kriumegiff: no i dident do that i did the chmod command u told me too00:00
edbianlefty__: 1 I asked for the output of sudo lspci -k and you gave me something else.  2. You don't have any errors here (but this isn't all the output).00:00
lostmonstershould i simply ask my question, or do i want in line?00:00
giffkriume, you need to add it too ;)00:00
Dr_Willislostmonster:  ask . 1 line. keep it clear and concise.00:00
kriumegiff: ok, thats what i though00:00
lefty__edbian thats all it gave me00:00
zichoi just installed 10.10, is there any way i can move the close, maximize and minimize buttons to the right of the window instead of having them in the left?00:00
kriumegiff: im going to try to restart now, brb00:00
Dr_Williszicho:  thats trivial. theres apps that do it.. or theres some command line commands to do it.00:01
Dr_Willis!controls | zicho00:01
ubottuzicho: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side00:01
edbianlefty__: alright then, it worked.  restart the machine.  See if you can get on a wifi network.00:01
NickUK`Yo - I'm having an issue with my wireless, I've installed the restricted drivers for my Acer Aspire 9300 and install network-manager-gnome but still unable to see it.00:01
lefty__edbian it started to download updates aswell00:01
lostmonsterwireless card compatibility issues with ubuntu desktop 10.1000:01
NickUK`lostmonster - Think I should downgrade then?00:02
zichoDr_Willis ty00:02
NickUK`lostmonster - 10.04?00:02
edbianlefty__: great.  Restart the machine.  Try to get on wifi00:02
kriumegiff: great, its working now:) thanks for all ur help00:03
luziel_Carvalhovia crhome9 no ubuntu00:03
lefty__edbian i am going to let updates finish00:03
lostmonsterim on my netbook atm; id prefer to get the card i have working on 10.1000:03
luziel_Carvalhoi need help fo installation00:03
edbianlefty__: ok00:03
lefty__and thanks alot for your help edbian00:03
Assumer_Hey guys, I can't install restricted drivers, I hit authenticate and everything freezes, any thoughts?00:03
edbianlefty__: no prob00:03
jayhIs it possible to take a LiveUSB version of Ubuntu 1.10 and turn it into an .iso in Windows?00:04
conical__anyone have an idea why uPnP wouldn't work in ubuntu but would on Mac OS X00:04
jayhCan I just take the usb and make an iso from it?00:04
lefty__ayeece as well thank you too00:04
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MacBytehi guys00:04
MacBytewhen i play flash games why is there no audio?00:04
Tommy3My sata drive is not recognized after allowing upgrades . cant boot. how to recover???(ver 10.10)00:04
MacByteon Ubuntu00:04
Dr_Willisjayh:  you mean take a flash drive setup and convert it back to an ISO file.. that is proberly diable.. but may be tricy00:05
Dr_WillisMacByte:  flash can have sound issues at times. depends on the hardware/setup00:05
MacByteim on a netbook00:05
Assumer_Any thought on why I get stuck at authentication when trying to install restricted nvidia drivers?00:05
MacBytehp mini 110, 1gb ram, 250gb hard drive intel atom n45000:05
MacByteit was working fine at one point and now it stopped00:06
Dr_WillisAssumer_:  try 'gksudo jockey-gtk' and see if it lets you install them perhaps?00:06
* lefty__ does the happy dance!!00:06
Assumer_I'll give it a try Dr_Willis , ty00:06
Tommy3My sata drive is not recognized after allowing upgrades . cant boot. how to recover???(ver 10.10)00:07
Assumer_Dr_Willis: I've moved on to downloading, thanks!00:07
Dr_WillisTommy3:  im not clear on what 'after allowing upgrades' means...00:07
shadowmancerhey all00:08
Dr_WillisTommy3:  boot a live cd. see if you can access the drive.. what does it do when it 'cant boot' where does it stop....00:08
shadowmancerjust curious, is there a unique irc channel for netbook remix?00:08
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  not that ive noticed.. and in the next release. the netbook edition will be gone anyway :)00:08
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  perhaps #ubuntu-netbook ?00:08
Assumer_whoa the next red bull game has no announced tv coverage00:09
Assumer_might be time to get on the phone and harass MSG00:09
Tommy3Dr_Willisupgrades were from synaptec package manager00:09
Assumer_wrong chat00:09
Dr_WillisTommy3:  so you are meanign to say 'after upgradeing, your system no longer boots'00:09
Tommy3Dr_Willis: running on the live cd now. just dont see the sata boot drive any more00:10
shadowmancerthanks, just quickly whats the difference between netbook and normal ubuntu00:10
shadowmancerother then the trimming00:10
kriumei just installed mountmanager, where is it located??00:10
shadowmanceris the window manager different in any way00:10
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generalExpertwhy do my videos and graphics page tear in Ubuntu but not in Win7?00:10
alanciohi, anybody here has the lenovo ideapad u460?00:10
=== Kioko is now known as Kioko_
old_keyboardwhy ntpd listen at 123 UDP port? I dont want to run it as server00:10
Dr_WillisgeneralExpert:  check your 'vsync/vblank' settings00:11
Kioko_Looks busy00:11
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  differnt desktop/wm/layout.. soon to not be a differance any more in 11.0400:11
Kioko_Anybody want to help me troubleshoot a Think Centre00:11
agliodbsI love gparted00:11
Tommy3Dr_Willis: running on the live cd now. just dont see the sata boot drive any more. SATA wont boot.00:11
Dr_WillisTommy3:  check 'sudo fdisk -l' output. see if you can mount the hd by hand somewhere. it may be a dead hd.00:11
agliodbsand, for that matter, imapsync00:11
robaljest tu jakis polak ?00:12
Kioko_I cant get it to boot from the ubuntu live usb becausae it has the "No OS" error00:12
shadowmancerthank god, for some reason when i do full screen with firefox, it kills the window manager and all desktop elements bar the background and i have no idea how to fix it othe then going to the shell and doing sudo service gdm restart00:12
Kioko_Anybody have any idea why?00:12
Dr_WillisKioko_:  sounds like the bootloader is not installed properly on the flash drive.00:12
Tommy3Dr_Willis: Administration>Disk Utility does not see the drive.00:13
tjiggi_fo!pl | robal00:13
ubotturobal: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.00:13
Kioko_It installed from the Live CDcreator here in my ubuntu installation Dr_Willis00:13
mike-wwhere is vim installed?00:13
Dr_WillisKioko_:  try it in other machines see if it works in them. the creator tool can mess up00:14
edbianlefty__: yell if you need me00:14
Dr_WillisTommy3:  and does 'sudo fdisk -l' see it?00:14
Kioko_It does work in my machine00:14
mike-wwhere is vim installed?00:14
lostmonsterwindows has to check for consistency when starting on windows after a fresh ubuntu install, is this normal?00:14
shadowmanceryup, which are you using, i suggest netbootin00:14
Dr_Willismike-w:  why does it matter?  try 'which vim'00:14
mike-wi want to add a color scheme00:14
Kioko_Dr_Willis, but it doesnt work on the think centre00:14
lefty__edbian! OK!!!00:14
bastidrazormike-w: /usr/bin/vim00:14
tjiggi_folostmonster, yes00:14
Dr_WillisKioko_:  some machines are picky about what fhasl drives they can boot.00:14
edbianlefty__: Ok you need me?  Or ok you know now to yell00:14
Dr_WillisKioko_:  ive had older box's not work with some flash drives.. but work with others.00:14
Kioko_Dr_Willis: The thing is, it will boot, just wont recognixze the OS00:15
* nejode agrees with Dr_Willis 00:15
Dr_WillisKioko_:  be sure its trying to boot the proper device..00:15
Dr_WillisKioko_:  sounds to me like its booting some OTHER device.00:15
lefty__edbian OK TO NOW KNOW TO YELL IF I NEED YOU!00:15
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=== BKS-awaybutaking is now known as BKS-awayleavemes
echosystmguys, i have a problem - i created a new user account on ubuntu LTS, but it doesnt come up on the log-in screen. wtf?00:15
geegeegeedoes linux bitch about partitions 2TB or bigger like windows 7 does?00:16
Dr_Willisechosystm:  restart the gdm service perhaps.00:16
Dr_Willisgeegeegee:  not that ive ever seen.00:16
echosystmno, its a bug with ubuntu00:16
echosystmi tried it on a vm and it does the same thing00:16
Tommy3Dr_Willis: No, it is not shown.  I can see my usb outboard drive, but nothing else.00:16
Kioko_Dr_Willis: It is, im getting some CDs soon, so it may work from that, wubi will not work because its a limited account on XP but will Ophcrack help that?00:16
echosystmit would seem creating users is broken on ubuntu00:16
Aikarmy "Run application" dialog wont come up (Alt+F2), i checked keybinding, it was there. even tried changing the keybind, new bind wont work either00:17
Tommy3Dr_Willis: If no way to fix it, I will put the drive in a usb outboard drive box and see if I can recover data.00:17
Dr_WillisTommy3:  time to check its cables and so forth. it may be its dead.  I have a external usb->sata-ide-whatever devicec i use to 'check' hard drives in. that way i can hear them spin up/ click and so forth.. if its dead. it may be totally dead.. or just very sick.00:17
trismechosystm: what is the UID of the user?00:17
echosystmlet me have a look, one second00:17
Dr_WillisKioko_:  id use virtualbox over wubi.00:17
kriumeis it possible to save as jpg instead of png when i do Print Screen?? how?00:17
Kioko_Virtual box wont install ubuntu will it Dr_Willis?00:17
Dr_WillisKioko_:  you can also make a usb flash drive that uses grub2 to boot an iso file.00:18
echosystmtrism: i know it is outside the range that gdm is supposed to show00:18
Tommy3Dr_Willis: This is the third sata drive that has failed me (WD)00:18
mike-wwhere is the folder vim/color/00:18
JuNiOxguys, I had installed php via apt-get but was getting "PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.7" when checked phpinfo(). However, I have removed it and installed php 5.3.6 from .tar.gz and it returns "PHP 5.3.6" when I execute "php -v". But, via phpinfo() it still shows: "PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.7", does anyone knows how to fix it?00:18
waltI am setting up a new linux system. In xterm, when I add XTerm*faceSize:8 to my .Xresources, I get very bad looking anti aliasing. How do I go about solving this?00:18
echosystmthe question is - why is the user management tool doing this wrong?00:18
Dr_WillisKioko_:  huh? i run ubuntu in vbox all the time.00:18
Dr_WillisTommy3:  hd's are the weakest part of a pc thease days..00:18
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Kioko_Dr_Willis: its for a kids computer, and for skype, though the ethernet on the acc is disabled, so they want ubuntu but i am having trouble installing it00:18
Tommy3Dr_Willis: I wonder if I should use an old pata drive for boot00:18
AikarJuNiOx: php5 is mod_php for apache, php5-cli is the cli edition that returns from php -v00:19
Dr_WillisTommy3:  thats about all they are good for these days. :)00:19
AikarJuNiOx: you likely still have 5.3.2 for mod_php00:19
bastidrazormike-w: ~/.vim/00:19
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loshmyHi guys, can someone help mi with my vpn.. Or answer my question about supporting eap authentication00:19
JuNiOxAikar: got it, so I'll have to install this package from an particular package?00:19
=== t3nnyson is now known as Guest27261
Tommy3Dr_Willis: thanks for the advice.00:19
AikarJuNiOx: w/e source you installed check for how to compile the mod_php binary from it00:20
JuNiOxtks man, I'll do that!00:20
AikarJuNiOx: or im sure theres someone who has a PPA for the most up to date php debs00:21
trismechosystm: maybe your UID_MIN is incorrect in /etc/login.defs?00:22
trismechosystm: although gdm is supposed to use UID_MIN, so that shouldn't matter, hmm00:22
shibbole1hgot a question for y'all.  I run a dual-boot Win7/ubuntu system.  I booted off a LiveCD to test it, after which Win7 was removed from my GRUB menu.  Any easy way to correct that?00:22
ST47Hey folks. I have a gigabyte motherboard which I'm running a RAID 5 array on, but the ubuntu installer and a gparted livecd both show only the original drives - sda, sdb, and sdc instead of the array. Any ideas on how to recognize the array?00:23
echosystmtrism: both computers have fresh and fully-patched ubuntus00:23
generalExperthow do I check those 'vsync/vblank' settings? In my 'nvidia x server settings'?00:23
echosystmsame problem in both cases00:23
echosystmit seems to only happen for "user" accounts00:23
echosystmnormal accounts (like the default account) work fine00:23
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trismechosystm: maybe log a bug, but I can't reproduce it, System/Administration/User Management, click add, created a test user, and it had UID of 100100:24
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: there should be a menu item named nvidia settings or you can run 'gksudo nvidia-settings' in a terminal00:24
grkblooddoes anyone have a workaround for DRM on moonlight?00:25
naemer63sup guys00:25
naemer63what you mean a workaround?00:26
generalExpertok but what should it be set on? I see the check boxes in the nvidia settings.00:26
loshmyhey guys, is it possible to connect on vpn via pptp eap from ubuntu?00:26
Aikarso can anyone tell me how to get my Alt+F2 to work?00:26
bastidrazorAikar: that is control by  gnome-panel.. do you still have your panels?00:27
echosystmperhaps my install media was bad trism hmm00:27
Aikarbastidrazor: crap... i turned gnome-panel off lol00:27
Aikaranyway to get it w/o gnome-panel?00:27
bastidrazorAikar: not that i know of.00:28
naemer63gnome tweak work well for shortcut00:28
Aikari guess i can switch it back on session since i have it empty and autohide (not visible)00:28
fisixhey! does anybody know how to switch the icons between and within the system tray (notification area / indicator applet)?00:28
IronHalikwhats the ybyntu beta channel? :>00:28
edbianleftymobile: whatup dawg00:28
Aikarhttp://aikar.co/dropbox/sexy.png  i use AWN to replace panel so figured id turn it off completely00:29
leftymobileedbian i try to activate and error00:29
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generalExperthow do I reply to someone00:29
luziel_Carvalhohow to install via chrome9 in ubuntu 10.10?00:29
alancioAikar: what is sexy about that? I expected to see a chick00:29
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: include their name in your reply00:29
edbianleftymobile: What's the error?00:29
naemer63@alancio lol00:29
bastidrazorAikar: i have the top panel and use cairo-dock to replace the bottom panel.00:30
leftymobileedbian : SystemError: installArchives() failed00:30
edbianleftymobile: Is the Ubuntu machine still connected to the Internet?00:30
edbianleftymobile: What causes that error to show up?00:30
leftymobiletrying to activate b4300:30
naemer63i like the wallpaper but sexy well...00:30
generalExpertbastidrazor: I thought there would be a easier way than to have to type the name everytime00:30
bastidrazorAikar: nice backtrack dragon you have there.00:30
edbianleftymobile: What are you doing to 'activate it'  ?00:30
Aikarhttp://aikar.co/dropbox/wallpaper.jpg if you want it :P00:30
naemer63edbian while installing what00:30
dombnexenwere i can finddriver fixer??00:30
leftymobilethe driver thing its telling me to activate it00:30
trismAikar: there are other programs you can use for the alt+f2 dialog, gmrun, others00:31
dombnexenwere i can find driver fixer??00:31
loshmyhey guys, is it possible to connect on vpn via pptp eap from ubuntu?00:31
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: use tab completion.. for example i type gener(then hit tab) and it completes your name for me.00:31
Aikarill just put gnome-panel back in my session for panel and leave it hidden00:31
edbiannaemer63: While installing that package?00:31
Aikari just removed it so it wouldnt be wasting memory00:31
generalExpertbastidrazor: and I have to complete with colon right?00:31
edbianleftymobile: In hardware drivers?00:31
edbianleftymobile: Do you have a wifi icon now that lists wireless networks?00:32
naemer63@edbian well have you try to download it again?00:32
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: no.00:32
edbiannaemer63: What are you talking about?00:32
leftymobilei always had wifi00:32
dombnexeni need via driver for graphic card00:32
edbianleftymobile: And when you click it does it show networks?00:32
leftymobilebut never was able to connect00:32
edbianleftymobile: Did it show networks?00:32
tbruff13hey is there any program in ubuntu that can save a DVD on a usb drive00:32
leftymobileedbian no00:32
EnigmaticCoderEvery 30 or so boots, Ubuntu runs a disk check. The disk check is faster than it used to be. Is it still as thorough? Can I set it to be as thorough as it used to be?00:32
edbianleftymobile: Does it list networks now?00:33
naemer63@edbian my wrong was the wrong personn lol , back in time there was less question00:33
leftymobileedbian no00:33
grkblooddoes anyone have a workaround for DRM on moonlight?00:33
edbiannaemer63: no worries00:33
grkbloodtrying to watch UFC prelims on facebook00:33
edbianleftymobile: What is the output of sudo lsmod | grep b4300:33
edbianleftymobile: type this in a terminal:  sudo lsmod | grep b4300:34
edbianleftymobile: and press enter.  What does the terminal say back to you?00:34
yabukwhat is the best command to convert any video  to use with cinelerra?00:34
leftymobilenow it activates!00:34
naemer63lala ..00:34
edbianleftymobile: Please still give me the output of the command.00:34
leftymobileedbian ok but i never entered it00:35
naemer63do anyone tried google before asking anything?00:35
edbianleftymobile: enter it and tell me what it says!00:35
naemer63@edbian i ll00:36
edbiannaemer63: ill  ?00:36
naemer63make a coffe what one?00:36
apocalyptiqHow can I uninstall something installed from sources?00:36
bazhangnaemer63, did you have a support question?00:36
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naemer63nop back in time i was roaming around irc chan for help thats all00:37
bazhangnaemer63, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please00:37
naemer63@edbian good luck00:37
edbianleftymobile: How's it going with that command?00:38
leftymobileedbian is it an i?00:38
leftymobileor l?00:38
edbianleftymobile: no that's a pipe.  it's the button above the enter key00:38
laananHi, trying to install ubuntu netbook with wubi, and getting an error in the last step (like both bars are full)00:38
edbian(the button about the enter + shift)00:38
leftymobileedbian before smod00:39
leftymobilehard to tell on phone00:39
edbianleftymobile: lsmod  (that's a lowercase L)00:39
laananit says the boot configuration data store could not be opened00:39
leftymobileedbian before i can enter password00:40
laananand that the file could not be found...00:40
laananany ideas would be greatly appreciated ;_00:40
leftymobileit says grepb43 command not found00:40
edbianleftymobile: there's a space between grep and b4300:40
gypsyjimhello guys ...is there anyone here who can help with backtrack00:40
bazhanggypsyjim, in #backtrack-linux NOT here00:41
edbianleftymobile: sudo lsmod | grep b43     <-- see the space there? after 'p' before 'b43'00:41
twitchleftymobile: grep <insert space" b4300:41
Sw33NY_how can i do benchmarking test on my disks ?00:41
alancioedbian: I admire you00:41
edbianalancio: thanks?00:41
gypsyjimok question, I am new to irc can you tell me what I need to do in order to get to that irc channel.00:42
Dr_Willisgypsyjim:  /join #channelname00:42
bazhang /join #backtrack-linux00:42
=== ||arifaX is now known as Guest61995
edbianSw33NY_: hdparm  I believe00:43
leftymobileedbian http://pastebin.com/4ztPMA2400:44
agliodbsso, I copied the partitions on my existing main HDD to the new drive00:44
agliodbsdo I need to do anything else to make it bootable?00:44
esing_onthelinehello people00:45
esing_onthelinehello guuuys :)00:45
edbianleftymobile: Hurray.  That means the b43 driver was installed, loaded and is being used successfully.  What does sudo iwlist scan   show you?  (not need to pastebin just a brief description will suffice)00:45
esing_onthelineI have a big question00:45
laanananyone mind helping me?00:45
edbianesing_ontheline: What is it?00:45
edbianagliodbs: I don't believe so.00:45
esing_onthelineout of a sudden my configuration for wol does not work no more00:45
esing_onthelinei have two questions which may help me. First: What should I put as a internetadresse when sending the magic package and which port should I send it to? Second: should I send over the internet or through the local subnet, because that computer is within my lan network00:45
edbianagliodbs: You need to install grub in that hdds MBR00:45
laananor is there a sperate channel for wubi?00:46
edbianesing_ontheline: The magic package?  What is a wol  ?00:46
esing_onthelinewake on lan00:46
generalExpertbastidrazor, in my nvidia settings under 'X Server XVideo Settings' the 'Sync to VBlank' is checked. Is this right?00:46
esing_onthelinemagic package is the package which is sent to wake the computer up00:46
esing_onthelinethrough eth000:46
Dr_WillisgeneralExpert:  also check the CCSM/Compiz config tool to enable the setting as well.00:46
leftymobileedbian : ?00:47
edbianesing_ontheline: There are programs you can install that send it for you.00:47
conical_anyone in here familiar with the AirPlay plugin for Totem?00:47
edbianleftymobile: run sudo iwlist scan and tell me (no need for pastebin) what it says.00:47
edbianleftymobile: What are you confused about.00:47
esing_onthelineedbian did you read my question?00:47
generalExpertDr_Willis, how do i check that?00:47
edbianesing_ontheline: ahh, sorry no.  reading...00:47
Dr_WillisgeneralExpert:  in the 'ccsm' tool settings theres some checkbox for it.00:47
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz00:47
laanantrying to installl ubuntu with wubi...00:47
JuNiOxAikar: buddy, I followed your tips, found those packages on https://launchpad.net/~blt04/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/2333104, and after installing some dependencies, everything is ok now, thank you very much!00:48
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2333104 not found00:48
Dr_Willislaanan:  best advice i can give on wubi.. is dont use it.. Its amazeing the # of issues i see with wubi in here on a average week.00:48
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: sync to Vblank is used for the old CRT's on an LCD it is not needed00:48
agliodbsedbian: what's the best way to do that?00:48
edbianagliodbs: Best way to do what?  (I don't recall)00:49
Dr_Willisbastidrazor:  it sure got rid of my video tearing.. but it may be it just enabled the other setting on the nvidia-settings tool as well.00:49
generalExpertbastidrazor, ok so it should not be checked anywhere. Right?00:49
agliodbsinstall grub to the mbr.  for example, should I be using Grub or Grub2?00:49
Dr_Willisagliodbs:  i would say use grub2 if you have no other reasons to use grub100:49
oobilozi am not sure i'm int eh right channel, is there a channel for ubuntu newbies or is this it00:49
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  this is general support. you got a specific question - feel free to ask.00:50
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: to the best of my knowledge it is not needed for an LCD monitor.00:50
leftymobileedbian it wont do it anymore00:50
oobilozah great00:50
agliodbslooks like grub2-install00:50
oobilozthank you dr_willis00:50
agliodbsI'll see if I have that00:50
edbianleftymobile: What, won't do what anymore...00:50
leftymobilei have to used wired connection edbian00:50
Dr_WillisgeneralExpert:  try it and see. :) it cant hurt.00:50
edbianleftymobile: I am aware that you have to use wired.  Can you run commands still?00:50
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: i agree. try it and see.00:50
edbianleftymobile: Open the terminal and type this: 'sudo iwlist scan' and press enter and tell me what it says!00:50
esing_onthelineout of a sudden my configuration for wol does not work no more00:51
esing_onthelinei have two questions which may help me. First: What should I put as a internetadresse when sending the magic package and which port should I send it to? Second: should I send over the internet or through the local subnet, because that computer is within my lan network00:51
oobilozmy hard drive isn't booting, i wasn't able to save all my files before it happened.  i at the moment booting from USB and i am trying to access it.  i went to GParted (the usb has xubuntu) and it shows me the drive there but it tells me the enclosure is locked.  any way to get around this and access my files so i can finally reformat and do a fresh install?00:51
leftymobileedbian it says interface doesnt support!00:51
SightUpit says that in the update manager that i havent updated in 5 hours. Linux hasnt been installed for 5 hours00:51
SightUpless than 5 hours00:51
edbianleftymobile: For all of them?  is wlan0 in the list of things?00:52
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  locked as in 'write protected00:52
leftymobileedbian lo not wlan00:52
edbianleftymobile: It should list like 2 or 3 things.  lo, eth0, wlan0... what does wlan0 say?00:52
oobilozis that what it is???00:52
edbianleftymobile: There is no wlan0 ?00:52
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  locked as in 'write protected' ? you could still mount/access it.. but if it crashed/died in such a nasty way. Youy may not beable to reformat it.. i wouldent trust it - if you were able to refromat it..00:52
oobilozi am writing nothing, i just want to copy it to a different external00:52
oobilozdr_willis, i don't think it's that00:52
edbianleftymobile: I need another pastebin. This time in it I need to see the output of this: sudo lspci -k     (it's long I know)00:53
oobilozi was talking to a freind who told me i ahd too many kernels (long story, i was trying to work around something and i ended up wtih that)00:53
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  you could 'dd' the whole disk to an image file. and try to recover from that. If you had a location to write the image file to.00:53
oobilozand i fllowed advice and removed it00:53
oobilozi mean, it reads the hard drive, it boots as far as me seeing the purple screen, i even hear the sounds but i cannot log in00:53
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  gparted will show a partiion thats mounted as 'locked' also. be sure its unmounted.00:53
generalExpertMy graphics card is an nvidia 8600gt and it can handle hd no problem in windows but not ubuntu. Any ideas to get it up to snuff?00:54
oobilozso i unmount it00:54
oobilozand then remount?00:54
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  sounds to me like you need to use the 'quiet nosplash' or 'text' option  when booting to see if any error messages are showing up/fix them00:54
oobilozso i can get to the files?00:54
oobilozeh, i am booting from usb00:54
oobilozit's the "install if you want, after you try"00:54
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  if its booting most of the way. jkust try mounting it and see if you can access the files.00:54
SightUpcan anyone answer the question?00:54
oobilozto get to this machine taht won't boot up int he first place00:54
oobilozi did try mounting it, "already in use"00:54
oobilozi am getting all sorts of reasons so i can't seem to get to it00:55
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  it sounds like it IS booting its just acting oddly?crashing, or somthing.00:55
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  if its allready in use.. then its proberly mounted somewhere.. see where via the 'mount' command00:55
edbianleftymobile: How's it going?00:55
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  that would explain the lock from gparted also.00:55
conical_quick xchat question: how do I see the time since active for a user00:55
conical_I know how to do it using Aqua00:56
oobilozi don't see itin mount, unless it's written as something else and i'm not recognising it00:56
bastidrazorconical_: /whois conical_ conical_ .. yes put the username twice00:56
oobilozi am trying to lookk for the same name as it says under gparted00:56
Dr_Willisoobiloz:    thats odd.  . so you boot the system. you get the ubuntu .... splashm, and it seems to boot.. plays a sound. but you get no GDM login screen?00:57
oobilozwell, that's the hd in this lappy00:57
oobilozyes i tried it many times00:57
conical_bastidrazor, is there a way to use that command to get that information for say, all the ops?00:57
oobilozso now i've to boot using this try out usb00:57
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  can you get to the console via alt-ctrl-f1 through f5? what video chipset is in the thing?00:57
bastidrazorconical_: no idea.00:57
oobilozi do it now even if i'm booted from USB?00:58
generalExpertIn 'CCSM' settings 'Outputs' has the value of '640x480+0+0'. My monitor is 1680x1050.00:58
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  not now.. im meaning when it does boot/fail.. it just seems to  hang at the desktop correct? befor GDM even loads?00:58
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: you can add your resolution there00:58
gypsyjimwhy is the backtrack-linux channel banning me?00:59
gypsyjimI just don't get it00:59
bazhanggypsyjim, your root ident.00:59
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  when it hangs. see if you can get to the consoles.. if its a nvidia based video chipset. You may want to try the 'nomodeset' option  (edit the grub menu, and change the 'quiet splash' optuion to be 'quiet nosplash nomodeset' or even just 'text'  to see if it boots up00:59
bazhangroot @ etc.etc00:59
gypsyjimhow do i change00:59
leftymobileedbian just shows list of commands00:59
Dr_Willisgypsyjim:  Im amazed at the people that use backtrack that come in here asking about it.. Why are you even using it?00:59
bazhanggypsyjim, log out change it log back in, join their channel00:59
generalExpertbastidrazor: what would the format be? 1680x1050+0+0? would this new rule take the place of the 640x480...?00:59
gypsyjimwhere do i type this in00:59
Dr_Willisgypsyjim:  login to your system as a normal user, not as root.02:00
bazhanggypsyjim, you quit your client first02:00
leftymobileedbian !02:00
gypsyjimoh ok02:00
edbianleftymobile: Give me an example02:00
gypsyjimhow are you guys doing?02:00
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: yes and leave the 640x... in there just add your resolution02:00
RubenAlonzoHow do i run Wine? i am trying to use Universal USB installer, but i tried to run wine in order to do so, yet it keeps telling me i need to enable permissions or something of that nature? i tried to give it permissions, but everytime i checked the box to run application it would automatically re-uncheck itself?02:00
leftymobileebian -t "show bus tree"02:01
Dr_WillisRubenAlonzo:  short way.. open a terminal,.02:01
gypsyjimhas anyone ever run backtrack?02:01
Dr_WillisRubenAlonzo:  short way.. open a terminal,.    'wine /path/to/the/executablename.exe'02:01
bazhanggypsyjim, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat please02:01
edbianleftymobile: show me the command you typed...02:01
Dr_Willisgypsyjim:  its not supported here.. ii dont see much need for it.. stick with ubuntu.02:01
oobilozi think i've got nvidia02:01
bazhanggypsyjim, backtrack and general chit chat are offtopic here02:01
oobilozthe last time i checked02:01
oobilozdr willis02:01
RubenAlonzoDr_Willis: i just type wine in terminal? i am very new to linux02:01
oobilozi have ubunt 10.04 lts on it02:01
oobilozif i reinstall xubuntu02:01
oobilozinstall xubuntu02:01
FloodBot3oobiloz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:02
Dr_WillisRubenAlonzo:  wine command is 'wine' yes...02:02
RubenAlonzook thank you i will try that02:02
generalExpertbastidrazor: so like this '640x480+0+0 1680x1050+0+0'02:02
oobilozand keep the same partitions and username and computer name, and not format, espeicallyt aht partition... that is possible, yes?02:02
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  the nomodeset for my Nividia systems is REQUIERD for them to boot proplery. Until i get the nvidia drivers installed and working.02:02
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: no, it should be on a new line, iirc02:02
EnigmaticCoderHow do I see the last time I (my user) viewed a file? Is it ls -l --time=use?02:02
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  keeping /home/ on its own partition is very handy and allows tricks like that.02:02
edbianleftymobile: What are you doing?02:03
oobilozwell yes, /home is is indeed in its own partition in this one02:03
leftymobileedbian got it02:03
leftymobile1 sec02:03
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  that makes life a lot easier in many ways.02:03
generalExpertbastidrazor: ok just did it but do I need the '+0+0' added to the end of 1680x1050?02:03
PolahIf I want to run a script under root on boot, can I just put the .sh into /etc/init.d? Also, to remove Apache from starting up on boot can I just delete the entry for apache2 in /etc/init.d?02:03
Dr_WillisPolah:  check out /etc/rc.local for a fast and dirty way.02:03
edbianleftymobile: I just want you to say the command in the channel so I confirm you typed the correct thing.  what is taking so long?02:03
leftymobileedbian enter pastebin02:03
PolahDr_Willis: I'd rather do it cleanly02:04
oobilozi am just trying to get to my files because so far, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.... so... if i cannot figure out what you've said and i cannot make it work, i can do this, yes?  from ubuntu lts to xubuntu and keep the same names, no format on /home02:04
Dr_WillisPolah:  and upstart controlled services are ran from /etc/init/02:04
jribPolah: no and no02:04
edbianleftymobile: what?02:04
oobilozi get to keep everything?02:04
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: yes, that tells it where the resolution starts. if you had dual monitors it would make more sense.02:04
leftymobileedbian enter those after pastebin.com02:04
Dr_WillisPolah:  rc.local is the way to do 'scripts'  services are  where the init.d and init stuff belongs.02:04
edbianleftymobile: hahah, go it.  ( guessed that)02:04
edbianleftymobile: You did it right.  Good job.  (took long enough! :P )02:04
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  xubuntu is ubuntu with a differnt desktop02:05
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  and you can reformat and keep the old /home/ but not the old settings (which are in /etc/ and other places)02:05
oobilozookay... just keeping on rechecking.  i'm messed up everything i could at this point so i triple check02:05
edbianleftymobile: run this: sudo ifup wlan002:05
generalExpertbastidrazor: ok cool now the 'Detect Outputs' checkbox should be checked?02:05
oobilozi just need to do enough to get my old files02:05
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  soundt to me like you got a simple video driver issue.02:05
tbruff13hey i need help DVDs wont play in VLC02:05
PolahDr_Willis: I need the application to continue running02:05
oobilozeverything was working fiiiiiine until i removed some "old kernels"02:05
jribPolah: if you're more specific about what you want to do, then it's easier for us to help you02:06
laananok, wubi is bad, I looked up my error and it still isn't fixed or understood02:06
oobilozwell, everything but the wifi02:06
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: i don't know that one.02:06
leftymobileedbian Apps>Additional Drivers> Broadcom b43 wireless driver02:06
oobilozwhich i was trying to fix until i got to this point.......02:06
Dr_WillisPolah:  you are not being very specific. If you want to make a 'service' then yes. you should make a proper /etc/init/whatever.conf to controll your service.02:06
Polahjrib: I want to run a command, specifically "mono McMyAdmin.exe" to start up a program on boot and have it run continuously02:06
edbianleftymobile: What about that?  (I can't see your screen)02:06
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  i rarely uninstall old kernels.. sounds likle you may of removed your video card drivers.02:06
generalExpertbastidrazor: why wasn't my screen resolution automatically in there already?02:06
oobilozbut i will try your suggestions dr willis, thank you very much for listening and being nice and not caring about the size of mammary glands before helping.  i truly truly appreciate this02:06
jribPolah: as root?02:06
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  try the 'text' or 'nomodeset' option. to see if the system will boot.02:07
oobilozdr willis... yeah, i'm starting to figure out what i've done..... thanks for putting it in clearer words02:07
laananIn that case, can people suggest some OSs that are light and fast for netbooks. Win7 currently eats 999MB out of 2GB of memory and goes to 100% CPU whenever I open anything....I am looking for something a bit faster/less lag02:07
Polahjrib: Yes02:07
tbruff13Can someone tell me why VLC wont play my DVD02:07
leftymobileedbian that is what is telling me to activate  b43 driver02:07
Dr_Willisoobiloz:   boot to grub menu,  try recovery mode.02:07
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: no idea, on my other box it doesn't include my working resolution but everything works fine. i have dual monitors on it.02:07
Dr_Willistbruff13:  you dont have the decess stuff installed. would be my guess02:07
jribPolah: your dirty options are /etc/rc.local as Dr_Willis suggests or @reboot line in root's crontab.  To do it properly you can either create a sysv-init script (old way) or create a proper upstart script (see ubottu)02:08
edbianleftymobile: alright let's go the fun route.  It's telling you to activate it?  Does it have a button or something?02:08
jrib!upstart > Polah02:08
oobilozhow on earth do i do that02:08
ubottuPolah, please see my private message02:08
tbruff13Dr_Willis, ok02:08
edbianleftymobile: Try to 'activate' it.  (whatever that means)02:08
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:08
leftymobileedbian it give me the error02:08
edbianleftymobile: What's the error?02:08
oobilozi just install and use, i'm afraid... i've never had to do anything this complicated before02:08
generalExpertbastidrazor: have you tried unchecking 'detect refresh rate' and then moving the 'refresh rate' slider all the way up? It makes the screen effects soo smooth!02:09
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  when you boot the suystem.. thers a menu.. see one that says (recovery)  ... try it.02:09
=== dani is now known as Guest2788
oobilozi never got taht02:10
Polah!locale > polah02:10
ubottuPolah, please see my private message02:10
oobilozi got as far as this cursor.... then i got as far as the purple desktop with nothing.. and that was that.  no menu02:10
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  if you never see a grub menu at all.. the system (stupidly i think) hides it by default on a ubuntu only system.. hit the shift key (tap it like crazy) as the system boots to make it show02:10
* Dr_Willis still thinks thats a silly default02:11
* jrib agrees with Dr_Willis !02:11
foul_owlGetting a lot of "... package is corrupt" errors when trying to install with the alternate install cd. Any way to ignore those errors and attempt to proceed?02:11
Dr_WillisPainting the user into a corner to 'protect' them from complex decisions.02:11
oobilozyes, it has done a lot of such defaults with me that i ended up changing things here and there until i got to this point02:11
lefty_edbian : SystemError: installArchives() failed02:11
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  one of the fuist things i change.. is to make grub NOT hide. :)02:12
bastidrazorgeneralExpert: i haven't made any changes but just looked over the settings. my box seems to do well with the drivers and default settings.02:12
EvilPhoenixhow can i get standard FTP to show up in the file system like SFTP does, using FUSE?02:12
edbianlefty_: mmm, no clue what that means.  Try this:  sudo service networking restart02:12
jribDr_Willis: I figured it was just to hide more of the scary text at boot02:12
oobilozit worked okay on me for a long time.....  but not having the wifi work on this acer 4738 was driving me crazy.... so i did this, and did that, and nothing worked, i ended up iwth many kernels, and here i am....02:12
oobilozafter removing "old" kernels02:12
oobilozwhich i guess i needed...............02:13
Dr_WillisEvilPhoenix:  i do have a 'standard ftp' entry in my places -> connect to server.. menu.. where are you talking about?02:13
oobilozI hope you are here later02:13
apocalyptiqHow can I install some stuff using aptitude not being a root?02:13
apocalyptiqjust to install it locally02:13
foul_owlGetting a lot of "... package is corrupt" errors when trying to install with the alternate install cd. Any way to ignore those errors and attempt to proceed? (some sort of option?) how is it determined if the packages are corrupt?02:13
Dr_Willisoobiloz:   there was no need to worry about kernels...02:13
oobilozi cannot say this sincerely and often enough.  thank you again for helping me without being rude02:13
oobilozdr willis, someone advised me that i had too many....02:13
oobiloz"remove this, and remove this".........02:13
Dr_Willisapocalyptiq:  hmm.. you dont install system wide stuff unless you are root.02:13
lefty_edbian says unknown Instance :02:13
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  rarely needed.. this isent windows.02:13
EvilPhoenixDr_Willis:  it was opening the FTP connection using FireFox, of all god-forsaken things02:14
Bfighello, i'm trying to help my cousin set up his dual boot and i'm having trouble. he just installed ubuntu over a winvista install02:14
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  on my old box here. I perhaps have 10 kernels.. and its not a big deal.02:14
apocalyptiqHow can I install some stuff using aptitude not being a root? just locally02:14
Dr_WillisEvilPhoenix:  never noticed.. i dont use ftp any more.02:14
Dr_Willisapocalyptiq:  i think basically.. 'you cant'02:14
oobiloz:(  perhaps i should have gone here first02:14
EvilPhoenixDr_Willis:  yeah, i know, i use SFTP if i absolutely need FTP, but meh02:14
lefty_edbian says unknown Instance :02:14
oobilozi was hesitant to ask for help in channels because i went to a different network and the people weren't... well, like this02:15
Dr_WillisEvilPhoenix:  theres proberly some front ends to mount things via the fuseftp stuff if you wanted.02:15
Bfigi've tried to search grub config files but i haven't been able to do much02:15
Dr_WillisEvilPhoenix:  many file managers can handle ftp://whatever/ type addresses directly02:15
apocalyptiqDr_Willis, so i have to install all from sources?02:15
EvilPhoenixDr_Willis:  FileZilla was timing out on directory listing, hence all my questions02:15
EvilPhoenixits working now *kicks his computer*02:16
Bfigi know just enough linux to follow through if somebody points me in the right direction02:16
digitalfizEvilPhoenix, usually when ftp times out on listings its because of needing passv move off02:16
Dr_Willisapocalyptiq:  if you want a user to install somthing to their own home dir.. you use source.. You could perhaps download the .deb as a user and extract it to their home.. it depends on what it is you are running.02:16
digitalfizEvilPhoenix, because of a firewall02:16
oobilozi will try what you said, i will bbl02:16
oobilozmany many thanks again02:16
Dr_WillisBfig:   You need to calrify the problem.02:16
edbian_lefty_: try this: sudo service network restart02:16
foul_owlGetting a lot of "... package is corrupt" errors when trying to install with the alternate install cd. Any way to ignore those errors and attempt to proceed? (some sort of option?) how is it determined if the packages are corrupt?02:16
Dr_Willisclarify :)02:16
lefty_edbian_ kk02:16
tjiggi_fo!grub2 | Bfig02:17
ubottuBfig: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:17
Dank420hey guys do any of you know how to get an HDTV to see Ubuntu using a HDMI cable?02:17
=== dBugSlayer_afk is now known as dBugSlayer
Dank420i cant seem to get it to work02:17
ChogyDanfoul_owl: did you try the disk check option?02:17
Dr_Willisfoul_owl:  ive never seen such an option. uve seen suggestions to allopw the option. or to download from internet..02:17
EvilPhoenixdigitalfiz:  then explain why it got through every FTP command up to "MLSD" or w/e it is02:17
EvilPhoenixdigitalfiz:  then it timed out02:17
Dr_WillisDank420:  i just plug mine in.. and it worked.. same as if it was a PC monitor.02:17
EvilPhoenixdigitalfiz:  but its working using the FUSE version of FTP02:17
lefty_edbian_ unrecognizable service02:17
BfigDr_Willis: he apparently installed with the proper procedure, using the ubuntu installer and reasonable options (auto resize partitions)02:17
Dr_WillisDank420:  you may need to twiddle with the monitors settings as if you had 2 monitors.02:17
foul_owli tried checking the disk, but i want to attempt to proceed despite any errors02:17
Dank420hmm weird, cuz i can plug my wife's win7 comp in and it works02:17
=== Guest2788 is now known as NeedSomeH
foul_owlno such option exists then?02:18
Dank420but when i plug this in...nothing02:18
PolahIf I'm setting a script to run every two hours, is this correct: * */2 * * * /home/user/script.sh?02:18
Dr_WillisDank420:  ive also seen  things get confused if you are not pluged in WHEN it boots..02:18
edbian_lefty_: Then it definitely is this: sudo service networking restart     and you made a typo before02:18
Dr_WillisDank420:  desktop? laptop? what video chipset?02:18
foul_owlcould it be an hdparm issue?02:18
digitalfizEvilPhoenix, I dont know the specifics and dont care because ftp sucks but its usually what I was told to do when I couldnt connect to someones ftp02:18
Dank420laptop nvidia geforce G105M02:18
Dank420asus UX50V02:18
emis it just me or are the fonts on ubuntu not very diverse?02:18
Dr_Willisfoul_owl:  hdparm wouldent fix a bad fil;esystem/file curruption.02:18
equalizerBjr Tlm02:18
Dr_WillisDank420:  try the laptops special keys? try the nvidia-settings tool?02:19
emi mean like in openoffice.02:19
foul_owlbasically cdrom issues/corruption02:19
foul_owloh well, thanks for the help!!02:19
lefty_edbian_ still unknown instant02:19
Dank420not yet i'll have to check those, thanks02:19
j5hey, is there any way to minimize one window? or alt tab inside a open-gl app?02:19
edbian_lefty_: show me exactly what you typed.  Type the command here.02:19
apocalyptiqDr_Willis, how can i extract .deb?02:20
Dr_WillisDank420:  i would say run nvidia-settings then is where you should start.02:20
lefty_edbian_ kaven@ubuntu:~$ sudo service networking restart restart: Unknown instance:  kaven@ubuntu:~$02:20
Dr_Willisapocalyptiq:  i cheat and use 'mc' to access the contents of .deb archives02:20
Dank420ok thanks02:20
BfigDr_Willis: it is booting only in ubuntu, and i haven't been able to find the grub config files or anything02:20
edbian_lefty_: alright.  try this: sudo service networking stop  && sudo service networking start02:20
edbian_lefty_: Manually stop and start it.02:20
epistaxIs there a second (non-qt) web browser option available in the synaptic package manager? I can't seem to find one, seems pretty odd.02:21
Dr_WillisBfig:  you have read the grub2 docs then? you are saying its not showing a 'windows' option in the grub menu?02:21
Dr_Willis!grub2  | Bfig02:21
ubottuBfig: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:21
lefty_ unknown instant edbian_02:21
edbian_lefty_: stop is?02:21
edbian_lefty_: just restart the machine.  It will have the same effect.02:22
Dr_Willisepistax:  i dident think chrome used qt. or firefox either.. (i rarely pay attention to qhats qt and whats not these days)02:22
edbian_Question for the channel. How can I restart networking in ubuntu?  sudo service... ?02:22
Dr_Willisdoes opera use qt?02:22
epistaxah I didn't see chrome because it's listed as "chromium"02:22
j5Is there any key combo to minimize one window? or "Alt-Tab" out of a Full screen OpenGL app?02:22
lefty_edbian this would be 3 times restarting02:22
edbian_lefty_: k02:22
epistaxI have a website that doesn't load at all in mozilla for some reason--it can't even figure out the IP. Works just fine in windows/chrome though02:23
Dr_Willisepistax:  that sounds.. suspucious.02:23
Dr_Willisor very bad codeing on their part.02:23
Dr_Willistry it inbsomthing weird like dilo, :) or lynx02:24
epistaxDr_Willis: https://websales.omniticket.com/ is the website. Mozilla claims that the www.omniticket.com website is malware, which could be sorta true. :P02:24
BfigDr_Willis: i haven't been able to find the grub config files, i have ver 1.98. i've tried finding a /boot/grub/menu.lst but there is no file like that, also /etc/grub.cfg or similar. i find a folder grub.d in etc, and i don't know what to touch there02:24
Dr_Willisepistax:  that makes more sence then.02:24
Dr_WillisBfig:  read the grub2 docs/configs02:24
epistaxBut the locate failure is a lie02:24
emwhere is the ubuntu channel for indonesians?02:24
Dr_WillisBfig:  its rather well documented.02:24
epistaxyep it works fine in chromium02:24
BfigDr_Willis: thanks, i'll try that02:24
Dr_WillisBfig:  of course all you MAy need to do is 'sudo update-grub' and see if it sees adds windows to the list02:24
ChogyDanedbian_: restart network-manager?02:25
rwwem: #ubuntu-id02:25
edbian_ChogyDan: no, all of networking.  sudo service <something>02:25
edbian_It replaced sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:25
Dr_Willisepistax:  that site is working here with no warning - in FF4 on Ubuntu02:25
epistaxDr_Willis: Interesting. I can't get by locating for the link I provided, and the www (no https) is blocked for malware for me, but the same address works fine in Chromium. Not using FF4 yet on Ubuntu02:26
BfigDr_Willis: i did that before, i didn't mention it because i couldn't find the exact command i executed, but nothing happened, it detected memtest86, and two linux02:26
elijahblakehello, can someone tell me how to make the Cube Effect Loop (or Virtual LOOP)??02:27
Dr_WillisBfig:  theres been some quirks in the 'os_prober' part of grub that in some cases dont detect windows installs.. If you have not allready done so update/upgrade tye systemn. and rerun update-grub. it might get fixed.02:27
tbruff13_hey how do i make the vlc interface go away while im watching a movie02:28
Us3r_Unfriendlyelijahblake: cube as in compiz?02:28
BfigDr_Willis: what do you mean by update/upgrade?02:28
elijahblakeyes us3r_Unfriendly02:28
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  vlc has settings in the menus02:28
lefty__edbian_ restarted02:28
Dr_WillisBfig:  'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' (ie: update the system)02:28
edbian_lefty__: and.... ?02:28
Us3r_Unfriendlyelijahblake: as in a constant moving cube correct?02:28
tbruff13_Dr_Willis, how can i put a dvd on a flash drive for a road trip02:28
lefty__edbian connected02:28
Us3r_Unfriendlytbruff13_: dd02:28
tbruff13_i can do it in windows02:29
edbian_tbruff13_: F11 ?02:29
tbruff13_what is dd02:29
lefty__edbian_ connected02:29
elijahblakeyes Us3r_unfriendly like if i'm using my mouse wheel, i want it to keep scrolling through the cube...02:29
edbian_lefty__: via wifi?02:29
BfigDr_Willis: it's up to date apparently02:29
elijahblakenot stop at the last one02:29
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  rip it tp a video using any app you like.. such as handbreak, k9copy,  ogmrip.. or others..02:29
Dr_WillisBfig:  i have no other quick ideas then. Ive not had Grub2 not see any of my windoes installs.02:29
BfigDr_Willis: by the way, thanks for all the help and good will, even if it doesn't solve :02:29
epistaxOh another Ubuntu snafu question. So I opened a couple folders in a media player (so that it would play the music within the folders as a play list). Somehow, this turned my default folder opening program from nautilus to the media player. How do I set this back, and let myself open a folder with whatever program I want without modifying the default viewer?02:30
Dr_WillisBfig:  if all else fails. You can make a windows entry in /etc/grub.d/40_custom and have that boot windows.02:30
Us3r_Unfriendlytbruff13_: dd isn't exactly what you need.  your going to want to rip a dvd and put the .avi to a flashdrive with handbrake but you'll need libdvdcss2 from medibuntu02:30
tbruff13_Dr_Willis,  will VLC's convert work02:30
BfigDr_Willis: how would i do that?02:30
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  proberly. but i never use that.02:30
tbruff13_Dr_Willis, why02:30
Dr_WillisBfig:  edit the file.. add a proper entry. (making that entry is the hard part)02:30
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  i use other tools02:30
edbian_lefty__: ?  I'm very curious02:30
tbruff13_Dr_Willis, what tool is the best02:30
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  there is no best.. it depends on your needs.02:31
R0b0t1When booting Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 LiveCD from an external USB CD/DVD on my Intel iMac, GRUB seems to load properly but then I receive: "VFS: Unable to load root on unknown block system (0, 1)". This error also occurs if I attempt to check the disk for defects.02:31
Us3r_Unfriendlytbruff13_: are you talking about what is the best converter/ripper?02:31
BfigDr_Willis: as i understand i need to add a pointer to the proper boot record in the windows partition?02:31
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  handbreak is popular.02:31
R0b0t1This is a kernel panic, btw.02:31
tbruff13_I just need to put a DVD into as small of a file as possible while keeping high quality02:31
Dr_WillisBfig:   add a proper 'stanza' entry in the /etc/grub.d/40_custom to boot your windows install. (but really grub2 's os_prober is supposed to see the os)02:32
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  you need to 'reencode' the dvd to a video file.02:32
bob__tbruff13: if you enter libdvdcss2 in ubuntu help, it will give you the command to download it02:32
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  what are you going to Play the thing with.. is the big question.02:32
Us3r_Unfriendlytbruff13_: with libdvdcss2 install you can use dd to convert a dvd to a iso if that's what your talking about02:32
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  and how small a file do you need.. is the big limit also.02:33
BfigDr_Willis: i can see an ntfs partition02:33
tbruff13_maybe 200megs per movie02:33
tbruff13_at the most 1 gig per movie02:33
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  thats doable...02:33
edbian_lefty___: End my tourment!  Please at least tell me if what we did worked or not!02:34
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  the codec will depend on your player you are using also02:34
lefty__edbian_ your tha man!02:34
Us3r_Unfriendlybob__: tbruff13_: libdvdcss2 is available from medibuntu but usually a movies is around 8gigs on a dvd so good luck on compressing it to that small.  you'll lose out quality majorly02:34
edbian_lefty__: hahaha, awesome.02:34
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tbruff13_sudo aptitude install handbrake did not work02:35
Fudgehi can anyone give me direction on where to talk to people about ubiquity plugins?02:35
Dr_Willistbruff13_:  its not in the default repos..02:35
Dr_WillisBfig:  example entry -> http://pastebin.com/eJXaqjxY02:35
elijahblakeso Us3r_Unfriendly any suggestions on the virtual looping with the mouse wheel?02:35
Us3r_Unfriendlytbruff13_: handbrake is a 3rd party app.  download it from their website.  they do have a .deb for ubuntu02:36
ubottuhandbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr02:36
old_keyboardwhat's the difference between mask and mask ?!02:36
Dr_Willisold_keyboard:  the last 2 .xxx.xxx ranges.02:36
old_keyboardDr_Willis: so the second allows less IPs02:36
Dr_Willisold_keyboard:  you got it.02:36
epsThe last round of Lucid updates left me with an unstable system. I got a bunch of crashes with either "BUG at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.32/include/linux/dcache.h:336!" or "BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference" ...02:37
epsI've gone back to using the 2.6.32-29-generic kernel for the time being.02:37
epsThis is a machine with ATI graphics (sigh) and I'm stuck with the dreaded radeon driver. :-(02:37
Us3r_UnfriendlyDr_Willis: are you using ubuntu?02:37
R0b0t1When booting Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 LiveCD from an external USB CD/DVD on my Intel iMac, GRUB seems to load properly but then I receive: "Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to load root on unknown block system (0, 1)". This error also occurs if I attempt to check the disk for defects.02:37
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  right now. yes. :)02:37
edbian_eps: dreaded!!  I use the radeon driver02:37
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  some times im in here on my android phone02:37
Us3r_UnfriendlyDr_Willis: have you notice the transfer rate with using the cp command on large files?  That's my only beef with linux.02:38
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=== optimusprime is now known as Guest80264
Us3r_UnfriendlyDr_Willis: but i'm a die hard linux guy for a few years now02:39
Dr_WillisR0b0t1:  ive seen where some pc's move the  drives around  where hd (0,0) is changed if you boot from a differnt hd,  and can confuse things.02:39
Guest80264How can i connect to a local host of ubuntu chat?02:39
phearrethas anyone here succeeded in an eMachine em350 install ?02:39
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  ive had issues with USB device transfer speeds. theres some outstanding bug that can cause slowdown with some hardware.02:39
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  but not internal IDe/sata drives.02:39
Us3r_UnfriendlyDr_Willis: yup that's the one02:39
R0b0t1Dr_Willis, any idea of what I might do? Someone suggested changing the root= line (or similar)02:39
R0b0t1in grub02:39
bazhang!loco > Guest8026402:39
ubottuGuest80264, please see my private message02:39
lrussellHi gues, I have an idea. To put the 3 most popular linux distros (ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu) into one torrent and put them on a site. and as each new version comes out, I create updated torrents and the old ones remain so the old versions of linux never disappear. What do you think?02:39
Us3r_UnfriendlyDr_Willis: alot of ppl say updating the kernel but no luck still02:40
Dr_WillisR0b0t1:  make differnt entryes/try the various #,# and see if any of them work.02:40
epsedbian_: I had to do all sorts of ugly things to survive plymouth and get X to work02:40
edbian_lrussell: Why do I want the old versions?02:40
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  its been an issue for ages.. i will be shockled if its fully fixed soon.02:40
edbian_eps: Sorry to hear that! :(02:40
lrussellwell, maybe someone would have an old computer and new versions wouldnt be supported02:40
smwlrussell, is there a problem with torrents disappearing?02:40
lrussellwhat do u mean02:40
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  i did notice that i did seem to have the issue in TinuyCoreLinux also.. but then.. suddendly it sped up in TinyCore.. from 1mb/s to 14+... No changes on my part.. so im not sure what the deal is.02:41
smwlrussell, I don't understand the purpose of this.02:41
BfigDr_Willis: i can't see anything with fdisk -l, is that correct?02:41
Us3r_UnfriendlyDr_Willis: i hope so...i'm actually was surprised when i found out how old of a problem that is02:41
epsI'm just wondering if 2.6.32-30 broke something. Neither bugs.launchpad.net nor ubuntuforums seemed to have any reports about this.02:41
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  i also had 2 identical USB hd's one was slow.. other was fast... same port.. same everyting..  identical make/02:41
edbian_Bfig: sudo fdisk -l    (sudo is important there)02:41
Bfigi could see the ntfs partition from the install cd interface but can0t see it from here02:41
Dr_WillisUs3r_Unfriendly:  its somthing deep in the kernel..  and hard to find i imagine.02:41
Bfigahh now it's fine02:41
lrussellthe pourpose would be so you could always get an older version of linux if 1 needed to. Plus you could get all 3 os'es in 1 torrent so it would be easier02:42
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Guest80264I have a problem with net connection, in Linux, all distros, e.g. While you make a download, you can't navigate anymore because the navigate turns it slow, while the download are up speed02:42
Todd200Anyone knowledgeable about overclocking?02:42
SightUpi do02:42
Dr_WillisTodd200:  now a days. im not sure if its worth doing. :)02:42
SightUpit is still worth doing...02:42
Guest80264Windows 7 the navigation and download at the same time its normal, only in linux thats happens02:42
lrussellI'll just need seeders for my idea... xD02:42
BfigDr_Willis: i see three dev/sdb and one dev/sdc, the last one has ntfs as fs. that's where the... wait... is there a chance that the disk was compressed to the 'right' ?02:42
SightUpif you dont think its not worth doing, buy a new game.02:42
phearret>Todd200 that depends on the CPU model.02:42
Guest80264Does IPv6 connection have any bridge with that on Linux?02:43
smwlrussell, lol. It makes more sense to have an archive via http or ftp02:43
guampalrussell: why not go to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com ?02:43
Bfigie, blasting the whole boot section of the os? or is this absurd?02:43
Dr_WillisSightUp:  i doubt it.. but then again.. gaming on linux.. is not that cutting edge.. and overclocking CAN cause issues  on linux in other tasks.02:43
smwlrussell, you would also need to archive packages02:43
SightUpwho games on linux...02:44
SightUpyou cannot even run dx1102:44
Dr_WillisBfig:  sdc would be hd2 i think.02:44
SightUpif you are on linux dont overclock.02:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:44
epsedbian_: To get X working, I eventually settled on putting GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="pci=nomsi radeon.agpmode=-1 radeon.modeset=1" in /etc/default/grub ... I don't like this.02:44
bazhangmadprops, dont paste here02:45
edbian_eps: I wouldn't like it either02:45
edbian_eps: That's ugly02:45
BfigDr_Willis: my cousin says it is a single hdd... and it's a laptop, why would it say sdc?02:45
Dr_WillisBfig:  you booted from a flash drive?  and got a optical disk...02:45
Dr_WillisBfig:  you can have a sdc even with 1 hard drive. it depends on how the controlers are laid out.02:46
epsedbian_: Anything else either locked up or produced display artifacts.02:46
BfigDr_Willis: i'm booting from the hdd. can i see if there is an os in a particular partition?02:46
Dr_WillisBfig:  check fdisk -l output perhaps.. or try the grub command line, and see whats there.02:46
PuffTheMagicis there anywhere that gives details about deb control files, like what a valid version can look like and how to specify dependencies?02:47
BfigDr_Willis: can i ask grub to try looking in a particular partition?02:47
Dr_WillisBfig:  or cut/paste that example i gave into your 40_custome file. and perhaps make it 3 times.. one for hd0, one for hd1, one for hd2. and try them all  see what workls02:47
Dr_WillisBfig:  grub has tab completion, and some commands to help figure things out. but ive not done it in ages.02:47
BfigDr_Willis: i'll try finding something useful and then tell you. thanks for all the help so far02:48
Dr_WillisBfig:  the grub2 forums may have some actual fix for grub2 not seeing your windows install.02:48
BfigDr_Willis: i'll check them, good idea02:49
guampaeps: what card? radeon is working fine, newest kernel tho- why don't you upgrade the kernel?02:49
Guest80264how to connect to anh02:49
Guest80264how to connect to another ubuntu chat?02:50
Dr_WillisGuest80264:  be more specific.02:50
epsguampa: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M6 LY rev 002:50
phong_hi guys, i got this error: http://pastebin.com/KRUBf4s602:50
White-HorseHi can someone please help me save these videos to my hard drive they are really inportant to me thank you http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586019/02:50
phong_any help would be appreciated. http://pastebin.com/KRUBf4s602:50
Dr_WillisGuest80264:   you mean /join #ubuntu+1  or #ubuntu-server ?02:50
Guest80264I will try my questions on another irc at Ubuntu in my country.. sorry my bad english02:51
phong_guys, i am using mac os x to compile and got this error: http://pastebin.com/KRUBf4s602:51
=== phong_ is now known as Phong_
Guest80264ubuntu-fr or ubuntu-italian02:51
epsguampa: what kernel do you recommend for Lucid?02:51
Dr_WillisWhite-Horse:  try some video downloader extensions for your browser02:51
j5How do i remap Alt-f9 to a diff key? (minimize window)02:51
leapy0yohow can i copy all subdirectory files of multiple subdirectories to the one parent directory?02:51
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)02:52
Guest80264Allright. thanks anyways02:52
Dr_Willisleapy0yo:  via a script. or creative use of the 'find' command..  in any case.. you would need to worry about identcailly named files.02:52
oobilozdr willis, i tried what you said, only the  shift key worked and it brought me to terminal.  i was able to go through there02:52
guampaeps: try to make-kpḱg the newest vanilla or otherwise get the newest (for lucid) from kernel.ubuntu.com02:52
FudgeTodd200  you could start with installing cpufreqd02:54
oobilozas i was leaving i tried shutdown -P now and i got this message towards the end:  "could not write bytes:  Broken Pipe".  I had to press the power button to shutdown02:54
epsguampa: Thanks for your help. I didn't know about kernel.ubuntu.com (or #ubuntu-kernel).02:57
lefty_ednian_ !02:57
lefty_chromium wont install :'(02:57
edbian_lefty_: I assume you're talking to me.  sudo apt-get install chromium-browser02:57
lefty_yes i am :)02:58
isotekso i have a question02:58
edbian_lefty_: Did you try that command I just gave?02:58
edbian_isotek: What is it?02:58
guampaeps: good luck, and also try with catalyst if other options fail..though radeon is getting better in 2.6.3802:58
isotekwhat is a uuid?02:58
bazhang!blkid | isotek02:58
ubottuisotek: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:58
edbian_isotek: user identification number02:58
lrusselltake a look02:59
bazhanglrussell, dont paste here02:59
lefty_edbian_ not yet umm it says Chromium Web Browser it will install even if i type sudo apt-get install chromium-browser?02:59
edbian_lefty_: That sentence makes no sense.02:59
epsguampa: this is old hardware -- and a laptop, so replacing the video card isn't an option.03:00
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sylphHe just proved there's no problem03:00
isotekpoint of fact it's "universally unique identifier"03:00
lefty_edbian_ : nvm03:00
lrussellbazhang, it might be interesting to the ubuntu community03:00
edbian_lefty_: k03:00
bazhanglrussell, its not support, #ubuntu-offtopic03:00
edbian_sylph: yes I think so.  hahaa03:00
lrusselloh... sorry03:00
guampaeps: with catalyst i meant the propietary driver for your card03:00
isotekso i contend to you:03:00
isotek/dev/sdb1 /media/07b55114-ae5e-4779-bbb8-0ba426ac959d ext4 rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks 0 003:00
isotek/dev/sdc1 /media/07b55114-ae5e-4779-bbb8-0ba426ac959d_ ext4 rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks 0 003:00
guampaati catalyst03:00
FloodBot2isotek: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:00
edbian_lefty_: Have a good night buddy03:01
Dr_Willisisotek:  if a FS dosent get unmounted right.. next time system auto moutned it.. the dir existed.. so it added a _ to the end.03:01
Dr_Willisisotek:  unmount it. remove the extra dirs with the ugly name.03:01
isotekDr_Willis: Those are two seperate devices03:01
epsguampa: I'm not using proprietary drivers, and ATI doesn't support old h/w nearly as long as nVidia03:01
Dr_Willisisotek:  and you May want to use the tune2fs command to give the FS a proper 'label' and it will use tthat instead of the Ugly UUID name,.03:02
lefty_edbian_  http://pastebin.com/Vv3k9JUB03:02
ubuntuis it enough with a 32gb ssd disk for ubuntu?03:02
ubuntuand then store files on a server03:02
Dr_Willis isotek  if your UUID's are identical. thats also changeable with the tune2fs command.03:02
syrinx_lefty_: its already installed03:03
edbian_lefty_: sudo apt-get purge firmware-b43-installer firmware-b43legacy-installer03:03
isotekhow does a "universally" unique identifer get used twice on the same system?03:03
edbian_lefty_: And he's right.  Chrome is installed already03:03
guampaeps: then you are mostly going with radeon and a new kernel, try to get the last one, its working good here since its been out03:03
lefty_but i dont see it in apps!03:03
IdleOneisotek: it didn't the _ makes it unique03:03
tripelbI forgot, what is the pdf reader from which I can copy (then paste elsewhere) THANKS03:03
BfigDr_Willis: ok, i pasted your code in /boot/grub/grub.cfg in a place that seemed appropriate. let's hope this works... or at least that it doesn't break the damn grub haha. wish me luck03:03
Dr_Willisisotek:  if you dd/clone a drive.. you can have the same uuid.  ive never seen a uuid with a _03:04
kaytortugawhen using byobu and you have several inner screens open, each screen number has symbols next to it "0$... 1@!$... 2@$... etc. Is there a wiki that outlines what those symbols mean?03:04
tophathi there! I am new to ubuntu 10.10, so far very impressed! Is there a program similar to windows VirtualDJ ?03:04
morganhaving a prob - any help? On boot I have "starting file manager" icons appearing on the panel like there is no tomorrow. Bug?03:04
spiralsisotek, there's an underscore at the end of one, they are unique03:04
Dr_WillisBfig:  err,.. thats not what i said to do.. you DONT edit grub.cfg03:04
lefty_edbian_ syrinx i dont see it in apps03:04
BfigDr_Willis: where do i edit?03:04
Dr_WillisBfig:  you edit the /etc/grub.d/40_custom and then rerun update.grub.... I even said that in the comments of the exampel I think...03:04
old_keyboard"123/tcp closed ntp"03:04
edbian_lefty_: type chromium-browser at the command line03:04
old_keyboardwhy if sv is running03:04
Dr_WillisBfig:  and its in BIG LETTERS in the grub2 docs.. and at the start of the grub.cfg file03:04
isotekI am well aware, a uuid is a 128-bit 16 byte string of 32 hexidecimal digits03:04
phearretbazhang ... that URL lrussel posted is halted for malicious content03:05
Bfigi know but it seemed appropriate :)03:05
isoteklast i checked the underscore was NOT a hexidecimal digit.03:05
Dr_WillisBfig:  grub.cfg is overwritten every time you run 'update-grub'03:05
bazhangphearret, well its offtopic, good idea not to click unknown links in the future though03:05
Dr_WillisBfig:  i got that example From my grub.cfg  :)03:05
lefty_edbian_ : why can't i see it though?03:05
ajinguys, i guess "fdisk' is not used anymore, please use "gnu parted" instead03:06
edbian_lefty_: IDK, sometimes the menus f up a bit.  REstart and they'll be there03:06
Dr_Willisajin:  i still use fdisk.. but im old-skool03:06
bob__nope: hex is 0-9 and A - F03:06
lefty_edbian_ ok thanks!03:06
edbian_lefty_: Have a good night!03:06
isotekso i ask again, what is up with those uuid's03:06
spiralstophat: Mixxx is native to linux (cross platform in fact) :)03:06
Danielcg25fdisk will f your disk ;)03:06
lefty_edbian_ good night!03:06
spiralstophat: http://www.mixxx.org/03:06
Dr_Willisisotek:  what does  the blkid say about the filesystems uuid's03:07
tophatmixxx ? is that in the software updates?03:07
Dr_WillisDanielcg25:  i just use 'fdisk -l'  normally :)03:07
lefty_Okay anyone know how I can access my windows partition from ubuntu?03:07
spiralstophat, looks like it is :)03:07
spiralscheck their web too for info tho03:07
Dr_Willislefty_:  just monunt it..  and have access..03:07
spiralslots of good stuff on the website03:07
Dr_Willis!ntfs-3g | lefty_03:07
ubottulefty_: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions03:07
ajinDanielcg25: exactly03:08
spiralstophat: wow, mixxx debut as #1 in the new Mac App store last month03:08
isoteklong story short, i had one blank disk /dev/sdc1 and one half full disk /dev/sdb1 i rebooted and now i have two blank disks.03:08
tophatbrilliant, thnx so much!03:08
tripelbsolved, evince. How can I get evince on the menu under office applications?03:08
WeThePeoplehow would i ubunstall wine03:09
spiralstophat: you're welcome. you should also know that FL Studio runs almost 100% perfect in Ubuntu under Wine. So does Ableton.03:09
Danielcg25(I leave "f" open for you to determine what it means xD)03:09
Dr_Willistripelb:  run the menu editor tool and add it where you want03:09
Dr_Willistripelb:  open menu, right click...03:09
isotekWeThePeople: sudo apt-get remove wine03:09
tophatwine = emulator?03:09
Dr_Willisoh wait.. right click ON the applications menu03:09
Abhijitis there any fast way to make tinyurls of copied urls? like i copy it and press some key combinatioon it will just create tinyurl of link in clipboard and replace current link with new link?03:09
Dr_Willis!wine | tophat03:09
ubottutophat: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:09
razz1how to check what ports are connected to what service?03:09
Abhijitgnome do is there but its not fast it needs 3-4 steps03:09
isotekWeThePeople: sudo apt-get purge wine03:09
WeThePeopleisotek, thx03:09
BfigDr_Willis: i pasted it in the 40_ and nothing happened when i update-grub'd03:10
isotekrazz1: netstat -an03:10
spiralstophat: its a project that remade all the core DLLs and has decent support for some windows apps. http://appdb.winehq.org/ for details.03:10
old_keyboarddamn I have a motherboard from 199703:10
Dr_WillisBfig:  then you are doing somthing wrong.. or did not paste it below the proper lines in the 40_custom file.03:10
PolahOkay, so I installed Mono on Ubuntu 10.04 but get the error that mscorlib.dll couldnt be found, any help?03:10
epsguampa: unofficial ATI wiki says "Unless you run an ancient distro, using the open source drivers is your only option."03:10
isotekPolah: winetricks03:10
PolahIsotek: I need that for mono?03:10
Dr_WillisBfig:  you did use /etc/grub.d/40_custom  and pasted it BELOW the lines the comments say to put it below?03:11
tripelbDr_Willis, thanks I will look for it.03:11
WeThePeopleisotek, why does wine still show in the apps. menu03:11
isotekPolah: winetricks is a utility that will allow you to install nearly any library/addition you will need03:11
Dr_WillisWeThePeople:  when you install somthing via wine.. it adds a .desktop menu item in one of your users home  sub dirs. the menus see that and add the item to the menus03:11
BfigDr_Willis: yes... i also changed /dev/sda to /dev/sdc1, the ntfs partition. is that correct or should i leave it at /dev/sda?03:12
oobilozdr willis, the hd didn't have grub but it had grub-pc but i couldn't seem to get it working03:12
oobilozshould just do sudo apt-get install grub instead?03:12
WeThePeopleDr_Willis, yes, i just removed wine. and it still shows in the apps menu03:12
Polahoobilos: grub2, I believe03:13
Dr_WillisWeThePeople:  that makes sence....03:13
oobilozPolah:  grub2?  sorry i am a newbie and not clever... you'd have to explain better03:13
guampaeps: lucid isn't "ancient" ... i know that driver runs in Lucid but everything depends also on Catalyst (fglrx) supporting your chipset03:13
tophatphew! so much info, mi brain is gunna explode..lol03:13
Dr_WillisWeThePeople:  since the icon is from a users setting.. Not a system setting.. the windows app is still isntalled..03:13
mpit's actually called grub-PC for some reason03:13
PolahWeThePeople: You need to remove menu entries, look in ~/.local/share/applications03:13
ryant50001how would i go about compiling a kernel without ehci_hcd?03:13
tophatnever had to think on windows  lol03:13
oobilozi am booting from usb and my browser is full of tabs .. with me googling stuff... i will look it up, give me sometime03:13
Dr_WillisBfig:  pastebin your 40_custom file for us to lookit at.03:14
razz1isotek: too much info, how to make it terse and find out if there are any suspect connections03:14
Polahoobiloz: sudo apt-get install grub2, I think that's what you want, not just grub03:14
WeThePeoplepolah, thankyou03:14
Polahoobiloz, i.e. don't do apt-get install grub03:14
isotekrazz1: netstat -an | head -n 2503:14
Dr_Willisgrub-legacy is the old grub i think.03:14
MacByteguys i accidently removed the top panel with the power button etc03:14
MacBytehow do i get that back?03:14
oobilozokay...  may i ask why grub2?03:14
Dr_Willis!resetpanel | MacByte03:14
ubottuMacByte: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:14
PolahDr_Willis: Oh, so he can just do grub and not grub2?03:14
Dr_Willis!info grub03:14
ubottugrub (source: grub): GRand Unified Bootloader (Legacy version). In component main, is optional. Version 0.97-29ubuntu60 (maverick), package size 396 kB, installed size 924 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia all)03:14
Dr_Willis!info grub203:15
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 47 kB, installed size 108 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc sparc mipsel)03:15
oobilozoh oh, i just found out why from google...03:15
oobilozso, the grub-pc i have is pretty  much useless, eh?03:15
Polahah yes, grub2 then03:15
Dr_WillisI think the packages got differnt names for differnt things. :)03:15
PolahMight be some dependency03:15
JasonnHow do i make a bot that voices people an hour after they join?03:15
Dr_Willisgrub-pc i THINK is same as grub203:15
MacBytehow do i get to terminal?03:15
oobilozand.. how do i get it running from terminal?03:15
Dr_Willismeta packatge perhaps.03:15
PolahJasonn: Perhaps try asking in an irc bot help channel?03:15
Dr_WillisMacByte:  click on a terminal icon in the menus...03:15
JasonnPolah: Thank you03:16
Dr_WillisMacByte:  or alt-f2 and run gnome-terminal03:16
isotekJasonn: eggdrop?03:16
smw!terminal | MacByte03:16
ubottuMacByte: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:16
MacByteok thanks03:16
epsArrgh. I tried searching packages.ubuntu.com for "generic" and it said "Your keyword was too generic."03:16
PolahMacByte: Applications > Accessories > Terminal. Or I THINK ctrl+alt+t by default03:16
PolahYes it is ctrl+alt+t03:16
Jasonnisotek: doesnt really matter, i will be willing to start another bot03:16
MacBytethankks mate03:16
BfigDr_Willis: this will sound stupid... how do i paste in irssi? :p03:16
Dr_WillisBfig:  in a terminal window? select, then middle click.03:17
Dr_WillisBfig:  or in the CONSOLE you mean?03:17
Dr_Willismost terminal apps also have cut/paste menu items/keys03:17
MacBytethanks got it back :D03:17
isotekits very hectic in here.03:17
BfigDr_Willis: in the console, i opened an xterm and downloaded a random irc client03:17
PolahEps: what are you looking for?03:18
isoteknearly unmanageable.03:18
Abhijitis there any fast way to make tinyurls of copied urls? like i copy it and press some key combinatioon it will just create tinyurl of link in clipboard and replace current link with new link?03:18
Dr_WillisBfig:  select the text in some app.. then middle click.. xterm is NOT the same as the 'console'03:18
Bfigmarcos@marcos-Aspire-6930G:/$ vi /boot/grub/m03:18
Bfigmdraid.mod      minicmd.mod     moddep.lst      multiboot.mod03:18
Bfigmemdisk.mod     minix.mod       msdospart.mod03:18
Bfigmemrw.mod       mmap.mod        multiboot2.mod03:18
Bfigmarcos@marcos-Aspire-6930G:/$ vi /boot/grub/03:18
FloodBot2Bfig: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:18
BfigDisplay all 188 possibilities? (y or n)03:18
grendal-primeis it possible to make the pulseaudio mixer the default mixer that apears on the tool bar?03:19
Dr_WillisAbhijit:  my irc client has a script to do it. :) every url that gets pasted in here.. i see it as a tinyurl to make the screen less cluttered03:19
phearretI remember there being differences between grub / grub2 and there was differences and ways to update from one to the other..http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527503:19
oobilozi have googled this and all, how do i run and load grub2 from terminal03:19
Dr_Willisphearret:  sudo update-grub does the same for both..03:19
AbhijitDr_Willis, i am looking for something system wide. not irc only. and btw how to do that irc one here in xchat?03:19
Polahgrendal-prime: It should be default if you didn't install anything, else Preferences > Sound perhaps03:19
isotekoobiloz: grub-install03:19
Dr_WillisAbhijit:  i recall seeing some clipboard manager icons./tools for the panel that i thouight could do it.. but i never needed the feature03:20
oobilozthat will get it running? and i will see  GUI?03:20
phearretoh I tried that but mine didn't update.. had to manually03:20
grendal-primei have one of these netbooks that has sterio mic but the apps only can use on side..so..both sides cancel each other..03:20
oobilozi thought that onlhy installed it03:20
AbhijitDr_Willis, ok03:20
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  what does grub2 have to do with the gui? Im missing the original problem.03:20
epsPolah: looking to see where newer kernels exist for Lucid. I'm running 2.6.32-29-generic since 2.6.32-30-generic is crashing. It looks like there's a 2.6.35-25 in lucid-updates03:20
Polaheps: What's the command to check kernel version again?03:21
oobilozwell that might get me out of the terminal and allow me to boot like before?03:21
epsPolah: I just did uname -a03:21
oobilozat least on emergency mode, long enough to retrieve the files i want03:21
PolahThat would be it03:21
WeThePeoplepolah, wine is not in...~/.local/share/applications.....and still shows in the apps menu03:21
oobiloz??  is that not how that's supposed to work?03:21
Dr_WillisWeThePeople:  thers some .desktop files in your home hiddent dirs somewhere.. where those icons are comming from03:22
phearretDr_Willis: do you have an idea as to why a clean 10.10 install would halt at the user account creation by not enabling the forward button ?03:22
Polaheps: I'm looking at 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5.028.stab079.2. I assume an earlier version to yours since 2.6.18 versus 2.6.3503:22
Dr_Willisoobiloz:  grub dosent really get you to the desktopp.. it boots the system..03:22
bastidrazorWeThePeople: you can edit the menus the get rid of it.  right click Applications > edit menu   :just uncheck wine03:22
oobilozso much for that03:22
oobilozthank you... i guess i jsut hve to figure out how to do things through terminal, i can get that far03:22
Dr_Willisphearret:  try alt-ctrl-f1 through f6 and see if any error messages are there. check the variois /var/log/ files perhaaps.03:23
PolahBastidrazor: I think he means Nautilus entries to open files with Wine programs.03:23
bastidrazorPolah: ah, i missed that part.03:23
Dr_Willisphearret:  it could be its waiting to finish formating the disks also.03:23
oobilozlast Q03:23
PolahEps: I am however not up to date with my lucid, I shall update and try again for you03:23
oobilozwhen i did "shutdown -P now" and cot the Broken Pipe message... does that mean my hard drive is done for?03:23
paranoidphreakhi everybody, just a quick question: i have a laptop with a built in webcam and I know if I'm using windows, I run the risk of somebody turning on my cam remotely without me knowing if I have a spyware or something.  I shouldn't worry about that in linux?03:24
oobilozcot ==got03:24
epsPolah: 2.6.32 was what came with a standard Lucid install. I've just been letting it upgrade.03:24
grendal-primePolah, see that one is different than the...puls audio mixer i need so that i can disable the second mic channel03:24
fisixhey! does anybody know how to switch the icons between and within the system tray (notification area / indicator applet)?03:24
spiralsparanoidphreak, put a piece of duct tape over the camera if it bothers you. you do technically run the same risk.03:24
WeThePeoplebastidrazor, lol, that was easy03:24
BfigDr_Willis: did you get the link? pastebin.com/4D95Ci3003:24
Polahgrendal-prime, I don't know, sorry.03:26
razz1isotek: for some sockets it displays the local port and the foreign address but not the program/PID #. how do I know which ones are legit and which are not? Thanks for your help. got rid of google talk plug in, opened up too many ports. dumb of me to install it in the first place03:26
phearretDr_Willis: I expanded the tasklist at the bottom and it showed " waiting for you."03:26
spiralsparanoidphreak, i use the duct tape solution myself for all OS ;)03:26
needhelp1when i enable remote desktop, how do i make so others can see my desktop outside of the local network03:26
isotekrazz1: try lsof | grep LISTEN03:26
oobilozthanks again, will be back in bit03:27
isotekneedhelp1: forward a port on your local router03:27
Polahneedhelp1: I believe you would need to port forward03:27
grendal-primealright well polah i have to leave...ill be back later can you look into that for me?03:27
epsguampa: Interesting. kernel-package was demoted to universe beginning with Lucid.03:27
isotekneedhelp1: are you using vino?03:27
grendal-primesorry just seemed funny. thing to ask03:27
guampaeps: https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=lucid03:28
grendal-primenight guys...ladies...others.?03:28
needhelp1isotek, no just the thing in system admin, remote desktop03:28
needhelp1isotek, Polah how do i know what port to forward03:28
needhelp1it doesnt say03:28
isotekneedhelp1: that is vino, the port you need is 590003:28
isotekneedhelp1: it depends entierly on your router.03:28
Dr_WillisBfig:  you changed sda in the label.. not the actual boot inforamtion03:29
needhelp1the person trying to access my pc would do what?
Fogeldoes anyone know if i can somehow "swap" values of 2 records in mysql table?03:29
epsguampa: "untrusted PPA?" That sounds ominous.03:29
BfigDr_Willis: should i try sda1 or something else?03:29
paranoidphreakspirals: fcuk!!!  i do use the cam sometimes.  i'll consider putting a duct tape.  i rarely go on it as root and don't you need root access to do any major changes.  i install software from the repos and that's it03:30
guampaeps: lol, i had the courage and accepted it, still alive and kickin :P}03:30
isotekneedhelp1: on your local network yes. on a remote network you would need to port forward the port on your internet router and provide your public facing ip to the person connecting03:30
paranoidphreakspirals: so, shouldn't i be a little more safe?03:30
fisixhey! does anybody know how to switch the icons between and within the system tray (notification area / indicator applet)?03:30
isotekneedhelp1: bear in mind, the protocol used is old and broken, and provides very little in the way of actual secuity.03:31
needhelp1isotek, is there something else i should use03:31
HyperShockfisix: right click and choose unlock, the right click and choose move03:31
spiralsparanoidphreak, it's vulnerable in the same ways as in windows: if you install software that can access it, you have software that can access it.03:31
Dr_WillisBfig:  see -> http://pastebin.com/8fyeQLTa03:31
guampaeps: it's a well known repo, not 100% sure but i think the official kernel maintainers are there too03:31
BfigDr_Willis: i'm trying to see if the partitions overlap... is this ok? both the ntfs and the first partition 'start' at the same number and 'end' more or less at 30k03:32
epsguampa: I'm just wondering why kernels don't find their way into lucid-backports03:32
geegeegeeHas anyone got CUDA working with an Nvidia ION  GPU on 10.10?03:32
BfigDr_Willis: according to fdisk they start at 1 and end both at 29165 and 3040103:32
spiralsparanoidphreak, offhand yes a "little" more safe. for example you won't be getting any windows rootkits, which might include a "grab from MSN cam" component, or whatever.03:32
Dr_WillisBfig:  ive rarely had aprtition overlap issues. but you do need to change the hd# and the UUID i think03:32
isotekgeegeegee: yes.03:32
spiralsparanoidphreak, but the same general principles apply03:32
isotekgeegeegee: well it was an ion2 but yes.03:33
guampaeps: i don't know, i don't tend to use backports, even less for new kernels. i go with this ppa or directly compile a fresh one from kernel.org03:33
geegeegeeisotek, is that the 9400M ones?03:33
isotekneedhelp1: vnc is sufficent however you need to tunnel it via ssh or vpn03:33
ChogyDaneps: I used to use the maverick kernel on lucid  :)03:33
needhelp1isotek, that sounds hard03:33
isotekgeegeegee: I had it runnin on the jetway nettop03:34
spiralsparanoidphreak, you could make a nice hinged cover with a scrap of something and a strip of tape, if you use the camera - shame more laptops don't come with a sliding cover (i've only had one such...)03:34
geegeegeeisotek, did you have to do anything other than install the stuff from nvidia? I cant seem to get it working.03:34
razz1isotek: ok that only gave pidgin and skype, looks benign. what I am trying to check is whether my system has been compromised, I was playing with SSH over the net connecting to quite a few not so secure systems. are there any tests that I can run to confirm my system has not been compromised.03:34
paranoidphreakspirals: oh k, thanks for the recomendations03:34
spiralsparanoidphreak, you're welcome, hope it helps03:35
isotekrazz1, it takes years of experience to be able to fully verify a system. and professionals can sometimes get it wrong.03:35
spiralsrazz1: chkrootkit03:35
nodestoolcan you use the commandline or something like rsync/scp to upload to ubuntu one?03:36
spiralsrazz1, its unlikely from what you've said. you could also play with "John the ripper" ("john" package) and see how secure your passwords are.03:36
Dr_Willisnodestool:  never noticed.. the #ubuntu-one channel may know other ways03:36
=== syn-ack_ is now known as syn-ack
nodestoolDr_Willis: thanks03:36
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
nodestoolDr_Willis: did not know that channel was here03:36
Dr_WillisUbuntu-one is a neat idea. but compred to how im an using Dropbox.. its sadly lacking in ways03:37
lediable11.04 ?03:37
Dr_Willislediable:  care to ask a actual question.. :) 11.04 support in #ubuntu+103:37
isotekoh, i played with 11.04-Alpha3 and i am not a fan.03:38
lediableis 11.04 working on an HTC ?03:38
lediableor will...03:38
Dr_Williswhats an HTC? and you should ask in #ubuntu+103:38
isotekHTC <?>03:38
BfigDr_Willis: i tried doing what you said and nothing happened03:39
lediableoh sorry thx :)03:39
spiralsrazz1, you should read http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-unix-bsd-openssh-server-best-practices.html to get an idea of realistic ssh threats too.03:39
spiralsi think you're ok tho ;)03:39
lediablehtc is a mobile phone03:39
Dr_WillisBfig:  then either you did somthing wrong.. or you got some deeper issues.. ive added custom entries to 40_custome and they worked/showed up after i did a update-grub03:39
=== dBugSlayer is now known as dBugSlayer_afk
warpedudehello, general question : I am making an encryption toy utility and I want to make sure that when I write my "ciphertext" on the file containing my original text, the writing takes place in the "same place" on the disk, thus there is no copy of the original text on my disk (even if the actual index listing to it is destroyed). Anyone has any advice on the matter? I am running ext4, so I don't know how the journaling will03:40
warpedudeaffect this idea.03:40
Dr_Willislediable:  ive not seen many phones you can just boot a flash drive and install a new ubuntu disrto on. :)03:40
spiralsDr_Willis, now that would be fantastic, Unity on a tablet03:40
isoteklediable: HTC is a manufacturer of moblie phones, what you asked was the equvient of 11.04 working on samsung03:40
Dr_Willisspirals:  thats proberly going to be out/doable by later this year.03:40
lediablei now but maybe with the new 11.04 ?03:40
spiralsDr_Willis: just in time for when I actually adopt a tablet. drool.03:41
lediableor samsung... if you want :)03:41
isotekspirals: HP slate.03:41
prime@seek ubuntu pocket guide03:41
isoteklediable: if you want debian on a phone buy a nokia n90003:41
Dr_WillisI got a $75 android tablet the other day. :)    im not sure it even hase enough power to run a full ubuntu install.03:41
isoteklediable: its the closest you are going to get.03:41
prime@search ubuntu pocket guide03:42
primeoops! sorry03:42
lediablenokia N900 ??? ok :)03:42
rwwprime: #ubuntu's channel bots don't have a search engine function03:42
spiralsDr_Willis, awesome. We are well OT but thanks for the reminder and I'll start comparing architectures with ubuntu supported ones.03:42
lediablebut is not just an firmware problem, in any case ?03:42
razz1spirals: no passwords used for ssh tunnels. only keys. it's just that one of the systems has a direct Ip address not behind a gateway or a hard firewall. I just want to know what are the tests to run to check if it has been compromised. I know it used to get a lot of hits on port 22. changed it. still I remember seeing one hit but fail2ban blocked it after 3 attempts.03:42
Dr_WillisIsent ARM supposed to be fully supported now in 11.04 ?  Ive not paid much attention to that aspect.03:43
BfigDr_Willis: i tried all three hdds, uppercase and lowercase uuid, nothing happened03:43
spiralsrazz1: ok that makes much more sense. You should read that article especially since it focuses on server hardening. Your main first steps are to disallow root ssh logins, and to change to a non-standard port to evade the masses of default port attackers. Both are explained in the linked article.03:43
isotekDr_Willis: i was not aware of that.03:43
spiralsrazz1: It's very normal to get attacks on the default port03:44
Dr_WillisBfig:  clarify what you mean by nothing happened.. You DO have new entries int he grub menu?03:44
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.03:44
isotekrazz1: and enable port limiting on your firewall03:44
primeAnyone have a recommend for chrome or ff4?03:44
spiralsrazz1, isotek: good one, also explained in that link03:44
Dr_Willisprime:  install them both.. try them out.03:45
Dr_Willisprime:  using ff4 right now.03:45
primeok thanks03:45
isotekspirals: i know a little bit about security.03:45
spiralsrazz1: and again, chkrootkit is probably the easiest tool to use to look for obvious rootkit signs. Securing ssh is pretty straightforward. Oh yeah, also disallow password logins, make it so only keys can authenticate03:46
spiralsrazz1: you can even put chkrootkit on cron ;)03:46
BfigDr_Willis: i sudo update-grub 'd and there are no new entries in the 'generating grub.cfg...'03:47
spiralsrazz1: and set the list of allowed hosts. All explained in article.03:47
Dr_WillisBfig:  pastebin the 40_custome file then .   perhaps theres some typos03:47
razz1spirals: thanks for the info, going through it. I was planning on implementing port knocking feature for ssh login, haven't had time to do it. should make it a priority03:47
isotekrazz1: tripwire is also handy, specificly if you log to a additional location03:47
PerfMSo, I just downloaded mozilla firefox yesterday and I have originally been using plain ol' internet explorer, so what's the easiest way to get all my bookmarked shit from IE to Mozilla Firefox?03:47
Dr_WillisBfig:   also be sure your 40_custome file is executable.03:48
edbianPerfM: Are you using Ubuntu?03:48
spiralsrazz1: port knocking is largely unneeded if you have a non default port that only allows known keys from known IPs03:48
spiralsrazz1: start with those then look at rate limiting/port knocking/etc03:48
PerfMEdbian, er no.03:48
edbianPerfM: How are you running internet explorer?03:48
Dr_WillisPerfM:  theres  web site services that can sync bookmarks via browser extensions.03:48
isotekspirals: rate limiting is completely trivial with gufw03:48
blindhow can i make an .img file out of a folder of files?03:49
BfigDr_Willis: pastebin.com/aUg87kSR03:49
PerfMDr_Willis: Like which?03:49
Dr_Willisblind:  you mean a 'cd  disk' image?03:49
PerfMEdbian: Huh?03:49
spiralsisotek: interesting, didn't know about gufw.03:49
razz1spirals: known IPs is a problem, if I am using different networks.03:49
Dr_WillisPerfM:  i just use delicious.com these days.  im always synced.. i dont use IE at all.03:49
edbianPerfM: So, I just downloaded mozilla firefox yesterday and I have originally been using plain ol' internet explorer, so what's the easiest way to get all my bookmarked shit from IE to Mozilla Firefox?03:49
blindDr_Willis: i guess so. im using it for an emulator. i have to make a folder into an .img file03:49
edbianPerfM: How are you running Internet explorer on Linux?03:50
spiralsrazz1: if you're not coming from a static IP, consider logging in through another server that is static, just a thought, don't know your topology03:50
isotekedbian: wine will do that03:50
spiralsrazz1: but really, 99% of it is non-standard port + require keys03:50
Dr_Willisblind:  that makes no sence.. what emulator?03:50
edbianisotek: Oh yeah?03:50
edbianPerfM: Are you running IE in wine?03:51
Dr_WillisBfig:  whats with all the # for comments?   check the permsissions on the 40_custome file. make sure its executable..03:51
spiralsrazz1: and 2222 is pretty much a standard non-standard port, don't use that either ;)03:51
blindDr_Willis: android emulator. in order to use a custom rom, i need to take the /system folder from said rom and make it into a system.img03:51
PerfMEdbian: I dont what you're saying, srsly bro.03:51
Dr_WillisBfig:  other then those 2 - no idea.03:51
PolahThe question here is why you would run IE on Linux...03:51
isotekedbian: yea, its kind of like driving a car with your feet, just because you can do it that doesnt make it a good idea.03:51
oobilozhello again.  in terminal, it detects my external hard drive but I cannot seem to get it to it.  i can see it under /media but when i go to it it tells me "permission denied"03:51
edbianPerfM: Are you running Internet Explorer on Linux?  It's a simple question.  What are you confused about?03:51
oobilozany way to get around this so i can copy files from hard drive to external, doing all this from terminal?03:51
Polahoobiloz: You might've set it to be only accessible by root03:52
Dr_Willisblind:  i dont think its meanign to make a cd image file from the files.03:52
oobilozi tried the sudo thing as well03:52
BfigDr_Willis: i chmoded 777 before starting and the comments... i thought they were present on your paste03:52
isotekoobiloz: sudo su03:52
Dr_WillisBfig:  777? That May be a security issue... and might be breaking things.03:52
oobilozdoh!!! i was too busy thinking of copying i didn't htink of that03:52
blindDr_Willis: well, how would i do that anyway. i'll give it a shot. can't find anything on any of the forums i've been to. others have been asking, and it's possible somehow because there are random images03:52
Dr_Willisrwxr-xr-x 1 root root  214 2010-10-06 08:22 40_custom03:52
oobilozi will give that a try, thank you lsrussell03:53
BfigDr_Willis: what permissions do i give it?03:53
Dr_Willisblind:  the various cd burning tools can make 'cd image' files. -> .iso files03:53
Dr_WillisBfig:  --->  rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  214 2010-10-06 08:22 40_custom03:53
blindbut isn't an img file a 'raw' image file?03:54
Dr_Willis.img could mean ANYTHING :)03:54
razz1spirals: non-std port is not a defence mechanism just obscuring. Not really reassuring.03:54
Dr_Willisa rom image file = raw rom data - from what i would gather.03:54
spiralsrazz1, yes, i'm aware of the distinction between security and obscurity03:54
spiralsrazz1, nevertheless it's a best practice for 'hardening' ssh.03:55
hiexpohola all03:55
isotekanyhow, back to why i came in here i had 400gb of data dissapear between yesterday and today and i have no idea how or why.03:55
BfigDr_Willis: is that 731?03:56
Dr_WillisBfig:  It may  be 75503:56
warpedudequestion : I am trying to read /etc/fstab of my pc to find out if ext4 is on journaling mode or not but I can't understand the output. " errors=remount-ro " Is it journal or not? It should have a data="ordered,journal,writeback" also but I can't see it. Should I assume it's "ordered" (default)?03:56
Dr_WillisBfig:  I always just cheat and use mc to change modes.03:56
spiralsrazz1, and it will clean up your logs a great deal which improves signal to noise ratio03:56
spiralsmany side benefits ;)03:56
razz1spirals: sorry, i am not following?03:57
Bfigwhatś the mc?03:57
Dr_Williswarpedude:  ext4 is journeled by default -  the fstab man page may state what the defaults are.03:57
Dr_Willis!info mc03:57
ubottumc (source: mc): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3: (maverick), package size 2104 kB, installed size 6432 kB03:57
spiralsrazz1: no more failed attempts on port 22 mean you don't have logwatch spamming you with huge, useless reports of the 2 dozen hack attempts each day03:57
Dr_WillisBfig:  you have checked the ubuntu forums for other people with grub2 not seeing windows instgall issues? there may be a better fix.03:58
spiralsrazz1, or however many is normal now, it was pretty ridiculous last time i was administering a port 22 server03:58
razz1spirals: agreed, pretty scary, how many people still use passwords!!03:59
Kingprawn138does anyone have 10.10 on an IBM thinkpad T43?03:59
BfigDr_Willis: i've tried some but haven't been successful03:59
isotekrazz1: i use passwords, just not for internet facing machines.04:00
Kingprawn138I'm having some modem issues that I could use some advice with04:00
spiralsrazz1, yes there are many easy targets, if you are a hard target you're gonna get skipped more often than not. require keys, go on a non default port, set up logwatch to mail you the log summary for the system daily, sleep better.04:00
spiralsand disallow root04:00
warpedudeDr_Willis, are you sure about mode= journal being the default for ext4, do you have a relevant reference link?04:01
jrtaylorivWhat's the best way to set up a build environment for projects that require newer versions of libraries than the ones that are in the Ubuntu repos? Basically, I need to build some development software that uses the latest versions of gstreamer and gst-python, but I don't want to install them systemwide.04:01
jrtaylorivI know I could set up a chroot environment, but that seems a little overkill for just building one piece of software.04:01
Dr_Williswarpedude:  no idea what the default is.. I imagine there IS a default to use a journel. since thats a main feature of ext4. the man page proberlys tates which optiosn are used specifically04:01
isotekjrtayloriv: vmware?04:01
Kyokancan anyone tell me where to get some help to enable me to boot up?  Not even re-installing has helped.  Thanks04:01
isotekjrtayloriv: or virtualbox04:02
razz1isotek: still a bad habit, I dont know, I just dont use passwords.04:02
Kingprawn138can anyone give me a hand with that?04:02
warpedudeext3 was definitely ordered by default.04:02
warpedude(and it was journaled)04:02
spiralsjrtayloriv, a comman practice is to install to /usr/local, and tell your development software exactly where to look (usually with environment variables passed to the config file)\04:02
isotekrazz1: i have far too many machines on my internal network...04:02
Dr_Willisactually - its in the 'man mount' info.. not man fstab :)04:03
razz1spirals: I will probably go for vpn, given my needs I will be better off with VPN I believe, how hard is it to setup openvpn over the net. for say 5 systems.04:03
jrtaylorivspirals, OK. So basically it would be package dependent, and I would just have to just go through the config files for each one and find out where they point to the libraries, and change it there, right?04:03
isotekrazz1: eg. i gave away 22 machines last month without batting an eye.04:03
spiralsrazz1, somewhere between easy and difficult, i've done it. once you have the server in place, adding new clients (users) is easy04:04
spiralsrazz1, not a bad solution for your case where you don't know the client IP ahead of time :) i like it04:04
isotekrazz1: setup a consolidator to route via the vpn tunnel04:04
spiralsjrtayloriv, yeah, what project are you building? For C++ stuff you just pass flags to ./configure script04:04
spiralsit varies a lot04:04
razz1isotek: I wouldn't mind one, if you are feeling charitable.04:05
jrtaylorivspirals, I'm trying to build the latest git revision for pitivi, which is a python project.04:05
isotekrazz1: i have 3 g3 hp servers sitting in my basement.04:05
jrtaylorivBut it uses make/autoconf, so it would probably still work.04:05
razz1isotek: what are the specs?04:06
spiralsjrtayloriv, so it uses the ./configure make make install instead of python setup.py?04:06
isotekso anyone have any interest in helping me play find the missing data?04:06
razz1isotek: whats a consolidator?04:06
BfigDr_Willis: have you tried startupmanager? i'm gonna see if that makes any difference04:06
jrtaylorivspirals, yes04:06
spiralsjrtayloriv, great, then there should be a way to pass "--with-gstreamer=/usr/local/gstreamer-0.uber-new"04:07
isotekrazz1: they are all dual xeon's with between 4 and 12 gigs of ram and a collection of 32gb hard drives04:07
spiralsjrtayloriv, to the configure script04:07
razz1spirals: which machine should be first choice for the vpn server? does it matter much04:07
spiralsjrtayloriv, you'll also have to pass a custom install location to gstreamer and the other dep when you build their tarballs04:07
=== dBugSlayer_afk is now known as dBugSlayer
razz1isotek: love one of them. I live in Brisbane04:07
isotekrazz1: a consolidator is generally a vpn endpoint that provides routing between the local network and the remote, generally they are just called vpn routers04:07
warpedudeDr_Willis, http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/filesystems/ext4.txt#165 The default option is data=ordered04:08
jrtaylorivspirals, And if I install gstreamer in /usr/local like that, everything else on the system will still used the apt-installed one right? i.e. there's no possible way it could destroy my gstreamer install system-wide? (just making sure)04:08
spiralsrazz1, only you can answer that, the way I did it was to use the same machine that was the "shell server" - the machine that all the other servers would allow ssh from04:08
warpedudeAnyway thanx.04:08
warpedudegood night.04:08
isotekrazz1: thats a little far =P04:08
isotekspirals: thats generally called a "jump box"04:08
razz1isotek: damn my luck. still thanks for the offer.04:08
spiralsjrtayloriv, yep. /usr/local/gstreamer0.x won't be in your system PATH04:09
isotekspirals: there are some configuration guidelines for creating those as well.04:09
jrtaylorivspirals, Excellent. Thanks a bunch for your help.04:09
spiralsjrtayloriv, and ldconfig won't be looking there either04:09
spiralsjrtayloriv, don't forget #python for nitty gritty details either :) you're welcome04:09
isotekrazz1: no problem.04:09
spiralsisotek, yeah that was the idea, it worked out well, I haven't heard them called that, will look it up04:10
KyokanI'd be very grateful to anyone who can help me boot up.  My screen hangs and becomes unresponsive just before I get to my desktop.  I've reinstalled and that hasn't helped.  Thanks04:10
BfigDr_Willis: i think there is something wrong with the grub generated files. the graphic interface looks like a code injection of some sort04:11
edbianKyokan: When you're booting.  Try to press shift before the Ubuntu screen and get into grub. Can you do that?04:11
razz1spirals: isotek: is there a live cloning for linux distros that  I can run on a debian server to clone all my machines over the net regularly with out much input from the user.04:11
spiralsrazz1, for config, check out puppet04:11
KyokanI can try.  What should I do once I am there?04:11
tbruff13Dr_Willis, how can i make my sound louder while listening to a DVD the sound from my speakers i know they can play louder, but the volume is all the way up04:12
spiralsrazz1, for backup, many solutions exist... i hand rolled rsync+ssh+cron... doesn't scale so well though04:12
edbianKyokan: Remove 'splash' and 'quiet'  Then we can see any error messages Ubuntu gives one booting04:12
tbruff13nevermind turned up output volume04:13
razz1spirals: did you try backintime, like it.04:13
KyokanEdbian:  I have tried to do that already but I am not sure that it worked.  How do I remove it?04:13
spiralsrazz1, bacula gets great reviews in particular. haven't tried backintime.04:13
isotekspirals: best practice involves this: no build tools, locked down chroot with only the essencial tools, no etc hosts file, ssh key based auth only, the logs are to be pushed real time to an external box, one locked down shell availible and no history kept.... things like that.04:13
edbianKyokan: Press the e key on the line you want to edit.  You'll see at the end of it there are the words 'quiet' and 'splash' simply delete them04:14
spiralsisotek: i like it. next time will certainly implement all that.04:14
razz1spirals: best I have come across so far. very efficient with disk space, only copies the changed files. very stable. Its a copy of timemachine for mac04:14
isotekspirals: the goal is that in the unlikely case of a comprimise the resulting traffic is very loud04:14
spiralsisotek: the realtime log push would do that...is that typically done with the networked syslog (i forget its name)04:15
KyokanEdbian I have done exactly that.  I have an error  GLib Warning get pwuid r () faiiled due to an unknown user id04:15
isotekspirals: syslog ng and stunnel04:15
BfigDr_Willis: it kind of detected the vista install... in any case some weird artifacts are happening. i'll try to see what's on the boot screen, see what happens. wish me luck, and thanks for all the advice04:16
Gaming4JCHey all,  I'm trying to use a cdrom inside of a virtual macine (qemu) on Ubuntu. But when I use /dev/cdrom it's only showing one file on the CD-rom, not the whole CD... ideas? :/04:16
spiralsGaming4JC, it sounds like you burned the ISO as data, not as an image04:16
isotekGaming4JC: what is the name of the file?04:17
ayeceeGaming4JC: it sounds like you've specified a directory as a cd drive, rather than the image itself.04:17
ymasory_is there a way to guarantee apt-get upgrade will proceed uninterrupted by things like samba workgroup and mysql-server password questions?04:17
edbianKyokan: Do you have any other errors?04:17
Gaming4JCspirals: Works fine on ubuntu/windows native. Seems to be an issue with the /dev/cdrom link and/or the VM. The filename is autostart.exe04:17
Gaming4JCayecee: checked that. :/04:17
osxfr33kI had a question about the Macubuntu.  Is this installer basically a package of mac4lin and dockey?  Also whats the main difference between Dockey and the Cairo Dock for whoever knows this?04:17
spiralsrazz1: nice one, I was looking for time machine clones the other day and all of the news articles about different software were all 'flashes  in the pan', no consistent community around one yet it seemed04:18
ayeceeoh. that's a bit different then :)04:18
Gaming4JCI've also noticed some other CDs have the same problem04:18
spiralsrazz1: i'll look at 'backintime', it sounds a bit different in goals than bacula, which is more of a network management type tool04:18
edbianKyokan: Can you boot into recovery mode?  (are you running 10.10?)04:18
Gaming4JCpretty much anything over.... 37.5MB doesn't show up... :P04:18
* Gaming4JC is confuzzled04:18
Kyokanedbian:  grub recordfail04:18
Gaming4JCand I'm trying to do taxes on Ubuntu04:18
Gaming4JCso imagine xD04:19
spiralsGaming4JC, Not sure then.04:19
edbianKyokan: That's what you get for recovery mode?04:19
KyokanEdbian yes to both questions04:19
KyokanEdbian:  I am not sure where it came from now, sorry04:19
edbianKyokan: Not sure where what came from?04:19
isotekGaming4JC: what is the iso of?04:20
edbianKyokan: Is that the only error you get?  There are no others?  They're vital clues while googling04:20
KyokanEdbian:  Bear with me one moment please04:21
Gaming4JCisotek: it's not an iso, it's a symbolic link from QEMU to /dev/cdrom. Happens to be H&R Block taxcut ... :P04:21
edbianKyokan: Take your time.04:21
Gaming4JCtrying to get the CD to show up in the VM so I can run it. :/04:21
razz1spirals: thanks for dropping bacula and puppet, sound interesting and bacintime just saves data to a location on the network if it's available. i am looking at cloning over the net and local backups for the data. see you around, got to spend time with family. thanks once more.04:21
=== DarkJuju is now known as juju2143
razz1isotek: fun chatting, see you around04:22
jkbrqTHIS CHANNEL HAS MOVED TO #GAYDADS4SONS ON UNDERNET. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE!  jkbrq cavalier_prime chomporouter oobiloz tenguzero Pranav_rcmas MAAAAD bigbrovar Tyred sheenams DarkMSTie DarkEyes dpac dtcummin osxfr33k Barridus Denir Gaming4JC gerzel varunvyas11 sm_ krFS Da|Mummy master_of_master bob__ seiflotfy_ WinstonSmith con-man clincher tstaerk StrangeCharm xnccm tauntaun Chr|s DrHouse|Aribeth Dice-Man ChogyDan jrtayloriv Kyokan jamfade ekx BirdinaTux_ v_v 04:22
Gaming4JCDoesn't work in Wine, obviously... :(04:22
spiralsrazz1, cheers04:22
isotekrazz1: i tend to hang out in #gnacktrack04:22
edbianjkbrq:  noted04:22
oobilozi've given up trying to access my hd through terminal, okay to do a reinstall without formatting keeping old names?04:22
oobilozand keeping old partitions?04:22
lampyso when will the move to #gaydads4sons be complete?04:23
isotekoobiloz: the installer doesnt have that option.04:23
soreaulampy: It's already moved back here04:23
Gaming4JC*roll-eyes* stupid spammers... :P04:23
Gaming4JCanyway umm, should we ubuntu brainstorm for a native tax program?04:23
researcher123I have 9.10 and 10.04 installed side by side.I want to delete 9.10.Whats the safe way to uninstall 9.10?04:23
oobilozspecify partitions manually (advanced), instead of erase and use the entire disk04:23
Gaming4JCBetter than TurboTax/H&R Block of course04:24
isotekGaming4JC perhaps the link should point to /dev/sr0 instead?04:24
researcher123oobiloz: but i dont know whats stored where.Im newbie04:24
oobilozresearcher, so am i04:24
Da|Mummywhy cant i join #GAYDADS4SONS04:24
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oobilozi was actually typing that line about my question04:24
researcher123oobiloz: ok04:24
Gaming4JCspammers.... gnaa group doesn't quit do they04:25
oobilozand i'm waiting for an answer to yours, i might end up having to install side by side and oding the same thing04:25
osxfr33kwow when di this start happening?04:25
Lmull3-ClrMstrLOL, random derp in the channel04:25
IdleOneplease ignore the spam04:25
almoxarifeI feel dirty04:25
isotekoobiloz: what is the problem with your system?04:25
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!04:25
IdleOnePolah: yes?04:25
oobilozisotek, i cannot boot normally04:25
spiralsGaming4JC, the lack of linux native tax programs has been a problem for almost decadeS now. It generally comes down to the huge amount of work required to keep up with individual tax codes for all states/nations applicable. This is why it's commercial software; it requires lots and lots of ongoing work every single year and will never be "done"04:26
isotekoobiloz: what do you get?04:26
oobilozi've had to do the ctrl alt f1 to go to terminal, i am trying to copy the files in my hd into an external, i as ablet o copy one file, when i boot from usb, it doesn't see said file in my external04:26
PolahIdleOne: Dufyhn was spamming a few lines up.04:26
spiralsGaming4JC, it's a hard problem04:26
edbianKyokan: How goes it?04:26
IdleOnePolah: yup saw it. server killed them04:26
isotekoobiloz: so you get to x but cant login?04:26
oobilozi get that strange cursor and the purple wallpaper, that's IT.  until i hit the ctrl alt f1, then i end up in terminal, i've to do everything from terminal04:26
PolahIdleOne: Ah yes, I missed the leave message. My mistake.04:26
IdleOnePolah: no worries :)04:27
KyokanEdbian:  ty for your patience.  I initially had warning re gnome control centre-  libslab_get_gconf_value: error getting /desktop/gnome/applications/main menu/lock down/user modifiable apps04:27
Gaming4JCspirals: At the dawn of a new century you'd have thought there'd be some attempts... *googles* http://opentaxsolver.sourceforge.net/ ? Quick everyone support and port. :D04:27
oobilozi was able to login through terminal but everything through terminal.  i cudn't change directory to my external, permission denied, even with sudo.  but for some reason i was able to copy one file into it, which doesn't show when i boot from usb04:27
edbianKyokan: That error was generated when? and by what?04:27
mdwright_laptopIs there any way to change the size of Unity in 11.04?04:27
spiralsGaming4JC, but every single state has to be up to date every year or people can't trust it04:27
isotekoobiloz: in therminal try this, sudo apt-get remove gdm04:27
oobilozright now, i am booting from usb04:28
oobilozi can still do that?04:28
Gaming4JCspirals: True that. We'd need to get MOTU to get into it.04:28
isotekoobiloz: sudo apt-get purge gdm04:28
spiralsGaming4JC, haha yep.04:28
isotekoobiloz: sudo apt-get install gdm04:28
isotekoobiloz: no, not via the usb04:28
mdwright_laptop(and by size of Unity, I mean whatever shell is dropping down from the main menu at this point — the size is huge. I have a 24" monitor and it takes up ~1/3rd of it displaying 5 app icons and a search bar)04:28
KyokanEdbian: another on load xbel store. I believe this was from gnome control centre04:28
oobilozwhen i try with the proper HD Instead04:28
edbianKyokan: What is an xbel store?04:28
spiralsGaming4JC, I hope that helps explain the gaping hole though. A better way to fix the problem is probably to get WINE to fully support TurboTax or etc04:28
Gaming4JCTrue, but it has a bug... :p04:29
edbianKyokan: I'm surprised the gnome-control-center ran at all if you're unable to boot the system and log in.04:29
Kyokanthey were my initial problems04:29
Gaming4JCspirals: Wine seems to suffer a large number of regression, really bad when you want to depend on it for something such as taxes... so :/04:29
spiralsOr QB or whatever.04:29
KyokanI have been booting from live cd04:29
isotekoobiloz: correct, boot into your system then alt-ctl-f1 login and then remove and reinstall gdm04:29
Dr_Willismdwright_laptop:  its a work in progress.. ask in #ubuntu+1 and i think theres a range of sizes you can change to04:29
spiralsGaming4JC, exactly - now you see why people do taxes on windows ;)04:29
KyokanIs there something  can do to get you some better info to work with?04:29
oobilozmay i ask what that would do exactly?04:30
mdwright_laptopDr_Willis: Thanks!04:30
Gaming4JCspirals: Taxes on Windows? Ew... imagine how many identitys are stolen each year due to that insecure OS...04:30
oobilozwill that finally give me the graphic interface i desire???04:30
landingonwaterUnity is sloooow.So.. Is It still Alpha version ? Or something wrong with my install ? im on AMD64 turion. hmm.. well.. broadcom wireless not working as always. wonder If they will ever fix that issue. or wait for broadcom to foreclose04:30
spiralsGaming4JC, a lot of Linux users also just pay the local H&R Block, if slashdot can be believed.04:30
edbianKyokan: Tell me the whole story from start to finish.  Explain what xbel means.  Starts your sentences with my name like I'm doing for you.04:30
spiralsGaming4JC, it's a reasonable professional solution for the problem and only costs a little more than the yearly tax software box04:30
edbianKyokan: Clearly outline what problem you want to fix right now along with all the problems you currently have.04:30
isotekGaming4JC: i pay to have my taxes done.04:31
Gaming4JCspirals: H&R block actually uses Windows and keeps it pretty out dated from what I see. Not sure I trust them with my SSN ;P04:31
Gaming4JCnot to mention I could due it myself, with a little work.04:31
Gaming4JCdo* / due (all the same, haha)04:31
spiralsMore than a little work.04:31
KyokanI can't remember about xbel.  However, after I booted up, my screen was black and unresponsive.  The only thing visible on my desktop is a box for me to enter a keychain04:31
spiralsBut yes, good luck :)04:31
researcher123how can I know on which partition which OS is installed? I have 9.10 & 10.04 installed side by side. I want to delete 9.1004:31
KyokanThat window has it's borders missing04:32
bob__the only thing I use windows for is playing my online game that doesn't allow linux connections ... and looking outside ... lol04:32
Gaming4JCspirals: I still think a VM could do just fine for tax preperation? :D (If some one could just help me with cdrom issue *cough* )04:32
Kyokani can enter the keychain (for my wireless I think) but it has no effect04:32
spiralsGaming4JC, download the installer inside the VM instead?04:32
isoteki use windows at work.04:32
isotekbecause they make me04:32
visual1cehi - i have a little network with both machines running ubuntu (10.10 and 11.04 alpha). i want to be transfer some files from my laptop (10.10) to pc (11.04). how can i create a share on my pc so my laptop can access it? do i need to setup a 'workgroup' or similar?04:32
semitones_teaCan someone help me figure out why "sudo update-grub-legacy" fails to move me from grub 1.98 to grub2? I'm following the tutorial here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:32
spiralsGaming4JC, or try a different VM host - which are you on now04:32
landingonwaterresearcher123: good question. I want to delete a Ubuntu as well. I wonder how that is done.04:32
edbianKyokan: Please use my name04:33
oobilozisotek:  how will the gdm make my life easier04:33
oobilozresearcher123: has anyone answered your question yet?  i'm waiting on that as well04:33
Gaming4JCspirals: perhaps.... I'm using WinVISTA *worst OS ever* but same thing occured on XP.04:33
researcher123landingonwater: we can expect great help here04:33
spiralsGaming4JC, try virtualbox if you're not on it04:33
Gaming4JCspirals: QEMU currently.04:33
oobilozlandingonwater:  i agree with researcher123, this is the most helpful channel i've found so far04:33
bob__we could protest unfair labor practices against employers who force us to use windows ...04:33
KyokanEdbian:  sorry....It occasionally connects but I have nothing else visible on the desktop to click on.  I can't use anything from there on but the cursor moves04:33
Gaming4JCLove QEMU launcher... :)04:33
edbianKyokan: Do you ever reach the login screen.  (Still no idea what the heck xbel is)04:33
spiralsGaming4JC, yeah try virtualbox. similar ease of use, might 'just work' since your problem is fairly mysterious04:33
* spirals waves hands04:34
isotekoobiloz: gdm, is the part that is most likely broken04:34
edbianKyokan: It occasionally connects?  connects to what?  wifi?04:34
jrtaylorivresearcher123, Just boot into one of them and see which partitions are mounted04:34
KyokanEdbian: I believe that is the login stage - yes wifi04:34
=== Guest48150 is now known as darkdevil
oobilozisotek:  ah, thank you :)  i will try that in a bit, i am waiting on the answer on researcher123's query04:35
KyokanEdbian:  I am set to auto-connect but I have to enter my pw for the wifi04:35
spiralsGaming4JC, are you sure the rest of the files aren't flagged 'hidden' for windows? maybe autostart.exe or whatever is all windows can see. I assume it doesn't work when you open it in the qemu windows environment04:35
=== darkdevil is now known as Guest28598
=== Guest28598 is now known as Guest48150
landingonwaterjrtayloriv: so the correct way is to delete the partition with the OS, and then edit Grub afterwards ?04:35
edbianKyokan: This all the harddrive install right?  Not a live CD04:35
Gaming4JCspirals: Yeah, the whole CD-rom as seen in the VM is only 37.5MB. Installer fails due to missing files. :(04:35
KyokanEdbian yes04:35
A|i3Nok i gotta ask.... is frostwire worth it now that limewire is done with? lol04:36
edbianKyokan: So the problem is you have no icons and no panels?04:36
Kyokanno problems with livecd04:36
Gaming4JCspirals: and it works fine on Ubuntu /media/H&RBlock04:36
KyokanEdbian: yes, and my screen is unresponsive04:36
Gaming4JCAlso tested /dev/sr0 same issue :P04:36
oobilozi'm going to try what you said now isotek04:36
edbianKyokan: But the mouse moves?  How is it unresponsive?04:36
landingonwaterVista is like shagging you first chick ever, and getting all sexual transmitted diseases in one go. I hate that OS so much :D04:36
jrtaylorivlandingonwater, no -- he was asking how to determine which partitions 9.04 was installed on.04:36
spiralsGaming4JC, I'd definitely try another VM host if you've exhausted troubleshooting for qemu /cdrom (is there a #qemu channel?)04:36
JonStatiKtechnical question for you linux gurus. Everytime I activate my Proprietary drivers for my Radeon 6550Mobility with ATI/AMD FGLRX and I reboot to complete the installation it  and only boots into command line. Any thoughts?removes the gui04:36
KyokanEdbian: I have pop up notifications, the mouse moves (although my cursor has changed) but it doesn't work04:37
landingonwaterjrtayloriv: ooh.. i see. that should be easy enough ofcoarse.04:37
spiralsGaming4JC, yes there is a #qemu, try there before you install virtualbox04:37
Gaming4JCspirals: Yeah I've been waiting around on #qemu seems deathly quiet tonight04:37
spiralsdefinitely sounds like a qemu specific issue though.04:37
edbianKyokan: What do you mean it 'doesn't work'  Is there anything to click on?04:37
ayeceeJonStatiK: the drivers didn't work. it's hard to say more from the description. checked the X logs?04:37
edbianKyokan: Maybe it 'works' but there is nothing clickable on the screen04:37
Gaming4JCspirals: Yeah, could be. Guess I'll try for VirtualBox... *downloads*04:37
edbianKyokan: What happens if you press alt + F2 ?04:38
KyokanEdbian:  I have also tried different shortcuts with function keys and theat does nothing either.  There is nothing to click on no04:38
KyokanEdbian: nothing04:38
JonStatiKive not checked the logs, no.04:38
spiralsGaming4JC, good luck, i'm away for a bit, plenty of people run virtualbox if you run into the same weirdness again.04:38
edbianKyokan: ctrl + alt + F1  ?04:38
bob__Vista was a Mac hoax .... hehe04:38
ayeceeJonStatiK: that would be the best place to start.04:38
Gaming4JCspirals: ok, thanks. :)04:38
KyokanEdbian: nothing04:38
SemitonesHey, I'm trying to go from grub legacy to grub 2, and what I'm trying isn't working. Can anyone assist me in troubleshooting the process? Thanks! (what i'm trying: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2)04:38
ayeceeSemitones: what happens when you ty?04:39
edbianKyokan: Can you boot recovery mode?04:39
KyokanEdbian: I am not confident as to what I am doing though04:39
Semitonesayecee, well "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy" finishes with no errors, but when I boot I have grub 1.98 still04:39
edbianKyokan: boot into recovery mode.  Do you see any errors while it is booting?  When you get to the multi-choice question.  Choose boot Ubuntu normally and see what it does.04:40
edbianKyokan: Can you chat with my on here while you work on the target machine?04:40
ChogyDanSemitones: 1.98 is the latest, ie it =204:40
Semitonesoh haha, thanks!04:40
KyokanEdbian:  I am on the target machine so I will have to connect another computer04:41
A|i3Nsomewhat weird question - does ubuntu need any virus protection and is there any available?04:41
KyokanEdbian can you give me 5 mins to get the other machine?04:41
JoeJohngood question04:41
edbianKyokan: pause, you're talking to me on xchat, on the target machine.  How did you pull that off?04:41
KyokanI am using the livecd04:41
edbianKyokan: ahhh04:41
ayeceeA|i3N: no, and not really04:42
edbianA|i3N: It does not need virus protection.04:42
edbianA|i3N: There isn't really any.04:42
Weemshow do I install flash on an amd64 architecture install?04:42
Weemsthe only version on adobes site is i38604:42
jrtaylorivWeems, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:42
JonStatiKseems as if it's not detecting the graphics card the log says (EE) No devices detected. Fatal server error: no screens found.04:43
isoteksudo apt-get install flash-installer04:43
JoeJohnis there a backtrack channel?04:43
isotektheres a gnacktrack channel04:43
soreau! backtrack | JoeJohn04:43
ubottuJoeJohn: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition04:43
isotekwhich is kinda like backtrack04:43
isotekonly with more gnome04:43
Weemsiotek: theres not a flash installer04:44
isotekWeems: sudo apt-get update04:44
oobilozisotek:  i did as you have intructed.  This is what I got:  Failed to acquire org.gnome.  Display manager connection ":1.28" is not allowed to own the service "ogr.gnome.DisplayManager" due to security policies in the confif file04:44
oobilozWarning:  could not acquire name; bailing out04:45
isotekcheck /var/log/messages i think you might find something there04:45
JonStatiKthink it could be because im on a laptop and hardware/drivers are somewhat picky?04:45
isotekWeems: flashplugin-installer04:45
isotekmy bad.04:45
oobilozis there anything else i can do at this point?04:45
oobilozapart from installing a new OS, keeping names, and hopi9ng that will keep my files?04:46
isotekoobiloz: tail /var/log/messages04:47
KyokanEdbian:  I can't get another computer right now.  However, if I boot up normally, everything goes smoothly up to the point where I enter the password into the window and I hit enter but nothing happens. After that I cannot even delete the text I just entered04:47
edbianKyokan: That password is to connect Wifi right?  Is the system normal if you don't enter your password?04:48
KyokanEdbian: correct.  Not normal as my desktop doesn't display normally04:49
edbianKyokan: What if you boot into recovery mode?04:49
KyokanEdbian for eg. My icons and panels are missing04:49
isotekKyokan: ctrl+alt+f104:50
edbianKyokan: Does alt + f2 work before you enter hte password?04:50
edbianKyokan: or ctrl + alt + F104:50
KyokanEdbian: I don't think it works before either but I can double chesk04:50
isotekKyokan: tail /var/log/messages04:50
oobilozisotek:  anything i should look for in particular?04:50
edbianKyokan: typing into the wifi password box works.04:50
edbianKyokan: I'm pretty sure ctrl + alt + F1 will work.04:50
KyokanI did have a tail message yes04:51
isotekoobiloz:just give me the line you see most often04:51
oobilozisotek:  thank you.  will do it now.  bbiab04:51
ethancan anyone help me set up mod_rewrite in apache2?04:51
KyokanEdbian:  OK I will try it. If it works, what should I do then?04:51
edbianKyokan: You can use ctrl + alt + F7 to go back to graphics.  I would like to see the output of tail /var/log/messages if at all possibles04:52
edbianKyokan: or, better yet, tail dmesg04:52
KyokanEdbian:  can you tell me how to get those messages, please?04:52
isotekwow, that ethan guy sure did give a lot of oprotunity to answer04:52
edbianKyokan: just do ctrl + alt + F1 and then run tail dmesg  and tell me what it says04:53
edbianKyokan: Sorry, tail /var/log/messages04:53
isotekKyokan: type the command "tail -n 20 /var/log/messages"04:53
edbianKyokan: tail dmesg does not work04:53
jrtayloriv'dmesg | tail' will work though04:54
KyokanEdbian:  do I run that from recovery mode as I need to sign out of here whilst i do this04:54
rypervencheIf I want someone to ssh to my computer, but I don't want them to know my password, is it possible to make another user account and have them log in to it while I'm logged into my account?04:55
edbianKyokan: no. listen.  boot normally, don't enter the wifi password.  Instead press crtl + alt + F1, log in there, and then run tail /var/log/messages04:55
oobilozisotek: i only got one line.  Permission denied04:55
isotekjrtayloriv: yes, it will return 5 results however instead04:55
edbianrypervenche: yes04:55
edbianrypervenche: That is exactly what you should do.04:55
isotekoobiloz: as root?04:55
oobilozsudo su04:55
isotekrypervenche: useradd04:55
oobilozmaybe i did something wrong, let me try again, it sounds like it should work04:56
isotekoobiloz: run whoami04:56
jrtaylorivisotek, Then he can type 'dmesg | tail -n 20'04:56
KyokanEdbian:  understood.  brb04:56
oobilozthank you04:56
* oobiloz away again04:56
edbianKyokan: god speed04:56
isotekjrtayloriv: yes, i do know how tail works.04:56
jrtaylorivisotek, I have no way of knowing that, especially when you just stated something that wasn't true about it, and didn't give any indication that you knew that you could specify how many lines it would print.04:58
isotekjrtayloriv: what I said was completely factual.04:58
jrtaylorivisotek, No, what you said was false. It prints 10 lines, not 5.04:59
isotekjrtayloriv: ah, indeed my bad.04:59
jrtaylorivNo worries.05:00
mcurranAnyone here know how to fix the issue where broadcom cannot connect to "unsecured" wireless networks, without using ndiswrapper05:01
edbianmcurran: broadcom... 4312 ?05:02
isotekjrtayloriv: i wonder if there is a varient that defaults to 5. perhaps freebsd solaris or hpUX05:02
edbianmcurran: ?05:04
edbiananybody?  hello?05:06
bazhangedbian, anybody what?05:07
PolahWhat is it?05:07
edbiannothing.  Just felt lonely for a second there05:07
jrtaylorivisotek, tail is a standard Unix utility, and defaults to 10. It's the same on FreeBSD and Solaris. I'm not familiar with hpUX, but I'm sure it's probably the same there too.05:07
* spirals ushers edbian into the hugbox05:07
v_vyou are not alone, may the force be with you ~~ edbian05:08
mymeatinyourseatcan someone please tell me why when everytime I try n open wine or halo ce, ubuntu always has that red like do not enter sign?? ..kind of like a red x or yellow ! on windows05:09
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  where exactly are you seeing this sign?05:10
mymeatinyourseatdw, will u IM with me please05:10
=== root is now known as Guest2887
isotekmymeatinyourseat: what does the sign say?05:11
lookin_for_MBDo you know a good website to search mother board model?05:11
isoteklookin_for_MB: google?05:11
oobilozisotek:  this is what i got.... hda-intel: azx_get response timeout, switching to polling mode: last cmd-0x302f2d0005:11
lookin_for_MBisotek: too many pages05:11
Dr_Willislookin_for_MB:  to search for what exactly? theres the #hardware channel05:11
oobilozip tables: (c) 2000-2006 Netfilter core team05:11
lookin_for_MBDr_Willis: I want to find the motherboard manual05:12
Guest2887how to install bt4 r2 on usb save changes???05:12
Dr_Willislookin_for_MB:  look at the mb makers homepage.05:12
oobiloznf_conntrack version 0.5.0 (16384 buckets, 65536 max)05:12
jiltdilDr_Willis:how to play video in termainl?05:12
lookin_for_MBDr_Willis: it's megatrends05:12
ayeceeGuest2887: #backtrack_linux is better for that, I hear05:12
Dr_WillisGuest2887:  use some usb installer tool to do it . that makes a persistant save file. see the pendrivelinux web site.. and try the backtrack channels.. not here.05:12
lookin_for_MBPCCHIPS M758LMR 1.0 Motherboard with American Megatrends Inc. 062710 07/15/97 BIOS05:12
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  You mean in the consoles?05:13
isotekGuest2887: i believe what you are looking for is "Backtrack persistant usb"05:13
mymeatinyourseathow do u IM peeps in this thing05:13
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  seen framebuffer video players ages ago.. saw where mplayer could do it also. (ages ago) or theres the funny asccii-art video output feature to mplayer that shows the video in an asci-animation format..05:13
oobilozCONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT is deprecated and will be removed soon.  Please use nf_conntrack_acct=1 kernel parameter, acct=1 nf_conntrack module option or sysctl net.net-filter, nf_conntract_acct=1 to enable it05:14
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  its best to not IM people. keep it in the channel05:14
j5has anyone found a way to transfer stuff over to a iPhone in linux?05:14
oobilozath 3k:  probe of failed with error -505:14
mymeatinyourseatdw, r u admin??05:14
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod05:14
jiltdilDr_Willis:ok which framebufer does ubuntu uses05:14
oobilozusb core:  registered new interface driver at ath3k05:14
oobilozisotek:  that's mostly what i got05:14
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  framebuffer modules are loaded depending on what video chipset you have.05:14
jrtaylorivjiltdil, Look into sdl output for mplayer, I think05:14
lookin_for_MBDr_Willis: ##hardware is for registered ppl only05:15
Dr_Willismplayer could do sdl  also perhaps thats what i saw ages ago.05:15
Dr_Willislookin_for_MB:  so register your nick..05:15
Dr_Willisgeexbox used to use mplayer+sdl  (or framebuffer) to play videos with out X.05:15
lookin_for_MBDr_Willis: eh05:15
Dr_Willis!register | lookin_for_MB05:15
ubottulookin_for_MB: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:15
jrtaylorivwait -- it might actually be fbdev. Try mplayer -vo fbdev videofile.avi if sdl doesn't work05:15
Dr_WillisThe Framebuffer/sdl stuff. had limitations compared to running a video player in X.05:16
jiltdilDr_Willis: when i use this mplayer -vo svga -ao sdl movie.avi  it starts playing video but the screen is divided into two portions also the video is playing slow05:16
oobilozisotek:  i'm lost05:16
Guest2887kagax ngerti???05:16
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  is it a HD video? try other -vo options perhaps.05:17
jiltdiljrtayloriv:fbdev didn't worked i checked it only gives sound no video05:17
Dr_Willissvga would have limits on the res it can do also i belive05:17
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  you may need to load the proper framebuffer module.  Framebuffer is a bit of a unloved area  in many places.05:17
Dr_Willisneat idea. but sort of lost/unsuipported now a days.05:18
Gaming4JCHey all, I'm trying to install H&R Block TaxCut in a VBox, but when I browse the CD from the VM, some of the files are missing | Also the installer fails. Same thing occurs in qemu :(05:18
Gaming4JCideas? :s http://i.imgur.com/z3YVZ.png (pic of virtual machine crime scene)05:18
jrtaylorivjiltdil, I honestly don't have much experience with framebuffer video. Look around on Google and see what you can find.05:18
jrtaylorivSorry I couldn't be of more help.05:18
Dr_WillisGaming4JC:  copy everything from the cd to a directory. and share that directory to vbox via its guest addons.  perhaps.05:19
jiltdiljrtayloriv: ya i tried most of my known commands to play but the video played is not in good condition05:19
Gaming4JCDr_Willis: Hmm, perhaps... but why doesn't the CD just "work"? :P05:19
Dr_WillisGaming4JC:  or dd the cd to an iso file. and have vbox mount/access the iso file directly05:19
Gaming4JCDr_Willis: I'll try the second option, just to check... good idea. :)05:20
Guest2887cant speak indonesia???05:20
bazhang!id | Guest288705:20
ubottuGuest2887: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia05:20
jiltdilok one more question when i copy files or any thing from a remotely acess machine via scp why the size gows less when it copied to my system?05:20
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  rounding/blocksize,  MiB vs MB defaults...05:21
* Dr_Willis guesses05:21
Dr_WillisUbuntu also uses MiB now by default for most apps. I think.. other systems may still be using MB. this can cause some confusion05:22
Dr_Willisor am i backwards...05:22
Guest2887gimana cara join nya???05:23
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  theres no need to msg people.. clarify your problem to the channel.05:23
bazhang /join #ubuntu-id Guest288705:23
ouyeshey all, I want to collect to my pc which is running windows xp, and I open remote desktop viewer, and type its ip address and click connect, failed,  the ip address is right05:23
ouyesthen where is wrong?05:23
Dr_Willisouyes:  you got some sort of remote desktop service running on XP?05:24
LorgonJortleG'day mates.05:25
Gaming4JC!welcome | LorgonJortle05:25
jiltdilDr_Willis:how to password protect amy folder,directory or files?05:25
KatronixI just installed screen on my vps and now it tells me "Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check." when I try to run it, can someone suggest how I may fix it?05:26
* Gaming4JC is so tired he forgot 'greet' o.o05:26
LorgonJortleIf I turn visual effects on, things work nicely for about 30 seconds, then the screen goes black and goes back to no effects. Ideas?05:26
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  jiltdil  thers some fuse tools that can let you do that.. but i am not that paranoid and never trtied it.05:26
=== tony_ is now known as ogonga
mcurrananyon get outlook working in wine (2007)05:26
mymeatinyourseatdw, every time I try n open something that's like foreign to linux, it like always says  an error occured while loading the archive05:26
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  if you set the proper permissiosn.. other users cant access your home dir/files anyway05:26
ouyesDr_Willis, I don think so, but you can run remote desktop to connect to a pc from xp05:26
Dr_Willisouyes:  you need some sort of service for the remote desktop to connect to.05:27
Dr_Willisouyes:  such as a vncserver.05:27
Dr_WillisNot sure if XP has any others built in by default.05:27
mcurranuse teamviewer its easy05:27
jiltdilDr_Willis: ok05:27
Dr_Willisteamviewer works very well.05:27
mymeatinyourseatdw, every time I try n open something that's like foreign to linux, it like always says  an error occured while loading the archive05:27
ouyesDr_Willis, running on the pc which I want to connect to on ubuntu /05:28
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  what archive are you refering to.05:28
mymeatinyourseatdw, help me please05:28
jrtaylorivjiltdil, You can also look into https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory05:28
Gaming4JCDr_Willis: dd worked wonders, thanks for the tip. I was too tired to think of it. :)05:28
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  give more details.  You are very lacking in specifics..05:28
Dr_WillisGaming4JC:  :)05:28
Dr_WillisGaming4JC:  i wold think the issue may of been filename translations going on.05:29
Dr_WillisHello ogonga05:29
ogongaI just downloaded this, what exactly is it?05:29
Gaming4JC!greet | ogonga05:29
Dr_Willisogonga:  downloaded what?05:29
Gaming4JCUbuntu? Best OS you've ever tried.05:29
ogongaxchat-gnome irc client05:30
Dr_Willisogonga:  its an irc client..05:30
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:30
mymeatinyourseatwhy can't I paste my error message in here05:30
ogongaso you just chat on here?05:30
jrtaylorivogonga, You can use this if you ever have problems with your computer to ask people for help.05:30
isotekouyes: xp has support for remote desktop, ubuntu uses vnc05:30
Dr_Willisogonga:  ive chatted on IRC for many many years.. :) yes.05:30
jrtaylorivIt's a technical chat room05:30
ogongawow, that's cool05:30
Katronixcan anyone here help me with my screen issue?05:30
jrtaylorivogonga, It's a very quick way to get free tech support :)05:30
isotekDr_Willis: how many is many?05:30
red2kicmymeatinyourseat: Because 1000+ users don't need to see it.05:30
zwwhat's wrong05:30
LorgonJortleIf I turn visual effects on, things work nicely for about 30 seconds, then the screen goes black and goes back to no effects. Ideas05:30
Dr_Willisisotek:  mid 80's05:30
Katronixzw: when I try to run it, it replies: Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.05:31
=== AndroUser is now known as luckyphuq
isotekyou've got me beat05:31
isotek92 here.05:31
ouyesisotek, I know but how to make a pc running ubuntu connect to a pc running xp, that is my problem05:31
ogongaI have a problem with my printer. Ubuntu 10.10 won't recognize it so I can't print it to my computer anymore.05:31
isotekouyes: install realvnc on the ubuntu05:31
Dr_Willisisotek:  ive irc'd on greenbar printing 'terminals' and compiled 'irc' client on vt100 terminals. :)05:31
zwBAI DU05:31
Dr_WillisUbuntu has vnc clients built in.  You nweed an vnc server on windows.  :)05:32
Dr_Willisouyes:  so install a vncserver on the windows box.05:32
Katronixso I take it no one can help with the screen issue?05:32
NeedSomeHanyone know sql?05:32
Dr_Willisouyes:  theres many of them. Ive used Ultravnc, tigervnc, tightvnc. and others.05:32
isoteki connected via slip accounts back when libraries provided them for free.05:32
LorgonJortle"I no longer have the Windows box. Should I've kept it?"05:32
LittleRedNeedSomeH: what are you looking for?05:32
Dr_WillisLorgonJortle: Your videochipset is what?05:33
NeedSomeHLittleRed, I'm trying to do a SELECT stringfield, yearfield, stringfield FROM tbl1 UNION SELECT stringfield, yearfield, stringfield FROM tbl2, but get a Illegal mix of collations for operation 'UNION'-error. Any idea?05:33
j_ayen_greenI have two sbackup full backup directories on a NAS, but when I run sbackup restore and point it there, it says there are no backup files... do I have to unarchive the .tgz's in the full backup?05:33
apetrescuWhat's the best way to get the 2.6.38 kernel in Maverick? Is there a PPA I can use?05:34
LittleRedNeedSomeH: let me look at the suntax05:34
Dr_Willisapetrescu:  theres kernel ppa's but ive never used them.05:34
jrtaylorivogonga, You said "anymore" -- was your printer working before? Or has it never worked with Ubuntu?05:34
jrtaylorivoops -- talking to ghosts ...05:34
LorgonJortleDr_Willis, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 1GB05:34
Dr_WillisLorgonJortle:  you are using the fglrx driver? or the open sourced driver?05:35
jrtaylorivNeedSomeH, You might want to try #mysql05:35
LorgonJortleDr_Willis, The fglrx driver.05:35
jrtaylorivYou'll be a lot more likely to get help there05:35
NeedSomeHjrtayloriv, cannot send to channel there05:35
LittleRedNeedSomeH: are your data types the same for each matching field?05:35
LorgonJortleNeedSomeH, Register your nick05:35
jrtaylorivJust register an IRC nick05:35
NeedSomeHLittleRed, yes, same type05:35
Dr_WillisLorgonJortle:  could be a bug in the driver making it crash. You could perhaps get some logging/error mesages by starting compiz from a terminal.  open a terminal. run 'compiz --replace'  run for a bit.. and wait for it to crash and look for any error messages05:36
NeedSomeHLittleRed, i can show you the complete query if you want05:36
mymeatinyourseatit starts with when ubuntu 11 comes out next month, will we get it through the package manager or do we have to download and burn the iso05:36
LittleRedNeedSomeH: Yes, it might be something 'different'05:36
NeedSomeHLittleRed, http://pastebin.com/UEj920b205:36
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  You can upgrade..05:37
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  but i normally do clean installs.05:37
LorgonJortleDr_Willis, And now it doesn't crash... o.O05:37
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:37
bob__heard there were instructional vids on youtube for sql ...05:37
mymeatinyourseatis that automattic updates or the CD05:37
Dr_WillisUpdate manager can be set to ask to upgrade to the next release.05:38
Katronixis there a better channel for the issue I'm having?05:38
LorgonJortlebob__, "Heard there were instruction vids on YouTube for *<insert here>*"05:38
lediablefinilly, that'swath i've found to do the job :/05:38
Dr_Williswathing people type in sql queries..  with a Heavy Metal soundtrack! :)05:38
LittleRedNeedSomeH: it could be that you are concatinating (sp?)05:38
root__[Amarok] [title: I Am The Walrus] [artist: The Beatles] [album: Magical Mystery Tour [DESS MFSL-1-047]]05:39
jrtaylorivNeedSomeH, Again, you'll probably have a lot more success if you take 1 minute to register an IRC nick and ask in the channel that is specifically dedicated to SQL05:39
bob__lol ya ... anything you can think of ... have had several professors use youtube for intructional vids ...05:39
bazhangroot__, disable that please05:39
mymeatinyourseatcool. so, I won't have to upgrade with the cd and reformat my comp??05:40
jrtaylorivYou'll spend a lot more than 1 minute trying to get an answer in the wrong channel05:40
LittleRedNeedSomeH: does user have a month and day fields?05:40
Katronixah figured out my screen issue lol05:40
root__I   D O N  ' T   K N O W   H O W05:40
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  normally people 'upgrade' via their network connection. not a cd.. ( but you canupgrade with the alt-installer cd)05:40
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  so  i guess thats a yes.05:40
NeedSomeHLittleRed, on  line 6 you mean?05:40
mymeatinyourseatI want the auto update thing and not have to use a cd05:41
LittleRedNeedSomeH: yes line 6...05:41
mymeatinyourseatand if that's ture, then why can't I get the 11beta through the update manager05:42
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  you can upgrade now to the 11.04 ALPHA3 if you wanted to05:42
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  so far its taken this pc like 5 hrs to upgrade....05:42
NeedSomeHLittleRed, nope, tried without concat's05:42
Dr_Willisand its not done yet.05:42
jiltdilmymeatinyourseat:in alt+f2  use update-manager -d05:42
mymeatinyourseatcan I do it without using a cd05:42
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  for the 100th time.. YES.. you dont need the cd.05:43
mcl0vini need help with tap0 interface05:43
mcl0vini setup a tap 0 interface , and connect it to a cloud in GNS3 , i can ping the tap 0 int but not what is connected to it which is on the same /24 network05:43
mymeatinyourseatsorry, dw05:43
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  if you have to ask such questions.. then i dont think you really want to be upgrading to  alpha level software at this time.05:43
LittleRedNeedSomeH: i'm looking at it and wonder if there is a primary key or secondary... how does the query know what info belongs together05:43
mcl0vini can ping but i can't ping  on F0/0 of RouterD http://www.screencast.com/users/i3igmind/folders/Jing/media/be827da7-a54c-4583-867a-5e261481d7fb can somehelp me please05:43
astropirateIs there an easy way to setup gnome-shell? i tried it today and got a million billion error messages05:44
NeedSomeHLittleRed, the column count and datatypes in both SELECTs matches05:44
jrtaylorivWell folks, it's sleepy time. But before I go: http://xkcd.com/149/05:44
mymeatinyourseatjiltdil and dw, can u please tell me what to put in the terminal to get the alpha05:44
NeedSomeHLittleRed, both have a stringcolumn, yearcolumn, then another string05:45
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  it was given just earlier.... by jiltdil05:45
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  expect it to take like 4+ hrs to finish...05:45
s5fsastropirate: i'm running 10.10 and installed it via apt05:45
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  and  its possible it could fail and leave you with a unuseable system..05:45
LittleRedNeedSomeH: I'm at a dead end....05:45
astropirates5fs, when did you?i th ought they stoped updating it there05:46
Dr_Willis jiltdil | mymeatinyourseat:in alt+f2  use update-manager -d05:46
mymeatinyourseatthanks for the warning, dw05:46
astropirates5fs, ok, apt found it and is installing05:46
astropiratehow do i switch to it?05:46
NeedSomeHLittleRed, could it be because event in the first select is a textfield, while name in the second select is a varchar(255) ?05:46
astropirateonce its isntalled05:46
s5fsastropirate: I think I just ran it from the command-line.05:47
j5How do I transfer stuff to my iPhone?05:47
LittleRedNeedSomeH: UNION just removes duplicate data.... when you run it do you get any results?05:47
astropiratehmm the resulotion is all fracked up05:48
mymeatinyourseatthen if it's unstable, is there a beta I can get instead of the alpha??05:48
NeedSomeHLittleRed, no, error 1271 Illegal mix of collations for operation 'UNION'05:48
jiltdilmymeatinyourseat:wait for 1 more month you will get final release05:48
s5fsastropirate: i didn't spend a great deal of time working with it. seemed really "not my speed" i guess, haha05:48
banksyBuilding a new mythbuntu machine (0.24 on 10.10) with an nvidia GT430 and a 42" Full HD TV. This is replacing my old FE/BE.  All seems ok with 260.19.06 except the aspect ratio in myth was not quite right (TV reporting incorrect DPI), so I manually added the correct DPI option to xorg.conf.  This fixed the aspect ratio in myth, but on the desktop (xfce) all fonts are tiny - just readable but not usable.  Any idea why?05:49
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  its not out in beta yet..05:49
mymeatinyourseatdw, why does ubuntu always release their DVDs on the dates corresponding to their DVD versions05:49
LittleRedNeedSomeH: look at this http://www.karakas-online.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=351505:49
mcl0vinanyone here using GNS3 please05:50
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:   You got it backwards. the version # IS the date...05:50
mymeatinyourseatlike ubuntu 10.10 was released on 10/10/201005:50
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  because the version # is the date..05:50
Dr_Willisand the date is the version #. :)05:50
mymeatinyourseatat 10:10am05:50
Dr_Willisthey dont always do it on the eaact time,05:50
Dr_Willisand its not always on the same 'day'  11.04 = 2011. 4th month05:51
DaPenguinyou know, i've never actually noticed that before lol05:51
Dr_WillisDaPenguin:  :)05:51
Dr_WillisDaPenguin:  i find it rather silly really.  but at least its easy to rember05:51
hiexpohey Dr_Willis05:51
Dr_Willishello hiexpo05:51
NeedSomeHLittleRed, hmm.. cant see he uses a UNION in his query05:52
=== rhp is now known as gheart
mymeatinyourseatand 11.04 will be released on 4/1105:52
Dr_Willis2011 4th month...05:52
syn-ackmymeatinyourseat, the 28th05:52
syn-ackThat's what I read on the timeline unless it's been pulled back05:52
Dr_Willisthers always a chance of delays05:53
syn-ackOf course.05:53
j_ayen_greenwhat the heck is sbackup looking for as a backup file when I want to restore? the .ful directory is there, with a .tgz in it... now I'm gunzipping the .tgz, is it looking for a tar?05:53
mymeatinyourseatcan I ask linux Qs in here or does it have to stay strictly ubuntu05:53
s5fsmymeatinyourseat: go crazy05:53
DaPenguinwell, ubuntu is linux lol05:53
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  ubuntu is linux. so most all apply :)05:53
jiltdilmymeatinyourseat:linux is the kernel name and ubuntu is its flavour :)05:54
mymeatinyourseatI know if I want windows, then go to windows, but..05:54
=== doodoo is now known as Dart
syn-ackmymeatinyourseat, also, please change your nick to something less offensive. I personally don't care but others in here may05:54
LittleRedNeedSomeH: looks like there may be a bug in MySQL  ... google the exact error...05:54
s5fssyn-ack: I assumed he was a butcher who often provided car services to the underpriviledged.05:54
mymeatinyourseatmy sn is the most unique in the world!!05:54
NeedSomeHLittleRed, hmm ok, thanks. Gotta look at it tomorrow05:55
lazyPowerIs there a way to enable starting X applications on a remote Ubuntu desktop over ssh?05:55
syn-acklazyPower, look at x forwarding05:55
lazyPowerfor example, i'd like to ssh into my desktop, and start a VLC session. however i'm getting a "unable to connect to x server"05:56
DaPenguinlazyPower, think you need vnc for that05:56
Dr_WillislazyPower:  dont enable the X forwaring on the ssh sesson, export the proper DISPLAY variable. and perhaps you need to use the 'xhost +' command to allow the app to apper on the remote...05:56
mymeatinyourseatdw, can u please tell me what linux OS is best for each of the following..05:56
lazyPowersyn-ack: that only "forwards" the connection to my client so i could se it locally right? thats not what i want.05:56
Dr_Willisvnc does not work that way. :)05:56
DaPenguinDr_Willis, oh, ok, never really had a need for it, i tend to stick to a cli even on my local machine lol05:57
s5fslazyPower: so you wanna ssh in and launch an app so the display is on the *remote* machine, yes?05:57
Dr_WillislazyPower:   You need to set the DISPLAY properly, and  disable the 'xhost' security settings.05:57
lazyPowers5fs: correct.05:57
lazyPowerDr_Willis: i have display exported to 0:005:57
lazyPowerDr_Willis: so the issue lies in xhost then?05:58
Dr_Willisactuyally the xhost command may need to be ran first on the remote box.  (not over the ssh session)05:58
lazyPowerahh crap05:58
Dr_WillisIts an X security thing tokeep people from taking over/doing things to a curently ruynning x session05:58
lazyPower:| i dont have a keyboard atached to that system05:58
Dr_Willismake  a script in the users startup that does it. or make  script you can double clcik on that runs it.05:59
Dr_Willisbeen years since ive done it that way05:59
=== rhp is now known as gheart
lazyPowerDr_Willis: no input devices :P its a dummy box at present, i was setting up xbmc on it.05:59
Dr_Willisyou could make a terminal/screen session on the remote box. and ssh into it and use screen to connet also05:59
Dr_Willisxbmc has a remote-control feaure. :)06:00
lazyPowerits not running06:00
Dr_WillisMy android phone can controll my xbmc pc.06:00
lazyPowerthats my issue06:00
lazyPoweri need to restart xbmc, and i didnt put it in the auto-start list06:00
lazyPowerdoes xorg still read a .xinitrc?06:00
megamanx1978how do I change my login screen in gnome06:01
lazyPoweri could just kill reboot the box and toss xbmc in the xinit06:01
Dr_WillislazyPower:  err.. xbmc need to be ran after X is going...06:01
DaPenguinlazyPower, think it's like xorg.conf in that it'll still read it if it's there06:01
Dr_WillislazyPower:  actually I think i noticed XBMC listed in the gdm sessions06:01
lazyPowerDr_Willis: Dr_Willis uhm, .xinitrc on the XFree86 legacy system that linux used back in the day was how you set your DE/WM06:02
mymeatinyourseatI heard the best way to destroy a CD is to put it in the microwave and the best way to destroy hdd data is to shread the hdd and melt it. and I've heard of derik's boot and nuke. is that a better hdd format than anything linux has or what OS is good on linux for destroying data?? ..like giving it 10 passes06:02
lazyPowerDr_Willis: thats why i'm thinking, if xorg has that legacy hook i could just drop that in the config.06:02
Dr_WillislazyPower:  tjheres a speficic gdm session that does read the users .xinitrc BUT i think these days its actually .xsession thats used. not .xinitrc06:02
mymeatinyourseatdw, respond to me please06:02
mymeatinyourseatI heard the best way to destroy a CD is to put it in the microwave and the best way to destroy hdd data is to shread the hdd and melt it. and I've heard of derik's boot and nuke. is that a better hdd format than anything linux has or what OS is good on linux for destroying data?? ..like giving it 10 passes06:02
lazyPowerah ok06:03
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  perhaps if you used my actial nick i may notice it....06:03
lazyPowershould have known ;)06:03
Dr_WillislazyPower:  if you have a user set to autologin. there was a xbmc session int he gdm menus. that you could just select for them06:03
s5fsmymeatinyourseat: with most IRC clients, if you use the person's nickname, it highlights your message in some way, making it easier to see.06:03
Dr_Willis!tab | mymeatinyourseat06:03
ubottumymeatinyourseat: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:03
bob__not sure I can help mc\0vin ... never used GNS and only a very limited experience with Cpanel ... but it doesn't sound like the software is the issue ... you said you couldn't ping consecutive addresses ... are all 254 addresses on that /24 on the same subnet or have you further subnetted or otherwise seperated the nodes?06:04
megamanx1978How do I install Unity?06:04
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity06:04
Dr_Willis!info unity06:04
ubottuunity (source: unity): Unity Interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.46-0ubuntu5 (maverick), package size 125 kB, installed size 484 kB06:04
mymeatinyourseatthanks, ub06:05
Dr_Willisbe back in 10 min.. if im lucky06:05
mymeatinyourseatgreat. dw left the room06:06
mymeatinyourseatnow who's gonna help me??06:06
j5anyone know how to transfer stuff from ubuntu to iPhone? anyone had any luck with ifuse itunnel??06:06
=== hasebe is now known as hasebe_
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, well, for erasing hdds you could look into cating /dev/null or /dev/urandom to the device06:07
s5fsj5: I tried about 3mo ago and wasn't able to get IOS 4.1 working. Haven't tried since.06:08
bob__sorry meat ... not an linux guru ... just a user myself ... now if you have a network issue ... especially subnetting ... let me know ... lol06:08
=== hasebe_ is now known as hasebe
s5fsbob__: how's your v6 knowledge?06:09
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, sorry, on a scale of 1-10 I'm like a 6 with windows and a 3 or 4 with linux06:09
=== Logan_ is now known as [Live]
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, what is cating and all that other stuff06:09
jiltdilmy applet of logout,shutdown etc suddenly dissappear now why it happend?06:09
sagacimymeatinyourseat: concatenating?06:10
bob__like most of us ... not as good as it will need to be in the not so distant future ... which is why I'm back in school actually ... what's your question?06:10
SchalaI noticed on the Ubuntu website it has 32-bit as recommended. I'm rather curious if that's also the case on 64-bit PCs too? My concern is if I were to install 32-bit, well... I have 6 GB of memory and with 32-bit software only using up to 4 GB... will I be leaving out 2 GB?06:11
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, ok sudo cat /dev/null > /dev/sd(x) where (x) is the drive letter will overwrite every byte on the drive with 0's. if you're looking for multiple passes just do it multiple times. or you can script it06:11
mymeatinyourseathow do I highlight, right-click and copy in this X chat thing??06:11
abahkaiyisahcan i run xubuntu 10.10 to Pentium II06:11
s5fsbob__: I'm in the same boat, just looking for someone who has made the transition in knowledge. I'm still making baby steps, still no practical application in my current work.06:11
DaPenguinabahkaiyisah, with a lightweight enough desktop, probably06:11
sagaciSchala: yes but the likelyhood that you'd actually use that extra 2GB is minimal06:11
leonxiipentium 2 with kde 4..??06:11
sagacileonxii: doubt it06:12
DaPenguinabahkaiyisah, might want to check out lubuntu for that06:12
abahkaiyisahkde? i dont think so06:12
sagacileonxii: #kubuntu06:12
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, what linux OS is the best for erasing??06:12
SchalaHmm.... alright. So there's no performance hit either I hope?06:12
abahkaiyisahlubuntu? ok, i'll check it out06:12
leonxiisegaci me too06:12
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, any of them with a command line will do it effectively06:12
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, is it backtrac??06:12
LoshkiSchala: I believe even the newer 32-bit kernels have addressing extensions (pae) that let you access more than 4GB so don't worry... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE06:13
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, backtrack probably has more tools by default, but just keep in mind it's ubuntu based anyway, so if you want a particular app chances are it's in the ubuntu repos anyway06:13
bob__well not a software issue for most of us ... all OSs on the Windows side after XPsp2 are v6 ready ... the only problem will be hardware ... cisco says all versions from v12 on are gtg ...06:14
mymeatinyourseatDaPis backtrack in the debian family??06:14
Schalaoh wow very interesting.... Well if 32-bit PAE can do that, why use Ubuntu 64 at all?06:14
bob__redhat is also gtg ...06:15
s5fsSchala: PAE is an ugly hack.06:15
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, it's an ubuntu derivative, so yes :)06:15
s5fsSchala: If you can run a 64-bit OS, go for it.06:15
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, so ANY linux OS is better than dirk's boot and nook06:16
Loshkimymeatinyourseat: can I ask what you're erasing, and how badly you need to hide it?06:16
SchalaWell I guess I can pick up a few blank DVDs tomorrow.... I rather ignorantly burned Ubuntu 32 to my last blank DVD some time ago.06:16
s5fsSchala: Truth is, unless you're regularly using boatloads of ram, you probably won't notice the difference between 32 and 64. I tend to run 64bit myself.06:16
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, i've got zero idea what that is lol06:16
s5fsSchala: you may be able to create a bootable usb thumbdrive, I rarely burn dvds now.06:16
bob__the real v6 issues will be on the smaller and older systems ... including home routers ... they are too small and dumb to be upgradeable so will need to be replaced06:17
LoshkiSchala: Also, IMO, quality/stability in the 64-bit builds lags behind the 32-bit builds...06:17
mymeatinyourseatLoshki, just currious about comps06:17
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, the thing about linux is all flavors are pretty much cross compatible, so any app you can get on one you can get on another most of the time06:17
Schalahmm..... the only external devices I have are a 2 GB SD card and an external 2 TB drive which proved to be very slow at running Ubuntu on in the past06:17
s5fsbob__: Agreed, but I honestly don't see much reason for small home networks to conver to v6, v4 and nat works fine. I think it'll be a while before that trend goes away.06:17
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, it's even possible to install rpms on debian distros lol06:18
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, thanks for the info06:18
bob__agreed ...06:18
Loshkimymeatinyourseat: most of us are more worried about how to keep our disks and cd's readable :-)06:18
s5fsSchala: I guess'll need DVDs then, sorry.06:18
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, yeah, 'cause debian is the parrent to redhat and ubuntu06:19
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, not redhat, no06:19
sacarlsonSchala: you can also boot direct from an iso with an added custom grub2 entry06:19
SchalaMy dad also has a few 300 GB drives, but they are around 10 years old. I'm rather concerned about using a 10 year old drive on a computer I just bought in November06:19
s5fsbob__: Until there is a "killer app" for v6 I think the uptake is going to be glacial. Even still, I think it's time to set up a lab.06:20
SightUpis there a ubuntu 64bit version for laptops?06:20
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, then why when I get stuff from the apt get whatever the hell it's called.. it ends with a .rpm06:20
ayeceeSightUp: yes, it's the same one for 64bit desktops06:20
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, these days you've got 2 main forks of linux distros, rpm based and debian based, with a few extras like arch, slack, and source style distros06:20
bob__lol ... I'm working on that issue myself ...06:20
SightUpwhy would they make two? and then have a notebook one?06:20
SightUpi just wasted my life lo06:20
Evanescencehow can I install urxvt-url-select under ubuntu, this package is one in Archlinux .06:20
s5fsSightUp: do you mean "netbook"?06:21
Schalaany instructions for grub2? I'm guessing I'll need to take some instructions down06:21
ayeceeEvanescence: what happens when you try?06:21
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, usually apt is going to pull .deb files...06:21
rwwSightUp: Ubuntu Netbook Edition doesn't have a 64-bit ISO.06:21
SightUpoh did i install the netbook ed?06:21
mymeatinyourseatEvanescence, amy lee is HOT!!06:21
Dr_Willistheres very few 64bit netbooks...06:21
s5fsSightUp: lol, you very well may have :-D06:21
rwwSightUp: I don't know, did you :\?06:21
Evanescenceayecee: I can not search this package06:21
Evanescencemymeatinyourseat: ??06:21
SightUparg how can i check?06:22
sacarlsonSchala: to do what with grub2?06:22
ayeceeEvanescence: what does that package do?06:22
SchalaI mean, I just got the AMD64 ISO, but viewing the contents just proves to be rather confusing.06:22
rwwSightUp: take a screenshot, upload to http://imagebin.org/06:22
Evanescenceayecee: one package let urxvt can click url in terminal06:22
SightUpwhats the screenshot button on linux?06:22
SightUpprint screen?06:22
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, my EEE 1005PE is 64bit - i don't notice much advantage with only 1G RAM though06:22
DaPenguinSightUp, depends on the screenshot app, but usually prtscrn06:23
xt3mp0rSightUp: yes06:23
Schalainstall 64-bit Ubuntu? I'm thinking if it's possible to boot up with my older 32-bit DVD burned copy from CD and install 64-bit from ISO06:23
SightUpi dont even have a print screen key06:23
bob__<---- knows from personal experience that OSX will run on at least one Dell netbook model ... lol06:23
ayeceeEvanescence: it appears theere's no corresponding package in ubuntu. If the stock rxvt package doesn't allow url clicking, there doesn't seem to be a way to change that06:23
PolahWith Mysql, does hello.world denote hello as the machine mysql is on and world as the database name?06:23
sacarlsonSchala: not sure this what you want: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860406:23
DaPenguinEvanescence, you could try an alternative terminal app06:24
v_vSightUp: get a scrot06:24
Evanescenceayecee: maybe the urxvt package in ubuntu already include this small package when i install it .06:24
ayeceeEvanescence: it very well could be. give it a try.06:24
EvanescenceDaPenguin: I know, but I like it ,06:24
Evanescenceayecee: ok06:24
Schalahmm... it says I need a flash drive with Ubuntu.... will a DVD with Ubuntu burned on it work instead?06:24
leonxiiSightUp try scrot06:25
sacarlsonSchala: I've used the same to boot from hard disk06:25
SightUpim trying to get my connection working06:25
SightUpit just died06:25
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, tell me again please. when I go to the synaptic package manager, what is the name of the file or software I need to look for for hdd erasing??06:25
sacarlsonSchala: all you need is the iso file on a hard disk and the grub entry on your boot disk06:26
Dr_Willismymeatinyourseat:  theres numerous secure deletion tools out there. it depends on how paranoid you are and the time you want to spend.06:26
Dr_Willis!info dban06:26
ubottuPackage dban does not exist in maverick06:26
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, there's probably a couple that do it, i always just handle stuff like that from the terminal06:27
sacarlsonSchala: the hard part can be if you need to repartition the disk if you have only a single drive to work from it won't like to repartiton what it runs from06:27
Dr_WillisHmm. i was thinking dban was one.06:27
s5fssacarlson: that sounds pretty ninja man06:27
SightUpwhere did that screenshot save to?06:27
sacarlsons5fs: it's the only way to go 10 times faster install06:27
s5fssacarlson: ah, that was my next question. so you probabaly want to make a "utility" partition and stash the ISO there, right?06:27
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, I'm nowhere near advanced enough to even begin using the terminal06:27
SchalaHmm..... ok I just skimmed over this thread and.... I think I can wait til tomorrow. These instructions seem overwhelming06:27
DaPenguinSightUp, probably somewhere in your home dir06:28
v_vSightUp: pwd06:28
SightUpits uploading06:28
soreaumymeatinyourseat: terminal is easier06:28
s5fssacarlson: oh man, no doubt. i just upgraded my hdd recently, so i just happen to have an extra drive laying around. i may give that a try just for giggles.06:28
Schalaoh, one last thing06:28
Dr_Williss5fs:  I keep a large /boot/ partitin these days  that i store several iso files in. that i let grub2 boot as rescue options06:28
soreau! dd | mymeatinyourseat06:28
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, it's really not a s bad as everyone seems to think lol06:28
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest98130
SightUpis that netbook?06:28
sacarlsons5fs: I keep a spare partition for that purpuse06:28
soreau!info dd | mymeatinyourseat06:28
ubottumymeatinyourseat: Package dd does not exist in maverick06:28
rwwdd's part of coreutils, I think06:29
SchalaIs Natty coming out anytime soon? I'm just wondering if I should wait til it's out first before installing.06:29
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, of course i grew up on DOS before i ever touched windows, so I may be a bit biased lol06:29
rww!schedule-#ubuntu+1 | Schala06:29
ubottuSchala: A schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule06:29
Dr_WillisYou are typing in irc.. you can use the terminal...06:29
rwwSightUp: yes06:29
Schalaah thanks06:29
SightUpso i failed? :/06:29
mymeatinyourseatubottu, ..so wait for 11 to come out..??06:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:29
leonxiiSighUp: Home dir i think in screensht06:29
SightUpi just posted the screenshot06:29
SightUparg, i wasted my life.06:30
SightUpdownloading 64bit now.06:30
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, and with tab completion you don't even have to be able to spell anymore lol06:30
sacarlsonSchala: you can download and install verson 11 today and install it and just upgrade when they release it06:31
Schalahmm.... ok... looks good....... I just hope GCC 4.6 comes with it. ObjC 2, Go, and C++0x support has me drooling06:31
SightUpso the desktop version works with laptops eh?06:31
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, cool. my cuz was using those phone modem thingies back in the day too. he said there was no internet and u could only connect to one person at a time and u had to .."type your commands in"..??06:32
DaPenguinSightUp, i hope so, since it's what i'm running right now lol06:32
mymeatinyourseatTHANK GOD FOR BILL GATES06:32
SightUpi wasted 6 hours of my life. :(06:32
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, you mean thank god for xerox ;)06:32
leonxiisomething offtopic but i cant resist not to say....unity desktop is rubbish...end of story06:32
rwwSightUp: They have the same hardware requirements. The only difference is the user interface.06:32
SightUpand 64bit support06:32
Dr_Willisleonxii:  :)  I just upgraded to 11.04 its rather.. minmal06:32
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, who owns xerox06:33
SchalaYeah I rather facepalmed seeing the new IE9.........allergic to menu bars and stuff06:33
rwwSightUp: you can get ubuntu-netbook packages on 64-bit Ubuntu. Just not an ISO.06:33
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, uh, xerox...06:33
SightUpi am already burning the 64bit version06:33
SightUpit installs much faster than windows06:33
SightUpits fine.06:33
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, the original windows gui was ripped off from them :)06:33
Schalaone thing I won't miss is the paranoia that comes with activation06:34
abahkaiyisahcan Xubuntu Running on Pentium III 128 ?06:34
astropirateHas anyone managed to get a Global Menu system working with gnome-shell?06:34
Schalahaving to call M$ every time I reinstall Windows06:34
leonxiiDr_Willis: Haven't tried 11.04 but...from what i've seen...gnome all the way...seriously..:P06:34
spyzerhi all, when i press F5 key on keyboard a screen refresh occurs normally in nautilus, is there some command which that key is bound to. If yes. kindly tell....06:34
DaPenguinabahkaiyisah, yeah, should work ok on that06:34
SightUpwhat is Xubuntu?06:34
abahkaiyisahthanks DaPenguin06:34
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, yeah, and my cusion says billy g even uses some linux stuff to make windows programs06:35
DaPenguinSightUp, ubuntu that uses xfce instead of gnome as it's default de06:35
jkb11does anyone know anyone solution to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/595773 ?06:35
SchalaXfice (or something) as the desktop instead of Gnome06:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 595773 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Screen flicker and sometimes crash" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:35
ZykoticK9SightUp, Xubuntu is XFCE D.E.06:35
spyzerhi all, when i press F5 key on keyboard a screen refresh occurs normally in nautilus, is there some command which that key is bound to. If yes. kindly tell....06:35
SightUpdoes it make a difference?06:35
SchalaSo with Natty, I take it there'll be a new Gubuntu edition or something?06:35
ZykoticK9SightUp, XFCE != Gnome or KDE for that matter - they are different desktop environments06:35
Dr_Willisleonxii:    the old unity is basically been revamped.. but we will see what happens after 11.04 comes out06:35
Schalasince Gnome won't be used as the default anymore?06:36
DaPenguinSightUp, depends on what you prefer, xfce is more lightweight than gnome. you can actually try it out by installing xubuntu-desktop in vanilla ubuntu06:36
SightUpdesktop environments? can't that be changed on either one?06:36
jkb11anyone know of that ^ ? :-)06:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 595773 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Screen flicker and sometimes crash" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:36
jkb11^ yeah that06:36
leonxiiDr_Willis: Hopefully something good..:)06:37
DaPenguinpersonally i bounce back and forth between kde and flux depending on how I'm feeling at the time lol06:37
SchalaKDE looks okay but my experience with Qt is....ew06:37
DaPenguinmeh, i just really don't care for gnome is all06:37
jkb11any Xorg gurus around?06:37
pnormanI'm installing a new hard drive on my server, was following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive but on the sudo lshw -C disk step I get no results, not even for my existing disks. How can I see what logical name my disk has?06:37
DaPenguinpnorman, you can pull up gparted06:38
pnormanDaPenguin: that depends on x11, which I don't have06:39
SightUpwhat theme is the sexiest looking?06:39
ZykoticK9pnorman, "sudo blkid"?06:39
Schalawell... I guess I'll probably kill some time on WoW until I feel tired....... best way to speed up time til morning06:39
DaPenguinSightUp, depends on what you like06:39
SightUpgloss, blue stuff.06:39
SightUpthat's all06:39
DaPenguinSchala, ugh, i finally quit playing that...again...lol06:39
hiexpoSightUp, gnomelook.org06:40
SchalaI go on and off myself06:40
umbuntif im running a duel boot system winxp/bunt 10-64 can i easily epunge  and swap for the 32-bit version or would thi be complicated .I knoe it will take some part and format  or what ever but when i go to install the other will it be a problem?06:40
Schalamost recently I just play 1-3 hours a day06:40
=== panda is now known as Guest80300
Schalaand that's only cause I'm leveling... at 85 it'll be probably an hour tops06:40
d4lt3rhow can i install bt4 on hard disk and use dual boot06:40
Abhijitumbunt, you can delete current ubuntu and install new 32 ubuntu or you keep current two os xp and ubuntu 64 and can install third 32 ubuntu06:40
jrtaylorivumbunt, You can easily wipe out the old Ubuntu install. During the installation process, just reformat the ubuntu partition06:40
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, I have more Qs please06:41
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, ok, shoot06:41
hiexpod4lt3r, | backtrack06:41
bob__ok ... since someone said the W word .... I'm just going to add my 2 cents worth .... EQ rules06:41
motaka2each time I wanna run a soft I have to cd to the dir where a .sh file exists and then run ./dbschema.sh in terminal , how can I make a shortcut for that ?06:41
DaPenguinmotaka2, man ln06:42
leonxiidont you like the terminal...its sweeeet!06:42
ZykoticK9motaka2, add the directory to your path or use the absolute path in your terminal06:42
d4lt3rquit(quit: Leaving);06:42
rwwd4lt3r: /quit06:42
umbuntbassiclyy can i get ridi think i just want to get rid of 64 it doesnt seem to like my configuratin on this old k8 athlon 6406:42
aaron_why is my computer running slow fresh install06:42
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, so NOT using the terminal, 'cause I hate it. I like user-friendliness like windows. a few clicks of the mouse and windows does all the packaging and building for u06:42
needlezok, so I have a little issue, plymouth is showing graphic on startup, however when closing out I can see the plymouth screen no problem. The screen was changed using plymouth manager, and I have tried to use the script to fix the screen resolution with nvidia cards already with no luck. Also sometimes it breaks grub-pc so I have to remove grup completely and reload it, wonder if that could be the cause of this issue. Any help06:42
jrtaylorivumbunt, What is the problem you are having?06:43
pnormanZykoticK9: Not reporting it - does blkid show partitions only, or will it show an unpartitioned drive?06:43
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, ok, what are you wanting to do?06:43
jrtaylorivumbunt, You probably don't need to switch to the 32-bit version06:43
needlezok, so I have a little issue, plymouth isn't showing graphic on startup, however when closing out I can see the plymouth screen no problem. The screen was changed using plymouth manager, and I have tried to use the script to fix the screen resolution with nvidia cards already with no luck. Also sometimes it breaks grub-pc so I have to remove grup completely and reload it, wonder if that could be the cause of this issue. Any he06:43
needlezlp thanx06:43
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, so, not using the terminal.. what program do I look for in synaptic package manager to erase HDDs06:43
ZykoticK9pnorman, only formatted partitions.  you could use "sudo fdisk -l" to list all partitions perhaps06:44
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, give me just a second06:44
aaron_mymeatinyourseat, Gparted06:45
umbuntrandom freezes during flash and all that mumbo jumbo went ahead and did the gksudo naut  thing with the 64 bit flash player but it does same crap pluss other stuff06:45
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, that would be freakin' cool if I had the program of what the national security or the FBI or CIA uses06:45
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, ty06:46
aaron_mymeatinyourseat, for that you might try searching symantec disk wipe, or kill disk06:46
mymeatinyourseataaron_, dw and kd SUCK06:47
leonxiiI am sure FBI uses google....so we all...the goals are different...the tools the same...:P06:47
umbuntits 64 bit processor but its old and tech passed it by and also its a budget machine06:47
Dark_Linki have a problim with xubuntu i have a nfs partition and its not showing up in places06:47
mymeatinyourseatI've heard of them before and I've tried kd06:47
Dr_WillisDark_Link:  you mean a NTFS partition? add an entry for it to /etc/fstab06:48
needlezmymeatinyourseat: dban?06:48
Dark_Linklet me go look06:48
aaron_when i watch flash video on a website it's very choppy, how can i fix it06:48
hiexpodban is not in the repos sorry06:48
ZykoticK9Dark_Link, if you really mean nfs I've only seen a GUI app on Xandros' origional EEE - I've always had to manually mount NFS :(06:48
Dr_WillisI think theres ppa's for dban06:48
hiexpoDr_Willis, yep06:49
DaPenguinyeah, so far all i'06:49
Dark_Linkbut i have it entered06:49
Dark_Linkand i rebooted06:49
Dark_LinkUUID=86D44E83D44E7609 /media/Data ntfs-3g users 0 006:49
DaPenguinm seeing is dban as far as gui clean apps go06:49
pnorman 06:49
umbuntaaron that maybee the pop driver sugested by bun06:49
Dark_Linkits mounted06:49
Dark_Linkbut its not showing up06:49
DaPenguinand woot for premature \n lol06:49
Dr_WillisDark_Link:  but you can access /media/Data from the file manager?06:50
=== [Live] is now known as Logan_
umbuntamd cards just dont seem to jive with bunt06:50
mymeatinyourseatDaPenguin, now what's the best linux program for file recovery?? I've tried grc but it's not upgraded since 2006 and it sucks06:50
Dark_Linki cant see it unless i try to access it via partition edditer06:50
hiexpoor you could use wipe mymeatinyourseat i think it's in the repos06:50
Dark_Linkor mount maniger06:50
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, that i really can't tell you. never actually had a need for it06:51
Abhijitmymeatinyourseat, testdisk and photorec06:51
Dr_WillisDark_Link:  so its not mounted by default you are saying?06:51
umbuntradeon seems to alwase have a problem but then again so does nvid06:51
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, i'm a backup whore lol06:51
mymeatinyourseatAbhijit, ty06:51
Dark_Linki try mounting it manualy06:51
ZykoticK9mymeatinyourseat, check out testdisk and photorec - file recovery on ext3/4 might be close to impossible however06:51
Dark_Linkbut nuthing happened06:51
Dr_WillisDark_Link:  is it now showing files in /media/Data ? or are you just baseing this all on whats  showing uop in the placwes  menu>?06:52
Dark_Linklet me look again06:52
needlezok, so I have a little issue, plymouth isn't showing graphic on startup, however when closing out I can see the plymouth screen no problem. The screen was changed using plymouth manager, and I have tried to use the script to fix the screen resolution with nvidia cards already with no luck. Also sometimes it breaks grub-pc so I have to remove grup completely and reload it, wonder if that could be the cause of this issue. Any he06:52
needlezlp thanx06:52
aaron_umbunt, i just installed this but i noticed that it is running slow even standard apps06:52
Dark_Linkoh i see Dr_Willis06:53
laurusI'm having a really weird bug: Epiphany is unable to load http://debian.org on startup. Any ideas?06:53
Dark_Linktx for your help :)06:53
rajvimy sis on ubuntu machine so i m using a guest comp.. on web chat06:53
Dr_Willisneedlez:  personally.. i just disable plymnouth.. but that shouldnet be breaking grub at all.06:53
umbuntall propitary drivers have issues unless you figure it out06:53
Dark_Linkbtw on 11.0.4 ubuntu you cant build the kernal06:53
Dark_Linkand its missing the verson.h06:54
bornpilothow does one change the computer name in ubuntu?06:54
leonxiiDark_Link Tell me you even ever tried that..?:P06:54
DaPenguinDark_Link, maybe not from the repos...06:54
ftjlaI installed the updates and restarted but now it wont boot back into ubuntu?? 10.1006:54
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.06:54
Dark_Linkyes i have Lenin_Cat06:54
ftjlacan someone help06:54
umbuntits like my radeon worked perfect in 32 bit but 64 well thats another story its funny everything seems to be working fine and than BAM!06:55
Dark_Linki tryed to recompile cause it was missing the verson.h file i needed to compile vmware06:55
UldicsCould anyone explain, why I got Lirc error (lircd: can't open or create /var/run/lirc/lircd.pid), when I run: sudo lircd --driver=audio_alsa -d hw@48000 ?06:55
Dark_Linklol failed06:55
Abhijitftjla, does it give any error?06:55
Dark_Linkmade a default config file cause it was missing06:55
DaPenguinumbunt, that's cause fglrx is a piece of junk lol06:55
Dark_Linkand then i got a class link err06:55
rajviis lsb-core is also important to run wine apllications06:55
needlezany one any ideas??06:55
DaPenguinumbunt, trust me, this lappy has an ati card on it, i feel your pain06:56
ZykoticK9Uldics, what does lircd have to do with audio?  lircd is Linux Infra-Red?06:56
Uldicsyes, it has to do - I have a simplest receiver through audio cared06:56
DaPenguinumbunt, thank ati for their horrible nix support on that one06:56
ZykoticK9Uldics, ahh gotcha.  Good luck.06:56
ftjlaafter grub the ubuntu splash stats and i get a few lines kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init!06:57
umbunti'll be sure to do that and i will send them yer regards06:57
DaPenguinumbunt, lol06:57
umbuntany way it is what it is06:58
DaPenguinumbunt, the nvidia proprietry drivers are pretty good, just the ati ones that really have issues06:58
umbuntthey both have issus but nv is much better for linux06:59
ftjlaabhijit a also tried to boot into the older kernel and I got the same message06:59
Abhijitftjla, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/kernel-panic-on-maverick-842569/07:00
Dark_Linkis there hardware acceleration for the intel gma 950 drivers yet?07:00
Dark_Linkfor 3d and such07:00
needlezok, so I have a little issue, plymouth is showing graphic on startup, however when closing out I can see the plymouth screen no problem. The screen was changed using plymouth manager, and I have tried to use the script to fix the screen resolution with nvidia cards already with no luck. Also sometimes it breaks grub-pc so I have to remove grup completely and reload it, wonder if that could be the cause of this issue. Any help07:00
rajvion ubuntu 10.10 via wubi not able to change boot screen07:00
c4pthello i have a strange problem i am trying to run compiz with nouveau 3d drivers and ive built mesa libdrm and dri2proto but the problem is i accidentally deleted the glx module from /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions and now i can not figure out how to replace the glx file that was there if i could replace the glx file there then maybe aiglx and glx would load for compiz rendering can anyone help me out with a suggestion to what i should do t07:01
c4pto fix this?07:01
=== BKS-awayleavemes is now known as wizardken
umbuntactually it matters what card it is and i've learned that the cheap shit on amazon isnt alwase worth it07:01
needlezok, so I have a little issue, plymouth isn't showing graphic on startup, however when closing out I can see the plymouth screen no problem. The screen was changed using plymouth manager, and I have tried to use the script to fix the screen resolution with nvidia cards already with no luck. Also sometimes it breaks grub-pc so I have to remove grup completely and reload it, wonder if that could be the cause of this issue07:01
c4ptwith -noabi true07:01
umbuntbut 29.99 hey its worth a shot right?07:02
leonxiiDark_Link I've tried ubuntu studio on a laptop with this card...its working great.07:02
mymeatinyourseathow come the synaptic package manager doesn't have the latest driver for my nvidia gfroce 9800gt graphics card??07:03
n2iHi everyone!07:03
n2iI have two problem with my font on Lucid, please help!07:03
ayeceetwo problems!07:03
umbuntdont buy the VTX RADEON HD 3450 its crap07:03
n2iayecee: yes!07:03
ayeceei'm sorry, we can only help people with one problem!07:04
n2iyou are jocking?!07:04
Abhijitn2i, just go ahead and ask in one line with details and provide links.07:04
umbunt0h the perk 512 mb07:04
Dark_Linkhmm Leonxii on a netbook its a diferent story07:04
n2i1st: http://www.imagesk.com/VTghqIU6.png07:04
Dark_Linkwindows runs way beter than a ubuntu install07:05
umbuntit has plenty of horse power if yo got lots og room and an extra molex07:05
leonxiiDark_Link probably its the 945-950 confusion going on..07:05
n2iThe 1st problem was showed on above pics07:05
Dark_Linki have the gma 945 lol07:05
c4ptcan anyone recommend how i can replace the file for glx in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions?07:06
umbuntpluss another bad thing is it really only likes windows macines07:06
c4pti mean /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/07:06
Dark_Linknaa it just needs graphix card accell07:06
n2iFonts on desktop apps and on browser is very differences07:06
Dark_Linkwhy it runs so well on windows07:06
Dark_Linkklinux drivers are incomplete07:07
ayeceen2i: what'st he problem? it's hard to tell for an english-only speaker.07:07
umbuntgigantic noisy extra molex hogging pice of 29.99 512mmb pice of crap07:07
bazhang!ot | umbunt07:08
ubottuumbunt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:08
jo-erlendn2i: websites cannot use fonts the same way local applications can. Hopefully, this will be possible in the next few years.07:08
n2iayecee: I set Ubuntu font on both of desktop apps such as pidgin and on browser such as ff07:08
Dark_Linkjo-erlend, problim is why use local fonts07:08
n2ijo-erlend: so, is there any way to fix it now?07:08
jo-erlendn2i: no, the web doesn't support it yet.07:09
Dark_Linkand probly never will07:09
Dark_Linkits slow07:09
leonxiiDark_Link what linux did you use with the 945..?07:09
jo-erlendDark_Link: it will. Firefox 4 supports it now, I think.07:09
n2ijo-erlend: but on whe web, font display Vietnamese characeters is very well07:09
Dark_Linkleonxii iv tryed just about all07:10
Dark_Linkubuntu arch which i built07:10
mymeatinyourseathowcome if there r soo many peeps in this room, the massages aren't flying up the screen??07:10
jo-erlendn2i: right, but only for a predefined set of fonts. You cannot introduce new fonts. They have to already be available on the client machine.07:10
n2ibut no in pidgin or other any desktop apps07:10
leonxiiDark_Link there is a possibility that 10.04 should work...not sure though07:10
Dark_Linkall of the ubuntu flavers07:10
jo-erlendn2i: completely different things, as I said. The web doesn't support it yet. Local applications do.07:10
needlezok, so I have a little issue, plymouth isn't showing graphic on startup, however when closing out I can see the plymouth screen no problem. The screen was changed using plymouth manager, and I have tried to use the script to fix the screen resolution with nvidia cards already with no luck. Also sometimes it breaks grub-pc so I have to remove grup completely and reload it, wonder if that could be the cause of this issue07:10
Dark_Linki herd about them being fixed07:10
Dark_Linkmake me wonder why its not working fine on 10.10 tho07:11
=== RobotCow is now known as ubotu
Dark_Linkn2i thats what image jps are for07:12
mymeatinyourseatso if there's an ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10, is 10.10 kind of like a 10.04 with service pack 2??07:12
ubotutype !help for more information07:12
umbuntis ther a way to make sure the image file you download is not corrupted say if you wer downloading music at the same time07:12
mymeatinyourseat*err, sp!??07:12
Dark_Linkor png07:12
n2ijo-erlend: okay. And now, how I make ubuntu font on pidgin (and other desktop apps) to displays the Vietnamese characters very well?07:12
ubotuI am a bot programmed not to know I am a bot07:12
Dark_Linkits to display custom fonts on the web07:12
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, not exactly, ubuntu does a major update every 6 months07:12
ubotuplease see /topic07:12
n2iDark_Link: that is the 2nd problem07:12
bazhangubotu stop that07:12
jo-erlendmymeatinyourseat: no, 10.04.2 is a "Sp2". 10.10 is a new version of the operating system.07:12
n2ifont is so blur07:13
ubotupipe redirect /dev/null to /dev/dsp07:13
n2iI cannot fix it07:13
n2iI have set subpixel + hintslight + rgb07:13
Dark_Linkon what browser/07:13
n2ibut like you have seens on some above pics07:14
jo-erlendn2i: I don't know if that font supports vietnamese. I also don't know that it doesn't. I'm sure others do. Specially in the vietnamese channel, have you asked there?07:14
n2ifont is very blut07:14
mymeatinyourseatwhat?? how r they supposed to make any good ubuntu's if the keep coming out with them so frequently??07:14
Dark_Linkrepost images i wasnt looking07:14
n2ijo-erlend, Dark_Link on the web, everything is very well07:14
bazhangmymeatinyourseat, lets take chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please07:14
mymeatinyourseatthey need to wait 4 years like windows and battlefield 307:15
n2iit has whowed here http://www.imagesk.com/VTghqIU6.png07:15
n2ivery cool!07:15
Dark_Linkhmm n2i it could be your res or webrowser07:15
mymeatinyourseatnot come out with a new version every six months like megaman and sonic07:16
Dark_Linkoh thats a international problim07:16
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, might want to take this discussion over to #ubuntu-offtopic :)07:16
bazhangmymeatinyourseat, please chat where I've asked ---> #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here07:17
DaPenguinmymeatinyourseat, this channel's more for tech issues than software philosophy :)07:17
jo-erlendn2i: have you confirmed that the ubuntu font supports vietnamese?07:17
n2iDark_Link: :-/ And what the differences between font displays on the brower and on the desktop apps?07:17
n2ihow to make font on desktop apps displays as on the browser?07:17
Dark_Linkoh destop apps07:17
n2ijo-erlend: I dont know more! :(07:17
Dark_Linkyou just need fo find a beter font :/07:18
ftjlaI have a kernel panic and I cant boot my machine beyond that....It seems to occur after mounting my drive partition... I get a message saying there is a deleted inode reference ...and then the panic occurs....ubuntu 10.10 kernel 2.6.35-2807:18
Dark_Linkas ubuntus built is has issues07:18
n2ibut on the web it displays Vietnamese character is very cool!07:18
n2iDark_Link: yes, desktop apps with gtk themes on GNOME07:18
jo-erlendn2i: ... I've been trying to tell you that that's a completely different matter.07:18
mymeatinyourseatwhy? can u get booted in here if u say something like bill gates is gonna ass-rape linus torvalds07:19
Dark_Linkn21 try to find a custom font for ubuntu that looks good for your charaters07:19
jo-erlendmymeatinyourseat: please stop this. People are trying to get help, and we're trying to help.07:19
DaPenguinftjla, ok, do you have the original live-cd you can boot into?07:19
ruanyes you can07:19
n2ijo-erlend: yes, i see! I am sorry!07:19
motaka2hello when I run the terminal it doesnt open up properly , what the problem is?07:19
n2iDark_Link: okay!07:19
leonxiimymeatinyourseat keep it smooth;)07:19
Dr_Willismotaka2:  clarify what you mean.07:20
Dark_Linkshould do wonders :)07:20
n2iAnd now, this is the 2nd problem!07:20
jo-erlendn2i: this should be a common issue for all vietnamese though... Have you asked in the local channel?07:20
dinhaha bazhang ftw.07:20
n2iFont is so blur07:20
n2ijo-erlend: yes, I have!07:20
=== lo is now known as Guest75961
Dark_Linkget a new font file ment for your lanuage07:20
jo-erlendn2i: all text is blurred?07:20
DaPenguincould be an anti-aliasing problem...07:21
ftjlaDaPenguin: not the saem distro but I do have other live cds07:21
jo-erlendDaPenguin: could be an incorrect resolution setting too.07:21
n2ijo-erlend: yes07:21
Dark_Linkbut n2i you said its fine via webrowser07:22
n2ijo-erlend: Althought I have set like this http://www.imagesk.com/qkiKGBzM.png07:22
DaPenguinftjla, could be an issue with the grub install or a bad hdd07:22
jo-erlendDark_Link: no, I asked him. All text is blurred.07:22
ftjlaDaPenguin, I jest need to get my data files before Monday07:22
n2iDark_Link: Yes, on web browser there isnot 1st problem!07:22
jo-erlendn2i: right. If you look in Applications > Monitors; what resolution is your screen configured to use?07:23
DaPenguinftjla, ok, see if you can boot from a live cd and mount the partition07:23
ftjlaDaPenguin, running another lived distro I can see my home directory but cant access it via the live cd?07:23
n2ijo-erlend: 1280x800 60hz07:23
nicolaus who can give me a name of a program that can comfile C codes07:23
Abhijitnicolaus, gcc07:23
truepurpleWould someone please help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/H3qQumvG07:24
n2ithat is the best resolution fot my monitor07:24
jo-erlendn2i: is that a good resolution for your screen, do you know? Sometimes, if you use a wrong setting, the screen becomes blurred.07:24
DaPenguinftjla, what do you mean you can't access it?07:24
n2ijo-erlend: so, How I have to setting now?07:24
jo-erlendn2i: I don't know. If that resolution is good for your screen, then that's not the issue. I'm out of ideas.07:25
tensorpuddingn2i: you're using the ubuntu font right?07:25
n2itensorpudding: yes07:25
n2iUbuntu Font Family07:26
Dr_Willisftjla:  you may need to access it as the root user. since the normal user on a live cd. may be differnt uid, and thus not have the proper permissions to access the files.07:26
nicolausabhijit how do i open gcc after i install it07:26
Dr_Willisnicolaus:  open terminal... gcc --options07:26
tensorpuddingubuntu font family doesn't include all of latin extended additional07:26
Abhijitnicolaus, its installed by default07:26
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:26
DaPenguinnicolaus, gcc is invoked from the cmd line07:26
Abhijitnicolaus, man gcc07:26
tensorpuddingand it turns out that the vietnamese characters that are displaying badly for you are the ones that are located in that group07:27
n2ijo-erlend: :(07:27
nicolausgcc --options07:27
tensorpuddingit's possible that it's using a different font for it07:27
n2iIt may be fixed by edit font config?07:27
n2iNot using gnome-appearaces-properties?07:27
DaPenguinnicolaus, for compiling prepackaged source the command sequence usually goes along the lines of ./configure; make && sudo make install07:27
tensorpuddinghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+bug/656690 is a wishlish bug for it07:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 656690 in Ubuntu Font Family "Expansion: (ả, ẻ, ủ, ẽ, ớ, ờ) for Vietnamese in Latin Extended Additional" [Wishlist,Confirmed]07:28
DaPenguinnicolaus, the packaged scripts will handle the appropriate invoking of the compiler (gcc)07:28
truepurpleWould someone please help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/H3qQumvG07:28
ftjlaDAPenguin, I see my user account under home in the mounted drive but when i click on it i get a dialog telling me folder contents cannot be displayed: you do not have permission...07:28
n2i136771 10-antialias.conf07:29
n2i136773 10-hinting.conf07:29
n2i173721 10-hinting-slight.conf07:29
n2i138826 10-sub-pixel-rgb.conf07:29
n2i136774 11-lcd-filter-lcddefault.conf07:29
n2i136775 20-fix-globaladvance.conf07:29
n2i136776 20-unhint-small-vera.conf07:29
FloodBot2n2i: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:29
Dr_Willistruepurple:  give a summary of the issue instead of just pasteing a URL.07:29
DaPenguin!paste | n2i07:29
ubottun2i: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:29
truepurpledr_willis The summery is in the link07:29
DaPenguinftjla, what distro is the live cd from?07:30
DaPenguinftjla, ok, that's close enough to ubuntu for this to work07:30
DaPenguinftjla, so the partiton is in fact mounted?07:31
n2iShould I remove lcddefault in the above list?07:31
leonxiimint = ubuntu = debian it will work07:31
n2ior hinting? hintslight? :(07:31
DaPenguinftjla, ok, open up a terminal window07:32
ftjlawell, i think it automounted becuase I can actually see the top tier directories of my /home partititon and I can browse my operating system partition07:32
truepurpleWould someone please help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/H3qQumvG07:32
Dr_Willistruepurple:  most people wont go to some pastebin url just to read what the actual problem may be. given that they may know nothing to help fix the problem.,07:33
DaPenguinftjla, ok, ubu usually mounts in /media...07:33
ftjlaDaPenguin opened07:33
DaPenguinftjla, ok, what we need to do is the following: first off  'sudo -i'07:34
truepurpleDr_Willis "<@FloodBot2>: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation."07:34
=== gaddafi_ is now known as gaddafi
DaPenguinftjla, then cd /media/07:34
ftjlaDaPenguin, cd'd into media...yes they are mounted....okay I did the 'sudi -i'07:35
DaPenguinftjla, ok, do you have / and /home on seperate partitions?07:35
Dr_Willistruepurple:  muist be some amazeing problem if you cant give a simple 1 line general summary.07:36
ftjlathey are mounted as really long numbers in the terminal07:36
DaPenguinftjla, ok, and /home is the only one that isn't mounting i take it?07:36
DaPenguinftjla, or is the machine not booting at all?07:36
truepurpleYou must be amazingly lazy if you can't click on a link07:36
bazhangtruepurple, lets be civil07:37
Dr_Willistruepurple:  or i dont have a web browser at all..07:37
ftjlaDaPenguin it attempts to boot and gets a kernel panic after a message that says an inode is deleted07:37
truepurpleBazhang I wasn't being uncivil07:37
ftjlaintit just freezes07:37
maniaxhello there, i need a software for copy VCD07:37
maniaxanyone can suggest me?07:37
bazhangtruepurple, please follow the channel guidelines. calling names is not OK07:37
maniaxI've try brasero and gnomebaker07:38
Silentcrowcan somebody explain to me how linux works?07:38
bazhang!guidelines > truepurple07:38
truepurpleHow could you not have a browser? Fine then07:38
ubottutruepurple, please see my private message07:38
Dr_Willismaniax:  if its an unprotected cd   you can use 'dd' to copy it to iso file07:38
AcrimoniousGoronI am using GSmartControl and all three of my hard drives have either pre-failure or old age in the SMART attributes. One is a month old and has been working fine07:38
Abhijitmaniax, copy vcd? you can just right click and select copy?07:38
Dr_WillisSilentcrow:  thats rather broad.07:38
truepurplebazhang I didn't call anyone names07:38
bazhangSilentcrow, out of scope for this channel07:38
AbhijitSilentcrow, tldp.org linux.com and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux07:38
DaPenguinftjla, ok, here's what we're going to try. 'chroot /media/<mountpoint of />07:38
maniaxAbhijit, yes, I've already did it07:38
ftjlaDaPenguin, Iremebered the tab feature so Im a now in the mounted partition but07:38
maniaxbut still failed07:38
Silentcrowhow is it out of scope07:39
Silentcrowis this not the linux channel?07:39
Dr_WillisSilentcrow:  its  Ubuntu support..07:39
Abhijitmaniax, failed? how? whats the error?07:39
bazhangSilentcrow, this is ubuntu support not explain how linux works07:39
AbhijitSilentcrow, ask in ##linux07:39
maniaxDr Willis, any simple software? I don't understand dd command07:39
Dr_WillisSilentcrow:  if you want to be a bit more spefific about what you are wanting to learn,.07:39
AcrimoniousGoronI am using GSmartControl and all three of my hard drives have either pre-failure or old age in the SMART attributes. One is a month old and has been working fine07:39
AcrimoniousGoronThere is a legitimate and focused question07:39
truepurpleDr_Willis: # What does this error message I get when I try to install fron netinstal unetbootin, mean, and when can I do about it? -> [!!] Install the base system  Debootstrap warning # Warning: Couldn't download package debianutils07:39
=== folklore2 is now known as folklore
Dr_Willismaniax:  dd is rather simple.. dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/path/to/whatever.iso BS=204807:39
maniaxAbhikit : suddenly my VCD unmounted after I select "copy CD"07:40
AcrimoniousGoronBe VERY careful with dd07:40
maniaxAbhijit : suddenly my VCD unmounted after I select "copy CD"07:40
AcrimoniousGoronif you reverse the if and of or forget anything else you may screw up your data07:40
maniaxDr Willis, ok, I'll try it :D07:40
ftjlaDaPenguin, I keep getting 'chroot failed to run command /bin/bash  No such file or directory07:41
Dr_Willismaniax:  the various cd tools should be able to copy a vcd also. I dont recall ever seeing a vcd with any sort of protection.07:41
DaPenguinftjla, hmm, ok07:41
AcrimoniousGoronWhy is GSmartControl saying that all the SMART attributes of my three hard drives are either pre-failure or old age? the Western Digital Caviar Black I have is only a month old07:41
Dr_Willis!info debianutils07:41
ubottudebianutils (source: debianutils): Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian. In component main, is required. Version 3.2.3 (maverick), package size 47 kB, installed size 224 kB07:41
truepurpleDr_Willis: # What does this error message I get when I try to install fron netinstal unetbootin, mean, and when can I do about it? -> [!!] Install the base system  Debootstrap warning # Warning: Couldn't download package debianutils07:42
Dr_Willistruepurple:  i would think either the network is down, or the server dose not have the file.07:42
tensorpuddingit might mean your network connection sucks07:42
bpri'm thinking of adding a global hotkey to allow the user to rate the currently playing song.  What project on launchpad should i branch to get started on that?07:43
truepurpledr_willis So what should I do to fix it?07:43
ftjlaDaPenguin, is there a way I can actually sing in as the user even though that user is not in the live cd?07:43
chitchat_I have a USB drive formatted with NTFS.  Ubuntu reports it's corrupt and cannot access it.  But I don't have Windows to run checkdsk on it.  Any options?07:43
=== Michael is now known as Guest67461
DaPenguinftjla, you'd have to make a user account with identical uid and gid for it to work07:43
Dr_Willistruepurple:  verify your network is working. see if you can ping the server its trying to get the files from., if those are ok. it may be the specific server is for some reason lacking that file.07:43
DaPenguinftjla, and sudo -i should bypass that anyway07:44
Dr_Willischitchat_:   theres some ntfsfix command - but its not reccomended to use.07:44
n2iThanks all for support! See you later! BB!07:44
Dr_Willischitchat_:  it should be able to mount it read only even if its considered ' corrupt' Unless its really really messed up.07:44
aminI whave a DS which i use its Vnc in its panel via browser I want to know if I could use a clinet to install on my own pc which do the job instead of browser?07:45
truepurpleDr_Willis What do you mean by "network"? You mean a lan setup? This is just a direct connection. How do I ping the server/how do I know what server to ping? Do I choose go back, or continue?07:45
DaPenguinftjla, you may want to consider reinstalling. /home is on it's own partition, so you shouldn't run the risk of losing a lot of data07:45
chitchat_THanks Dr_Willis I'm reading up on it now.07:45
ftjlaDaPenguin, arg well I suppose thats why my freind told me to set it up that way but Im just nervous about loosing that data07:46
Dr_Willistruepurple:  go to a differnt console or terminal and see if you can ping any machines on the internet.07:47
ftjlaDaPenguin, so if I reinstall wont I still have the same permission problems though07:47
DaPenguinftjla, ftjla if you're worried about losing the data, you can back it up to external media beforehand07:47
DaPenguinftjla, you can chown the existing files to your new user account07:47
Nick_Meisterhi guys im trying to link again pthread because one of the other libraries uses it, and im doing a static build using cmake but no matter what order i put it in the other libraries calls dont see it what could i be doing wrong?07:47
truepurpleDr_Willis: I told you, it is a direct connect, no lan setup.07:48
ftjlaDaPenguin, I have a usb key so I will try that now07:48
motaka2I have a .sh file in my /home/user/apps dir , each time I wanna run it I have to cd to that diir and then ./appname.sh in terminal , how can I create a shortcut for that on the desktop07:48
chitchat_Mounting volume... Failed to startup volume: Invalid argument.07:49
chitchat_Attempting to correct errors... FAILED07:49
chitchat_Failed to startup volume: Invalid argument.07:49
chitchat_Volume is corrupt. You should run chkdsk.07:49
FloodBot2chitchat_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:49
Dr_Willistruepurple:  so  you can ping anything on the internet? googles dns servers for example?  ip ? can you ping google.com ?07:49
DaPenguinftjla, you can either the chown graphically or from the command line via the chown -R (recursive) option07:49
truepurpleYou mean using that modem? or that same computer?07:50
truepurpleDr_Willis You mean using that modem? or that same computer?07:51
motaka2>I have a .sh file in my /home/user/apps dir , each time I wanna run it I have to cd to that dir and then ./appname.sh in terminal , how can I create a shortcut for that on the desktop  ?07:51
chitchat_I don't have windows at all.  Are there LiveCDs that would include chkdsk on it?07:51
chitchat_Here is error reported via ntfsfix  http://paste.ubuntu.com/586066/07:51
Dr_Willistruepurple:  from the computer with the issues.. see if it can ping  google.com or googles ip.  Prove it has an actual internet connection.07:51
ftjlaDaPenguin, do I need to chown inorder to back them up cuz I tried to 'cp -R' them and I got a message saying 'omitting directory 'myuser' '07:52
DaPenguinftjla, you'll need to do the cp with sudo07:53
truepurpleDr_Willis: When I try to download with the new computer, I unplug the modem from my old PC, and put it into the new PC, they use exactly the same internet!07:53
ftjlawith the '-i' option?07:53
DaPenguinftjla, no just sudo cp -R <source> <destination>07:54
truepurpleDr_willis: Anyway, I can't ping from a netinstal07:54
kamrani am trying to upgrade to 10.10 and getting the error - Could not calculate the upgrade07:54
DaPenguinftjla, the -i option just puts you in a persistant sudo state07:54
kamranany guess what is causing this ?07:54
jammiesAREonhey guys i havent been here in a long while, but i thought someone here might be able to help me with a ubuntu wifi question07:54
jammiesAREoni am attempting to use a ubuntu desktop as my router07:55
Dr_Willistruepurple:  so even tho its plugged in - it does not seem to have a working networking connection. does the ifconfig command  show it has an ip? you may need to rerun the dhclient command to get it to ask for a valid ip to use.07:55
jammiesAREoni'd  like to essentially replace my wireless router (running DDWRT) with a computer... What I am curious about is how would one go about changing the Radio's transmission power from the CLI in ubuntu07:56
aaron_All flash videos are choppy when put into full screen07:56
truepurpleDr_Willis: Willis, whatcha talking about?07:56
jammiesAREonthis is a feature I use in ddwrt07:56
DaPenguinaaron_, that's a known flash problem07:56
ftjlaDaPenguin I get 4 messages each starting with 'cp: cannot create symbolic link 'the destination i entered'07:56
ftjlaand ending with Operation not permitted07:57
DaPenguinftjla, is the usb stick large enough?07:57
ftjlashould be more than enough07:57
jammiesAREoni read through some of the iwconfig man pages but didnt see parameters that'd let me adjust the signal strength, only display them07:57
leonxiiaaron_ try totem with youtube plugin07:58
aaron_DaPenguin, so basicly unless i want to change to M$ or download the videos that i want to watch i am sol07:58
truepurpleDr_Willis: Are you still willing to help?07:58
kjlang1hi, im on a fresh install of 10.10, and when i try to do ftp name@site.com, i get "ftp: name@site.com: Name or service not known". anyone know why?07:58
aaron_leonxii, it's not youtube07:58
DaPenguinaaron_, yeah, flash video suppoert under linux in general has issues currently07:59
jammiesAREonftjla: r u trying to cp a symlink?07:59
jammiesAREonor a folder?07:59
jammiesAREonrather directory excuse me07:59
ftjlajammie, my os wont boot so I am trying to get acces to my user data08:00
knoppiesftjla, I just logged in, I might be able to help, whats your issue?08:01
truepurpleWould someone please help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/H3qQumvG08:01
jammiesAREonftjla do u have permissions on the data in question08:02
ftjlaDaPenguin, Jammie, now so now i notice i can cd into the account but the only to files I see are a README.txt and 'Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop'08:02
aaron_DaPenguin, ok i have a good question for you my brother moved files and folders from a ext3 to ntfs drive but it didn't move correctly now i have to try to get the files off the ext3 drive. so can i just mount it and go or do i have to do something perticular08:02
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, trying to backup a home partition from a livecd08:02
jammiesAREonyea hmmm08:03
jammiesAREonu may need to chmod on the home partition for the livecd user08:03
DaPenguinftjla, is your /home encrypted?08:03
jammiesAREonthat was my next question08:03
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, we've tried that already08:03
jammiesAREonoh srry08:03
jammiesAREonjst got on08:03
ftjlawell I dont remember setting it up that way  but I may have?08:03
knoppiesftjla, is 'Access-Your...' a dir?08:03
jammiesAREonone thing u could do.... is logon with single user08:04
jammiesAREondrop to a root terminal08:04
jammiesAREonand try it that way08:04
jammiesAREonno live cd in the mix08:04
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, it won't boot. grub error.08:04
jammiesAREonoh geez.... l08:05
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, why we're trying to recover /home08:05
jammiesAREonhe could rebuild grub tho from the livecd08:05
ftjlaall, I just did an 'ls -l' and it shows them as lrwxrwxrwx but then...08:05
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, luckily it's on a seperate partition so worst case is a reinstall08:05
jhfaaron_: you and your "brother" can just moun08:05
jammiesAREonwhat is the grub error?08:05
motaka2how can I get ride of running these two lines of code each time I like to run dbschema?  http://pastebin.com/PwQMU1f608:05
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, something about a missing inode08:06
ftjlait has --> /usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecrypt-mount-private.desktop08:06
aaron_jhf: thanks now i can get my hard drive back lol thanks again08:06
jammiesAREonmotaka: i looked at ur link.. i dnt see the two lines of code tho08:07
jammiesAREonunless i am missing something08:07
jammiesAREonit just looks like you are trying to run a bash script08:07
jammiesAREonpossibly an install of sorts08:07
Dr_Willistruepurple:  have you verified if the netinstall box has a valid ip?  checked ifconfig? reran dhclient ?08:07
motaka2why no one doesnt help me?08:08
ruanis there a way i can update my phone with my pc via bluetooth?08:08
jammiesAREonnot familiar with the dbscheme packaged08:08
jammiesAREonmotaka2 i just wrote to u08:08
jammiesAREontrying to help08:08
jammiesAREoni do not see the lines of code u are referring to08:08
jhfmotaka2: echo "first line" > dbschema then  echo "second line" >>  dbschema shown it then done08:08
jhfmotaka2: chown08:08
jammiesAREonoh wait08:09
jammiesAREoni see them now08:09
jammiesAREonmy bad08:09
* jammiesAREon rolls eyes08:09
FloodBot2jammiesAREon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
ftjlabut if I cant chown now using live will I still be able to chown after a new install, especially if the are encrypted?08:09
motaka2jhf:  you are talking with a newbie please explain better08:09
jammiesAREonwell ftjla i'd first reinstall grub08:10
jammiesAREonthat may fix the problem altogether08:10
DaPenguinftjla, honestly, i don't know...08:10
jammiesAREonbefore u reinstall08:10
jammiesAREoncnt hurt08:10
ftjlawell....how do I reinstaqll grub then08:10
jhfmotaka2: if you add them in one file that you can "chown" make executable -- done08:10
DaPenguin!grub | ftjla08:11
ubottuftjla: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:11
jammiesAREonwhich verison of ubuntu u running ftjla08:11
motaka2jhf:  tell me what I should run in terminal , I dont understand like that08:11
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, the live cd is mint tho lol08:11
jammiesAREonoh god08:11
jhfmotaka2: i did08:11
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, now you see what we're dealing with here :)08:12
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, was trying to chroot into the / partition and reinstall grub from there but that was popping up errors08:12
jammiesAREonfirst i'd go to a computer and get the 10.10 live cd08:13
ftjlaI have the 10.10 server I dl'd by accident but it isnt live is it?08:13
jhf<ftjl yes08:13
motaka2jhf:  i dont know what that was , it is not excutable in terminal you have the paths give me line by line scripts thrn08:13
DaPenguinftjla, live enough to reinstall grub from08:13
jammiesAREonftjla how fast is ur internet ?08:13
tripelbWhat is this and why don't we have it?  - At Microsoft Bill Hill (his team developed the font-rendering technology that both Windows and Macs use to make type appear sharper on screen)08:14
jhfmotaka2: i am not going to write it for you08:14
ftjlaokay I gotta burn it first08:14
jhfmotaka2: lol08:14
jhfmotaka2: I did my homework08:14
jammiesAREonyea but dapenguin might be to hard to walk him through it from the server version tho08:14
jammiesAREonwats 10.10? GRUB 2?08:15
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, worst case i pm him and paste in bash commands08:15
ftjlajammies , comcast so it depends08:15
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, yeah, grub208:15
jammiesAREonftjla: me too.... docsis 308:15
jammiesAREon80mbps down08:15
jammiesAREoncould go higher if i wanted to pay08:15
motaka2jhf:  I dont understand anyway , but thanks, I think I still have to run it from terminal each time08:15
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, lol, my 18 mbs seems downright sluggish now lol08:16
jhfmotaka2: arg08:16
jhfmotaka2: echo "first line" > dbschema then  echo "second line" >>  dbschema shown it then done08:16
jammiesAREoni use to have that08:16
jhfmotaka2: echo "first line" > dbschema then  echo "second line" >>  dbschema08:16
ftjlawait will the ubuntu 10.10 server distro work?08:16
ftjlabetter than the server08:16
jhfmotaka2: then chown it in a terminal08:17
eugeniowuser nyc_student08:17
DaPenguinftjla, the desktop live cd would probably be easier08:17
ftjlae 10.10 studio08:17
motaka2jhf: forget it08:17
jammiesAREonno... the server has no gui08:17
jukhow to putge samba and friends without hurtung ubuntu-desktop?08:17
jhfmotaka2: hang 1 minute08:17
jammiesAREoni only use the server version on everything tho08:17
Dr_Willisjuk:  ubuntu-desktop is just a meta-package08:17
ftjlaI have both studio and server but I cant find my desktop version that I actually have installed08:17
Dr_Willisjuk:  why are you purgeing samba?08:17
jammiesAREonfor grub the live cd should be fine08:18
jammiesAREoni assume the server version of 10.10 has grub2 as well08:18
Dr_WillisjammiesAREon:  grub2 is the default on server and desktop. yes08:18
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, yeah, i think server is essentially the same install minus X08:18
jammiesAREoni'm using 10.04 LTS right now tho08:18
jammiesAREonand dapenguin you can choose server packages at install08:19
jammiesAREonlike dhcp08:19
jukDr_Willis: so i'll be safe, it's ugh, i don't like it :)08:19
jammiesAREonotherwise with desktop u need to instll them all by hand08:19
truepurpleWould someone please help me with this netinstall error? http://pastebin.com/H3qQumvG08:19
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, gotcha08:19
Dr_Willisjuk:  just  remove the samba package.. no more samba server running. there ya go..08:19
Dr_Willisjuk:  You installed samba and no longer want it?08:19
jukDr_Willis: no it was08:20
jammiesAREontruepurple: i'm not sure that the package is built for your os08:20
ftjlawhile I am waiting for disc to finish (2mins) Have any of you heard of Linuxfest Northwest?08:20
gb__hey guys08:20
gb__anyone here?08:20
jammiesAREonor possibly wherever the package is being downloaded from isnt working08:20
gb__i need some help with flash08:20
jukDr_Willis: yeah, it's gone now08:20
truepurplejammiesAREon: There IS no OS other then unetbootin, what do you mean?08:20
jammiesAREonoh geez a flash issue08:20
jammiesAREonget in line08:21
leonxiitell us your problem gb08:21
gtafacompiz --replace -c emerald &, i have used that command,.. and my window border disappear, how can i enable it???08:21
gb__i am trying to enable mic in browser via flash08:21
Dr_Willisgtafa:  try just 'compiz --replace' or 'emerald --replace'08:21
jhfmotaka2: is the full path /home/donkarlo/apps/DbSchema/DbSchema$ ./dbschema.sh08:21
leonxiigb__ and then whats happening..?08:22
jammiesAREontruepurple: huh?  unetbootin isnt an OS08:22
gb__i dont see the option to enable it , went to flash support page , clicked on "always ask" , it confirm then nothing, does not even key up08:22
motaka2jhf: yes it is08:22
gtafathaks, Dr_Willis08:22
gb__but it does not popup option to ask :(08:22
ftjlaDaPenguin, jammie, all, server ed. burned shall I boot to it now08:22
truepurplejammiesAREon: Yes it is, it is a basic one sufficient to run the program08:22
jhfmotaka2: is the full path /home/donkarlo/apps/DbSchema/apps/DbSchema$ ./dbschema.sh08:22
truepurplejammiesAREon: If you don't want to call it a OS, fine, there is no OS08:23
DaPenguinftjla, yeah, go ahead08:23
jammiesAREoni am pretty sure it is not an OS08:23
jhfmotaka2: are you sure it's /apps/DbSchema/apps/DbSchem08:23
motaka2jhf: yes the full path to the .sh file is /home/donkarlo/apps/DbSchema/apps/DbSchema/dbschema.sh08:23
jammiesAREonit allows u to make bootable OSes of other ones08:23
jammiesAREonlike ubuntu08:23
motaka2jhf:  no no , I am sorry wait ...08:23
jammiesAREondebian etc08:24
jhfmotaka2: do you what others to run it?08:24
truepurplejammiesAREon: If you don't want to call it a OS, fine, THERE IS NO OS.08:24
jammiesAREonlol i wont run any .sh for anyone :-P08:24
jammiesAREonwell truepurple then there in lies the problem08:24
jammiesAREonu have no OS08:24
leonxiigb__ what browser are you using..?08:24
motaka2jhf: the full path is /home/donkarlo/apps/Dbschema/dbschema.sh08:24
jhfmotaka2: do you what others to run it?08:25
gb__i tired ff and seamonkey08:25
truepurplejammiesAREon: So you don't even know what unetbootin does? I guess your not the person to get help from08:25
ftjlaDaPenguin, booted server ed. to menu....Instal...etc. down to Rescue a broken system.  Is that last one the one I should use?08:25
jhfmotaka2: or just you08:25
motaka2jhf: just the two lines I pasted you08:26
DaPenguinftjla, can you get out to a regular terminal?08:26
jammiesAREonyes I do... it allows u to run an OS from a CD or most cases a usb stick08:26
jhfmotaka2: for other users or you08:26
jammiesAREonit's a netboot installer that is all it is08:26
leonxiigb__ try chrome if you can...cause flash is built in it08:26
jukleonxii: NOT TRUE!!!08:26
gb__ok will try thanks08:26
jammiesAREonu need to install one of the systems that is mentioned in the link i sent u08:27
truepurplejammiesAREon: You just contradicted yourself, first you said it wasn't a OS, now your calling it a OS08:27
jammiesAREonin this case it looks like debian since the tool is for debian08:27
motaka2jhf:  first I cd /home/donkarlo/apps/DbSchema    then I  ./dbschema08:27
jammiesAREonno i didnt call it an OS08:27
DaPenguinor actually, try the rescue option, see what it brings up08:27
jammiesAREonit allows you to run an OS08:27
motaka2jhf:  donkarlo is the only user on this machine08:27
leonxiijuk it just is..:P08:27
jhfmotaka2: yes -- do you whant other people to do that08:27
jukleonxii: ugh...08:28
jhfmotaka2: i see08:28
jhfmotaka2: simple08:28
jammiesAREonall unetbootin is is a net boot installer08:28
ftjlaDaPenguin, It doesnt seem to let me go to a terminal so I wnet with rescue option08:28
jammiesAREonIT INSTALLS OSes08:28
jammiesAREonit is not the OS itself08:28
jhfmotaka2: sudo /mkdir /usr/bin/DbSchema08:28
truepurplejammiesAREon: Whatever, the point is that it, and especially netinstall, the whole point of it, is a way to install a OS like ubuntu. So it doesn't make sense to say the reason it isn't working is because there is no OS on the computer08:28
jammiesAREonan OS is ubuntu, fedora, debian, gentoo08:28
ruanodd.. my phone connects to irc.freenode.net, #ubuntu, i can send a message, but nothing happens08:29
ruani can see my message too08:29
jammiesAREonum u havent installed one yet truepurple08:29
jammiesAREonu have to retrieve it first08:29
jhfmotaka2: sudo cp /home/donkarlo/apps/Dbschema/*08:29
ruani can even whois my phone's irc08:29
DaPenguinftjla, it should take you through the steps to restore your system then08:29
blaenkhey guys how can I re-synchronize my ubuntu server's clock, it seems to have gone way off08:29
blaenkis there a way to net sync it or something like on mac and windows08:29
truepurplejammiesAREon: Again, that is the point of unetbootin netinstall in the first place!08:30
Dr_Willisblaenk:  theres ntp services/tools to sync the time to network time servers08:30
motaka2jhf: it says no destfile , i think you wanna cope it in usr/bin/DbShema , right ?08:30
jhfmotaka2: sorrry cp /home/donkarlo/apps/DbSchema/* /mkdir /usr/bin/DbSchema08:30
jammiesAREontruepurple: did you follow these steps:   http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/install-linux-with-ease-using-unetbootin/08:30
blaenkI just found the wiki page Dr_Willis thanks08:30
jhfmotaka2: then cp /home/donkarlo/apps/DbSchema/*.* /mkdir /usr/bin/DbSchema08:31
jhfmotaka2: are there dir ithere08:31
jammiesAREontruepurple no the point of unetbootin is to allow you to install an OS without using the CD08:31
leonxiigb__ tell if chrome work...then just probably is yet another flash bug...08:31
jammiesAREonbut it doesnt do all the work for you08:31
jammiesAREonu still need to give it input08:31
jammiesAREonotherwise it wont do crap08:31
jhfmotaka2: ya just put it all in there08:31
DaPenguincalling unetbootin an os is like calling grub an os08:31
motaka2wait ...08:32
Dr_WillisDaPenguin:  or the cp command...08:32
DaPenguinbut truthfully this all off-topic08:32
Dr_WillisGrub2 is practially an OS. :)08:32
DaPenguinlol, rsync OS :)08:32
ftjlaDaPenguin, I have come to a screen that asks me to selec a device to use as a root file system and then it tells me I may not need to use one and it provides a DONT USE ONE option,  any input?08:32
truepurplejammiesAREon: unetbootin does not fail to install a OS because there isn't a OS already installed. If there was a OS already installed, there would be no reason to use unetbootin!08:33
jammiesAREonummm not you need the freaking ISO of the freaking OS on the drive the freaking NetbootIn is on08:34
DaPenguinftjla, just select whichever partition your / is on08:34
jammiesAREon(CD, FLASH, w/e)08:34
DaPenguinftjla, just don't reformat it lol08:34
truepurplejammiesAREon: I already told you, its netinstall.08:34
jammiesAREoni'm done trying to help you... if you just want to argue about it08:34
leonxiiofftopic replace freaking with fracking offtopic bsgbot08:34
jammiesAREonIT INSTALLS AN OS08:34
motaka2jhf: ok they are all in /usr/bin/DbSchema08:34
jammiesAREonFor the love of all things linux08:35
blagis there a music player that can play music in a samba share without indexing it first?  it would only need to delve into random directories until it finds a playable file and then plays it.08:35
jammiesAREongo find a netinstall channel then if you are so convinced it is an OS08:35
jammiesAREonthey'll help you08:35
jhfmotaka2: now just run dbschema.sh -- or rename it to what you whant08:35
truepurplejammiesAREon It installs the OS from the internet, so no complete ISO file is needed08:35
jhfmotaka2: /usr/bin is in $PATH so anything there runs08:36
jammiesAREononly if the NIC is supported08:36
jammiesAREonotherwise you'll need to throw on the ISO manually08:36
jammiesAREoncuz it wont be able to access the internet to fetch the files08:36
jhfmotaka2: make an icone for it if that's your thing08:37
jammiesAREonbut whatever... go ask someone else08:37
jammiesAREonftjla: how's ur grub repair going?08:37
ftjlaDaPenguin, darn I dont remember which one is my root partition I have sda1,2,3,5,6,7...... however I can move around through the menu I have a shell now...what command gives me more detail regarding partitions?08:37
ruanim really confused.. my phone can connect to freenode/#ubuntu, and it gets all of the messages from server, but it wont recieve or send any irc messages08:38
ftjlajammies getting close08:38
motaka2jhf: it doesnt copy the dirs look at this :  http://pastebin.com/EP96HPQZ08:38
ruanthrough my bluetooth connection08:38
jammiesAREonftjla do u have an idea of how big ur root partition is?08:38
linterHi all.  Is anyone familiar with the process by which Ubuntu resumes from hibernation?  I have a problem where the UUID on my swap was changed and now it won't wake up from hibernation (it just does a normal boot).  I don't know what needs to be changed to the new UUID in order to make it work again.08:38
ftjlayes I beleive it was 52gb08:38
jammiesAREontry typing in fdisk -l at the terminal08:39
jammiesAREonmight need to sudo that08:39
jammiesAREonnot sure08:39
ruanyeh sudo08:39
jammiesAREonit should list the sizes of the drives / partitions08:39
jhfmotaka2: -R08:39
jammiesAREonit should be in the format of something like /dev/sda or /dev/sdb08:39
jammiesAREonor something similar08:40
jammiesAREondepending on the interface used for the drive08:40
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, also, it will show which ones are bootable fyi08:40
ftjlalol well that narrows it down to sda5 at 52+ and sda6 and 51+08:40
jammiesAREonyea that too08:40
jammiesAREonthanks DaPenguin08:40
ftjlaIm gonna go with sda5 as root08:40
DaPenguinso that should help narrow it down lol08:40
jammiesAREonwell ftjla mount them first and look08:40
jhfmotaka2: can you make an icon?08:40
jhfmotaka2: for a file08:41
jammiesAREoni assume they are in EXT3 or EXT408:41
gorillaunitwhat up guus08:41
ftjlaYES thats it!08:41
jammiesAREonwhich means u should be able to mount them no problem to a directory08:41
motaka2jhf:  I wanna forget about it , linux sucks08:41
osiemohello i'm trying to install mysqldb and i keep getting the error 'python.h: no such file or directory compilation terminated'08:41
osiemocan anyone help08:41
DaPenguinosiemo, you may need to install python or python-dev08:42
jhfmotaka2: well you just are not smart enough08:42
jammiesAREonosiemo what method are u using to install it?08:42
osiemoi have installed those08:42
juk!find python.h08:42
ubottuFound: python-htmlgen, python-httplib2, python-h5py, python-hachoir-core, python-hachoir-metadata, python-hachoir-parser, python-hachoir-regex, python-hachoir-subfile, python-hachoir-urwid, python-hachoir-wx (and 10 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python.h&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all08:42
jhfmotaka2: if can't cp mkdir or ln -- :)08:42
jammiesAREonit should come with the package tho juk i'd imagine08:43
osiemojammiesAREon i downloaded the source08:43
jammiesAREonassuming he's not nstalling from source08:43
leonxii i thought python is preinstalled in ubuntu....??08:43
jammiesAREonoh wait08:43
jammiesAREonthere ya go08:43
FloodBot2jammiesAREon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:43
motaka2jhf: the funny thing is the dir created in usr bin cant be deleted too!08:43
jammiesAREongrrrr... bad habit sorry08:43
DaPenguinosiemo, you may have to specify the path to either ./configure or make08:43
jammiesAREoneverything cn be deleted with a simple sudo rm -rf /*08:44
jammiesAREonjust kidding dont EVER do that08:44
osiemoi have specified the path in site.cfg08:44
DaPenguinaww, no fun lol08:44
rwwjammiesAREon: Jokes like that tend to get people removed from #ubuntu. I don't recommend saying it again.08:44
vishjammiesAREon: better not to even mention such commands here ;)08:44
neutrin0hmmm ... i seem to have installed ubuntu correctly since i'm in the irc channel08:44
jhfmotaka2: sudo rm /usr/bin/DbSchema*08:45
jammiesAREonur right my bad... i just assumed they'd no... then i wrote it an realized someone might actually try it08:45
gorillaunitwhat happens if you rm -rf / ?08:45
jhfmotaka2: sudo rm /usr/bin/DbSchema/*08:45
jhfmotaka2: sudo rm /usr/bin/DbSchema/*.*08:45
jammiesAREonit wipes ur computer gorillaunit08:45
SwedeMikegorillaunit: it deletes all files.08:45
jammiesAREonnot good at all08:45
osiemodapenguin well how do you mean?08:46
jhfmotaka2: sudo rm /usr/bin/DbShem*08:46
DaPenguingorillaunit, recursively deletes everything in /08:46
ruangorillaunit: i guess it deletes everything in /08:46
jammiesAREonbasically (aka you're root directory08:46
ftjlaDaPenguin, jammiesAREon, so grub installed and I rebooted but no luck,I still get the panic error telling me of a deleted inode08:46
jammiesAREondo u have the exact wording of the error ftjla?08:46
jhfmotaka2: done08:46
ftjlaI can get it here in a few08:47
DaPenguinosiemo, check out the documentation for the source, usually either INSTALL or README08:47
motaka2jhf:  yes it is now cleaned , but why creating a shortcut is so hard?08:47
gorillaunithow do i find a girl friend?08:47
jammiesAREonok... one other thing ftjla did you try an fsck yet?08:47
jammiesAREonfrom the live CD08:47
vish!ot | gorillaunit:08:47
ubottugorillaunit:: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:47
leonxiigorillaunit try sudo08:47
jhfmotaka2: just us gui in root08:47
jammiesAREonthat usually refers to possible missing blocks08:47
jammiesAREonwhich isnt a grub error08:48
=== root is now known as Guest8137
motaka2jhf: whats that?08:48
jammiesAREonthe fact that you are getting grub at all means it can see the boot sector of the drive08:48
DaPenguinman woman >> fatal error, core dumped08:48
jhfmotaka2: users usually don't do it in root08:48
jammiesAREonbut as soon as it boots the OS selected it runs into issues08:48
gorillaunitroot are you accessing thru your root account?08:48
ftjlajammiesAREon, I have not run fsck08:49
jammiesAREonbut since you can see the internal drive from the live cd u should be able to run it08:49
jammiesAREonftjla ok lets do that08:49
jhfmotaka2: ok quick answered : all exe files have to be in $PATH08:49
ftjlaI can get to a shell here shortly, what options should i use08:49
stjohnmedranogood day, how should i decode qr?08:49
jammiesAREonhold on gotta refresh my memory08:49
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, acpi issue possibly?08:49
Dr_Willisjhf:  you can call an executable via using its full path.. and not haveing it in your $PATH08:50
jammiesAREondapenguin doubtful if it worked before08:50
jammiesAREonbut the table may have gotten screwed up08:50
jammiesAREonpossibly an unclean mount08:50
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, yeah, fsck then08:50
jammiesAREonor move f08:50
gorillaunithow do i run ubuntu in ubuntu?08:50
Dr_Willisgorillaunit:  via virtualbox perhaps.08:50
jhf<Dr_Willis> his first quesstion was how can i not use full path08:50
jammiesAREoni mean they can get corrupted ... they are hard drives afterall08:50
jammiesAREongorillaunit: why would u want to do that? seems wasteful08:51
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, i can think of a few reasons lol08:51
jammiesAREontesting i suppose08:52
jhfDr_Willis: :)08:52
jammiesAREonftjla let me know when ur ready08:52
=== jarek is now known as Guest38943
jhfDr_Willis: his first quesstion was how can i not use full path08:52
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, i used to do that to see how easily i could break things or what would happen if i tried certain things :P08:52
jammiesAREonftjla also what is the filesystem format?08:52
DaPenguin10.10 probably ext408:53
jammiesAREonpretty easy to break things depenguin... linux is not restrictive like windows08:53
jammiesAREonu have unlimited access to pretty much anything08:53
DaPenguinjammiesAREon, dd and /dev/random are all kinds of fun to play with :P08:54
Dr_Willisnight all08:54
ftjlajammiesAREon, Im in a shell08:54
jhfDr_Willis: night08:55
jammiesAREonok... is it big ftjla?08:55
jammiesAREondid u have to kick the hermit out?08:55
ftjla160g total08:55
jammiesAREonbashed him out ?08:55
jammiesAREonjust kidding08:55
jammiesAREonanyhoo ok08:55
DaPenguinrm -f hermit08:55
jammiesAREonftjla do a fdisk -l08:55
jammiesAREonhey that could exist dont joke like that08:56
jammiesAREonpastebin it if you can08:56
jammiesAREoni just want to see what it says about ur partitions08:56
jammiesAREonbrb nature calls08:57
ftjlaJammiesAREon, cant but I have sda1,2,3,5,6,7, 1&2 are windows, 3 is extended, 5 is my root, 6 my home, and 7 the swap08:57
DaPenguinok, i really need to get some sleep before work tommorrow. if you can't get it worked out i'll be back on around the same time tommorrow night.08:58
jhfjammiesAREon: in linux i would us df08:59
jammiesAREonok does it say filesystem?08:59
motaka2jhf: the ubuntu channel is really unuseful08:59
DaPenguinjhf, df only works on mounted partitions anyway08:59
jammiesAREonthnx DaPenguin i was just about to say that09:00
jhfjammiesAREon: yes09:00
jammiesAREonftjla we're looking for something like ext3 or ext409:00
DaPenguinanyway, i'm out for the evening. need to get my 4 hrs sleep lol09:01
jammiesAREoni had my 4 hours last night09:01
jammiesAREoni'm good for 3 more days09:01
ftjlathx for help DaPenguin09:01
jammiesAREoni'm gonna get ftjla up and running i hope and then go to bed09:02
ftjlajammiesAREon, it doesnt show fs type but Im positive it is not ext 409:02
ftjla'-l' option09:02
ftjlaas in lower case L09:03
jammiesAREonok first things first then i guess...09:03
jammiesAREoni gotta look something up really quick09:04
jammiesAREonjst a sec09:04
jhfmotaka2: ya under 10's never get it09:04
jhfmotaka2: go ... just go09:05
jammiesAREonftjla: was ur HD identified as /dev/sda(x) or /dev/sdb(x)09:06
jammiesAREonwhere x represents the partition number09:06
jammiesAREonso type in at the shell (as long as the drives are not mounted)09:07
jammiesAREon"fsck /dev/sda"09:07
jammiesAREonlet me know what it says09:07
jammiesAREoni may have the syntax wrong09:07
jammiesAREoni am not on linux right now to check09:07
ftjlasays '/bin/sh: fsck: not found'09:08
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk09:09
jammiesAREonftjla: try "cd /sbin"09:10
jammiesAREonthen try fsck /dev/sda09:10
gorillaunithow do i find a girl friend? im serious question09:11
ftjlajammiesAREon, i cd'd to sbin and 'fsck.ext2, 3, and 4 are there09:11
jammiesAREonok type ftjla type in "echo $0"09:12
jammiesAREonand let me know the output09:12
ftjlaso I tried running command from within sbin but still got last message09:12
jammiesAREonis it /bin/bash?09:12
rww!ra | gorillaunit09:12
ubottugorillaunit: Relationship advice is not available in #ubuntu. If you want to chat about other offtopic matters try #ubuntu-offtopic. If you need to talk something through with a professional counsellor there is a global directory of support services at http://befrienders.org09:12
rwwexcept not sentence #2 in your case :\09:12
jammiesAREonoh interesting09:13
ftjlaI think I saw one of the menus show it was ash rather than bash09:13
jammiesAREontry typing in "exec /bin/bash"09:13
blaenkim done for the day got a ton of work done yeeee09:13
ftjlathat took me back out of the shell to the rescue operations menu on the server cd09:14
jammiesAREonoh ok we dnt want that09:15
jammiesAREoncan u get back by typing "exec /bin/sh"?09:15
jammiesAREonor is there another way back09:15
jimcooncatjust got a bit freaked, can someone explain? I've been playing with live distros on my usb. I've repartitioned and reformatted, tried to start Ubuntu Live Gnome and it loaded up to the point of showing graphics and froze. The freaky part is that it was showing a Debian XFCE screenshot from two days ago, before I reformatted the USB!09:15
ftjlai can switch to selected the shell option and it opens busybox with builtin shell (ash)09:16
jammiesAREonok well we just want a regular shell like it was before... once u get there try typing "sudo e2fsck -c -c -k -v /dev/sda(root partition number)"09:17
jammiesAREonreplace root partition number with whatever the number is for the root partition09:17
ftjlaokay brb09:17
jammiesAREonftjla of course this is assuming u r indeed using ext309:19
ftjlalol this might t09:19
ftjlatake a while09:19
ftjlait is at .56%09:19
ftjlaless than 1%09:19
jammiesAREonyea probably will09:20
ftjlawhat should be the outcome....I09:20
jammiesAREonwell it's gonna check your drive for block errors09:21
jammiesAREonand repair them09:21
jammiesAREoni.e inode errors09:21
jammiesAREoni should say partition rather09:21
jammiesAREonnot the whole drive09:21
jammiesAREonthe more damaged it is will take longer09:21
jammiesAREonbut this will repair any damaged inodes09:22
ftjlasure just the sda5 partition but it should repair the inode issue in theory then09:22
jammiesAREonthen u should be able to bood09:22
ftjlacool, well thank you so much jammies09:22
jammiesAREonif the home partition is screwed up we may need to do that too09:22
jammiesAREonbut we'll know when u boot after this command is done09:23
ftjlaya well we might have to pick it up tommorrow since I am just now at 3.28%09:23
jammiesAREonyea maybe09:24
ftjlawhat is your time zone? its nearly 1:30 in the morn here09:24
jammiesAREonhey.. hypothetically speaking (and this just occurred to me)... if i were sentenced for a crime to do community service... would helping on #ubuntu suffice?09:24
jammiesAREonit's 4:30am here09:24
ftjlalol it should09:25
rwwjammiesAREon: no09:25
jammiesAREonubuntu is non-profit and community based09:25
jammiesAREonit'd be like volunteering at an art center09:26
jammiesAREonor some other non-profit09:26
gtafai have installed wine, and when i clicked .exe file, it's error, like this "The file '/media/gtafa/My Games/Stronghold/Stronghold Crusader.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.".09:26
ftjlaas long as the judge singed off on it you should be able too09:26
jammiesAREonor like a group home type thing where they take children in09:26
rwwjammiesAREon: good luck finding a channel operator who'd sign off on the paperwork for it and a judge that'd take it.09:26
xgt001hello every109:26
jammiesAREonlol this is hyptothetical09:27
jammiesAREonnever had that issue before09:27
SwedeMikerww: I'd personally write the judge asking not to, considering the use of enter as punctuation by this individual.09:27
rwwjammiesAREon: and I'm telling you why your hypothetical situation wouldn't work.09:27
jammiesAREonlast legal thing i couldnt use a computer09:27
jammiesAREonso i would have been useless09:27
xgt001is there any1 who has been using open source drivers for ati mobility radeon hd6xxx series???09:27
jammiesAREonyea xgt001 a long time ago09:27
jammiesAREonlike back in like 8.04 days09:28
xgt001which is better??? fgrlx or open source???09:28
jammiesAREonwell... i think it depends09:29
ftjlajammiesAREon, Im gonna let this thing run and I'll check on it in the morning, but I gotta get my 5 hours of beauty sleep09:29
jammiesAREonprobably open source i guess09:29
ftjlathanls for all the help09:29
gnomeI have strange problem09:29
jammiesAREonk ftjla... this might fix the issue09:29
jammiesAREonthat'd be cool :-)09:29
jammiesAREongnome: wats up09:29
Charbelwho knows what is the address of Beirut time server ?09:29
Charbeli want to keep time and date synchronized with internet server09:29
ftjlahopefully, cya later09:30
gnomeI can't find file access.log with search files but I found it manually09:30
jammiesAREonlast one for the night09:30
jammiesAREonwhere was it?09:30
gnomein /var/log/apache209:30
jammiesAREonhow did u search for it?09:30
gnomeapplications>accesories>search for files09:30
xgt001i have a new hp laptop it has got ati hd6370m card with 512 mb... i tried the proprietary drivers in ubuntu maverick but it honestly sucks.... how should i install opensource drivers???09:30
jammiesAREonas root?09:30
gnomewhy it coudln't find it?09:30
gnomehow to search as root?09:31
jammiesAREonprobably cuz u need to be root for the file09:31
jammiesAREonwell... a couple ways09:31
gnomeeasiest pl :)09:31
jammiesAREonu could logon as root09:31
gnomethts hard ;)09:31
FloodBot2gnome: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:31
jammiesAREonwhich might be the easiest for u09:31
Kimmenyou don't need to be root to list files in /var/log (normally)09:31
jammiesAREonor u do it from CLI09:31
jammiesAREonkimmen not to list09:31
gnomeKimmen, but I couldn't find the file why09:31
jammiesAREonbut sometimes to search09:31
jammiesAREondepending on the file09:31
gnomejammiesAREon,  tell me from cli pls09:31
SwedeMike!enter | jammiesAREon09:32
ubottujammiesAREon: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:32
gnomejammiesAREon,  how t osearch as root from CLI?09:32
jammiesAREonsudo locate <file_name> or possibly sudo whereis <file_name>09:32
jussijammiesAREon: generally suggesting to log in as root is discouraged. please be careful about the advice you give09:32
Kimmengnome: do you want to see whats in the file? int that case try: tail -f /var/log/apache2/access.log09:32
gnomejammiesAREon,  thanks09:32
Kimmentoo "monitor" it09:33
gnomeKimmen,  no i can see with my user09:33
ifoelzhi people09:33
jammiesAREonhe's using the GUI... i dont think he likes CLI09:33
jammiesAREonhence why i suggested what jussi told me not to suggest09:33
jammiesAREoni was trying to make it really easy09:34
ifoelzthankz :D09:34
symtabafter the latest flash player upgrade, some randim cubic flash images always remain on my desktop09:34
symtabany ideas how i can fix this (always same position, over firefox, thunderbird....everything)09:35
kamrani formatted my usb stick. In the GParted only one disk is visible (as expected). However, in the Dolphin there are two disks labelled Disk and Disk-1. Is this normal ?09:35
jammiesAREonoh goody more flash problems... lol09:35
jammiesAREonkamran.. what does dolphin identify them as?09:35
jammiesAREonlike unallocated?09:35
kamrandolphin identifies them as removable media09:36
jammiesAREoni've never used dolphin before i dont think... so might be hard to say... i'd lean towards trusting whatever gparted says09:36
gnomeone  more question, where was option to not block mouse when typing I can't find it09:36
jammiesAREongnome... dunno... i dont use a mouse09:36
Kimmenkamran: you have one "disk" that is the physical disk and one disk that is the partition09:36
nonix4hrm, some program just issued mouse grab without releasing it. How to determine which program to report a bug against?09:36
jammiesAREonah... good call kimmen09:37
jammiesAREonnever used dolphin so didnt know how it listed it09:37
kamranKimmen can u explain more09:37
jammiesAREontho if it's unallocated there shouldnt be a partition09:37
jammiesAREonhe/she would have to create one09:38
Kimmenkamran: in linux your disk is listed as sda for example09:38
Kimmenkamran: a partition in the disk listst as sda1 etc09:38
jammiesAREonthen sda(x) where x represents partition09:38
* nonix4 suspects the *indicator* things in maverick, but has no data to back that.09:38
kamranGParted says my hard disk is sda and my flah drive is sdb09:39
jammiesAREonbut as i said before unless u formatted the drive (lets say NTFS or FAT32 or EXT4 etc) u shoudnt have a partition09:39
gnomeI enabled IBUS what is this09:39
gnomehow to disable it ?09:39
jimcooncatjust got a bit freaked, can someone explain? I've been playing with live distros on my usb. I've repartitioned and reformatted, tried to start Ubuntu Live Gnome and it loaded up to the point of showing graphics and froze. The freaky part is that it was showing a Debian XFCE screenshot from two days ago, before I reformatted the USB!09:40
kamrani have formatted it and am about to create a startup disk09:40
jammiesAREongnome... prob oppossite of how u enabled it :-P09:40
gnomejammiesAREon,  i clicked ibus from preferences now it won't stop when i click again09:40
jammiesAREonkamran: what format is it in?09:40
kamranFAT 3209:40
Kimmengnome: in terminal type: ls /dev/sdb*09:40
gnomeok thanks kimmen09:40
jammiesAREonok thats why it's listing two in dolphin09:40
gnomewhat is this thing09:41
Kimmengnome: it lists your partitions on your removable disk09:41
jammiesAREonwhen u have a drive that isnt formatted u have just /dev/sdb (gparted sees it as unallocated)09:41
Kimmengnome: /dev/sdb is your removable device, /dev/sdb1 is your first partition (fat32?) and so on09:41
jammiesAREonbut the second u make it into a format (fat 32 in ur case) it creates a partition table for that format09:42
kamrani read on an instructions page that the boot partition should be the first one. I never intended to create any partition. When i saw two usb drives on Dolphin i halted right there and came here09:42
laxmi./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: symbol lookup error: ./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: undefined symbol: _ZN8QMapData10createDataEi09:42
Kimmengnome: sorry, typed to wrong person =P09:42
gnomeno no09:42
gnomeim off09:42
laxmifacing a problem09:42
jammiesAREonwell by formatting the drive u did create a partition09:42
jammiesAREonall drives have partitions09:43
jammiesAREonjust urs has one09:43
laxmiplease listen to me09:43
laxmihave idea ?09:43
laxmi./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: symbol lookup error: ./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: undefined symbol: _ZN8QMapData10createDataEi09:43
kamranok i have a single partition usb disk. Rite ?09:43
truepurpleWould someone please help me with this netinstall  error I got while trying to install ubuntu? http://pastebin.com/H3qQumvG09:44
laxmi./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: symbol lookup error: ./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: undefined symbol: _ZN8QMapData10createDataEi09:44
jammiesAREonthe disk is seeing as /dev/sdb and then the FAT32 partition (Which spans the entirety of the useable space of that disk) is seeing as /dev/sdb109:44
laxmi./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: symbol lookup error: ./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: undefined symbol: _ZN8QMapData10createDataEi09:44
kamranNow, when dolphin shows two disks. One disk holds the FAT Table and the other is meant for holdin data. Rite ?09:45
jammiesAREonnot in those words09:45
jammiesAREonbut u get the general idea09:45
rww!repeat | laxmi09:45
ubottulaxmi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:45
gnomejammiesAREon,  i can't find files with command you told me09:45
broon_sparrowthunderbird - i've just upgradedto 10.10 and when i try to start thunderbird I get an 'thunderbird is already running' error. tried restarting and reinstalling thunderbird but stil no luck.any ideas?09:46
gaellehi, i have a cm108 usb soundcard. it worked gread yesterday until after my laptop woke up from hibernation. now there is no sound on it anymore. i checked pavucontrol, alsamixer and everything, nothing indicates that it has been muted09:46
kamranthanks everybody for the help09:46
gnomedejan@dejan-laptop:~$ sudo whereis access.log09:46
gnomeaccess: /usr/share/man/man2/access.2.gz09:46
laxmiplease see this ./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: symbol lookup error: ./lxa-ubuntu-4-1-3: undefined symbol: _ZN8QMapData10createDataEi09:46
jammiesAREondisk geometries can be complicated to explain, and alot of programs like gparted and dolphin interact with all the levels of the disk geometries09:46
rww!repeat > laxmi09:46
ubottulaxmi, please see my private message09:46
gnomedejan@dejan-laptop:/$ sudo locate -b access.log09:47
gnomewhy this isn't working?09:47
laxmiubottu I will try09:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:47
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:47
desturrrhi all, do you know where is the implementation of the commands , for example, 'cat' command , where does it stored09:48
gnomethis is confusing09:48
jammiesAREongnome can u try 'su root'09:48
gnomewhat is that09:48
jammiesAREonthen type in root password then try the above command09:49
jammiesAREonit basically changes ur user to root09:49
gnomethen how to switch back09:49
jammiesAREonsu <username>09:49
jammiesAREonor just close the terminal09:49
rwwdesturrr: cat is part of the coreutils package, and is stored in /bin/cat.09:49
gnomesu: Authentication failure09:50
desturrrokey thanks09:50
gnomeI am writing my password09:50
jammiesAREonu may need a root password09:50
gnomefor my user09:50
FloodBot2gnome: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:50
gnomewhat is the root password i havent set it09:50
jammiesAREontype in sudo passwd root09:50
rwwjammiesAREon: Root passwords are not supported in this channel. Do not offer advice on setting one.09:50
rww!noroot | gnome, jammiesAREon09:50
ubottugnome, jammiesAREon: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.09:50
jammiesAREonoh my god09:50
jammiesAREonsorry man cant help09:50
desturrrit is put as a binary file09:51
gnomejammiesAREon, again no luck09:51
desturrri can not see inside right09:51
gnomeI am loged in as root09:51
gnomebut can't find file access.log09:51
gnomeand i found it manually09:51
jammiesAREoni dunno why ppl insist that sudo is sufficient access09:51
Kimmengnome: it can take awhile for ubuntu to index new files09:51
gnomei can't search for files :S09:52
gnomethis is very very bad09:52
jammiesAREonsudo depends on u being a member to the sudoers group and lots of files are for root09:52
jammiesAREonlol gnome calm down09:52
jammiesAREonits not the end of the world09:52
Kimmengnome: yes you can it can take some time before search finds them09:52
rwwgnome: access.log for apache2 is stored in /var/log/apache2/access.log by default. The usual command to find that would be "sudo find / -name access.log" (iirc /var/log/apache2 is not readable by normal users).09:52
jammiesAREonhence the need for root09:53
gnomerww,  i know but why I can't search for files :S09:53
jammiesAREonoh god... gnome read the freaking chat09:53
Pumpkin-jammiesAREon: "sudo -s" or "sudo -i" do virtually the same thing as "su". The only argument I can see against them is by default they require the same login credential as your user.09:53
rwwjammiesAREon: You apparently missed the part where sudo works fine for that, as I showed.09:53
gnomerww,  thanks09:53
SightUpwhat theme should i use for ubuntu?09:54
jammiesAREonsightup: depends what u like09:54
appi_uppihi , I am using AMD athlon 64. I have installed ubuntu 10.04. How do I find the chipset details and install the appropriate drivers as the laptop gets heated upto 90 c09:54
SightUpsomething futuristic09:54
jammiesAREonappi_uppi are u sure u need them?09:55
Pumpkin-but at least the way I run multiuser systems, I turn off regular passwords for ssh and require the use of an ssh key to login, configure it so users cannot use "passwd", and then effectively a users password (if they have root access) becomes a "personal root password"09:55
jammiesAREonyea pumpkin me too09:55
appi_uppijammiesAREon, my system is getting heated upto 90 c, not able to work hence thought the drivers are must. Please correct me if I am wrong.09:56
madfly8082appi_uppi: i think dmidecode will help you find relevant info09:56
jammiesAREontho i must admit root is able to logon via ssh on my system, which some would disagree with that practice09:56
etamhi, i have done this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto and my dns does not have the answer section...09:56
etamanyone can help me?09:56
KimmenjammiesAREon: you can set in openssh that root is not permitted to login09:56
SightUpanyone use AirLines: sudo apt-get install airlines-theme?09:56
jammiesAREonkimmen i know i can09:57
jammiesAREoni choose not to09:57
jammiesAREoni use ntlm authentication for all my users (winbind)09:58
jammiesAREonthe issue is if somehow the service breaks i have no fail safe to login09:58
jammiesAREoni could set up a local admin i suppose but i prefer root09:58
SightUpwhat themes are you guys using?09:59
jammiesAREonmine is called CLI09:59
jammiesAREoni love it09:59
Kimmenme too =)09:59
jammiesAREonu should give that a go sightup09:59
Kimmenhave themed it slightly with tmux09:59
Charbelwho knows what is the address of Beirut time server ?09:59
jammiesAREonnah i cant do screen shots sightup09:59
Charbeli want to keep time and date synchronized with internet server09:59
jammiesAREononly copy and paste10:00
jammiesAREonactually i cnt do that either10:00
jammiesAREoni could parse it to a file and send the file10:00
appi_uppimadfly8082, Yeah I found, thank you. But suggest me, do I need to install the drivers for acer 5536 AMD processor (ubuntu)10:00
jammiesAREonbut i need to set up mail command first.. and then get postfix up and running10:01
madfly8082appi_uppi, if it's running at 90 i think you should take a look at your heat sink first10:01
Kimmenappi_uppi: and that your fans are spinning10:01
jammiesAREonunless the fans only turn on when the board tells it to10:01
jammiesAREonlike the macbook pros10:01
jammiesAREonwhich in ubuntu are always set to full speed10:02
madfly8082and besides it's an AMD10:02
Dinux_hi there , i have a problem after viewing a youtube video , it seems that the video is still stuck on the desktop , and sometimes the color of the video is all around , is it commond problem in ubuntu 10.10 32-bit or just my problem ?10:02
jammiesAREonwhich is better than the alternative.... which could be off10:02
SightUpi cannot find a screenshot of CLI10:02
jammiesAREonsightup cuz u cnt take screenshots of it10:03
SightUpoh... but its a theme?10:03
jammiesAREonSightUp: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://openbookproject.net/courses/intro2ict/software/_images/bash_screenshot.jpg&imgrefurl=http://openbookproject.net/courses/intro2ict/software/operating_systems.html&usg=__s-n5lzbu_jV3zE3YbJfdgmAhebc=&h=486&w=553&sz=185&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=vpcJ-JESUwV0eM:&tbnh=141&tbnw=160&ei=Zv2OTbKFEYG00QHNkK3DCw&prev=/images%3Fq%3DCLI%2Blinux%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%310:03
FloodBot2jammiesAREon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:03
SightUpwhy would i want that?10:04
jammiesAREonlol i didnt say u would... i said thats what i use10:04
SightUpi want one with an awesome grphical interface10:05
jammiesAREoncnt help u... those things bog down system resources10:05
KillGutaHow can I add drivers/firmware to a live CD?10:05
jammiesAREonmy vmware host has gotta have all the power it can10:06
erezhi, I had an issue with my screen, and got a suggestion to delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf, which worked, but now the file has not been recreated and I don't have Compiz support anymore. Any ideas on how to follow this?10:06
jammiesAREoni have a poweredge 2900 with 48GB of RAM 16 x 1TB WD FALS100 Drives in RAID 10, and a dual 3.2 Quad Core CPU10:07
jammiesAREonwith internal 2TB RAID 5 with one hot swappable drive (All internal are SAS 15k drives) external are SATA 7200 rpms, connected to a 3ware 9650SE via multi lane SAS cables10:08
gaurav_helpMy system is not getting update is always shows me error10:08
jammiesAREon(multi-lane to multi-lane not multi-lane to breakout)10:09
azmHi, Im getting flash artifacts after flash10:09
ikoniajammiesAREon: do you have any ubuntu support questions ?10:09
Kimmenand I have a Intel D945GCLF2, Intel Atom 330, 1x2TB WD20EARS, 2GB RAM =)10:09
Kimmenoverkill for what it does10:09
azmis there something to fix it?10:09
azmI have to reboot pc to dismiss it10:09
jammiesAREonikonia, yea i asked a while ago no one knew the answer10:10
jammiesAREonso i just started helping ppl10:10
ikoniajammiesAREon: what's the problem, as the hardware discussion you are currently in maybe better in #ubuntu-offtopic10:10
azmlike the picture after youtube video will remain in background even after I close browser10:10
jammiesAREonok... sorry i said one thing off topic.. i'll go there next time10:11
gaurav_helpikonia, i am using ubuntu 10.10 it is not getting update always shows me error10:11
ikoniajammiesAREon: it wasn't one thing, it was the whole hardware disscussion, looked like a good discussion for #ubuntu-offtopic10:11
ikoniagaurav_help: ok ?10:11
SightUpwhat theme looks the most graphically stunning?10:11
ikoniaSightUp: look for yourself, gnome-look.org10:12
jammiesAREonbut since u asked....  i am trying to replace my ddwrt router with ubuntu, and i am curious if there is a way to adjust the radio transmission power10:12
jammiesAREonin ubuntu10:12
somethinginteresany software on ubuntu that can do a good PDF to ODT or DOC coversion?10:12
ikoniajammiesAREon: if the wireless device driver in ubuntu supports it, yes you can do it with iwconfig10:12
jammiesAREonwhat would be the proper syntax to do that...10:12
SightUpikonia: which is like a total conversion?10:12
ikoniajammiesAREon: I've done it with an intel card on an old laptop for pwoer saving10:13
gaurav_helpikonia, it shows me require update from untrusted sites how can i update that10:13
ikoniajammiesAREon: it depends onthe card, the driver and it's syntax10:13
ikoniagaurav_help: what is the unstrusted site ?10:13
jammiesAREoni've gotten it to display the output power as it is, but havent figured out how to change it10:13
ikoniaSightUp: total conversation10:13
ikoniajammiesAREon: not call cards support it10:13
SightUpi dont see that here10:14
fulldaykgjammiesAREon: ... ... I google'd "ubuntu iwconfig transmission power" and the second link looks promising10:14
=== test is now known as trijntje
ikoniaSightUp: what are you talking about10:14
fulldaykgBTW that's a man page, so you could probably just man iwconfig too10:14
SightUpi dont know what i am looking for10:14
ikoniaSightUp: look at themes, look for ones you like10:15
gaurav_helpits shows me some launguages .... what i do10:15
SightUpGMD themes?10:15
SightUpor which?10:15
ikoniagaurav_help: what is the name of the site it wants to get untrusted packages from10:15
ikoniaSightUp: depends what you want, if you want a gdm theme, look for gdm themes10:15
ikonia!themes | SightUp10:15
ubottuSightUp: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy10:15
ikoniaSightUp: check out those URLs10:15
SightUphttp://gnome-look.org, what is the name of the search filter for a total conversion type theme?10:16
ikoniatotal conversation, what are you talking about ?10:17
SightUpthat changes everything10:17
SightUpi dont wanna just mix match a ton of stuff10:17
ikoniaSightUp: read the url's I've just had ubottu give you, they give you an overview to themes10:17
ikoniaSightUp: there aren't "total" conversions10:17
jammiesAREonah... ok10:17
jammiesAREonsightup are u using gnome or kde10:18
SightUpgnome i think10:18
SightUpim on 10.1010:18
jammiesAREonok so probably gnome unless u installed kde10:18
SightUpi just want the most graphically stunning stuff.10:18
jammiesAREonor whatever they call it10:18
jammiesAREonso u want to look for gnome themes10:19
SightUpi dont think i installed that10:19
jammiesAREonu could also look at kde themes and if u like those more then u can install kde10:19
ikoniachanging desktop for a theme is a bad idea10:19
SightUpwhat is kde?10:19
ikoniaSightUp: it's another window manager and desktop interface, a massive change from gnome10:20
jammiesAREonjust another GUI. like gnome, but kinda resembles windows in a way10:20
SightUpah ok10:20
SightUpno windows...10:20
jammiesAREonborrows some features from it... i10:20
SightUpi have this computer for windows10:20
ikoniajammiesAREon: no it doesn't10:20
ikoniajammiesAREon: it borrows no features from it at all10:20
ikoniait's a totally different windowing system and desktop10:20
madfly8082it's just that windows users might find it familiar10:21
ikoniaI doubt it10:21
jammiesAREonok ur opinion... in my opinion the gui behaves in a windows like way, and functions very similar to a start menu10:21
madfly8082the panels and stuff10:21
jammiesAREonin fact the way things are laid out are very familiar to windows10:21
SightUpi like this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Slickness+Black?content=7321010:21
ikoniaSightUp: if you like it, try it10:22
jammiesAREonwell the thing on  the side sigtup is not part of the theme just so u know10:22
jammiesAREonthe thing that shows ur computer stats10:22
truepurpleWould someone please help me with thisnetinstall  error I got while trying to install ubuntu? http://pastebin.com/H3qQumvG10:23
SightUpwhich knome version am i on?10:23
ikoniatruepurple: it can't download the package it needs, the question is why, is there anything before that error to suggest why10:23
ikoniaSightUp: correct10:24
jammiesAREonsightup right click on the gnome panel and select "about gnome"10:24
jammiesAREonto be certain10:24
jammiesAREonbut most likely 2.x10:24
ikoniajammiesAREon: as ubuntu has not released gnome 3, it's version 210:24
truepurpleikonia Not really, it seems to say it found the internet connection fine enoug, and before the error, it seems to download and install at least a few files up to about 6%10:24
eoin_Is it possible to use unity interface in an oracle virtual box VM?10:25
=== dpac is now known as dpac_away
ikoniaeoin_: yes10:25
eoin_ikonia: any tips for set up?10:25
ikoniaeoin_: treat it like a desktop10:25
jammiesAREontruepurple: how do u know it found ur internet connection?10:25
ikoniatruepurple: try a different location to get the files from10:25
jammiesAREonif u get the iso and put it on the flash drive u wont need to get it online10:26
jammiesAREonu can just use netboot installer tool thingy mahoo to install it without a CD10:27
truepurpleIkonia: What do you mean? Especially, what do you mean by location? You mean use a different USB flash drive?10:27
jammiesAREoni think he means a different location on the web to download it from truepurple10:27
ikoniatruepurple: you'd have to edit the config files to point at a different download location10:27
eoin_ikonia: I have tried 10.10 netbook in the vm, and also the alpha of 11.4, but neither will display unity - compiz works fine though...10:27
truepurpleIkonia: Oh, use a different mirror? I suppose so, but the US one seems to be the most likely to work10:27
ikoniatruepurple: agreed, but if you are having a problem, it's worth testing10:27
dgbanybody here good with compression?10:28
ikoniaeoin_: it should work10:29
ikoniadgb: just ask the question10:29
dgbIs there anyway I could compress 3.2GB worth of music down to about 2GB ?10:29
ikoniadgb: is it already compressed in the encodig ?10:30
ikoniaencoding ?10:30
jammiesAREondepends... how well do u want it to sound in the end dgb?10:30
dgbI tried 7zip and gzip10:30
truepurpleOk, I will try it, but I need to go offline to do so, I will be back in a bit to tell you how it went10:30
dgbboth only compressed it down 100mb10:30
ikoniadgb: you won't do it with a compression tool, as the music is already compressed when it's encoded10:30
ikoniadgb: you'd have to re-encode it at a lesser quality10:30
dgbwell I somehow need to transfer that music to another computer10:30
jammiesAREonu could change the encoding, but u'll loose some quality10:30
eoin_ikonia: Maybe it's because the VM host is a Windows 7 box? (VM graphics 3d acceleration on, with 128MB VRAM)10:31
ikoniaeoin_: doubtful10:31
jammiesAREondgb... what os is the music on currently10:31
=== mag is now known as Guest91333
dgbneed to transfer some samples over to my mac10:31
jammiesAREonis the computer local?10:31
dgbits not connected to the LAN10:31
jammiesAREonok so they are on the same network?10:31
dgbbut the macbook10:32
dgbis hooked up to the wireless10:32
jammiesAREonoh thats fine10:32
jammiesAREonu could just FTP it10:32
ikoniahe's just said it's not on the lan10:32
jammiesAREonu'd have to set up ftp on ubuntu10:32
jammiesAREonhe said it's wireless10:32
ikoniathen it's on the lan10:32
jammiesAREoni think he means its not plugged it10:33
jammiesAREoni think it was just choice of wordsw10:33
jammiesAREonwhen he said it's wireless i figured that meant he was on the same network10:33
jammiesAREonbut personally dgb i think the best shot would be to ftp it10:34
jammiesAREonit wont lose quality10:34
dgbi'll give it a go10:34
dgbthanks heaps m810:34
jammiesAREondo u know how to install an FTP server (if u dont already have one)10:34
jammiesAREoni use proftp personally10:34
dgbyeh I do10:35
dgbi use pureftpd usually :P10:35
ikoniait would be more sensible to do it over ssh as there is no need to set anything up10:35
ikoniaplus there is error checking10:35
ikoniadata of that size, it would be useful10:35
jammiesAREonman i stayed up all night... shouldnt take caffeine so late.. lol10:35
dgbyeh cant do anything that requires ports open10:35
dgbso ill upload to my dedi then download them10:35
dgbstupid work router, they wont give me root pw to it10:36
jammiesAREonwell ftp will have ports open10:36
ikoniajammiesAREon: how do you know10:36
ikoniajammiesAREon: why will ftp "be" open, you don't know his security setup10:36
dgbthey wont be open10:36
jammiesAREonno i'm saying he will need it to be open10:36
jammiesAREonsorry wrong words10:36
jammiesAREonsheesh shoot me10:36
dgbnow gparted has decided it wants to crash10:37
dgbAssertion (head_size <= 63) at ../../../libparted/labels/dos.c:662 in function probe_partition_for_geom() failed.10:37
dgbany idea?10:37
ikoniadgb: looks like it couldn't get teh disk size, restart it and try again10:37
jammiesAREonwhen he said he couldnt do anything that would requre opening ports i meant to say ftp would need to have ports open as well10:38
Dynetrekkwhy does screen resize my terminal window when I start screen? and how can I stop it doing so?10:38
jammiesAREonbut i agree ssh would be better10:38
SightUpfinding a theme is hard.10:38
SightUpnone pop out10:38
kickarhey guys, i am having a bit of a problem with apache displaying php errors in browser, I have set my my php.ini varialbles to display errors10:38
jammiesAREonsightup make ur own then10:38
bazejjest ktos10:38
ikoniakickar: disable that then10:38
bazejmam pytankoo?\10:39
ikonia!pl | bazej10:39
ubottubazej: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.10:39
kickarikonia,  i have tried that, but still getting: "The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression." in browser10:39
bazejdzieki juz uciekam10:39
ikoniakickar: that's not a php error10:39
kickarthis is a regular mysql connection error10:40
ikoniakickar: doesn't have to be a mysql problem10:40
kickarikonia,  i know what the error is cause i have miskaten on purpose mysql password for connecting to a db, I believe this has something to do with apache10:41
ikoniakickar: it's probably the application displaying the error, rather than an apache/php error10:42
gerhardnot really10:42
ikoniagerhard: what ?10:42
kickarikonia,  i have installed wp and now works fine, but if i change the mysql password and try to reload it I get plain white screen, as what i know i should get mysql connection error message10:42
kickari can see the message in error log of the vhost10:43
kickarbut not in browser10:43
ikoniakickar: you don't get that, I've had that same problem10:43
ikoniakickar: the guys in #wordpress can explain it, I've recently gone through that same issue10:43
ikoniakickar: I just got a white page, rather than the expected error10:43
kickarikonia,  it is on every CMS that i have installed, wp is just an example10:43
kickareven a simple php script for connecting don't display the error10:44
ikoniakickar: I understand that, however that is how it works, I had this exact problem, 2 days ago10:44
kickarwhats the fix10:44
ikoniathe guys in #wordpress went through the reason it wasn't displaying the error message10:44
kickaris it apache or a php conf. issue10:44
ikoniakickar: no, it was expected behaviour, something to do with types of error, not being a php specialist I didn't fully understand10:45
kickarok thanks10:45
Dinux_hi , When I watch videos on youtube they play fine. but, when I minimize the window, the video overlays on whatever was behind it. This includes the desktop and all other programs , how can i fix this?10:46
* wojciech is away [Hardstyle is my Style] 10:47
=== wojciech is now known as wojciech|off
Dinux_anyone here?10:50
Dinux_hi , When I watch videos on youtube they play fine. but, when I minimize the window, the video overlays on whatever was behind it. This includes the desktop and all other programs , how can i fix this?10:51
ikoniano idea flash is a closed sourced product and as such very hard to do anything with10:51
Dinux_so , is that a common problem with ubuntu ?10:52
ikoniait's nothing to do with ubuntu10:52
ikoniait's "flash"10:52
gaurav_helpwhile updating ubuntu 10.10 its shows me error "Reading package lists... Done10:53
gaurav_helpW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ maverick/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_binary-i386_Packages)10:53
gaurav_helpW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems"10:53
FloodBot3gaurav_help: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:53
gaurav_helphow i correct these10:53
SightUpanyone using airlines theme?10:54
ikoniagaurav_help: it means you have the same sources listed two times, remove one10:54
ikoniaSightUp: why ?10:54
SightUpjust wanna know how they like it10:54
ikoniaSightUp: it doesn't matter if they do, it matters if you do, try it out if you want10:54
broon_sparrowthunderbird - i've just upgraded to 10.10. Thunderbird won;t start - i get an instant of of thunderbird is aready running. I've deleted .thunderbird and it st10:55
broon_sparrowarts ok but then when i change profiles.ini to point to my profile it won't start. i deleted a praetnlock file from my profile file but it stil won't work any idfeas10:55
broon_sparrowopps sorry for spliting that!10:56
SightUpi happen to form decisions based upon peoples decisions10:56
bazhangSightUp, please dont poll here10:56
Dinux_ikonia : ok the problem with flash , but do you have solution i can do with this problem ?10:56
ikoniaDinux_: no10:56
gaurav_helphow i remove duplicate10:56
ikoniagaurav_help: open the /etc/apt/sources.list file and remove the duplicate, save the file10:57
Dinux_ikonia : how about disabling hardware acceleration?10:59
ikoniaDinux_: what about it ?10:59
Dinux_ikonia : can we do it to solve this flash problem?10:59
heverhow can I check if a harddisk is installed on the computer or damaged?10:59
ikoniaDinux_: sorry, I obviously wasn't clear when I said "I don't know, flash is a closed source product so it's hard to change anything or resolve issues"11:00
heverfrom a shell?11:00
icerootDinux_: hardware-acceleration is always disabled in linux (doesnt matter what the gui is telling)11:00
gaurav_helpsudo /etc/apt/sources.list11:00
gaurav_helpsudo: /etc/apt/sources.list: command not found11:00
gaurav_helpits shows me error11:00
icerootgaurav_help: thatsa file not a command11:00
ikoniagaurav_help: EDIT the file11:00
ikoniagaurav_help: not run it11:00
icerootgaurav_help: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list11:00
iceroothever: to check if it is damages, install smartmontools and run a smart-test on the device11:01
hevericeroot, I'm remotely helping a person the OS can't start it boots busybox but there's no fsck.11:01
oasisTopherHi, I am running 10.04 desktop and my motherboard supports IOMMU.  I want to know how do i find out if the linux kernel I have supports IOMMU, and how to turn it on?11:02
iceroothever: the error is important11:02
hevericeroot, I know but it seems there's none...11:02
miekeHey, this is my first time videomanipulating, I just have to cut 1 part of a movie out of a dvd, what program should I use? (for minimal quality loss). Thank you!11:02
hevericeroot, I wanted to do a fsck but its not found...11:03
bazhangmieke, how minimal? a chapter?11:03
ikoniahever: you've not booted an OS, how do you expect to use an OS command ?11:03
ikoniahever: why do you want to do an fsck11:03
iceroothever: /sbin/fsck  maybe the PATH is not loaded automaticly11:04
oasisTopheralso, is there any benefit to using IOMMU when running virtualbox?11:04
miekebazhang: I just have to have make a new dvd with a little part (5 minutes) cut out of it.11:04
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Jordan_Uikonia: To be fair, it is possible (and reasonable) to include fsck in an initramfs.11:05
miekebazhang: I have no experiance whatsoever with moviemanipulating and I don't know what programs to use, dvd:rip rips and stores in another file (quality loss), avidemux doesn't want to manipulate vorbis files as I understand it now, so what should I use?11:05
bazhangmieke, ah okay I thought you wanted to remove only one part to view or some such, you mean remastering the dvd altogether11:06
miekebezhang: indeed :)11:06
bazhangmieke, there is bound to be quality loss with that11:06
heverikonia, because it could be a FS error, for example the PC was turned off accidently11:06
hevericeroot, no that's not working either...11:06
bazhangogmrip I suppose, then devede to get them together again mieke11:07
ikoniahever: then you'd get an fsck error/check not busy box11:07
miekebazhang: that's unfortunate, so no possibility to just 'cut out' a part directly in the .vob-file?11:07
bazhangmieke, you can set ogmrip to make it quite high quality11:07
mycosysavidemux can do that mieke11:07
bazhangmieke, not that I know of, but that is limited in terms of what I am familiar with11:08
miekeI will give both a shot!11:08
mycosysjust set it to not change the codec11:08
miekebazhang, mycosys: thanks!11:09
xerxeshi pple :D11:09
heverikonia, so what could it be?11:09
ikoniahever: many things, work it through11:09
heverikonia, There are no error messages... (I'm just on the phone ;) )11:10
=== dpac_away is now known as dpac
ikoniahever: then talk them through debugging it11:10
broon_sparrowi've  a partition that was called data. I've just upgraded to 10.10 and when it starts up it says it can't find the disk data. the drive is there but it's called a string of random letters. how do i change it back?11:11
ikoniabroon_sparrow: use a tool such as gparted to re-label it11:11
soreauikonia: he probably means uuid11:12
ikoniasoreau: ahhh yes11:12
ikoniagood spot11:12
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oobilozanyone here ever dealt with installing adobe flash in xubuntu11:14
inslan4hello whats the difference between 'burn as file' and 'burn contents'?11:14
oobilozi seem to be having problems11:14
encrypt55whats the best package to encrypt/password folder for ubuntu?11:14
ikoniaoobiloz: just install the package "flashplugin-nonfree"11:15
soreauinslan4: one burns a file to disk as data, the other burns the contents of the file to disk (iso image)11:15
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
adeki know its maybe not a right place11:16
inslan4soreau,  so if i wanted to burn iso image to disc i select 'burn contents' right?11:16
adekbut i need a very very small linux with GUI and able to access windows partitions on ntfs11:16
soreauinslan4: that would be my assumption11:17
adekcould somebody point me a good distributions for this ?11:17
inslan4thanks soreau11:17
soreauadek: DSL or puppy linux perhaps11:17
adekbut DSL seems to be old and i dont know if ntfs3g will work there11:18
soreauadek: Well that is beyond the scope of this channel11:18
oobilozikonia:  i got Note, selecting 'flashplugin-installer' instead of 'flashplugin-nonfree'11:18
oobilozflashplugin-installer is already the newest version.11:18
oobilozThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:11:18
oobiloz  linux-headers-2.6.35-22 linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic11:18
oobiloz .. does this mean it worked?11:18
FloodBot3oobiloz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:18
ikoniaoobiloz: fine11:18
adeksoreau: right11:19
broon_sparrowty. in gparted it has a mount point of /media/randomstringofletters how do change the mount point to /media/data ?11:20
oobilozikonia:  error:  conflicts with the installed package 'flashplugin-installer" <--- shud i remove it via synaptic?11:20
ikoniaoobiloz: it's the same pacakge11:20
soreaubroon_sparrow: Edit /etc/fstab11:20
oobilozit's not working :/11:20
geirhabroon_sparrow: Unmount it, then change the label to data11:22
broon_sparrowid fstab the line reads "/dev/sda6       /data           ext4    defaults        0       2" so it looks like in fstab it IS called data.11:22
dubeyi am using ubuntu 10.04 for last 1 year. Yesterday after update i have lost most of the notification icon from task bar. e.g Skype, Pidgin, Wifi etc.11:22
tonyrulezdorsy ma durci, de íme: http://tonyrulez.comyr.com/11:22
broon_sparrowgeirha: how do I change the label11:22
geirhabroon_sparrow: Oh, sorry, I assumed it was an external drive.11:22
broon_sparrowah sorry should have said it;s a partition11:23
erkan^is sparrow a e-mailprogram for mac os x, broon_sparrow ?11:23
broon_sparrowerkan: ??11:24
geirhabroon_sparrow: I'd run ''sudo blkid'' to find the uuid of that partition, and then in fstab, change /dev/sda6 to UUID=<string of hexadecimal digits and dashes>11:25
soreaubroon_sparrow: Its called /data but isnt the mount point /media/data ?11:25
broon_sparrowin fstab it seems to be called data. in gparted mountpoint is random string of letters. in 'places' it's called 258GB filsystem and when ubuntu starts up it says it can't find data and i have to pres S to skip! Does that make any sense?11:27
broon_sparrowi've almost 300gb of data on it so don;t want to accidentally format it!11:28
soreaubroon_sparrow: Does /data exist? AFAICT, its telling you that it does not (you said yourself it should be /media/data which sounds more like it anyway)11:28
broon_sparrowright i see! i need to change it to media/data...i'll try that11:28
broon_sparrowum how do i edit fstab?11:29
soreaubroon_sparrow: /media/data11:29
ileasomeone know a program for linux to backup or to restore deleted or formated partitions and restore files? I need for a friend i have to install linux because windows has crased and its full of viruses11:29
soreaubroon_sparrow: gksu gedit /etc/fstab11:29
oobilozno joy11:30
geirha!undelete | ilea11:30
ubottuilea: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel11:30
broon_sparrowTY all. i'll try all that.11:31
realjoehi, can ubuntu be installed on apple tv2?11:31
oobilozikonia, are you here?  can i past something11:32
ileai have to recover data from ntfs partitions so it will work11:32
ikoniaoobiloz: use a pastebin if it's long11:33
=== alyu is now known as alyu_
icerootrealjoe: a google search said yes. http://wiki.eple.us/appletv_ubuntu_9.10_xbmc11:33
ikoniarealjoe: appletv 1 yes, appletv2 - no11:33
oobilozwell it's not that long b ut i've used pastebin11:33
icerootrealjoe: ah the link is for apple tv (1)11:33
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banksyOn mythbuntu 10.10: Currently running nvidia drivers v260 - enabled by Additional Drivers.  Just got asked to downgrade to v256 to debug a problem - anyone know how?11:33
oobilozi did that and that's what i saw, i don't know why it's not working, i checked plugins in ff and eerytring seems to be enabled...11:34
realjoeyes, atv2 has an arm core11:34
realjoeikonia thanks11:34
icerootrealjoe: debian is build for arm11:34
techbreakhi can anybody suggest me python video tutorials ??11:34
ikoniaiceroot: doesn't matter, can't use it, ubuntu has an arm build11:35
soreaubanksy: Is it available in sys>admin>additional drivers ?11:35
icerootikonia: ok, can you tell me why it is not working with ubutnu?11:35
soreautechbreak: try #python ?11:35
ikoniaiceroot: the appletv 2 ?11:36
icerootikonia: yes11:36
banksysoreau: additional drivers just tells me it's activated, currently in use and is up to date.  no 'choose other version' option11:36
ikoniaiceroot: because it has no writeable media on it, and the one of the chips apple used is propritary that has at this time no linux support11:36
icerootikonia: ah ok, thats a good reason to never buy apple-products :)11:36
JemtHi guys. I'm trying to install and activate the Broadcom wireless network drivers through a console, to have the adapter work on my MacBook Pro. How do I do that? Installing the drivers doesn't enable the driver11:36
techbreakhi python video tutorials suggestions please11:37
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=== acrocity is now known as alyu
ikoniaiceroot: I have a very broken custom linux build on a usb disk hot wired into a dissassembled apple tv2 , the sucess is very very low, the effort is massivly high11:37
Cockroach_edOMG I just dd if=/dev/zero the first 2GB of my boot disk. is there any way I can get any of the data back?11:38
icerootCockroach_ed: your backup11:38
Cockroach_edfigured as much11:39
Cockroach_edhaven't backed up in a while :(11:39
icerootCockroach_ed: now you have a good reason for making backups11:39
broon_sparrowhi mount point in gparted is still /media/randomstring how do i change the mount point?11:39
oobilozdid anybody else have problems putting adobe flash in xubuntu?11:41
soreaubroon_sparrow: Is it mounting to /media/disk ok now?11:42
soreauor data11:42
icerootoobiloz: problems like?11:42
oobilozit's not workiong?11:42
oobilozdid it from synaptic, no joy, removed from synaptic, reinstalled from webpage, no joy, tried Flash Aid as an add on,it didn't work eeither11:43
icerootoobiloz: usefull details please, what have you done, what is not working, which architecture, which ubuntu version11:43
broon_sparrowi think it was previously mounted at /data not /media/data - the path for a document is /data/... would that make sense?11:43
oobiloziceroot:  xubuntu 10.1011:44
icerootoobiloz: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree   after that you only should restart your browser and it should work11:44
broon_sparrowsoreau: no i don't think so11:44
soreaubroon_sparrow: The output of mount should tell you if its mounted11:44
soreaumount|grep sda611:44
soreauor however11:44
oobilozi did that and it said something aobut "flashplugin-installer" being the newset version11:44
icerootoobiloz: dpkg -l flashplugin-nonfree11:45
oobilozand it's telling me about some packages that are automatically installed, no longer required11:45
broon_sparrowsoreau: sorry but what do you mean the output of mount?11:45
icerootoobiloz: starting with "ii"?11:45
soreaubroon_sparrow: In your terminal, type mount and press enter. It is a command11:45
oobilozi will paste result in that webpage...11:46
broon_sparrow" /dev/sdf6 on /media/084d096e-afac-444b-8763-eb2f8e270467 type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks) " it says11:46
soreaubroon_sparrow: and that is the random string gparted is giving too right?11:47
soreaubroon_sparrow: It sounds to me like you are telling it to mount to a location that doesnt exist11:47
soreaubroon_sparrow: What does ls -l /media/data show?11:48
oobiloziceroot:  did u see it?11:48
broon_sparrow"  ls: cannot access /media/data: No such file or directory "11:48
broon_sparrowso how would I make /data exist11:48
soreaubroon_sparrow: Right so create the directory first with sudo mkdir /media/data11:49
soreaubroon_sparrow: Then set fstab to point to /media/data to mount sda611:49
truepurpleikonia: You there?11:49
soreaubroon_sparrow: If it cant find the mount point, it just creates a temporary mount point and calls it by UUID since this value is unique11:50
JemtWhere can I see what WiFi drivers "Additional drivers" is capable of installing automatically?11:50
soreauJemt: sys>admin>11:50
soreauJemt: What wifi chip is it?11:50
Jemtsoreau: Any - I need to know what adapters are supported through installation of additional drivers11:51
broon_sparrowthat's great thanks. fstab says "/dev/sda6       /media/data           ext4    defaults        0       2" so it will mount at media/data now?11:51
soreauJemt: So you want to know what cards have proprietary drivers available? (why?)11:51
broon_sparrowi'll do a re-start and give see what happens. Still got a problem with thunderbird - i'll try and sort that next.11:51
soreaubroon_sparrow: If ls -l /media/data shows it does exists as a directory11:51
ikoniatruepurple: yes ?11:52
broon_sparrowoutput from  la = "total=0" that make sense11:52
truepurpleOk, I got it to work for whatever reason11:52
Jemtsoreau: I'm remastering Ubuntu, and working on better WiFi support. I have now included the Broadcom STA drivers (popular on Macs), but want to know if I can include other drivers too11:52
Jemt(its' for a school)11:52
truepurpleikonia: but now it is asking what software I want to install, and I don't know which to use11:53
soreauJemt: Other problematic chips include realtek I think11:53
ikoniatruepurple: that's up to you11:53
Jemtsoreau: I don't see any realtek drivers in the repository11:53
truepurpleI don't know what they do though11:53
soreauJemt: Popular intel and atheros chips work fine with the default open drivers loaded for them by default11:53
soreau! realtek | Jemt11:53
ubottuJemt: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b11:53
Jemtsoreau: Yes, there are well supported, fortunately11:53
JemtExcellent, thank you :)11:54
soreauJemt: And FWIW, broadcom is now releasing hw specs so we should see an open broadcom driver pop up soon enough11:54
truepurpleikonia: What is a DNS server? What is a edubuntu server? What is a LAMP server? What is a mail server? What is a openssh server? What is  postgreSQL database? I could go on and on11:54
Cockroach_edIs this download -> Show me how button supposed to do anything?11:55
ikoniatruepurple: what do you mean "what is"11:55
truepurpleWhat do those do?11:55
Jemtsoreau: Perfect, looking forward to that11:55
lewishello can you help me find an msn app?11:55
ikoniatruepurple: you don't want them, you wanted a desktop didn't you11:55
lewisan official one11:55
ikonialewis: there isn't one11:56
lewisisnt there?11:56
_Alex__lewis: If yo want, use wine to emulate the original11:56
ikoniamsn is windows only (official client)11:56
soreaulewis: microsoft does provide any official apps for linux11:56
soreaulewis: You can use wine to run native windows applications11:57
_Alex__lewis:  MS doesn't like us11:57
truepurpleikonia I don't need any of those for internet?11:57
ikoniatruepurple: no11:57
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_Alex__lewis: winehq.org11:57
kos_Hello, I corrupted my partition table by deleting one of the partitions and the freed space can't be used now. Is it possible to repair it?11:57
truepurpleikonia: So just pick a desktop and that is it?11:57
ikoniatruepurple: yes11:57
truepurpleikonia: Which one would be best for a beginner?11:58
ikoniaubuntu/gnome is the most common11:58
_Alex__trupurple: Gnome=Easy to use, KDE=Cool and Fancy11:59
saurabhkos_, use gparted to make the freed space into a partition11:59
truepurpleI have alot more options then that11:59
truepurpleand none of them say gnome or KDE11:59
ikoniatruepurple: just pick the ubuntu/gnome option11:59
kos_gparted don't see any partitions :/11:59
ikoniatruepurple: ubuntu-desktop ? is that in the list ?11:59
_Alex__What are your options?11:59
kos_fdisk shows them correctly i guess12:00
zichodoes anyone know if its possible to get xmms2 displaying status in gnome toolbar? similiar to this picture http://tech.mahesha.com/wp-content/images/xmms2_conky.png12:00
Jordan_Ukos_: How did you delete the partition?12:00
soreaukos_: can you mount them?12:00
truepurpleIkonia there is Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu12:00
truepurpleAnd Edubuntu KDE12:01
_Alex__Kubuntu=KDE, Ubuntu=GNOME12:01
truepurpleThe rest?12:01
_Alex__i think12:01
bignono1d/l ff 4 tar file extracted to home dir. removed the old ver  now cant start ff the easy way , i have to go to firefox dir in home and start from there no icon no menu please help12:01
ikoniatruepurple: ok so "ubuntu"12:01
truepurpleEdubuntu is?12:01
_Alex__A addon12:01
ikoniatruepurple: don't worry, just use ubuntu12:01
bignono1ubuntu 10.0412:02
truepurpleOk, thanks12:02
soreautruepurple: Its ubuntu with a bunch of additional applications installed geared toward educational purposes12:02
kos_i wanted to divide sda6, so i deleted using ubuntu default disk service, but i was bad idea i guess12:02
soreauI think it comes with gnome and kde12:02
iotruepurple: http://www.ubuntu.com/project/derivatives12:02
soreau! edubuntu12:02
ubottuEdubuntu is an Ubuntu derivative aimed at schools and educational institutions. For more info, see http://www.edubuntu.org12:02
austiniumhi, i've installed ubuntu on a pendrive and am thinking of using it from there12:02
iotruepurple: it's probably a good idea to read the background of a project before using it12:02
Jordan_Ukos_: System > Administration > Disk Utility?12:02
austiniumdo i need to make any configuration changes to the pendrive to last longer?12:03
Jordan_Ukos_: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?12:03
austiniumalso, i've noticed that applications take longer to load than they would take from an HDD12:04
JemtBye, thanks for all the help :)12:04
austiniumsynaptic for instance takes longer12:04
ikoniaaustinium: not surprising12:04
austiniumto install packages, reload package lists12:04
soreauDoes driver do even-wear on usb sticks or does that have to already be supported by the hw12:04
lewiswhaqt is sampsung apps?12:04
ikoniasoreau: needs it on the chip on the disk12:04
austiniumi have it partitioned as etx412:04
ikoniaaustinium: that's fine12:04
soreauaustinium: Its going to take longer because usb bus is slower12:05
Jordan_Usoreau: That has to be done by the hardware. Even with flash cards wear leveling is done on the card itself.12:05
lewiswhats sampsung apps??12:05
soreauJordan_U: Thats what I meant, wear-leveling12:05
DarkSectorI am getting the error while compiling my C programme inttypes.h not found when I can see it in my /usr/include folder, how to get rid of this error.12:05
austiniumis anything i can do to make sure the usb drive doesn't die sooner due to frequent read write operations?12:05
soreauJordan_U: ikonia: thanks12:06
Jordan_Usoreau: You're welcome.12:06
ikoniaDarkSector: install the header, or remove the reference12:06
DarkSectorikonia: the header is already installed, its there in /usr/include, aren't all header files present in the /usr/include12:06
soreauaustinium: Apparently nothing you can do if your flash drive doesnt already have wear-leveling support12:06
austiniumsoreau:how do i check if it has it?12:07
ikoniaDarkSector: depends where you application is expecting to reference them from12:07
soreauaustinium: no idea12:07
DarkSectorikonia: isn't gcc supposed to take it from there ? but ofcourse I am using gcc-avr12:07
ikoniaaustinium: it won't12:07
DarkSectorikonia: this error wasn't occuring in 10.04 but does in 10.1012:07
ikoniaDarkSector: it's set in the makefile,12:07
soreauaustinium: I doubt it does though as this is a relatively new technology12:07
DarkSectorikonia: oh !12:07
kos_Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/8d9NhWuJ , it is not english version12:08
DarkSectorikonia: er.. how can I find that ?12:08
ikoniaDarkSector: maybe a differnce include path in gcc-avr over gcc, I don't know12:08
nrdb_DarkSector: doulbe check are you using "#include <inttypes.h>" or "#include "inttypes.h""12:08
austiniumsoreau: ok12:08
lewisis there an official msn app?12:08
DarkSectornrdb_:  #include <inttypes.h>12:08
_Alex__lewis: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!12:08
soreaulewis: Why are you asking the same question?12:08
ikonialewis: you've been told12:08
kos_Jordan_U: it returns bad signature error12:09
nrdb_DarkSector: hmmm! ok12:09
Jordan_Ukos_: Please pastebin the output of "sudo LANG=C parted -l".12:09
nrdb_DarkSector: how about the permissions of the "/usr/include/inttypes.h"12:09
DarkSectornrdb_: -rw-r--r--12:10
boumais there a way to use apt to check the md5sum of every file from every package installed ?12:10
Jordan_Ubouma: Yes, using debsums.12:10
boumaor otherwise to check the integrity of all the packages on a system12:10
boumaJordan_U: cheers12:10
kos_Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/5SmQJPX912:10
boumaJordan_U: will it reinstall those packages that it detects have files that have been altered / other than in /etc.. eg12:11
shadghostI just want to make sure i am not crazy before i start something, i can use the presure to boot from flashdrive on a hardrive12:12
_Alex__lewis: And you can use 'Empathy' as your MSN client12:13
nrdb_DarkSector: that appears OK... I don't know what else to check.  ... maybe you could explicitly put '/usr/include' into the search path with the gcc option '-I'12:13
cainushey all... can anyone tell me why video players on ubuntu can play the ogg video I made on ubuntu, but video players on other OS' (windows) can't?  Even if I use updated VLC on both machines, there's a disparity...12:14
_Alex__cainus: You need codecs12:14
broon_sparrowso media/data now exists but the drive isn't mounted there. in gparted the mount point is still media/random string12:15
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org12:15
cainusAlex: it's the other way around... the video plays in ubuntu, but not windows (and youtube can't read it either)12:16
soreaubroon_sparrow: Why do you keep looking at gparted? You should be looking at mount and /etc/fstab12:16
lewisright im on the wine website now what do i click?12:16
zichodoes anyone know if its possible to get xmms2 displaying status in gnome toolbar? similiar to this picture http://tech.mahesha.com/wp-content/images/xmms2_conky.png12:17
Bipul`lewis,  you need wine for what perpose?12:17
soreauzicho: xmms2 is now audacious IIRC12:17
bignono1d/l ff 4 tar file extracted to home dir. removed the old ver  now cant start ff the easy way , i have to go to firefox dir in home and start from there no icon no menu please help12:17
lewisi clickeddownload what now?12:17
ZULOany1 can help me with this network problem? http://img859.imageshack.us/img859/5426/problemq.jpg12:18
_Alex__Bipul': He wants a 'Official' MSN client12:18
_Alex__lewis: Click the ubuntu icon12:18
ruanbignono1: it would be better if you installed from PPA12:18
_Alex__and do what it says12:18
Bipul`Offical MSN client then go for vMWARE12:18<