darkmattervish: eat message style and die! http://i.imgur.com/SCrNb.png :D00:42
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vishzniavre: what is the class/widget_class for combobobox text color?12:40
vishi'm able to change the bg color for the box, but just not the text :s12:41
vishyay! found it! i ended up using gtkparasite on twf :D12:45
zniavresorry i just came nack from school13:01
* vish scratches head..14:51
vishwhy do people think i'm trying to remove some feature!14:51
vishheh, and i wonder what customization has to do with anything that i wrote ;p14:52
thorwilvish: that's all you are about, isn't it? vandalizing the wiki and removing their precisous features!!!14:53
thorwilvish: zekopeko's most recent reply on the design problem thread is most excellent, though14:55
vishoh? /me checks14:56
vishha! yea, i thought i'd just ignore that reply about customizations..14:57
vishis there some site which says "FOSS is about choice" !!!14:57
IslingtonI have always had trouble swallowing zeko's argument, even when I read in the mouth of some gnome person15:05
coz_Islington,  is there another mailing list thingy?15:06
Islingtoncoz_: this is on the ayatanna list15:06
coz_ Islington  it is worth subscribing to?15:07
Islingtonhonestly? no15:07
Islingtona lot of circlejerking and very few actual descicions afa have seen15:07
coz_Islington,  sounds typical mailing list stuff15:08
IslingtonThe problem with the argument for me has always been that it degrades the value of customization in FOSS.15:08
Islingtoncustomization as a feature15:10
coz_Islington,  shouldnt you be saying this on #ayatana as well ??15:10
Islingtonnah just responding to vish's comments above15:11
coz_oh sorry ,, I will have to read scroll back15:11
IslingtonI was just before you logged in lol15:11
coz_oops  didnt have xchat opened on the other machine,, cant read scrollback,,,darn15:12
vishIslington: right, customization is a feature sure, but not a must have.. , heck! even i want to customize.. :)15:13
coz_oo customizatioin is the issue ?15:13
Islingtonnot a must have vish? Its one of the most important features that differentiates linux now15:14
vishbut i really dint know what anything in my reply had to do with customization15:14
coz_Islington,  absolutely15:14
Islingtoncustomizing both windows/mac is incredibly tedious, but I agree its way off topic15:14
coz_well "customization"  is sort of artsy :)15:15
vishIslington: yea surely, not the way Canonical does stuff. there must be a way for things to plugin15:15
vishCanonical does have a tendency to not allow easy ways to plugin and change things though..15:15
Islingtoncoz_: lol off topic to the topic on list15:15
coz_oh :)15:16
Islingtonvish: that particular problem is endemic to gnome15:16
Islingtonwith its rejection of compiz especially15:16
vishthat was STUPIDITY!15:17
coz_gnome is a pain inthe A@@15:17
coz_as far as choices / customization goes15:17
vishseriously, i can not digest the fact that they blatantly rejected Compiz from even participating in GNOME Shell15:17
vishtheir reasons were total bullcrap!15:18
vishif not for compiz, i would bet GNOME would have had less than 25% of users they have now15:19
coz_well,, in some respects..compiz poses a threat,, in a minor way,, I was talking about compiz as a DE  long ago... lately ,, I have been reading more people wanting to to actually be realized,, I doubt it will15:19
Islingtonit can be a de, with compiz-menu15:20
vishwell, Compiz DE is not Unity :D15:20
coz_this is true15:20
coz_Islington,  well compiz + cairo dock is really all you need15:22
vishyay! cairo dock!15:22
coz_Islington,  and of course  kde and or gnome libraries15:22
coz_vish,  :)  I am "forced" to agree :)15:22
IslingtonI never got into cairo dock, awn was good though15:22
coz_Islington,  oo dude,, cairo dock is far more configurable15:23
Islingtonoh yeah, I remember15:23
vishcoz_: DBO threw a fit when he saw me using cairo-dock! haha! ;p15:23
coz_Islington,  the config dialog is not very far off from ccsm15:23
coz_vish,  are you serious?15:23
coz_vish,  why the hell would he be peeved at that?15:23
coz_Islington,  and with nearly as many options as compiz15:24
vishcoz_: well, not for too long.. just that he was like : Cairo-dock is blasphemy or something similar15:24
coz_vish,  oh man,, some developers are just  nuts  :)15:24
vishcoz_: i think he dint expect to see people actually using cairo-dock! ;)15:26
vishor any dock other than Docky ;p15:26
coz_vish,  strange,, :)15:26
vishcoz_: well, Docky is quite popular, and does seem to have a large user base15:26
coz_vish,  I know ,, I have tried it,, not as nice in my opinion15:27
coz_but I have to be predjudiced about it :)15:27
vishi actually wonder what Canonical plan is for Touch, they seem to be investing a lot of time+effort in that15:28
coz_vish,  that touches on one of my pet peeves.. I would like a detailed listing of exactly what is "canonical's ( shuttleworth's) long term vision for ubuntu in general15:29
vishi'm quite certain(which is my best guess of-course) they have someone from design team working on a touch device (or something close to it)  with some device manufacturer15:32
coz_vish,  hopefully,, touch is , again, a big thing, especially since the advent of  iPad15:32
coz_but  windows 95 had a pen tablet years ago... it never really caught on except in some busnesses/ corporate envionments15:33
coz_I would prefer the more accurate,  pen tablet, which is generally drive by wacom15:33
* vish wonders if i was too rude on Bug 737183 ?16:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 737183 in humanity-icon-theme "Home folder icon should be a *folder* with the home symbol, not a home symbol" [Wishlist,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73718316:30
coz_vish,  nah,, sounds right to me16:33
vish*phew* , dint expect Mark to just accept it … ;)16:34
coz_vish,  really? cool16:34
vishcoz_: yea, he filed that bug, and i closed it ;)16:34
RonnieFor a project in our local community im creating a webchat app based on IRC (maybe/hopefully this will result in chat.ubuntu.com sometime). I made some mockups and want some feedback on this. so fire away18:34
vishRonnie: looks good, but i'm confused which channel is focussed there, is it ubuntu-nl or ubuntu-nl-mwanzo?19:00
vishif its not the second channel, why is it underlined?19:00
Ronniethe first channel is active, the second channel has "new messages"19:00
vishRonnie: you could play with just using color/bold/italics and see how that works, to me it is a bit confusing atm19:03
Ronniegood idea, ill have a shot19:03
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Ronnievish: http://oi56.tinypic.com/25kirmt.jpg19:14
Ronnienot yet what i expected19:14
vishhmm, maybe with the orange color it might be better19:15
Ronniewhat if i put the color on the top instead of bottom on the tab?19:15
vishmight work, but it would still seem like "selected" , what about just using an icon for new messages? (a color chat bubble)19:17
vishheh, now its just  barely visible :D19:19
Ronnieis possible, but could make the tabsbar make "jumpy"19:19
vish you could just use the icon as a partial-overlay,19:19
vishbut just colored text should work IMO, most clients just do that.. or the blinking bubble19:20
Ronniethats possibe. do you know any method to make difference between "new messages" and "new messages with your name in it"19:21
Ronniecolored tekst is also possible, but orange is very ugly on that 'grey', and i dont want to introduce more colors19:21
* vish nods19:22
vishmaybe using " @ " for messages with name?19:22
Ronnievish would you like to have the xcf file to play around with?19:23
vishsure, but not right now.. :)19:23
Ronnieaargg, ubuntuone is down19:25
Ronnievish: what about a line under the channelname, or does that look too much like a link19:28
vishnot sure, would need to actually see it.. :)19:30
Ronnievish: http://www.2shared.com/file/RgpjlcGI/Visual.html <== gimp file (made with the beta, contains layer groups)19:32
vishcool! will play with it.. :)19:33
Ronnievish, glow - shadow should be possible too19:38
vishRonnie: ha! exactly what i was thinking right now! :)19:39
Ronniehave to go now19:39
Ronnieill be back later19:39
darkmatterheya coz_20:30
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy :)  watching all variation of numa numa guy :)20:36
darkmattercoz_: cool. just collecting some crap and starting a theme extravaganza. tm just slightly hacked template stuff, but whatever20:37
coz_darkmatter,  which client is that?20:38
darkmattercoz_: not my theme bits atm. just a "reference template" for the general mood20:39
coz_darkmatter,   ok cool,, never used empathy20:39
darkmattermodded 'fluffy' wip from adium for the style20:39

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