karoraAnd what a beautiful morning it is, too :-)21:27
mwhudsonit really is21:28
mwhudsonwife + mother in law are on the overlander today, looks like they've got a nice day for it21:28
ajmitchovercast & grey down here21:30
Atamiralovely day here21:40
Atamirawindy as heck..but still lovely21:40
jhanafroghey LukasB22:37
jhanafrogi'm visiting from California :)22:37
jhanafroghi everybody22:37
LukasBI am new to this channel. I am in Nelson, anybody else?22:42
mwhudsonhi LukasB22:42
mwhudsoni don't think anyone i know about is from nelson22:42
LukasBMy name is Lukas, nice to meet you. Now you do :)22:43
mwhudsonLukasB: anyone else i mean :-)22:44
* mwhudson is in wellington22:44
LukasBah okay ;)22:44
snailLukasB: you don't happen to know anything about your local historians do you? http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-corpus-nhsj.html i run the tech side of that22:45
LukasBAH wow... but seems as you are from Wellington, too ;) But I am sorry, I live here since august 2010. I got ubuntu two weeks ago and have been to #ubuntu-beginners this morning and jhanafrog introduced me to Local Communities22:47
ibeardsleewe're a fairly quiet bunch in here22:52
ibeardsleeoften the entire conversation for a day is everyone saying 'morning'22:52
jhanafrogsooner people get into their LoCo's the better, of course he and anyone else in here is welcome in #ubuntu-beginners anytime22:53
jhanafrogdo you guys know about hackerspaces.org?22:53
jhanafrogi just learned about a hackerspace in los angeles that i am going to visit22:54
LukasBibeardslee: But everybody is still coming ;)22:55
ibeardsleedo now .. but vaguely knew about the various one about22:55
LukasBOkay I got to do some work in the garden now... See you later!22:56
LukasBCheers! Sun is shining :)22:57
jhanafrogi planted some dillweed today :)23:05
ibeardsleeI have grand plans for a bit of a garden .. but I always find a reason to do something else instead :(23:06
ibeardsleelike a lot of my grand plans23:06
jhanafrogi don't have a job, and it's something that i hope will help the bottom line23:06
ibeardsleejhanafrog: where are you from?23:08
jhanafrogi currently reside in california23:08
thumperomg a conversation23:19
ajmitchquick, avert your eyes!23:20
jhanafrogtoo late!  i'm melllltttting23:37
jhanafroga little yank humor23:37
ibeardsleeI thought Dubya was the yank contribution to humour ;)23:40
jhanafrogDubya?  you mean the ex-president?  we broke up.23:42
ibeardsleeanyway .. the morning update of test VMs done23:43
ibeardsleenatty is getting tidier, although hard to do a proof of concept with the unity interface if it won't run in the VMs23:47
thumperibeardslee: it won't?23:54
ibeardsleewell not the KVM VM23:55
ibeardsleejust get the wallpaper when I choose 'ubuntu'23:56
thumperany bugs for it?23:56
* ibeardslee puts it down to no 3D23:56
thumperdo you have to explicitly choose the unity-2d?23:57
ibeardsleewhich is described release notes23:57
ibeardsleeif I choose ubuntu safe mode it get the desktop23:57
ibeardsleebut not the bar down the left side23:57
ibeardsleejust installing unity-2d now23:59
ibeardsleewtf .. it requires msql-common ?!?23:59

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