duanedesignhello Tommy300:02
duanedesignTommy3: you can get help in  #ubuntu00:02
Tommy3tried there. no response after abt half hr of trying.  thought I might be in the wrong place.00:03
mungo-is support available ?00:12
mungo-guess not.  i wont waste your time00:12
vadi2If I add multiple files that are only slightly varying in some parts to U1, will it upload them each individually, or send 'delta' updates of them all?00:31
needhelp1is ubuntu one encrypted at all03:37
nodestoolcan you use the commandline or something like rsync/scp to upload to ubuntu one?03:37
needhelp1nodestool, i would like to know that also03:37
nodestoolhi needhelp103:37
nodestoolare you going to use the smart phone app?03:37
nodestoolneedhelp1: even they don't have encryption out of the box, i think the gpg is really good/fast at encrypting crap03:38
needhelp1im not03:38
needhelp1i would need to connect to the cloud via some form of an encrypted connection also03:38
nodestoolyou could use gpg on your box, then the file would be encrypted before you upload03:39
needhelp1im interested to know if ubuntu one has a way via terminal to upload/download files03:40
nodestoolalso that way you don't have to even worry about server admins or whatever seeing your files03:40
nodestoolyou have the public key03:41
nodestoolbut yeah, a scp with a public key would be great03:41
nodestoolcause then you can upload via cron03:42
needhelp1im just a little uncomfortable with gpg03:43
nodestoolwhy is that03:44
needhelp1never used it in depth, seems hard to use. i think i could figure out how to use it with email.. other than that im lost03:46
nodestoolneedhelp1: if you use it in the simple way its really easy03:46
needhelp1care to share03:48
needhelp1i wonder if ubuntu one uses s303:52
nodestools3 is more tricky03:52
nodestoolwhat are you trying to do?03:52
nodestooljust back up files/03:52
nodestoolor do you want to have them for daily use?03:53
needhelp1it looks like ubuntu one is hosted via s303:54
nodestoolthere are commandline tools for s303:54
nodestoolbut it depends on how you want to use the service03:55
nodestooli mostly want to use it for my smart phone03:55
nodestoolto stream audio03:55
needhelp1Dropbox[17], Zmanda and Ubuntu One are some of the many online backup and synchronization services that use S3 as their storage and transfer facility.03:55
non-apologydid i violate channel rules here ?04:12
non-apologyyou wasted my time04:13
mongyfile sync seems to be down19:38
mongystruggling to connect at least.19:38
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