micahgcan someone confirm an issue for me?16:53
Sysiwhat's making that letter-icon in indicator plugin, indicator messages?19:14
ochosimicahg: what's the issue?19:14
ochosiSysi: letter == envelope?19:14
micahgochosi: bug 74368919:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 743689 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "Window selector will not switch windows when there is a drop down selector" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74368919:15
ochosiSysi: that's the messaging-indicator19:15
Sysiclosest package i can find is indicator-messages19:16
ochosimicahg: i'll quickly reboot to natty to see whether i can confirm that, but could you tell me what exactly happens when clicking a drop-down? it should show the list of grouped windows, no?19:16
ochosiSysi: yes, that's what i meant19:17
Sysialso, should xfce4-power manager support indicator applet?19:17
micahgochosi: yes, then it should switch to the window you select, doesn't work for me19:17
ochosiSysi: it should integrate pidgin and hopefully at some point thunderbird19:17
ochosimicahg: ok, i'll see whether i can confirm it19:17
Sysii use neither..19:17
micahgmessaging menu for TB should be next cycle19:17
ochosiSysi: then feel free to uninstall the package, that will also remove the indicator19:17
micahgit'll be discussed at UDS19:18
Sysihum, nm-applet fails with icon on systray, otherly i wouldn't use indicators19:19
micahgSysi: it should fall back to systray if there's no indicator-plugin19:20
Sysibut icon's failing then, propably nm-applet issue, worked at 10.1019:20
ochosiSysi: works for me19:21
ochosimicahg: i can confirm that bug19:21
micahgI'm using the indicator plugin19:22
micahgochosi: cool, can you comment and I'll milestone it19:22
ochosimicahg: yes, i think this should go upstream. iirc though we don't have grouping enabled by default (at least i hope)19:22
Sysiochosi: well it works, but shows some weird icon, could be in my theme too19:22
ochosiSysi: i only tried with greybird and elementaryXubuntu, worked fine with that19:23
ochosimicahg: done19:25
micahgochosi: it's for overflow grouping for me19:25
micahgochosi: thanks19:25

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