theodor__woooooooow IRC iS Alive ^^00:16
Daskreechs0phie: Hi00:45
DaskreechS74rk7: What's up?00:45
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draikHello everyone01:42
draikI have my new desktop connected via HDMI, but I can't seem to get audio.01:43
draikpavucontrol shows audio is being received from sources (YouTube, VLC, etc), but nothing is being output to the TV01:43
* James147 suggest checking alsamixer for muted channels01:49
draikNothing muted01:50
S74rk7Daskreech: apologies on the late reply not long back, was out for a while there...left laptop turned on :)01:52
DaskreechNo problem01:52
S74rk7Daskreech: Hows things?01:52
DaskreechPretty good01:54
S74rk7Daskreech: quiet on here tonight isn't it01:56
DaskreechYeah it's like that unless it's release time01:57
Daskreechthen it's nuts01:57
S74rk7ahhh... so does quiet more or less mean everybodies happy? lol01:57
DaskreechHi I didn't read any of the release notes but I heard there was new stuff partly uploaded to the servers and I upgraded and now nothing works and I'm by a friends house on Windows how do I fix everything I don't know what's wrong01:58
DaskreechDepends on if you are cynical or not :)01:58
S74rk7lol - interesting point01:59
S74rk7I'm planning a hard drive upgrade... and I'm trying to figure weather to keep Windows8 on it or not.. lol02:01
S74rk7I haven't booted into windows in about a month now....02:01
DaskreechWe are not allowed to talk about  Warez here02:01
S74rk7Oh ... haha not windows 8 ... lol I meant windows7 lol02:02
S74rk7I knew I missed it on the numpad.... lol02:02
James147S74rk7: :D if you not using it then why keep it?02:02
S74rk7sorry typo... lol02:02
James147S74rk7: you will only have to go through the bother of reactivating windows ^^02:02
S74rk7lol and the 4hours by the time I get all the updates installed from microsoft02:04
James147S74rk7: yup :) and for what? not using it for another month or more? may as well reinstall it when... i mean if, you need it again02:06
James147^^ and then I would try a vm first :)02:06
S74rk7nah but I've got a collection of software I use for repairing laptops, projects etc... and the last time I used it was to update an ipod I was trying out...02:06
S74rk7I had a quick look around for a linux alternative to itunes but - no joy02:06
James147S74rk7: amarok?02:07
James147^^ it can or should be able to handel most of the i stuff02:07
quantS74rk7, why would you want that? :) but yes, amarok, banshee, rhythmbox02:07
quantS74rk7, last two being gtk02:07
James147and gets better support for istuff with each release02:07
* James147 cant wat for amarok to support transcoding when coping to a device :D02:08
S74rk7is there anything not support on linux?02:08
James147^^ thats the one thing i miss from the old version :(02:09
James147S74rk7: :) we support our selves as best we can...02:09
James147though sometimes slower then windows since we have to backengener allot of stuff ^^ like the istuff02:09
S74rk7James147: Thanks for the info on amarok :)02:10
James147^^ you may or may not need a paskage for the ipod support... though i think kubuntu will have installed everything you need02:10
James147package :P02:10
S74rk7I use amorak as my mp3 player... the way it shows the lyrics in the middle by default is cool02:11
* James147 remembers the days when everyone was throwing a hissy fit over that ^^02:12
S74rk7I just never thought to actually try it.. :)02:12
S74rk7I looked online for like "itunes linux alternative" and was getting tutorials on how to setup an older version of itunes with wine and all that02:13
quantS74rk7, why do you want an itunes like program for music? I'm curious02:14
DaskreechJames147: There is plugin for transcoding from Amarok as I recall02:14
S74rk7I dont 'want' itunes02:14
James147Daskreech: from? I know amarok 1.4 had one, and amarok 2 can do it when copying to the local colection (with promise of a future release suppoting it when copying to a device)02:15
S74rk7I just didnt have the time then to learn how to configure wine and everything... it was the quicker option02:15
James147S74rk7: i find its better to search for what you want rather then what you thing you need ^^ ie "ipod sync" rather then "itunes clone"02:16
quantthe only "itunes" I need is my directory structure02:16
S74rk7I was busy trying to figure out how to get my sound directed through my HDMI port to the the tv n all that02:16
S74rk7James147: thats makes sense :)02:16
James147S74rk7: ^^ "ipod sync ubuntu" give: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod :)02:17
S74rk7James147: hmmm...thats bookmarked - thanks dude02:19
James147S74rk7: dont really need to do that :) it just points to banshee amarok and gtkpod with the possibaility to run itunes in wine if you want :)02:20
James147S74rk7: what version of amarok are you using?02:20
S74rk7Version 2.3.202:21
S74rk7Using KDE 4.5.1 (KDE 4.5.1)02:21
James147S74rk7: ^^ if you have trouble syncing your ipod then try upgrading to 2.4 (with kde4.6)02:22
S74rk7the last time I was playing around and adding ppa's to my repos n stuff... I found some for amarok...but they were "backports" of some kind and I managed to kill kubuntu on myself lol02:22
* James147 suggests doing that anyway :) kde make allot of improvments with each release :D... though natty should be comming soonish02:23
DaskreechLike... a lot02:23
S74rk7by kill I mean... my desktop was going crazy...if/when it did load... and this kind of thing still a beyond my knowledge of linux for me to repair so that ended in a format and reinstall lol02:24
James147S74rk7: you us these ones: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.6.1  ?02:24
Daskreech4.5 -> 4.6 was probably the smallest jump and it still took me like 15 minutes of reading  through it and learning 3 new things I didn't know though I was in the betas02:24
quantDaskreech, which is good or bad? :)02:24
DaskreechWhich point are you talking about?02:25
S74rk7it was my  own fault at the time.. I was playing around pushing buttons to see what happens in linux lol02:25
quantDaskreech, 15 minutes and 3 new things02:25
S74rk7guess I still am..02:25
James147S74rk7: and you should never stop :D ... just learn how to fix the stuff the buttons break02:25
James147Daskreech: I find kde 4.6 better orginised the 4.5 ^^ though it is anoying at first02:26
S74rk7ohh dont worry... thats my intention :)02:26
Daskreechquant: I guess it depends takes me maybe 3 minutes to go through a GNOME release on what's new and of course it's all new since I don't use it but like once every 4 releases they have something interesting02:26
* quant is playing with kde 4.4.5 packages on debian squeeze at the moment02:27
James147Daskreech: yeah, but gnome dosnt have half as many options as kde...02:27
Daskreechquant: Course for some people that's why they use GNOME. it very rarely changes where as KDE always has this mad flurry02:27
James147quant: 4.4... thats sooo old now :p02:27
DaskreechJames147: or 1/402:27
quantJames147, and stable ;-)02:27
James147quant: :p i would say 4.5 is more stable02:27
quantDaskreech, yup, true02:27
Goliathhey does ubuntu/kubuntu 10.10 livedvd contain grub1 (i want to use grub-install command)?02:28
James147^^ at least the later versions02:28
quantJames147, don't doubt the stability of debian packages in debian stable ;-)02:28
DaskreechJames147: People upgrade to the last release02:28
DaskreechSo upgrade from KDE 4.4.5 to KDE 4.5.502:28
Daskreechto KDE 4.6.5 Etc02:29
quantDaskreech, its not even in unstable yet02:29
quantDaskreech, ah, sorry, thought that was directed at me02:29
Daskreechquant: Well yeah I'm actually impressed that Debian has 4.4.5 :)02:29
James147Daskreech: but isnt 4.5.5 out? so why use 4.4.5?02:29
quantDaskreech, true...02:29
James147^^ except that debian takes forever to upgrade anythign02:30
DaskreechJames147: he did say Debian. I presume that you haven't used Debian02:30
quantJames147, I'll give you a link about debian releases02:30
DaskreechIt has older Software than Redhat which has some really old rubbish02:30
James147Daskreech: I know about it :) dare not use it though... far to stable for my needs02:30
quantJames147, http://www.debian.org/releases/02:30
James147Daskreech: dont get my started on redhat ^^ our uni uses it on their linux boxes :(02:31
James147thankfully they are moving to ubuntu :D02:32
S74rk7is redhat not a good distro?02:32
S74rk7sorry ---regarded as a decent distro :)02:32
quantS74rk7, it's all fine02:32
James147S74rk7: horrific... well, version 5 was ^^ 6 is ment to be better02:32
S74rk7why whats up with it?02:32
* James147 points out that this is from trying to use 5.5 at uni.... where their gcc version was both too new and too old :p02:33
James147^^ for somereason they had the broken version of gcc :P02:33
quantDaskreech, you might be even more surprised by xfce 4.6 in current stable02:34
* S74rk7 hears jet engines lol.... James147 dude your way over my head here, gcc - sorry dude I'm a n00b still to linux..02:35
James147S74rk7: gcc is the c compiler for linux (well, and c++)02:36
James147^^ its whats used to build most things :)02:36
S74rk7then I'll say I'll be reading up on it someday soon then :)02:36
S74rk7I wanna chop my harddrive up into loads of seperate partitions....reinstall kde...02:37
S74rk7**kububtu I mean02:37
James147S74rk7: seperate partitions for what?02:37
S74rk7I want like a whole harddrive layout...02:37
James147^^ what layout you planning on?02:38
S74rk7so my home folder is on one partition... / on another02:38
S74rk7one for my "media"02:38
S74rk7one encrpyted with truecrypt etc etc02:38
s0phiehi Daskreech02:38
s0phiei may be back later to chat a bit02:38
s0phiehave an engagement now though02:39
James147S74rk7: fair enough :) ^^ i suggest using a swap file rather then partitions, as they are more flexable :)02:39
S74rk7oh what reminds me - what protection do you get from an "encrypted home folder" ??02:39
James147^^ an encrypted home folder02:40
Daskreechs0phie: whooo ok :)02:40
quantS74rk7, home folder that can't be read from windows etc.02:40
James147S74rk7: ^^ means you need a passphrase to unencrypt it02:40
Daskreechquant: I dunno :) can't decide if that's surprising or not. Isn't Xfce 4.6 like a year old?02:41
James147much like true crypt02:41
quantS74rk7, so they steal your computer and then they don't get access to it...02:41
quantDaskreech, well, it's new enough for debian stable ;-)02:41
quantDaskreech, current xfce is 4.8 - it's in experimental now02:41
S74rk7ok... so say at the minute... my harddrive has 4 partitions...02:42
James147S74rk7: and anything encrypted (assuming your not using a broken algorithm) cannot be read without the key ^^02:42
Daskreechcool :)02:43
S74rk7so if they remove my harddrive from my laptop...02:45
James147S74rk7: they wont beable to read it easaly :)02:46
S74rk7they can read my windows partition etc... but my home folder which is on a seperate partition and its encrypted... and  / is on another... they won't be able to read my home folder partition even if they're mounting it in linux without my password?02:47
quantS74rk7, yes02:47
S74rk7quant: niice :)02:48
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quantS74rk7, fedora offers full disk encryption on install02:48
S74rk7so how do encrypt all my partitions... home...a media partition... etc etc02:49
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S74rk7ohhh ... I can do that in fedora?02:49
James147S74rk7: well, techniclly you home partition wont be encrypted, but everything in you homefolder will be stored in an encrtpyed file, that gets mounted at login02:49
quantS74rk7, pretty sure you can do it in any distro, but personally I don't know how... ask Daskreech , he knows everything! :)02:49
* S74rk7 agrees with you lol02:50
James147S74rk7: you should beable to do it on any distro02:52
DaskreechI know what i don't know :)02:52
S74rk7will it be in the options somewhere when reinstalling kubuntu you think if I dig around?02:52
James147^^ though there may be more levels of configurateion02:52
quantDaskreech, that's impossible to know! :)02:52
Daskreechit is possible02:52
DaskreechBut you have to know how :)02:52
James147S74rk7: There is an option to encrypt your home folder during installtion02:53
quantDaskreech, you mean you can name everything you don't know, or you can tell, when faced by a certain thing, if you know it or not? :)02:53
S74rk7Daskreech: so do I take the red pill or the blue one? :)02:53
James147(on the user setup page if i remember correctly)02:53
* quant thinks that the fuzzy clock widget is pure awesome02:54
S74rk7James147: yeah I got that one... I was wondering though... it be possible to encryption different partitions if I mount them when installing also?02:54
* James147 agrees02:54
Goliathhey i have ubuntu 10.10 livecd, can i use it for the grub-install command so i can install grub1 to my system?02:54
James147S74rk7: it is possible as far as I know ^^ you should be able to encrypt everything except /boot (though it might be possible to do that)02:55
DaskreechGoliath: if you lik02:55
DaskreechI think grub one might still be in the repos02:55
James147S74rk7: you may want to read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemHowto02:55
GoliathDaskreech doesnt it use grub2?02:55
Goliathif i do grub-install02:55
DaskreechIf you have Grub2 installed02:56
Daskreech if you can install grub one it will use that02:56
GoliathDaskreech does grub2 or grub1 have different /etc/fstab files?02:56
Goliathor they are the same02:57
* James147 dosnt think grub uses /etc/fstab ^^02:57
DaskreechGoliath: ? Grub doesn't even know if /etc/fstab exists02:57
Goliathhow can i install grub1 from terminal?02:58
Daskreech!info grub03:00
ubottugrub (source: grub): GRand Unified Bootloader (Legacy version). In component main, is optional. Version 0.97-29ubuntu60 (maverick), package size 396 kB, installed size 924 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia all)03:00
Daskreech!info grub203:00
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 47 kB, installed size 108 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc sparc mipsel)03:00
Daskreechsudo apt-get remove grub2 --purge && sudo apt-get install grub03:00
Goliathover ubuntu they told be03:00
Goliathits grub-legacy package03:01
James147^^ i think its grub-legacy03:01
DaskreechThat will probably work03:01
Daskreech!info grub-legacy03:01
ubottuPackage grub-legacy does not exist in maverick03:01
Daskreech!find grub03:01
ubottuFound: grub, grub-common, grub-doc, grub-efi, grub-efi-amd64, grub-efi-ia32, grub-legacy-doc, grub-legacy-ec2, grub-pc, grub-rescue-efi-amd64 (and 13 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=grub&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all03:01
DaskreechOr not03:01
Goliathwhat --purge does btw?03:02
Daskreechtry what I said03:02
DaskreechGoliath: dumps the config files. Grub won't be able to read the config files for grub203:02
GoliathDaskreech ok if i do grub-install from livecd, can i install grub to another distro right?03:03
Goliathit isnt ubuntu-specific03:03
DaskreechAlmost nothing on Ubuntu is ubuntu Specific03:03
Goliathha ok03:04
Daskreechlike 93% of it is either straight from or modified slightly from Debain03:04
Daskreecha lot of the rest is from Fedora03:04
DaskreechThe stuff they build isn't often tied to Ubuntu03:05
DaskreechBut in any case GRUB isn't even really tied to Linux. It can boot nearly anything that boots software03:05
James147although i think it needs to be 'installed' in kubuntu for it to work ^^03:07
DaskreechYeah I think installing any software helps it work a lot better03:08
DaskreechCloud not withstanding03:08
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.03:11
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »03:12
brad_what is this?03:26
Daskreechbrad_: A support channel03:27
brad_who gives the support?03:28
James147 we do :)03:28
brad_ok I can really use it cuz im pulling my hair out03:28
James147!ask | brad_03:29
ubottubrad_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:29
James147Daskreech: :D03:29
* Daskreech shakes his Klawed Fist. I'll get you Gadget03:30
brad_I installed ubuntu 10.10 on my hp laptop. then tried to install kubuntu on it but it seems that it says im still running ubuntu 10.10. Also some of the kubuntu files were installed03:30
brad_i mean programs were installed but says im running ubuntu03:31
James147brad_: the only difference between ubuntu and kubuntu is the desktop interface they use, and it is possible to install them side by side...03:31
James147brad_: if you do that (which you probally did) then you should be able to choose which one you wnat to loginto at the login screen (under one of the menus)03:31
brad_ok cool ill look into it03:31
brad_the other thing is im at a hotel right now and I try to connect to the wireless internet but when I run a ping test it says there no connections03:32
Daskreechbrad_: When you say it says you are running Ubuntu yuo mean the bar at startup?03:32
brad_it says Kubuntu 10.1003:32
James147brad_: but you boot into gnome?03:33
brad_but when I check what version im running under terminal it says Ubuntu 10.1003:33
DaskreechAh what says you are running Ubuntu then?03:33
Daskreechhow are you checking that?03:33
brad_what version im running?03:34
James147brad_: kubuntu is just ubuntu with the kde desktop envrioment ^^ they are functionally the same otherwise and as just the commandline dosnt distinguish the difference03:34
brad_oh ok03:34
Daskreechbrad_: At the command line level there is no difference between having KDE having GNOME or not having Any desktop at all03:34
brad_ok now the other issue im haveing is with my wireless card connecting to a internet connection03:36
James147brad_: you are connected to the router right?03:36
navatwoHmm, I'm trying to install kubuntu on my netbook, it is on a flash drive bceause I do not have a cd-usb drive. It gets to the `boot loader` to pick what to do, but when I hit `install Kubuntu` it goes black and thats it. Any ideas?03:36
brad_I am at a hotel but yes03:36
brad_not my persoanl router03:37
James147brad_: open a web browser and see if you get a login page when you request a web site03:37
Daskreechnavatwo: try safe graphics mode03:37
brad_yes it does but all I have to do is check i agree and continue. I do that i get connected to the internet, but when i go to do a ping test  and I use ubuntu.com for example for the test it says there is no internet connection03:38
James147brad_: but your able to load webpages alright?03:39
brad_yes very slowly03:40
brad_I thought something might be wrong so i started looking into the network tools03:40
James147brad_: my guess would be the router is blocking all ports but port 80 (though i dont know which ping uses)03:41
navatwoDaskreech: no luck. :(03:41
Daskreechnavatwo: what netbook?03:42
navatwolenovo s-1003:42
navatwoit has meego on it atm03:42
James147brad_: also, i wouldnt expect great speeds from a public hot spot :)03:42
brad_James_: ya i know but Iv been at this hotel for almost a month now so i kinda know when the high poitns and low points are. which usually the weekend is pretty good cuz everyones out drinking03:43
James147brad_: then i am not sure what else you can do :(03:44
brad_alright thanks03:44
Daskreechnavatwo: try press F6 when that menu comes up. Press Esc to get back to the kernel boot line (at the bottom of the screen) at the very very end of that line put in intel_idle.max_cstate=003:44
navatwojust tried that03:44
navatwodoesnt seem to do much03:44
navatwo... if anything03:45
Daskreechtried acpi=off ?03:45
James147or vga=77103:46
* James147 thinks it 771 at least03:46
navatwowhat does that mean?03:46
navatwobut I haven't, no03:47
Daskreechnavatwo: at the end of that same line instead of the above cheat code try acpi=off03:47
navatwodoesn't boot03:48
navatwothere's no activity on the flash drive either03:49
navatwoit magically worked now >.<03:50
Daskreechnavatwo: Does it boot elsewhere?03:50
DaskreechYay magic!!03:50
DaskreechAll Hail Gummi Berri Juice03:51
navatwoi just did the intel_idle hack lol03:51
navatwomeego just is not efficient for doing school work, coding, etc.03:52
Daskreechnot sure it was ever intended for that03:56
DaskreechYou won't find any science labs  running off Meego anytime soon03:57
navatwohaha heck no03:57
navatwobut its a netbook OS, so I gave it a shot. Also, I could not get ubuntu to boot (now I know why..)03:57
* S74rk7 has just discovered the plasma dashboard widget....04:13
S74rk7added it to my panel... widgets rock04:14
* James147 agrees04:14
DaskreechHa :)04:18
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handsomewhats the partion editor for kubuntu 10.10?05:00
Daskreechhandsome: partitionmanager05:03
handsomeDaskreech: whats the default admin password for kubuntu 10.10? on live cd05:11
DaskreechThre is none05:12
handsomeDaskreech:installed gparted on kubuntu but it was asking for admin password05:15
Daskreechhandsome: Ok05:15
DaskreechAs I said Partitionmanager is for KDE05:16
Daskreechshouldn't ask for a password though05:16
handsomewhere can i see it?05:17
Daskreechsee what?05:19
=== lengau is now known as lengou
=== lengou is now known as lengau
handsomedoes it will open as i install kubuntu05:20
Daskreechumm Kinda05:21
DaskreechThere is a partition editor in the installer.05:22
folornya around daskreech?05:27
folorngod i screwed my stuff up :(05:30
navatwohmm typically I do not have problems, but for some reason my fresh kubuntu install on my netbook wont connect to my router. It states its connected but cannot locate any pages. I manually added it to the dchp table using the computers mac address.05:55
navatwoThe router does not identify it as being there either05:55
navatwotypically do not have problems with wifi**05:56
s0phieThe file file:///home/sophia/Downloads/XvidSetup.exe is an executable program. For safety it will not be started.06:02
s0phieis what chrome is telling me when i'm trying to install vlc (i think it's vlc  o_O)06:03
navatwos0phie: run it with wine, if you know it is safe.06:03
navatwoits not.06:03
navatwos0phie: `sudo apt-get install vlc`06:03
ubuntu_Daskreech:thanks im gonna reboot now im done installing kubuntu06:38
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root__is there a way to change the kde button?08:51
=== root__ is now known as tweeterweb
tweeterwebis there a way to change the kde button?08:54
Mamaroktweeterweb: you should not use your system as root08:56
tweeterwebMamarok: its just an alias dont worry08:58
Mamaroktweeterweb: I guess you are talking about the "KDE button" in the panel, right?08:59
Mamarokthat is the application launcher, right click on it, go to Application Launcher Settings and there you can change the icon08:59
tweeterwebMamarok: yeah i just installed kubuntu few hours ago08:59
tweeterwebMamarok: thanks i got it working09:03
Mamaroktweeterweb: you are welcome :)09:05
davoraoHello, does anybody know if the global-menu-extension (gecko apps) will be available in kubuntu?09:17
StarminnI uninstalled Kontact, and all but about 5 of my widgets are now gone. (all default) How can I get the widgets back?09:21
StarminnOnes that were (and are) currently in use still function perfectly, by the way. They just aren't in the menu to add them anywhere09:21
MamarokDaviey: is it the firefox extension you are talking about or the Unity ones?09:22
davoraoits the one developed by chris coulson i think09:22
davoraoit will be default in unity i believe09:22
Mamarokdavorao: that doesn't help09:23
davoraoi talking about the firefox extension09:23
MamarokStarminn: the packages for the plasma widgets all start with "plasma-widget-" search your application installer09:23
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MamarokDaviey: it's an extension for the Gnome panel AFAIK, so I don't think it applies to KDE09:24
StarminnMamarok: Apparently it uninstalled my package installer too.09:24
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MamarokStarminn: that is hardly possible...09:24
=== Guest9920 is now known as TE_
StarminnMamarok: *shrug* Well, it's not where it was a little bit ago.09:25
MamarokStarminn: did you try in the command line? the command is sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get upgrade09:25
davoraowell i hoped it would since its done via dbus, and that is also implemented in agaetaus menubar for kde09:25
Mamarokdavorao: why not use that one, then?09:25
davoraoim using that, but was hoping i would be able to use it for firefox as well in kubuntu natty09:26
davoraovia this extension09:26
StarminnMamarok: Interesting. ALT+F2, "Konsole" doesn't bring anything up. Uninstalled it too? Hmmm...09:26
Mamarokdavorao: you should ask questions about Natty in #ubuntu+1 anyway09:26
MamarokStarminn: you can still use the virtual shell with Ctrl+Alt+F109:27
StarminnMamarok: Very true. ;)09:27
MamarokStarminn: didn't you check what it was going to remove before applying the change?09:27
Mamarokand no, it is very unlikely it removed krunner, it probably just crashed09:29
MamarokStarminn: which exact KDE version is this about?09:29
StarminnMamarok: Good news, bad news.09:36
MamarokStarminn: did yu see my previous question?09:37
StarminnMamarok: Good news, I was able to reinstall all of the lost applications (thus I assume widgets followed suit). Bad news, I was unable to resume my X session and thus needed to reboot. Upon doing so, KDE apparently uninstalled itself, as it is not available on the login screen, so I'm back ot GNOME at the moment.09:38
StarminnMamarok: And no, I didn't. I was stuck in virtual desktops. ;)09:38
StarminnVirtual terminals*09:38
MamarokStarminn: which KDE version are you talking about?09:38
StarminnKDE 4.5.6 (or whatever the latest is. Upon request earlier today I update about 10 hours ago.09:39
MamarokStarminn: KDE doesn't just uninstall itself, try installing the package kubuntu-desktop09:39
StarminnMamarok: isn't kubuntu-desktop a meta package? I'd rather not start all over from scratch again and have to customize it and delete the default apps again09:40
StarminnIs there anything that just sets it to be available at login?09:40
Mamarokyes, it is a meta-package, and it will install eventually missing packages09:41
StarminnFine, lol.09:41
Mamarokwhich login manager are you using, GDM or KDM?09:41
Mamaroktry KDE, it is likely just an error in GDM of which I have heard before09:41
StarminnHow do I switch to KDM?09:42
Mamarokinstall the KDM package, it will sugest to use it by default09:42
Starminn(GDM picked it up multiple instances before)09:42
StarminnI want GNOME to still be my default, though. I'm just trying out KDE09:42
valoriehi all, recently I was trying to rip a CD with soundjuicer (no good KDE ripper apps, boo), but get this error msg: Could not read the CD, Sound Juicer could not read the track listing on this CD.,Reason: Cannot access CD: The specified location is not mounted09:42
Mamarokthat is not a problem09:42
Mamarokyou can stiull set Gnome as default09:43
StarminnMamarok: Alright, what's the KDM package name?09:43
MamarokStarminn: since you are in Gnome, just search for it in the package manager :)09:43
StarminnJust kdm? (apt-cache search lists it as one)09:43
StarminnMamarok: Ah, genius09:43
Mamarokvalorie: no idea, sorry, but I guess it is the HAL/Udev bug hitting again09:44
valorieI'd just ripped two other CDs09:44
Mamarokdoesn't the CD pop up the recently connected notifier? There you should be able to open it with Dolphin09:45
valorieif that's it, it's being awfully picky09:45
valoriethe others yes, this one no09:45
Mamarokyes, I know, but that's a bug, not much I can do about09:45
StarminnHow do I get into KDM? I still got GDM09:45
Mamaroksome audio CDs are badly detected, especially those you played a lot09:45
well_laid_lawnvalorie:  does the cd work in another appliance?09:46
valorieactually, device notifier says only: play in Amarok09:46
valorieno dolphin09:46
MamarokStarminn: did you reinstall it? Didn't it suggest to set it as default?09:46
valorieso it really isn't mounted09:46
Mamarokvalorie: well, then it is the HAL/udev bug I presume09:46
valorieI'll just try again tomorrow, I guess09:46
StarminnMamarok: Nah, I hit "Install" and it installed. Done. No messages or anything. Logout, not there, so I logged back in to Gnome09:46
valorieI wish bugs would at least be consistent09:46
Mamarokvalorie: or just eject and insert again several times, sometimes it suddenly works09:46
Mamarokvalorie: well, since HAL and udev are both running, it confused Solid09:47
Mamarokthat's a bug in KDE 4.6.x actually09:47
valoriepoor thing.....09:48
MamarokStarminn: you nedd to edit this file: /etc/X11/default-display-manager09:48
Mamaroksince it didn't ask to change it for you09:49
MamarokStarminn: set the single line in there to /usr/bin/kdm09:50
StarminnLogout/login, Mamarok?09:51
MamarokStarminn: you need to restart the X server09:51
Mamarokwhich a simple logout doesn't09:52
StarminnMamarok: Nope. No luck.09:52
StarminnMamarok: Still got GDM09:52
Mamarokdid you restart the x server?09:52
StarminnMamarok: Yes I did.09:52
Mamaroka simple logout doesn't do that09:52
StarminnCTRL+ALT+Backspace does it.09:52
Mamaroknot exactly, it kills the X server and restarts the last known09:53
MamarokStarminn: and KDE still doesn't show up?09:53
StarminnMamarok: Oh. Poopy. How do I go about restarting it, then? "restart x"?09:54
MamarokStarminn: log out and select that option in GDM09:54
StarminnMamarok: Nope. KDM launched, but no KDE desktop choice.09:57
MamarokStarminn: then something is missing in your KDE installation, did you try reinstalling kubuntu-desktop?09:57
StarminnMamarok: No, we were trying to avoid that. ;)09:58
StarminnMamarok: But I will. :/09:58
MamarokStarminn: why? that only installs what is missing in KDE09:58
Mamarokto have  running KDE09:58
Mamarokkubuntu-desktop is very basic09:58
StarminnMamarok: I would imagine that the package's idea of "missing" and my idea of "missing" aren't exactly the same thing.09:59
StarminnMamarok: For example, I did not need the app Kontacts, yet when I deleted it, it decided to destroy everything.09:59
MamarokStarminn: well, you apparently did remove essential packages, so you should trust that meta-package :)09:59
StarminnKontacts is essential?09:59
Mamaroknot at all09:59
Mamarokthe kde-pim package is not default09:59
StarminnWhat is kde-pim?10:00
Mamarokant it is kontact, not kontacts10:00
Starminn(Been running KDE since last night, so I'm not familiar with the "K*" lingo)10:00
Mamarokpim = Personal Information Manager, aka kontact10:00
StarminnMamarok: Upon installing kubuntu-desktop last night I got Kontact. And I know I didn't put it there much less did I have it in GNOME)10:01
Mamarokwell, then just don't use it10:01
StarminnBut I don't want it there. So I should be able to uninstall it.10:01
Mamarokand file a bug, as it should not remove KDE on unistalling10:01
MamarokStarminn: do you have so little space?10:02
StarminnMamarok: Not particularly. I've got 5GB left on this partition, but  it is my opinion that if I want or don't want something then I, as a user, should very well be able to make that decision for myself.10:03
Starminn(My music and most images are stored on Windows partition with 20GB leftover. I never use Windows but it's become my "junk" partition since most "junk" wasthere already)10:03
MamarokStarminn: well, apparenlty there is a packaging error, since removing kontact did remove kdebase packages, and that is definitley a bug10:04
Mamarokso please file a bug10:05
StarminnMamarok: I'm going to get into KDE and remove Kontact first thing just to make sure that's what it is. If the same happens I'll come back and let you know and file a bug10:06
MamarokI just hope he is checking what will be removed before doing so, it would spare him some time...10:07
StarminnMamarok: Well, killing Kontact didn't do anything (before it asked to remove a bunch of stuff), and since it said it would isntall all of the same stuff I said "sure! Why not!?" though I guess that wasn't smart)10:20
StarminnMamarok: Anyway, so that's good, however I seem to be unable to "Resume Desktop Effects" because of a non-existent error.10:20
StarminnMamarok: http://imagebin.org/14532210:22
nishmuIs there a graphical front end of recordmydesktop for kubuntu?10:23
raymearshi everyone. weird situation here: using 10.10 with kde4.6 and i have a small performance issue with compositing and i think i found out why10:28
tweeterwebhello everyone is there a way i can put a shorcut of chatzilla from kde menu im usnig kubuntu 10.10 by the way10:28
raymearsglxinfo | grep direct -> tells me that "direct rendering: Yes" is enabled. (using ati proprietary drivers); Now, if i do a kwin --replace from the console it tells me: "Direct rendering:                       no10:29
raymearstweeterweb:  what do you mean exactly? do you want a shortcut to chatzilla placed in your kde menu?10:32
raymearsregarding my issue: does anyone know why i have this issue and/or how i can work around it?10:33
tweeterwebraymears: yes10:33
raymearsright click on the menu button -> edit applications10:33
raymearsbrowse through the menu and pick the directory that  you want your shortcut to be placed in...10:34
raymearssay.. "internet"10:34
raymearsright click on it, choose "new item"10:34
tweeterwebraymears: im on there already my prob i dont which file from /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/py61xhtu.default/chatzilla  file10:35
nishmuI have intsalled recordmydesktop and mencoder plugin. When I enter the command "recordmydesktop", it says "No protocol specified10:35
nishmuCannot connect to X server :0" Any ideas?10:35
raymearsoh. i was not aware that chatzilla was a firefox addon. i thought it was some standalone app10:36
raymearssorry :)10:36
tweeterwebraymears: yeah10:36
raymearstweeterweb: is there an external launcher for it?10:37
tsimpsonnishmu: are you trying to run recordmydesktop as root (sudo)?10:38
nishmutsimpson: Yes10:38
raymearstweeterweb: if there is and you don't know which one to use just navigate into that folder using the console and look for executables10:38
tsimpsonnishmu: don't10:38
tweeterwebraymears: i can start chatzilla from command line "firefox -chat"10:39
tweeterwebraymears: from Konsole10:39
tsimpsonnishmu: it should be run as the user who is logged into X10:39
raymearstweeterweb: well then, put that command into the new shortcut.10:39
nishmutsimpson: Thanks, but now it says it has got problems with sound. http://pastebin.com/UWeiaxhK10:40
nishmutsimpson: Running with --no-sound flag records the screen, so i think the only problem is with sound as it says.10:42
nishmutsimpson: Nevermind http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=763610 helped me10:43
tsimpsonnishmu: I did find recorditnow, a KDE front-end for recordmydesktop10:43
nishmutsimpson: There is no install package for it "apt-get install recorditnow". --> Unable to locate package10:44
tsimpson!info recorditnow10:44
ubotturecorditnow (source: recorditnow): desktop recorder for KDE. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 0.7-0ubuntu5 (maverick), package size 353 kB, installed size 1516 kB10:44
tsimpsonyou may have to enable the multiverse repository10:45
nishmuyep, thanks.10:45
asranielhi. i have a serious kwallet issue since 4.6.1. When i login, kwallet tells me that there have been several attemps to open kwallet from an application (kmail) that failed and that this appis probably misbehaving. Then kmail forgets all the passwords and i have to enter them all the time. at least restarting kontact solves the problem, but it is really annoying11:16
asranielis there a way to fix it?11:16
asraniel4.6.1 is really the worst release since a long time. 4.5 and 4.6 where really good, but somehow 4.6.1 broke everything11:17
[mors]hi gents11:20
[mors]kmail 1.13.5 is copying html to the clipboard instead of the plain text I read on e.mails.... gah11:20
[mors]fixy fix ?11:20
tsimpson[mors]: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/70713511:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 707135 in kdepim (Ubuntu) "Copy text from email adds HTML tags to clipboard" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:24
[mors]interestingly did not happen with 10.10 stack install + updaates11:25
raymears(sorry. wrong channel)11:35
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evdveldeHi all, does anyone use google addressbook + kontact? kaddressbook takes ages to load the addressbook here, after which it is shown empty :(12:32
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romero_all english?13:04
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Peace-romero_: ?13:06
romero_hi Peace?13:08
romero_i dnt know make in here13:09
=== romero_ is now known as romero__
JuJuBeeAll of a sudden this morning I can't use sites that use flash.  Working fine over weekend.  I have libFlashPlayer.so in my mozillia dir and my chrome dir (/opt/google/chrome/)13:45
[mors]JuJuBee: eprhaps you have flash 10.2 ?13:51
[mors]see if reverting to flash 10.0 helps13:51
JuJuBee[mors]: downloaded the latest 64bit from adobe and put it in /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ now working fine.  Thanks though.13:53
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hyper_chhi there, do I need to enable something special to make AES-NI support in the cpu work?14:49
BluesKajhyper_ch, 64bit ?14:55
hyper_chBluesKaj: y14:55
naftilos76hello everyone, can you please have a look at   http://paste.ubuntu.com/586461/  ?14:56
hyper_chnaftilos76: any reason you want to run smb?14:57
* hyper_ch shivers of thinking about smb over internet14:57
BluesKajhyper_ch, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4560283/how-to-enable-intel-aes-ni-support-in-linux-kernel14:58
naftilos76because i will have access through windows as well14:58
hyper_chBluesKaj: great if you can enabled/disable it on kernel leve... means I can run some benchmarks :)14:59
BluesKajnata, why not use ssh / vnc , much safer15:00
hyper_ch(I was thinking of using sshfs but not sure if windows has any support)15:01
BluesKajhyper_ch, never used it ..all my pxcs are amd15:02
BluesKajand the one intel is wifey's W7 machine , no linux allowed there :)15:02
navatwohmm typically I do not have problems with wifi, but for some reason my fresh kubuntu install on my netbook wont connect to my router. It states its connected but cannot locate any pages. I manually added it to the dchp table using the computers mac address (the router doesn't see it though)15:02
mu3ennavatwo have you checked /etc/resolv.conf15:03
hyper_chBluesKaj: well, I just got for a co-worked a new HP notebook with aes-ni.... hence I'm kind of curious about performance gain15:03
navatwomu3en: no, what am I looking for?15:03
BluesKajbenchmarking is ok ,but I don't see the point with the new cpus out there15:04
hyper_chBluesKaj: new cpus?15:04
=== larsivi_ is now known as larsivi
navatwomu3en: it looks correct.15:05
BluesKaj<--not a gamer so speed isn't real important , as long as the graphics holds up on this media server pc15:05
hyper_chBluesKaj: luks/dm-crypt noticebly slow down computers15:06
hyper_chespecially when working with large files15:06
hyper_chhence AES-NI support15:06
mu3ennavatwo it should have a single line at least: nameserver (to use google dns)15:06
BluesKajno intels on my linuxboxes15:06
=== cmagina-afk is now known as cmagina
Abhijithello. can i ask someone to reproduce one bug in kde? becaue i dont have kde? you can reproduce it and file it please?15:07
navatwomu3en: it has four lines, domain, search and two nameservers15:07
BluesKajnavatwo, don't think mac  address is real important , the route (router IP) pw and adress IP are more so .15:08
mu3ennavatwo: you could comment those line (put # in front) and add nameserver
BluesKajnavatwo, do iwconfig and pastebin the output pls15:09
natayou call me BluesKaj?15:09
Captain_HaddockHi, anybody know if I can make the "Print to File / PDF" option in Kubuntu available to my entire network?15:10
BluesKajnata, no , but welcome :)15:10
hyper_chBluesKaj: any good idea on how to migrate over the old system onto the new notebook: I was thinking about booting up both with a live distro but how would I dd /dev/sda to /dev/sda on the new one over lan15:10
nataBluesKaj: hehe15:12
navatwoBluesKaj: mu3en paste.villavu.com/show/536/15:12
BluesKajhyper_ch, just to copy files to /home  or the whole image ?15:12
navatwohyper_ch: use sftp15:13
hyper_chBluesKaj: copy the whole disk of the old notebook as image to the new notebook over LAN15:15
navatwohyper_ch: use sftp.15:16
BluesKajhyper_ch, dd if=/dev/sdx of=/someCD.iso15:17
navatwoopen nautilus/dolphin and navigate to: sftp://$USER@$HOST/15:17
hyper_chthe only way that comes to my mind on achieving that is boot live cd on old notebook and do to a mounted usb drive:  dd if=/dev/sda /mnt/extUSB/image.iso   and then on the new notebook boot it up with live cd, attach usb and do then   dd if=/mnt/extUSB/image.iso  /dev/sda15:17
navatwohyper_ch: I've told you how to do it three times now..15:17
navatwoyou do not need to mess with dd15:17
BluesKajhyper_ch, not sure that will work , the / mount path has to be described in the of , I think ...never done it\15:18
navatwobut you will have to fix your permissions on the new /home/15:18
mu3ennavatwo does ifconfig show an IP for the same interface?15:19
eagles0513875hey guys im just wondering15:19
eagles0513875is it possible to setup linux on a usb external drive and boot off of that?15:19
Daskreechhyper_ch: What's the problem?15:19
meganerdcamu3en: use ip addr instead15:19
Daskreecheagles0513875: yes. That's what the USB live CD is15:20
eagles0513875hey hyper_ch15:20
eagles0513875im just wondering cuz i need to pilfer one of my hard drives :) andi dont wanna put linux on my 500gb internal as thats for windows and games15:20
meganerdcaeagles0513875: yes it is.  In fact I have such a usb device sitting in front of me15:21
navatwomu3en: ifconfig lists the same ip, yes. It does so because I have it setup to have a const ip15:21
eagles0513875nice meganerdca15:21
navatwo(on the router)15:21
eagles0513875ok meganerdca kool :)15:21
Daskreech!usb | eagles051387515:21
ubottueagles0513875: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:21
eagles0513875Daskreech: i know about usb pen drives15:21
eagles0513875what about usb external hard disks15:21
DaskreechThe second may be what you are looking for15:21
DaskreechSame idea15:22
DaskreechThey pop up as a /dev/sdX the same way15:22
BluesKajyup, my son did that and it worked for all his windows pc files when his windows mbr got corrupted , hyper_ch15:22
eagles0513875so i boot off of a usb drive then i tell it to install kubuntu to the external drive and im golden :)15:22
meganerdcaeagles0513875: just do a regular install with the USB device attached, then choose that drive15:22
meganerdcaeagles0513875: when I want to use that drive I manually choose it from the bios boot menu15:23
mu3ennavatwo, okay, so with the resolv.conf set to nameserver, does it still not work?15:23
eagles0513875meganerdca: shouldnt have to if you have a boot menu u can use15:23
meganerdcaDaskreech: that link is really only useful for pendrives, not really what the OP was looking for15:23
meganerdcaeagles0513875: ignore that link that you were sent15:23
meganerdcaeagles0513875: I use this drive on a number of computers, and only infreqently, so BIOS menu works for me.15:24
DaskreechIt is possible to have Ubuntu or Kubuntu on a USB drive (AKA USB Stick or Thumb drive or Flash drive) or USB hard disk drive with persistent mode15:24
DaskreechFrom the very first sentence15:24
DaskreechTo Emphasise "It is possible to have Ubuntu or Kubuntu on a USB drive (AKA USB Stick or Thumb drive or Flash drive) or  >> USB hard disk drive <<15:24
navatwomu3en: do I need to restar the connection?15:24
meganerdcaDaskreech: persistent mode is not the same as a native install15:25
eagles0513875ok Daskreech15:25
meganerdcaFWIW, I am not a fan of persistent mode.15:25
Daskreechmeganerdca: I don't recall them asking that they just wanted to boot off it to save a drive.15:25
Daskreechin any case an install will work the same way.15:25
DaskreechJust thought if they had a CD they would have just booted off one15:26
BluesKajhyper_ch, so what did you decide ?15:26
DaskreechIf they don't they would have to boot off a USB to install to a USB to boot off the other USB which seems silly to me15:26
mu3ennot normally, not navatwo15:27
navatwomu3en: the file is reset each time I have to restart the connection15:27
meganerdcaDaskreech: not as silly as you might think.15:27
mu3ennavatwo you do not need to restart though15:27
Daskreechbut again if the idea is just to boot then either persistent or an install would work but it sounds to me that persistent would be easier15:27
hyper_chBluesKaj: sorry, been on the phone.... yeah, doing with a external attached drive is doable... I just wonder if there's a direct way doing it over the LAN15:27
mu3ennavatwo, resolv.conf takes immediate effect once saved15:27
Daskreechmeganerdca: for a one time boot it would be ;)15:27
navatwomu3en: does not work :15:28
BluesKajnavatwo, try running sudo dhclient15:28
Daskreechhyper_ch: What are you trying ot do?15:28
=== dieter_ is now known as DRE
hyper_chDaskreech: imaging harddisk on one notebook to another one15:28
mu3enthat will do your dhcp connect fresh15:28
mu3enand give you feedback during15:28
=== DRE is now known as Dieg
meganerdcahyper_ch: are the drives the same size?15:28
Daskreechhyper_ch: just do it across ssh15:28
=== Dieg is now known as Diegso
hyper_chmeganerdca: old is 240gb, new is 500gb... those are luks devices and can be expanded15:29
hyper_chDaskreech: dd with block access works over ssh?15:29
navatwomu3en: and BluesKaj the dhclient command worked..\15:29
Daskreechhyper_ch: Yes15:29
DaskreechHi Diegso15:29
mu3enalso, navatwo, any manual settings in /etc/network/interfaces interfere with knetworkmanager15:29
meganerdcahyper_ch: depending on how comfortable with the CLI you are, I have tended to use ddrescue + netcat or ncat15:29
hyper_chDaskreech: something like   dd if=/dev/sda | ssh user@remote "dd of=/dev/sda"   ?15:30
mu3ena priori /etc/network/interfaces should only have the 'lo' line15:30
Daskreechhyper_ch: something like that :)15:30
navatwomu3en: and if I wanted to reset the /etc/network/interfaces file?15:30
mu3enshould contain only two lines15:30
navatwo(i didnt touch it.)15:30
navatwokk it has more15:30
mu3enthese two are necessary15:31
hyper_chDaskreech: I might try that... the open that works is an intermediary external drive which can be mounted and the image being stored as .iso.... but doing it directly is faster15:31
mu3enauto lo15:31
DiegsoI'd like to administer a remote PC with kubuntu installed, via Xkdmc. Remote access works, but when trying to install applications, the system tells me to have insufficient priviledges. What must I do to grant administration privilidges to remote user?15:31
mu3eniface lo inet loopback15:31
Daskreechhyper_ch: you can dd from the drive to an ISO15:31
DaskreechDiegso: setup sudo15:32
hyper_chDaskreech: yes, I know... but I'm looking for a faster way than going through an external usb to store and then retrieve it from15:33
mu3endiegso: man visudo (need to edit the sudoers file)15:33
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:33
BluesKajnavatwo, mu3en , fooling with /etc/network/interfaces without deleting the networkmanager is self defeating cause it gets rewritten on bootup15:33
navatwomu3en: not really sure what was changed, but it works.15:33
navatwothe dhclient command did it15:33
hyper_ch250GB.... on 100mbit lan... how long to transfer /me grabs calculator15:33
navatwobut thats tedious to do each time..15:33
mu3enBluesKaj, navatwo: good to hear!15:33
Daskreechhyper_ch: ssh is about as fast as a normal dd with network latency15:33
mu3enBluesKaj, not sure /etc/network/interfaces is used by network manager15:33
mu3en/etc/resolv.conf surely is15:34
=== pablo is now known as Pablito
hyper_chwell, "fastest" way would be to switch harddisks, but not sure if that would void warranty15:34
mu3enbut my /etc/network/interfaces always stays empty with just the lo lines15:34
mu3enand if i add any kind of other lines (eth0, wlan0, etc...) then the networkmanager stops treating those interfaces...15:34
meganerdcamu3en: why are you using /etc/network/interfaces?15:35
BluesKaj /etc/network/interfaces affects network manager . let's put it that way15:35
mu3enmeganerdca, i'm not15:35
mu3enmeganerdca but sometimes it gets written and then it screws up network managers15:36
mu3enmeganerdca seems to always be top of the reasons why people's wifi/enet doesn't work15:36
BluesKajI don't use network manager personally ..ethernet  on static IP /lan here15:36
meganerdcamu3en: interesting, I have not seen that.15:37
mu3eneither that or /etc/resolv.conf getting set to something odd like instead of or
meganerdcaI use /etc/network/interfaces all the time on our servers and routers, but have not needed to touch it on my laptop in a long time.15:37
meganerdcamu3en: there are not a lot of Linux users around here, so I don't see that a lot :)15:38
mu3enBluesKaj, if you have a desktop machine, or a server, then you actually do all your config via /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf if you are on a notebook/tablet/etc... and roaming a lot, network manager saves time15:38
BluesKajI have the nameserver dns IP set in the router , resolv.conf doesn't seem to need it15:38
navatwoI think I know why /etc/network/interfaces was set.. when I installed, I had to manually specify my wireless info15:38
meganerdcamu3en: for a nameserver entry should still work, unless the network you are on blocks outbound DNS requests15:39
BluesKajmu3en, well wifi requires NM for convenience . mu3en , agreed :)15:40
mu3enmeganerdca: i always set mine manually to, especially if using connman, which seems to set it to after suspend...bizarre15:40
mu3ennavatwo, in effect if you are manually installing then you end up adding some lines in there on the command line. need to remember to remove them again after!15:41
meganerdcamu3en: that is bizarre.  I use most of the time (I install bind as a local caching nameserver) except at home and at work15:43
meganerdcamu3en: I have not seen it get added or changed unless I do it.15:43
mu3enmeganerdca, the install is very minimal on that (tablet) machine, so i guess nothing runs on localhost (but resolv.conf is rewritten by connmand and it is noted in a comment at the top of the file)15:44
mu3enmeganerdca, strangely, on first boot, it sets my regular dns, but after suspend/disconnect it resets that...15:45
BluesKajI've never been able to get wpa_supplicant to work with /network/interfaces..seen a few tutorials claiming how easy it is to so but the instructions haven't worked for my belkin ralink usb adapter ..wicd does tho.15:45
pradeepbphow do i channel list in quassel15:45
pradeepbphow do i get a channel list in quassel ?15:45
DarthFrogpradeepbp:  Try "/list".15:47
BluesKajpradeepbp, /list in the server textbox15:47
meganerdcaBluesKaj: the interfaces file and wpa_supplicant worked fine for me15:48
mu3enBluesKaj, it does work to do it full manual with wpasupplicant and /etc/network/interfaces15:48
Daskreech!alis | pradeepbp15:48
ubottupradeepbp: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*15:48
BluesKajmeganerdca, mu3en , laptops , right? , not a usb wifi adapter I bet ./15:50
mu3enBluesKaj: http://paste.kde.org/8344/15:50
BluesKajmu3en, I see you have the same IP for dns-nameservers as the gateway ...the dns servers are set in the router ?15:57
mu3enBluesKaj: got a feeling that i've used roughly the same setup with a usb key too. and yes, that is a VERY old config where the router did NS!15:58
BluesKajthat's the way I have it setup , resolv.conf is left alone15:58
mu3engood for stable connections15:58
mu3enone point in that config was to convert the passphrase used in /etc/network/interfaces15:59
mu3enit's fundamentally 'insecure' i guess, but ou could do it vis an encrypted file or so on instead if you felt like it.16:00
BluesKajmu3en, well wifi is a fine with wicd now so I don't fiddle with the supplicant anymore , but I had no ralink wifi for about a yr til wicd was fixed16:00
BluesKajNM worked at first , but then it quit after one day, with no updates16:01
mu3enhehe yeah, wicd does the trick now for sure16:01
mu3enin general liking connman (especially under e17)16:02
BluesKajthis is on 10.1016:02
JackNocturnehello, i'm trying to install kde on a ubuntu 10.04 server platform, but it tells me kde-core cannot be found. How come?16:02
RiddellJackNocturne: there's no such package16:03
JackNocturneI'm aware it is a metapackage, but shouldn't it install anyway?16:03
RiddellJackNocturne: as I say, that's no such package16:04
RiddellJackNocturne: I recommend kubuntu-desktop16:04
* Daskreech seconds the recommendation16:05
JackNocturnecheck first list16:05
RiddellJackNocturne: that looks very out of date16:05
DaskreechRiddell: There isn't really an equal for that in KDE4's reign is there?16:06
JackNocturnethanks for the info Rendell, i will install kubuntu-desktop.16:06
JackNocturnemy mistake, Riddell not Rendell16:08
BluesKajif at first you don't succeed , install kubuntu desktop. That's a good motto :)16:08
DarthFrogAt first, install kubuntu-desktop.  That's a better one. :-)16:09
BluesKajespecially now that gnome seems to be splitting into 2 camps16:09
DaskreechIt is?16:11
BluesKajMr Shuttleworth has to make a decision soon16:11
DarthFrogAbout what?16:12
meganerdcaDaskreech: not Gnome, Ubuntu16:12
BluesKajBBL .... stuff to do16:12
DaskreechGnome is doing GNOME Shell16:13
DaskreechUbuntu is doing Unity and GNOME shell16:13
Daskreechwhat's the splitting?16:13
meganerdcaDaskreech: there isn't one16:13
Daskreechah ok16:13
meganerdcaDaskreech: just FUD and blowhards with blogs16:13
BluesKajmeganerdca, more than just that, there's some serious disagreement and complaining going on in #ubuntu about it .16:18
meganerdcaBluesKaj: perhaps in #ubuntu, but upstream where the real work happens there does not seem to be a lot of noise16:19
DaskreechBluesKaj: Well that happens every release :)16:20
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meganerdcaBluesKaj: there is a lot of interesting things happening right now, I would not get too invested in any of it right now16:21
DaskreechYou can install GNOME Shell, Unity and as I understand it Gnome 2 so there shouldn't be that much of an issue16:22
BluesKajmeganerdca, that's because those guys are afarid to show their hands , beleive me there's a rift coming ..been on thses chats for 7 yrs now and I haven't seen this kind of political infighting since the introduction of pulesaudio16:22
meganerdcaBluesKaj: Wayland is more interesting IMO than this.16:22
DaskreechIf anything they can just go to Debian for a few years if they really really really don't like KDE16:23
BluesKajfine , but wayland is pretty far into the future16:23
Daskreechand Gnome hardcore really really really don't like KDE16:23
BluesKajDaskreech, too bad for them , I say :)16:23
kujulesI am sorry. Can kubuntu-user use every ubuntu-package or debian-package?16:24
DaskreechYeah. The options they have if they don't like GNOME shell are Xfce and WIndows16:24
BluesKajthey probly watch cartoonsa all day too , to get their anim fix16:24
meganerdcaBluesKaj: This whole political infighting thing is overblown.  Outside of #ubuntu, it seems more business as usual.16:24
Daskreechkujules: in some theory yes16:24
DarthFrogThe origin of GNOME was to be anti-KDE.  Right from the start, they wanted nothing to do with KDE.16:24
DaskreechDarthFrog: yes but it's probably grown even stronger over time16:25
BluesKajmeganerdca, well, your entitled to your opinion , but I disagree.16:25
kujuleswhat Kpackage shows, kubuntu-users can "use"?16:25
Daskreechkujules: correct16:25
DarthFrog!repo | kujules16:26
ubottukujules: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:26
DaskreechBluesKaj: It's the same thing that happened with KDE 4 but just they are getting reactions before hand because they are a lot more public. Mostly because they aer trying to avoid KDE 4.016:26
DarthFrogkujules: If the repository is correctly set up in Kubuntu, you can use the packages in it.16:26
meganerdcaBluesKaj: thats fine.  I stopped getting worked up about these sorts of things before Ubuntu even came along.  I have seen these so called issues come and go.16:27
DarthFrogKDE 4.0 was an unfortunate release.  It should not have been a .0 name.16:27
meganerdcaBluesKaj: pulseaudio was a fart compared to the hurricane of ALSA vs OSS16:27
DaskreechDarthFrog: it also shouldn't have been in distros16:27
meganerdcaDarthFrog: the distros screwed KDE 4, the KDE ppl were very clear on what 4.0 was and was not16:28
DarthFrogDaskreech: Exactly.  Which is why it shouldn't have been named .0.  The distros figured it was ready for prime-time.16:28
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BluesKajDaskreech, kde4 was difficult at first , I didn't like it much due to it's probs on my setup, but eventually the fixes won me over16:28
Goliathhey i am restoring my grub with grub-install /dev/sda --root-directory=/mnt/root (should i include the --no-floppy)?16:29
DaskreechDarthFrog: shows a little ignorance as to how Distros work but.. :)16:29
DarthFrogmeganerdca: By naming it .0 and intending it to be a development release, went against the grain.16:29
DarthFrogDaskreech: The distros want the latest and greatest. :-)16:29
DarthFrogAnyway, all this is off-topic.16:30
DaskreechGoliath: umm. I guess you could what you have should be fine16:30
GoliathDaskreech: i have no floppy16:30
DaskreechGoliath: in that case it really will not make any difference :)16:31
Goliathoh kk16:31
BluesKajofftopic it may be but there was no activity in here yesterday for almost 2 hrs ...so a little activity today is a good thing16:32
Daskreechhi BackToBack16:34
* BluesKaj looks at elcheapo laptops for summer trips16:34
Daskreech50 dollah LapTap!16:34
BluesKajwell under 500 , or so16:35
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DarthFrogBluesKaj:  My Dell Inspiron 15N (came with Ubuntu installed) was only US$299. :-)16:36
GoliathDaskreech: hey should i run grub-install as sudo ?16:36
DaskreechGoliath: yes16:39
GoliathDaskreech: is it a problem if i run the script 2 times?16:39
DaskreechGoliath: Nope16:39
DaskreechIt's a clobber event16:39
Goliath!google clobber16:39
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/16:39
Daskreechha ha ha16:40
DaskreechGoliath: In UNIX a clobber event is one which destroys whatever is there before without warning you16:40
DaskreechSo if you copy something into a directory that has a file of the same name then the old file just gets clobbered16:41
Goliathso it means overwrite16:41
Daskreechwhen you install grub it clobbers what ever was there before (including itself)16:42
DaskreechGoliath: It means overwrite without warning16:42
GoliathDaskreech: btw i used gparted and change my partitions, so i need to update fstab now16:42
GoliathDaskreech: is there any guide for that?16:42
Goliathi will use blkid to get the new uuids16:42
DaskreechAhmm.. A guide? Hmm the #kubuntu channel? :)16:43
GoliathDaskreech: btw is /etc/fstab distro depended?16:43
Daskreechbut you are on the right path back up the fstab and then use blkid to replace the IDs and you should be ok16:43
DaskreechNo it's not16:43
Daskreechit's part of the SysV Unix standard16:44
Goliathso it never changes?16:44
DaskreechPopular enough that things like udev and upstart support it16:44
Goliathor gets updated16:44
DaskreechNot that often16:44
DaskreechNever is a strong word16:44
GoliathDaskreech: this is my fstab http://pastebin.com/v3SXDZU516:46
Goliathi just change the uuids at the bottom lines?16:46
ct529hi everybody, I have a serious problem here .... when you maximise / minimise konsole the entire desktop freezes .... 10.10 64 bit with kde 4.6.1 same problem with kde 4.6.016:46
ct529I have googled and it seems to be kubuntu specific16:46
DaskreechGoliath: correct16:47
Daskreechct529: That's possible16:47
ct529Daskreech: what do you mean?16:47
GoliathDaskreech: does it matter if they are logical partitions or not? cause my /home and swap used to be primary now i made them logical16:47
Daskreechct529: That it is Kubuntu specific16:47
DaskreechGoliath: not to Fstab16:48
DaskreechGrub really wants /boot to be primary but that's about it16:48
GoliathDaskreech: ok also, i created with windowsXP a primary ntfs partition, i have its uuid, what should i write in fstab to mount it?16:48
DaskreechSame thing as the rest16:49
Daskreechthe UUID16:49
GoliathUUID=ec8d8c1b-bf47-4f10-982d-856b472cbabe /windows ntfs defaults 0 116:49
Daskreechwhere you want it to mount16:49
Goliathfor example?16:49
Goliathor ntfs-3g?16:49
Goliathok ty16:50
GoliathDaskreech: btw would i need to change any grub config? (i use grub1 btw)16:51
GoliathDaskreech: which one?16:51
ct529Daskreech: yes .... but what is the solution?16:52
Daskreechct529: don't know I never heard of that before You could ask in #kubuntu-devel if there is a fix16:52
Peace-ct529: hi :P16:53
Peace-hi channel :)16:53
DaskreechHello Peace-16:53
Peace-hey Daskreech16:53
Goliathhey i changed some of my partitions with gparted, i updated my fstab. Do i need to do anything with grub configs? (grub1 here)16:55
Peace-i guess uuid16:55
Peace-should be fixed16:56
Peace-Goliath: google how to get uuid16:56
Goliathi have uuid16:56
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)16:56
ct529Peace:hi there16:58
DaskreechGoliath: If you didn't change the order of the partitions then no17:03
DaskreechPici: Grub doesn't use UUID17:04
GoliathDaskreech: what is the grub config file?17:04
Goliathi can check its uuids to be sure17:04
DaskreechShould be in /boot17:04
PiciDaskreech: I was just answering the 'google how to get uuid' question, I probably should have read more of the backscroll.17:04
DarthFrogGoliath: /boot/grub/grub.cfg17:05
GoliathDaskreech: i cant see it17:05
DaskreechGoliath: What DarthFrog said17:06
Daskreechor .. croaked17:06
DaskreechIt's hard to work out over the internet :)17:06
DaskreechPici: sorry :) Peace-: Grub does not use UUID it has it's own method of finding paritions17:07
GoliathDaskreech: there isnt a cfg in my /boot/grub17:07
DarthFrogGoliath: That's for GRUB 2.  If you have GRUB 1, it's /boot/grub/menu.lst17:07
GoliathDarthFrog: i cant find that either17:07
GoliathDarthFrog: maybe it got deleted?17:07
Goliathi just used grub-install to install grub17:08
DarthFrogGoliath: What version of Kubuntu are you running?17:08
DaskreechGoliath: install a kernel17:08
Daskreechpart of the install procedure is to rebuild that file17:09
GoliathDaskreech: i found it17:09
Goliathwas looking at the livecds /boot17:09
Daskreechlol :)17:09
DaskreechThat did seem strange17:09
ubergoathi everyone17:09
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elijahWhen I am in chrome, and download a file, then right click and select "show in folder", dolphin opens but doesn't focus in foreground, it does flash in the menu bar but no focus, where do I change focus setting priorities again?17:27
Daskreechelijah: press alt+ctrl+A :)17:28
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GoliathHey i want to mount with fstab the ntfs partition i created with windowsXP. Should i use ntfs or ntfs-3g filesystem?17:30
DaskreechGoliath: Mount it and see what it's mounted with but should be ntfs-3g17:31
GoliathUUID=D4502C3F502C2AA6 /windows ntfs-3g defaults 0 117:32
GoliathDaskreech: does this sound right?17:32
DaskreechLooks right17:32
Daskreechput it in fstab then type sudo mount /windows17:32
DarthFrogGoliath: Replace "ntfs-3g" with just "ntfs" in fstab.17:33
DaskreechDarthFrog: was that how it worked?17:33
DarthFrogntfs-3g is the driver.  ntfs is the type of file system.17:34
* Daskreech really needs to take a week and remember how Windows does things17:34
Daskreechah that does make sense17:34
Goliathi thin ntf-3g is for write support17:34
DarthFrogGoliath: Again, ntfs-3g is the Linux driver, not the type of file system.17:34
Goliatheveryone is telling me ntfs-3g17:35
DarthFrogGoliath:  Try this first, then: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o rw /dev/<partition> /mnt/disk17:36
DarthFrogYou will probably have to "sudo mkdir /mnt/disk" first.17:36
Goliathi mounted the partitions with ntfs-3g17:36
Goliathi remember that17:36
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DarthFrogHmm, "-t ntfs-3g" worked.  i sit corrected. :-)17:38
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elijahDaskreech: That works but I want it to default to being in focus everytime, I know there is a setting for focus priority17:45
Daskreechelijah: alt+f2 -> focus17:46
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Goliathi am adding windowsXP to my grub/menu.lst.  should i use rootnoverify= or just root= ?18:05
DarthFrogGoliath: Why are you using GRUB 1?  GRUB 2 will do all that for you automagically.18:09
Goliathi want that18:10
DarthFrogsudo apt-get install grub218:11
DarthFrogDoes anyone know of a version of Ubuntu that uses Enlightenment for its desktop environment?18:18
Daskreechor ... install kubuntu server and then apt-get install enlightenment18:19
DarthFrogDaskreech: Yeah but that'll not be a distro that is designed for E.18:22
DarthFrogHmm, Botty knows nothing about Ebuntu.18:22
DaskreechI just guessed :)18:23
DarthFrogSwing and a miss. :-)18:23
ubottufluxbuntu is a LPAE-standard compliant, Ubuntu-based derivative that maintains the goal of running on a wide range of mobile devices and computers (low-end & high-end). It is lightweight, swift and efficient. | Support Channel: #fluxbuntu on freenode | Homepage: http://fluxbuntu.org/18:23
DaskreechOh that's recognized now18:23
DaskreechThey were just a bunch of people for a long time18:23
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ18:23
Daskreechah hmm18:23
DaskreechDarthFrog: I still stand by my just install enlightenment stance though :)18:24
DarthFrogDaskreech: Yeah, that'd probably be enough to have a look-see at it.  Which is all I want to do. :-)18:26
DarthFrogIt's been a long time since I saw E.  Back in the day, it looked gorgeous.18:27
DaskreechIt's why I use LInux now :)18:27
dell_my bluetooth adapter is not found18:28
meganerdcain the 90s it was awesome18:28
nate_I need help installing alsa drivers and realtek audio drivers18:29
meganerdcanate_: drivers are part of the kernel, in a sense they are pre-installed18:29
nate_it says unzip source code but I cant get in the correct directory18:29
dell_how do i make the kernel find it18:30
meganerdcanate_: I am heading out but you are probably going to have to be more specific.  Which audio card, are there modules already loaded.18:30
nate_I know it already has drivers but these replace the ones installed with kubuntu so I can have 5.118:30
meganerdcanate_: are you sure you need them?18:30
nate_realtek alc88318:30
meganerdcanate_: I have 7.1 with default drivers on my usb audio card18:31
meganerdcanate_: lspci18:31
nate_I need them to get all my sound ports working18:32
dell_any help18:33
nate_and the mic is jack is broken so I need to change one in the front to mic in18:33
nate_can someone just help me get in the right directory?18:37
x_linkI'm having alot of problems with Kopete this last 2 days. I can't connect to MSN cause it crashes then. I get SIGSEGV18:39
dell_use emesen18:39
dell_if u want msn18:39
x_linkSo now I wanted to try to re-install Kopete to see if that would help. But when I use "sudo aptitude purge kopete" it want's to remove kubuntu-desktop as well?18:39
DarthFrogx_link: kubuntu-desktop is a meta-package.  It won't remove KDE.18:40
x_linkDarthFrog: Okey, so it will _only_ remove kopete?18:40
DarthFrog!kubuntu-desktop | x_link18:40
ubottux_link: k/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.18:40
x_linkDarthFrog: Okey, thanks!18:41
dell_i cant find the driver for my bluetooth in the additional drivers18:42
dell_neither is there any bluetoothh device when i do lspci18:43
dell_wat to do ?18:43
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GoliathI am dual booting linux with windowsXP. i edit now /boot/grub/menu.lst in rootnoverify should i use the partition windows is installed at, or where grub is? (the bootloader)18:46
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DaskreechIf you want to boot Windows point it at the windows partition18:51
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.18:51
Daskreechdell_: if your kernel doesn't pick it up that might be a problem18:52
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup18:52
dell_when ever i click on a link in a file or e.g the one u posted here it opens in Kompozer18:52
dell_how do i disable that ! its really annoying18:53
ubottuTo change the default application for a filetype, go to System Settings -> Advanced -> File Associations18:53
dell_there is no advanced18:54
Daskreech!default is To change the default application for a filetype go to SystemSettings -> File Associations18:56
Daskreechdell_: ignore the advanced then ;)18:58
dell_thx man18:58
dell_its working but im still stuck on the bluetooth18:58
StarminnI can't access anything within Desktop Effects in System Settings.19:15
GoliathDarthFrog: it was ntfs19:18
Goliathntfs-3g wasnt recognized by fstab on boot19:18
folorndont suppose any of you folks have run LPVM partitioner have ya?19:37
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ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto20:05
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shane4ubuntuwhat is the nice gui app to compare two directories and see if one is missing a file?20:51
areichmanshane4ubuntu: dolphin? Open 2 tabs and see both directories side by side?20:58
areichmanbut if I really wanted to do it I would probably use rsync in 'test' mode or whatever they call it. See what files it would sync20:59
areichmanit's a job for a file manager :-)21:00
bruceleeHi newbie here!  I would like to know why my internet connection does not work in kde yet it works on gnome?21:15
bruceleeI use a netgear wireless router21:16
bruceleewhen I change (at log-in) from kde to gnome it connects instantly but once I change back to kde is does not connect?21:19
skramer_since upgrading Akonadi to 1.5.1, it does not start any more: http://paste.kde.org/8388/21:29
skramer_could anybody pls. advise why there is permissions problem regarding MySQL21:31
shane4ubuntuareichman: yeah, I usually use rsync, but sometimes, I just like a gui way,21:37
areichmana file manager, then. Most all should work21:37
shane4ubuntuareichman: yeah, but I want it to do the work, krusader seems to be what I'm looking for.21:42
areichmanEnjoy :-)21:43
shane4ubuntuI was thinking there was another though21:43
shane4ubuntuI can't remember what it is though, I used to use it in Linux I think21:44
shane4ubuntuOh, I think it was mc!  but then krusader is the kde and looks a little nicer.21:45
shane4ubuntunope wasn't mc21:45
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gomiboyshane4ubuntu: Kompare maybe? It compares file contents or directories22:07
shane4ubuntugomiboy: no, it was a dual pane file manager, and I used it on gnome, although it wasn't necesarily a gnome app22:08
shane4ubuntuthanks though22:08
shane4ubuntuI'm getting along fine with krusader, seems to be working great.22:08
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elijahWhere can I change window focus priority for Dolphin?22:31
elijahBasically, when I download a file in Chrome and then click "show in folder", dolphin just blinks the window in the menu bar and does not actually bring it into focus. I want it to open up the window and "show in folder".22:34
elijahDo I have to make a window rule?22:34
gomiboyelijah: top left icon -> advanced -> special app. settings -> workarounds -> focus stealing prevention = force  (should work :)22:37
elijahgomiboy: Thanks!22:41
elijahgomiboy: That worked! Now, maybe you can help with the second one which is related. When it shows the window, it does not highlight the file. Is that something I can fix on the OS side of things or is this Chrome specific?22:42
S74rk7is there any good harddrive 'fitness' test software, or benchmarking kind of packages anyone could recommend? :)22:44
gomiboyelijah: yes, i think it's app specific, but if you (like me) keep always dolphin in detailed view and ordered by date, then your file is the topmost ;)22:44
elijahgomiboy: Ok, thanks, I normally do that but sometimes I do a scroll down so it isn't readily visible, my downloads folder grows very large so it would be nice to not have to hit home, or any additional keys or mouse clicks.22:46
gomiboyS74rk7: 'fitness' like speed test or like health status?22:46
elijahS74rk7: It isn't open but I have heard good things about SpinRite - http://www.grc.com/spinrite.htm22:47
elijahI am definitely interested in knowing more alternatives too22:47
elijahgomiboy: The guy wrote that program in assembly language, hardcore!22:47
S74rk7gomiboy: health status would be priority - for dianosing faulty hardware but speed would be useful info also...22:49
gomiboyS74rk7: the simplest speed test is hdparm (-t and -T switches), for health install smartmontools which read the smart hd informations22:51
S74rk7thanks for all the input guys :)22:53
elijahgomiboy: Thx, for hdparm how do I tell which device I need?22:55
gomiboyhdparm -t /dev/sda for example22:56
elijahgomiboy: How do I tell if my main drive is sda?22:57
elijahwell, it appears that it is!22:57
gomiboydrives are named by channel, sda = first channel sdb = second and so no, use fdisk -l to see all drives and partition22:59
elijahgomiboy: DOes hdparm have a way to perform write timings as well?22:59
gomiboyno, that's why i said it's simple :P...23:00
elijahgomiboy: gotcha23:00
elijahgomiboy: fdisk -l gives no output23:01
gomiboyrunning as root?23:01
gomiboyi mean sudo ...23:01
elijahgomiboy: lol, I should have known to try that! thx23:02
gomiboyelijah: a simple write test would be: dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test bs=500M count=1 ; rm /tmp/test23:06
elijahgomiboy: wow,. that actually worked!23:07
elijahgomiboy: thanks!23:07
elijahslow as shite23:07
gomiboyelijah: i get 48.5 MB/s on my 7 years old drive... you?23:08
elijahgomiboy:  28.8 MB/s on a 4-5 year old laptop at 90%+ capacity23:13
elijahI am so ready for an SSD23:13
* James147 notes that drives lose performance when they are that full ^^23:13
elijahI have been putting SSDs in all my friends computers, and am so jealous! They are so bloody fast!23:13
elijahJames147: Yeah, I keep trying to delete stuff but it never ends...23:14
James147elijah: 30mb/s is very slow for a drive :S23:14
gomiboywell, being a laptop, it's supposed to be that way...23:14
elijahJames147: Yeah, it is painful!23:14
James147elijah: then what you want is a larger drive, not an ssd23:14
elijahJames147: Yeah, I want that too, what I really want is a new laptop that can have two drives..23:15
James147gomiboy: laptop drives arnt ment to be slower ^^ as far as i know23:15
elijahBut I am looking for one that has a pointer stick (middle of keyboard) and also works well on *nix.23:15
elijahI would put a 2TB HDD and a 64GB SSD in it!23:16
gomiboyJames147: afaik a typical laptop drive spins at 5400, while a destop one at 7200...23:16
James147gomiboy: still, 30mb is slow ^^23:16
gomiboysave energy, save the planet! :D23:17
James147gomiboy: reading slow != save energy... infact I would say the opposite23:18
elijahJames147: Do thinkpads have dual drive slots?23:18
James147^^ since the drive takes longer to read the same amount of data it has to be spinning longer and cannot spin down23:18
James147elijah: dont know,23:18
gomiboyJames147: you would be right if spinning drives worked like this: read - spin down - read - spin down... but they do: read - wait - wait -wait - spin down etc :323:21
* James147 can hear he laptop spin up when reading is done ^^23:22
elijahTHe w701ds Thinkpad looks pretty badass!23:24
meganerdcaJames147: I have a Latitude E4600 and a Thinkpad X41.  Both have pointer sticks and both work well with Linux.23:24
elijahWonder if the wacom tablet runs on *nix23:24
James147elijah: they do23:25
James147^^ better then most other tablets23:25
elijahJames147: Sweet!23:25
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