zrutyI can get my bluetooth to pair and connect but how do I get the sound to play through it to my bluetooth headset?05:44
zrutyGood afternoon06:23
zrutyIn ubuntu, after pairing, a new hardware output choice shows up in sound preferences, but in xubuntu, this new hardware never shows up as a sound output choice.06:23
escoloaderhi xubuntians07:23
Sysizruty: install pavucontrol09:19
YcareneIs there a way to completely remove pulse without the installer trying to force you to remove everything else?09:19
Sysiit should remove just couple of dependencies09:20
Sysiwhat you're using, synaptic?09:21
Sysitry sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio09:21
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zrutySysi: Okay... and then...?12:02
Sysizruty: ten you'll have same sound settings as in gnome12:27
oobilozis it common to have problems iwth adobe-flashplugin in xubuntu 10.10?12:29
Sysikind of12:30
Sysicrashy youtube?12:30
oobilozno youtube at all12:31
oobilozi have tried removing it from synaptic and reinstalling12:32
oobilozi even tried the addon in firefox12:32
Sysido you have gnash installed?12:32
oobilozno, i tried searching for it in synaptic, it says it's not there12:32
oobilozit loads everything in youtube but the vid12:34
oobilozanything else i can try?12:35
knomeoobiloz, flashplugin-nonfree is the name. you also want to remove gnash, if it's installed12:53
oobilozi did that13:09
oobilozno joy13:09
oobilozi tried getting the restricted packages, it wouldn't isntall in synaptic, i had to use terminal13:09
oobilozthat didn't work either13:09
oobilozi got it13:11
oobilozwanna hear how?13:11
knomeyeah, if you didn't get to install the normal way13:11
oobilozwell i got the restricted packages13:11
knomeand it works?13:12
oobilozrestricted extras, installed via terminal using aptitude13:12
oobilozhell no13:12
oobilozthen i did sudo updatedb, which did nothing13:12
oobilozthen i looked itup in forum and did13:12
oobilozlocate libflashplayer.so13:12
oobilozas it turns out i had double13:12
oobilozi did13:12
knome'sudo updatedb' updates the filed database so 'locate' will work. it doesn't appear to do anything, and still it does.13:13
oobilozrm /home/oobiloz/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so13:13
oobilozso it did work13:13
oobilozwhen i removed that it worked13:13
oobilozand i've never been so happy listening to maroon 513:13
knomehad you copied that file there yourself?13:14
oobilozi doubt it, i've just been unisntalling, reinstalling, and all that13:14
knomeright... good to know then13:14
oobilozif somebody asked me this, i wouldn't remember how to do it13:15
knomei do13:15
oobilozthank god13:16
knomecheck if you have multiple copies of libflashplayer.so and remove the extra ones13:16
oobilozi will probably end up asking *you* again next time13:16
knomeno problem13:16
oobilozi will be coming on here regularly13:16
oobilozand now, to install skype...13:16
knomethat should be pretty straightforward13:17
oobilozi have terrible memory :(13:17
oobiloznwo i'm having trouble with skype14:19
oobilozanyone here have had sound problems?14:19
Arpad2how to enable 3D graphics with proprietary nvidia driver?15:14
Sysiif you have it installed and used you have 3D15:15
Arpad2it is installed15:16
Arpad2but screensaver isnt working nor any of  3d games15:16
Sysiwhat graphics card / driver version?15:17
Sysiyou rebooted?15:17
Arpad2rebooted yes15:17
Sysicheck the drivers-dialog and see if it's used15:18
Arpad2under additional driver it sais current is in use15:20
Sysilspci | grep VGA says what?15:21
Arpad2arpad@arpad-desktop:~/Desktop$ lspci | grep VGA15:22
Arpad201:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G73 [GeForce 7600 GT] (rev a1)15:22
Sysishould just work..15:22
Arpad2bad luck I guess15:23
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IdleOneis there an archive of old xubuntu releases like old-releases.ubuntu.com?16:21
Arpad2Sysi: driver now works fine :)16:24
Arpad2Sysi: Ive got help, xorg.conf wasnt set good16:25
IdleOnehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/ found it16:25
nicofsWhat is the correct command to start a xubuntu-session from CLI? i set up a vncserver but all i get is an empty xfce-session, so i guess i neet to tell the start script to start xubuntu...16:30
Sysiwhat are you doing now?16:30
nicofsaccessing my pc via tightvnc...16:31
Sysiyou start xfce with startxfce416:32
nicofsdoes that load normal xfce4 or a xubuntu session?16:32
Sysiwhat should be the difference?16:32
nicofsduring the login screen, there is a diference between "start xubuntu session" and "start xfce4 session"...16:36
Sysii never noticed16:37
nicofswell, a plain xfce4 session doesn't look like xubuntu - other icons, other themes (i guess it's just that) - i thought someone might know how to invoke xubuntu - or where to look for the command...16:39
Sysiboth just take your personal xfce settings16:39
Sysiset it to look like you want16:40
nicofshmm... i think, that's a problem for later... atm i can'T even get xfce4 to work...16:40
nicofsall i get after connecting is a blank grey screen with a black x as cursor...16:42
xubuntu217having a problem logging on, hit my user name the screen flashes and the boot screen reappear, no chance to enter password, last session  had..18:07
xubuntu217a hardware reboot due to nevernote screen capture not working hit esc and enter but would not capture ^X and ^C didn't work either..so now dea18:08
RegiHey, is there where I can get a little bit of advice?19:07
RegiXunbuntu just finished installing, it restarts the computer, I think it attempts to boot from the hard disk and it just sits there with a flashing _19:09
jrtaylorivIs there a way to find out which menu file xfce is using? I'm not using xubuntu, but I installed xfce4 package from a minimal Ubuntu install19:52
jrtayloriv/etc/xdg/xfce4/desktop doesn't exist20:23
ubuntuhow can i install flash?22:18
Sysiinstall flashplugin-nonfree with your favourite package manager22:19
ubuntuhow can i install flash in ubuntu from terminal?22:26
TheSheepsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree22:26
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StupendoussteveHmm. Where would one report a typo in a link on the xubuntu site?22:48
StupendoussteveNever mind, think I found it22:49
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just_some_dudehi. anyone know how to turn off "thumbnailing" (saving thumbnails to .thumbnails) in xubuntu 10.04. i can only find instructions for how to do it using nautilus.23:10
ochosijust_some_dude: uninstall "thunar-thumbnailers"?23:12
just_some_dudethat seems way too easy and obvious, but i'll try it.23:13
ochosiwhy "too easy"? :)23:14
just_some_dudebecause it seems like a pain to do from what i've been reading23:16
just_some_dudesomeone even said to do something like this: "chmod a-rwX ~/.thumbnails/"23:17
ochosiah, that's just hacky23:17
ochosiso, have you tried to uninstall the thumbnailers and look in a newly created dir with imgs or other stuff?23:18
just_some_dudehang on23:18
just_some_dudei'm hoping i don't have to restart23:18
ochosino, you don't have to23:18
ochosiwell, in fact the thumbnailer might still be running23:19
ochosilet me quickly check23:19
ochosihm no i think it should be ok23:19
ochosiand anyway, restarting your session should suffice23:19
just_some_dudenope, didn't work.23:20
just_some_dudei guess gimp makes thumbnails too23:20
ochosino, not for thunar23:20
ochosithe already created thumbnails will not be gone btw23:21
ochosiunless you rm -r the thumbnails-folder23:21
just_some_dudei deleted all the thumbs after uninstalling23:21
just_some_dudethen ran gimp, and new thumbs showed up23:21
ochosiwhy gimp? i thought you were talking about thunar?23:21
just_some_dudei just don't want any thumbnails23:21
ochosigimp only uses a file-chooser dialog that is gtk, not thunar23:21
just_some_dudei'd rather have thumbs generated each time than waste disk space on cached thumbs23:22
Sysithey're eating *megabytes* of precious hdd?23:23
ochosidisk space is cheap, cpu power is usually less cheap. anyway, i don't really feel like arguing about that23:23
ochosithe point is that at least for thunar you might have to restart your session23:23
ochosior restart thunar23:23
ochosirestarting your session means: logout, login23:23
Sysithunar has option in settings to not show thumbnails23:23
ochosirestarting thunar means: Thunar -q, Thunar23:24
just_some_dudei just decided to say "screw it," and delete the directory from time to time23:24
Sysiyou could symlink it to /dev/null :P23:24
ochosiwell, you could run a script on login that does that23:25
just_some_dudenow, i do have a "real" issue23:25
ochosibut i still think it's a pretty bad decision :)23:25
just_some_dudeit's about hdaps23:25
just_some_dudei'm not going to worry about it23:25
just_some_dudethere is no gui for hdaps, and i need to know if i set it up correctly.23:26
just_some_dudeit does work, but the xfce4-hdaps thing says "hdaps is off"23:26
just_some_dudei type "sudo hdapsd -d sda -s 15 -a -v -y", and that spits out a continuous stream of data that changes when i move my computer around23:27
just_some_dudeit also stops if i hit my computer too hard23:28
just_some_dudebut, i'm running it without really knowing what it is doing.23:28
just_some_dudeif the hdaps thing is too involved, i have one more issue23:36
just_some_dudefull screen flash video will freeze after a few minutes, but the audio keeps playing23:36
just_some_dudeif i leave full screen, the video goes back to playing normally23:37

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