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ScottK ^^^ is my upload so I can't review it.  I did test build it on armel and confirm the changes are adequate to address the lack of GL.19:24
doko_slangasek: uploaded binutils20:11
slangasekdoko_: thanks, looking21:27
slangasekbtw, if we're waiting for binutils before doing the archive snapshot rebuild, it would be good to also get liblouis in as this package ships its .so in the wrong multiarch directory on i38621:27
slangasekScottK: ^^ if you could look at liblouis, I'd appreciate it21:34
slangaseklooking at kipi-plugins now21:34
ScottKcjwatson: Would you please turn off queuebot until the lang pack flood passes.21:46
ScottKslangasek: Looking.  Why Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends}?21:48
* ScottK didn't see that before.21:48
slangasekScottK: debhelper 8.1.2ubuntu2 and above turn this into Pre-Depends: multiarch-support, which is the transitional package that ensures (on i386, specifically) that you don't install libs to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu before there's an ld.so unpacked that knows this path21:48
ScottKslangasek: Also, in debian/rules is  ifneq ($(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE),$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE)) still the correct test or should it be DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH?21:50
slangasekthat's still correct - it's the test for whether we're cross-compiling21:50
slangasekta :)21:50
doko_binutils failed to build, will have to change the soname, or update to the branch again, adding some powerpc fixes too21:53
slangasekwhat's the build failure?  looks like a -j build, I'm not sure what the actual failure is21:56
doko_as: error while loading shared libraries: /build/buildd/binutils- invalid ELF header21:56
doko_make[5]: *** [defstd.o] Error 121:56
slangasekhmm, so what causes that?21:57
slangasekkipi-plugins accepted22:03
ScottKslangasek: FYI, fixing the GL/GLES issue for kdeedu and kdeplasma-addons both block on the avogadro fix done.  They should be ~trivial afterwards.  I have a koffice test build in progress now, so if that works out we should be ~there as soon as your person has an avogadro fix in hand.22:22
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iulianScottK: dnspython in Debian seems a bit out-of-date.  Any ideas why?23:45
ScottKiulian: Maintainer only pays attention intermittently.23:45
iulianOh.  It's not team-maintained.  This might be one of the reasons.23:45
ScottKEventually he'll notice and update.23:45
iulianIndeed.  Please go ahead and upload.23:46
ScottKWill do.23:46
iulianOK, ta.23:48
* iulian goes to bed now.23:48
iulianHave a good night.23:48

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