ali1234which means you can't make them go away either00:01
penguin42yofel: do you know if there is a way in KDE to get previews of workspaces as you switch between them?   Gnome's sliding workspace thing gives you a preview of them all and it's great when you forgot where you left a window00:02
incorrectseems like you need an x to click them away00:02
yofelpenguin42: maybe, would have to search for it, ctrl+f8 will show all desktops too00:03
penguin42yofel: Ooh that is nice - now if it would how that when I slid about between them its exactly what I want00:03
incorrecti wonder if there will be keyboards made with an ubuntu logo rather than the windows key00:04
syn-ackincorrect, Just buy the sticker that goes over the windows logo. :P00:04
Dr_Willisincorrect:  ive seen them befor.. seen stickers you can replace the logos with also.00:04
incorrecti would buy a official ubuntu keyboard00:05
syn-ackincorrect, There happens to be one in the ubuntu store.00:05
syn-ackIt's like a Happy Hacker Keyboard.00:05
platiushttp://www.system76.com/article_info.php?articles_id=9     free stickers00:06
syn-ackI've got like 8 of the "powered by" stickers that are in that pic00:06
syn-ackI don't have the super key sticker tho00:07
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yofelpenguin42: ask in #kubuntu maybe, I can't find such a setting currently00:12
penguin42will do00:12
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IronHalikwhat windows app should i use to boot natty a3 from usb? :>00:30
penguin42IronHalik: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/00:32
IronHalikuniversal usb installer wont work?00:32
IronHalikok thx00:34
IronHalikill try unetbootin00:34
kellaHow do I disable the login sound?00:36
trismkella: the sound after you log in? previously it was by unchecking GNOME Login Sound in Startup Applications, I can't check right now though00:38
kellaNo, the sound gdm makes when it starts00:39
trismkella: is there still a Login Screen option in the System Settings? that's where it used to be00:41
kellaThe screen's still there, there's a checkbox but it's already unchecked00:42
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lediableis 11.04 working on an mobile phone like HTC... ?03:40
lediablephonbuntu ?? i'll seeek on google :)03:43
* Dr_Willis just made that up.03:43
Dr_WillisI doubt if you are going to be installing 11.04 on a phone any time real soon.03:44
lediablea question of firmware or ?03:45
Dr_WillisARM cpu, limited power/memory, screen size...03:46
Dr_WillisPlus what do the phone makers gain. :)03:46
Dr_WillisI got terminal and irc, and other apps on my Android phone now.. not sure what i sould gain from a full ubuntu install on it.03:46
lediablebut i do not want an iphone... hum03:46
Dr_WillisMy biggest limit is i cant put a full keyboard onto the phone some how. :) Yet...03:47
lediableyes android is maybe sufficient in fact... i'm on 1.5 .... i'm sad03:47
bbigras 1.5? Arn't you tempted to root?03:48
lediablebut i'm too n00b for it :(03:49
lediablei dont know if a have to re-firm the ware...03:49
bbigrasmany of us are noob with flashing/bricking phones... you could check the xda forum, it must have guides for most models.03:50
lediable....firmware.... i'm only on linux plateform and can't communicate even with usb...03:50
lediablexda forum... i seek :)03:51
lediablei'ts huge 8)03:52
lediablei'm on it....03:53
lediableHTC Hero (its old but.... free of fees ;)03:53
lediablei don't want to make a brik :(03:56
bbigrasI guess there's always risks. If I would be in your situation I personnaly would consider it but I would read a lot about it. I guess most bricks occurs when people think they figured it out without reading anything or only one guide on a blog. But don't feel presured to do it if you don't want to, only you can decide. It's your toy.04:02
lediablei take the risk, as software engineer old-school.... :$04:07
lediablei'm on usb... try to see htc as a device... is single as that ? :?04:08
lediablenot mounted... :( not in mount scope04:09
lediablenot single as it seem.... hum :/04:11
lediablehe want windows... i don't have it so.... sh...t04:11
bbigrasIt seems that when you try the natty live cd and you choose French, the keyboard is set to azerty which is not really good for people from Québec. Who should I talk to about that?04:18
mdwright_laptopHow can I change the Unity size? It's massive on my 24" monitor04:31
Dr_WillisQuebec french is differnt then from Other french?   :) perhaps theres a differnt langguage you should be using.04:31
bbigras:) We use qwerty (with special keys I guess), French uses azerty. So it's hard to type for us when the keyboard is wrong.04:32
mdwright_laptopDr_Willis: I actually knew a few quebecois who refused to speak french in front of some foreign exchange students from France, because of their (the quebecois students) accents. Nothing to do with the language itself, I suppose, though I know there are is a fair big of difference between the two.04:33
Dr_WillisMy sister is a french teacher. married a french pastry chef. :)04:33
Dr_Willisboth are now living in florida :P04:34
bbigraslucky them. hot place with lots of pastries.04:34
Dr_WillisSo canadian french would perfer the  american keyboard layout?04:34
mdwright_laptopDr_Willis: Yeap, though the quebec gov. requires a special keyboard I believe04:36
* mdwright_laptop is a Canadian living in the US04:36
bbigrasWe use the 'ca' layout French speaking Canadians.04:37
bbigrasWe can choose it when we install Ubuntu but not when we try it.04:38
mdwright_laptopDr_Willis: Also, thanks for the link, but it only lets me change the icon size on the application bar (or whatever it's called). I'm actually looking to change the size of the dropdown that shows up when I click the ubuntu icon.04:38
Dr_WillisUnity is still a work in progress.. :) im upgrading this box now to 11.04 - so ive not even tried it.04:38
mdwright_laptopGotcha. I mean, I knew it was a work in progress, I just figured there'd be a way to change font size that possibly wasn't in the graphical config04:39
Dr_WillisBeen testing out the latest JoliOS on another box. (or whatver its named now)   getting to be to many weird desktop layouts these days  :)04:39
Dr_Willisgnome3, unity, android phones...04:40
Dr_WillisIm waiting for GEOS to make a comeback next.04:40
mdwright_laptopI'm going to be up to my ears in Android in just a couple months04:41
Dr_WillisIm constantly trying to do 'things' in one desktop/os/ thats only in some of the other desktops...04:41
Dr_WillisIm so used to how my Phone does the notifications - that i find my self trying to drag the top panel down to see  them on the pc... :)04:41
Dr_WillisJoli lets me 'sync' installed apps across differnt pc's - which is a nice feature..   I can browse the android store and click and have apps install to my phone.... another neat feature..04:43
Dr_Willisperhaps someday Ubuntu will borrow the best ideas from those.04:43
Dr_WillisActually I think i read somwewhere. the software center  - is supposed to do some sort of sync thing.. some time..04:44
mdwright_laptopIt really wouldn't be all that difficult I don't think04:45
Dr_WillisHmm. running the update-manager to upgrade to  11.04.. got kicked out of X back to GDM.. now .. its confused.. heh04:47
Dr_Willistop is showing dpkg doing stuff.. so i guess i will let it sit in the background and run a bit.04:48
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:52
sagaciis it just me or is there too much glow/shadow around non-maximised windows05:14
lediablefinilly, that'swath i've found to do the job :/05:38
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DartIs it possible to make an appindicator that can store and execute commands clipbaord style? This iwll solve my problems fro not having panel applets in natty.05:55
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bpri'm thinking of adding a global hotkey that will allow the user to rate the currently playing song.07:41
bprwhat project should I branch to get started on that?07:41
AAA_awrightIs there some way to change editions, I can't find anything on doing so (as if anyone would ever want to do that!)08:29
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trijntjeHi all, will it be possible to change the order of the default items in the unity bar for natty?10:15
Mkaysitrijntje: Right click item and choose remove (or add if you are adding item)10:19
trijntjeMkaysi, I want to move the default 'applications' starter to the top for example, but its not possible to drag them10:21
MkaysiWeird. When my Natty was working it was possible.10:21
trijntjeyou can move most, but the default ones (apps, places, workspace) cannot be moved10:24
cozziemototrijntje,  i find that here as well10:24
cozziemotoapplications and files and folders care interchangeble  but not moveable to the top10:25
cozziemotoseems applications would be preferred at the top of the stack10:25
trijntjeyes, since thats also where you can trigger the bar to show when an application is full screen10:26
cozziemototrijntje,  exactly10:31
cozziemototrijntje,  of course , since I prefer cairo dock , I can just set thelauncher  to permanent autohide,10:31
trijntjei'm not sure that bar is finished yet, I think they keep updating it10:33
cozziemototrijntje,  that does sound reasonable :)10:33
trijntjecozziemoto, I have faith in the developers ;)10:33
cozziemototrijntje,  I do as well :)10:43
sagaciin unity, where are icons read from that display on the left-hand dash?11:23
zniavre_sagaci, /usr/share/unity/3   ?11:51
zniavre_or/and /isr/share/unity/themes11:51
zniavre_(if you find the way to modify them .... i will be happy too11:53
sagacizniavre_, thanks for your help, it's just that I'd like to add/change the mplayer icon11:56
zniavre_that is related to your icons theme i think11:57
sagaciahh ok, but then how do you add an icon for a specific application... matters are worse that it's primarily a cli application11:59
zniavre_depends of the application some on /usr/share/pixmaps some other insire /your_icons_theme/apps12:00
zniavre_inside *12:00
zniavre_i do not know what is mplayer sorry12:01
sagacicommand line multimedia player12:03
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varun_hi friends,how to know,whether i am fully updated my system or not,other than going to update manager and clicking on check,i am trying the natty alpha 312:47
sagaciwhat was the address line for applications, something like applications://13:07
coz_sagaci,  hey13:43
wompydompyHi, has anyone succesfully tried to establish a vpn (cisco) connection?14:15
cmyrlandHi. Has anyone else noticed that the ubuntu-icons are gone? The only icon set that works on here is the default Gnome icon set.14:19
rockyso on this new unity interface... i have dual displays and the "taskbar" is duplicated across both, anyway to remove the taskbar from the right display?14:20
cmyrlandby taskbar, du you mean the laucnher or the indicators in the top right corner?14:21
rockythe grey bar along the top that has the task tray, etc14:22
rockyalso has the menu bar for the active window14:22
cmyrlandso it's duplicated on both screens? Do you use a "streched" desktop or use the 2nd monitor as a "standalone" desktop?14:25
cmyrlandhave you checked launchpad for bugs? Otherwise, report one14:29
rockyis it a bug tho? i assumed it was just the standard behaviour to display the top grey bar on both displays14:30
kklimondaactually I think it's a design decision14:30
rockyi was just hoping there was a config option to turn one off14:31
rockypreferably the secondary display14:31
kklimondathis way we display the global menu on the same monitor the application is on.14:31
rockyi see... the problem is when i try running a fullscreen opengl app on my secondary display (like i always did) then that app is shifted down because of the menubar which clips the bottom of the app's display a little14:32
kklimondawell, this is a bug and it's worth reporting14:32
rockywhich issue tracker?14:33
rockywell i meant which project on launchpad do i report the bug against14:34
kklimondaubuntu-bug unity will do the right thing14:34
mongybe nice to have a little tooltip when hovering over an 'app avavilable to install'14:58
mongysaves running usc just to see what it is.14:58
rockyi find it annoying that everytime i launch a new app, it opens as far right as possible hiding the launcher bar on the left so i have to move that window to get my launcher bar back15:03
penguin42mongy: Yeh I agree - the names don't tell you much if you didn't know what the app was15:07
mongyrocky, yeah, its silly that the only app I open is , say, gnome-terminal on my 1920x1080 screen and it thinks it a good idea to hide the launcher :)15:08
rockymongy: yeah i'm on a dual 1920x1080 setup so it's doubly annoying to me ;)15:10
mongyI always end up setting up a lot of apps in place windows compiz plugin15:11
rockynever used that one15:13
mongyits not very intuitive tho15:16
mongyits trial and error for me getting it to open where I want it15:16
mongybe nice to be able to click the window when I position it and have it enter the values for me :)15:17
mongyany idea if compiz window previews will ever work with minimised windows?15:22
mongyI know its a problem to do.15:22
BluesKajrocky, right click in the titlebar of the app , choose advanced , special window settings , there you can choose it to remember the position and size etc15:24
BluesKajalso sepcial applications settings or individual apps15:24
rockyoh cool, thanks15:28
rockyBluesKaj: i'm not seeing any "advanced" or any sort of items15:29
rockyjust minimize, maximize, etc15:30
mongyme neither15:30
BluesKajrocky, right click in the space on the title bar15:30
BluesKajon the border part15:30
BluesKajmaybe that doesn't work in gnome ...sorry15:31
rockyi am, no difference... i think i'm not understanding where you're telling me to click lol15:31
BluesKajkde here15:31
* BluesKaj forgets most ppl use gnome ...NM'15:32
mongyyeah I remember that from kde3.  its a bit much that gnome still doesnt have such a function.  oh well15:33
BluesKajbummer :(15:34
rockywell this is the first time i've ever had such a need for such a feature... and really it's because of a "bug" (imho) that the initial window placement sucks15:35
BluesKajkde4.6 is rerally stable on natty , quite surprising actaully , very few probs , just a flash crash now and then15:35
penguin42BluesKaj: Yeh, I can break the radeon drivers with it reliably, but I don't think that's KDE15:36
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BluesKajwell, some kde integration is required for most browsers , some flash probs could be related to it indirectly'15:37
penguin42BluesKaj: Well the one I have is that if I play flash full screen and then shift workspace I can reliably screw the radeon driver quite badly15:38
BluesKajhad flash crashes with FF , but none in chrome ...chrome doesn't integrate with ones desktop settings at all afaik15:38
* BluesKaj nods15:39
penguin42so that one is KDE specific, and flash specific and radeon specific - but I'm fairly sure it's Radeon driver that's broken15:40
BluesKajpenguin42, which radeon ?15:45
=== Idle0ne is now known as IdleOne
penguin42BluesKaj: HD4350 / RV71015:51
BluesKajpenguin42, is that the updated fglrx driver? Just curious16:08
penguin42no, the open driver16:08
phibxrwhat is the purpose of the backlight colors in unity?16:45
phibxrthey seem a bit random to me. :P16:46
scarleoHas anyone succeded in getting multi touch with ALPS touchpad working in Natty?16:46
coz_hey all16:47
scarleoI noticed there was much better multi touch with my synaptics anyway, two finger scrolling working great16:47
kubu2 kaffeine can't but simple dragon can play mpeg-4?17:22
penguin42dragon managed to play a .mp4 for me earlier17:22
kubu2kaffeine can't but others can17:23
kubu2do you know why not?17:23
kubu2maverick kaffeine can play but looks like v1.1 in natty can't while vlc, dragon mplayer can.  don't understand17:27
kubu2is this some copyright issues?17:27
PiciHave you filed a bug?17:27
kubu2I tried from konsole but there is no err msg.17:28
kubu2if it's missing plugins/codec or not but then how could vlc, dragon can if they are missing?17:29
kubu2is this because  kaffeine is no longer part of the default install?17:31
nerdshellit's true that Unity will natively mount all Apple devices ?17:31
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity17:32
nerdshellit's true that Unity will natively mount all Apple devices ?17:33
penguin42nerdshell: I don't think unity has anything to do with it mounting Apple devices or not17:33
nerdshellpenguin42: unity is the new desktop manager no?17:33
DaekdroomIt's a desktop shell17:33
DaekdroomNautilus is still used.17:34
nerdshellah okay, so nautilus will natively mount apple devices or not?17:34
nerdshellDaekdroom: what's the difference between desktop shell/manager ?17:34
nerdshell!desktop shell17:35
akashm1990I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 with Unity.17:37
akashm1990Is there any way to get an "actual" desktop? one where I can put files/folders,etc?17:37
penguin42akashm1990: You can log back into 'classic' gnome17:38
penguin42akashm1990: Actually, I'm also in Unity (upgraded on 11.04) and it's still showing me folders on my desktop#17:38
akashm1990penguin42, I Dont really want to get rid of unity, any way to upgrade it to the version on 11.04?17:40
penguin42akashm1990: Well this channel is about 11.04 - so you could upgrade to 11.04; but remember it's still Beta and it may break horribly17:41
penguin42akashm1990: To be honest I'm not an expert on Unity either17:41
akashm1990Thats why I'm not going to 11.04, but I was told to come here for unity help from #ubuntu17:41
BUGabundodaily CD is broken17:43
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/17:44
BUGabundonetboot too :\17:44
penguin42BUGabundo: How was it broken for you? Yesterdays managed to do two installs for me with a bit of a fight17:45
BUGabundolucky y17:46
BUGabundocd here stops on inicial boot17:46
penguin42only problems I had were GUI related17:47
BUGabundoand netboot complains of broken packages17:47
BUGabundoand syslog show a bad parse of natty17:47
SwedeMikeI installed from daily 6 hours ago and it worked.17:48
BUGabundoSwedeMike: http://www.netboot.me/25700117:49
BUGabundousing this17:49
BUGabundonetboot.me to boot natty netboot image17:49
SwedeMikewell, no, I used the daily cd installed on a usb stick17:49
BUGabundoyeah, tried USB too, but wouldn't boot :\17:50
SwedeMikewell, I tried using unetbootin onto a usb stick that already had earlier ubuntu installer on it, didn't work well (got a lot of scrolling text and dropped to busybox), but when I took a fresh usb stick it worked17:51
penguin42SwedeMike: Me too, but I used 32bit17:51
=== xxx is now known as akashm1990
* penguin42 cleaned his usb stick first17:52
BUGabundoI even used SAFE flash on usb-creator17:52
Gulfstreamthe alternative daily ISO from yesterday installed well for me.17:53
BUGabundosudo usb-creator-gtk -sni natty-desktop-amd64.iso17:53
Gulfstreamwill adding the Unity daily PPA help test Ubuntu or Unity or both?18:07
dubbydubbyhey anyone i am having trouble, I am using the gnome interface i believe and when i compiz --replace the top of all windows disapear18:09
Gulfstreamdubbydubby: compiz --replace should make the tops of the windows reappear. Are you using Unity?18:11
dubbydubbyGulfstream: not using unity figured it out, compiz is returning : Couldn't activate plugin 'opengl'18:12
Gulfstreamdubbydubby: maybe you should try 'metacity --replace'? I am not sure about that though. Maybe if one of the others could verify that it is safe.18:13
Daekdroommetacity --replace kills unity18:14
ali1234actually it kills compiz18:14
ali1234which in this case isn't working anyway18:14
dubbydubbyproblem is after i run any of the --replace commands my terminals become un-usable18:15
ali1234yeah that will happen with no window manager18:15
Gulfstreamdubbydubby: that happened with me also. Maybe you should use 'alt + F2' to open a command18:16
ali1234alt+f2 doesn't work with no window manager18:17
dubbydubbyback, had to restart :-/18:19
Gulfstreamdubbydubby: does it work now?18:21
dubbydubbyGulfstream: I have to somehow re-enable opengl, but i have yet to research how, answer: no18:21
Gulfstreammaybe it is something that a re-install would fix. or maybe even updates.18:23
Gulfstreamhas anyone been having problems installing .deb files using the Ubuntu Software Center? I can't install CrossOver or Skype.18:35
GulfstreamI'm going to see if it works with GDebi18:46
phibxrdoes the wine ppa work in natty yet?18:48
Gulfstreamphibxr: I think so18:51
Gulfstreamokay CrossOver and Skype appear to be installing properly with GDebi.18:51
nlsthznnatty isn't enjoying any games wanting to go full screen is it?! :/18:53
phibxrGulfstream, there's a bug open for it with high priority.18:55
Gulfstreamphibxr: I think I might be subscribed to that one.18:56
phibxrGulfstream, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/software-center/+bug/712377/18:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 712377 in software-center (Ubuntu Natty) "Opening a known good *.deb with software centre, fails to install as lintian errors cannot be overidden" [High,Triaged]18:56
GulfstreamI didn't see that one...18:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not currently be installable.19:14
mongyradeon driver is a lot slower in natty than mav..19:57
mongyusually reasonably smooth while watching tv and browsing net and a couple of other apps open...with compiz.  chugging a bit in natty19:58
frithwith ubuntu 2d what is with the bin at the bottom, it doesn't move with the other icons in the sidebar19:58
frithother than the bin not scrolling unity 2d is better20:04
mongyoo, didnt realise middleclick/rightclick maximise button did that20:12
RPG-MasterAnyone here having issues with transmission?20:14
rippsDoes anybody know what's wrong with Natty's libglib? It's giving me build errors in one of my ppa's20:16
yofelripps: that's a multiarch package now, the correct path would be /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libglib-2.0.la20:23
micahgripps: one of your libraries still has dependency_libs in its .la files, that needs to be emptied at build time (see Debian policy 10.2)20:35
micahgripps: sorry, dependent libraries20:35
micahgripps: it's libmpd, I can upload a fixed version later tonight20:38
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)20:39
BUGabundo!info mysql20:39
ubottuPackage mysql does not exist in natty20:39
BUGabundo!search mysql20:39
ubottuFound: mythtv-mysql, lamp, xampp, mysql20:39
micahgripps: should I subscribe you to the bug so you know when it's fixed?20:40
Barridusi heard ubuntu is consider/maybe doing? moving from x11 to another desktop engine, will that invalidate existing programs on the repos?20:53
ikonianot going to happen for a long time20:54
Barridusbut will it?20:54
ikoniawho knows what the future will bring20:54
Barridusi thought i read somewhere the two were not cross compatible20:55
Barridusmainly just curious20:55
OmegaBarridus: You are talking about wayland, and it will not invalidate existing programs, X11 can run under wayland20:56
Barridusok cool thanks Omega20:57
ikoniano promise it will happen20:58
ikoniaand if it does, it's a long way off20:59
syn-ackI can't for Wayland21:02
syn-ackfrom all I've read, it's still about a year or two off.21:02
syn-ackwhich is just fine for me. I just can't wait to get rid of X21:02
ali1234X11 apps can run under OS X too, but they are second class citizens - i just hope wayland won't do the same thing21:06
* yofel doesn't care much, he has nvidia and they don't plan to support wayland for years21:07
bjsnideryofel, nouveau supports it right now21:13
yofelthat doesn't have usable acceleration currently and no vdpau, so I'm not really interested21:13
yofelI'll see what the future will bring21:13
bjsniderit has usable accel depending on your luck with the hardware21:16
yofelwell, I'm one of the unlucky ones21:16
RPG-MasterSo, I'm the only one with Transmission problems?21:16
bjsniderRPG-Master, there's an issue with the default blocklist code21:19
rippsmicahg: sorry I was away, I should be building my own libmpd package, using daily-build recipes, is there a fix I should be applying to my recipe21:22
rippsor do I just need to rebuild it?21:23
micahgripps: well, rebuilding is the quick solution, but the real fix is to empty dependency_libs21:23
micahgripps: you can take the patch from what I upload if you like21:24
rippsmicahg: sure subscribe me to it :)21:24
rippswhat kind of patch is it? Is it only for the debian pacakging, or is it applied to the source? Because I could pass the patch to gmpc/libmpd's developer21:26
micahgripps: yep, just the debian packages21:29
micahgripps: I'll forward to Debian as well21:29
RPG-Masterbjsnider: Really? Let me try disabling it...21:31
bjsnideror you could enter a valid blocklist url21:31
bjsniderand you can visit the #transmission channel21:31
RPG-MasterI'll do that.21:32
RPG-MasterI just disabled the list and now I'm waiting...21:32
RPG-Masterbjsnider: Thanks so much man. :)21:42
yofeldoes disk_io stats work for anyone in byobu?21:53
Arcis there a method for upgrading a user directory to use the new gui after a reinstall, when /home is kept?21:58
trismyofel: yeah it is bugged, readlink doesn't seem to output anything if the file isn't a symbolic link (I don't know if that it correct or not), if you add -f to readlink on line 32 of /usr/lib/byobu/disk_io it seems to work22:09
yofelaaah, thanks!22:10
frithwill ff4 make it into 11.04?22:24
BUGabundoits already22:25
BUGabundohey kklimonda22:25
kklimondao/ BUGabundo22:25
kklimondahow are you?22:25
frithi wasn't sure i still have ff4 from 10.10 installed22:25
frithbetter purge that off22:25
BUGabundoI love how pidgin allows me to change my avatar *everywhere*22:29
DaekdroomBUGabundo, what?22:31
Picieven on IRC!22:32
frithcan i move an icon in the sidebar22:38
frithoh if you have a solid colour the desktop switcher looks weird if you have no windows on it22:48
frithmongy, how?22:48
mongyclick, drag22:48
friththat just drags everything22:48
mongyclick, drag around other icons.22:49
mongyin a swirly fashion :)22:49
frithwhy can't right click have a move option22:49
frithnow the sidebar is stuck there22:51
frithoh well22:51
=== AAA_awright_ is now known as AAA_awright
mongyI dont get it.  Drag it out of the bar like you wanna trash it.22:58
mongybut, keep hold of it, and move it22:58

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