thethomaseffectairurando:  still around?00:21
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  Hello there00:53
infoturtlethethomaseffect hello!! :D00:53
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  I was told to speak with you about ubuntu-ie.org related stuff00:53
infoturtleok cool, whats up?00:54
thethomaseffectI was wondering if it would be okay to update the sites theme to match more closely with ubuntus recent branding00:55
thethomaseffectI already created a prototype theme with what I'm talking about, here's a screenshot: http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa1/gilgameish/site_prototype_1.png00:55
infoturtlethats not actually a bad idea and it would be possible00:55
infoturtlevery neat looking indeed00:56
thethomaseffectThank you :)00:57
infoturtleI'd be happy to look into it if people want the change00:57
airurandothethomaseffect: sorry been focussing on other stuff.00:57
infoturtlehey airurando00:57
airurandohi infoturtle00:57
airurandoinfoturtle: you go mail00:57
thethomaseffectCool, I was also wondering if the site's software could be updated to Drupal 7? I could handle this if I had the FTP details easily, if it's as easy as Joomlas update process it should be a cinch. I can install drupal 6 on my local web server and upgrade that to make sure it all runs smoothly00:58
infoturtleso I do!00:58
airurandothethomaseffect: I like it alot to.00:59
thethomaseffectairurando:  Was just going to ask your opinion on a prototype theme i made, link is up above00:59
thethomaseffectairurando:  Oh cheers!00:59
infoturtlethethomaseffect: I'm back, sorry bout that02:05
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  np02:05
infoturtleIf people are for the Drupal and theme changes we can go ahead and look into it, I would feel it unfair to do this without consulting the rest first02:07
infoturtleBut I am for the idea02:07
thethomaseffectI proposed it on the mailing list and should be around for the next IRC meeting so it's all dandy02:08
airurandoinfoturtle: has the site been migrated to blacknight?02:08
airurandoI am for the idea also.02:08
thethomaseffectI'm just in a doing things mood today since all i've been doing is rooting around in Wordpress's SVN repository :)02:09
infoturtlenope, there was talk of getting that done but I have not heard anything about it in a while02:09
airurandobut I think we can only upgrade Drupal when hosting is transferred02:09
infoturtlewell then should we make the move?02:09
airurandothat is the plan02:10
airurandoblacknight offered to sponsor hosting some time ago02:10
airurandobelieve it still stands02:11
airurandoebel can confirm02:11
infoturtleI'll also have to get passwords off him as a short while ago 3 hard drives broke and everything was lost02:12
thethomaseffect3? ouch02:12
airurandocurrent hosting is quite limited in terms of what you can achieve.02:12
infoturtleok I'll talk with ebel on the move and get it osrted02:12
airurandogood stuff02:12
infoturtlethethomaseffect, yep and 2 dvd's and my BIOS went too02:13
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  wow, just what were you doing with your computer?! :D02:14
infoturtleI thought it was the PS for a while there but things are fine again now? it was just odd it seems02:15
thethomaseffectI can porbabely be on hand to help during the migration, though I've never migrated a CMS before. I'd assume blacknight would handle it anyways.02:15
infoturtleTook one apart and put pictures and a guide on the site02:15
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  Yeah PS was my first thought too. Maybe you just annoyed the tech gods02:16
infoturtleI have been referred to as the tech anti-Christ so maybe I have upset someone02:17
thethomaseffectRunning a virtual machine inside a virtual machine inside a virtual machine or something similar? :P02:17
infoturtlethats the one alright02:18
airurandoping fagan02:20
thethomaseffecthahahahahaha that's excellent!02:20
airurandothethomaseffect: fagan replied to your mail to the list.02:21
infoturtleya, it's a classic alright02:21
thethomaseffectairurando:  Aye, and i replied back :)02:21
airurandoah. cool02:21
thethomaseffectI'll have to send it to my friend, he's always warned me about my dream of running a hell of a lot of virtual machines :)02:22
infoturtleWhy would you want to run a load of VM's?02:23
thethomaseffectalthough strangely purple is present on the canonical design doc i got in the footer http://design.canonical.com/brand/B.%20Complete%20Ubuntu%20brand%20guide%20-%20November%202010.pdf02:23
airurandoWith two kids I should NOT be up at this hour!02:23
airurandoI'm of to bed02:23
thethomaseffectjust after the heading "A vibrant palette"02:23
thethomaseffectairurando:  nn02:23
infoturtlenite airurando02:23
airurandokeep up the good work thethomaseffect and infoturtle02:23
infoturtlewe'll try02:24
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  No real reason, it's just a joke between us, kind of like the IT Crowd's "If you type google into google, you'll break the internet"02:24
thethomaseffectcheers airurando, will do02:24
infoturtlehaha love that show02:25
thethomaseffectyeah it's excellent02:25
thethomaseffectVampiricPadraig:  Hello Padraig, nice to see you here!02:26
VampiricPadraighi thethomaseffect, I am a regular in here :P02:26
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  much better than the big bang theory in my opinion, not a fan of that show at all02:27
infoturtleoh ya?02:27
thethomaseffectVampiricPadraig:  I haven't been on here in about a year, it's good to be back02:27
infoturtleI love that sheldon said Ubuntu was his fav linux in one episode02:27
infoturtlelove that show too02:27
thethomaseffectyeah that was all good and well02:27
thethomaseffectbut there was canned laughter afterwards02:28
infoturtleI can understand that disliking alright02:28
thethomaseffect"Ah Ubuntu, you're my favorite linux-based distribution" is not nearly nerdy enough to warrant a laugh :D02:28
thethomaseffectMy sister could say that02:28
thethomaseffectand recently she rang me up and asked how to install the internet :D02:29
infoturtleoh mna02:29
infoturtlethats bad02:29
infoturtleggggggrrrrrrr hate this keyboard!02:29
thethomaseffectI was on a bus at the time, and i raged so loudly people at the front turned around :)02:29
infoturtlethats classic!02:30
infoturtleI must go back to Windows now tho to play some quick unreal and then bed02:30
thethomaseffectI love that game02:30
thethomaseffectwas playing it just last weekend02:31
infoturtleso I'll be in touch thethomaseffect and we get things done02:31
infoturtlewhich one?02:31
thethomaseffectthe newest one02:31
infoturtlelove 3 but it's all about 2004 for fun!!02:31
thethomaseffectI've been told this many times, shall have tio install it at some point!02:32
VampiricPadraigi like alien arena 2011 and UT02:32
infoturtlenever played that02:32
thethomaseffectalien arena is the open source one based on the unreal engine no?02:32
infoturtleMy games are Gears of war, UNreal and Dawn of war02:32
infoturtleoh I have tried that actually!02:32
thethomaseffectdawn of war is amazing, didn't play the second one yet though. Gears is another of my faves02:33
thethomaseffecti won't keep you though. enjoy your UT! nn02:34
airurandoone last thing guys02:34
infoturtleGot the newest DOW the other day, DOW II reribution02:34
infoturtleyes airurando?02:34
airurandodon't forget to put this topic on the agenda for next months IRC meeting02:35
infoturtlewill do02:35
airurandohope both of you can make it.02:35
thethomaseffectah had forgotten about that, cheers02:35
airurandonn finally :)02:35
thethomaseffectlooking forward to it :)02:35
thethomaseffectnn airurando02:35
infoturtlenn airurando02:35
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  is retribution good?02:36
infoturtlethethomaseffect you seen the new nvidia card?02:36
infoturtleduno, haven't played it yet cos I'm still playing the first part02:36
thethomaseffectI very briefly had a look at it on your blog, shall have a looksie now02:36
infoturtleit's insane power!! I want that card!!02:37
thethomaseffectI'm not a big PC gamer due to not having a nice chair for my computer :D02:37
infoturtleha ha02:37
infoturtleI have no place for this pc in my house so it's beside me couch02:37
thethomaseffectI mostly play xbox, the best thing microsoft was created imo02:37
infoturtleanyway now i g2g02:37
thethomaseffectok cool ttyl02:38
infoturtletake care till we meet again!02:38
thethomaseffectsame to you :)02:38
thethomaseffectnn all03:51
airurandogood morning ubuntu-ie11:48
thethomaseffectmorning airurando, cheers for the tweet!11:56
thethomaseffectoh dear just saw someone on #Wordpess-Mobile asking about the idea I wanted to do for gsoc, better make myself known in the hackers mailing list right now :O11:59
airurandomorning thethomaseffect.12:04
airurandodef get your skates on re GSoC.  Reckon its a kill or be killed world.12:05
thethomaseffectairurando:  yup, ain't even looked at the ubuntu proposals yet. It's gonna be a busy day.12:25
airurandothethomaseffect: I don't believe Ubuntu were accepted into the GSoC programme this year.12:36
airurandoafternoon ebel12:36
airurandohow are you?12:36
ebelgrand grand12:37
airurandonot too bad at all.12:38
airurandoebel: take a look at http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa1/gilgameish/site_prototype_1.png12:38
airurandothethomaseffect, aka johnnycbadde did the mockup12:39
airurandohe's interested in helping out with getting the website updated.12:40
airurandohad a good chat with infoturtle last night about it.12:40
ebeloh cool12:41
airurandoebel: you would be able to confirm a few things for them12:41
airurando1) we can't update drupal with the current service right?12:41
airurando2) not really much we can do until the site is migrated to blacknight, right?12:42
ebelwe may be able to change the theme on the current serviuce12:42
ebelbut yes AFAIK we can't change the drupal code / upgrade it / install a new version12:43
czajkowskinope ye cant not on the current hosting12:43
ebelwe can do whatever on the blacknight hosting12:43
airurandoblacknight is still open to us?12:43
czajkowskiairurando: aye12:43
czajkowskiit's been a while but yeah tis12:43
airurandohowdy infoturtle12:43
ebelanyone want the password for that? if they install some software we can look at pointing the ubuntu-ie.org to it12:44
ebelAFAIK we still have blacknight sponsored hosting.12:44
infoturtleI could use those passwords again12:44
airurandothethomaseffect: seemed real interested in helping infoturtle last night12:44
infoturtleseeing how I lost the one's I had before12:44
airurandodidn't think it would be a huge deal either12:44
ebelinfoturtle: sent12:46
infoturtleebel, fantastic, worked and logged in12:47
ebelgreat, so set up what you want, install drupal, install another thing if you want12:48
infoturtleis there anyway of backing up content on the current host for fear of lossing data??12:48
infoturtleon it now12:48
airurandothis is exciting12:48
thethomaseffecthey all, back. Got talking to a potential summer of code mentor so happy happy :D12:49
ebelinfoturtle: backing up old data? dunno. Maaaaaybe drupal might have an export/import system?12:49
ebelI wonder if we could ask for a mysql dump from the canonical hosts, etc.12:50
infoturtleI just have fear of loosing old content or records from the site12:50
thethomaseffectI've caught up. easiest way to do things would we to host the new site at new.ubuntu-ie.org until a mySQL backup can be obtained12:51
infoturtlethethomaseffect true that!12:51
czajkowskiinfoturtle: ebel thethomaseffect if ye tell me waht ye want a back up of in detail in a mail12:51
czajkowskiI'll request such from canonical12:52
thethomaseffectyou can point subdomains to different servers right?12:52
thethomaseffectcan phpmyadmin be accessed with the current hosting?12:53
ebelthethomaseffect: sure you can point subdomains anywhere12:54
ebelinfoturtle: remember the current website is not hosting on blacknight. it's hosting elsewhere.12:54
ebelif you install anything on blacknight, it has no affect on our existing website.12:55
thethomaseffectebel:  thought as much, just never had to do it so wasn't sure :)12:55
infoturtleya I remember that, starting from ground up here12:55
ebelThe 2 can operate completely independently and not interfere with each other.12:55
czajkowskiinfoturtle: ebel thethomaseffect if ye tell me waht ye want a back up of in detail in a mail12:55
czajkowskiI'll request such from canonical12:55
ebelthethomaseffect: :) wanna get more confused? You can point a single domain to more than one server :P12:56
ebelczajkowski: cheers thanks. :)12:56
infoturtleebel thats witch talk!!12:56
ebelinfoturtle: hubble bubble toil and tcp, let me show you my dark arts of hacking the network12:57
thethomaseffectWe'd want a backup of all tables and the drupal root directory at least12:57
ebelDo we want to keep a backup? :P12:58
thethomaseffectmight be easier to install drupal 6 (or 5, whichever current site uses) on the new blacknight host and upgrade there once the content is verified working12:58
thethomaseffectnot as clean as a fresh install but safer12:58
infoturtleha, seems the old arts of witch craft have rally been brought to the future12:58
infoturtlethink a backup would be handy, no harm to have just in case12:59
ebelwe could just spider the website locally, keep that as a mirror.12:59
ebelthat way we don't lose anything.12:59
ebelwe have options12:59
* ebel gotta flee12:59
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  ebel of coarse, sure isn't rickrolling the modern equivalent of placing a curse on someone :D13:00
infoturtlesee ya later ebel13:00
infoturtlethethomaseffect I knew there was something not natural about that video13:01
thethomaseffectlater ebel13:01
infoturtleok so what version of drupal we going for here?13:01
thethomaseffectgood question, gimmie 2 secs13:01
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  5.22 is the version currently used13:02
thethomaseffectholy crap13:02
thethomaseffectno wonder it looks out of date13:02
thethomaseffectnew admin page is *lovely*, a lot like wordpress's13:02
thethomaseffectmy best possible way of doing this would be 1) migrate from 5.22. to 5.22 2)upgrade new server to drupal 6 and hen drupal 7 3) THEN migrate drupal 7 install to a fresh drupla 7 install. not nessessary but might lead to cleaner database tables?13:05
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  most info neede is here: http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/admin/logs/status13:06
infoturtleyour plan has logic to it, supose we should get started then and try it13:07
thethomaseffectsounds good, just finishing off a email then I'm a free man13:10
infoturtleegg salad13:11
infoturtlethethomaseffect, I'll work on installing drupal so and let you know what happens when it's done (just said I'd post that out here so people know what were doing)13:22
thethomaseffectokie dokie13:22
thethomaseffectczajkowski:  I can't install new modules on drupal 5 without ftp access :(13:27
czajkowskioh which ?13:28
czajkowskioh the blacknight hosting ?13:28
thethomaseffectno on ubuntu-ie.org as it is13:29
thethomaseffectthe only way to install modules on Drupal 5 is to place then in a directory13:30
infoturtlethethomaseffect useing blacknights app installer, I've installed drupal but it's v6.19-2 should I uninstall and manually install v5.22 or chance this one?13:31
thethomaseffecta RAW backup of the tables and content might work, I doubht it though. Is it possible to ask that canonical install and user this http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate to do the backup?13:31
czajkowskithethomaseffect: we know that, thats why we're going down the #BK routes13:32
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  I'm fairly certain we'll have to manually install 5.22 since the file tree design changes with each version13:32
infoturtlebugger, ok no problem13:33
thethomaseffectWould not being able to migrate old content be a huge failure? Between myself and infoturtle we could copy and paste most of the content and create new accounts within about 2 hours, which could be a lot shorter than the time needed to get the old databases working with new host13:36
thethomaseffectand we'd be able get going right now, as opposed to waiting on canonical for a backup that might not work?13:37
infoturtleIt would be a bit of work tho, to copy all the site, no? including the planet section and stuff13:38
thethomaseffectplanet is just an RSS aggregator from what I understand, all we'd have to do is add all the feed URLs currently in it?13:40
infoturtleI thought it was hosted internally13:41
infoturtlemy fault13:41
infoturtleya thats not so bad, if you want to do that?13:42
thethomaseffectok so from what i see planet works liek this13:44
thethomaseffect1) pulls from RSS feed 2) mirrors original post and it seems to not be a speial module, it's just the aggregator that comes included with drupal13:45
thethomaseffectand it doesn't aqllow comments, so no worry about losing them :)13:46
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  I think it'll be less stress in the long run and will defo lead to healthier database tables13:46
infoturtlesweet, I'm waiting for a file manager to activate and I'll have drupal moving13:48
thethomaseffectinfoturtle:  You didn't actually create new.ubuntu-ie.org did you? getting a 404 here13:49
infoturtleI did, I'm getting it too, i duno if it's the index.php fiel (which I'm just abuot to check) or if it takes a while for the DNS to update?13:50
thethomaseffectdo you have the absolute path to it?13:50
thethomaseffectprob something like canonical/blahblahblah/htdocs/ww/new.ubuntu.ie/13:51
infoturtlethen no, no I don't13:51
infoturtlehow can I get it for you?13:51
thethomaseffectnot sure, i've only used digiweb and it was available on the page where you register subdomains13:52
thethomaseffectjust to let everyone know the progress, we're just transferring all the drupal 7 files to the new server for testing right now, something should be live in about 30 mins :)14:25
airurandogreat stuff lads14:28
thethomaseffectI love it when a plan comes together14:36
* davem has a poke14:37
infoturtlefantastic thethomaseffect!14:38
thethomaseffectI'm off for a while for some grub, later folks15:42
airurandoinfoturtle ping19:01
infoturtleairurando pong19:01
airurandoinfoturtle do you subscribe to the loco-contacts mailing list?19:02
infoturtleI do19:02
airurandodid you just get the mail regarding UGJ bootcamp tomorrow?19:03
infoturtleno but I'll look now19:04
airurandorunning in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat19:05
airurandodefinitely one to check out19:05
airurandowill certainly give you a flavour of what some folks get up to for UGJ.19:06
infoturtleah I see, I read your message wrong, I'm not on that mailing list19:07
infoturtleI'm in the rooms now19:07
airurandoprobably great tips for preparing and hitting the ground running19:07
airurandoI'll forward the mail to you.19:07
infoturtleexcelent, need help like that!19:08
airurandounfortunately Ill be back at work tomorrow.  will try to read the IRC logs though.19:09
airurandoshort notice for this.19:10
infoturtleYa, and I've a nice bit of work other than this, ment to be doing my test this week, promote the UGJ limerick, UH limerick work for the site.......19:11
infoturtleI'ma be one tired turtle19:11
airurandoinfoturtle that's a real busy schedule19:40
airurandowhat test19:40
airurandoI suggest saving the IRC logs and reading the transcript at UH limerick.19:41
infoturtledidn't know the C# test was this week but thats life, the UH is a bit of time off if anything, just a bit of prepairing for the Limerick UGH and I'll just have to cut back adding content to the site this week, something has to give and the sites the least imporant19:42

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