phlamigoAnyone know how to remove the date/time and "Login:' text from LDXM?00:47
hyperairsb levelclear -level clientcrap,crap,joins,parts,quits,nicks,clientnotice05:57
* aetherian marks huh as an executable06:10
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shuttlehi, i got a problem with a laggin lubuntu because of brokencount > 014:50
shuttlewhen i want to start synaptic it crashes too14:51
shuttleand apt-get check crashes too14:52
shuttlelast time it worked i install a rar-package and then the system crashed14:56
shuttleBus-Zugriffsfehlerwird aufgebaut... 0% in eng: bus acess-error gets build15:03
shuttlestill got problem with crashing synaptic15:58
shuttleCouldn't configure pre-depend libc6 for findutils, probably a dependency cycle.16:34
MICROSOFT-FANlubuntu vs win98?19:16
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* bioterror votes for nt 4.019:41
bioterrorWindows 98 is slooow19:41
bioterror95 was fast, but NT4.0 was even faster on P7519:41

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