locodir-userhi all08:06
locodir-useranyone home?08:07
locodir-userknock knock08:08
savvasare all the ubuntu-xx.org domains down?08:51
savvasah wait I'm using opendns, maybe that's the problem :)08:52
savvaswell.. "server not found" on any ubuntu-xx.org eg. www.ubuntu-gr.org (but IP works www.ubuntu-uk.org www.ubuntu-us.org etc.08:59
JanCubuntu-be.org resolves fine here09:51
JanCat least _now_09:51
JanCgr & uk too09:52
savvasthanks, they work now :)09:54
JanCwhere was the problem?  did you try querying the authoritative DNS servers directly?09:56
savvaswell I tried dig and didn't show the ip, I didn't check the dns servers09:57
savvas..but opendns mentioned that there were some dns servers failing :\ I didn't remember which ones, sorry09:58
savvasthe weird thing is that I had the same problem without opendns. And I noticed the problem last night, about 7 hours ago09:59
JanCbased on a discussion on the Canonical sysadmin channel there was something with the DNS servers at Norris.Net10:01
savvasaha! it was something about dns1.noris.net dns2.noris.net dns3.noris.net servers10:02
JanCthey manage all the ubuntu-XX.org domains10:02
savvasgood to know, marked for the future :)10:02
savvasit's an irc channel?10:02
savvasthank you10:03
JanCalso see the topic there to see if one of the sysadmins is around (the "vanguard") and for the mail address of the ticket system they use10:04
YoBoYgood morning10:40
locodir-userhow do I change my nick here?13:06
CrazyLemon/nick replaceMe13:07
=== locodir-user is now known as replaceMe
=== replaceMe is now known as Justine-Paula
=== locodir-user is now known as Justine_Paula_Du
nigelbmhall119: had a good time yesterday? :)14:51
mhall119planning another one today14:53
mhall119going to Disney14:53
nigelbmhall119: \o/14:58
Ddordaguys, when Cnonical publish their sponsorships?19:52
Ddordato UDS?19:52
pleia2a few weeks after sponsorships close (they don't close until tomorrow)19:56
pleia2there isn't a precise date19:56
Ddordapleia2: isn't UDS just about a month away?19:57
pleia2Ddorda: about 6 weeks, yeah19:59
pleia2ah, deadline is 29th20:01
Ddordapleia2: okay, thank you very much20:06

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