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c2tarungood morning :)05:50
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c2tarunbambee: morning :)08:57
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c2tarunhey do anyone know any channel on IRC for java programming?08:58
bambeec2tarun: your package is finished finally ? :)08:59
c2tarunbambee: which one? Qtiplot is still getting errors :( many others are finished :)08:59
bambeeyour last one... when there was an error for usr/share/icons/oxygen/* 09:01
c2tarunbambee: yup that was fixed :)09:01
bambeegreat :)09:02
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c2taruncan anyone help me with this error http://paste.kde.org/8200/10:34
shadeslayerc2tarun: adddialog.h:17:17: fatal error: QList: No such file or directory10:41
shadeslayerc2tarun: take a minute and think what that error means10:42
c2tarunshadeslayer: oh, I created  a patch that is adding QList in adddialog.cpp not .h :( sorry10:42
shadeslayeryes 10:44
shadeslayerwell i think you forgot to build dep on libqt4-dev10:45
c2tarunshadeslayer: still getting same error, here is my patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/586101/ , what do you mean by forgot to build dep on libqt4-dev? :/ not gettting10:49
bambeeshadeslayer: it's not qt3 ?10:49
shadeslayerbambee: sorry ... i don't follow10:50
shadeslayerbambee: cdcat is Qt3 ?10:50
shadeslayeror QList?10:51
bambeecdcat does not use qt3 ?10:51
bambeethere is a "-I/usr/include/qt3" line 2010:52
shadeslayerhmm .. intersting10:53
shadeslayerpossibly he needs something like Q3List ?10:54
c2tarunwhat are you guys talking :( can you pick me up10:54
bambeeand If I install libqt3-headers (and libqt3-mt-dev etc...) I don't find any QList under /usr/include/qt3 ...10:54
bambeeshadeslayer: I don't know10:54
shadeslayerbambee: i don't see Q3List anywhere as well10:54
shadeslayerc2tarun: your package is trying to search for Qt3 headers10:55
shadeslayerand fails to find them10:55
c2tarunhmmm... qt3 doesnt support QList http://doc.qt.nokia.com/3.0/classes.html10:55
c2tarunwhat should I include then?10:56
debfxc2tarun: qt3 has QMemArray instead of QList10:58
shadeslayerdebfx: Qt3 has some scary classes10:59
bambeeshadeslayer: apparently Q3List does not exist11:00
shadeslayerbambee: yeah11:00
c2tarunshadeslayer: this line QList<QPixmap> anim_list; in header file is causing problem11:00
shadeslayerc2tarun: use QMemArray as debfx said11:01
debfxor maybe QValueList11:01
c2tarundebfx: which one? QValueList or QMemArray?11:06
bambeeQValueList seems better it has almost the same API :)11:06
c2tarunsure :)11:06
bambee(I am talking about class API)11:07
c2tarunsorry the error is becaue in the source code somehow there is a line #include<QList> is causing problem.11:15
c2tarunshadeslayer: debfx^11:15
bambeec2tarun: QList does not exist in qt3 that's why we was talking about qvaluelist11:30
c2tarunbambee: I tried including QValueList and removing QList still same error11:31
bambeehttp://doc.qt.nokia.com/3.3/qvaluelist.html <-- include qvaluelist.h instead11:33
c2tarunbambee: new error :( adddialog.h:20:24: fatal error: Q3GridLayout: No such file or directory11:36
c2tarunbambee: its impossible to fix that package :( I changed approx 10 header files in adddialog.h and now its another file giving same errors :(11:46
Quintasanbambee, shadeslayer: know some regexp magic?12:01
shadeslayerQuintasan: sure, if you look at rekonq code, half of it is regex12:01
shadeslayerthe other half is pure magic12:01
Quintasanshadeslayer: I have [sdadaskjasf]_asdas_asdfgga_asdsad_-_asd_[something]12:02
shadeslayeruh okay12:02
Quintasanshadeslayer: I want to remove the first [] and replace _ with spaces12:02
shadeslayerQuintasan: bash or Qt?12:03
Quintasanshadeslayer: bash?12:13
shadeslayerQuintasan: brr ... no idea12:30
shadeslayeryofel: poke12:42
shadeslayeryofel: is there *any* way to go back to ld? and link without gold12:43
tazzQuintasan, you want to replace all the _ with spaces  right12:47
tazzQuintasan, also do you want to replace the 1st  [ ] with spaces too ?12:47
tazzif you i am doing this, put your text in a file called test and run this "cat test | sed -e 's/\_/\ /g' | sed -e 's/\[/\ /' | sed -e 's/\]/\ /' "12:50
tazzthere must be some easer way to do this, but seems to be the quickest.12:51
bambeec2tarun: where I can find the source ? (just to check something)13:26
c2tarunbambee: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/cdcat?content=1043813:28
bambeec2tarun: it uses qt3support (from qt4) and not qt3 :)13:34
bambeeunpack it locally, then cd src && qmake13:34
bambee(with qmake-qt4)13:34
bambeethen just type make => it builds just fine here13:34
bambeeit seems to use qt3support, qtcore, qtgui and qtxml13:36
bambeeshadeslayer: could you confirm ? I am not the best one to talk about qmake :)13:37
shadeslayerheh .. me neither ... i sorely hate qmake13:37
shadeslayeralso busy with some GSoC stuff right now13:38
shadeslayerneed to fix this today13:38
c2tarunwhats GSoc13:48
c2tarunbambee: you taking that package?13:49
bambeenop it's your13:49
bambeeI am just looking at it to see the issue13:50
c2tarunbambee: If you find a way to fix it, please tell me, I am waiting13:52
bambeec2tarun: see above, as I said it uses qt3support from qt4 and not libqt313:53
bambeeunpack it locally in your home13:55
c2tarunwhat do you mean by qt3support?13:56
c2tarunI am not getting :(13:56
bambeec2tarun: I mean libqt4-qt3support13:58
c2tarunbambee: is there any documentation for that?13:58
bambeec2tarun: cdcat already uses libqt4-qt3support, there is nothing to change14:00
bambeec2tarun: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/586139/14:00
c2tarunbambee: if there is nothing to change then why its not building?14:01
bambeebecause apparently your build uses libqt3 and not libqt4-qt3support 14:02
bambeehttp://paste.kde.org/8200/ <--- see line 2014:02
bambeeyou build uses libqt3 and looks in /usr/include/qt3  (line 20) for headers => which fails because cdcat depends on libqt4-qt3support and not libqt3 14:05
bambeec2tarun: you probably made a mistake in your build dependencies14:06
c2tarunbambee: well, may be should I show you my control file?14:06
bambeewith my above comments try to find the solution and if you don't show me the control file14:07
bambeec2tarun: qt3support is a qt4 module :)14:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: around?14:25
bambeec2tarun: show me your debian/control14:48
c2tarunbambee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586150/14:49
bambeeas I said earlier cdcat uses only Qt4, so what's the problem line 5 ?14:50
c2tarunbambee: so It should be qt4-dev-tools?14:51
tsimpsonc2tarun: libqt4-dev rather than libqt3-mt-dev, and you can probably just drop qt3-dev-tools14:55
tsimpsondev-tools is more for developing an application, not compiling it14:55
tsimpsonoh, and change the description14:59
tsimpsonLinux doen't have a concept of "drives" being different from directories14:59
c2taruntsimpson: ping15:22
tsimpsonc2tarun: pong15:22
c2taruntsimpson: can you please help me with this error.15:22
tsimpsondoes qtiplot- exist in the source?15:24
c2taruntsimpson: nope15:24
tsimpsonthen I guess you need to file a bug15:25
c2taruntsimpson: where should I file a bug? on LP or on kde-apps.org?15:27
tsimpsonwhere ever you got the app from15:28
tsimpsonif it's from kde-apps.org, add a comment or try to contact the author15:28
tsimpsonor see if they have a project website with a bugtracker, some host bugtrackers on sourceforge for instance15:29
yofelshadeslayer: I don't know gcc that well I fear15:33
bambeethere is no group for amarok on reviewboard ? o_O15:33
tsimpsonyofel, shadeslayer: "-fuse-ld=bfd" (I think)15:38
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bambeeCan I work on phonon 4.5.0  packaging ? Does a core dev prefer do it himself ? (phonon is an important part of kde that's why I prefer ask)16:14
Riddellbambee: yes please do16:14
bambeeRiddell: ok :)16:14
bambeehello by the way ;)16:15
Riddellgood afternoon16:15
c2tarunRiddell: good after noon :)16:22
c2tarunthanks for your ec2 I used it for two days. :)16:22
Riddellthanks canonical :)16:22
c2tarunRiddell: some universe application of kde have new version available. I packed few of them and uploaded to my ppa, can you please take a look https://launchpad.net/~c2tarun/+archive/new-versions16:24
c2tarunRiddell: except kipiplugins cb2bib and libktorrent all are new. + regarding newer version of ktorrent, debian released an experimental version I build it on that ec2 and its working fine.16:26
Riddellc2tarun: we're in feature freeze so the first question is which of these are bugfix releases and which have new features16:27
c2tarunRiddell: I guess all of them, (if trust the changelogs on kde-apps, + all of them are from universe so I think they can be exception of feature freeze16:29
Riddellc2tarun: you would have to ask for each exception separately16:34
Riddellor we can just put them in a kubuntu ppa and include them after the natty release16:35
shadeslayerRiddell: can you choose in which data center these ec2 machines are started?16:36
Riddellshadeslayer: yes16:36
Riddelldo you care about he data centre?16:36
shadeslayerRiddell: reduced ping times are always better16:36
shadeslayerso if you start a machine in tokyo, latency would be less for me and c2tarun16:37
Riddellmm, right16:37
shadeslayerbut then again16:37
shadeslayerrouting is completely shot in india16:37
shadeslayerso i can't be sure16:37
JontheEchidnaScottK: I'll do a QuickAccess release this week with the fixes accumulated in the 0.8.x branch. (Small icon fix and one or two minor things) I don't plan to do other fixes unless they're major.16:41
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: check out my gameboy emulator: http://i.imgur.com/eqHEU.png16:42
JontheEchidnaQPainter can do smoothing for larger sizes: http://i.imgur.com/ACprw.png16:44
bambeeIn a case like that, I have to use the upstream rules ? http://gitorious.org/kde-zeitgeist/libqzeitgeist/trees/master/debian  (required by phonon)18:20
Riddellbambee: I don't follow18:24
Riddellwe should use the Debian packaging unless there's a very good reason not to18:24
Riddellbambee: oh, it has an upstream as in KDE packaging18:36
Riddellis that in the released tar?18:36
Riddellmaybe seiflotfy_ knows why18:37
seiflotfy_Riddell, what?18:37
Riddellusually I'd remove any upstream debian/ packaging from upstream tars18:37
Riddell18:20 < bambee> In a case like that, I have to use the upstream rules ? http://gitorious.org/kde-zeitgeist/libqzeitgeist/trees/master/debian  (required by phonon)18:37
bambeeRiddell: there is no released tar yet18:37
seiflotfy_no idea18:37
Riddellbambee: so Phonon made a release which depends on a dependency which hasn't been released?18:37
bambeethe only things I found about that is this link and ML archives...18:38
bambeeit's strange18:38
Riddellseiflotfy_: do you know anything about a libqzeitgeist release or are you not involved in that?18:39
bambeeI found any tarball nor git tags18:39
Riddellapachelogger: are you releasing software that depends on unreleased software?18:40
shadeslayerlol ^^18:40
bambeeapachelogger: feel free to blame me If I am wrong...18:42
seiflotfy_Riddell, there is a release18:45
seiflotfy_but it was never packaged18:45
Riddellseiflotfy_: where can we find it?18:45
bambeeseiflotfy_: where ?18:46
seiflotfy_its not in launchpad18:46
seiflotfy_getting it for you18:46
seiflotfy_this is the git stuff18:47
seiflotfy_and the tarball is18:47
bambeeseiflotfy_: as I said it's a snapshot18:48
seiflotfy_on it18:49
seiflotfy_just pinged the guys18:49
bambeeRiddell: I sent an email to the main dev18:56
c2tarunneed a little bit help with qt code, can anyone please, I asked on qt but no one is there.19:22
c2tarunno one is here too :(19:26
afiestasRiddell: finally registered for uds sponsorship19:27
afiestasI had a problem because I though I changed my email to afiestras@kde.org, but it seems that ubuntu single sign on system is still using my old address19:28
afiestasRiddell: ping21:27
Riddellhi afiestas 21:31
afiestasRiddell: obex-data-server should be updated to the last trunk version it not it will crash when trying to get a "shared file"21:32
afiestaswhat should  I do?21:32
afiestasthe obex-data-server told me that he was going to release a new  patch version but tha day never came :/21:34
Riddellafiestas: does it contain new features?21:34
afiestasjust 1 security fix, and a crash fix afaik21:35
Riddellhassle us until we package it then21:35
Riddellbambee might be looking for something to do while he waits for the zeitgeist people to get themselves sorted21:35
seiflotfy_Riddell, and bambee ping jpwhiting on #zeitgeist21:36
seiflotfy_he is the maintainer21:36
afiestasoks, I will check the diff between the last version and trunk, to be sure that no new features has been added21:37
bambeeRiddell: I am busy right now, but I can add it to my todolist :)21:40
JontheEchidnaoh, actually21:44
JontheEchidnaI did a few improvements to the upstream packaging of zeitgeist21:45
JontheEchidnashould be ready to go with the exception of no debian/copyright21:45
bambeeRiddell: an official release is on the way, a dev will ping us (here or by email) and the release will be available21:45
kubotubambee meant: "Riddell: an official release is on the way, a dev will ping us (here or by email) when the release will be available"21:45
Riddellbambee: could you ask then to remove the debian/ directory from the release, it just gets in the way21:45
Riddellof course we can steal it back to do the actual packaging21:46
JontheEchidna^includes a patch needed for properly-versioned libraries, though upstream trunk seems to have changed the build system so it may not be necessary next release21:47
bambeeRiddell: also qzeitgeist has an unversioned soname21:47
claydohis there a channel or list for kubuntu-mobile at all? I don't seem to see any22:07
ScottKclaydoh: It's cleverly hidden as #kubuntu-mobile.22:08
afiestasRiddell: no new features from 0.4.5 and trunk but a lot of bug fixing22:08
afiestasas you can see, the maintainer wants to make a release, but he hasn't http://bugs.muiline.com/view.php?id=58422:08
afiestas(I'm husselng as you said :p)22:08
claydohScottK: lol, searching  shows up nothing :), I'd blame quassel, but I know better :) thanks22:10
seiflotfy_JontheEchidna, we have RainCT who is a debian dev and our packager22:54
ScottKseiflotfy_: Also formerly very active in Ubuntu.  Not sure how much he knows about Qt stuff though.22:58
seiflotfy_not much 22:59

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