lrussellI need help. Xubuntu is acting slow. I have 256 mb of ram, i know it isnt all that much but... it it kinda rediciously slow... I'm reinstalling it right now hoping it might do something00:04
lrussellanyone here?00:08
PatrickC_Pre2does git come pre-installed?01:05
knomeno problem01:15
PatrickC_Pre2xubuntu is nice01:21
PatrickC_Pre2but it runs a little slow01:22
psycho_oreosmaybe its yer computer specs that are a little above the minimum requirements01:25
patrickc-ubuntui have 4gb available ram01:27
patrickc-ubuntubut i am allowing 1gb i believe01:27
patrickc-ubuntuim using it in a vbox01:28
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psycho_oreos1GB should be plenty in theory. Other possible reasons may include video driver under vbox01:56
alex__can someone help me? im a new xubuntu user02:52
alex__its my first linux try02:52
alex__many things dont work on my alienware m11x... like the touchpad is crazy, the video card is not work, the wireless do not work02:53
alex__is xubuntu the good choice or should i use a different os for compatibleness?02:54
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brothersomeHow does Xubuntu perform on a PanelPC with 4 GB, any experience here11:12
ikoniabergasche: same as any PC with a similar spec11:27
ikoniashould be very reasonable as 4GB is massiver over kill for such a light window manager11:28
brothersomeDoes the evtouch driver works good in xubuntu?11:28
brothersomeI have a panel PC with 1 GB RAM and 4 GB flash11:28
brothersomeRam should be enough for Ubuntu --- Expecting below 300 MB11:29
mikubuntuhey guys anybody know a channel for tech help (physical repair)?11:52
mikubuntuis it possible to charge a laptop from another laptop via usb?12:01
Sysii think laptops can't intake power from usb12:13
mikubuntuhey sysi, do you know of a tech help channel, i don't know how to find one.  tried #tech, etc...  but couldn't find one12:14
Sysinot really12:14
Sysi/msg alis list *word*12:14
mikubuntuthers a garage sale around the corner and they have a laptop but the inport pin is broken12:15
mikubuntusysi, thanks ... nice command12:16
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Xubuntunoobis anyone here15:21
Sysipop a question if you have any, all people present ansver if they know15:22
Xubuntunoobhow do i set up  vnc server?15:23
Xubuntunoobi want to be able to access my computer from the internet15:25
Xubuntunoobdo i have to install a program ?15:26
Sysiunless you have very fast internet connection, you can't really use graphical remote desktop15:26
Sysivnc is also unsecure, you would need to use it through ssh-pipe15:27
Xubuntunoobhow do i do that?15:28
Xubuntunoobim sorry if my questions are newbie-ish15:30
Xubuntunoobim kind of new to this15:30
mohadibis it possible to hide/remove the network manager applet thing on my taskbar?16:33
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josihow can i set the mouse/cursor speed?17:15
Sysimouse settings17:15
josisomehow it doesnt save the settings17:15
josisysi: it really doesnt save the settings17:18
Sysihum, it should17:18
josisysi: i have a thinkpad. the trackball is normal, the mouse is too fast17:23
josisysi: its a common problem with some mice... thanks for the moment. bye17:30
thor_hey i just install xfce 4.8 on ubuntu 10.10 and fell like gnome2. its good that you not do like ubuntu and gnome317:41
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subspideri need to make firefox able to open java17:49
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.17:49
subspideri can't do it17:49
mark76Does anyone know what a gdkpixbuf is?21:15
Sysigtk-pixbuf, gtk2-engines-pixbuf?21:16
chudy_michefhi. xubuntu gui stopped responding to mouse clicks while I was using the shell. i tried exiting the shell, now not even the 'off' switch works. i would turn it off at the wall, but it's running on battery power. any suggestions?21:25
Sysiby shell you mean ctrl alt F1-6 terminals?21:26
chudy_michefI mean a terminal window - I opened it by right-clicking in a folder.21:27
Sysialtgr printscreen K will force logout21:28
charlie-tcahold the power button down for at least 10 seconds usually works too21:28
Sysikilling xorg is nicer than killing entire system21:29
chudy_michefI just tried the first option. SOMETHING's happening (in that the mouse pointer has stopped moving, and I can hear the hard drive working).21:29
chudy_michefAha! It logged out.21:30
chudy_michefI wonder why that happened in the first place. I was just using LaTeX from the terminal when I noticed I couldn't click on anything outside the terminal window.21:31
root__How do I empty the trash fully?21:44
root__I empty the trash but there's no more room on my harddrive.21:44
root__Are there hidden files somewhiere I can delete manually?21:44
Sysidid you have anything there (also please don't crosspost)21:45
root__i used rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash/* but df still says the same21:50
root__I didn't see what was there21:50
root__Sysi: yes I had a 1.5 GB file in the trash can21:51
Sysistay on one channel, i'm there too21:53
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Atomhunterhey anyone used fakeraid before?23:56

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