* nlsthzn waves17:25
plustwohi all17:26
nlsthznplustwo: hey17:28
plustwonlsthzn, hi17:28
inetprogood morning +217:47
nlsthzninetpro: :)17:48
inetproheh nlsthzn17:49
inetpronlsthzn: I'm not sure, what can you tell me?17:54
nlsthznthe sharks are loosing :/17:55
plustwoinetpro, hi17:55
inetpronlsthzn: eish, are they playing now?17:55
nlsthzn3 min leeft17:56
marcognlsthzn: who they playing?17:56
inetproplustwo: hiho17:56
nlsthzncrusaders on twickenham17:56
nlsthznthey played well... but the crusaders where very good17:56
marcogwell, that was always going to be a tough match17:56
nlsthznspoiler score anyone?17:59
marcogscore's on http://www.superxv.com/news/super15_rugby_news.asp?id=2952218:00
nlsthznI know the score18:00
marcogif anyone wants to peek :P18:00
nlsthznbut didn't want to blabber it out18:00
marcogyeah, better hiding it behind a link18:00
nlsthzngood thinking :)18:01

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