Cheri703hey dmcglone! welcome back! we were just talking about how we hadn't seen you in a while :)00:05
Cheri703dmcglone: I don't know if you left before you saw it, but I said:00:15
Cheri703-_- nvm00:15
dmcglone1IP address conflict knocking me offline. fixed now!00:19
dmcgloneI wonder what keeps knocking me offline00:27
Cheri703hey dmcglone!00:29
Cheri703I've been trying to say hello but keep missing you!00:29
dmcgloneI keep getting knocked offline for some reason00:29
dmcgloneI havent been on the computer in a good while, been so darn busy and now I can't stay online.. LOL00:30
Cheri703try coming in via the webchat? webchat.freenode.net00:30
Cheri703see if it still does it?00:30
Cheri703if you get kicked again00:30
Cheri703my initial comment was:00:30
Cheri703hey dmcglone! welcome back! we were just talking about how we hadn't seen you in a while :)00:31
dmcgloneI been helping out at my sisters church for VBS and MOPS00:31
Cheri703ah, that's cool00:31
dmcgloneI don't think I'll volunteer again.. LOL00:31
dmcglonethey killed me00:32
Cheri703heh, I was worried I'd scared you off :/00:32
dmcglonehow so?00:32
dmcgloneOh I remember00:32
Cheri703ok :)00:32
dmcgloneI can take critisism00:33
Cheri703hey, you've not gotten kicked for several minutes...progress?00:33
dmcgloneyeah I changed my IP again.00:34
dmcgloneI got 6 computers on here and I forget all their IP's and I think I had a conflict00:34
Cheri703in my house, mine are odds, husband and printer are evens, and random other ones that come in are dhcp :)00:35
dmcgloneI need to get me a better router anyway. I've heard that the one I have is more for close range wireless and doesn't cover as much an area as a linksys would00:37
dmcglonetoday was the last day for MOPS and I'm darn tired.‪00:38
Cheri703what is mops?00:38
dmcgloneMothers Of Preschoolers00:38
dmcgloneand VBS is Vacation Bible School00:39
Cheri703I knew that one :)00:39
dmcgloneMy sister is in the MOPS and she asked me to help out with their clothing sale they have twice a year and I did, and it won't happen anymore.... LOL00:40
dmcgloneI'll be back, I gotta hook up a karaoke machine for my brother00:45
canthus13wow.  Look what the cat dragged in...02:03
paultagcanthus13: I fscking told you :)02:11
canthus13paultag: Heh. Just thought it odd that he shows up the same day we were talking about him.02:13
paultag'tis indeed02:13
Cheri703I have passed on the wisdom of "you can charge your phone battery even if the usb port is screwy by cutting the tip off of the cable and putting them right on the battery and plugging it in" ...it is super handy :)02:13
Cheri703maybe he's been lurking as someone else?02:13
* Cheri703 may just be cynical :)02:13
paultaghe'd not need to02:13
paultagwe publish logs02:13
Cheri703ah, true02:14
paultaghe could just read online if he did not want us to know02:14
paultagGood news everyone -- I have the synful base building from source02:14
paultagright now (today's work), I've got bash  binutils  gcc  glibc  gmp  mpc  mpfr02:14
paultagI've been blastic classical and rocking out syn builds02:15
paultagfuck, dependecy issues02:27
paultagwhat the fuck is usr/share/info/dirs anyway?!02:27
canthus13paultag: A folder.02:30
canthus13actually, it's a file with stuff in it.02:31
canthus13and it's dir, not dirs.02:31
paultagcanthus13: yeah02:39
paultagthing's fucking up my package manager02:39
paultagit looks like most packages have it?!02:39
paultagI need to blacklist that02:39
paultagand handle it with a hook02:39
paultagbut I need to figure out dependency stuff anyway02:39
paultagwhat happens in case of conflict. Hummmm.02:40
paultagwonder if I can keep a record on each file02:41
paultagseems like a big infoset, though02:41
paultaglike a `lay-claim' db02:41
paultagit'll be cool for restoring files, too03:11
paultagrm /bin/bash on accedent? Call the lay-claim :)03:11
SkrappJawwhats happening? Anyone alive?05:37
=== Vetinari is now known as lukjad
=== Vetinari is now known as lukjad
paultagheyya gilbert_ :)18:25
djoepaultag: what happened, did you break your leg or something?20:10
paultagdjoe: hurm?20:29
djoepaultag: well, just haven't seen you around in here that much, figured something must have happened ;-)20:32
paultagdjoe: internet went out for 3 weeks20:35
paultagdjoe: sucked so much20:40
paultagdjoe: I'm an addict20:40
djoepaultag: this was at home, in an apt or the dorm or what?20:43
paultagdjoe: a few friends and I have a house20:46
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