mhall119cdbs: http://hacks.mozilla.org/2010/09/final-user-agent-string-for-firefox-4/00:12
cdbsmhall119: So we can still work around the thing, right?07:52
cdbsmhall119: Because apt.ubuntu.com is being heavily used on askubuntu questions, and we need a work-around07:53
mhall119cdbs: the problem is that FF4 will identify the same on Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu14:06
mhall119maybe the official Ubuntu package can be patched to include "Ubuntu" in the User Agent again14:06
mhall119but there's nothing apt.ubuntu.com can do about it14:06
mhall119maybe we can, instead of using useragent, send extra header information saying the browser supports apt urls14:07
cdbswell, yeah14:08
cdbsthat requires extra discussions14:08

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