CIA-31ubiquity: evand * r4610 trunk/ (debian/changelog gui/gtk/stepPartAsk.ui):00:05
CIA-31ubiquity: Ensure that the partition description labels all wrap at the same00:05
CIA-31ubiquity: point (LP: #741664).00:05
JemtHi. I'm remastering Ubuntu. I'm having a problem with jockey[-gtk] which works fine on the CD, but not after installation. I have made sure a few additional driver packages (.debs) are kept in /var/cache/apt/archive, which will enable jockey to install WiFi drivers without internet access. As mentioned, it works fine when running from the CD. But when I install my custom Ubuntu, it seems that the installation program clears out package14:32
Jemtinformation, so I'm forced to update apt-get before being able to install drivers. Is there a solution to this problem?14:32
JemtObviously it would be pretty cool to be able to install WiFi drivers without forcing the user to find a wired connection first14:33
JemtActually, as far as I can see, /var/lib/apt/lists are kept intact after installation - so I'm not sure why Jockey wants me to update14:35
JemtI'm away for a while but remaining online15:49
JemtBack again17:22
JemtI believe I figured it out. When Ubuntu is installed, /etc/apt/sources.list is modified. So the locale reflection of the repository is no longer up to date, hence jockey wants it updated. Reverting the sources.list file back to the original seems to solve the problem17:42
JemtI wonder if there is a pretty way of telling Ubiquity not to mess with my apt configuration file ? Otherwise I will have to do an upstart job which restores the file back to the original17:43
Jemtpreceeding seems to be the solution, although it seems difficult to figure out the exact settings. I'll just write an upstart script restoring the configuration.18:16
JemtBye :)18:16

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