ceed^Hi, Anyone know how I can get weather in the notification area when using Unity?00:00
robin0800ceed^, you need indicator-weather see OMG!ubuntu! for details of how to install00:02
LLStarksbug 43886800:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438868 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Numerous applications have focus issues after emerging from a screensaver or suspend" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43886800:07
LLStarksbeen around for about 5 releases, got worse with natty00:07
LLStarksespecially now with firefox 4.000:08
ceed^robin0800: I can't find any that works in unity. In gnome it was built into the clock.00:11
ceed^and I did try indicator-weather. I can see that it runs, but I can't get it to show up in the notification area00:12
robin0800ceed^, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/indicator-weather-adds-data-caching-extra-weather-providers-and-locations/00:13
ceed^robin0800: Thanks a lot! There's a PPA it seems. Might give me an updated version.00:16
ceed^It works. Thanks again! :)00:19
trigrouhttps://demos.mozilla.org/en-US/#globetweeter \o/00:35
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MikeChelenare there any solutions to fglrx install errors?00:49
Rods_TigerI've just downloaded and made a liveusb of natty narwhal, and am installing it onto my computer, but I've hit a problem. I've got as far as the screen that says 'allocate drive space', and have allocated the partitions, but now realise there's no buttons or means to proceed further. I'm stuck there, forever.01:03
Rods_TigerAm I supposed to know a certain key, or combination of keys, to press right now?01:07
robin0800Rods_Tiger, did you tell the partition  were to mount?01:08
Rods_Tigeryes, I've specified the partitions01:09
Rods_Tigerbut this screen is a dead-end. There's no way forward from here.01:09
robin0800Rods_Tiger, and chosen its format?01:09
Rods_Tigeryes, but how do I move forward to the next step?01:10
Rods_TigerThere's not even any buttons or arrows or anything I'd expect to move me to the next action.01:10
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robin0800Rods_Tiger, something must be wrong then go back and check01:11
Rods_Tigerwell I know something is wrong. That's what I'm saying.01:11
Daekdroom!info exaile01:11
Rods_TigerHow can a screen ask for information and then leave me there with no way forward?01:12
ubottuexaile (source: exaile): full featured music player written for GTK+. In component universe, is optional. Version (natty), package size 1116 kB, installed size 5732 kB01:12
robin0800Rods_Tiger, ctrl/alt/delete should work01:12
Rods_Tigerto go forward?01:12
Rods_Tigerwhich? or all three?01:12
robin0800Rods_Tiger, no to go back01:12
Rods_Tigerwhy would I want to go back? That doesn't do the job of installing, I should be going forward.01:13
Rods_TigerGoing back would do the opposite - not installing.01:13
robin0800Rods_Tiger, it wont let you install if its not right01:14
Rods_Tigerbut it is right.01:14
Rods_TigerIt's just that there's no way to go forward. It seems to be designed with no buttons or arrows or anything like that.01:14
robin0800Rods_Tiger, then you would have a button you don't so it's wrong01:15
Rods_TigerI know it's wrong. There should be a way forward. That's what I've been saying all this time. Not having a way to go forward in an installation is wrong.01:15
Rods_TigerThere must be a next step. But there's no way to get there.01:16
robin0800Rods_Tiger, If it accepted your partiton choices it would give you a button01:17
Rods_Tigerwhat would the button say?01:17
robin0800Rods_Tiger, continue01:18
Rods_Tigerwhere would this button magically appear?01:18
robin0800Rods_Tiger, When you have set the partition correctly01:19
Rods_TigerI said where, not when01:19
Rods_TigerAnd I told you that I have set the partitions correctly01:20
robin0800Rods_Tiger, go back and check01:20
Rods_Tigerfor what?01:20
Rods_Tigergo back how?01:20
robin0800Rods_Tiger, ctrl/alt/delete01:21
Rods_Tigercontrol alt delete does nothing01:22
Rods_Tigeryou mean all three at once?01:23
Rods_Tigerthat does nothing01:23
robin0800Rods_Tiger, perhaps it has crashed then, mouse still working?01:24
Rods_TigerI'm still at the screen that says 'allocate drive space' and there's no way to go anywhere from here. It's a dead end.01:24
Rods_Tigerno it hasn't crashed.01:24
penguin42can someone try and reproduce a bug for me?  Click on the date in the panel, click time & date setting sand then click unlock - I get a load of boxes rather than any text in the form01:24
Rods_TigerIt's highly unusual for an install procedure to have no navigation or buttons at all on a screen such as this. How do I move either forward or back?01:26
robin0800Rods_Tiger, Can you post a picture of where its stuck01:28
Rods_TigerI told you. The screen that says 'allocate drive space'01:28
penguin42Rods_Tiger: Are you on a netbook or something with a small screen?01:28
Rods_Tigera netbook01:28
Rods_Tigernormal screen01:28
robin0800Rods_Tiger, this is the live cd?01:29
penguin42Rods_Tiger: Then I think they're off the bottom - see bug 74332401:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 743324 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Allocate drive space window too large for netbook - can't get to buttons" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74332401:29
Rods_Tigerlive usb01:29
Rods_Tigeroh. That's pretty useless01:29
penguin42Rods_Tiger: Yeh, I hit it yesterday01:29
Rods_Tigerbugger. Well, that's me fucked01:29
Rods_TigerHow do I shut down and give up?01:30
penguin42Rods_Tiger: I plugged in an external monitor; just ctrl-alt-del should do or hold down your power button01:30
robin0800Rods_Tiger, try an alternate iso01:30
penguin42Rods_Tiger: Could you comment on that bug to say you had the same thing please?01:30
Rods_Tigercontrol alt delete does nothing.01:30
Rods_TigerI'll take the battery out.01:31
penguin42Rods_Tiger: Hold the power button down for 10 seconds01:31
Rods_TigerI'll try ubuntu again in a few weeks then, see if it's been designed properly by then.01:38
MikeChelenanyone know a workaround for fglrx install errors?01:53
BUGabundoguys: hugs and kisses! guud nite01:56
ovyhi, where from can i download a live cd with a working ubuntu 11.0403:13
rcconfsup natty users03:15
rwwovy: see the alpha 3 URL in the channel topic, it has links.03:16
rwwovy: though whether it's stable enough to count as "working" is a matter of opinion03:16
ovyrww thanks03:16
ovyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/alpha-3/natty-desktop-i386.iso found it03:18
papertigersanyone run into rhythmbox not playing under natty anymore05:40
theperfecttacoanyone know if the maverick version of cinelerra vid editor can be installed in natty?05:55
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varunhi friends10:11
varuni am facing issue with termianls, the max,min,close buttons are disappearing,the terminal is placed at downside of the top panel,i am using alpha 3,help please10:12
arunshi is mike galbraith's auto scheduler patch in the kernel released with natty alpha 3 ?10:21
varun i am facing issue with termianls, the max,min,close buttons are disappearing,the terminal is placed at downside of the top panel,i am using alpha 3,help please10:21
varunanybody there????????????10:23
vish!repeat | varun10:23
ubottuvarun: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:23
wzssyqavarun: this is caused by the crashing of compiz10:24
varunvish: i am facing issue with termianls, the max,min,close buttons are disappearing,the terminal is placed at downside of the top panel,i am using alpha 3,help please10:25
varunwzssyqa, :it happens only to some applications,mainly it happens for terminals only10:25
varuni am unable to drag the terminal,10:25
vishhmm, maybe we should name the factoid !dontrepeat , right now it seems to be inviting to repeat again;p10:26
arunsanyone know about the status of the auto-scheduler patch in alpha 3 kernel ? or can confirm that it is in?10:35
gygerIs there any reason why unity wont upgrade from 3.4 to 3.6?11:37
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BUGabundogyger: let me check11:39
BUGabundo  Installed: 3.6.8-0ubuntu311:40
BUGabundoI already have it11:40
BUGabundogyger: can you please try: sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade ; sudo aptitude full-upgrade11:40
gygerbtw, my compiz wont update either...11:41
BUGabundomy hasn't in many many weeks11:44
gygerbugabundo: fair enough, i just havent been able to use unity in at least a couple of weeks11:45
tarvidafter updates, i have no menus or panels12:37
BUGabundotarvid: restart gnome-panels12:38
tarvidhow would i do that12:40
BUGabundotype gnome-panels somewhere where you can execute it12:40
tarvidgnome-panel worked - thanks12:41
tarvidhow would I try out unity12:42
BUGabundolog out12:43
BUGabundologin and select it from the bottom bar12:44
BUGabundobut I haven't had much luck with that recently12:44
BUGabundobut YMMV12:44
tarvidon login there is no obvious unity, using "ubuntu" I am logged in with no panels except now gnome-panel says Cannot register the panel shell; there is already one runniung.12:48
tarvidkillall gnome-panel; gnome-panel - now I have panels but no menus12:55
tarvidroot@tarvid-laptop:/var/log# gnome-panel12:56
tarvid** (gnome-panel:4943): WARNING **: Failed to load applet WnckletFactory::ShowDesktopApplet:12:56
tarvidGDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface `org.gnome.panel.applet.AppletFactory' on object at path /org/gnome/panel/applet/WnckletFactory12:56
tarvidnow I can't log out. Going to reboot. bbl13:02
tarvidafter restart top panel with menus us back but bottom panel is missing13:08
tarvidalso logout-helper failed to load and error report failed13:08
tarvidkillall gnome-panel;gnome-panel restores both top and bottom panels13:10
tarvidbut still no unity13:10
BUGabundohey BluesKaj13:58
BUGabundolong time no see13:58
dziadui have problem with natty :)14:11
dziaduafter one upgrade glibc was broken and it took a loot of efford to make system working again14:11
dziadunow I can login into in normal way - before I needed to do chroot14:11
dziadubut now when I try to unstall something I have message:14:11
dziadulibc6 : Depends: libc-bin (= 2.13-0ubuntu7) but 2.13-0ubuntu9 is installed14:12
dziadui was trying to fix it by hand editing file /var/lib/dpkg/status and change entry for libc-bin from 0ubuntu7 to 0ubuntu914:12
dziaduthat system thinks it has correct version14:12
dziadubut then I have message:14:13
dziaduE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held pckages.14:13
dziaduE: Unable to correct depedencies.14:13
dziadudo you have some propositions what to do with this?14:13
dziadui just need oportunity to install some packages14:13
dziadufor now everything stops on this broken deps for libc614:13
ikoniadziadu: change back what you have done14:14
dziaduikonia: I did14:14
ikoniaso what's the problem currently ?14:15
dziaduikonia: the same like above mentioned, when I run apt-get -f install I get error message:14:17
dziaduThe following packages have unmet depedencies:14:18
ikoniawhat package are you trying to instal l?14:18
dziadulibc6 : Depends: libc-bin (= 2.13-0ubuntu7) but 2.13-0ubuntu9 is installed14:18
dziaduE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held pckages.14:18
dziaduE: Unable to correct depedencies.14:18
dziaduthis is ^^ full erro message14:18
ikoniawhat are you trying to install14:18
dziadui don't install anything, I run apt-get -f install14:18
ikoniaok, update first14:18
MechanisMhow to install ubuntu-tweak to natty?14:22
dziaduikonia: is updated14:25
ikoniawhat happens now ?14:26
dziaduthe same14:28
ikoniawhat is the package it's trying to install that has been held back14:29
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  ubuntu-tweak_0.5.11-1~natty1_all.deb    is whast i just downloaded/installed14:29
dziaduikonia: for example I try to install g++-4.514:37
dziaduthen, firstly g++-4.5 is missing14:38
ikoniadziadu: no, I meant what package it being held back at the moment when you do apt-get -f14:38
dziadusecondly, many other packages generates error like this one: e2fslibs : PreDepends: multiarch-support14:38
dziaduikonia: oh14:39
dziaduso them there is no info about package14:39
dziadujus message without any name14:39
dziaduthis is strange14:39
ikoniathere must be something you did to trigger this14:39
ikoniapastebin your sources.list14:39
MechanisMlooking for geeks to uncrypt my crypted folder. I'll provide ssh logins.14:50
MechanisMit was crypted with ecryptfs14:50
MechanisMthere about 300gb very needed documents from my old ubuntu installation.14:51
Dr_Willisyou checked the encryptfs docs. theres proberly a way to mount ig via the command line.14:53
Dr_Willisi never use encryptfs14:53
Dr_Willisis it eCryptfs? or eNcryptfs?14:54
MechanisMubuntu default tool to crypt home directory.14:54
MechanisMit was crypted with it.14:55
Dr_Willishttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome is what google popped up.14:55
MechanisMi see folder .ecryptfs14:55
Dr_WillisI never use the feature.  reading up on it now.14:55
MechanisMI saved whole home folder from this old installation. how to recover it.14:56
dziaduikonia: http://wklej.org/hash/1a6bb632118/15:00
ikoniadziadu: have you really upgraded all the way from 8.10 ?15:01
dziaduikonia: i don't know, it is computer what was here, I just need to work on it now, there was autoupdate and it has shown me message, I accepted and then... crap15:03
ikoniait wouldn't auto update to 11.04, you must have selected it15:03
dziaduikonia: i don't know, maybe somebody else dod it, normally i don't work on ubuntu15:04
ikoniadziadu: did you do the upgrade to 11.04 ?15:04
dziaduikonia: this computer is shared15:05
ikoniadziadu: did you do the upgrade to 11.0415:05
dziadui know it was updated some weeks ago because wee needed some newest version of some libs15:06
ikoniadziadu: did you do the upgrade to 11.0415:06
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dziaduikonia: maybe it was me, I was doing some update something like month-two ago to newest version, it could be thait it was 11.0415:08
ikoniayou don't know if you forced an update to the latest development release ?15:08
PiciWhat does lsb_release -a say?15:08
dziaduPici: 11.04 Natty15:09
dziaduikonia: yes, i was forcing to newest version, but I don't remember number, it could be 11.0415:11
dziadumy question is: can we do something with this or I should reinstall Ubuntu - and it is the fastest way?15:11
ikoniayou've got/had a lot of external repos and earlier versions in your sources file, I'm wondering how solid the upgrade has been15:11
ikoniadziadu: if you can re-install it (more so after you messed trying to hack the glibc versions) I'd suggest it15:12
dziaduikonia: this external repos I need to install some packages15:12
ikoniayes, but they are for earlier versions15:12
dziadui use this PC for some analysis, but software you have in official branch, like root-5.18 is so old that I was trying to fin something new15:13
dziaduon the end I installed it from sources15:13
dziaduby hand15:13
dziaduikonia: reisnatlling is an a option but then I destroy all my installed by hand packages, but if we can do nothing now...15:18
dziaduikonia: ok, I have fixed it, now I can play with apt-get15:30
ikoniawhat did you do ?15:30
dziaduikonia: tell me one this - is glibc6 in natty broken currently? should I afraid to upgrade it?15:30
dziaduikonia: in fact I forget that mt glibc, which I install completely by hand is 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.715:30
dziaduso I edited file 'status' and changed libc from 2.13-0ubuntu9 to coreect one15:31
dziaduand then apt-get is working again but it tries again upgrade glibc15:31
dziaduand because before it bored system then now I afraid to upgrade15:31
dziadubecause it seems that problems come from glibc15:32
ikoniadziadu: I told you to do that ages ago, you said you had changed it back15:32
dziaduikonia: no no, oryginal status was 2.13-0ubuntu7, i was changing to 2.13-0ubuntu915:37
dziaduit comes from lates glibc upgrade when it upgraded from 2.11 to 2.1315:37
dziadunow I set back version which I installed by hand15:38
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pwnsauceHi all. Can someone tell me how to properly report a kernel bug? The latest version (2.6.38-7) will not activate the backlight on my laptop. Same goes for 2.6.38-6, however, 2.6.38-5 is fine.  Thanks16:06
pwnsauceP.S. I've googled this problem to death.  I haven't had much lick16:07
Picipwnsauce: run: ubuntu-bug linux, then fill in your details16:09
pwnsauceThanks pici.16:09
pwnsaucePici: Will this still work if I am running a different kernel version? Latest version is unusable currently16:11
Picipwnsauce: eeh, I'm not sure actualyl.16:11
pwnsaucePici: I'll try it all the same. Thanks again16:11
LarsTorbenKcan you say if 2.6.39 comes in natty ?16:13
pwnsauceAFAIK LarsTorbenK, 2.6.38 is the current kernel freeze. I'd personally expect to see 2.6.39 to be rolled out in natty's lifetime.16:15
genii-around!info linux-image-generic16:16
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)16:16
rockyis it not possible to import all of my google calendars into evolution in one shot? having to had all 12 one-by-one is a major pain16:20
gnomefreakother than just installing the cables and such is there software i need to use HD16:57
* gnomefreak not seeing a change for the most part16:57
BajKhey, I recently did an dist-upgrade to my Kubuntu Natty and now my fonts are extemely smooth (which I like)17:27
BajKwhat was changed here?17:27
BajKbut now i enabled anti aliasing and then the fonts were ugly again (like before) and disabling it again makes them even uglier17:27
BajKcompare title bar font and konsole menu bar to the system settings fonts (changes there are applied to newly started applications only) http://bajk.dyndns.org/smoothfonts.png17:29
charlie-tcaGood morning, BUGabundo17:31
BUGabundoits mid afternoon :)17:32
charlie-tcaGood afternoon, BUGabundo17:32
BUGabundogood after noon to you too17:32
charlie-tcastill morning, here, but thanks anyway!17:33
charlie-tcaI, too, am hoping for a very good after noon17:33
rockywhoa ... e-calendar-fact is consuming 768mb of ram17:33
rockyshould compiz really be consuming 769m of virtual and 141m of resident memory?17:36
gnomefreakcan someone please go to the following link and let me know if it says that javascript is off or not installed17:38
trismgnomefreak: yes, in chromium-browser anyway17:39
gnomefreaktrism: yeah here it does it in chrome,minefield,firefox17:39
BUGabundoYour browser either doesn't support or you have disabled JavaScript.17:39
BUGabundo 12.0.716.0 (79503) Ubuntu 11.0417:39
gnomefreaktrism: do you have icedtea or sun-java17:39
* gnomefreak thinking its icedtea17:40
genii-aroundgnomefreak: Same here in daily firefox build17:40
BUGabundoMozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:2.0b13pre) Gecko/20110322 Firefox/4.0b13pre ID:20110322044950 too17:40
rockyi think "top" 's virtual memory usage is broke in natty17:41
trismgnomefreak: no, I don't have any java installed17:41
rockyVIRT in top represents swap usage right?17:41
BajKsudo any ideas about that fonts?17:42
trismgnomefreak: may just be the page, I don't see any noscript tags on the element17:42
gnomefreakbeam.smp <<< what is that17:42
gnomefreaktrism: google buzz cant find plugins im thinking that is javascript as well but im not sure17:42
trismgnomefreak: actually I don't seen any scripts at all linked on that page17:43
gnomefreakit seems that firefox disabled my out dated flash17:45
gnomefreakflashplugin-installer: Installed:
gnomefreaksee this link http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/  let me know what it says about your flash17:47
trismgnomefreak: yeah says it is outdated here too17:48
* gnomefreak needs a smoke && think17:48
trismgnomefreak: but that is the latest version on adobe's site17:49
gnomefreaktrism: yeah i know17:54
gnomefreakmakes me think firefox is doing it17:55
gnomefreaki have a couple of ideas to check17:55
BajKah ok got it17:57
BajKHinting was the problem17:57
BajKwow now I now definitly like the Ubuntu fonts now17:57
gnomefreakit seems flash is disabled in chromium too17:57
trismgnomefreak: works here, just says it is outdated on the mozilla site17:59
gnomefreaktrism: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect17:59
Dr_WillisAm i missing some easier way to get from one app to aother via mouse, instead of using alt-tab...18:00
Dr_Williswork space switcher seems awkward to do it that way18:00
trismgnomefreak: weird, yeah it says it has been disabled, but if I got to youtube or any other flash site, flash loads right up18:04
Dr_WillisI cant even get flash to install right now.18:05
gnomefreaktrism: working on finding out what is going on. the enigmail page is broken in firefox 418:05
trismDr_Willis: clicking the launcher button will take you back to an app, or show you several instances if you have many18:06
Dr_Willistrism:  but that side bar is always hideing. so i forget about it heh.. :)   alsy trying to figure out how to make it lauch 2 terminals..18:09
trismDr_Willis: there is an option to disable autohiding in ccsm, under the unity plugin (makes it much easier for me)18:09
Dr_Willisyea. i need to explore that a bit.18:09
Dr_Willisso far this is so awkawrd from what im used to.. im just running AWN so i got a useable taskbar at the bottom18:10
Dr_WillisI like just mouseing over my terminal icon in the AWN panel and using the wheel.18:10
gnomefreaki keep closing terminal when i close firefox :(18:10
trismDr_Willis: it's kind of growing on me, and you can add menu items to the launchers to add extra features, I added a "New Terminal" option, although I suppose I could just use File/Open Terminal18:11
BajKis it just me or is natty so much quicker than maverick?18:22
BUGabundoits you18:22
charlie-tcaits not ntty here18:23
charlie-tcadesktop cd, somewhere between 3 and 7 minutes to the desktop seems slow to me18:24
BUGabundolucky you ! I can't even get to desktop18:26
Dr_WillisNot tried the live cd yet. Just upgraded this box.18:26
Dr_Willissome how flash got removed and cant get it to reinstall. nslwrapper keeps crashing when installing18:27
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: maybe you didn't wait long enough ;-)18:28
BUGabundowhen I end this session18:29
BUGabundoill try a new Guest session18:29
BUGabundoor even this very one on Unity18:29
charlie-tcabug 74436218:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 744362 in casper (Ubuntu) "Booting to a live session is really slow (7 minutes)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74436218:30
gnomefreakBUGabundo: is there anything i need to do other than hook up the HDMI cable to use HD?18:37
* gnomefreak honestly not seeing a difference if any18:37
BUGabundoyou may need to change audio output18:38
gnomefreaki have it in the right port18:38
gnomefreakok so how do i test. i dont have a blue-ray  player installed18:39
BluesKajBUGabundo, did you try the recovery kernel at boot ? I had to do so but it fixed things18:39
BUGabundognomefreak: mplayer ftw18:40
gnomefreaklol found a test for it but it tells me to install flash18:40
BUGabundoBluesKaj: no need recently18:40
BluesKajmplayer is flaky in 11.0418:40
BUGabundoaudio is borked in browsers18:40
BluesKajvlc still works well18:41
BUGabundobut I can't play music scream in browser :(18:42
BUGabundoyou will here cracks18:42
BluesKajgawdawful stuff ..so repetitive18:43
BluesKajso called trance/dance ...bam bam bam18:44
BUGabundocan you listen to it fine?18:45
BluesKajunfortunately yes :)18:45
BUGabundodamn it18:46
BUGabundoso why doesn't it work for me?18:46
BUGabundolast time I had something like this, I had pulse profile busted18:46
BluesKajchrome 11 beta here18:46
BUGabundoguess I need to purge it again18:46
BluesKajno PA here18:46
=== BajK is now known as BajK|dinner
BluesKajno BUGabundo , I deleted PA, it was installed by default18:51
BUGabundoso what are you using for audio BluesKaj?18:52
BUGabundowelcome to 200018:53
BluesKajPA is just another layer of digital processing on my system  , it's not needed, just adds distortion18:55
BUGabundo$ pulseaudio --start18:55
BUGabundoE: main.c: Daemon startup failed.18:55
BUGabundomaybe purge was not a great idea18:55
BluesKajwell, If I could affor a MacIntosh tube power amp, i'd buy one ...welcome to 1955 :)18:58
BajK|dinnerah nice to see that the Nepomuk indicator is shiped with Kubuntu Natty :)19:02
OnryoHi guys. Anybody know what Ubuntu 10.10 stops at grup with Sandy Bridge. No I am not using the internal GPU.19:06
OnryoGrub ... sry19:07
gnomefreakOnryo: join #ubuntu for 10.10 support19:07
gnomefreakBUGabundo: could it be HD that is causing flash to be in fast forward?19:08
BUGabundono idea19:08
gnomefreakthat makes 2 of us. maybe tomarrow ill test the VGA cable19:09
OnryoSure I have tried dropping linux 2.6.38-7 fixed the x-stack with edgers ppa and some other stuff to make Compiz work. Not stable enough yet ...19:11
OnryoThat is on 10.10. Natty is really not stable enough to be a host for the VM environment Ill be using. Not to mention all the "Big kernel lock" fixes are not making life easy for any kind of hypervisor.19:12
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tasslehoffany known issues that gives problems when dist-upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04? figured maybe I'd take the leap when the beta arrives.19:54
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eoin_Trying to get natty up and running in a Virtual Box but the guest additions installer keeps complaining that I don't have the kernel headers installed. Tried to install them but apt says they are already the newest version.20:32
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mongyis it a feature that with an app maximised and the unity launcher autohides, when you put your mouse near it it appears faded until you move mouse all the way21:13
mongybasically, i just want it to appear full opacity when it does appear..21:14
trismmongy: in ccsm for unity there is an option on the experimental tab: Hide Animation, try setting it to just slide21:17
mongygnn, now it slowly slides in lol21:18
mongyany way to just make it appear fully without putting mouse all the way in.   this will do for now tho21:19
trismmongy: don't know, I just disable hiding, much easier for me21:20
mongyon a netbook, very small screen21:21
mongythe difference with something like youtube webpage is, all the difference21:21
mongynvm. i will get used to it.21:25
BbluEQUESTION: I was wondering if there will be any support for SLI or Crossfire, for nVidia or ATI video cards in Natty?21:26
BluesKajBbluE, I'm running nvidia 8400gs on natty ..works well with the nvidia-current driver21:35
seekandestroyguys, is there a way to set autohide to top panel?21:39
Daekdroomseekandestroy, nope21:43
seekandestroyno way also usign gconf?21:44
DaekdroomNot that I know of21:44
seekandestroybad thing21:45
BbluEBluesKaj, are you by chance running SLI?21:47
BluesKajBbluE, no just one nvidia card , one monitor21:49
BbluEAh, okay... thank you.22:02
BbluEIt's not really a necessity, it was just curiosity.. on whether or not that was something that they would have got working.22:03
BbluEI have two systems, 1 with two nVidia 7600GS cards, 1 monitor & the other with two 9800 GT Superclocked cards. It seemed like something many talked about, but never got to completely work.22:05
BluesKajBbluE, I've heard of ppl getting 2 monitors working , but I'm not sure what the setups were22:07
philip_I need a tutorial for the new window manager22:07
BbluESLI, you would only use 1 monitor.. I've seen people use the dual monitors too.. and I've been quite curious with that as well.22:08
charlie-tcaphilip_: here are the shortcuts that have been working - http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/unity-keyboard-mouse-shortcuts/28087#2808722:08
philip_charlie-tca: I actually need something even more basic than that. I can't find the "Preferences" application links. I guess I can do it from the terminal, but...22:14
philip_charlie-tca: nevermind. Your link answered my question :)22:16
philip_still, a simple tutorials page to ease ppl to Unity from gnome would be nice22:18
dajhornHow can I get a regular dpkg and apt-get at the natty alternate rescue prompt?22:21
charlie-tcadajhorn: sudo apt-get update22:25
charlie-tcaor sudo apt-get whatever-you-need-to-do22:26
dajhorncharlie-tca:  The natty dailies don't have apt-get.  They just have udpkg.22:26
charlie-tcaOf course they have apt-get. I use it every day on the daily images22:27
charlie-tcause a desktop cd, run as live desktop then22:27
dajhorncharlie-tca: The 20110328 daily doesn't have apt-get,  just the deb for it in the /pool.22:28
dajhornMaybe I have a dud daily build.22:28
Lars_GGreets all.22:33
Lars_GQuestion, is it true that natty uses xfce 4.8?22:33
Lars_GI think I'm going natty beta then :)22:34
charlie-tcaread the release notes, and then just a update-manager -d22:37
Lars_GEh the only note that gives me some pause is ticket 710961 I'll check it out first22:39
charlie-tcabug 71096122:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 710961 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i945gm] Screen Corruption with new Xorg stack (dup-of: 717114)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71096122:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 717114 in X.Org X server "[i945gm] Screen Corruption with new Xorg stack with terminal programs" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71711422:39
charlie-tcahm, looks like it should be fixed already22:40
Lars_GAh true22:41
gordonjcpis this a good place to ask about the Natty nightlies?23:01
gordonjcpI've downloaded the ISO and installed to a USB stick with usb-creator23:02
gordonjcpbut it doesn't work, it just sits at a black screen with a rectangle, a dot and a circle at the bottom23:02
arandgordonjcp: So you don't get a boot menu?23:02
gordonjcpnope, it goes straight to that23:03
gordonjcparand: isn't there some sort of menu?23:05
gordonjcpwhat do the symbols mean, anyway?23:05
arandHmm, waht could be wrong is that either the downloaded image, or the written copy on the usb, was corrupted at some stage, try md5summing the downloaded file, and re-copying it to the stick, alternatively try to use a different copying tool ubuntu-usb-creator/unetbootin/use a CD.23:06
gordonjcpunetbootin doesn't work23:06
gordonjcpit just writes garbage to the stick23:06
gordonjcpand I don't even know where I'd get a CD any more23:06
gordonjcpI haven't had a machine with optical media for about ten years23:07
gordonjcpwell, games consoles aside23:07
gordonjcpis there a way to get actual text out of it?23:08
arandgordonjcp: And the screen you describe sounds like the usb might be garbage as well, there should be a screen with an "use keyboard to interact"-symbol23:08
arandAnd if you press any key, the standard boot menu should appear23:08
gordonjcparand: okay, I don't know what I'm looking for there23:10
gordonjcpthere's a rectangle, a dot and a circle at the bottom23:10
robin0800gordonjcp, hit the space bar23:11
gordonjcpah, there's the menu23:11
gordonjcpwtf is this rectangle and circle thing then?23:11
arandMeant to convey "press keyboard to interact", otherwise system boots directly to the pre-installation choice screen23:13
gordonjcpI'm not sure how you're meant to guess that, but I'm a bit graphic-blind23:17
gordonjcpit's like dyslexia but with graphics23:17
gordonjcpincidentally it appeared to be dying because it was trying to mount root off the floppy drive; as a temporary fix I disconnected the floppy23:18
arandIt's supposed to look like a person inside a circle and a keyboard.23:18
gordonjcphow do I get the normal desktop?23:19
robin0800gordonjcp, choose classic23:19
arandIt should be possible to just wait and let it boot, at which time you will be given an option of live session/install23:20
arandOr do you mean the desktop/window manager?23:20
gordonjcpyes, can I just have normal Gnome?23:20
arand^ His anwser is correct23:21
arandAt the login screen.23:21
gordonjcpthere isn't a login screen23:21
arandIf so, try logging out.23:22
gordonjcpI did that and it appeared to just crash23:24
gordonjcpright; thanks for all the help23:25
gordonjcpit's too difficult to use23:25
gordonjcpI'll stick with XFCE for now23:25
Scottyhellooo folks23:29
papertigersanyone have problems with rhythmbox in natty?23:29
papertigersits not playing23:29
Scottyim using Banshee  works fine23:30
Scottyis it the sound? or the codec?23:30
Scottyor something else?23:30
papertigersScotty: banshee works fine for me to23:31
papertigersbut I want to use rhythmbox23:31
Scottyhmm ok23:32
Scottyjust opening Rhythmbox and played a song, works fine on mine23:33
BbluEYou all have a good night,23:44
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