Teligardbtw, this appeaars to be a long term issue (since mythbuntu 8.10)00:00
mycosyskev's next silly question - is it wiser to update to 0.23 or 0.24, and then update to lucid, or just do both at once and jump to 0.24 on lucid02:03
Teligard(I have a question regarding 0.24; is it still suffereing from the live tv playback issues, or have those been patched/fixed?)02:05
mycosyslil more specific is prolly good?02:05
mycosysteligard - DONT give a password for mysql, at all, ever02:06
mycosyswill make your life VERY hard02:07
mycosysjust let the installer allocate them02:07
TeligardI didn't02:07
Teligardblank password02:07
TeligardThe installer appears to be having issues with setting up mysql02:08
mycosysok - it will now be your user password for the root password, the mythtv password can be found in /etc/mythtv/mysql iirc02:08
TeligardIt doesn't add the database or user, causing a fair amount of additional work (that I'm not sure I'm even doing right, as I can't seem to get the backend to connect to the database (localhost,, or
Zinn[] arctangent.net02:09
Teligarddriving me nutz, in no small fashion02:09
TeligardLet me go look at that file02:10
mycosysi have installed many times and never had that happen02:10
TeligardIs the password supposed to be encrypted, or?02:12
mycosysis generally randomly generated02:13
TeligardI jus verified it never created the database02:14
Teligardand never created the user02:15
Teligardit added the user debian-sys-maint02:15
mycosysi have installed with 8.04, 8.10 and 9.04 and never had that happen02:16
Teligardand has the two std information_schema and mysql databases02:16
TeligardWhat do you select when starting the install, or do you go with a live distro02:16
mycosysgod, i just select install normally02:17
mycosyscouple of times have needed the like of noapic on some systems02:17
mycosysnot sure what u mean other than that02:17
TeligardI've been usign a mini ubuntu 10.10, and selecting mythtv-backend and sshserver from the package options02:18
TeligardI'll jsut try it with a normal prefab02:18
TeligardTrying to keep the packages to a minimum02:19
mycosysyeah - the problem is you arent selecting the components you need02:19
TeligardI do selkect that02:19
mycosysmythbuntu may be wanted02:20
TeligardI generally select sshserver, LAMP, mythtv-backend, mythtv-backend-master02:20
mycosystry installing mythbuntu  and mythbuntu control center02:20
TeligardWasn't planning to use the frontend, but...02:20
mycosysthen dont add it, is an option in MCC02:20
mycosysi would say it will be easier to use the mythbuntu prefab myself02:21
Teligarddo you know if the issue with 0.24 having choppy live tv playback hs been resolved?02:21
TeligardI'm d/ling it now02:21
mycosysdidnt know it had one02:21
mycosystho i am still on 0.2202:22
TeligardJust for reference, this is to which I was referring: http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2010-December/303987.html02:26
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] [mythtv-users] 0.24-fixes, upgraded, VDPAU - LiveTV playback is choppy, watching as recording is ok02:26
TeligardZinn: we were on the same track02:26
ZinnHi Teligard, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.02:26
TeligardNow I look like an idiot02:26
mycosysreckon that is just an issue with using ion02:27
TeligardWell, I was going to say that I already looked like an idiot, but hey...02:27
mycosysion does not have the kick to do much without vdpau02:28
mycosysdoesnt have the kick to do much in the way of dei-int02:28
mycosysand doesnt have the kick to decode hd without vdpau02:28
mycosysso if vdpau fails for whatver reason ur rooted02:28
Teligardah, my system doesn't have much kick in general, but I'm trying to get something up, and windows "alternatives" or more bloat than function, imho02:29
mycosysyep - it was his he was using advanced 2x deintelacing - too much for his machine to handl;e02:30
mycosyswhat system do you have?02:30
TeligardI need to find a cheap, functional PCI video card that can handle output better than my integrated video02:30
TeligardDell GX260 (something like that). P4 2.402:30
mycosys8400GS PCI may do it, but may not have the BW for HD without vdpau02:30
Teligardwith integrated video02:30
mycosysdo you plan on 1080i?02:31
TeligardThat's an understatement02:31
mycosyscos i prolly wouldnt02:31
TeligardIt struggles with 1080i/720p02:31
Teligardbut can handle std DVD's fine02:31
mycosysthat is why i asked if you plan on it02:31
TeligardI've been using it with XBMC02:31
mycosysdyd is 480 or 57602:32
TeligardEventually, yes, but not in the budget right now.02:32
Teligardthe 1080i02:32
mycosysdvd is 480i of 576i02:32
mycosysoh, ok02:32
TeligardI was at bestbuy today, and saw something that would work fairly well @ sub 500.00, but don't have cash for it right now02:33
mycosysapparently while the 8400gs PCI will work for vdpau, PCI doesnt have the bandwidth for sofftware rendering02:34
Teligardmakes sense02:34
Teligardit's only 66mhz bus, if I remember correctly02:34
mycosysi was usin a sempron 3400+ single core til recently with gt21002:34
mycosysnow using an athlon 64 x202:35
Teligardah, definately a step up02:35
mycosyscan do a lot cheaper than $500 if you want lol02:35
TeligardI was looking at the form-factor too02:35
mycosysnot a huge step - a second core02:35
Teligardand it had hdmi out02:35
mycosysso does a $25 gt21002:36
Teligardand that's pci?  I though most gt's and above were atleast agp02:36
mycosysi admit mine is a full tower - hides nicely behind 56"02:36
mycosysno, that is PCIe02:37
Teligardhaha, I'm sure02:37
mycosysjust saying that the cheapest of modern desktop machines are fine02:37
TeligardI need to buy atleast 402:37
Teligardand want as small as possible, because I am trying to hide them behind smaller tv's02:38
TeligardBut you certainly make a valid point02:38
mycosysso hunt down small matx cases02:38
mycosysuse low pro gt210s02:38
mycosysjust how small do they need to be?02:40
Teligardas small as possible02:40
TeligardWaht I saw today was a low profile pc02:41
mycosyssmall pcs can be a PITA02:41
TeligardThinking of having 1 system as a media director, then just head units in teh rooms02:42
Teligardtrue, especially working in them, and finding parts02:42
mycosysnah - keeping em cool ;)02:42
Teligardok, that makes sense; denser case02:43
mycosysantec, silverstone and lian li have great sff cases that use mostly standard parts02:43
mycosysitx is hard but can be done, matx should be pretty easy but is bigger02:44
mycosyscheap will likely be matx02:45
mycosysa cheap mobo, a low end athlon2, gt210, cheapish case (dont skimp on psu) and can even boot of a CF card if ur keen02:46
mycosysfor the frontends02:46
TeligardI'm looking now on pricewatch02:47
mycosysno idea wat that is02:47
mycosyswould look on newegg myself02:47
mycosysu guys r lucky to hav it02:47
TeligardIt's a single point of reference, and searches multiple vendor sites02:49
Teligardnewegg, amazon, etc02:49
Teligardcheck it out if you get the chance02:49
Teligardcan get some good deals02:49
mycosysnot from australia you cant teligard03:05
TeligardI'm in the US03:06
mycosyslol np03:06
mycosyswe have staticice03:06
Teligardnever heard of it03:06
mycosysdoes the same thing for australian sites03:07
TeligardSo, do you know if mythtv supports the TV Wonder 650 PCI03:26
Teligardlooking for the hardware compat list03:26
mycosysteligard - look at linuxtv03:38
puffAre there any channels for general discussion of media box hardware?  I want to spec out and build a media box (or two...).03:39
mycosysanything linuxtv supports, myth supports03:39
mycosyspuff - i know we do that sort o thing on efnet #desktops - not sure of others03:40
mycosyswe enjoy speccing out all sorts o systems03:40
mycosysbiggest decisions would be what budget, and how small03:41
mycosysbe warned tho - can get a lil blue in there when the guys are vored lol03:42
puffWell, okay... I'm ready to bite the bullet and spend a little money.  Form factor is a major factor, I want something that'll be quiet and lowish heat issues, since the TV room doubles as a guest bedroom often.03:44
mycosysjust best to give a warning given this is an ubuntu channel and that sort of thing is very much not allowed lol03:44
mycosysbig is easier to keep quiet generally03:44
puffI'm on comcast, I want HD, I have a comcast HD/DVR now and it really sucks (you wanna see blue, ask me about comcast...).  I'm thinking of getting an extra converter box or two, so I can record/watch on multiple channels.03:44
mycosysactuall - the best place for you may be silentpcreview.com03:44
puffRe: form factor, basically I'm looking for something that'll make a good appliance...03:45
mycosysbut i can give a few tips - and one o the guys on #desktops is a major sff nut03:45
mycosyssmall form factor03:45
puffOn eff #desktops?03:45
puffAh, cool.03:46
mycosyshad the smallest 1366 SLI system i have ever heard of03:46
puff"small" isn't critical, just that I feel/suspect a normal PC case will be obnoxious...03:46
mycosysthe antec fusion/nsk2480 cases are nice, and not hard to keep quiet, and look like they belong in a media setup03:47
mycosysfusion max will take atx, fusion and nsk2480 are matx03:47
mycosyssilverstone and lian li do some nice cases for the job too, but pricier03:48
mycosysnsk2480 is a mega bargain for what it is03:48
mycosysthe athlon2 chips are great for the price, but will likely want an aftermarket heatsink for quiet03:52
puffWhat about video hardware?03:54
puffCable cards, etc?03:54
puffSomebody recommended the HD Home Run.  Thoughts?03:54
mycosysi am an aussie lol - we use DVB03:54
mycosysmythtv-users would have some recommendations i am sure03:55
mycosysi am from australia - we use DVB-T rather than ATSC - our capture hardware is completely different03:56
mycosyswagnerrp on mythtv-users seems to really know his atsc gear03:57
puffIs that a mailing list?03:59
mycosysa channel03:59
mycosyson freenode03:59
puffAh, i'll try there.03:59
Guest17579anyone there, I have found a possible bug/situation what might cause problems when upgrading to 0.2405:36
Guest17579I just want to make sure that it is documented before 10.10.05:38
Guest17579The way the external channel change run changed bewteen 0.23 and 0.24. If you have two recordings at the same time, in 0.23 it would tune one, then tune the other. In 0.24 it tries to tune both at the same time. This is a problem if you are running one usb blaster with two channels05:41
Guest17579We need to add a lock to the script or something05:41
mycosysguest1759 - would suggest reporting this on mythtv sire, or #mythtv-users09:28
mycosysis not an ubuntu bug09:28
mycosyswhen did upgrading get so easy? going between point releases of redhat used to be the stuff of nightmares10:30
NewBuntu81Hi All.  Has anyone with an HVR-2250 got the IR blaster to work with Mythbuntu 10.10?16:41
noaXess_netubuhey all17:40
noaXess_netubusince last night, i have a time offset of 1 hour in tv listing.. backend/frontend time are ok.. mythfilldatabase re-run done.17:40
tgm4883noaXess_netubu, is your system time and timezone correct?19:08
noaXess_netubutgm4883: jep19:12
noaXess_netubuare you subscribe to the xmltv-users list? see my post: http://bit.ly/giAYL419:14
Zinn[bit.ly] SourceForge.net: XMLTV: xmltv-users19:14
MeraXhey, I'm looking for something do mixup a stereo sound signal from one application to 5.1 in order to to set the volume of this special application different for each of the 5.1 speakers with pavucontrol (ore some thing like this) (in order to send one stereo signal to one pair of speaker and an other stereo signal to a second pair)20:25
PerfMyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh budddddy21:25

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