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ovnicrafthello comment system in bugs support any wiki-like format ?03:05
spivovnicraft: no, unfortunately03:05
ovnicraftstart to find many unfortunately things in LP03:06
hyperairsb levelclear -level clientcrap,crap,joins,parts,quits,nicks,clientnotice05:57
PengGood morning09:16
oojahI'm trying to create a milestone 0.10, but getting the error that the milestone 0.1 already exists (which it does).09:17
oojahIs treating these as the same a design decision or should I report it as a bug?09:17
wgrantIt's a bug, and it's already been reported... let's see if I can find it.09:19
oojahI did search... on "launchpad itself"09:19
wgrantBug #58174809:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 581748 in Launchpad itself "10.10 milestone name corrupted in JS: 10.1" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58174809:20
oojahI never know where to search for lp bugs.09:20
oojahAh right. That was in the list but didn't jump out as what I was looking for :)09:20
oojahWith a workaround as well, ace.09:22
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geserwgrant: did you had some time to check if the changes to the FTBFS script help?13:32
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mrevellAnyone here able to give me some recipes guidance?13:43
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jelmerhi mrevell13:55
mrevellHello jelmer. I'm still struggling with this gtg daily builds things. I was wondering ... when I run pbuilder it seems to pull down a whole load of dependencies but then complains that gconf isn't around. I've asked around and it seems that I need to install python-gconf. Is there a way for me to find out which dependencies will get pulled down automatically and which I need to pull in manually?13:58
jelmermrevell: pbuilder should pull in all of them for you13:58
jelmermrevell: are you basing your recipe on an existing packaging branch, and do you know if that one is correct?13:59
mrevelljelmer, Okay, so when I get "ImportError: no module named gconf", does that mean it's not pulling in one of the dependencies?13:59
jelmermrevell: it sounds like you need to add python-gconf to Build-Depends in debian/control13:59
mrevelljelmer, Ah, so that means it's a problem with the packaging?14:00
jelmermrevell: it's a common module, so I wouldn't be surprised if it would already be available on most systems where people work on packaging.14:00
mrevellAh, I see. Thanks jelmer.14:00
jelmermrevell: Yeah, it looks that way.14:00
mrevellRighto, thanks :) I'll plod on.14:01
jelmer(pbuilder is great for catching these kinds of things because it gives you a clean build environment each time)14:01
mrevelljelmer, Forgive the newbie question but does that mean I can't just apt-get install python-gconf? Do I have to add it to debian/control?14:04
jelmermrevell: yep, you have to add it to debian/control - (or install it in the pbuilder chroot, but that defeats one of the purposes of pbuilder)14:05
jelmermrevell: the point is that this way you make sure all the necessary build dependencies are listed in debian/control14:06
jelmeras launchpad's build slaves will only have a minimal set of packages installed too, and won't have python-gconf14:06
mrevelljelmer, Aha. It sounds like I should report this as a bug against the package, too. What do you think?14:07
jelmermrevell: yes, it sounds like this is a package bug.14:08
jelmermrevell: is the packaging based on something that's already in ubuntu? In that case I wonder why it's not an issue there.14:08
mrevelljelmer, It is something that's in ubuntu but I'm pulling the debian directory from one of the project's (gtg) dev team's branches, which looks pretty old. Thanks, I'll look into this some more.14:10
jelmermrevell: Ah, seems possible it's a missing dependency then, perhaps they only started using gconf recently or something like that.14:11
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bekksHaving a launchpad account, as well as a custom built kernel for ubuntu 10.10 - what would I have to do to "publish" it to others?22:53
thumperbekks: you'd need a PPA, and upload the source package to the PPA to be built22:57
bekksthumper: So I have to create a PPA then.23:02
thumperbekks: that is how people normally make their debs available for others23:03
thumperbekks: it hooks into the software centre that way23:03
bekksthumper: I managed it to create my own kernel - how can I create a src package for it?23:03
thumperbekks: I have no idea23:03
bekksok :D23:03
lifelessbekks: #ubuntu-packaging may be able to help with that23:07
bekksah, thx23:07

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