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pooliehi all00:56
spivHi poolie00:56
pooliehi spiv00:56
pooliespiv i'm going to just try to get through some of my currently assigned bugs today:01:00
pooliestale lock detection, automatic whoami, some others01:00
jaricanese7Hey guys. Not sure if this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find an answer on the Internet01:07
jaricanese7Why doesn't Maverick get Bazaar 2.2.2+ packages?01:07
pooliejaricanese7, it will, it's just slowly passing through the sru process01:09
poolieyou can get an update now from the ~bzr ppa01:10
jaricanese7Because I was doing some research, and I noticed I have Bzr 2.2.101:10
jaricanese7and 2.2.4 is already out01:10
jaricanese7If the update takes a longer, there may not be a point since I assume Natty will come with Bazaar 2.301:10
jaricanese7I was hoping not having to use the PPA but I guess that'd what I'll have to do01:11
poolielet me check01:13
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jaricanese7Just curious, is this something I can do?  As a community member, package this? Or only Bazaar developers can do this?01:24
spivHmm, I'm not sure where the delays are atm.01:27
spivI don't think it's in packaging.01:28
spivBut if not I'm not sure where, because bzr is one of the approved micro-release exceptions to the typical SRU process (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions)01:29
jaricanese7I see01:31
jaricanese7That's weird01:31
poolieit's with jelmer or me pushing on it01:31
poolieor nagging for it to get uploaded01:32
poolieyou can ask on the bug for it, um01:32
pooliemy net connection here is very slow so i can't find it01:32
pooliebasically someone just needs to ask an authorized developer to upload it and to push it through that process01:32
pooliespiv, i want to change lockdirs to return real objects for the lock info, not dicts01:45
poolieshould i01:45
poolie- just break the api, and update in-tree callers01:45
poolie- support just __getitem__01:46
poolie- subclass UserDict?01:46
spivpoolie: you could subclass dict01:50
spivAlthough I think any of those options is fine.01:50
spivAre there any out-of-tree callers in any of the common plugins?01:51
spivIf there are and they only need e.g. __getitem__ support then that's probably the way to go.01:51
poolieoh i guess just subclassing dict would be simpler01:52
poolieit's a bit hard to grep for01:55
pooliebut i don't think any of them use it01:55
spivI'd probably just break the API then01:55
spivAssuming that it wouldn't be too hard for a hypothetical plugin that did use it to support both old and new APIs.01:56
poolieit shouldn't be01:57
pooliewow, ben always surprises me02:54
pooliewhy build a package and not even try to install it?02:54
fullermd'cuz it's really hard to install a package that isn't built.  So logically, the opposite of something really hard is something really easy; hence, !(install && !build) == !install && build   8-}02:55
pooliei guess it would be like wrestling a pig to ask why02:56
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lifelessspiv: ping07:23
spivlifeless: pong07:24
lifelessspiv: the branchmergeproposal creation error the package importer is having07:24
lifelessI want to make sure that we're not talking past each other :)07:24
lifelessAIUI it was crashing a lot07:24
spivIt was crashing a lot due to a bzr bug07:24
lifelessI think this is a bug in the API parameters being passed to LP07:25
lifelessah, ok, cool07:25
spivThe bzr bug is fixed, and the fixed bzr deployed07:25
spivNow it is crashing with what appears to be bug 52041207:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 520412 in Launchpad itself "fix review_types argument of the API's Branch.createMergeProposal method" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52041207:25
spivWhich judging from chatting with wgrant earlier today is probably due to the previously failing imports being relatively stale07:25
spivAnd thus there's some sort of divergence that the importer is apparently trying to make merge proposals about?  I think vila knows about that, I think it may have been a recent change07:26
wgrantTwo bugs that I see:07:26
spivI'm hoping to catch vila when he gets online to ask him about it07:26
wgrant1) The importer is calling the API incorrectly.07:26
wgrant2) The API is raising a ValueError and OOPSing, instead of doing something even slightly useful.07:27
lifelessspiv: oh, ok - so what I am saying is valid07:27
lifelessbug 520412 is 'lp crashes when given bad input'07:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 520412 in Launchpad itself "fix review_types argument of the API's Branch.createMergeProposal method" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52041207:28
lifelessspiv: if I were working on this I would get the parameters being given to lp to be printed in my log, and then look07:28
lifelessAIUI is the importer is saying something like07:28
wgrantIt's pretty clear what the problem is...07:29
lifelessreviewers=[x,y,x], review_types=[1,2]07:29
wgrantIt's passing reviewers=[ubuntu_dev] without review_types07:29
vilahi all !07:29
lifelessit needs a review_types=[''] I think07:30
lifelessspiv: I hope thats clearer/cleared this up07:31
lifelessI'll check back in a while07:31
spivlifeless: well, it was pretty to *me* :P07:31
spivs/pretty/pretty clear/07:32
spivvila: read the last 10 minutes of backlog? :)07:32
vilalifeless, wgrant, spiv : There are several patches for the p-i in the queue waiting on RT #<can't find it>07:32
vilaspiv: done07:32
vilaI was able to reproduce locally at one point, can try lifeless proposal07:33
vilabut we'll still need to deploy on jubany which is... hard these days :-/07:34
vilaha, rt #44761, nothing happened since friday...07:35
spivvila: we need RT to update lp:udd on jubany?07:36
vilaspiv: read the ticket, the web server needs to be updated07:36
vilaspiv: and the importer restarted with care07:37
spivvila: I guess make sure poolie knows about it, it hasn't had a priority set yet07:38
vilaspiv: he knows, but he's not online now07:38
vilaspiv: also, the ValueError I see (locally) doesn't seem to be related to merge proposals so I may have been wrong above or we have more than one bug07:40
spivvila, wgrant: I notice there's a commented out line in the code to pass #reviewers=[ubuntu_dev.self_link], review_types=[""]07:40
spivvila: https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=1910A106407:40
vilaspiv: commented where ?07:41
wgrantspiv: Last I saw that wasn't commented out, and didn't have review_types=[""]07:41
wgrantspiv: It was changed on 2011-03-03, IIRC.07:41
spivvila: just grep for createMergeProposal07:42
vilaspiv: not commented here (lp:udd)07:42
vilaspiv: where are you looking ?07:43
spivvila: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/udd/view/head:/import_package.py#L51307:44
vilaargh james_w pushed 8-/07:45
vilaspiv: anyway, given the commit dates, this has been deployed after we had the ValueErrors AFAICS07:47
spivvila: I don't know that recent changes to that currently commented out line have caused the problem07:48
spivvila: I do know that our call to createMergeProposal is incorrect07:48
vilaspiv: given the commit messages, it looks like james_w was working on this though07:50
spivvila: ok07:51
spivvila: so I'll just give gst-plugins-bad0.10 a kick, as that is the one named in the OOPS07:51
spivvila: if the current state has fixed the problem, as implied by james_w commit messages, it won't fail with that error07:52
vilaspiv: trying07:53
vilaspiv: don't forget to commit your delete_branch stuff by the way ;)07:53
vilaspiv: just got the oops (first attempt gave a blank page), right, I was talking about a list.remove(x): x not in list, ValueError, definitively different :)07:57
vilags-t-bad-plugins passed07:59
spivvila: yes, the ValueError here isn't seen by the package-importer, it happens in LP and show as a HTTP 500 to the client.07:59
spivvila: well, retry the rest I guess08:00
vilaspiv: already done08:00
vilaspiv: thanks to you and james_w ;)08:00
vilahaa, bad request again for kde-l10n-th08:02
vilaspiv: you confirmed HTTP 500 or did you mean HTTP 40008:03
vilaand s/$/?/ gee08:03
spivvila: 50008:04
vilagobject-introspection finally passed, pfew08:07
spivvila: see bug 520412 for the LP bug an incorrect call to createMergeProposal triggers08:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 520412 in Launchpad itself "fix review_types argument of the API's Branch.createMergeProposal method" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52041208:07
vilabah, I hate software that tells me: "Hey, your input is wrong, here is how to fix it".08:09
vilaJFDI !08:09
sorenvila: +108:10
soren"Remember: The URL you enter must end with a slash!"  Uh... Just add it, if I forget, mkay?08:10
spivvila: so long as there is 0 ambiguity about the fix, I tend to agree08:11
vilawell, it used to work before right ? If the list is of the right length with '' items, it's still a valid item right ? Just default to it then no ?08:13
vilas/valid item/valid parameter/08:13
spivvila: nothing in LP has changed here lately08:13
spivvila: (that the bug number is in the 500000s gives a pretty strong hint about that)08:14
vilaright but the bug report also says: "On the other hand this behavior is different to the behavior of the web interface, where the review type argument is optional."08:14
vilaso there are some reasons to believe the behavior was desired08:15
spivYes, it does, but that's unrelated to "it used to work before right"08:15
spivIt's "the web UI gets it right, the API doesn't"08:15
vilano idea about that, but I'd be surprised (choked?) that this went unnoticed in the p-i for so long...08:16
vilaanyway, if we can fix it in the p-i, we should08:17
spivvila: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/udd/revision/41008:18
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 410 not found08:18
vilaubot5: +1 ;)08:18
spivvila: So, it's not that it was an old bug unnoticed08:19
spivvila: it's a new bug in udd08:19
spivvila: a few weeks old08:19
vilaspiv: thanks for the analysis...08:19
vilaspiv: and sorry for being so dense, I need more coffee ;)08:20
* vila notes: stop presuming that untested code works08:20
spivvila: no worries08:21
* spiv logs off for the day08:21
vilaspiv: one last thing: poolie is still having trouble with his ADSL modem right ?08:22
vila5 babune slaves failing on bzrlib.tests.test_revisionspec.TestRevisionSpec_date.test_yesterday08:28
viladon't tell me, someone didn't fully get what DST is about ?08:29
spivvila: yes08:50
vilajelmer: hi !08:51
* jelmer waves to spiv and vila08:52
jelmerspiv: Did you see my review request for ~jelmer/bzr/move-interbranch-fetch2 ?08:53
spivvila: down to 466 failures, hurrah08:53
vilaspiv: yeah ;)08:53
jelmerspiv: Sorry this was necessary, my review of your fetch tags branch wasn't very good.  :-/08:54
spivjelmer: I have, haven't looked at it closely yet08:55
spivjelmer: I'm not sure that I like the more limited API.  I wonder about other options other branches might have.08:55
spivThat sort of thing08:56
jelmerspiv: API users wouldn't really know what to specify in that case though08:56
spivAlthough 'fetch' is a sort of weird thing to have on Branch in a sense08:56
jelmerspiv: It seems reasonable to have Branch.fetch() as a convenience wrapper around Repository.fetch08:57
jelmerspiv: yeah08:57
bialixbonjour vila09:22
vilafullermd: wow, 10072 freebsd patches since 2011-03-09 ? Should I worry or did I just miss some important news ?09:22
vilabialix: _o/09:22
bialixvila: we don't have a dedicated 2.4 branch yet, have we?09:22
vilabialix: for bzr ? No. Not until 2.4.009:22
vilabialix: but the series exists already nvertheless09:23
bialixok, I need to put the news for my py2exe patch, I think I should wait till you cut out 2.4b1?09:23
vilabialix: 2.4b1 *has* been cut, I still need to announce it though09:23
vilabialix: until 2.4.0 we release from trunk09:24
vilabialix: https://launchpad.net/bzr/2.4/2.4b109:24
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 not found09:24
bialixvila: ok, I see the 2.4b2 section now. most likely yesterday I've used slightly outdated truk09:25
bialixvila: thank you09:26
vilabialix: np09:26
bialixoh yes, forgot to update my copy of bzr.dev, heh09:28
vilafullermd: weird, ended up with .. 90 new ports/files only09:35
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alexKeithhi there13:52
alexKeithi'm new to VCS and stuff13:52
alexKeithyesterday bzr commands were working fine but today i get the following error13:53
alexKeithbzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending CONNECT xmlrpc.edge.launchpad.net:443: [Errno 110] Connection timed out13:53
alexKeithdoes that mean my net connection in not proper or something else?13:53
jelmerhi alexKeith13:55
jelmeralexKeith: it looks like either an issue on your side or on Launchpad's side13:55
alexKeithjelmer: in the application on the connection?13:56
jelmeralexKeith: in the connection13:57
jelmeralexKeith: I doubt it's an application issue if it worked ok earlier13:57
alexKeithjelmer: hmmm... thanks for the suggestion.. will wait a few more hours13:58
lamontso if I wanted bzr uncommit (either in a particular branch, or even machinewide if need be) to scream at the user and die horribly rather than uncommitting, is that trivial to do?14:27
PengI suppose you could write a plugin...14:31
PengI believe pygame is your best option for audio output. ;-)14:32
vilalamont: 'bzr alias uncommit=logout' could be a start, but since this is stored (and read only from) bazaar.conf, it will affect only a single user14:37
alexKeith1jelmer: found a 6 month old log on the same problem on launchpad channel...14:38
vilalamont: aren't you after 'append_revisions_only' on the target branch instead ?14:38
alexKeith1jelmer: though no solution is given14:39
vilalamont: 'bzr alias uncommit=logout' could be a start, but since this is stored (and read only from) bazaar.conf, it will affect only a single user14:39
vilaghaa, history editing fail14:39
vilalamont: I meant 'bzr alias uncommit=I_HATE_YOU_DONT_DO_THAT' to take screaming into account14:40
=== vila changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: jelmer | 2.4b1 is officially out (ppa:bzr/beta needs love)
lamontvila: yeah - but I want it to affect the branch, not the user...14:41
lamontrather, I want it to affect all users of the branch, not just the one14:42
vilalamont: strictly speaking, uncommit is for the working tree, not the branch , hence append_revisions_only14:42
lamontwhich I suppose gets back to the whole "zomg can't have scripts in the branch, because we'd insist on copying them when you branch and that'd be bad"14:43
lamontvila: ah14:43
vilabut even that can be overridden with --push --overwrite (IIRC)14:43
lamontso short answer is that there's no trivial solution to the administrative issue at hand14:43
lamontand I suppose that's ok14:43
vilalamont: I still don't clearly understand your problem :-/14:44
vilalamont: I'm sure there is a valid use case here, I just don't get it (so far)14:44
lamontvila: group of users who have become trained that bzr uncommit is perfectly reasonable, transitioning into a new use model where it is absolutely NOT reasonable, and still doing it sometimes14:44
bialixwho can talk with me about lp:branches and how they becomes bzr+ssh://b.l.n/+branch URs?14:45
vilalamont: not reasonable because ?14:45
lamontvila: because the branch is actually published to other machines14:45
vilalamont: it breaks the shared branch history ?14:46
lamontvi bzr pull in a cronjob14:46
vilaha right, then, yeah, append_revisions_only, so the users are gently nudged to *add* revisions (even to revert a silly change)14:47
lamontvila:  and that's something I can set on the branch?14:47
vilalamont: yes, in branch.conf14:48
lamontoh, nice14:48
vilawe should really make it the default14:48
bialixdoes launchpad plugin has any cheap way to decode +branch URL and extract the project name, instead of parsing the parts of URL in my code?14:48
lamontI've been told that I should never edit branch.conf directly... what's the offically blessed way (and syntax) for setting this?14:48
lamontmind you, I still frequently cat .bzr/branch/branch.conf rather than bzr info14:48
vilalamont: 'bzr  config' ?14:50
lamontbzr: ERROR: unknown command "config"14:50
vilalamont: import from future ;  bzr config14:51
vilalamont: so, without bzr config, you need to edit manually14:51
lamont2.2 or 2.3?14:51
alexKeith1jelmer: restarting solved the problem14:52
lamontand I assume 2.3 still has the "momma knows best" belief of forcing me to have run bzr whoami?14:52
lamontbecause breaking cronjobs is better than not breaking them, or some such14:52
alexKeith1jelmer: i had changed the proxy settings after booting and then connected as i did a few hours before14:52
vilalamont: and, when in the right dir, 'bzr config appen_revisions_only=True (http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/configuration-help.html)  should work14:52
alexKeith1jelmer: so now i tried restarting and it worked14:53
vilalamont: yes14:53
alexKeith1jelmer: does this classify as a bug?14:53
vilalamont: on the other hand, we heard you and poolie is working on fixing it ;)14:53
vilalamont: should be in 2.4 (AIUI)14:53
lamontvila: yay14:54
vilabialix: the translation is done on lp, you have no way to emulate that14:55
vilabialix: what's the need ?14:55
vilabialix: jam has been playing with the xmlrpc code and should have the details in his hot cache ;)14:56
fullermdvila: Sweep of MD5 checksums that touched files all over the place.  Kinda cosmetic/internals, so it doesn't have anything to do with needed upgrades.14:57
* vila happily shudders14:58
bialixvila: we have a code in qbzr to automatically guess the project name based on lp URL14:58
bialixvila: that code does not like +branch, and I don't like it either14:59
vilabialix: just deleting it from the start should make your guesses as good as they were before14:59
bialixvila: if I do `bzr branch lp:qbzr` then I got parent URL as bzr+ssh://b.l.n/+branch/qbzr14:59
vilabialix: you know how to guess: bzr+ssh:/b.l.n/qbzr ?15:00
bialixvila: if I do `bzr get lp:qbzr/0.20` then I got parent URL as bzr+ssh://b.l.n/+branch/qbzr/0.2015:00
bialixvila: do you know how to create it?15:00
vilacreate what ?15:01
bialixthat parent URL: bzr+ssh:/b.l.n/qbzr15:01
jambialix: that is the wrong parent, though15:01
jamthat path doesn't exist15:01
jam+branch/qbzr does15:01
bialixI've just showed you what bzr creates for different cases15:01
vilabialix: I think it doesn't exist, that's why +branch has been created15:01
jambialix: +branch was specifically created to allow server-side expansion of lp: urls15:01
vilabialix: so lp can redirect properly15:01
jamTo support private branches15:01
jamvila: no redirect15:01
jamit maps the virtual fs to include those paths15:02
bialixbefore it was always bzr+ssh://b.l.n/~team/project/branch15:02
jambialix: It was about 3-6months ago Launchpad switched15:02
vilajam: yeah, redirect not in the HTTP sense, bzr+ssh is not HTTP anyway15:02
jambecause XMLRPC can't expand private branches15:02
jamvila: sure, just mentioning that "cat +branch/bzr/.bzr/branch-format" is a valid thing to do in the VFS15:02
bialixjam: I need a cheap way to extract project name from new urls15:02
jambialix: if you look at the new bzr.dev LaunchpadDirectory, you can see the basic rules15:03
jamONE must be the project name15:03
bialixwill it work locally?15:03
jamONE is the project name, TWO is the series name15:03
jamnot related to branch15:03
jamthough it maps to a branch15:03
jamif there is a ~ then it must be a fully qualified path15:03
bialixjam: I'm reading lp_directory.py but I don't see what can help me?15:04
jamthere are a few special cases for handling "ubuntu" and "debian"15:04
maxbOR one/two is a distro/series15:04
maxbnuh-uh, they are not special casea15:04
jammaxb: one/two can only be distro/project15:04
bialixjam: I need a way to extract project name from bzr+ssh://b.l.n/something15:04
jammaxb: unless you can somehow branch an entire series15:04
jam(lp:ubuntu/bzr, for example)15:05
jambialix: and you are trying to do it now that we have +branch syntax?15:05
maxbjam: lp:one/two can be project/series or distro/series15:06
bialixjam: right now I have to code this decoder logic directly into qbzr. if I can use some code from lp plugin then I will save my dude in the future when bzr/lp team will decide to change again15:06
maxbum, no15:06
maxbI mean...15:06
maxbjam: lp:one/two can be project/series or distro/package15:06
bialixjam: yes15:06
jammaxb: sure. But how do you know it is a distro rather than a project? By having specifically listed distros that are encoded in the lp db?15:07
jamwhich we can hint at, by just hard-coding the obvious ones15:07
jamaka, special cased15:07
maxbAh, sure. Yes, the syntax doesn't tell you the type of pillar involved15:07
jambialix: so if I do "lp:~user/project/branch" that will still be expanded to "bzr+ssh://b.lp.net/~user/project/branch" (at least at the moment)15:08
jamso you'll still want that logic15:08
jamfor everything else15:08
jamI would treat it as:15:08
jamparts = something.split('/')15:08
jamif len(parts) == 1:15:08
jam  project = parts[0]15:08
jam  parts[0] in ( 'debian', 'ubuntu'):15:09
jam # punt for now15:09
jam  project = parts[0]15:09
jamthe debian/ubuntu rules are a bit complex15:09
jambecause you can have15:09
jamI don't think you can have 'ubuntu/bzr/branch'15:10
maxbYou can't have the 4-part one15:10
jam(If you specify a branch, you have to specify the distroseries)15:10
jammaxb: ah, you have to specify the user in that case as well?15:10
jamin which case it becomes ~user/ubuntu/natty/bzr/branch15:10
maxbI think there's a much simpler way to describe this:15:10
maxbIf it starts with a ~, then it's a fully qualified unique name starting with a user15:11
bialixjam: all that stuff scaries me almost to death; may I file a feature request to add decoder into lp plugin?15:11
maxbIf it does not start with a ~, then the first component is a pillar (project/distro), with a reasonable hierarchy of aliases underneath it15:11
maxbbialix: If all you want is a project name and you are willing to temporarily disregard distro package branches, then you just need to take the first component, unless it has a ~, in which case the second15:12
bialixmaxb: do you mean the case bzr+ssh://b.l.n/+branch/~user/ubuntu/natty/bzr/branch ?15:13
maxbThat is speaking about lp: URLs, of course. If you're working with bzr+ssh://b.l.n/ ones, then chop off that prefix, additionally chop off +branch/ if present, and stick a lp: on the front, then proceed as before15:13
bialixmaxb: no, this won't work for me15:14
maxbwhy not?15:14
bialixmaxb: I need project name to create a push url suggestion as: lp:~user/PROJECT/new-branch15:14
maxbI just suggested a simple algorithm to get it15:15
bialixyes, thanks, but I need project name15:15
vilabialix: that's what maxb suggested: how to get the project name15:16
vilabialix: presumably from the remember parent location15:16
bialixyes, that's exactly my case15:16
vilaIf you're working with bzr+ssh://b.l.n/ ones, then chop off that prefix, additionally chop off +branch/ if present, and stick a lp: on the front, then proceed as before15:17
vilaciting maxb^15:17
bialixvila, maxb: before I always had only scheme://host/~user-id/project-name/branch-name/15:18
bialixI don't need to stick lp: on the front15:19
bialixtoday I see more cases:15:19
vilabialix: we don't know what you had :) Just adapt, may be you just need to fake a 'bzr+ssh://bl.n/+branch'15:19
bialixok, that's enough15:20
vila.. scheme15:20
vilabialix: but keep in mind that you will always try to guess what is happening on a remote server and if things change there, you'll need to catch up anyway15:21
bialixthat was my initial question: can I use launchpad plugin to do this or not15:21
vilasame answer applis to the launchpad plugin: it guesses, unless it asks explicitely to lp (and even there I'm not sure it get the true branch)15:22
maxbbialix: However, given the current URL structure, getting the project is trivial: Remove "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/". Remove "+branch/" if present. Remove "~user/" if present. Next component is the project or distro15:22
vilabialix: are you trying to solve this problem in a server-agnostic way ?15:23
vilabialix: because we only answered about the lp specifics so far15:23
vilabialix: and it seems we are not all on the same page15:24
bialixvila: I'm trying to solve this problem in qbzr-unrelated way15:25
vilabialix: but in a lp-specific way ?15:26
bialixI can live with the suggested way, but if I can use lp plugin for that I'd be happy15:26
bialixvila: yes, for generic case we have different code15:26
bialixI can point you to the real code, if you wish15:26
maxbI have just typed up a quick refcard to the various URL forms ^^^15:27
vilabialix: AFAIK, the lp plugin doesn't provide such a feature, but this sounds like a good one to add15:28
bialixmaxb: what should I use for distro/package then?15:29
vilabialix: so file a wishlist bug and add a patch or a pointer to your implementation15:29
vilabialix: if you want to propose a push location, you should probably respect dsitro/package15:29
vilabialix: and in most cases *add* ~user if not already there as I think most users *can't* push to the official branch15:30
vilamaxb: isn't it ? ^15:30
bialixmaxb: qbzr intent is to provide suggestion for push of feature branch back to lp. so if one have lp:ubuntu/bzr what should be suggested URL for new branch?15:30
maxbvila: Mostly not, no.15:31
maxbbialix: lp:~user/ubuntu/current-ubuntu-development-series/bzr/somename15:31
bialixvila, maxb: again, please look: if I have project-name, and I know local user name, then suggestion will be: lp:~user-name/project-name/new-branch-name15:31
vilaand that's good for upstream branches (AIUI) not for packaging branches15:32
bialixso? should I ignore any attempts to suggest URL for distro or not?15:33
maxb15:30 < bialix> maxb: qbzr intent is to provide suggestion for push of feature branch back to lp. so if one have lp:ubuntu/bzr what should be suggested URL for new branch?15:33
maxb15:31 < maxb> bialix: lp:~user/ubuntu/current-ubuntu-development-series/bzr/somename15:33
bialixvila: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586468/15:33
bialixwhat will be "project-name" here?15:34
bialixwhat is "current-ubuntu-development-series"?15:34
maxbThe name of the current ubuntu development series15:34
maxbnatty, for now. Later it will be oneiric15:35
vilabialix: PROJECTNAME ~= SOURCEPACKAGE (/me runs before maxb yells)15:35
* maxb wonders what kind of operator ~= is :-?15:35
vilabialix: the difference is that a "project* can be the source for several packages15:35
vilamaxb: the handwavy version of = :D15:36
maxbwell, it could be, but yuck. It nearly never is15:36
maxb(one project multiple packages, that is)15:36
vilamaxb: right, but in bialix case it would be what his code recognize as project name in the parent location15:36
vilahence the hand wave15:37
maxbWell, for bialix' specific use case it's more like PROJECTNAME ~= DISTRO/SERIES/SOURCEPACKAGE15:37
vilamaxb: oh ! Certainly ! (The handwavy operators are very welcoming operators ;)15:38
* maxb needs to step afk for a bit, back later15:39
bialixI'm going to blacklist distro case, it drives me crazy. no need to yell, I'm not totally stupid, just a bit15:39
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vilathe distro/series/sourcepackage is certainly hard to grasp15:40
bialixdistro can be only [ubuntu, debian], right?15:46
vilabialix: so far, and AIUI, yes15:47
bialixvila, maxb, jam: what I have in the end: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586484/15:50
jambialix: do you care to support "bazaar.qastaging.launchpad.net" and those variants?15:52
bialixjam: should I?15:53
jamit also looks like you aren't handling "lp:ubuntu/bzr" but that's up to you15:53
jambialix: none of those are long-term available (if you push data there, it gets wiped later)15:53
jampeople use it for testing15:53
bialixjam: I don't understand how to handle distros case15:53
bialixjam: that check for host has been written by Ian, I'll be happy to extend it if you teach me15:54
jamwell, it looks like he was trying to support "qastaging.bazaar.launchpad.net" but that isn't how it is actually spelled15:55
jelmerjam: interesting to read that performance analysis...15:56
jambialix: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586487/15:59
jamhandles DISTRO and special launchpad servers15:59
jamjelmer: the twisted stuff?15:59
jelmerjam: yeah15:59
jamjelmer: it is a bit tricky to dig in. For some reason Twisted is breaking cProfile/lsprof linking16:00
jamso you see "A called B", but a *different* "B' called C"16:00
jamworks ok in text mode, but KCacheGrind doesn't give nice graphs16:00
jamjelmer: I originally wasn't sure how much to pull on this, but it certainly yielded some interesting results16:01
jelmerjam: Yeah, indeed. It looks like there is a lot of time to be gained here.16:01
jam30ms local operation becoming 500ms seemed like something worth poking at16:02
bialixjam: thanks16:10
CaMasoncan a bzr branch operate/exist without a working copy?16:21
CaMasonah `bzr remove-tree`16:24
jelmeror, if you didn't want to create the tree in the first place: bzr branch --no-tree16:34
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