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RAOFBo.  The dash isn't a feature-complete replacement for gnome-do :)04:39
hyperairsb levelclear -level clientcrap,crap,joins,parts,quits,nicks,clientnotice05:56
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MacSlowhey there everybody08:00
RAOFHowdie MacSlow! Good weekend?08:01
MacSlowhey RAOF... yeah... spent most of it on twisting country-roads... leaving tire-rubber everywhere :)08:01
RAOFRev head! :P08:02
MacSlowRAOF, hell yeah!08:02
oSoMoNgood morning08:12
didrocksgood morning08:17
zniavregood mornings08:24
zniavreafter sometimes the app-menu "loose" the window and only display "File" with just one Close option08:25
Davidc_3zniavre, something similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/718926 ?08:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 718926 in bamf (Ubuntu) "Some apps don't integrate to appmenu after having their windows closed" [High,Triaged]08:32
zniavreDavidc_3,  thank you08:35
Davidc_3zniavre, :)08:36
zniavrethere is no workaround or solution i guess we hav to wait for update so08:40
nerochiaroCimi: good morning. do you know how if it's possible to modify the gtkrc for the ambiance theme to make one style have fully transparent background ?09:17
zniavrenerochiaro,  i take the power to answer if you don't mind > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/RgbaGtkWithPPA/09:28
Ciminerochiaro: what style?09:28
zniavreooops sorry09:28
nerochiaroCimi: zniavre: panel style in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/apps/gnome-panel.rc09:29
Ciminerochiaro: you want a transparent gnome panel using the gnome panel's transparency?09:30
Ciminerochiaro: then simply comment the bg_pixmap line09:31
nerochiaroCimi: it's for unity-2d. we embed the indicators and i want them to be transparent. and i saw that they use the panel color09:31
nerochiaroer, the panel style09:31
zniavreunity-2d panel does not follow the gtkrc i believe09:31
nerochiarozniavre: the indicators follow it, the are embedded gtk widgets09:32
zniavrea ok09:33
* nerochiaro has stiff fingers this morning, can't type09:33
Ciminerochiaro: is there a ppa I could test for unity 2d playing with this stuff?09:33
nerochiaroCimi: yes, let me have a look09:35
Ciminerochiaro: ok so link me to the bugreport, PPA09:35
CimiI'll play with this09:35
Cimimaybe later today or tomorrow09:35
klattimerseb128: are there any high prio bugs you'd like to assign me09:37
klattimerI've got one dbusmenu bug which is taking a while to figure out what's going wrong, and I think I should be doing something more productive09:38
nerochiaroCimi: https://launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/+archive/unity-2d-daily09:38
Ciminerochiaro: thx09:39
nerochiaroCimi: I don't have a bug number yet, but all I really need is to have the indicators in the panel be transparent and show whatever is below them (in this case the unity-2d panel itself)09:39
nerochiaroCimi: thanks to you09:39
DaveDavenporthmmm if a desktop file has spaces in the Name field, my indicator only shows the first word.  Is this a known bug?10:15
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seb128klattimer, hey, well there is quite some bugs open, just claim any which isn't assigned yet10:49
klattimerseb128: from what list of bugs?11:02
klattimerlike I mean, where can I find a selection of appropriate bugs?11:02
seb128klattimer, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bugs11:07
klattimerI think I've been through most of those, mterry also has some branches11:08
klattimerhaven't seen this list today though so I'll have a poke11:08
seb128klattimer, well, things to work on11:08
seb128bug #69195311:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 691953 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Uninstalling Evolution removes calendar from clock applet" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69195311:08
klattimerlet me know if there's anything more important though11:08
seb128bug #726053 is that's still an issue11:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 726053 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Resuming from suspend should trigger a time update" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72605311:09
seb128bug #74339411:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 743394 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "inicator-datetime dosen't show corretly the time when changing from 24 hours format to 12 hours" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74339411:09
klattimer#726053 I can't reproduce on my hp110 it sleeps most of the time and is up to date11:10
klattimerhadn't seen that last one I'll check it out11:10
klattimeruninstalling evo problem could be solved by at least showing the calendar but not hooking up events to it I think11:11
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seb128klattimer, well the comments suggest the calendar widget is hidden when the evolution binary is not on disk11:11
klattimeryeah that's the case11:12
seb128klattimer, some users replace it by an empty file to workaround that11:12
seb128getting the calendar even empty should still be useful even if evo is not installed?11:12
klattimerI'm looking at the code now to see how to work around it ;)11:12
seb128klattimer, bug #730476 if you have any clue as well11:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 730476 in indicator-applet (Ubuntu) "Part of the time appears cut off when displaying the day of the week and date" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73047611:12
seb128it's not happening there but several users have it and have screenshot showing the issue11:12
seb128so there is an issue11:13
klattimerthat looks like a 2d issue11:13
seb128klattimer, not sure, dpm has it and he's using 3d I think11:16
klattimermight be a translation bug in working out the size11:16
klattimerI'll look into it11:16
klattimerI think I've got a nice fix for the evo bug btw11:17
seb128klattimer, I think you have enough with those ;-)11:17
klattimerI'll push it and offer a merge request11:17
klattimerbtw the 2 second bug is fixed11:17
seb128now we need ted to merge the stack of fixes mterry and you got11:17
klattimerbut we need a merge on that one too as it's now sub 1 second11:17
seb128yeah, seems to work fine there as well11:17
klattimerI _really_ want to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/740980 but my testing brings up nothing to work with, I'll ask ted if he can look later11:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 740980 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Date with event isn't highlighted in the calendar" [Undecided,In progress]11:18
seb128klattimer, <dpm> heya seb128, on unity-3d it's fine, the problem is only on the classic desktop (no effects) session11:20
seb128klattimer, so you are right it's a 2d bug11:20
klattimergood to know11:20
klattimeris there an easy way to switch to unity2d?11:20
klattimerI only get it when my 3d borks11:21
seb128klattimer, well, dpm is using GNOME, so you can pick the classic session in gdm for that11:24
seb128klattimer, or you can run gnome-panel in your unity session if that's specific to it11:24
klattimerseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/alwaysshowcalendar/+merge/5511611:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 55116 in Launchpad itself "new bug mail seems to take a very long time to process (dup-of: 54369)" [Undecided,New]11:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54369 in Launchpad itself "New bugs filed using the email interface should bypass the mail digest" [Low,Triaged]11:25
seb128klattimer, seems fine to me, and one less bug on the list ;-)11:26
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aruizsmspillaz: ping12:28
rodrigo_didrocks, hmm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/721322 is still 'fix committed', but afaik it was included in 2 weeks ago's release, right?12:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 721322 in unity (Ubuntu) "Panel service needs to know coordinates of the indicators" [Undecided,Fix committed]12:32
didrocksrodrigo_: it wasn't target to a milestone12:34
rodrigo_didrocks, ah, ok, so can I just mark it as fix released?12:34
didrocksrodrigo_: yeah :)12:34
didrocksthanks :)12:34
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Davidc_3Hi Ayatana folks, I'm looking for people willing to test a Unity Books Lens, I'm in need of bug reports. Is anyone interested?12:40
jderoseIs Python gi.repository.AppIndicator broken? I'm trying to move from appindicator to the pygi version, but get this error:12:46
jderoseTypeError: GObject.__init__() takes exactly 0 arguments (3 given)12:46
jderosewhen i try to create a AppIndicator.Indicator()12:46
artfwojderose, I got around this by using AppIndicator.Indicator.new()12:52
jderoseartfwo: hmm, i tried that, but got same error.... do you pass any arguments to AppIndicator.Indicator.new()?12:52
artfwojderose, this code snippet just worked for me http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586427/12:53
jderoseartfwo: if you could paste.ubuntu me a working example, i would be forever in your debt :)12:53
* jderose tests12:54
jderoseartfwo: works... a similar looking error is fouling me up further down the lane, mistook for same error when i tried this before. thanks!12:57
artfwojderose, yw12:57
trollixxhi guys, is the self-implemented  StatusNotifierItem the only way for pure Qt app to have indicator for now? except using C library, ofc13:23
apinheirodbarth, you here?13:44
apinheirodbarth, I have a merge proposal for the alt+f2 thing13:48
apinheirodbarth, just wanted to ask if I should relate this to the dash bug or create a new one13:49
apinheirodbarth, lets talk later13:49
nerochiaroCimi: if i want to get the gnome-panel itself to be transparent, the only thing i need to do is to remove bg_pixmap[NORMAL] from /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/apps/gnome-panel.rc ?13:58
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Ciminerochiaro: i GUESS SO14:00
nerochiaroCimi: just tried, does not work14:00
Ciminerochiaro: I mean, you then need to right click on the panel14:01
Cimiand enable transparency14:01
nerochiaroCimi: ah, it works. do you know what does the panel do when i enable transparency ?14:03
nerochiaroCimi: ah, looks like it just load the background manually and set it as background pixmap for the panel window14:06
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zniavrethis is a place to report scrollbar overlay errors please ?14:37
paglia_si think that you can report bugs here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-scrollbar/14:48
jcastrodidrocks: are you doing reviews today?15:09
didrocksjcastro: yeah, I want to finish some work first, but I'll15:10
didrocksI just can't do all of them :)15:10
kenvandinetedg, gwibber replies to yourself is fixed in trunk :)15:19
tedgkenvandine, Woot!  That's service!15:20
kamstrupmterry: hi, i'm getting some dupes like yours https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-place-applications/+bug/744261 today, which is an old (popular!) bug that Should Be Fixed (TM) by the package version listed in the bug report. I'm wondering if you got this while running the old unity-place-applications but having upgraded to the newest package?15:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 744261 in unity-place-applications (Ubuntu) "unity-applications-daemon crashed with SIGABRT in raise() (dup-of: 738884)" [Medium,New]15:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 738884 in unity-place-applications (Ubuntu) "unity-applications-daemon crash in unity_package_searcher_get_random_apps()" [High,Fix released]15:21
kenvandinei fixed the annoying facebook api returning a dict for likes data now15:21
mterrykamstrup, no, this is fresh all the way15:21
* kenvandine hates sudden changes to results15:21
mterrykamstrup, I rebooted since the last upgradd15:22
kamstrupmterry: the case is that the retrace matches exactly the code from the 0.2.40 packages and *not* that of 0.2.42...15:22
* mterry shrugs at kamstrup. 0.2.40 was released a while ago. I've updated and rebooted many times since then15:23
mterryI mean 0.2.4215:24
kamstrupmterry: i know, this is really odd!15:24
seb128mterry, ok, sorry I didn't see kamstrup was asking the same thing15:25
seb128kamstrup, so yeah it seems it's still happening15:25
kamstrupseb128: the thing that throws me off is that the retrace doesn't match the code in the package15:26
kamstrupthe retrace matches the 0.2.40 code15:26
kamstrupseb128, mterry: no wait... this one looks good actually...15:27
* kamstrup is maybe still in weekend mode...15:27
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kamstrupmterry, seb128: phew, found the root cause... an undocumented exception from Xapian. Open Source 1 : Bad Documentation 015:33
seb128kamstrup, btw bug #739469 the description speaks  about the application place not about the dash15:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 739469 in unity-place-applications (Ubuntu) "Dash search unavoidably returns offensive results" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73946915:33
tedgcyphermox, Are you confident that bug 741385 is about the ubuntu-mono icon cache?15:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 741385 in ubuntu-mono (Ubuntu) "icons in notification area are broken" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74138515:38
tedgcyphermox, Just trying to ensure I shouldn't be looking at it.15:38
cyphermoxtedg, very confident but I wanted to try reverting to the old libappindicator, to see if the cache updates in that case15:39
cyphermoxtedg, I doubt it does, but I want to make sure15:39
cyphermoxtedg, ^^ I'm testing this right now15:40
tedgcyphermox, Cool, thanks for looking into it.15:40
seb128is sladen working on fixing the icon cache issue?15:43
cyphermoxseb128, I pinged him, sent an email, and there's a bug open ;)15:44
cyphermoxtedg, seems to fail to create the cache still15:44
tedgcyphermox, It's okay, as long as I can blame design, I'm good ;-)15:45
sladencyphermox: haven't looked into the icon cache issue.  It doesn't appear to affect the actual installation15:47
cyphermoxsladen, right, it's true it didn't break install (although I guess it should have it fail)15:47
cyphermoxsladen, problem is, this makes classic gnome setups look pretty bad (and also affects GDM afaict, the accessibility icon shows as a broken icon)15:49
sladencyphermox: do you understand the problem space?  (I don't, because I haven't looked into it yet)15:49
sladencyphermox: is it a hook that we're calling/not calling from the post-inst?  Or is it a piece of existing infrastructure taking exception to the format of one of the particular files15:50
cyphermoxsladen, more or less. the directory gets scanned to update a cache of icons, but part of writing this yields to values that don't pass a validation that's done right before overwriting the old cache15:50
cyphermoxsladen, option two, I believe ;)15:50
cyphermoxit has issues when update-icon-caches / gtk-update-icon-cache gets run15:51
ftabug 74408616:12
ftahm, no bot here?16:12
fta"indicator-weather assert failure: *** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/python: realloc(): invalid old size: 0x00000000020c0420 ***"16:13
ftabecause of libdbusmenu-gtk16:13
lamalexjaytaoko, I just assigned a few nux crashers to you16:14
lamalexone of them looks like it might be a mesa bug we're triggering16:14
lamalexcan you take a look when you get some time?16:14
jaytaokolamalex: send me a link please16:15
lamalexjaytaoko, https://bugs.launchpad.net/nux/+bug/74007716:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 740077 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in __memcpy_ssse3_back()" [Medium,Confirmed]16:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 740757 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_free()" [Medium,Confirmed]16:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 740784 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::GraphicsDisplay::GrabPointer()" [Medium,Confirmed]16:16
jaytaokolamalex: thanks16:23
Davidc_3Hehe, jono is in Unity http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/8177/captureswj.png16:31
lamalexdidrocks, is this valid? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/74091916:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 740919 in unity-place-applications (Ubuntu) "search for both localized and non-localized names/descriptions" [Undecided,New]16:33
didrockslamalex: not sure it makes sense to look for the english name16:33
artfwodidrocks, it does16:37
artfwoit depends on the keyboard layout, you'd have to switch to native layout just to look for the app, if your layout is english16:38
artfwoif I have an english layout selected, it's just easier to type "terminal"16:39
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lamalexdidrocks, think i should add a design task?16:44
lamalexor just say wontfix16:44
didrockslamalex: yeah, you should add a design task IMHO16:44
jonoare the overlay scrollbars in Natty now?16:45
jonoI don't see them16:45
Davidc_3jono, only available from in PPA.17:02
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, there is already a ppa?17:07
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, if you are talking about my Lens, no, it's not packaged (but the code is n the Unity Books Lens project onaunchpad) . I was answering Jono's question about scrollbars.17:10
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, yes i am talking about your Lens...17:11
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, i will try it soon! :)17:11
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, thanks for your support :)17:12
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, no icon is shown it the lens... only text!17:14
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, I know, it happens... Don't know if it's Unity's or Google's fault.17:16
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, ok...17:20
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, Unity doesn't seem to like fetching many http icons at the same time. For now, reloading books-lens.py helps. :)17:24
jonoDavidc_3, whoa!17:27
jonowhat lens is that?17:27
jonojcastro, did you see http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/8177/captureswj.png ?17:28
Davidc_3jono, Books Lens ( https://launchpad.net/unity-books-lens ).17:28
jonoDavidc_3, nice! which site does it query?17:28
jonoDavidc_3, want to work on a Severed Fifth lens?17:28
jonoI really want to see an awesome Severed Fifth lens that demonstrates how lenses can be used for specific projects17:29
Davidc_3jono, Google Books, but I'd like to add OpenLibrary and others in the future.17:29
jonoDavidc_3, nice!17:29
Davidc_3jono, Severed Fifth... Well I'm not that much into metal ;)17:30
jonoDavidc_3, think of it more as a way of spreading Free Culture :-)17:30
Davidc_3jono, good point, I'll look into it when I have something stable with the Books :)17:31
jonothanks Davidc_3 :-)17:32
Davidc_3jono, yw17:32
jonowhere are the docs for making a lens?17:48
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Davidc_3jono, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses , http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-place-sample/unity-place-python/files , http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~stefano-palazzo/askubuntu-lens/trunk/files18:07
Davidc_3jono: Kamstrup and stefano-palazzo files are IMHO the best way to understand python lenses. As a proof : I'm an absolute python noob.18:09
jonothanks Davidc_318:19
jcastrolamalex: how are your tooltips over the launcer? Mine are sticking around way too long, driving me mad.18:42
zniavreit's funny that the scrollbar overlay can work with gksu synaptic but app-menu not19:06
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lamalexjcastro, no complaints19:37
kenvandinejcastro, http://ubuntuone.com/p/jtL/20:05
jcastroService Temporarily Unavailable20:05
kenvandineu1 is undergoing maintenance20:06
kenvandinejcastro, it's a screenshot of the gwibber lense20:06
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seekandestroyguys, is there a way to hide top panel on natty?21:11
ionFor what reason?21:14
seekandestroyhave more free pixel on a netbook21:14
ionWe already got free pixels from the menus moving from windows to the panel, and from maximized window titles moving to it.21:17
seekandestroysure, and if i can set top panel to autohide number of free pixel grow up21:19
seekandestroyevery single pixel here is precious21:19
seekandestroythere's not a way to do that using gconf-editor?21:21
nmarqueskenvandine, ping21:21
kenvandinenmarques, pong21:22
nmarqueskenvandine, I wanted to ask you something, are you aware if there are patches for indicator-sound for 2 fixes: 1. fix the double entries on the "choose playlist" and 2. fix the icons. I know updated software does has this fixes, but I can't really update it because of libnotify. And by the way awesome job on indicator-datetime (liboobs drop, yay)...21:24
kenvandinehumm... you could either try to cherry pick those fixes... or back out the libnotify change21:25
kenvandinewhich is minimal... so would be the easiest21:25
nmarquesI'm going to take a closer look into it21:28
seekandestroyion, are you there?21:28
nmarquesprobably backout the libnotify change21:28
ionYes, why?21:28
seekandestroyjust for an answer21:29
seekandestroyif not, you may tell me that21:29
ionI have no idea.21:30
seekandestroyok, thank you21:30
kenvandinekamstrup, i have a basic gwibber place :)21:33
kenvandineor lense21:33
kenvandinewhatever the cool kids are calling it these days21:33
kamstrupkenvandine: haha, just awesome :-)21:34
kamstrupkenvandine: screenie?21:34
kenvandineone sec21:34
kenvandinekamstrup, ^^21:46
kenvandinekamstrup, i need the list renderer though :)21:47
kenvandinenot very friendly just listing a bunch of names21:47
kenvandinetedg, ^^21:48
tedgkenvandine, Cool!21:50
kamstrupkenvandine: indeed, if njpatel doesn't, do it tomorrow i'm gonna have a stab at it21:50
kenvandinethat is from the dash, so askubuntu and gwibber results :)21:52
kenvandinekamstrup, awesome21:53
tedgkenvandine, You can just hard code that search text for all users.21:53
kenvandinetedg, don't joke... i did that briefly while testing21:53
kenvandine"ted gould"21:53
kenvandinekamstrup, is there any way to have a text entry other than search?21:54
* kenvandine is thinking it would be cool to have one for posting21:54
kamstrupkenvandine: there might... I think there's something about a key in the .place file to override the default... ask didrocks21:55
tedgkenvandine, Your training is coming along beautifully young jedi.21:55
kenvandinekamstrup, that would be cool!21:55
kamstrupkenvandine: it would be nice to be able to change the looking glass icon in the entry as well, but you can't do that currently21:56
kenvandinenice features for next cycle :)21:57
kenvandinekamstrup, as it is right now, the only thing i still need to make this useful is the list renderer21:57
kenvandineno pressure21:57
kamstrupkenvandine: indeed, let's see tomorrow, no promises that I can tackle the Nux beast :-)21:58
kenvandinekamstrup, in the list view... would it be possible to have more than one action available?21:59
kenvandinelike selecting different part of the post would do different things?21:59
kamstrupkenvandine: not currently i'm afraid21:59
kenvandinelike raise a gwibber posting dialog setup for reply or open gwibber with the message thread selected22:00
kenvandinekamstrup, i'll settle for a basic list renderer then... that can display the name, avatar and plain text22:00
kamstrupkenvandine: i think the deeper problem is that the Dash is mostly designed for the simple find-activate usage and not really any interactions more complex than that22:01
kenvandineyeah, understood22:01
kamstrupnot for "working with data"22:01
kamstrupbut I think this gwibber thing is really interesting because it's somewhat in the gray zone22:02
kenvandinekamstrup, should this be called a lense or place?22:02
* kenvandine is confused by the current terminology22:02
Cimitedg: cia22:03
kamstrupkenvandine: I think it's places for N but lenses for O, so it depends on how forward looking you are :-)22:04
kenvandinevery forward22:04
kenvandinei'll rename it to lense :)22:04
tedgCimi, Howdy22:04
Cimitedg: so, here I am22:04
tedgkenvandine, You'll just get burned as it'll change three times ;-)22:04
kenvandinekamstrup, i want to get it in a ppa working with the natty versions of stuff before UDS22:04
tedgCimi, There you are ;-)22:04
kenvandinetedg, at least it isn't indicators22:05
Cimitedg: where shall I start?22:05
kenvandinetedg, damn you're consistent!22:05
tedgkamstrup, Oh, oh, can they be "data indicators" ?22:05
tedgCimi, I think you need to print out "whether it's floating" and the ref count in each case.  The ref count can be one, but it's a floating ref.22:06
Cimitedg: each case of what?22:06
tedgCimi, the ref and unref.22:06
Cimitedg: there's only one time when g_object_ref is called for the thumb22:07
Cimitedg: and everytime it's incrementing the ref counter22:07
kamstruptedg: totally "place indicators" ;-) Just like the Laucnher indocator on the left and the panel indicator on the top :-)22:07
tedgCimi, Is it floating before that ref?22:07
nmarqueskenvandine, sweet, I got to work with libnotify 0.6.0 ;)22:08
tedgNew Rule: When kenvandine is in the room nothing will be referred to as anything other than a type of indicator.22:09
Cimitedg: well, the thing is more complicated than it seems22:11
Cimitedg: also other pointers, like adjustment or the parent22:11
Cimiare sometimes incremented and sometimes not22:12
Cimiso frankly I'm not sure they are freed correctly22:12
Cimithe thumb is just visible22:12
Cimianyway the g object is not floating22:12
Cimitedg: so your code of swap_thumb/adjustment/pager is not properly destroying references I guess22:14
Cimiany hint?22:14
Cimicode is here http://goo.gl/uepE622:15
tedgCimi, It's not floating?  You're inheriting from GtkWidget, no?22:18
tedgCimi, Yeah, so that always starts with a floating reference.  Someone is ref'ing it before that function even sees it.22:20
tedgCimi, It should be floating until someone does a ref_sink()22:20
Cimitedg: I am calling22:21
Cimios_scrollbar_swap_thumb (scrollbar, os_thumb_new())22:21
Cimitedg: ^22:21
Cimithat means I'm kinda creating the pointer I guess22:21
Cimitedg: os_thumb_init is still not floating22:23
tedgCimi, So could something in the thumb_init() function be ref'ing it?22:23
Cimitedg: at the begin22:23
Cimitedg: changing the type from GTK_TYPE_WINDOW to GTK_TYPE_WIDGET changed that into floating22:26
Cimitedg: but that's not a fix22:26
tedgCimi, Is it a TOPLEVEL?  Perhaps GTK is sinking toplevel windows?22:29
Cimitedg: popup22:29
Cimibut init is before setting the type22:30
tedgCimi, Huh, the gtk_window_new() function takes a type.  Should you maybe be setting it in your g_object_new() ?22:32
tedgCimi, Perhaps it defaults to TOPLEVEL?22:32
Cimitedg: even calling g_object_new with type GTK_WINDOW_POPOP fixes that22:36
Cimineither sorry22:36
Cimitedg: looking at the code22:37
Cimitedg: it's referencing it in gtk_window_init22:38
tedgCimi, Huh, that's interesting.  So all windows have their own reference then.22:38
tedgCimi, So that's where your extra is coming from.22:38
tedgCimi, I'd leave your function the same, and unref after calling it.22:39
Cimitedg: unref after calling what?22:39
tedgSo something like22:39
tedgbob = os_thumb_new()22:39
tedgos_scrollbar_swap_thumb (scrollbar, bob)22:39
Cimitedg: unref in the swap thumb?22:40
Cimiafter sinking?22:40
tedgCimi, Leave the ref and the unref in swap.  That way you can see the count there.  Makes it easier to debug.22:40
Cimitedg: line 61122:40
Cimiin the nested {}22:40
Cimi? after settings callbacks?22:41
tedgCimi, Don't change anything in os_scrollbar_swap_thumb()22:41
Cimitedg: to line 429?22:41
tedgCimi, Yes.  Do you see why?22:42
Cimitedg: no :)22:42
CimiI didn't understand why there and not in the nested {}22:42
tedgCimi, Because the _new() is making the ref in this case.  And it means that _swap_thumb() is balanced in it's ref's and unref's.  This make that function easier to debug.22:43
Cimitedg: but if in notify_orientation_cb22:44
Cimipriv->thumb is null22:44
Cimithen I should not unref it, or it's safe to do it anyway?22:45
tedgCimi, No you should protect against thumb being null.22:45
Cimitedg: fo, if priv->thumb != NULL ... unref ?22:46
tedgCimi, Yup22:46
Cimitedg: UDS session on reference counters and g object memory management pls :P22:46
tedgCimi, UDS isn't about teaching it's about planning :-)22:49
tedgNot a conference.22:49
Cimitedg: I tried :D22:49
lamalexcimi desktop summit session on ref counting gobject memory management would have made sense22:50
Cimitedg: mmm22:50
Cimitedg: I added if priv->thumb != NULL unref22:50
Cimitedg: but I'm getting a lot of GLib-GObject-WARNING **: instance of invalid non-instantiatable type `<invalid>'22:51
CimiGLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_destroy: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed22:51
Cimitedg: maybe adding two unref instead one in swap thumb?22:52
Cimitedg: line 58922:52
Cimimmm a lot of errors22:53
Cimitedg: hlpe :(22:54
nmarquesWasn't this bug with indicator-sound supposed to be solved... I'm still having this option borked (icons and playlists) - http://susepaste.org/5832621522:56
tedgCimi, You can break on the warnings by setting G_DEBUG=fatal_warnings22:59
Cimitedg: so I'll get the segfault?23:00
tedgCimi, It'll exit on warnings.  But then you can break them in GDB23:01
kklimondait will abort afair, and gdb catches that23:01
trollixxsorry for stupid quiestion, but how to replace running instance of unity-2d-panel with compiled one to test my fixes?23:01
trollixxkilled instance is autorestarted((23:02
Cimitedg: I suck on this kind of ref things23:03
tedgCimi, The opportunity to learn! :-)23:04
tedgCimi, I need to run for tonight, I'll probably be back after you're asleep.23:04
tedgCimi, So I'll ping you again in the morning and see how you're dong.23:05
tedgCimi, Good luck!23:05
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away

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