bts3685|vps\o/ i think i got a better job! currently i'm making 18k (ugh). i may have a job where i'm making 28k.03:01
bts3685|vpsand since it's telecommute and night shift, i'll be active in here again! i missed y'all03:01
pleia2yay :)04:08
andrewwelcome back04:37
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SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!18:51
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MutantTurkeygobble gobble19:52
InHisNameRoast Turkey with dressing sure sounds appetizing about right now.21:15
EvilPhoenixi was going to say something along those lines21:19
EvilPhoenixbut i didnt :P21:19
rmg51go ahead and say it ;-)21:40
rmg51we need a few laws about turkeys mutant or not21:41
rmg51where is our law maker bts3685|vps when we need him?21:43
InHisName118.5.b5.87 Thou shalt have roast turkey with dressing 2wice a month !21:56
InHisNameI only had it once so far this month, need my 2nd fix before the month runs out.21:58
InHisNameNo law on chocolate consumption, so I eat it all the time.21:59
EvilPhoenixnot in my laws it isnt like that23:13
EvilPhoenixin my laws its:23:13
EvilPhoenixDirective 5.56.b5, paragraph a: "You must have roasted turkey with all the dressings and trimmings at least twice a month.  As such, you are cleared to capture any turkeys in your path and roast them."23:14
EvilPhoenixparagraph b: "Regarding the roasting of the turkey: you are clear to roast them in any method you see fit."23:15
PennBothmm... fifth_law is under no circumstances is jthan to get a cookie, rmg5123:40
rmg51offical law^23:40
rmg51all others are fake :-D23:41
jedijf@eleventh law23:43
PennBotBugger all, I dunno, jedijf.23:43
PennBotIt has been said that eleventh_law is Eighth Law shall not be modified, removed, or circumvented, rmg5123:43
jedijflaw fail23:43
rmg51you forgot the underscore23:44

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