Fudgehi can anyone give me direction on where to talk to people about ubiquity plugins?02:32
Fudgeopos wrong chan02:34
head_victimairtonix: http://www.computeralliance.com.au/parts.aspx?qryPart=12486 looks like about perfect for what we were talking about last night, ducal core atom with latest ion graphics.09:33
airtonixfind out about the ram09:37
head_victimI'll buy it from the same place and make sure they give me the recommended ones09:39
head_victimOh I thought the other one you pasted last night was a different board.09:39
airtonixthis looks to be a successor09:44
airtonixlooks like it even has an onboard power convertor09:45
head_victimI guess it would be harder to update but then again the benefit of something that should "just work" as long as you give it the right ram and hdd.09:47
airtonixthe only problem you'll have is with linux and nvidia hdmi audio09:48
airtonixso if you use linux on that you might also have to either : 1) use a specific version of the nvidia drivers, or 2) make some changes to the pulseaudio configuration so that it uses the corrent HDMI device09:48
airtonixonce you do that it works fine09:48
airtonixbut then again those problems were on lucid, i've not tried upgrading our media center to maverick or natty09:49
head_victimProbably the same09:49
head_victimEven comes with the dvdrw09:50
airtonixoh and if you use an usb infrared receiver then you'll have to make changes to the pm-suspend configuration so it ignores events from the receiver (otherwise it will never sleep)09:51
head_victimIt has ir onboard it seems09:51
head_victimAs well as bt, wifi, cardreader and 65w psu all in it already09:52
airtonixbecause once you configure that, you can't really move the usb reciever into another slot09:52
airtonixalot of people think removing pulseaudio is a good idea, i disagree09:53
head_victimIn my experience, setting pulse up properly is easier than removing it.09:53
head_victimMost of the time it's a case of needing an extra package or a slight tweak to a file somewhere09:54
airtonixyeah removing it also means you remove the awesome network audio transport feature it has 09:54
head_victimLooks to have a few gremlins09:56
airtonixyou might have to use ndis-wrapper if the bluetooth is part of the wifi card09:57
airtonixdo they say what wifi chipset it has ? 09:57
head_victimNope, but i's a mini pcie card09:58
head_victimTHe manual doesn't even say actually, just downloaded it from asus10:01
head_victimAH Hah, it's an Atheros_V90077 10:03
head_victimApparently 10:03

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