Kokitowas wondering if Ubuntu Studio needed any help with the website re-design05:53
holsteinKokito: are you on the mailing list?05:54
holsteinthe dev list?05:54
holsteinim sure there is some things that could be done :)05:54
KokitoI have created several Drupal themes for the Haiku Project (http://haiku-os.org, http://haiku-es.org, etc.), and would not mind trying to create one for ubuntu studio05:54
holsteinKokito: haiku is awesome :)05:55
Kokitoholstein: no, I am not on any of the mailing lists05:55
KokitoI am actually new to ubuntu studio05:55
holsteinKokito: im sure ScottL is asleep by now05:55
holsteinthats who we need to get you talking to05:55
Kokitoif the dev list where the website stuff is discussed?05:56
Kokitodoes he frequent IRC?05:56
holsteintheres https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-users05:56
holstein^ thats the one you want05:56
holsteinmaybe both05:56
holsteinKokito: yeah, its just past his bedtime :)05:57
holsteinthe ubuntu-studio channel can be a bit dead05:57
holsteinbut, we've been working on some things that keeps this channel somewhat active05:57
holsteinKokito: ive always liked those sites :)05:57
Kokitonot a developer, so was kind of reluctant to join the dev lis05:57
holsteinthe kaiku sites05:57
holsteinKokito: you can join if you want05:58
Kokitome too holstein, but I am biased :P05:58
Kokitoholstein: will wait to chat with ScottL here in the next few days and take it from there06:00
holsteinKokito: sure06:00
holsteinhe'll be around in the AM06:00
holsteinin 8 hours or so id say06:00
holsteinKokito: glad to meet you06:01
* holstein is going to crash too...06:01
Kokitosame here holstein :)06:02
* Kokito has subscribed to both mailing list06:04

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