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starmaxi request unban on #ubuntu-fr15:52
erUSULstarmax: you should contact the op(s) that put the ban15:53
starmaxit was several months ago i dont rememebr15:54
starmaxok ill search my logs15:54
erUSULstarmax: maybe the fr ops have a channel for this issues? #ubuntu-fr-ops ?15:54
IdleOnestarmax: /join #ubuntu-fr-ops15:55
starmaxim ban there also15:55
IdleOnehold on a minute15:56
IdleOnestarmax: try to join #ubuntu-fr-ops now15:57
starmaxok thx15:57
starmax16:57 [Freenode] -!- Cannot join to channel #ubuntu-fr-ops (You are banned)15:58
IdleOneok try again please15:58
guntbertthis day will be marked in my calendar: the first non italian caller of !list in a very long time :-)21:01
MichealHguntbert, In #u? :P21:36
guntbertMichealH: yes, but about half an hour ago21:36
* MichealH looks :P21:37
MichealHXChat Scrolls back to 0 mins ago :P21:37

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