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mgariepygood morning everyone13:30
highvoltagegood morning mgariepy14:35
vmlintugood afternoon15:52
highvoltagegood afternoon vmlintu16:02
highvoltagestgraber: on our todo list we have:16:08
highvoltage[ ] Integrate seeded package list with Software Center for comments and ratings16:08
highvoltagewhat's that again? has it been done or does it still need to be done?16:08
stgraberhighvoltage: website16:09
stgraberhighvoltage: the plan was to have a module that lists everything that's in our seeds with ratings & reviews + weblive integration16:09
highvoltagestgraber: ah ok, so that's something that we should defer to Oreinic?16:09
stgraberyeah, not impossible it gets done for natty but still pretty unlikely16:10
stgraberit's not tied to the release cycle really, that's Drupal module development16:10
highvoltagejust tested amd64 live/install, it's looking good16:14
highvoltageplymouth is still ugly with text-mode output, but that's not something we can fix now16:15
highvoltage(going to check whether ltsp installation worked next)16:15
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Guest56793i ve a xubuntu in cpu and i ve a problem with my monitor.16:26
Guest56793i need some help.16:27
Guest56793where can i reach it16:27
alkisgGuest56793: maybe in #xubuntu ?16:34
Guest56793scue e,16:38
Guest56793scuse me,16:38
Guest56793the problem is in gnome16:38
Guest56793dont worry,16:38
Guest56793i think im solving it16:38

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