 16:19
holsteinim just not sure what any of it means16:19
paultagholstein: sure :)16:19
paultagholstein: all set16:20
holsteini *breifly* had a bugsquad mentor and all that16:20
holsteindealing with bugs is hard work ;)16:20

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