* gmb lunches12:27
gmbHi gary_poster. Can I just check that we're having the call in an hour or so? UK is now in UTC+1, and for some reason I'm finding +/- 1 to be really difficult maths today.13:25
gary_postergmb, oh, I intended it to be in 5 minutes13:25
gmbgary_poster: That's cool too :)13:26
gmbI just didn't want to wander off to get a drink and find out that I'd missed the call.13:26
gary_posterthat's back to the old local time for us, is it for you too?13:26
gary_poster:-) appreciated13:26
gmbgary_poster: Yes.13:26
gary_posterbac benji danilo gmb, call in 3 (back to normal local time for US east coast13:27
benjiyay for time zones!13:27
gary_posteruh oh, /me wonders if danilo got the memo :-)13:30
* gary_poster adds an s: danilos?13:30
danilosgary_poster, no, upgraded this machine to natty so mumble got me through configuration screen again13:31
danilosgary_poster, "danilo" without "s" also pings me fwiw :)13:32
gary_poster:-) k13:32
danilosgary_poster, https://launchpad.dev/firefox/+subscriptions13:48
benjigary_poster: should I push my changes into lp:~gary/launchpad/accordion-client-1?13:59
gary_posterbenji, I don't think you can...let me see if I can open it up to you.13:59
gary_posterbenji, the branch is now https://code.launchpad.net/~yellow/launchpad/accordion-client-114:01
gary_posterand you should be able to push to it14:02
benjigary_poster: cool (I suppose we will have to re-MP it now that it's moved.(?))14:02
gary_posterbenji, the MP appears to have followed along for the ride, happily14:02
* danilos -> lunch14:08
benjigmb: ok, the lint (and test) fixes are in at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~yellow/launchpad/accordion-client-1/+merge/5471514:45
gmbbenji: Cool. I'll look now14:45
gmbbenji: r=me on the lint changes.14:57
* gmb -> afk for a short while14:57
danilosgary_poster, just to clarify the state of the things re our branches: ~yellow/lp/accordionoverlay is split into -server part (already landed) and -client-1 part (in review); for all our future/in progress branches, we should base them off -client-1, right?15:16
gary_posterdanilos, I think that is safe.  bac has a third branch, also in ~yellow, that will be a bit gigantic, but it is effectively based on -client-1, and shouldn't affect your work.15:17
danilosgary_poster, sounds very comforting ("gigantic", "won't affect your branch" :))15:18
gary_posterIt's the branch that adds links to all of the bug target pages.15:19
gary_posterso it has a bunch of similar tests15:19
gary_posterand a bunch of similar template changes15:19
gary_posterIt doesn't touch _subscriptions15:20
danilosgary_poster, since I also need to worry about this for my in-review branch, and since I already have an MP with "accordionoverlay" as the dep, is it ok to overwrite ~yellow/launchpad/accordionoverlay with accordion-client-1 just for the MP? :)15:47
gary_posterdanilo, I think so.  It's possible even that -client-1 has all changes from accordionoverlay, in which case the answer is "absolutely".15:48
gary_posterdanilo, if you have to --force, then I'm more worried about it15:48
gary_posterbut I won't actually worry until you tell me there's a reason to :-)15:49
danilosgary_poster, heh, there's one revision which conflicts (which says something like "Merge latest changes from client branch"15:49
gary_posteruh, any ideas?15:49
danilosgary_poster, well, I guess it's probably best to just leave it as is, and I'll work it out with my reviewer that some changes are due to merge with the latest underlying work which has moved into a different branch15:50
gary_posterdanilos, if you say so.  if you merge -client-1 into accordionoverlay instead of pushingm does that result in different branches?15:51
gary_posteror are they then indentical?15:51
gary_posterI bet the conflict is because of conflict resolution I had to do or something15:52
danilosgary_poster, well, at least revision histories would be different, I am unsure about the "textual contents"15:52
gary_posterso merging -client-1 should hopefully result in the same textual contents15:52
gary_posterif that helps15:52
gary_posterthen you could maybe even push without complaints15:53
gary_posteror you could push --overwrite with impunity :-)15:53
danilosgary_poster, yeah, I'll check that and try it out15:53
danilosgary_poster, yeah, no differences, so I can just push it I hope15:53
gary_posterSo far I think I have 13 reviews to give, not including my own. :-P16:06
* danilos wraps for the day, cheers all18:16
gary_posterbye :-)18:16
bachi gary_poster19:32
baci've got new subscriptions working on milestone overview pages for products, productseries, and distros.19:32
bacon to bugs pages now19:32
gary_posterfantastic, bac.  bugs pages--we missed those? no...not sure what you mean actually19:35
bacgary_poster: i am putting subscribe links on the overview page and the bugs page19:35
bacso it appears on launchpad.net/firefox and bugs.launchpad.net/firefox19:35
gary_posterbac, got it, duh19:35
bacgary_poster: actually i was wrong, which means there is less work to do19:50
bacthere is no such thing as a bugs facet for a productseries19:51
gary_postereven yay-er19:51
bacif you're looking at bugs.launchpad.net/firefox/1.0/1.0.0 (a product series)19:51
bacclicking on 'bugs' tab takes you to bugs.launchpad.net/firefox19:51
bacso i think i'm done19:52
gary_posterso what's next, and should I help?19:53
baci just confirmed the tests all pass19:56
bacnext i need to merge in the latest, wherever that may be, and then deliver this somewhere19:56
bacgary_poster: you can help me figure out those two things.19:56
bacbut right now i need to be afk for a bit.  i'll ping you a little later if that's ok19:57
gary_posterI think that danilo merged -client-1 into ~yellow/lp/accordionoverlay19:57
gary_posterif so, that's the thing to merge, I think.  or -client-1.  They are effectively identical, except in history.19:58
gary_poster"deliver this somewhere": I think that you are waiting for the -client-1 branch to land.  benji, I saw Graham's review.  Does that mean that you are ready to merge, or you still have other stuff to do?19:59
benjigary_poster: still working on the non-lint bits; just plug-and-chug left now20:00
gary_posterbac: here's my suggestion:20:01
gary_poster1) merge in lp:~yellow/launchpad/accordionoverlay20:01
gary_poster2) push to LP20:01
gary_poster3) make a mp depending on either lp:~yellow/launchpad/accordionoverlay or lp:~yellow/launchpad/accordion-client-1/ (identical)20:02
gary_poster4) get it reviewed20:02
gary_poster5) wait, if necessary, for lp:~yellow/launchpad/accordion-client-1 to be landed20:02
gary_poster(uh, 6, land it)20:03
gary_poster(7, go for a walk)20:03
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benjigary_poster: all the fixes have been applied20:30
gary_postergreat benji.  Does that need another review from Graham, or is that good to go?20:31
benjigary_poster: he had already approved it and then approved of my lint changes, so -- assuming he doesn't object wildly to anything I did in this last round (and I wouldn't expect him to) -- we should be ready to go20:32
gary_posterso that means you can land?20:32
benjigary_poster: sure, I can do it20:33
benjiit'll help me put off reviewing the two > 11K line MPs in the queue ;P20:33
benjiwait, make that 1K :)20:33
benji(what's an order of magnitude between friends)20:34
benjigary_poster: will you set a preferred email address on ~yellow?  ec2 land is barfing because it desn't have one21:04
gary_postermeh, sure21:04
gary_posterbenji, (1) I made eveyone on team an administrator.  (2) I set up a mailing list; I think that will become the contact email once it has approved.  I'll ping when it is done and I have confirmed that it is the contact email.21:07
* benji is tempted to put Gary as the contact email in the meantime just to get this going.21:08
gary_posterCan't--my email is already registered...21:09
* benji is tempted to put benji+this-is-temporary@benjiyork.com instead.21:11
gary_posterbenji, ok, if you wanna :-)21:12
benjigary_poster: the temporary email address worked and the new list is now the contact address21:23
gary_posterbenji, yeah I changed it too. :-) thank you21:24
=== Ursinha-lunch is now known as Ursinha
gary_posterPerformed urgent and essential task of updating team image for https://edge.launchpad.net/~yellow21:31
bacgary_poster: i just saw your suggested merging steps and will give them a go21:36
gary_postercool bac.  Note that benji has now sent -cleint-1 to ec2 test I think, so hopefully we're on our way there roo21:37
bacgary_poster: so why should i merge from accordion-overlay instead of client-1?21:38
gary_posterbac, it doesn't matter; they are identical.  Do what makes sense for you.21:38
gary_posterthey are identical because danilos was already using accordionoverlay as a MP predecessor21:38
benjinow that we're all adminstrators we can periodically change the team image to random yellow things21:38
gary_posterand wanted the -client-1 stuff21:38
gary_poster+1 benji :-)21:38
bacgary_poster: and i should push it to something else like client-2?21:39
gary_posterbac, or whatever works for you, sure.21:39
bacgary_poster: what is the status of the 'edit' links for existing structural subscriptions?  will that be done in a second pass, mimicing the work i just did/21:40
gary_posterbac, yes21:40
* gary_poster hopes/assumes it will be easier to follow in your footsteps now that you have blazed the trail21:41
baconly 3 conflicts21:41
gary_posterhopefully good.21:41
bacbenji: should i be using StructuralSubscriptionJSMixin everywhere i'm currently exposing data to JS?21:54
benjibac: hmm, I haven't heard of that guy, but suspect Gary refactored a the group of expose_* function calls into it21:55
bacah, i figured you did it.21:56
bacit wants to make providing a 'subscriptions' property required, but with a bit of work i can make it so i can use it without providing that property21:57
gary_posterbac, yeah, that was a review request from Graham22:01
gary_posterand +1 on refactoring to make it easier to reuse22:02
gary_postersince that was the point22:02
bacgary_poster: it may not be easier to use but will allow me to defer providing that definition until it is needed22:03
bacwhich is easier, i guess22:03
gary_posteryeah, sounds like it :-)22:04
bacgary_poster: in browser/bugtarget.py22:08
* gary_poster listens22:08
bacah, never mind22:08
gary_posterk :-)22:08
baci expected to see a 'super' but you're calling the initialize from another class directly22:09
bacis that correct?  how is the initialize from StructuralSubscriptionJSMixin called?22:09
gary_posterbac, yes, it is first in the inheritance list22:10
gary_posterso it's initialize is called22:10
bacwhich 'it'?22:10
gary_posterwhich then calls out to LaunchpadView in its own super22:10
gary_posterSo in class TargetSubscriptionView(StructuralSubscriptionJSMixin, LaunchpadView):22:10
gary_posterTargetSubscriptionView does not define an initialize22:11
gary_posterso the first defined initialize in the subsclasses reading left to right is the class' initialize22:11
gary_posterStructuralSubscriptionJSMixin has an initialize22:11
bacok, we're looking at different classes.22:11
bacsorry, i got confused22:12
bacbut look at BugTargetBugsView22:12
bacif i add the new JSMixin to the list of inherited classes22:12
bacmust i call the initialize manually?22:12
gary_posterIf the new JSMixing class is first, then you should be able make a super call22:13
gary_posterOr if BugTaskSearchListingView is first and it does the proper super dance then it should work fine too22:13
bacit already has a call to BugTaskSearchListingView.initialize()22:13
gary_posterright.  That should no longer be necessary, because the JSMixin has a super call in it too22:14
gary_posterSo if I were doing it22:14
gary_posterI'd try putting the JSMixin as the first inherited class22:15
gary_posterand then I would try changing BugTaskSearchListingView.initialize(self)22:15
gary_postersuper(BugTargetBugsView, self).initialize()22:15
gary_posteras you'd expect22:15
gary_posterthat should call to the JSMixin's initialize22:15
gary_posterwhich should then call the BugTaskSearchListingView's initialize22:15
baceven though BugTaskSearchListingView doesn't do the proper super dance?22:15
gary_posteryes, because I said that you should put the JSMixin first22:16
gary_posterand it *does* do the proper super dance22:16
gary_postermake sense?22:16
bacsort of22:16
gary_posterwhat part doesn't?  I might be making a mistake22:17
baci see that currently BugTaskSearchListingView.initialize does not call super22:17
bacinstead it does some work then calls LPFormView.initialize()22:17
bacso, given that existing code, the approach you suggest will still work?22:18
gary_posterI believe it will yes22:18
bacok, i'll give it a try then22:18
bacgary_poster: mumble real quick?22:22
gary_posterSure bac22:22

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