UndiFineDcongrats people for finding a core team00:41
godbykUndiFineD: Thanks!00:48
godbykUndiFineD: Could you tell me a little more about the meeting minutes to posted to the ubuntu-manual list?00:48
godbykI didn't read through all of them and only noticed a passing reference to the Ubuntu Manual Project, but didn't know what it was in reference to.00:49
UndiFineDit was in reference to cassidy james his older manual00:52
UndiFineDhe offered it to ubuntu-manual in the past, but was rejected00:53
godbykHe did?  I don't recall that.00:53
UndiFineDhis words :)00:53
UndiFineDI dont know the details00:53
godbykFair enough. :)00:54
godbykHuh.  Apparently Cassidy lives just 45 miles south of me.  I guess I can just drive down and find out what's going on sometime. :-)00:58
godbykThat's a pretty surprising coincidence given that I live in the middle of Iowa.  No one else lives in Iowa. :-)00:59
UndiFineDappeartly the state is not yours alone02:01
godbykI'll have to fix that.02:01
UndiFineDok ...02:02
godbykIf he misses the next meeting, now you'll know why. ;-)02:02
UndiFineDmust I warn cassidy there is an murderer on the loose in his state ?02:02
godbykJust let him know it'll be the only other person with an Ubuntu logo on his laptop.  There can't be too many of us, I'd guess.02:03
UndiFineDattending an UGJ ?02:04
godbykI'm not sure yet.02:04
godbykIt'll depend on how busy things get at work.02:05
UndiFineDdoes it solve bug #1 ?02:07
manualbotUndiFineD: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1)02:07
godbykNope, 'fraid not.02:08
MichealHHi all12:32
jenkinsdownload wuickshot and use http://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/10-10/[ump]10-10.qsproj to help out for the 10.10 screenshots21:04
c7phey jenkins, how are you ?21:05
jenkinshello c7p, I am good thanks, you?21:07
c7pi'm also fine21:07
jenkinsI thought the meeting was tonight :( realised i got it wrong21:07
c7pit's ok21:08
c7pwe got an Editor in Chief now, we have a marketing team... the project seems to start working again21:09
c7pjenkins: how can i get quickshot ? through it's ppa ? or is there any deb file available ?21:11
* jenkins gets the ppa page21:12
jenkinsmake sure you go edit > user credit and fill it in. we haev a bug that  does nto make it pop up atuomatically21:15
* jenkins tries to fix it21:15
c7pok, my pc lags at the moment ... actually software center freezes my pc21:18
c7pi hate it !21:18
jenkinsis your pc a low spec of is softwar centre bad?21:19
c7pboth :P21:19
c7pbut the center is the prob now21:20
c7pwhat's the name of debian installer on previous releases ?21:21
c7pi mean the programm that helps the user to install a programm from a deb package21:21
* jenkins thinks i know it21:22
c7pyeah thx21:22
c7p2jenkins: back21:30
c7p2what am i doing now ?21:31
jenkinsif you go to the accessories menu and launchin quickshot21:32
c7p2yeah i have done all these and credit too21:32
MichealHHi all21:32
jenkinshello MichealH21:33
c7p2hey MichealH21:33
jenkinsc7p2 so you need to paste  http://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/10-10/[ump]10-10.qsproj  into the bottom box on the front page and click "Get started"21:33
jenkinsdo you have a list of screen shots?21:34
c7p2there is no screenshot, i capture it ?21:34
c7p2yeah the list exists21:34
MichealHHi jasono , c7p (2) :P21:34
jenkinschoose a screenshot and then click capture21:34
c7p2MichealH i am tasting quickshot and then we will talk, thx21:35
c7p2jenkins: ok21:35
jasonoHi MichealH21:35
MichealHOkay, c7p221:35
c7p2jenkins i captured one screenshot, the first in list21:37
c7p2you may check it21:37
jenkinsc7p: did you do 02-appearance-preferences ?21:39
jenkinsin english21:39
c7p02 is the second in list ?21:40
jenkinsfor some reason the window buttons are not active http://imagebin.org/145220 ? any idea why. )2- is the chapter21:41
jenkins*02 is the cahpter21:41
c7pi don't know :/21:42
jenkinscan you try again please?21:42
c7pi think when i mazimize the window the window buttons became like this21:42
jenkinstry maximising then clicking the window to check it is active21:43
c7pjenkins ok, actually now i have something todo, in this week i hope that i will capture the most screenshots21:44
c7pthx for pushing the screenshot stuff :)21:44
jenkinsno problem pleasse capture lots, I need to add the install screens as well. but will need to make a custom cd21:45
c7p:/ i don't know if i will make it with install screens but i will find a solution, maybe jasono and MichealH can help21:46
* c7p brb21:46
jenkinsinstall screens are easy I use to spin custom live cds to do it.21:46
jenkinswho rewrote the install chapter for 10.10 with the new installer?21:47
dakerjenkins, pls give me the link .qsprojec21:56
jenkinsdaker http://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/10-10/[ump]10-10.qsproj  in is the url you need to put in quickshot and https://edge.launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs/+archive/quickshot-release is the ppa21:58
* c7p back22:03
c7phey Muscovy, did you wrote the install chapter ?22:03
MuscovyUh I think I edited it.22:04
MuscovyOnly piece I really "wrote" was a chunk of the software centre.22:05
c7pok thx22:05
MichealHNeed to go...22:13
MichealHTalk tommorow :)22:13
MichealHOr leave me a /msg22:13
c7pgood night all :)22:20
jenkinsnight all22:50
godbykHey, ChrisWoollard. How's it going?23:07
ChrisWoollardi see we have a new eic23:08
godbykPretty good.23:10
godbykYep. New editor in chief and a marketing/recruiting team.23:10
ChrisWoollardWhat's the eic's experience?23:11
godbykhttp://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-manual/jobs/editor-in-chief-01-Fosburgh.txt and http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-manual/jobs/editor-in-chief-01-Fosburgh.odt are what he sent us.23:12

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