artnayin ubiquity-debconf, will the variable ${RELEASE} be just "ubuntu" (as in maverick) or "ubuntu release number" (as in all previous releases except maverick)?11:20
gtriderxccan You give me the whole senstence?11:21
artnaygtriderxc: there are 9 strings in ubiquity-debconf which use the variable ${RELEASE}15:13
gtriderxcI did them today15:13
artnaythe problem with Finnish is that one needs to conjugate certain words15:13
artnaywith maverick, the devs changed this variable from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu just before RC or so15:14
gtriderxcI'm not sure but it should be Ubuntu 11.0415:14
gtriderxcthe full release neme15:14
artnayit has always been Ubuntu <release number>15:14
artnaybut since Maverick it's only Ubuntu15:14
artnayand they changed it way too late15:15
gtriderxcin Polish there is no coniugation here15:15
gtriderxcas usual:)15:15
gtriderxcthats also the way I was fighting with ubiquity slideshow15:15
gtriderxcfir a few weeks I tryed to find out if I can use &nbsp; direct in a translation to get rid of orphan letters15:16
gtriderxcno certain answer15:16
artnaywell, we could conjugate it like "${RELEASE}a" (Ubuntua) and that would give a proper sentence in Finnish15:17
gtriderxcso I put the nbsp; in a string and now I am waiting for the beta release15:17
artnaybut if the devs change it from Ubuntu to Ubuntu 11.04, the conjugation is plain wrong15:17
gtriderxcI think15:17
gtriderxcYou should ask at the source15:18
gtriderxcI mean15:18
gtriderxcthe fellows that care about the package15:18
gtriderxconly they can give You a certain answer15:18

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