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abhinav-barry, Hi, I wanted to ask a question03:42
meneciohi do you think that could be possible to include ubuntu's live installer in a debian-live image?04:14
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ari-tczewhow long natty universe is closed? what's the deadline?12:14
hyperairuntil beta, i expect.12:16
hyperairthat says march 31st.12:17
geserari-tczew: what you mean with universe "closed"?13:07
ari-tczewgeser: that every upload needs approve by archive admin13:07
geserah that, till beta release, but if nothing has changed then uploads to universe are only on "manual" (an archive admin has to manually accept them during the freeze)13:08
ari-tczewclosing universe is for me nosense, main OK13:13
geserLP doesn't support only setting "main" to manual, so "universe" is affected too13:13
ari-tczewso this is an issue13:14
ari-tczewkenvandine: if you're doing only rebuild, please use version *build1 instead *ubuntu1 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libmusicbrainz-2.1/2.1.5-4ubuntu114:39
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 not found14:39
ari-tczewkenvandine: you can use command 'dch -R'14:39
ari-tczewslangasek: is it possible to get this change in Debian? package is QA https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libmusicbrainz-2.1/2.1.5-4ubuntu214:40
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 not found14:40
B_LizzardHi, I'm having an issue with notify-osd, not sure where to ask.14:43
B_LizzardI'm on Archlinux, not on Ubuntu but I figured someone might know of the problem I'm having14:44
B_LizzardAfter updating to libnotify 0.7.x, notifications from notify-send no longer replace one another if coming from the same source or even stack14:45
B_LizzardInstead, it waits for the previous notification to time out to display the next one etc.14:46
azeemB_Lizzard: file a bug on launchpad (if there's none already), I'd say14:49
B_LizzardWell, I see that Natty has libnotify 0.7.2 but I'm not sure if this is a bug on Ubuntu.14:50
kklimondait is14:50
B_LizzardI'll have to boot the Alpha or something14:50
B_LizzardOK, I'll post a bug report14:50
B_LizzardI guess this is a problem with notify-send, because other stuff which use notify-osd via library calls behave normally14:51
kklimondaactually, I haven't seen any applications stacking their notifications correctly in natty so far14:52
B_LizzardI use notify-send for my volume buttons on my Thinkpad, and it worked correctly with libnotify 0.5.x and notify-osd 0.9.2814:54
B_LizzardOnce I updated to libnotify 0.7.x notify-send stopped working like it did.14:54
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rigvedhi everyone. is it possible to make pbuilder use more than one core on a multicore machine?18:51
penguin42rigved: I guess it comes down to whether you can set a DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS some where18:54
gesernot really as it depends if the packaging of that software and the software itself support building in parallel18:54
rigvedpenguin42, geser: don't know really. i'm just following this guide from ubuntu dev week. thanks for your help. :)18:56
penguin42rigved: I know if I'm building outside of pbuilder with dpkg-buildpackage then setting   DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=10 works nicely19:01
rigvedpenguin42: wow. thanks.19:02
penguin42rigved: Looks like /etc/pubilderrrc ?19:02
penguin42rigved: The man page for that says that you can set DEBBUILDOPTS=19:03
rigvedpenguin42: yes. it says to use that. should i try to add the options there?19:03
rigvedpenguin42: ohh. ok. will give it a try19:03
penguin42rigved: I'm not too sure, not tried it in pbuilder19:04
rigvedpenguin42: ya. i checked it. it seems like the way to go19:04
penguin42rigved: Incidentally, the parallel-10 is on an i7 with plenty of ram; so 4 real cores, 8 threads - giving it 10 takss keeps it busy if it waits for disk; the value is always a bit of a guess19:07
rigvedpenguin42: ya, it figured that you had atleast that much. mine will probably be just 3 or 4, as i only have 2 real cores19:08
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vijoIs this the appropriate forum for glibc problems21:26
vijoI am getting an error from eglibc when I setup a cross-compilation environment.21:27
vijoI havent looked at eglibc much, but if there is an expert here, that would be helpful.21:27
vijoNo one here wants some good karma, huh? ;)21:29
OdyXScottK: could you please comment on shiboken #740176 pyside #740177 ?21:59
OdyXs/6/& and /21:59
ScottKOdyX: These are bug fix updates from what we have already, right?22:01
OdyXScottK: yes.22:10
OdyXScottK: and they are the "1.0.0" release from upstream, so nice to have.22:10
OdyX(and afaik, there are no bugs in Debian nor in Ubuntu about shiboken/pyside)22:11
ScottKI've given them approval as sponsor, so we just need to wait for an archive admin to process sync requests.22:13
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aromanhey, what is this button state called? http://i.imgur.com/y5m7J.png23:34

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