azmdoes someone get flash artifacts after flash ?10:09
azmI have to reboot pc to dismiss it10:09
ailo__azm, What system are you on?10:14
azmailo__, ubuntu studio10:14
ailo__azm, Which version. 10.04, 10.10?10:14
ailo__azm, Natty?10:15
ailo__I never had that. What kind of graphic card do you have?10:15
azmnividia quadro NVS 140M10:16
ailo__azm: Have you tried any 3d, openGL applications on it for a while? Is everything else working fine? Only flash fgives you problems?10:19
azmailo__, yea it seems like its flash restricted, but have to say I only tried blender10:20
azmalso quake live works fine10:20
ailo__My graphic cards have all died pretty fast, but I used to play a lot of 3d games in the past. One thing that would happen was that 3d games graphics would get corrupted, but regular Desktop graphics was fine10:21
ailo__azm, Have you tried Gnash? Would that work for you?10:22
azmuh,gnash was unusable last time I checked10:23
azmbut it was quite an awhile10:23
azmI can see the 8.9 version was just released10:25
azmI could try it10:25
ailoazm, Where do the artifacts appear btw? The toplevel of the screen, so it blocks everything else?10:31
azmailo, well it can be seen only If I drag white space on it10:31
azmif its dark it cannot be seen10:31
azmso eg If I watch movie the white spaces are filled with flash video stuck somewhere in bacground normally invisible on my dark workspace10:32
ailoEvenly all over the screen?10:33
azmnope, it depends how big was the initial flash video10:34
azmits exactly same size10:34
azmif it is small ad then it appears on the same position as the ad10:34
ailoBut it's opacified? You can see through it?10:35
ailoOr, the other way around. I'm not sure about that term.10:36
azmit is not10:36
azmI cant see thru it10:36
azmit as picture10:36
ailoI would guess it is somehow related to the hardware, or the drivers. It doesn't sound like anything I've seen happen before10:37
ailoI guess you could try installing another version of Ubuntu on another partition, or another OS even, to see if it changes.10:38
ailoUnless you added something to the Desktop graphics, like some custom Compiz thing10:40
azmnope no effects10:41
azmwell its not big deal10:41
azmmost of the time it works10:41
azmit not reproducible it seems10:41
ailoI guess it could be a bug in the drivers that only affects flash flashplayer10:41
azmIm using proprietary so I could switch to open source drivers10:42
holsteinazm: ive seen artifacts15:01
holsteinon PPC buntu15:02
holsteinand some other janky half-supported video hardware15:02
holsteinflash is a dog15:02
holsteinbut my money is on the graphics drivers15:02
azmholstein, have you tried gnash?15:05
azmif it is usable15:05
holsteinazm: at that time15:06
holsteinand probably still15:06
holsteinthat was the only option for flash in PPC15:06
holsteinwas kinda if-y back then15:06
holsteinbut, i avoid flash succesfully 80% of the time :)15:06
azmyea, maybe they get better now15:07
azmwell I cant avoid flash if I want to watch youtube15:07
azmand vimeo15:07
holsteinyou can contact them15:08
holsteinand suggest they use another format ;)15:08
mlpugthings went well as far as I dealt with time signatures 4/4 only20:00
mlpugnow my track is 6/8 and I cant get things right so that hydrogen and rosegarden are aligned and scores outputted from rosegarden would make sense20:01
esoxHello, herre is my problem : I'm using ingen and the midi in/out of ingen appear under the MII tab of jack, all other software/hardware MIDI in/out are under the ALSA tab... how to connect those 2 stuf ?21:51

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