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brouschjrwren: seriously?00:17
greg-grock, bring some of that beer then, brousch, I'll even pay you for some :)00:28
jrwrenwhat beer?00:57
jrwrendoes potbean brownies mean what I think it means?00:57
jrwren*gasp* (C)-violator!00:58
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, yeah, I know.02:00
jrwrensnap-l: don't feel bad.02:00
jrwrenlook at it this way, i violate your right to happiness by pointing out windows7 awesomeness every day :)02:00
snap-ljrwren: And Microsoft violates your tender anal virginity every time you use Windows 702:01
jrwrenit does?02:01
snap-lI guess after a while you don't feel it anymore.02:01
jrwrenall this talk of violation makes me think of the violator from the spawn movie.02:02
snap-lAnd with that, more Doctor Who02:02
snap-llaterness. ;)02:02
greg-gjrwren: something from Founders since brousch is from the GR02:08
greg-gman I love Founders02:08
jrwreni prefer OG :)02:11
brouschjrwren: i'll bring some founders or new holland beers to the jam02:13
brouschany requests02:19
brouschand what's the attendance looking like?02:19
greg-g8 confirmed, 4 maybes02:22
greg-galso, why does glow.mozilla.org and 280.status.net think I'm from an arabic country (they both are showing the arabic translations of the standard words :/)02:22
snap-lAdd one to the maybes03:56
snap-lthough I'm more likely attending than not03:56
brouschsnap-l: you must go to the jam. i owe you like 3 kicks to the crotch04:00
snap-lbrousch: Well, then I'll definitely go. :-P04:02
rick_h_heh, in that case...04:03
brouschrick_h_: i noticed you didn't beat up foord wrt to django. has he converted you to the awesome side?04:05
rick_h_heh, no04:05
rick_h_I expressed my suprise :P04:05
brouschbut really, mac, windows, and django. he is your arch enemy04:06
brouschshould have asked if he uses emacs or eclipse04:06
rick_h_really good read on gnome shell vs unity ^^15:06
snap-lGood morning15:18
greg-gyo yo15:32
brouschpoking at narwal15:50
brouschi don't have the side launcher thing15:50
snap-lbrousch: then it didn't enable compiz15:55
snap-lare you doing it in a VM?15:55
snap-lOK, off to go grocery shopping. Laterness.15:58
jrwrensnap-l: i loled at your coffee coffe coffe16:01
brouschyes, vm16:08
brouschbut supposedly has 3d16:08
brousch_nattyi forgot how nice gwibber is16:14
brouschit seems much slower than other ubuntu VMs i have16:20
brouschvery heavy16:21
brouschsigh, installed updates and now it's broken16:23
_stink_brousch: did you try to invite me to cyber?17:15
snap-ljrwren: heh. :)18:37
rick_h_wow, the comments are fun: http://ubunturocking.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/a-neutral-approach-at-gnome-shell-and-a-comparison-with-unity/18:41
rick_h_"if you want to try gnome shell, please change distros..."18:41
snap-lCan't we just all get along?20:38
rick_h_droidonly if you pick the right distro20:39
snap-lWould someone give storrgie a push, please?20:50
jcastrosnap-l: rick_h_droid: is your interview with jason published?20:50
snap-lNot yet20:50
snap-lWill be published this week, if all goes well20:50
brousch_stink_: i tried, but you didn't answer, so i satisfied urges another way21:32
greg-gstorrgie_: you seem to be having some IRC connection issues, mind turning off your auto-join or similar until they are resolved?21:44
jrwrenpoor storrgie22:07
greg-gstorrgie: you seem to be having some IRC connection issues, mind turning off your auto-join or similar until they are resolved?22:09
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snap-lI love it when the computer is quieter. :)23:02

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