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ScottKRiddell: Update on the GL/GLES stuff for armel: In addition to your kdeartwork upload, I fixed kipi-plugins and kdegames.  I have a test build of koffice going.  kdeedu and kdeplasma-addons are blocked on avogadro getting fixed.  slangasek assigned someone to work on avogadro yesterday.05:00
ScottKFSVO yesterday.05:00
ScottKDepending on TZ it might be day before yesterday.05:01
droidslayeryofel: around?09:13
droidslayeryofel: any ideas how I can access your server if I am behind a proxy server which only a09:15
droidslayerhas port 8080 open09:15
apacheloggerit is a droid09:29
droidslayerapachelogger: I hate this class09:31
apacheloggeris it about android?09:31
droidslayerNo ubuntu for miles09:31
droidslayerapachelogger: networking09:31
apacheloggerwhat is a miles?09:32
droidslayerSocket programming09:32
apacheloggerpeople still do that?09:32
droidslayerapachelogger: s/miles/kilo meters09:32
tazzdroidslayer, so ask the teacher about the port 8080 question.09:33
droidslayerI just have firessh09:33
apacheloggermetrics are supreme09:33
tazzit is a networking class after all.09:33
* apachelogger wonders what youbuntoo has to do with distances though09:33
droidslayertazz: as if she would no09:34
droidslayerKnow even09:34
tazzdroidslayer, she should :-/09:34
apacheloggertazz: don't be silly, only people who don't have read the associated literature ask questions09:34
droidslayerI see ubuntu 9.1909:34
* apachelogger never asks questions and never reads09:34
apachelogger<-- dumb as a spaceship09:35
apacheloggernah, hold on09:35
apachelogger<-- dumb as a cpu09:35
apacheloggeractually worse as I do not do calculations as fast09:35
apacheloggertime to get an ipad09:35
apacheloggerdroidslayer: now what I do not compute, why would the proxy be a problem?09:36
tazzapachelogger, you mean garbage in = garbage out? That was one of the first "computer Laws" taught at my school :p09:36
apacheloggerI mean, the proxy can have any port, the dest port of packages stays the same09:36
apacheloggerunless the proxy is not just a proxy ^^09:36
apacheloggertazz: as someone who thinks of rectangles as circles I do oppose the idea of laws in something as fuzzy as computer science :P09:37
droidslayerapachelogger: I think ssh is blocked09:38
droidslayerOnly http traffic09:38
droidslayerCan't get tethering to work on windows09:39
tazzdroidslayer, cant you use gprs ? ssh is very bandwidth light, protocol.09:40
droidslayertazz: I have 3g09:40
droidslayerThe problem is tethering09:40
apacheloggerpay me 5k and I shall make you an app09:41
apacheloggeractually you can get it for 2.5k if you let me put ads in it09:41
tazzapachelogger, what currency ? ;)09:41
apacheloggerdoes it matter, they are all worthless by now09:41
apacheloggerspacebucks - the next big thing09:41
tazzdroidslayer, just pay apachelogger  some INR09:42
jussiapachelogger: btw, was meaning to ask you, do you want a diaspora invite? I have one left...09:42
apacheloggerI never had no INR09:42
apacheloggerjussi: uh, yes, pretty please :)09:42
tazz i have 10 left. :p09:42
jussipm email address09:42
tazzjussi invited droidslayer who invited me. 09:42
apacheloggerjussi: sitter.harald@gmail.com09:43
apacheloggerlike google didnt already know09:43
apacheloggerjussi: thanks09:43
* apachelogger uberhugs jussi09:43
jussianyone know who guarav chaturvedi is? 09:44
tazzjussi o.O me09:44
jussitazz: ahh! so its you who friended me :)09:44
* jussi adds to ubuntu aspect09:45
tazzjussi afaik there is no concept of friends on diaspora.09:45
* apachelogger once had a friend, sold him for a bottle of vodka and 3 cigars09:45
jussiapachelogger: awww09:47
jussibtw, picture uploading seems borked. anyone else got that currently? 09:47
jussiapachelogger: also, diaspora is something you might like to contribute to - its in ruby :P :P 09:48
apacheloggerlike I don't have enough stuff to contribute to :P09:48
jussiapachelogger: but your friend sold you, so you now have more time, right? 09:48
jussierr you sold your friend, but yeauh09:49
apacheloggeroh dear lawd09:49
apacheloggerdispora doesn't have pirate english09:49
apacheloggerhow am I supposed to understand this rubbish09:50
apacheloggeroh noes09:50
jussiapachelogger: patches welcome :P09:52
apacheloggeralpha it is09:56
apacheloggermaybe on of these days I will make a patchy09:56
apacheloggeror maybe not09:56
* apachelogger tries to figure out a release schedule for phonon backends09:56
apacheloggerah, javascript10:02
apacheloggerjussi: for one reason or another no json response arrives from uploading a photo10:02
jussiapachelogger: yeah, I just mentioned it in #diaspora-dev, hope someone fixes it10:03
* apachelogger had too much coffee again10:04
jussiapachelogger: lol10:06
bambeeRiddell: about obex-data-server I've just to make a new snapshot from upstream ? => 0.4.6~svn20110210-0ubuntu1 10:26
Riddellbambee: yes I believe so10:29
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RiddellScottK: I have a test build of kdeedu going which removes opengl and avogadro11:40
RiddellScottK: I hae me doots about avogadro being able to work with openGLES, there's no mention of it in the source11:41
RiddellScottK: I also have a build of koffice half done which got killed by broken buildds, retrying it now11:42
droidslayerSo ... Flipping ... Hot11:53
droidslayerRiddell: did you get to ride in a auto 11:54
Riddellno, I never did :(11:56
ScottKRiddell: My koffice build failed with http://paste.kde.org/8315/ - Suggestions welcome.11:57
ScottKThe failed build is in /var/cache/pbuilder/build//32544 on my arm box if looking at the remains helps.11:58
* tazz waves at Mamarok 11:59
tazzRiddell, you want a diaspora invite ?12:00
Mamaroktazz: hey :)12:00
* Mamarok also has invites for Diaspora12:00
nigelbshadeslayer: darn, I didn't give Riddell and nerve wrecking bike journey through bangalore traffic12:04
yofeldroidslayer: no idea, but I can open 8080 if you need it12:04
RiddellScottK: this fixes it http://paste.kde.org/8317/12:15
Riddelltazz: hmm, this sounds like yet another social network thing12:15
tazzRiddell, it is, it is...12:16
RiddellI'll pass for now, I have an invite tollerance of a dozen on new social networks12:23
RiddellScottK: kdeedu if failing due to separate multiarch breakage anyway :(12:24
droidslayeryofel: nah ... Setup a proper server in the lab13:30
ScottKRiddell: Thanks.  Trying.13:47
ScottKRiddell: Avogadro accepted.13:50
RiddellScottK: kdebase-workspace on its way too for mobile love13:51
ScottKRiddell: That's in too.14:17
c2tarunsorry I got disconnected, :( did anyone reply to my query?14:29
Riddellwhat was your query?14:30
c2tarunhow do kde-developers work? I mean what work do they do?14:30
c2tarunRiddell: ^14:30
Riddellwhat work do they do within KDE or for their jobs?  it rather depends on the individual in either case14:31
c2tarunRiddell: within KDE14:32
c2tarunRiddell: I mean what kind of development work is going on in KDE and how can anyone participate in it?14:34
shadeslayerRiddell: any particular features that you would like to see in KDE Telepathy? 14:38
Riddellshadeslayer: it should be able to connect to facebook and google talk without having to case what XMPP is14:39
shadeslayerRiddell: something more substantial ... :D14:39
Riddellc2tarun: typically each part of KDE has a mailing list, irc channel, bug tracker on bugs.kde.org etc14:40
Riddellshadeslayer: it should use the message indicator14:40
c2tarunRiddell: so are there any online project work going on for kde or its just bug fixing?14:40
shadeslayerRiddell: would that qualify for 3 months of work?14:41
shadeslayerhmmm ... what else14:41
Riddellgobby type collaboration between all applications via telepathy14:42
c2tarunRiddell: to work on any lets say this https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=269353 how should I start?14:51
ubottuKDE bug 269353 in general "Crash when dropping files on the breadcrumb bar" [Crash,New]14:51
bambeec2tarun: 1) install debugging symbols 2) try to reproduce the crash (the same crash not another) 3) download the code (apt-get source) 4) try to understand the issue15:02
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=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Lots to do https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | beta 1 bugs http://goo.gl/23eui | Meeting Wednesday 30th 17:00UTC
danttidoes someone knows what happened to systray apps that don't get the theme?16:22
Riddelldantti: if they don't get the plasma theme artwork they fall back to the normal icon16:24
danttiRiddell: hey :) no, I'm speaking of oxygen theme, when you open it it' gets no theme16:31
danttimore specifficaly kpk (I couldn't find another app with that problem)16:32
seiflotfywe will rock KDE 16:32
danttiRiddell: btw as soon as I finish some personal stuff I'll try to release Apper (too bad that it's too late for 11.04)16:33
bambeeRiddell: libqzeitgeist is tagged , jpwhiting is actually creating a tarball and the library has a fixed soname now16:33
danttiRiddell: taking care of two kids is much more work than I imagined :P16:34
DaskreechRiddell: should that install KDE page stay on the wiki?16:40
QuintasanWhy would I want GNOME in my KDE16:43
Daskreechzeitgeist isn't technically GNOMe16:45
DaskreechLike akonadi isn'ttechnically KDE16:45
QuintasanOh, I thought Zeitgeist is some GNOME-ish black magic16:45
QuintasanDaskreech: and it (Zeitgeist) won't pull half of GNOME as dependencies?16:46
DaskreechOther way around16:46
DaskreechHalf of GNOME pulls Zeitgeist16:46
QuintasanI was afraid I would have to install half of GNOME to have Zeitgeist16:51
apacheloggerDaskreech: akonadi isn't KDE16:51
apacheloggerin fact it was supposed to be fdo16:51
Daskreechapachelogger: I just said that16:51
apacheloggerbut they rejected it16:51
apacheloggerthem bstrds16:52
DaskreechCause it didn't have a GNOME implementation as I recall16:52
apacheloggernah, cause it all goes to crapz16:52
seiflotfyQuintasan, zeitgeist has NO GNOME dependency16:53
RiddellDaskreech: yes I think so but it should be updated 16:53
ct529hi everybody, I have a serious problem here .... when you maximise / minimise konsole the entire desktop freezes .... 10.10 64 bit with kde 4.6.1 same problem with kde 4.6.016:53
DaskreechRiddell: is there an equivalent for less than full KDE since KDE4 ?16:54
ct529I have tried to debug, but unsuccessfull ....16:54
ct529anyone heard of it? what should I do?16:54
Riddelldantti: I seem to remember from looking at the code that it's non-trivial to apply the oxygen systray theme to icons, by default it'll just open the normal icon you specify16:54
Riddellby non trivial I mean it has to use locate() and whatnot16:54
RiddellDaskreech: kde-plasma-desktop16:55
Riddellor -netbook16:55
Riddellct529: I've not heard of that issue16:55
ct529Riddell: I have done a bit of googling and the issue seems to be discussed16:56
ct529Riddell: the machine is quite performant, cannto be due to the hw16:56
ct529Riddell: also gnome or lxde or openbox do not have the same problem16:57
jussict529: is it only console16:59
jussi? 16:59
ct529jussi: yes17:01
danttiRiddell: no, I expressed myself badly, what I'm trying to say is this -> http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/28/plasma-desktopOD1804.jpg17:01
Riddelldantti: what's the issue there?17:01
danttiRiddell: the widget theme?17:03
DaskreechRiddell: KDE has been replaced with kde-full ?17:03
RiddellDaskreech: look in meta-kde17:04
Riddelldantti: oh aye, that's ugly17:04
DaskreechWhat's meta-kde ?17:05
danttiRiddell: yes it is, it happened after 4.617:05
Daskreechapachelogger: I guess you can answer that :)17:05
RiddellDaskreech: the source package from debian for various meta packages for kde17:05
Daskreechhmm 17:05
ct529jussi: actually, it is only konsole .... it does not happen on other konsoles17:06
ct529jussi: sorry, consoles :-D17:06
danttiRiddell: on maverick when you click on the update icon it opend the whole select update ui whitout a theme, now that i'm on natty only when I click to see a transaction running from the tray...17:06
* jussi really now has no idea, thought maybe a graphics driver bug.17:06
Riddelldantti: I don't have that problem on my install, or on today's daily live CD17:06
danttisomething between 4.6.0 and 4.6.1 broke this17:06
danttiRiddell: have you tried to open a running transaction from the tray icon?17:07
Riddelldantti: hmm, yes17:08
Riddellthat does have the problem17:08
danttiRiddell: and here we have a lp bug :P https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/70791617:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 707916 in kpackagekit (Ubuntu) "issue kpackagekit with oxygen" [Undecided,Fix released]17:08
danttiRiddell: the fix half fix things... weird17:09
RiddellKDE uses adds a line that points to its plugins so Qt only apps can find the oxygen widget theme17:13
Riddellmaybe that broke17:13
Daskreechct529: is it only on 64 bit installs?17:15
ct529Daskreech: have no idea I only have 64 bits17:16
ct529one of the difficulties is that there is no dbg package for konsole17:18
Riddellit's kdebase-dbg but probably the problem is in X17:19
debfxdantti: this commit might fix the issue: http://quickgit.kde.org/index.php?p=kdelibs.git&a=commitdiff&h=979a19afe93d1e4a5be684c1139b6ab242e6b9b617:20
ct529thanks Riddell17:20
ScottKmgraesslin: re your blog post: Don't forget about the appmenu work that agateau has done.  I believe the needed Qt changes will be upstream in 4.8.  http://skitterman.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/global-menu-in-action-in-kubuntu-maverick/17:21
ct529Riddell: I have kdebase-dbg installed but I cannot get any debugging output17:21
ScottKIt sounds somewhat similar.17:21
mgraesslinScottK: that's exactly what I had in mind :-)17:22
danttidebfx: hmm probably, will that be on natty?17:22
Riddelldantti: should be 4.6.2 is due to be tagged this week17:25
danttiRiddell: k, nice :)17:27
ct529would the xorg.log be any useful?17:30
ct529in case the bug is connected the X rather than konsole?17:31
Daskreech~/.xsession-errors might help as well17:32
m4n1shRiddell: ping17:32
Riddellhello m4n1sh 17:32
Riddellct529: probably gdb backtrace of X more likely17:32
m4n1shyou peopled asked for libqzeitgeist tarball. Right?17:33
ct529Riddell: ok17:33
ct529Riddell: how do I generate it?17:33
Riddellm4n1sh: we did17:33
m4n1shRiddell: shall I mail it to you?17:34
Riddellct529: that I don't know I'm afraid, you'd need to ask X people such as in #ubuntu-x17:34
Riddellm4n1sh: it should be released to the public17:34
m4n1shyeah, we are waiting for the webmaster to be online17:34
m4n1shwho has access to the server17:35
m4n1shRiddell: in this case what URL pattern you want for watch file?17:35
Riddellm4n1sh: qzeitgeist-A.B.C.tar.bz2 ?17:36
m4n1shI mean the URL how it should look like?17:36
m4n1shsince we have many  other components too17:37
m4n1shso have to keep them structured in directory17:37
Riddellzeitgeist.org.uk/download/qzeitgeist/qzeitgeist-A.B.C.tar.bz2 ?17:37
RiddellI don't think it matters much as long as it's consistent17:37
m4n1shthanks. :)17:38
DaskreechRiddell: should I recommend kpackagekit or muon ?17:40
Riddellapachelogger: does anything use the phonon zeitgeist integration?17:40
RiddellDaskreech: that's up to you surely17:40
apacheloggeralso depends on what you mean by use ;)17:41
seiflotfyapachelogger, well a KDE SoC is up17:41
Riddellapachelogger: so no pressing reason to break feature freeze and worry about getting it on the CD presumably17:41
DaskreechRiddell: ok better question is Muon up for discussion as a viable replacement for kpackagekit?17:41
apacheloggerRiddell: nope17:41
seiflotfyand it will be a journal for plasma17:41
apacheloggerRiddell: 4.5 wants to get a feature freeze break though ;)17:41
apacheloggeras phonon-gst is soon coming out and it will depend on 4.517:41
RiddellDaskreech: I've heard jonathan saying it might be17:42
DaskreechI'll put both :)17:42
RiddellDarkwingDuck: yo, it's beta time, do we have any beta documentation?17:51
DarkwingDuckWe will by the first.17:52
DarkwingDuckRiddell: ^^17:52
DarkwingDuckWe've had two deaths in the family this month so I'm about a week behind but, I'll catch us up.17:53
DaskreechDarkwingDuck: Sorry to hear17:54
DarkwingDuck:) It's okay17:54
DarkwingDuckBut, now that I'm home I can work on this.17:55
RiddellDarkwingDuck: groovy, thanks for looking after it, let me know when it's good to package17:56
DarkwingDuckRiddell: when is beta1 release?17:57
* DarkwingDuck forgot about the beta release... I was shooting for the doc freeze on the 7th17:57
DarkwingDuckBugger... Okay17:57
Riddellwell don't worry if it's not in beta, it usually isn't17:57
Riddelldoc freeze is the important one indeed17:57
DarkwingDuckIt will be for 11.1017:57
DarkwingDuckand 11.04 will be done for doc freeze for sure.17:57
Riddellbambee: m4n1sh has the tar18:13
m4n1sham uploading it on the releases server18:13
bambeem4n1sh: great :)18:13
bambeethanks !18:13
Riddellnixternal: what can you tell us about the ktorrent bug you were mentioning?  we should decide on syncing from debian or not18:14
m4n1shdammit.. 403 publicly.. I need to catch the webadmin again18:14
Daskreechhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE Can someone once over for mistakes18:14
Riddellhi sheytan, are you able to do a release graphic for kubuntu.org front page? (still a month to go but best to be prepared)18:18
RiddellDaskreech: thanks!  the first line should probably be changed to be compliant with KDE's branding18:19
Riddellso probably "Installing KDE's Plasma Desktop and Applications"18:20
DaskreechI just put software compilation18:20
bambeeobex-data-server has been uploaded on revu (synced with trunk)18:23
c2tarunbambee: ping18:27
bambeec2tarun: pong18:27
c2tarunbambee: hi, sorry I was out for a while, what do you mean by debugging symbols?18:28
bambeepackages which end with -dbg18:29
bambeefor example libqt4-dbg18:29
c2tarunwhy do we use them, I dont know anything about them, is there any place I can read about them?18:29
bambeedebugging symbol are additional informations used by gdb with libraries and executable to get a nice backtrace with functions, variables etc.18:31
c2tarunbambee: you fixed any bug? can you please give me any link, looking on it will help me.18:32
c2tarunbambee: or, please give me link of any small crash bug.18:32
bambeewhat? I fixed nothing18:32
c2tarunbambee: how to do a backtrace?18:33
bambeewell, ask a kde dev for a small crash. Or look for "junior" bugs 18:34
c2tarunbambee: what about backtrace? can you  please tell me how to run a backtrace?18:35
bambeec2tarun: usually when a kde application crashes a window containing the backtrace is opened18:35
* bambee tries to remember its name... kcrashhandler ?18:36
yofelc2tarun: open drkonqi for now, you can manually simulate a crash with (using konsole as example):18:38
yofelstart konsole, then run: kill -s SIGSEGV $(pidof konsole)18:38
yofelthat'll open the crash handler18:39
bambeec2tarun: http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Debugging/How_to_create_useful_crash_reports18:39
yofelif you go on developer information it will try to generate the backtrace18:39
yofel(if you have the debugging symbols installed)18:39
bambeeyou can also click on "install missing symbols" (something like that)18:40
c2tarunyofel: I am getting command not found for drkonqi18:42
Riddellshadeslayer: we really need a new snapshot of rekonq for this beta, the tab bar but is a killer18:42
yofelc2tarun: you can't run it by hand, it's not in the PATH - once you crash konsole it'll open by itself18:43
Riddellafiestas: do you know if there's a bug for the obex-data-server issue?18:44
c2tarunyofel: I am getting this msg Warning: Program '/bin/bash' crashed. but drkonqi is not starting.18:45
yofelc2tarun: odd, works here, can you try to crash something else like dolphin?18:46
c2tarunyofel: is SIGSEGV is for crashing anything?18:47
yofelc2tarun: SIGSEGV is a signal that's usually send out by the application on a crash (Segmentation fault)18:47
c2tarunyofel: got it :) I crashed bash last time not konsole.18:49
yofelwell, at least it's one type of a crash, there are other reasons for crashes too18:49
yofelah, ok ^^18:49
c2tarunis there anything I can read about backtracking and fixing crash bugs?18:50
Riddellc2tarun: http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Debugging/Debugging_with_GDB18:51
yofelwell, you'll need to know the language the application is written in to fix crash bugs, as for backtraces: for KDE drkonqi does that part usually, and for othercases read Riddells link18:51
bambeec2tarun: for example the language is python, the interpreter will generate a backtrace by itself and already know everything about the state of the program (no extra debugging symbols required) => in this case drkonqi won't be used nor gdb18:54
bambeefor a program written in C++, debugging symbols are required and a backtrace generated with drkonqi or gdb is required 18:55
bambeelook at techbase18:55
m4n1shRiddell: bambee : ping19:00
bambeem4n1sh: thanks :D19:01
RiddellQtZeitgeist-0.7.0/xml/org.gnome.zeitgeist.Index.xml  it's a gnome conspiracy!19:02
Riddellbambee: did you do or are you planning a feature freeze for libmygpo-qt ?19:03
Riddellwould be nice to have it in even if amarok packages don't use it, just to keep the amarok devs happy19:03
m4n1shRiddell: lolz.. 19:04
sheytanRiddell Hey dude!19:05
m4n1shwe cant change the bus address now anyway19:05
Riddellhi sheytan 19:05
sheytanRiddell sure i will make that graphics19:05
sheytanRiddell so, did you see my mockup for the installer slideshow?19:06
Riddellsheytan: no I don't think I did19:06
bambeeRiddell: no I did not and yes I am planning a FFE. I am packaging libqzeitgeist (rules are done) then I will ask a FFE (and read the wiki)19:06
sheytanRiddell http://madsheytan.blogspot.com/2011/03/instalator-kubuntu-pokaz-slajdow-mockup.html19:06
sheytanRiddell please tell me if the slideshow can work as full screen?19:07
bambeeRiddell: FFE for libmyqpo-qt is in my todolist :)19:07
Riddellsheytan: well it could but it needs code to do it, and currently we don't have anyone coding on the installer19:07
sheytanRiddell we sure will find someone till 11.10 :D19:08
sheytanlike the mock?19:08
Riddellsheytan: yes it looks lovely19:08
sheytanRiddell this can be the best part of the installation process, so we *have* to find someone to code this :D19:09
* Riddell out19:10
ScottKRiddell: koffice built on armel.  Thanks again for the patch.  Uploaded.19:33
afiestasRiddell: reported in their bugtrack, yes19:44
afiestasreported in ubuntu, dunno19:44
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apacheloggershadeslayer: ping19:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: pong19:58
apacheloggershadeslayer: what does you think about rewriting kde in java?19:58
apacheloggerthat could be a fun gsoc project19:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: sure, just need to support Jambi again19:59
ulyssesapachelogger: are you drunk again, right?19:59
apacheloggersmoke it19:59
apacheloggerulysses: no19:59
* apachelogger forgot his rum at his parent's place19:59
shadeslayerthe future is here!19:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: i'm already in the future20:00
apacheloggeroh, hold on, that makes it the future of the future20:00
apacheloggerholy smokes20:00
shadeslayeryep ^^20:00
apacheloggerthat would make future happen before future20:00
apacheloggernow it is gettin crazy20:00
apacheloggernext time related var I use in phonon will be called future and I will suffix increment it20:00
apacheloggerjust for the lolz of it20:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: actually phonon is an easy porting target to jahava20:01
apacheloggeras it has plenty of them interfaces20:01
apacheloggerand the java likes them interfaces20:01
apacheloggerand I likes the javas20:01
apacheloggerit is a perfect match20:01
=== apachelogger is now known as javalogger
shadeslayerthere we go!20:01
shadeslayerjavalogger and kdeslayer20:02
javaloggeryeah, lets slay that kde20:02
shadeslayeri wouldn't dare change nicks to kdeslayer tho ...20:02
javaloggershadeslayer: are you a chicken?20:02
shadeslayerjavalogger: i hear KDE has ninjas20:02
shadeslayerso yes20:03
shadeslayeri'm afraid for my life20:03
javaloggerdid you ever look at a map of global kde contributors20:03
javaloggerthe only thing they got is bratwurst and sauerkraut20:03
javaloggeralthough thinking about being attacked by those sounds scary too20:03
javaloggernevermind me, I am plenty of useless20:04
* javalogger beings to feel like nixternal20:04
* javalogger hugs nixternal20:04
javaloggernixternal: let's make kubuntu2 happen!20:04
javaloggerbased on darwin20:04
javaloggernixternal: ping20:05
javaloggerDarkwingDuck: ping20:05
javaloggershadeslayer: ping20:05
javaloggerjust wanted to ping you20:05
javaloggershadeslayer: are you giving us phonon love for gsoc?20:06
shadeslayerkubuntu2 ... not nearly half as broken as Kubuntu120:06
shadeslayerjavalogger: might, i have 2 options in front of me right now20:06
shadeslayeri don't want to submit more than 2 applications, one is gone for telepathy kde20:06
javaloggertalking about broken ... to me it feels as is X and its drivers are actually turning crappier with every release we do20:06
ScottKGood thing we're going Wayland.20:07
shadeslayerthe 2 other options i have are PIM and Phonon20:07
javaloggershadeslayer: Nightrose says you can shoot out 5, then its getting silly20:07
javaloggerit is the long way to way land, where ther are more ways20:07
javaloggeroh my20:07
* javalogger could really be drunk20:07
shadeslayerjavalogger: Nightrose said 2 and 3 at most :P20:07
javaloggerwould be the same result20:07
shadeslayerjavalogger: re write X in Java20:07
shadeslayernow *that* would be fun20:07
javaloggershadeslayer: right, Nightrose probably said that and I read 5 as I wanted to read 520:07
javaloggermakes sense in a way20:08
* javalogger thought about doing a gsocy thing for other distributions20:08
javaloggercultural exchange and what not20:08
shadeslayerjavalogger: go break them other distros20:08
shadeslayerthen we can have world domination 20:08
javaloggerNightrose: it is because you never talk to me, so I start to forget how to listen........20:08
javaloggershadeslayer: making other things suck does not make our thing better.....20:09
* bambee is blind he did read "java"20:09
shadeslayertrue that20:09
* javalogger is a jahava witness20:09
javaloggeralso I got mail20:10
bambeenew throw BloodInMyEyesException();20:10
* javalogger consults the mail robot about the content of the mail20:10
* Nightrose hugs javalogger20:10
javaloggerah, I must conduct a review20:10
* javalogger has no clue how that works20:10
* javalogger uberhugs Nightrose meanwhile20:10
javaloggershadeslayer: can you please conduct a review and tell me what to write?20:11
shadeslayerjavalogger: /kick javalogger20:11
javaloggermy phonon made sounds, what is going on here :O20:13
javaloggeroh, highlight0ring20:13
* javalogger tells shadeslayer to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kcm-grub220:13
* javalogger also tells bambee to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kcm-grub220:13
bambeeRiddell: is it enough for a FFE ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/586584/20:14
bambee(I mean except my english... :P)20:14
javaloggerbambee: it doesnt really cover *why* we want it, does it?20:14
javaloggerI mean, from a makes-users-happy perspective20:15
bambeejavalogger: ohhh...20:15
javaloggerthough generally it should suffice, just saying ^^20:15
javaloggeralso you are supposed to do a review :P20:15
bambeeif a user wants to use the new gpodder service in amarok... :)20:16
javaloggeryeah, but what is the benefit20:16
javaloggerusers can then become unicorns and barf rainbows20:16
javaloggeror some such20:16
bambeethe benefit is : manage and use your podcasts via amarok ?20:17
DarkwingDuckjavalogger: pong20:18
javaloggerDarkwingDuck: I want to make khelpcenter a porn viewer, erm, better tool, any suggestions?20:18
javaloggeror things that you do not like about the current thing?20:18
javaloggeror things that you do not like about shadeslayer? we could reimplement him in java maybe :///20:19
shadeslayeroh noes20:19
DarkwingDuckjavalogger: I would like to see mallard intergration in khelpcenter20:19
DarkwingDuckjavalogger: also, th icon for Kubuntu help docs is the wrong branding20:19
javaloggerDarkwingDuck: I was thinking in a larger scale than wrong branding :)20:20
javaloggerwhole remake of user experience20:20
DarkwingDuckjavalogger: Lemme think about that for a minute...20:20
javaloggerbring in new stuff ... like integration with online help resources such as the kde userbase and stuff20:20
DarkwingDuckjavalogger: Yeah. Let me think about it.20:21
javaloggerprobably with the ultimate goal to have khc turn into your one stop service to get your system be less crappy20:21
javaloggerwow that sentence was cool Oo20:21
DarkwingDuckI would like that idea...20:21
* javalogger really needs to lay off the caffaine20:21
javaloggershadeslayer: we could rewrite kubotu in java20:24
javaloggerkubotu: hi20:24
bambeedone bug 74451220:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 744512 in Ubuntu "FeatureFreezeException for libmygpo-qt" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74451220:24
kubotuhey javalogger :)20:24
shadeslayernot the bot!20:25
shadeslayerjavalogger: spare the bot20:25
shadeslayertake Quintasan instead20:25
javaloggerpolish java20:26
javaloggerthat could work20:26
javaloggeropens up a whole new market I suppose20:26
shadeslayerjavalogger: debian/patches/debian-changes-0.3.0-0ubuntu120:27
shadeslayerthat looks ... bad20:27
javaloggersame thought here20:27
shadeslayerjavalogger: License: GPL-3+20:28
shadeslayerer .. GPL 3+ ?20:28
shadeslayerdo we have that license?20:28
shadeslayeri just see GPL 320:28
shadeslayerand no copyright for debian/* files20:29
javalogger * Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option)   *20:29
javalogger * any later version.                                                          *20:29
bambeechange it to GPL-3 nop ?20:29
* yofel understands that as gpl version 3 and greater20:29
shadeslayerwrong email address20:29
javaloggershadeslayer: sure, the copyright is just the messed up20:29
shadeslayerCopyright: 2011 Jonathan Kolberg <jonathan@unknown>20:29
shadeslayerunknown .... :D20:29
javaloggera bit out of order one might say20:29
javaloggershadeslayer: well, maybe it is unkown ^^20:29
javaloggershadeslayer: please comment your findings when you are done20:30
shadeslayerwill do20:30
bambeealso ChangeLog and README could be packaged nop ?20:31
bambeean upstream changelog is always useful, imho20:31
shadeslayeri think dh takes care of it20:31
shadeslayernot entirely sure on that20:31
javaloggerif the stuffz is named appropriately that is20:32
shadeslayerjavalogger: done20:34
javaloggershadeslayer: you neeed to be more evil20:35
bambeeand what about install files ?20:35
javaloggerbambee: anything you want to add to shadeslayer's findings?20:35
bambeewow... automatically installed by dh ? o_O20:37
shadeslayerbambee: isn't perl awesome :P20:38
javaloggerI once had a perl20:39
javaloggerI lost it in a cup of steaming hot coffee20:39
bambeeno seriously ? it rocks... 20:39
javaloggereventually it came out as a bean20:39
javaloggerbambee, shadeslayer: that has little to do with perl than with how the general magic there works20:41
javaloggerif you only have one binary package listed everything gets installed into debian/nameofbinarypackage thus eliminating the manual selection of what is to be installed, as the general assumption is that everything needs to be installed20:41
javaloggerif you have >1 binary package it will install to debian/tmp so you need to manually sort out what goes where20:42
javaloggerbambee: so, anything you got to add for the review?20:49
bambeejavalogger: not really..20:50
javaloggerfair enough20:51
bambeeexcept debian/copyright the rest looks ok...20:51
javaloggerwho knows my launchpad password?20:51
javaloggercause I don't20:51
javaloggershadeslayer, bambee: someone should learn how to be a PITA reviewer :P21:00
bambeejavalogger: what is it ? :P21:01
javaloggeryou missed half the stuff 21:01
shadeslayeroh boi21:02
bambeeepic fail xD21:03
javaloggerI also forgot something21:04
* javalogger is getting old21:05
javaloggercan't even remember 7 things for 5 minutes anymore21:05
bambeejavalogger: by the way you've not something to review on reviewboard.kde.org ? :P21:10
javaloggerhow would I know21:10
javaloggerno one ever tells me things21:11
bambeeI assigned the review to you and markey21:11
bambeeit's a trivial fix21:11
javaloggerthat spews out mails21:11
javaloggerI only read mails once a month21:11
javaloggerand only 5 of them21:11
javaloggerI have a bit of a pile of unread mails21:11
bambeewhen I test the gpodder service in amarok it displays a "no such slot" error21:12
bambeethere are just two lines to change21:12
javaloggerbambee: I dont think markey nor me should be the ones reviewing it21:13
bambeethere are just two lines21:13
javaloggerespecially not me since I have no clue of amaroks source whatsoever21:13
bambeeyou're not an amarok dev ? o_O21:13
javaloggerI am professional alcoholic21:14
javaloggerand jahava witness21:14
javaloggersort of goes hand in hand21:14
RiddellScottK: mind and commit koffice to bzr21:42
ScottKOh.  SUre.21:42
ScottKRiddell: Where?  Nothing listed in debian/control.21:43
Riddellif it's not in debian/control just add it21:43
ScottKRiddell: Done, including adding the missing patch from the last upload.21:49
Riddellthanks :)21:51
Riddellkdeedu is still compiling in the ppa here21:52
_Groo_hi/2 all22:39
_Groo_to anyone interested, im currently finishing the tomahawk package, complete with libecho and libjreen support22:39
_Groo_ill be on vacancies starting 4th of april22:40
_Groo_so i would like to know if its possible to use these 2 weeks to update several packages i have in my backlog which i maintain for nauty, specially kx11grab and wally22:40
_Groo_and add me as the tomahawk maintainer if no else is available22:41
Riddell_Groo_: what is tomahawk?22:52
Riddell_Groo_: we're in feature freeze now so bugfixes are good, anything with new features needs an exception22:52
_Groo_Riddell: http://tomahawk-player.org/home22:53
_Groo_it could go to universe or multiverse i guess22:53
RiddellJontheEchidna: no thoughts on bug 515138 ?22:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515138 in kdelibs "kded4 (lucid, amd64) defunct on latop" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51513822:56
Riddell_Groo_: ah, muesli's new app, groovy22:57
ScottKLooks like it's assigned to the wrong package to start with.22:57
JontheEchidnaRiddell: nope. The distupgrade module mentioned in comment 13 isn't compiled, so it can't be that22:57
RiddellJontheEchidna: oh well, presumably we should upload k-n-h after beta freeze anyway22:58
skaetRiddell, are the changes for Beta1 going to be put at: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/NattyNarwhal/Beta1/Kubuntu?23:02
seiflotfyRiddell, we have a released libqzeitgeist now23:02
_Groo_seiflotfy: do we have a ppa yet? im compiling phonon with it for now23:08
_Groo_have you guys seen this before? im compiling clucene from master : CMake Error: The source directory "/home/groo/dev/tomahawk/clucene-HEAD-5e87a29/--disable-dependency-tracking" does not exist.23:26
ScottKYou might be missing a space before --disable-dependency-tracking in your makefile or debian/rules.23:30
_Groo_ScottK: k, let me check23:31
_Groo_ScottK: it was a borked cmake file23:48
=== cmagina-afk is now known as cmagina

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