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=== Idle0ne is now known as IdleOne
MrChrisDruifHai everyone :)16:39
leoquanthee MrChrisDruif16:51
MrChrisDruifHow's it going leoquant?16:52
leoquantvery well thank you16:52
leoquantand you MrChrisDruif ?16:52
MrChrisDruifAlso very good....inflamed ear is as good as cured, no longer bothering me....enjoyed the sun this afternoon :D16:53
leoquantgreat isn't ....:) its been a cold dark winter16:54
MrChrisDruifYeah...and know what? When I came back from winter sport, it felt like coming back to the spring :D16:55
leoquanthmm my firewall logs are very noisy....16:58
MrChrisDruifI never look at them :P16:58
leoquanti'll take alook at it16:58

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