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c2taruncan anyone please take a look at this, http://paste.kde.org/8189/ folder has a file colorcode_version.orig.tar.gz still I am getting this msg.06:18
micahgc2tarun: what's your top Debian revision?06:54
c2tarunmicahg: top debian revision means?06:55
micahgc2tarun: in debian/changelog06:55
micahgwhat's the top version06:55
c2tarunmicahg: well its demanding for colorcode_0.7.2.orig.tar.gz then it for sure that on top its 0.7.206:56
micahgc2tarun: that's not what I asked06:56
c2tarunmicahg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586055/06:56
* micahg has never tried debuild w/out an argument07:00
c2tarunmicahg: ok, there is another package of name texreader, I think its watch file is not working properly. can you please tell me how to write watch files?07:01
micahgc2tarun: debuild works for me on that package after running uscan/uupdate07:02
c2tarunmicahg: on which package texreader?07:02
micahgc2tarun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete#Creating and Using a debian/watch File07:03
micahgc2tarun: no, colorcode07:03
c2tarunmicahg: yup its working for colorcode.07:03
c2taruncan anyone please look at this error http://paste.kde.org/8191/07:27
c2tarun_micahg: can you please look at my last post :(  I dont think anyone else is here.07:41
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shadeslayeranyone around to help fix a Autotools + gold linker error?12:37
shadeslayerhttp://paste.kde.org/8168 << compile error12:38
ari-tczewshadeslayer: add -lQtDBus to LIBS12:43
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shadeslayerari-tczew: does not work :(12:52
shadeslayerari-tczew: i tried that last night12:52
shadeslayereven added it to LDADD12:52
ari-tczewshadeslayer: what's the source package?12:53
shadeslayerari-tczew: syncevolution akonadi, we don't have a package for it yet, but here are the instructions to build it : http://saidinesh5.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/are-we-there-yet/12:54
ari-tczewshadeslayer: could you pastebin the source where is LIBS or LDADD?12:54
shadeslayerari-tczew: http://paste.kde.org/8222 < Configure file12:57
shadeslayerari-tczew: saidinesh5 saidinesh5 ari-tczew13:05
shadeslayersaidinesh5: ari-tczew is helping me figure out what the problem is13:05
saidinesh5oh k13:05
saidinesh5so basically it is a problem with the linker13:06
saidinesh5cuz again it can find other functions properly13:06
saidinesh5i mean it couldn't link just the destructor13:06
ari-tczewshadeslayer: Try to call LIBS in d/rules13:18
ari-tczewonly for test13:18
shadeslayerari-tczew: i'm not exactly packaging it, since this is still experimental code, i came here because you guys probably know how to fix it :)13:22
ari-tczewshadeslayer: How did you try to add -lQtDBus to linker?13:24
shadeslayerari-tczew:     KDE_KWALLET_LIBS="-lkdeui -lkdecore -lQtDBus"13:24
shadeslayerthen tried hand editing the makefile13:25
shadeslayerthat didn't work as well13:25
ari-tczewshadeslayer: why KDE KWALLET LIBS?13:28
shadeslayerari-tczew: it's a workaround ...13:29
shadeslayerari-tczew: http://paste.kde.org/8226 << thats the configure-pre.in file13:31
ari-tczewshadeslayer: try DBUS_LIBS13:31
shadeslayerari-tczew: in the configure-pre.in file?13:32
ari-tczewshadeslayer: No, in normal makefile.13:34
shadeslayeroh okay13:34
shadeslayerari-tczew: DBUS_LIBS = -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -ldbus-1 -lpthread -lQtDBus -lrt13:34
ari-tczewshadeslayer: You can try to move libs, e.g. QtDBus before pthread13:35
shadeslayerari-tczew: weird thing, after i edit the makefile and run make, let the build fail, open the makefile again, the -lQtDBus option i added is gone13:41
ari-tczewshadeslayer: then try d/rules13:41
shadeslayeri'm not packaging it :S13:42
shadeslayerari-tczew: is there a way i can go back to the old linker?13:42
ari-tczewshadeslayer: if building reverts changes, I guess you're on old linker already.13:43
shadeslayerhow is that possible O_O13:43
shadeslayeri did a make clean added the link against the lib again and now it doesn't re write the file13:46
shadeslayerwth is happening :<13:46
ScottLcan someone suggest an efficient way to test rdepends for a backport?15:22
ScottLmeaning, i want to backport inkscape but several other applications depend on it15:22
ScottLso i would like to have an isolated system where i know the new inkscape is either available or installed to build the reverse dependencies15:23
ScottLthe first thought would be to first build inkscape in a special ppa, then build the rdepends in the same ppa15:23
ScottLi would presume this would guarentee that new version of inkscape was used15:24
ScottLi could use a vm and install the new version of inkscape and then locally build all the rdepends15:24
ScottLbut this would mean that i would need to apt-get build-depends (i forget the exact syntax) for each build depends15:25
ScottLi suppose i could use a pbuilder environment, but i would need to make sure the new version of inkscape was installed15:25
ScottLanyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated15:26
ari-tczewScottL: I think use PPA and test packages from there is good way.15:51
ari-tczewpersia: do you have statistics which nicknames are most active on chanel?15:53
ScottLthanks ari-tczew16:29
ari-tczewyou're welcome16:29
* nonix4 ponders whether there would be demand for a program that makes pxe & usb boot menus out of multiple .iso-images automatically by doing the Right Thing (tm) based on iso contents. Haven't seen any enduser-friendly ways to create pxe menus so far, but making such goodies easier to approch could be useful...16:53
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